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hard Whit-
more, of Lower Slaughter, co. Gloucester, and sister of William
Whitmore, Esq. of Apley, Salop, M.P. for Bridgnorth, d. 21
Nov. 1828, having bequeathed the Chastleton estate to his
kinsman, John Henry Whitmore, Esq., 2nd son, by his 2nd
wife, of William Whitmore, Esq. of Dudmaston, and grandson
of Charles Whitmore, Esq. of Southampton, who was 4th son
of William Whitmore, Esq. of Apley, whose sister, Anne, in.
Walter Jones, Esq. of Chastleton {see Whitmore of Apley
Gumley). Mr. Whitmore, on succeeding to that property,
assumed, 1828, the surname and arms of Jones. He m. 1 Jan.
1821, Dorothy, dau. of Thomas Glutton, Esq. of Pensax Court,
CO. Worcester, and had issue,

John Arthur, of Chastleton.
William, of Chastleton.
Walter Thomas, b. 1831; (t 1872.
Wolrtche Hakrt, late of Chastleton.
Mart Elizabeth, now of Chastleton.

Jennetta, »/i. 1862, John Harris, Esq., and has one son,
Thomas Whitmore, b. 1864. .





Frances Barbara, m. 1S55, Rev. Charles Alan Dickins, Vicar
of Tardcbigse, and lia.s issue, 1 lloi-bort, (). 1850 ; 2 Alan, b.
IS61: 1 Mai'i::(rft ; 2 Barbara; 3 Eleanor; 4 Irene.
Joanna Dorothea, m. 1831, Kev. Thomas Harris, Rector of

Swerford, but no ehiUlren.
Louisa Georgiana, jh. 1864, Rev. C. J. K. Walkey, Rector of
Cornwall, and has issue, C. T. E. Walkey, b. 1806; and
Rowland Huyshe, /). I86;i.

Elinor Marian, »i. Is,'i8, Rev. H. Harris, Rector of Winter-
bourne Bassett, and has issue, Henry Whitmore, b. 1861 ;
and Arthur Chambers, b. 1S63.
Mr. Whitmore-Jones, J.P. and D.L., d. 1S63, and was s. by his
fUUst son,

John .\RTncRWHiTMOiiE-JoNES, Esq. of Chastleton, 6. 1822;
d- IS'i', and was s. by his brother,

William Wiiitmoke-Jo'es, Esq. of Chastleton, b. 1826 , d.
1'^ Jan. 1874, and was .^■. by his brother,

WoLBYCHE lI.\nBV WuiTMoKE-JoNES, Esq. of Chastleton, 6.
1837; il. 1874, and was s. by his sister, now of Chastleton.

.-(/•.'H.';— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu. a lion rampant within
a border indented or, a canton ermine ; 2nd and 3rd, vert fretty
vr. tor Whii MORE. l/ono—Incorrupta fides.

iiiUt — Chastleton House, Moreton-in-Marsh, co. Oxford.


Whittakee, Egbert, Esq. of Prospect Kill, co.
Lancaster, and of Birch House, Lees, same co., J. P.,
b. 26 April, 1837 ; m. 1st, 20 April, 1864, Mary
Uannali, dau. of John Drousfield, Esq. and bj her
(wlio d. 27 Kov. 1889) has issue,

I. Thomas, 6. 9 Feb. 1865.

II. John Dronsfield, b. 20 Feb. 1866.

III. Robert Linney, b. 26 Deo. 1807.

IV. James Gilbert, b. 22 March, 1370. d. s. p.

V. Arthur, b. 1 Oct. 1872.

VI. Jlyles Aspinall, b. 2 March, 1874.

I. Mary Hannah, b. 3 March, 1809; m.

II. Anne Christabel, b. 11 Dec. 1876, d. unm.

lie m. 2ndlj, 7 Julj, 1891, Emily Maria, widow of
John C. Adey, Esq. of Poole, Dorset.

Lineag-e. — Dr. Whitaker, in his " History of Whalley,"
printed a.d. 1800, gives the following account of Padiliam, co.
Lancaster: — " In this township are the remains of the House
<-'f High Whitaker, consisting of only one wing, strong and
respectably built, and apparently of the era of Henbt VUl.
This was the parent stock of a elan very numerous in Lanca-
shire, and from which 1 have everything but positive evidence
to prove that my own family was branched out in the person
of Rich, de AV'hitaker, in the reign of Edw. III. Of the original
Eteni, while they remained here, I have only been able to
collect the following names and dates: JohndeQuitacre, srtns
d ate ; Richard de Whitacre, a.d. 1333 ; Milo Whitaker,
li\ing SO Henry VI 11., who was father of two sons, i. Barnard
Whitaker (who had two daas., Elizabeth and Isabella) ;
II. Laurence Whitaker, whose son, Hcnrt Whitaker, father
of John Whitaker, in ward of Bernard Townley, of llurstwood,
anno 20 Queen Elizabeth. It was found by Inquisition that the
estate of High Whitaker consisted of 100 acres of land, 100 of
pasture, 20 of meadow, 100 of moor and morass, in High
Whitaker, Simondstone. and Padiham. It wag afterwards sold
to the Shuttleworths of Gaw thorp, but at what period I cannot
precisely ascertain."

Robert Whittaker, of Hey Houses, near Padiham, temp.
William III., had a dau., Elizabeth, bapt. 14 Feb. 1095, and a

James Whittaker, bapt. 13 Sept. 1637, who by .Sarah his wife
left a son,

Robert Whittaker, of Walton le Dale, bapt. 2 Feb. 1723 ;
in. 28 Oct. 174U, Mary. dau. of Ralph (or James) Critchley, of
Altliam, CO. Lancaster, and had, i. James, bapt. 25 Feb. 1750 ;
II. Thomas, of whom hereafter; in. John, bapt. 14. Sept. 1760;
IV. Robert, bapt. 8 Jan. 1704; i. Mary, bapt. 5 March, 1752;

II. Catherine, bapt. 14 Sept. 1700. He rf. 16 Jan. 1789. His
2nd son,

Thomas Whittaker, of Walton le Dale, bapt. 14 Nov. 1756;
',n. Alice Aspinall, and by her (who was b. 1750, and (7. 25 Aug.
181^5) had, I. John, his successor; ii. Robert, b. May, 1782;
ui. James; iv. Thomas; v. Myles; i. Mary; ii. Catherine;

III. Christabel. He d. 27 Nov. ISIO, and was s. by his eldest

John Whittaker, Esq. of Walton le Dale, fi. 17 Jan. 1779,
who by Elizabeth bis wife (6. 18 March, 1779, d.27 June, 1849),
had, with daus. (who are deceased), two sons,

I. Thomas, of Prospect Hill.

II. Robert (Rev.), b. 1815, M.A. Cambridge, Vicar of Leesfield,
Rural Dean of Oldham, and Hon. Canon of Manchester; m.
and had one dau., Agnes, m. Rev. Alfred Evans, M.A. Cam-
bridge, Viear of Bidford, co. Worcester, and is deceased.

Mr. Whittaker d. 2 April, 1846. His elder son,
Thomas Whittaker, Esq. of Prospect Hill, J.P., 6. 20 Jan.

1810 ; m. 23 Jan. 1836, Anne, dau. of Robert Whittaker, Esq.,

and d. 5 Oct. 1888, leaving issue,
Robert, his heir.
John, b. 25 Aug. 1847 ; m. 4 Nov. 18S0.

Sot/s— Prospect Hill, Walton le Dale, Preston ; and Birch
House, Lees, Lancashire.


Feaenlet-Whittingstall, Geoege, Esq. of
Watford, Herts, J. P., aiajor of the South Herts
Yeomanry Cavalry, sometime Capt. in the 12th
Lancers, b. 12 Feb. 1830; m. 25 July, 1854, Anne
IVEary, only dau. of William Joseph Myers, Esq. of
Porters Shenley, Herts, and has had issue,

I. Edmond George, 6. 27 Dec. 1855.

II. William George, b. 29 March, 1857.

III. Herbert Cakes (Rev.), 6. 15 March, 1859 ; to. 25 Aug.
1891, Alice JIary, eld. dau. of Col. Owen Wethered, of
Marlow, and has issue, George Herbert, 6. 17 Sept. 1892.

J. Florence Mary, d. 20 Dec. 1861.

II. Maud Mary, m. 1883, Col. Sir Charles Rolled Smith,
K.C.M.G. (see Smith of Consall Hall) and has issue, Vere
Henry Gustavus Holled, b. 16 April, 1884.

III, Beatrice Mary, m. 10 Dec. 1885, Pereival Edward, son of
the late Canon Reeve, and has issue, Violet Beatrice, 6.
29 Jan. 1888.

Lineage.— Edmend Fearnlet, Esq. of Red Lodge, in the
parish of Eardesley, co. York, b. 1743 ; vi. 19 May, 1786,
Sarah, dau. and co-heir of William Tharpe, Esq., and widow
of Thomas Broome, Esq. of Bishop Hatfield, Herts. He d.
9 Feb. 1809, leaving by her (who d. 22 March, 1828) an only

Edmcnd Fearnlet, Esq. of Langleybury and Watford, who
s. 1822, to the property of his cousin, George Whittingstall,
Esq. of Watford, and, 1825, to that of Miss Elizabeth Whitting-
stall, whereupon, by royal licence dated 29 March, 1825, he
and his issue were authorised to take the surname of Whit-
tingstall, in addition to and after that of Fearnlet, and
to bear the arms of Whittingst.all quarterly with those of
Fearnley. He vi. 21 Sept. 1825, Mary, dau. of John Griffin,
Esq. of Shrewsbury, and widow of Fawcett James Lewin,
Esq. of Watford, and by her (who d. 15 May, 1865) he had

George, now of Watford.

Augusta Mary, in. 14 July, 1853, Charles Cholmely Hale,
Esij. of King's Walden, Herts, and has issue.

Mr. Fearnley-Whittingstall d. 13 Mai-ch, 1856.

.<4 rjH .5— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, vert, a cross composed of
seven lozenges erm. between two flanches erminois in canton
an antelope's head erased arg., for Whittingstall; 2nd and
3rd, arg., three sinister bendlets gu. over a bend engrailed sa.
thereon three bucks' heads caboshed or, for Fearnley. Ci-esls
— 1st, In front of an antelope's head couped at the neck az.
armed or, a s.altire composed of nine lozenges or, for Whit-
tingstall ; 2nd, A mount vert thereon in front of a bush of
ferns ppr., a talbot passant eiin. collared and lined reflexed
over the back gu. the dexter forefoot resting on a buck's head
caboshed or, for Fearnlet. Mott^ — Animus tamen idem.

2'ou-n liesidence—lOb, Queen's Gate, S.W.


WniTTucK, William Samuel, Esq. of Ells-
bridge, CO. Somerset, Major late Bedfordshire (16th)
Eegt. ; b. 181G ; m. 1874, Frances Wilhelraina,
eldest dau. of Lieut. -Col. Giffard N. Le Quesue,
Royal Jersey Artillery, and has issue,

I. William Henry Giffard, 6. 1875.

II. Cecil Guy Melville, b. 1880.

I. Kathleen Amy Rowner, 6. 187G.

II. Frances Matilda Barbara, /;. 1882.

III. Lillie Maud Gladys, b. 1884.

IV. Ina Irene Margaret, b. 1892.

Lineag'e. — Samuel Whittdck, Esq. of Hanham Hall,co.
Gloucester, J.P. and D.L., b. 14 April, 178'2, High Sheriff
1844, sprung from an ancient family ; j/i. 1st, 21 June, 1804,





Anne, dau. of James Hooper, Esq. of Montage House, Bath ;
and 2ndly, 27 Feb. 1824, Mary Banks, dau. of John Binnifold,
Esq. of Buckham, Surrey ; by the latter he had no issue,
but by the former, who d. 1 Dec. 1829, he left at his decease
I. Samcel Hoopeb, b. 1805, to. Maria Amelia, 2nd dau. of
James Jenkins, Esq. of Chepstow, co. Monmouth, and
d. s. p. Aug. 1842.
n. Charles Abraham, 6. 1806; to. Georgiana Katharine, 2nd
dau. of George Nevile, Esq. of Skelbrook, co. York, and d.
18.^6. _

III. John Jubilee, 6. 1809, of Hanham Hall, co. Gloucester,
d. s. p. 1882, and left Hanham Hall to his widow.

IV. William James, of Ellsbridge, Somerset, Capt. in the
82nd Eegt., b. 1810; m. Frances Matilda, eldest dau. of
Eieut.-Col. Slater, of the 82nd, and d. 1881, leaving issue,

1 William Samhel, now of Ellsbridge.

2 John Stanley, b. 1848.

3 Frederick Edward, 6. 1850.

4 Herbert Slater, b. 1852.

6 Frank, 1st Bombay Grenadiers, d. 1880.
6 Ernest, twin with Frank, b. 1856.

1 Frances Ann, 6. 1843 ; m. 1864, Baron Schreiber Damico,
of Malta.

2 Amy Georgiana, 6. 1853.

3 Mary Caroline Susan, b. 1858.

T. Joseph WniTxrcK (9 Eoyal Crescent, Bath), J.P. and
U.L.,?j. 17May, 1813; to. 6 Aug. 1840, Emily Rosa, youngest
dau. of Michael Hughes, Esq. of Slierdley Hall, co. Lan-
caster, uncle of the 1st Lord Dinorben, and d. 1870, leaving
Samuel Henry Pemberton, late 8th Hussars.
Edward Arthur, 6. 11 May, 1844.
Frederick William, b. 20 Sept. 1845 ; d. 5 May, 1846.
Charles Aucusrus (Rev.), M. A., Fellow of Brasenose College,

Oxford, 6. 19 Oct. 1849.
Emily Gertrude, m. 13 Jan. 1879, Ernest Helyar, Esq., son
of the late Hev. H. W. Helyar.
Selina Mary. Edith Amy.

-VI. Edward Decimtis, 6. 1816; d. unni. 1838.
I. Anne Barnes, d. unm. 1829.
If. Mary Whipple, d. unm. 1882.
HI. Alice Rebecca, d. unm. 1841.

IV. Sarah Amy, m. 1836, John Whittuck Palmer, Esq. of
Newton St. Leo, Somerset, and d. 1890.

V. Martha Jane, d. unm. 1844.

VI. Amy Georgiana, d. unm. 1850.

Ai-ms — Az., on a chevron arg. between three boars' heads
erased or, as many cro.sses-pattee gu. Crest — A boar's head
erased or. Motto — Messis ab alto.

Seat — Ellsbridge House, Keynsham, Bristol.


Whyte, John, Esq. of Loughbrickland, co. Down,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1862, m. 1st, 1855,
Ellen Marj, last surviving dau. of Thomas Laffan
Xelly, Esq. of Dublin, and by her (who d. 1857)
has an only dau.,

I. Mary Jane Elizabeth, to. 9 June, 1892, Major Eobert
Blount, late 20th Eegt. younger son of M. Blount, Esq.
of Maple Darham, co. Oxford.

He m. 2ndly, Oct. 1862, Caroline Letitia, dau. of
George Ryan, Esq. of Inch House, co. Tipperary,
and has issue,

I. John Nicholas, Lieut. Lancashire Fus., b. 24 Dec. 18C4.

II. Charles Edward, b. 1866; d. 1883.

III. George, b. 1868. iv. Henry Marcus, 6. 1869; d. 1880.
V. Thomas Aloysius, b. 1876. vi. Edward, 6. 1878.
VII. William Henry, 6. 1880. viii. Marcus Francis, b. 1833.
IX. Maurice Ignatius, 6. 1888.

II. Caroline Mary. III. Letiiia Mary.

IV. Anna Mary. v. Kathleen.

Lilneag'e. — The ancient and eminent family of Whtte o/
Leixlip traces its descent from Walter Whtte. of South
Wales, who accompanied Strongbow in his expedition and
conquest of Ireland, and in reward for his courage and alle-
giance was made a knight by Henry II., 1171. Nicholas
Whtte (the descendant of the Strongbowian knight) m. the
sister of Thomas Butler, Prior of Kilmainham, and a Knight
Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, and by her was father of
Maurice Whtte, the Lancastrian, so called from his having
served under the three kings of the House of Lancaster. In
1418, Maurice, with the Prior of Kilmainham, led 2,000 Irish
to assist at the siege of Rouen, and was afterwards Governoi
of Montaire, under Henrt "VI. His son, Bartholomew
Whtte. was father of Nicholas Whtte, seigneur of King's

Meadows, co. Waterford, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of — Power,
of CO. Waterford, and had a son, James Whtte, seigneur of
King's Meadows, and of Whyte's Hall, co. Wexford (who, by
his wife Margaret Walsh, of co. Waterford), was father of
Sir Nicholas Whtte, of Leixlip, grand seneschal of co.
Wexford, where he founded the place called Whyte Hall.
He was also Governor of the Castle of Wexford, and became
Master of the Rolls of Ireland 1572. By his wife, a dau. of
Sherlock, Sir Nicholas (who d. in England) left a son,

Andrew Whtte, of Leixlip, m. Margaret, dau. of Patrick
Finglass, and d. 31 July, 1599, leaving a son.

Sir Nicholas Whtte, of Leixlip, aged 16 in 1599 ; Inq.p.m.
He m. Ursula Moore, dau. of Garret, 1st Viscount Moore, of
Drogheda, and c^. 1654. His 4th son,

Charles Whtte, Esq. of Leixlip. was Col. in Spain, and
afterwards Governor co. Kildare, 1689. By his 2nd wife,
Mary, dau. of Sir Thomas Newcomen, Bart, of Mosstown, co.
Longford, and Frances his wife, dau. of Sir William Talbot,
Bart, of Cartown, co. Dublin, he left a son,

John WThtte, Esq. of Leixlip, m. Mary, dau. of Nicholas
Purcell, Baron of Loughmoe, co. Tipperary, by Rose his wife,
dau. of Mark Trevor, Viscount Dungannon, and left a son,

Charles Whtte, Esq. of Leixlip, m. Anastatia, dau. of
Edward Dunne, Esq. of Brittas. by Margaret his wife, dau. of
Francis Wyse, Esq. of the Manor of St. John, Waterford, and
left issue, i. John, his heir ; ii. Nicholas (Sir), Knight of Malta ;
I. Margaret, m. John Eoche, Esq. of Limerick; and ii. Bose.
The elder son and heir,

John Whtte, Esq. of Leixlip, to. 15 Feb. 1776, Letitia, dau.
of the Hon. Thomas de Burgh, son of John, 9th Earl of Clan-
ricarde, and had eight sons and two daus.,

I. Charles John, Capt. in the army, b. 1777 ; m. 1794, Anna,
eMest dau. of John Eoss-Lewin, Esq. of Fortfergus, co.
Clare (by his wife Eleanor, dau. of George Stackpoole, Esq.
of Edenvale, co. Clare, and niece of Hugh, 1st Lord Massy,
and of Eyre, 1st Lord Clarina), and d. Nov. 1803, having
issue by her a posthumous son,

Charles John, late Capt. 95th Regt., andlateofStrandfield
Iluuse, CO. Clare, b. 12 Keb. Is04; ra. 1st, 1 Sept. 1832,
Rose, relict of John Reeve?, Esq. of Charleville, co. Cork,
and 2nd dau. of George Dartnell, Esq. of Limerick, by
whom (who d. 1868) he has issue,

1 John, 6. 12 June, 1833, Major Eoyal South Down

2 George Lewis, b. 22 Aug. 1834, late of the 55th Eegt.;
III. Frances, only dau. of Henry Whitcombe, Lieut.
E.N., and has a dau. Fanny, m. July, 1876, Joha
O'Dwyer, only child of John Dwyer, Esq. of Wingfield,
CO. Clare.

3 Charles, Capt. 6th Eoyal Regt., 6. 21 Aug. 1836; to.
20 July, 1871, Gertrude Minna, elder dau. of John
Shiell, Esq. of Kelly Castle, Arbroath, and Smithfield,
Dundee, and has issue, William John de Burgh, b.
5 Dec. 1875 ; Maud Alexandiine, b. 13 Dec. 1872.

4 Edward Henry, b. 16 Feb. 1839, Paymaster R.N.,
H.M.S. " Sylvia," was at Balaklava, and at the siege of

5 Joseph, b. 12 Oct. 1840, R.N., H.M.S. "Sappho,"
perished with all on board, 18.58.

6 Benjamin de Burgh, 6. 8 July. 1850; m. 7 Sept. 1875,
Isabella, 2nd dau. of William Middleton, Esq., M.D., of
MuUingar, co. Westmeath.

7 Frederick. 6. 8 July, 1852.

1 Anna, m. George Sandes, Esq. co. Kerry.

2 Rose, m. Thomas ChallonerMartelli, Esq., Capt. Roya

3 Letitia Adelaide, to. Robert Stacke, Esq. of Dublin.

Capt. Whyte m. 2ndly, 23 Oct. 1873, Susan Isabella, eldest
dau. of Humphrey Graham, Esq., Writer to the Signet,
Edinburgh, eldest son of Lieut. -Col. Humphrey Graham,
formerly 1st Royal Rcgt., and Isabella his wife, dau. of
George Farquhar, Esq., by Margaret Irving his wife,
elder dau. and co-heiress of James Irving, Esq. of Spittal-
field, N.B., second son of Irring of Wysebie. co. Dumfries,
and grandson of WUiiam Irving, of Bonshaw, co. Dum-

II. John. E.I.C.S., d.s.p.

iti. Thomas, killed in action, in Spain, unm.

IV. Francis, in the army, d. unm. in the West Indies.

v. Nicholas Charles, of whom presently.

VI. Edward, Capt. K.N., m. Mary, dau. of Capt. Sober Hall,

of Durham, and by lier (who d. 1861) left at his decease,

1837, four sons and four daus.,

1 John Charles, Barrister-at Law, Acting Judge at Hong
Kong, d. unm. 1870.

2 Edward, in Holy Orders of the Church of Rome.

3 William, Rear-Admiral 1881, appointed second in com-
mand of the Channel Squadron 1884 ; to. 1s80, Katherine
Mary, younger dau. of Thomas Segrave, Esq. (see Segrave
01 Cabra), and has issue.

4 Henry, 7)i. 1859. Mary, dau. of Thomas Comyn, Esq.,
and has issue, d. lb»3.





1 Catherine Margaret, m. George Eyan, Esq. of Inch
House, CO. Tipperuvy, d. 18S4.

2 Letitia. 3 Frances, <?. vnm.

4 Ellen, m. 1865, E. Gorman, Esq. of East ISorgholt,
Suffolk, and d. 1SG7.
VII. Marcus, Vice-ConsuI of Lima, deceased.
viii. Henry, E.\.. d. in the West Indies.

I. Letitia, ,d. Charles Whyte Uoche, Esq. of Ballygran, co.

II. Margaret, m. Col. Charles O'Ferrall, of Ballyna, co.
Kildare, Equerry and Chamberlain to the King of Sardinia.

The 5th son.

Nicholas Charles Whtte, Esq. of Loughhrickland, J. P.
and D.L., Capt. K.X., b. IS Jan. 17S3; m. 10 June, 1825, Mary
Louisa, dau. of Thomas Segrave, Esq. of Cabra, co. Dublin,
and by lier (who d. 29 June, 1S7T) had issue,

John, now of Loughbrickland., d. 1863.

Edward, Major late Royal Canadian Rifles, m. 1st, 18fi3,
Je».=;ie, dau. of E. Rutherford, Esq. of Hamilton, Canada
(She d. 1877); and 2ndly, 1878, Katherine, dau. of the
late F. Codd, Esq. of Dublin.

Anna Maria, a nun. Letitia, a nun.

Louisa, )/). 1861, Charles Whyte Roche, Esq. of Ballygran.
Capt. AVhyte, who served as High Sheriff co. Down in 1830,
d. 1S45.

Arms — Arp.. a chevron engrailed between three roses gu.
seeded or barbed vert. Ci-(!<t — A demi-lion rampant gu. holding
between the paws a flagstaff ppr., a flag arg. thereon the cross
of St. George. Molto — Echel y Corj'c.

Seut — Loughbrickland, co. Down.


WnrxE, Charles Cecil Beresford, Esq. of
Newtown JIanor and Hatley Manor, co. Leitrim,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1877, and J.P. for
Eoscommon, b. IS July, 18-io; w. 1874, Petronella
Hallbcrg, dan. of Herr Magnus Hallberg, Riks-
dagsman, of T_5arriigarren Tyiirely, Sweden, and by
lier (who s. to the estates of Charles Manners St.
George, J.P. and D.L., and Madame Ingri Chris-
tina St. George, in the cos. of Leitrim and Ros-
common) has issue,

I. Cecil Habman Baldwin St. George, h. 24 .July, 1881.

II. John Theodore Marcus.

I. Marj"anne Christina De Montenach St. George.

II. Ingri Melesina Beatrice Gertrude, d. imm.

III. Mona Sclina Petronella.

IV. Chisogona Constantia Barbara Bcresford.

V. Frances May Olga de Longueuil.

VI. Florence Hulda Medora.

VII. Lucille Theodora Gwendoline, d. ii7i7n.
IX. Ebba Harline d'Ibcrville Le Moyno.

s. Edith Estelle Ermyntrude le Poer.

Xiineag-e.— James Whtte, Esq. (son of Mark "Whyte, Esq.
by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John Edwards, Esq. of Old
Court. CO. Wicklow), vi. 1st, 1783, Gertrude, dau. of James
Gee, Esq., grandson of William Gee, Esq. of Bishop Burton,
and by her had issue, James, his heir ; and Robert, who took
the name of Moyser. He m. 2ndly, Miss Hildyard, dau. of Sir
Thomas Hildyaid, and had a dau., Anne Catherine, who s. to
the Hildyard estates, and m. Col. Thomas Thoroton, who took
the name of Uildtaed. Mr. Whyte d. 1807, and was s. by
his son,

James Whtte, Esq. of Pilton House, Barnstaple, m. 9 July,
180.'), Frances Honoria, dau. of the Bight Hon. John Beresford,
brother of the 1st Marquess of Waterford, and d. 24 March,
1852, leaving issue,

.John James, of Xewtown Manor.

James Richard (liev.), ?«. 4 June, 1841, Louisa Lucy, dau. of
Sir John Courtenay Honywood, Bart.

Robert Charles, m. Janet Preston.

Mark Beresford, m. Emily, widow of J. W. Hinds, Esq., 15th

Charles, m. Emily Gardener.

AVilliam Thomas, m. Emma Heard.

Selina Catherine Harriet, ?;i. Felix Ladbroke, Esq.

Frances Honoria, deceased.

Mary, ni. Rev. Bourchier Savile.

Barbara Henrietta, m. 19 March, 1844, Col. William Hony-

The eldest son,

JoH.s- James Whtte, Esq. of Newtown Manor, J.P. and D.L.
CO. Leitrim 1854, Col. in the Army, late Lieut.-Col. 7th
Hussars, b. 7 May, 1806; ia. 7 Oct. 1842, Mary Ann Jesse de

Montenach, dau. of Charles Dicudonng de Montenach.
Patrician of Friliourg, by Mary Elizabeth his wife, dau.
of David Grant, Esq., by his wife, Charlotte LeMoync, Baronne
de Longueuil, and by her (who d. 1874) had issue,

I. Charles Cecil Beresford, now of Newtown Manor.

II. Theodore William, b. 7 Oct. 1846; i«. 1st, Sliss Webster,
and 2ndly, 12 Oct. 1886, Lady Maude Ogilvy, dau. of David
10th Karl of Airlie, and has issue.

I. Marie Elizabeth F'rances Medora, deceased.

II. Marie Gertrude, m. S. Shell.

III. Emma F' ranees Honoria, m. Charles Bell.

IV. Florence Alma Julia, deceased.

Arms— Arg., a chevron engrailed between three roses gu.

Motto — Forliter ct fideliter.

■Scrtt.s'— Newtown Manor, via Sligo; Hatley Manor, near
Carrickon-Shaunon; Glencar Lodge, Manorhamilton, co..

(.Vitts— Kildare Street, Dublin; and Arthur's, S.W.


Yenables-Whtte, Geokgiana Mart, niece
and heiress of Francis Melville Whtte, Esq.
of Eedhills, co. Cavan, m. 3 June, 18-17, Rev.
Edmund Rurke Yenables, eldest surviving son of
Rev. James Yenables, of Buckland Newton, co.
Dorset, and grandson of Thomas Yenables, Esq.,.
Capt. in the Army, and Governor of Chester, by
Anne, his wife, dau. and eo-lieir of Rev. Tliomas
King, Kcctor of Blaydon, brother of the Bishop of
Rochester. Mr. Yenables was educated at Wad-
ham Coll. Oxford. He is J.P. co. Cavan.

Liineag'e. — Francis AVhyte, Esq., was Chief Secretary to
Sir Oliver St. John, Lord Viscount Grandison of Limerick.
Lord Deputy of Ireland from the year 1616 to 1622. He
d. 29 May, 1622. He was descended from an ancient family,
and had several brothers and sisters, among whom was Mar-
garet, wife of William Goldsmith, the ancestor of Dr. Oliver
Goldsmith, whose Christian name was given in consequence
of the connection with Oliver, Lord Grandison. Mr. Secretary
Whyte, lit. Dorcas, dau. of Sir Robert Newcomen, Bart.,
ancestor of Lord Newcomen, by Catharine his wife, dau. of
Daniel Molyneux, Ulster King-of-Arms, by whom he had a.
son, Thomas, and a dau., Frances. The son,

Thomas Whyte, of Redhills, co. Cavan, Lord of the Manor
of Ballynagrane, co. Tyrone, m. 1st, Anne, dau. and co-heir of
Michael Beresford, Esq. of Coleraine, a younger son of the
ancestor to the Marquess of Waterford ; and 2ndly, Judith,
dau. of Sir William Parsons, Bart., Lord Justice ol Ireland,
ancestor to the Earl of Ro.sse. By his 1st wife only he had
issue, three sons and three daus., i. Francis, his heir;
II. Michael, who c^. unm. ; and iii. Thomas, who was killed at
the battle of Aughrim, umn. ; i. Mary, wife of Alexander,
son of Robert Saunderson, of Castle Saunderson, co. Cavan ;
II. Dorcas, wife of Paul Gore, 2nd son of Sir F'rancis Gore,
Knt. of Artaman ; in. Dorothy, who d. unm. Thomas Whyte
d. Sept. 1678, and w'as s. by his eldest son,

Francis Whyte, Esq. of Redhills, b. 1661 ; m. M.ary, dau.
and heiress of Sir John Edgworth, Knt. of Lissard, co. Long-
ford, by whom he had an only son, Thomas, and two daus.,
Mary and Anne. The son,

Thomas "Whyte, Esq. of Redhills, m. Sarah, dau. of James •
Naper, Esq. of Loughcre

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 353 of 392)