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Monmouth ; she d. 3 April, 1878.

Mr. William Addams-Williams d. 1824, and was s. by his eldest

William Addams-Williams, Esq. of Llangibby Castle, co.
Monmouth, J. P. and D.L., M.P. for co. Monmouth from 1831,
to 1840, 6. 10 Aug. 1787; »!. 17 Aug. 1818, Anna Louisa, eldest
dau. of Rev. Iltyd Nicholl, D.D., of The Ham, co. Glamorgam,
and had issue,
William, of Llangibby Castle.

Louisa Caroline, rn. 1st, 30 May, 1849, Rev. William Evans,
B.D., Vicar of Usk, and bv him (w ho d. 13 March. 1860)
had, with other issue, William Addams Williams (Uev.),
M.A. Oxon, Rector of Llandegveth and Llanthewy, co. Mon-
mouth, b. 26 July, 1853; in. 21 Dec. 1886, Consiance, dau.
of George Thomson, Esq. of Penybryn, cu. Denbigh ; she
m. 2ndly, Rev. John Llo)d Jones, B.D., of Lampeter (who
d. 20 Aug. 1890), and had issue.
Caroline Frances, OT. 1866, her cousin. Rev. Edward .A.ddams-
Wilhams, B.A. Oxon, Rector of Llangibby, who d. 12 Feb.
1868, s.p.
Augusta Maria Marsh, d. unm. 1 Oct. 1843.
Mr. Addams-'Williams d. 5 Sept. 1861, and was s. by his sod,

William Addams-Williams, Esq. of Llangibby Castle, J.P.,
6. 24 March, 1820 ; m. 8 July, 1850, Catharine Sara F'rances,
dau. of Thomas Cooke, Esq. of Llantarnam Cottage, co. Mon-
mouth, and had issue,

I. Rowland, present representative.

* William Addams, Esq. of Monmouth, derived from a
branch of the Addamses of Cheaien, Salop, had issue by his
wife Anne, William, b. 1726, who assumed the name of
Williams ; Mary, m. Kingsuiill Evan.s, Esq. of The Hill, co,
Hereford ; and Ann, m. Edward Saunders, Esq.





II. Herbert (Rev."*. M.A. Camb., Rector of LlaiiRibby, late
Vico-rrincipal of S.P.G. Col. at Triebinopoli, Madras, 6. 8
Get. 1852; m. 8 Autr. ISSS, Grace Ellen, younfter dau. of
Thomas RoyseLysaght, Esq. of Bristol, and has issue, Eileen
Edith: Imosen Uoyse.

lu. Arthur, B A. Camb., of the Inner Temple, b. 14 Nov. 1854;
d. 7 Jan. 18S8, unm.

IV. Harold, M.A. Camb., b. 22 Feb. 1858 ; late Principal of
Bishop Cotton's Schools, Bangalore, India.

V. Godfrcv, Capt. K.E. (Suakim medal), (>. 31 Pec. 1850: m.
20 Feb. 1889, Florence Caroline Evangeline, youn^'er dau.
of William Turnbull Blewitt, Esq., and has issue, Mary
Addams, Thvllis Addams, Elsa Addams.

VI. Albert, M'.L. Camb., Indian Civil Service, b. 13 March,

vn. George, b. 10 Sept. 1868 ; d. 9 Nov. 1873.

I. Florence.

II. JIary, m. 7 Nov. 1889, Charles Skelton Nicholson, Com-
niando'r B.N., son of the Rev. William Nicholson, of King's
Nympton, co. Devon, and has issue, Charles Hepworth, b.
2 Sept. 1891 ; Edith Mary.

III. Edith, d. intm. 26 Oct. 1887.
Mr. Addams-"Williams d. 22 Nov. 1885.

^4 rHi.v'— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gyronny of eight erm. and
sa. a lion rampant or, for Williams; 2nd and 3rd, erm., a
chevron vaire or and az. between three roses gu. barbed and
seeded ppr., for Addams. 0-<s(s— 1st, a hound or talbot passant
per pale erm. and or, for Williams; 2nd, A griffin's head
erased erm. beaked gu., surmounted by a chevron as in the
arms, for Addams. Motto— En suivant la verite.

Ji«i'i/«)ice— Llangibby, Monmouthshire.


Williams, Chaeles Ketnolds, Esq. of Dol-
melTnlljn, Dolgelly, D.L. for co. Merioneth, and
High Sherife 1882-3 ; b. 25 Dec. 1815 ; m. 31 Dec.
184G, Margaret, only dau. of the late John Eonier,
Esq., Member of Council, Eombaj, and by her has

I. RoMER, b. 24 Sept. 1850; to. 24 July, 1879, Dora, dau. of
David Williams, Esq. of Deudraeth Castle, M.P. for
Merioneth, and has issue,
Charles Ro.meb.
I. Eleanor Mary. m. 1870, Eugene AVason, Esq. of Blair,

Girvan, Ayrshire, M.P. for South Ayrshire.
n. Minna Constance, vi. 1872, Harry Wilmot Lee, High
Bailiff for Westminster, 2nd son of J. B. Lee, Esq. of
Sonning, Berks.
Xiineage. — George W^illiams, Chief Justice of New-
foundland, 5H. Marie Monier, of Jersey, by whom he had a

Col. Monier Williams, Surveyor-Gen. of Bombay, ivho
m. Hannah Sophia, dau. of Thomas Brown, Esq., E.I.C.S., and
by her had issue,

I. George.

II. Charles Retnolds, now of Dolmelynllyn.

III. M'aiier (Sir), of Enfield House, Ventnor, K.C.I.E.,
D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D., M.A., late Fellow of lialliol Coll. Ox-
ford, Boden Professor of Sanskrit in that University, and
Hon. Fellow of University College; 6. 1819 ; m. 1848, Julia
Grantham, dau. of the late Rev. Francis Joseph Faithfull,
B.C.L., Rector of Hatfield, Herts.

rv. Alfred, killed in action at the relief of the Fort of Kahun
in Scinde, 1840.

I. Mary, rn. John Unthank, one of the Masters of the Court
of Queen's Bench, and d. 1883.

II. Hannah, to. John Cattley, Esq. of Shabden Park, Mers-
tbam, Surrey, and d. ISsO.

Col. Jlonier Williams d. 18'23.

S'X!'— Dolmelvnllyn, Dolgelly, N. Wales.
C'(!£i'— Union.'S.W.



John, Esq. of Kant Oer, co. Monmouth, J. P. and
D.L., b. 11 Jan. 1858; m. 9 July, ]884, Beatrice,
2nd dau. of E. A. Leatham, Esq. of Miserden
Park, Gloucestershire, M.P. for Huddersfleld, and

has issue,

Liijieage. — This family, as well as that of Ponty Pool
Park, derives from a common ancestor with the ancient House
of Haneury of Hanbo.ry, co. Worcester. The Hanburys are
reported lo have had a settlement in co. Worcester prior to the
Co.NQUEST, and to have been of Saxon descent.

George Hanburt Williams, Esq. of Coldbrook, 6. 23 Sept.
1715 (3rd son of John Hanhury, Esq. of Ponty Pool Park,
M.P. CO. Monmouth, by Bridget his wife, eldest dau. and co-
heir of Sir Edward Ayscough), assumed the surname of Wil-
liams at the decease of his brother, Sir Charles Hanbury-
WiUiams, K.B. He m. 1747, Margaret, youngest dau. of John
Chambr^, Esq. of Llanfoist, co. Monmouth, and dying 1764,
left issue six sons and one dau.,

I. John, of Coldbrook Park, b. 29 June, 1749 ; in. 1770,
Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Johnes, Esq. of Croft Castle, co.
Hereford. She d. 1806. He d. 21 Nov. 1819.

II. Charles, of London.

III. Capel, of Abergavenny, d. 1830.

IV. George, m. and had issue, George, John, Capel, Sidney,
Marianne, and Geoigina. He d. 1830.

V. Ferdinand, of Abergavenny, b. 1759 ; to. 1796, Mary, dau.
of John Marten, Esq. of London ; d. 1800. Hec/. ISlO, aged
60, leaving issue,

1 Ferdinand, late proprietor.

2 Mary, to. 1825, Rev. George Fielding, Rector of North
Ockenden, Essex, and d. 1881, leaving issue.

VI. A son.

I. Georgina, to. 1797, Christopher Davies, Esq. an officer
13th Regt. She d. 14 March, 1845. He d. June, 1845.
He (?. 17G4. His grandson,

Ferdinand Hanbury-Williams, Esq. of Coldbrook Park,
J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1851, b. '28 Oct. 1799; in. 1st, 8
Dec. 1825, Elizabeth Ann Pakington, dau. of William Russell,
Esq. of Powick Court, co. Worcester, by Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of Sir Herbert Perrott Pakington, Bart, of Westwood, co.
Worcester, and by her (who d. 30 May, 1850, aged 47) had

I. Ferdinant) Capel, late of Coldbrook Park.

I. Mary, m. 9 Aug. 1849, Lieut. -Col. James Davies, of The
Garth, co. Monmouth.

II. Anne (ieorgina, m. 3 Aug. 1853, Capt. Henry Grattan
Bushe, of Trinidad, West Indies, late of the 48th Regt.

He 5)!. 2ndly, 20 Dec. 1853, Elizabeth Jane, eldest dau. of John
Pomeroy McRobert, Esq., formerly of the 78th Highlanders,
and had issue,

II. Charles, Barrister-at-Law, b. 24 Feb. 1858.

III. John, Capt. Oxfordsliire Light Infantry, A.D.C. to the
Governor of Madras, b. 19 Oct. ';S59.

III. Elizabeth, to. '24 Oct. 1877, Major Henry Lewis Brooke
Langford Brooke, 60th Rifles.

IV. Frances.

3Ir. Hanbury-Williams d. 1887. His eldest son,

Ferdinand Capel Hanbcry-Williams, Esq. of Coldbrook
Park, CO. Monmouth, J. P. and D.L., late Lieut. 16th Lancers,
and Capt. Turkish Contingent Cavalry, b. 27 June, 1834; m.
19 Feb. 1857, Lucy Anna, eldest dau. of Robert Wheeley, Esq.
of the Pentre, co. Monmouth, and d. 1891, having by her
(who d. 1881) had issue,

I. Ferdinand Pakington John now of Nant Oer.

II. Richard Capel, b. 6 Jan. 1859.

I. Frances Anne Josephine.

II. Ada Lucy.

Arms — Or, a bend engrailed vert plain cotised sa. (a crescent
for distinction). Crest — Out of a mural crown sa. a demi-lioti
rampant or, holding a poleaxe also sa. spiked and headed gold
(a crescent for distinction). Motto — Si non dalur ultra.

Seat — Nant Oer, co. Monmouth.

Vlub — Badminton.


Williams, Owen Lewis Cope, Esq. of Temple
House, Perks, and Craigh-y-Don, co. Anglesey, J. P.
for Bucks, M.P. for Marlow 1880-5, Maj.-Gen., late
Col. in command of the Royal Horse Guards, b. 12
July, 1836 ; m. Ist, 18 Aug. 1862, Fanny Florence,
youngest dau. of St. George Francis Caulfeild, Esq.
of Donatnon Castle, co. Roscommon, and by her
(who d. 28 July, 1876) has, with other issue,

Owen Gwynydd St. George, late Capt. R. Horse Guards, b.
1865, killed in action in South Africa, Nov. 1893, while
engaged in the Matabele war.

He m. 2ndly, 22 July, 1882, Nina Mary Adelaide,
dau. of Sir John George ToUemache Sinclair, 3rd
hart, of Ulster.

Lineage. — William John ap Rees m. Sarah Davied, and
was father of

llDMPHRET Williams, b. II Aug. 1661; m. Ist, 17 July,
1688, Katlieiine Miedydd, who d. s. p. 22 Sept. I69I ; and





■2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. William Prydderch. Eector of
Llantrissaint and Aber, and d. 1752, leaving a son,

Owen Williams, b. 23 Oct. 1698; j«. Jane, dau. of Thomas
Lloyd, Esq. of Hendon Hovel, and d. 28 Oct. 1786, having by
Jier (who d. 2 Nov. 1791) had issue,
J. Thomas, of whom hereafter.

II. John (Rev.), of Treffos, in Anglesey, h. 1738, Chaplain to
the Princess Augusta of Wales, Rector of Llanfaiiyng-
hornwy, m. Eleanor, dau. of the Rev. James Vincent,
Rector of Bangor, and d. 5 Sept. 1826, leaving by her, who
d. SO July, 1828, a son, John, of Treffos, b. 30 June, 1784,
Barrister-at-Law, Lieut. -Col. Local Militia, D.L. for Angle-
sey and Chairman of Quarter Sessions, m. 8 Feb. 1808,
Elizabeth Jane Winter, 2nd dau. of Capt. William Goddard,
R.N., and d. 8 July, 1876, leaving issue,
1 Thomas Nobris (Rev.), of Treffos, J. P. and D.L., Rector
of Llanddeniulcn, co. Carnarvon, and of Aber, co. Car-
narvon, 6. 12 Aug. 1809: m. 1st, 12 Kov. 1840, Mary
Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of Rev. Richard Coiymore Howard,
D.D., Canon of Bangor, and Rector of Beaumaris (she d.
27 April, 1850) ; and 2ndly, 4 Nov. 1S57, Georgiana, dau.
of Uev. George Bethcll, D.D. Provost of Eton, and d. 23
Oct. 1884, having had by his 1st wife,
John Robert, of Treffos, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, 6. 11
Aug. 1841 ; m. 2S Sept. 1875, Florence Emily, youngest
dau. of John Marston, Esq. and d. 1889, leaving issue,
Alured Humphrey, b. 13 Aug. 1876 ; Mylcs John Cour-
age, 6. 9 Nov. 1878 ; Rainald Francis, 6. 1 Sept. 1881 ;
and Ralph Norris Main, b. 1885.
Richard Francis, Lieut. -Col. Royal Artillery, b. 17 March,
1843; m. 15 Nov. 1876, Laura, eldest dau. of the late
Charles Manners Smith, Esq., and has, Gwendolen
Mary, 6. 2 Oct. 1877; Guy Charles, b. Sept. 1881 ; and
Noel John, b. 1885.
Ralph Champneys, 6. 9 March, 1847 ; m. 4 March, 1875,
Jessie, youngest dau. of S. Dean, Esq., and has
Geoffrey Champneys, b. 17 Jan. 1876.
Mary Elizabeth Dorothea, b. 11 Aug. 1844; m. IS July,
1SG5, Lieut. -Col. Eubule Daysh Thelwall, Royal
Marine Artillery, and has issue.
Emma Margaret Barbara, b. 20 March, 1846 ; d. 10 Feb.
2 John Vincent Hawkesley, of Northenby, Hants, J.P.
and D.L. for CO. Carnarvon, J.P. for Hants, Hon. Col. 4th
Batt. Royal Welsh Fus., ft. 13 Feb. 1817; m. 26 April,
1842, Phoebe Susanna, 4th dau. of Rev. Richard Cotymore
Howard, D.D., and had issue, 1 Thomas Vin-jent, retired
Commander R.N., now in Holy Orders, h. 28 Jan. 1843,
m. 1865, Annie W. Doudney; 2 Robert Manners Howard,
b. 27 April, 1846, m. 14 Jan. 1885, Amy, 2nd dau. of Hon.
Amias C. Orde-Powlett (sfc Burke's Peeraf/e, Bolton, B.),
and has issue, Christopher Manners, 6. 2 Aug. 1886 ; 3
Philip John, 6. 7 Dec. 1848, Sch. New Coll. Oxford, d. 3
Aug. 1869 ; 4 Christopher George, Lieut. R.N., 6.28 Feb.
1850, d. 9 May, 1876 ; 1 Phoebe Susanna, m. 1872, Rev.
Frederick Barker, M.A., 3rd son of Richard Barker, Esq.
of Chester, and has issue ; 2 Cecile Philippa Hephzibah, d.
in infancy 1846.

1 Elizabeth Eleanor Mary, m. June, 1833, Capt. Charles
Stanhope Jones, 59th Regt. (deceased), and has issue.

The eldest son of Owen Williams,

Thomas Williams, Esq. of Llanidan, in Anglesey, purchased
1788, Temple Mills, and represented Great Marlow in Parlia-
ment from 1790 to 1802. He m. Catherine Lloyd, and had

Owen, his heir.

John, TO. Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. Currie, of Boughton Hall,
CO. Chester.

Mary, d. unm. 1830.

Jane, m. Major-Gen. W. Wheatley.

Ainma, m. 1st, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Knox, of the 1st Foot
Guards; and2ndly, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Campbell, K.C.B.

Mr. Williams d. 29 Nov. 1802, and was s. by his son,

Owen Williams, Esq. of Temple House, 6. 1764, M.P. for
Marlow, who m. July, 1792, Margaret, eldest dau. cf the Rev.
Edward Hughes, of Kinmel Park, co. Denbigh, and by her
<who d. 1821) had two sons,

Thomas Peers, his heir.

Owen Edward, 6. Jan. 1798.
Mr. Williams d. 23 Feb. 1832, and was s. by his eldest son,

LiEnr.-CoL. Thomas Peers Williams, of Temple House,
J.P. and D.L., Lieut.-Col. Commanding Royal Anglesey
Jlilitia, and M.P. for Great Marlow, 6. 27 March, 1795 ; j)i. 27
Aug. 1835, Emily, youngest dau. of Anthony Bacon, Esq. of
Elcott, Berks, and had issue,

1. Owen Lewis Cope, now of Temple House.

I. Margaret Elizabeth, m. 13 Aug. 1866, Sir Richard Lewis
Mostyn Williams-Bulkeley, Bart., who d. 27 Jan. 1884.

II. Emily Gwendoline, m. 8 Aug. 1863, William Henry, 2nd
Earl Cowley, and has issue.

III. Edith, TO. 8 Jan. 1871, Heneage, 7th Earl of Aylesford.

IV. Blanche Mary, m. 15 Jan. 1866, Lord Charles John,
younger son of the 6th Duke of Roxburghe.

Mr. Williams d. Sept. 1875. His widow d. 24 Nov. 1876.

Artns — Arg., a chevron sa. between three Cornish choughs
ppr. each with an erm. spot in the bill. Crest — A Cornish
chough ppr. holding in his dexter claw a fleur-de-lis or. Motto
— Duw a ddarpar i'r Brain. (God feedeth the ravens;. Motto
of the Treffos line — Duw mi dy ras.

Seats — Temple House, Great Marlow ; and Craig-y-Don,
Bangor. Town Residence — 24, Hill Street, Berkeley Square, W.


Williams, Anne Maria, of Penpont, co. Brecon,
s. her brother 19 Nov. 1893.

Lineagre. — Jones, in his History of Brectnocl-sJiire, ti-aces
the descent of this ancient family from Sin Thomas, or Sir
Richard Boleyne, or Bcllen, one of the knights of Bernard
Newmarch, a Norman Chieftain, who, allured by the success
of Robert FMtzhamon, in co. Glamorgan, was tempted, with
a determined band of followers, to enter co. Brecknock, which
he conquered from Rhys ap Tewdwr, Prince of South Wales.
From this same family of Bullen sprang, it is believed, the
Bollens, or BoLETNEs, of Blickling, Norfolk; but English
genealogists have been silent as to the descent prior to Sir
Thomas Boleyne, 1411, from whom Anna Boletne, Queen of
England, was the 4th in descent. Of the unfortunate Queen
(always considered of the same race as the Breconshire Bullens),
there is a very good portrait at Penpont.

Rev. Thomas Williams, M.A., Vicar of Llanspyddid, son of
William ap Philip ap Richard Lawrence ap John ap Lawrence
Bullen, appears, from an inscription on his gravestone, to have
been proud of his traditional descent from the same ancestor,
as the mother of Queen Elizabeth. From his having been
the first who introduced the use of the surplice in the church
service, he was called "Vicar gwyn Llanspyddid," or the
White Vicar of Llanspyddid. He m. Anne, dau. of Thomas
Stonies, of Even-jobb, co. Radnor, and d. 1613, leaving by her
(with four daus.) an only son.

Rev. Daniel Williams, Vicar of Llanspyddid, who m. Sarah,
dau. of John Lewis, of Ffrwdgrech, and had issue,

I. Thomas (Rev.), of Abercamlais, LL.B., m. Anne, dau. of
Jeffrey Jeffreys, of Abercynrig, and had. with two daus..
an only son, Thomas Williams, vi. Esther, dau. and
co-heiress of the Rev. Elias Owen, Vicar of Beguildy, and
rf. 1700, having had issue. The eldest son, Rev. Thomas
Williams, in. Elizabeth, dau. of Hugh Penry, Esq. of
Llwyncyntefin, and had an eldest son. Rev. John Williams,
Canon of St. David's, who m. Sarah, dau. of Penry Williams,
Esq. of Penpont, and had issue two sons and three daus.
The eldest son (the great-great-grandson of Thomas, of

Ven. John Williams, Archdeacon of Cardigan, m. Anne,
dau. of Penry Williams, Esq. of Penpont, and had issue,

1 John, Canon of St. David's, d. unm.

2 Pcniy, TO. Georgina Dames, of The Havannah, and
had a son and a dau.,

John Penry Williams, of Abercamlais, b. 15 July,

1824 ; d. unm. 1861.
Harriec Anne, d. unm.

1 Anne, d. un>n.

2 Sarah, d. unm.

3 Martha, ?7!. the Ven. Richard Davies, Archdeacon of
Brecon, and had a dau., Elizabeth, m. 1 Jan. 1829. the
Very Rev. Thcmas Williams, M.A. of Aberbran, co.
Brecon (vide intra), Dean of Llandaff, who d. 21 April,
1877, having had by her (who d. May, 1878),

Garnons (Rev.), of Abercamlais, J.P. cos. Brecon and
Radnor, Rural Dean, Vicar of Bettws, Penpont,
Prebendary of St. David's, 6. 26 Dec. 1829; m. 11
Jan. 1854, Catherine Frances, 2nd dau. of Fenton
Hort, Esq. of Hardwick House, co. Monmouth, and
by her who d. 28 Dec. 1892, has issue,

1 Arthur Garnons (Rev.), B.A. Oxon, b. 11 Nov.

2 Richard Davies Garnons, Capt. Royal Fusiliers, b.
15 June, 1856 ; in. 8 Jan, 1885, Alice Jessie, dau. of
F. Bircham, Esq. of Burhill, Surrey.

3 Aylmer Herbert Garnons, Lieut. E.N., b. 2 July,

4 Gerald Garnons, b. 10 Feb. 1859.

5 Hugh Penry Boleyn Garnons, d. an infant, 1865.

6 Mark Penry Fenton Garnons, b. 25 April, 1867.

7 Penry Garnons, b. 9 Feb. Is73.

1 Katharine Frances Helena Garnons.

2 Annabella Mary Garnons, to. 18 June, 1885, Capt.
Alfred C. Worlledge, South Wales Borderers.

3 Mary Elizabeth, b. 1871.

Mr. Garnons Williams s. to the Abercamlais estate on
the death of his cousin, John P. Williams, Esq., 1861.
Richard Davies, d. unm. Rowland Thomas,





Thomas (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Llowes, co. Radnor.
Herbert (Kev.), M.A., Vicarot Brecon, 6. 15 Feb. 1S36 :
m. 15 I'ct. JS6S, Frances Cathcviru', dau. of Col.
Dickinson, and has issue, Dousla.s Herbert, b. 10
Jan. ISTO; Thomas, 6. 10 Xov. Ib76 ; Gladys; and
Elizabet'u Anne. Annabclla.

Katherine Isabella.
4 Anna Jane, m. Rev. Charles Griffiths, and had issue,
Charles, Vicar of TahicUddu; David Hanmer; Anna,
m. Capcl Mici-s, Esq.
11. John, of whose line wc treat.

in. F.dward (Rev.), settled at St. David's, Brecon, ni. Eliza-
lirth, dan. of Tliomas Lewis, of Ffrwdgrech, by his wife, a
(iau. of Henry Vaughan, of Moccas, Lord Lieutenant of co.
Brecon temp' Elizabeth, and had issue. His eldest sur-
viving son,
Edward, of Gworn-y-fisin, the "loyal sheriff" of Brccon-
sliire «ho made the return to Cromwell in favour of the
oppressed clergy of the co. in 1660, which occasioned his
removal from ofiBce. He «i. Lucy, dau. of Henry Sted-
man, of the Priory of Brecon, and had, with other issue,
two sons, 1 Edward, m. Eleanor, dau. of Daniel Williams,
of Penpont, and had a son, Edward, of Gwernddu, d. s.j). ;
2 John, Rector of Penderin, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel
Ouseley, and had, besides three daus., one son, Rev.
Edward Williams, of Blaunant, Rector of Vaynor, d.s.p.
IV. Richard, m. Margaret, dau. of Thomas Morgan, of Llan-
nerch-Bledri, and had issue,

1 Uichard, Barrister-at-Law, m. Anna, dau. of Rowland
Gwyn, Esq. of Glanbvan ; and </. s. p. 17U0.

2 Thomas, Capt., d. s. p. at sea.

3 Daniel, m. Anne liobinson, of Brecon.

4 Edward, m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heiress of Howcl
Thomas, of Gaer ; but d. s. p.

6 Tobias Williams (Uev.), Vicar of Devynock, m. Isabella
Glyn, and had, with other issue,

Richard, Vicar of Aberyskir, m. Jane, dau. of Stephen
Waters, of Carmarthen, and had, besides three daus..
;U1 d. unm., two sons,
Richard, of .Vberbran, m. Anna Jane, dau. of I'enry

\\ illiams, Esq. of Penpont.
Thomas, of Brecon, m. Anna, dau. of Thomas Lloyd.
and had, besides two daus. (Elizabeth, ;«. 1st, William
Gunter; and 2ndly, Rev. David Williams; and Cathe-
rine, in. George Griffin, Esq. of co. Monmouth), and
a son, Thomas, Banister-ai-Law, whoi/. unrn. IbOO,
another son. Robert, of Abeibran, who hi. Annaliella,
dau. of William Garnons, Esq. of Trelough, co.
Hereford, and had (with two daus., Annabella and
Cassandra) a son. Vert Rev. Thomas Williams,
M.A., Dean of Llandaff. J. P., who d. 1877. having
m. (vide supra) Elizabeth, dau. of Archdeacon
Davies, and had Issue as given above.
Robert, of London.

'i'hoiDas, 'hi., and had issue, Thomas ; Robert; Daniel;
ToMas; and Mary, d. warn. Tobias, of London.


Rev. Joun Williams, m. Margaret, dau. of Rev. Hugh
Pcnry, Vicar of Devynock ; and d. 1607, aged 70, having had,
besides two sons, Penryand John, both rf. s. p., an elder son,

Damel Williams, Esq., High Sheriff co. Brecon, 1673, hi.
1st, Blanche, one of the daus. and co-heirs of Hoo Games,
of Kewton, and by her, with whom he acquired I'cnpont
and other estates, had an only son, who d. s. p. just before
attaining his majority. He built the present mansion 1660,
and founded the Penpont branch of the family. He m.
2ndly, Sybil, dau. of George Gwyn, of Llanelwedd, and by
her had numerous issue, i. Gwyn, i/. s.p. in the lifetime of
his father; ii. Daniel, d. s.p. ; in. Penrt, of whom presently;
IV. George, d. s. p.; v. Rowland, settled in London; vi. John,
settled at Bristol; i. Joan, to. George Bowen, of Wolf'sdale;
II. Sybil, m. Richard Russell, of Hereford; in. Anna; and iv.
Elinor, m. Kdward Williams, of Frwdgrcch. The 3rd son,

Penkt Williams, Esq. of Penpont, High Sheriff 1732, ?«.
Anna Jane, 2nd dau. of Samuul Sheppard, Esq. of Minchin-
hampton, co. Gloucester, and by her (who d. 3 Aug. 1764,
aged 71) had issue,

PnrLip, d. s. p. Penrt, of whom presently.

Sybil. Sarah, m. Rev. John Williams, of Abercamlais.

Catherine, m. Edward Morgan, Esq. of Brecon.

Anna Jane, m. Richard Williams, Esq. of Aberbran.

The 2nd son,

Penrt Williams, Esq. of Penpont, m. Anne, dau. and heiress
of Thomas Smith, Esq. of Stoke, Salop, and by her (who d. 10
May, 177s) had issue,

Thomas, d. t. p. Philip, of whom we treat.

.Samuel, d. s. p. William, d. s. p.

Elizabeth, m. Rev. Richard Davis, Vicar of Brecon.

jVnne, m. ihe Ven. John Williams, Archdeacon of Cardigan.

Mary Catherine.

Marlha, to. Francis Edwards, Esq, of Haverfordwest.

Mr. Penry Williams d. 15 Jan. 1781, aged 67. His 2na son,

Philip Williams, Esq. of Penpont, High Sheiiff 1780, ii».
1st, Anne, dau. and heiress of Edward Williams, of Llangat-
toc, and by her had one dau., Anne, m. Osborne Yeats, Esq.
of Monksmill, co. Gloucester. He m. 2ndly, 29 March, 1781,
Elizabeth, dau. and co-heiress of John Osborne, Esq. of co.
Gloucester, and d. 2 Nov. 1794, leaving a dau., Elizabeth, and
a son,

Penrt Willl^ms, Esq. of Penpont, High Sheriff 1804, and
Lord Lieutenant of co. Brecon, 1836, m. 1 May, 1804, Maria,
dau. of Samuel Yeats, Esq. of Monksmill, co. Gloucester,
and d. 16 Jan. 1847, leaving by her, who survived him till

I. Penrt, late of Penpont.

II. Philip Penry, of Stoke House, Tenbury, J. P. and D.L.„
for COS. Brecon and Worcester, and J. P. for Salop, b. 6
July, 1812; m. 15 April, 1837, Charlotte Hamilton Sey-
mour, youngest dau. of the late Capt. Francis E. Seymour,
R.N. (see Burke's Peerage, Somerset, D.), and d. 1873, hav-
ing had issue,

1 Philip Seymour, of Napleton House, co. Worcester, 6.
15 March, 1841 ; m. 27 Oct. 1874, Susanna Elizabeth
Bailey, dau. of Rev. Caleb Whitefoord, Rector of Whit-
ton, Salop, and has issue, i. Philip Penry, 6. 9 March,
1876; II. Arthur Boleyn, b. 29 Nov. 1878; I. Susanna
Hamilton, 6. 5 July, 1877.

2 Seymour Yeats (Rev.), M.A., b. 31 March, 1844.

3 Arthur Penry, b. 19 May, 1846.

4 Francis A'Deane, b. 5 Sept. 1849.

5 Edward Osborne, 6. 20 June, 1854.

6 Claud St. Maur, b. 17 Feb. 1866.

1 Charlotte Maria, m. 13 Nov. 1862, 'William Edwards
Michell, Esq. of Newham, Tiiiro.

2 Isabel Katherine Mary, m. Lieut.-Col. Lionel Landham
brett, 2nd West India Regt.

3 Alice Clarence, m. F. C. Brett, Esq.
I. Anna Maria.

His eldest son,

Penrt Williams, Esq. of Penpont, B.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford.
Chairman of Quarter Sessions, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1848, 6. 3 Nov. 1807 ; to. 19 July, 1832, Anne, dau. of Thomas
Downes, Esq. of Hereford, and by her who d. 2 D

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