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the surname and arms of Bttnd, by royal
licence 1864.

Lineage. — Tlie family tradition states that this is a branch
of the family of Willis of Fen Ditton Cambridgeshire.

Josh Willis, of Wakefield, co. York, and of the city of
London, merchant, to. Elizabeth, datu of W. Downes, Esq.
and granddau. of William Kent, Esq. of Kimberworth, near





Kotherham, co. York. Josh Willis d. circa 17C8, and Eliza-
beth, his wife, 1802. Their son

William Willis, Esq. Capt. 13th Light Dragoons, of Bads-
worth, CO. York, m. 1789, Mary, only dau. and heir of the late
Eobert Hamilton Smith, Esq. of Lismore, co. Down, and by
her (who d. 2 Feb. 1831) had issue,

I. The Rev. William Downes, M.A., Prebendary of Wells,
and Rector of Elsted, Sussex, m. Dorothy, youngest dau.
of the late William Preston, Esq. of Warcup Hall, West-
morland, and d. 1872, having by her (svho d. 31 Aug. 1866)
had issue, a son, John, Lieut. 9th Lancers, d. Uiuii. 1858,
an<l thi'ee daus., who all d. uniii.

II. John Walpole, of whom presently.
I. Jane.

Mr. Willis d. 1809. His 2nd son,

John Walpole Willis, Esq. of Wick House, co. Worcester,
J.P. and D.L. Earrister-at-Law, b. 4 Jan. 1793, -m. 1st, 8 Aug.
1824, Lady Mary Isabella Lyon, dau. of Thomas, Uth Earl of
Strathmore, and by her had issue, a son,

I. Robert Brdce, B.A. Oxon, b. 7 Dec. 1826, m. 1854,
Frances Penelope, eldest dau. of the late Col. Benjamin
Baker, H.E.I.C.S., and has issue.
Mr. Willis m. 2ndly, 15 Sept. 1836, Anna Susanna Kent,
eldest dau. of the late Col. Thomas Henut Bond, of Wick
Bpiscopi, by Ann, his wife, dau. of Rev. Pynson Wilmot,
Vicar of Halesowen, and by her (who d. Jan. 1891) had issue,

I. John William Bund, now of Wick Episcopi.

I. Mary Ann Jane Bund, m. July, 1867, John Francis
Williams, (who d. s. p. July, 1892) 2nd son of F. E.
Williams, Esq., J.P. and D.L. of Malvern Hall, co.

II. Catherine Smyth-Bund.
Mr. Walpole WUlis d. Sept. 1877.

J^amilg of !Bunir.

The first entry in the.'present registries ofithe family of Bund
is dated 18 Jan. 1559, and records the marriage of Edward
Frenche and Joan Bund. At that time they possessed some of
the property which they still hold.

Thomas Bond, Esq. m. 1st Eliza Pardoe, but had no issue,
he m. 2ndly, Susannah, dau. of Rev. John Vernon, Rector of
Hartley, co. Worcester, and had issue,

William, of whom presently.

John, d. unm.

Thomas, Rector of Woking, m. and had a son who d. s. p.

Henry, Rector of Fladbury, who took the name of Vebnon,
and d. s. p.

Richard, d. young.

Sarah, m. W. Cook, Esq. of Worcester.

Elizabeth, 7)i. G. Hurdman.

Susannah, d. unm.
The eldest son,

William Bund, Esq. m. 1st, Mary, dau. and heiress of John
Parsons, Esq. of Overbury, co. Worcester, and 2ndly, Alicia,
Cox, by the former only he had issue,

I. William, vi. Catharine, 3rd dau. of John Dandridge, Esq.
of Great Malvern, and had issue a son, Charles, d. young,
and two daus., Mary, vi. Rev. William Probyn, Vicar of
Pershore,and Anna Maria, m. George Palmer, Esq. of Nazing
Park, CO. Essex.

II. Thomas, of whom we treat.
The younger son,

Thomas Bund, Esq. J.P. and D.L., m. 29 Nov. 1768,
Susanna, youngest dau. of Benjamin Johnson, Esq. of
Worcester, and d. 10 Aug. 1815, having had issue,

I. Thomas Henky, his heir.

II. William, m. Ann Ryder Mainprize, d. 1843, and had issue,
a son, Wilmot Johnson, d. young, and Susanna Ursula, m.
Capt. William Thomas Mainprize, C.B., R.N., and had

The elder son,

Thomas Henry Bund, Esq. of Wick Episcopi, J.P. and D.L.,
Col. Worcestershire Militia, 6. 11 July, 1774, m. 16 Nov. 1802,
Ann, dau. and only surviving child of the Rev. Pynson
Wilmot, of Halesowen, Salop, and d. 1852, having by her
bad issue,

I. Thomas Henry Benjamin, d. umii. 1846.

I. Ann Susanna Kent, m. as above John Walpole Willis,
Esq. and had with other issue (see above),

John William, now of Wick Episcopi, who has assumed
by royal licence the additional surname of Bund.

II. Ursula Frances, m. Rev. Henry Thomas Hill, Rector of
Felton, CO. Hereford, and d. 1877, leaving issue.

in. Eliza Emily, to. Rev. Joseph Henry Bainbrigge.

Arms — Erm., three piles two in chief and one in base gu.,
each charged with an eagle's leg erased or. Crest — Two lions'
gambs erased or, supporting an eagle's head erased ppr.
Motto — Non nobis Domine.

/Seat— Wick Episcopi, Worcester.


"VVilis-Sandford, Thomas George, E.sq. of
Willsgrore and Castlerea, co. Eoscommon, b. 1879.

liineag-e. — The family of Wills is said to have been
originally from Cornwall, and to have been settled, and to
have been of some consideration at Carrickfergus in the 16tli

Capt. Thomas Wills, whose name is among the enrolments
for receiving compensation after the wars of King William
III., m. about 1670, the widow of Alexander Montgomery,
and by her left two sons. The elder,

Caspar Wills, Esq. a Capt. in the Army, purchased (with
his brother) the Roscommon estates, part of the forfeited pos-
sessions of King James II., and settled at Willsgrove. He m.
Sarah Cole, of the Enniskillen family, but d. s. p. His

James Wills, Esq., an officer in the Army, d. 1731. He m.
Martha, dau. of John Curtis, Esq. of Dublin, and left (befides
two daus., one of whom, Sarah, m. Mr. Lennox, a Banker)
two sons, Godfrey, his heir; and Robert, of Annalee, co.
Cavan, who d. unm. The eldest son,

Godfrey Wills, Esq., of Willsgrove, Lieut.-Col. Roscommon
Militia, m. 1st, Sarah, dau. of Robert Montgomery, Esq. of
Ballyleck, co. Monaghan, by whom he had,

Thomas, his heir.

Robert, to. Miss Ousley ; d. s. p.

Caspar, m. Miss Carter, and had issue sons, who d. s. p.

Elizabeth, ?«. Thomas Mitchell, Esq. of Castle Strange,
CO. Roscommon.

Martha, m. Charles Wood, Esq, of Larkfield, co. Sligo.

Sarah, ?«. Sir Ralph Fetherston, 1st Bart, of Ardagh.

Catherine, m. Ralph Owens, Esq. of Longford.

Susan, m. William Fetherstone, Esq. of Canick.
Col. Wills m. 2ndly, Charlotte Elizabeth, dau. of Luke Stir-
ling, Esq. of Mount Dutton, co. Meath, and by her had,

James, of Plas Bellin, co. Flint.

Charles, d unm.

Ann, to. William Berry, Esq. of Eglish Castle, King's Co.
Col. Wills was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Wills, Esq. of Willsgrove, m. 1st, 1765, Jane, dan.
of William Talbot, Esq. of Mount Talbot, co. Roscommon, and
by her had issue,

William Robert, his heir.

Sarah, m. Rev. W. McLoughlin, of Roscommon.

Elizabeth, d. unm.

Anne, m. W. Dobbs Burleigh, Esq. of Burleigh HiU, Car-

Jane, d. unm.

Mr. Wills 7)1. 2ndly, Miss Browne, dau. of Capt. James Browne,
of Moyne, and had issue,
Thomas, of Carvogie, or Annalee.

James (Rev.), m. Katherine E. Gorman, niece of Lord
Chief Justice Bushe, by whom he had issue, Thomas
William, Freeman, and Elizabeth.
He d. 1792, and was s. by his son,

William Robert Wills, Esq. of Willsgrove, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1802, m. 1st, Olivia, dau. of Christopher .St.
George, Esq. of Tyrone House, co. Galway, but by her had no
issue ; and 2ndly, 1816, Mary Grey, dau. of the Rev. Wiliiain
Sandford, of Castlerea, and niece and co-heir (with her sister,
Eliza Catherine, wife of the Hon. and Very Rev. Henry Paken-
ham, D.D., Dean of St. Patrick) of Heni-y, Lord Mountsand-
ford, and by her (who d. 1851) had issue,
Thomas George, of Castlerea.

William Samiford, of Garryglass, Queen's Co., and Compton
Castle, Castle Cary, Somerset, J.P. for Somerset, late of the
83rd Regt., b. 26 March, 1822; m. 30 May. 1849, Julia,
yotmgest dau. of William Foster, Esq. of Stourton Court,
CO. Worcester ; and d. 8 Feb. 1882, leaving issue,

1 Harry, 6. 13 May, 1850, late Lieut. 60th Rifles, d. 20
Jan. 1872.

2 Arthur Pakenham, of Garryglass, Queen's Co., 6. 7
Jan. 1856.

3 Reginald, b. 5 May, 1862.

1 Florence Mary, ra. 8 Feb. 1872, John Graham Car-
rick Moore, Esq., Lieut. Royal Horse Guards, and only
son of John Carrick Moore, Esq. of Corswall, Strau-
raer, N.B.

2 Geraldine. 3 Maude.

Jane Catherine.

Elizabeth Sydney, to. 18 July, 1844, Godfrey, 2nd son of

James Wills, Esq. of Plas Bellin, co. Flint. She cZ. ISil,

leaving by him (who d. 1866),

Ormond Kingsley, b. 1860.
Aleine Mary, 6. lsG2.

Ellen Maria Sarah. Caroline Julia.

7 C 12






3Ir. "Wills, who assumed, by royal licence, 1S47, the additional
surname and arms of Sasdfokd, d. 11 Aug. 1869, and was*,
liy his elder son,

Thomas George Wili.s-Sandforp, Esq. of Willsgrove and
'.astlerea, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff for co. Roscommon,
.8-13, 6. 10 Aug. 1817; J». '29 Sept. 1841, Thcodosia Kleanor
hlagden, dau. of Robert Blagden Hale, Esq. of Alderley, co.
Gloucester, by the lady Tlieodosia his wile, dau. of Joseph
Deane, ard Earl of Mayo, and by her (who d. 23 Aug. 1857)
had issue,

i. WiixiAM RoBEBT, of Willsgrovc.

u. George Hale, b. 26 July, 1849.

iM. Edward, b. 20 Feb. 18.51; w. 1889, Amy Henrietta,
dau of Henry Guinness, Esq. of Burton Hall, Stillorgan,
CO. Dublin, and has is^ue, a dau., b. It'JO.

IV. Godfrey Robert, 6. 5 Oct. 1852.

I. Theodosia Eleanor. u. Alice Mary.

III. Evelyn Louisa.
Ivlr. Wills-Sandford d. 13 April, 18S7, and was «. by his eldest

AViLxiAM RoDEBT TVills-Sandfobd, Esq. of Willsgrove and
Castlerea, J. P., Capt. 2nd Diagoons, b. 12 April, 1844, lu. 26
March, 1874, Adelaide Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of the late Henry
Jephson, Esq. of Glenbrook, co.Wicklow, and grand-dau. of
.Sir Philip Crampton, Bart, and by her (who d. 1880)had, with
otlier issue,

Thomas Geobge, now of Willsgrove.
■Capt. 'S\'ills-Sandford d. 3 April, 1889.

.4;-5/!!— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, Sakdfobd, per chevron or
;i".d erin. in chief two boa's' head.s erased sa. langued gu. ;
2nd and 3rd, Wills, arg., three grifhns passant in pale sa.
within a border of the .second bezantee. Crtat.i — 1st, From
a ducal coronet a boar's head and neck or, langucd gu. ,
2nd, a denii-giiffin segreant sa. holding in his claws a battle-
axe ppr. Moilo — Cor unum via una.

5tu(«— Castlerea and Wlllsgiove, co. Roscommon.

WiLLSON, MildmatWillsox, Esq, of Eaucebj,
CO. Lincoln, C.B., J. P., High Sherilf for co. Lincoln
1875, Col. Scots Guards, b. 13 July, 1847.

Lineage. —Anthony Peacock, Esq. of South Kyme and
I'oteihanworth, co. Lincoln, Lord of the Slanor of Walcot,
)>.L.,bapt. 1 April, 1742, eldest surviving son of Christopher
Peacock, Esq. of Potterhanworth, and grandson of Anthony
Peacock, Esq. of the same; m. Ut, 30 Jan. Harriet, dau. of
Anthony Taylor, Esq. of Heckingham, co. Lincoln, and by
lier (who d. 27 Sept. 1773) had, with a dau., Anne, m. 23 June,
IblO, John Gardiner, Esq. of Lincoln, two sons,

I. Anthony Tatlob, of whom presently.

II. John Andrew, of Osbournby, co. Lincoln, 6. 30 Nov. 1772.
Mr. Peacock ru. 2ndly, 17 Sept. 1783, Mary, only dau. of John
Wilkinson, Esq. of South Kyme, and by her (who d. 19 Oct.
i828; had, with a dau. , Mary, three sons,

I. Christopher, Capt. South Lincoln Militia, b. 12 June,
17so; (/. u-nm. 8 Aug. 1828.

II. Edward, MA,, Vicar of Fifehead-Magdalen, co. Dorset,
6. 4 Jan. 1787 ; ra. 1st, 9 Sept.. 1»19, Anne, 2nd dau. of
tl.c Right Rev. William Mansell, D.U., Bishop of Bjislol.
iind by her (who d. 8 Nov. 1S32; had issue,

1 Edward, M.A., b. 6 June, 1820, Vicar of Road Hill,
North Bradley, Wilts ; ;/i. 1848, Eleanor, dau. of M. T.
Holding, Esq., now of Craven Hill Gardens, Hyde Park,
and lias issue.

*2 John Wilkinson (Rev.), 6. 16 Oct. 1822; m. 1854, Cathe-
rine, 2nd dau. of Rev. Wadham KnatchbuU, and d.
leaving two sons.

3 Spencer Perceval, 6. 31 Jan. 1831 ; m. 1853, Camilla,
dau. of — Nicholls, Esq.

1 Anne Mansel Florence, j)<. 1846, Charles Foster Bon-
ner, Esq. of Spalding, and d. 1S49.

2 ilary Isabella.

3 Caroline, deceased.

4 Emily, -,i«. 1856, Rev. John Marland, of Ventnor.
llem.2ndly, 23 Nov. 1837, Maria, dau. of John Slingsby,
Esq. of Windsor, and d. Ia48.

III. Wilkin.son, J. P. of Thorpe Tilney, co. Lincoln, Capt.
9th Lancers, b. 6 June. 1738; in. 12 Sept. ISll, Maiy,
dau. of Col. Gilbert Affleck, and d. 9 Ncv. 1868, having
had i.ssue,

1 Wilkinson Affleck, m. Isabella, dau. of Eev. B. Smith,
and rf. May, 1877, leaving iisue.

2 Edward, d. 1837.

a John, ra. Caroline, dau. of — Flower, Esq., and d.

iB^e, having had issue five chiMren.
4 Wi;liara Henry, rn. Ktnily, d,m, of R. Arden, Esq.,

■and has six children ; he d. 20 Jan. 1877.

5 Gilbert, m. Caroline, dau. of Rev. G. Fc-'nt^n. and h,T3
i sne, three sons, and one dau. m. Edgav Luoboek,
brother of Sir J. Lubbock.

1 Mary Elizabeth, m. Rev. Somerville Gibncy (who d,
Jan 1875), and has two sons.

2 Anna Sophia, m. Rev. W. Am^s, who d. 1877.

3 Kanny, m. 1872, Edward Skinshore, Esq. of Stand-

4 Ellen, d. 1837.

5 Emily Jane Affleck, m. W. Blackden, Esq., and has two

Mr. Peacock d. 5 Sept. 1809. His eldest son,

Anthony Taylob Peacock, Esq. of South Kyme, D.L., b. 19
Nov. 1769; m. 13 Feb. 1806, Mary, eldest dau. of Rev. John
Willson, of Lincoln, and had issue,
Anthony, late of Kauceby.

John, b. 21 Nov. 1812; d. unm. 21 March, 1833.
JIary Ann, d. an infant.

Harriet, m. the Marquess de Brehan, d. about 1880.
Mary, to. July, 1834, Count Joseph Charles Du Itieu, of Mar-
saquet, France, Knt. of St. Louis, and of the Legion of
Honour, and d. 1875, leaving issue, two children.
Anne Gardiner, ni. 8 May, 1834, Maurice Peter Moore, Esq.
of Sleaford, co. Lincoln, and d. June, 1839.

Louisa, m. 1845, Rev. F. W. Rhodes, and had issue ten chil-
dren, she d. Oct. 1871.

Sophia, d. 1892. Caroline, d. 1844.

The eldest son,

Anthony Willson. Esq. of South Rauceby, J.P., M.A.,
M.P. for Lincolnshire, h. 26 July, 1811, assumed by royal
licence the surname of Willson, in lieu of his patronymic.
Peacock, He m. July, 1845, Mary Eliza Caroline, 2nd dan. of
the Rev, Edward Fane, Rector of Fulbeck, co, Lincoln, 2nd
son of the Hon. Henry Fane, and by her (who d. 26 Jan.
1888) had issue,

MiLDMAY, now of Rauceby.

Walter Edward, Major 3rd batt. Lincolnshire Eegt,, J.P.

Notts, b. 22 March, 1854.
Vere Francis (Rev.), Rector of Fulbeck, co. Lincoln, b. 13

Oct. 1855; m. 7 Aug. 1884, Rose de St. Croix.
Arthur Bruce, late Lieut. R.N., b. 17 July, 1857.
Mary Georgiana Caroline, ni. 28 July, 1869, Capt. Cecil Hall,

of Whatton, Scots Fusilier Guards, who ti. 20 Aug. 18.4.

She d. 1890.
Edith Harriet.
Lucy Maria, m. 31 March, 1875, Capt. Beauchamp Scott, late

Scots Fusilier Guards, eldest son of Col. Hen. Charles

Scott, and has issue, une son.
Laura Anne.

Emily Grace, m. Major F. Amcotts, of Kettlethorpe.
Mr. Willson d. 5 June, 18G6.

^i-ius— Willson and Peacock, quarterly.
■Scat — Rauceby Hall, Sleaford, co. Lincoln.
6i«6— Carlton.


WiLLTAM.?, Edwaed William Betdges, Esq.
of Roseworthy and Carnanton, Cornwall, M.P. for
Truro from 1857 to 1859, M.P. for East Cornwall,
1868 to 1872, -when he retired and was again elected
for Truro 1880-85, M.P. for East Cornwall, since
18S5, J.P. and D.L., Major Royal Cornwall Ritie
Volunteers, b. 6 Nov. 1835 ; m. 1st, 26 June, 1856,
Jane, 2nd dau. and co-heiress of Sir Trevor Wheler,
Part, she d. 1877. He m. 2ndly, 5 June, 18S:i,
Emily, dau. of Joseph Moses Levy, Esq. of 51,
Grosvenor Square, London W,, and sister of Sir
Edward Levy Lawson, Bart, {see Bup.kk's Peerage).

Lineage.— The family of Willyams, or, as it was for
merly spelt, Wylltams, was long attached to, and connected
with the Abi'ndells of Wardour and of Lanhei~ne, with one of
whom the first common Cornish ancestor came into the
country about the year 1485, the parent stock, as Hainou
L'Estrange says, being ia Wilts or co. Dorset. From tins
ancestor descended,

Thomas Willyams, b. in Cornwall 1505 (younger brother of
Adam Willyams, of Stowford, Devon, father of Thomas
Willyams, Speaker of the House of Commons) ; d. 1580,
leaving, by Jane his wife, three sons, William, his heir;
Thomas, of Broadoak, Cornwall, b. at Stowford, 1542; d. s. p.
16-30: and a third son, who migrated into Switzerland, and
became ancestor of the Vullyamoz of tliat country. The
eldest son,

William Willyams, of Roseworthy (by gift of Sir John





Arundel, of Lanherne), 512. four times. He d. 12 June, 1C23,
and -was s. by his son (by Alice IIoneychurch,his orJ wife).

William Willyams, Esq., b. 27 Nov, 1598, to. 26 Nov. 1620,
Jane, dau. and heir of Blichael Vyvyan, Esq. of Phillack, a
branch of the Trelowarren family, and by her (who d. 1055)
had, with other issue, a son,

HuMPHKET Willyams, Esq., b. Oct. 1629 ; m. Aug. 1658,
Dorothy, sister (and eventual heiress, 16C8)of Thomas Adding-
ton, Esq. of Leigh, High Bickington, Devon, and had issue,
John, his heir.

Thomas, Capt. R.N , to. the only dau. of Admiral Cooper,
and was s. by his son,

John, Capt. R.N., m. Miss Goodyear, sister of Sir John

Dynely, and had a son,

CoopEK, Chaplain R.N., on board the '• .Swiftsure," at

the battle of the Nile, Rector of Hardress, and finally

Rector of Kingston and Stourmouth, Kent, and d.

1816, leaving four children.

William, b. April, 1678, Collector of the Port of Penryn,

and Mayor of Falmouth 1739.
Humphrey, b. May, 1680.
Charles, b. July, 1681.

Dorothy, m. Rev. William Bedford, Vicar of Tregony.
Jane, 711. John Lanyon, Esq. of Lanyon, Gwinear.
Ehzabeth, m. Mr. Greenwood, merchant, of London,
d. s. p.
Tryphena, m. Rev. William Symons, Vicar of Cornelly and

Honor, 7)1. Williams, of Trehane and Trewithara.
The eldest son,

John Willyams, Esq. of Roseworthy, 6. Sept. 1660; m. 1st,
1685, Bridgeman, youngest dau. and co-heir of Col. Humphrey
Noye, of Carnanton (only son of William Noye, Attorney-Gen.
to Charles I., by his wife, Hester, sister of the last Baron
Sandys, of the Vine). By her (who d. 1699) he had no issue.
He to. 2nUly, Dorothy, heiressof Peter Day, Esq. ofResuggan,
in St. Columb, and had issue,
John, b. March, 1701 ; m. 1723, Anne, dau. and heir of John
Oliver, Esq., and had issue,
John Oliver, of Carnanton, <!. s. jj. 1809.
Anne, m. William Lemon, faiher of the late Sir William
Lemon, Bart., M.P. for Cornwall.
James, of whom presently.
Bridgcman, m. Thomas Hawcis, of St. Coose.
. Mr. Willyams, a stanch Jacobite, was deprived of his commis-
sion of the peace during the rcigii of William and Mary, but
restored soon after the accession of Queen Anne. His
youngest son,

James Willyams, Esq., &. 8 March, 1708; m. Anne, dau. of
William Jane, Esq., and had, with other children, who d. unm.,
James, his heir; and Humphrey (Rev.), who m. twice, and by
his 2nd wife, Mary, sister of Pascoe Grenfell, Esq., M.P., left
at his decease a dau., Charlotte Bridgeman, wife of Capt. F.
Rogers, R.N. The eldest son and heir,

James Willyams, Esq. of Truro, J.P. and D.L., 6. 30 Sept.

1741 ; 711. 1770, Anne, only dau. of William Ch.ampion, Esq. of

Wormley, co. Gloucester, and had issue,

James Brydges, b. 1 Jan. 1772, Lieut. -Col. Cornwall Militia,

author of //iii's on Eduration, 2 he Influence of Genius, il-c. ;

m. Sarah, only dau. and heiress of Mendez da Costa ; and

d. K. p. Nov. 1820. His widow, Mrs. Sarah Willyams, of

Mount Braddon, Torquay, d. 11 Nov. Ib63.

John Champion, b. June, 1785; d. 2 June, 1803, on board

the " Marchioness of Exeter" Indiaman.
Humphry, late of Carnanton.
Anne, to. 1803, Capt. Bowen, of Haverfordwest.
Eliza Bridgeman, to. 1800, Capt. James O'Bryen, R.N.,
afterwards 3rd Marquess of Xuomond, and d. at Clifton,
Charlotte Champion, m. the Rev. T. Pascoe, Vicar of St.
Jane Louisa.
Sarah, m. Rev. Thomas Grylls, Rector of Cardynham.

Mr. Willyams s. at the demise of his relative, John Oliver
Willyams, 1809, to the Carnanton estate. He d. 10 Feb. 1828,
and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

Hu.mphry Willyams, Esq. of Carnanton, J.P. and D.L.,
formerly Major Royal Miners' Regt. of Artillery, and M.P. for
Truro from 1848 to 1852, and High Sheriff 1859-60, b. 20 April,
1792 ; m. 14 Jan. 1822, Ellen Frances, youngest dau. of Gen.
William Brydges Neyuoe, of Castle Neynoe, co. Sligo, and

I. James Neynoe Vivian, 6. 10 April, 1823 ; d. s. p. 22 July,

II. Humphry John, b. 19 Nov. 1831 ; d. s. p. 28 July, 1848.

III. Edward William Brydges, now of Carnanton.

IV. Arthur Champion Phillips, of Bodrean, Truro, Cornwall,
J.P. and D.L., Fellow of New CoU. Oxford, Dep. Warden
of the Stannaries of Cornwall and Devon, late Capt. Duke

of Cornwall's R. V., b. 28 Feb. 1837; to. 28 Feb. 1861,
Charlotte Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of the Rev. Harry Lcngue-
ville Jones, Esq. of Ty Maen, co. Glamorgan, and by her
(who d. 1887) has issue,

Humphrey John, 6. 28 Nov. 1861, m. 18H0, JIargarer,
younger dau. of the late Joseph Jowitt, Esq. of Bisliop
Thornton, co. York, and has issue,
Edward Neynoe, b. 14 Feb. 1891.
Charlotte Bridgcman Longueville.

I. Ellen Anne, m. 25 Oct. 1854, Edward S. Carus Wilson,
Esq., younger son of the Rev. William Carus Wilson, of
Casterton, Cumberland.

II. Charlotte Dorothea, m. 15 July, 1850, Rev. Ferdinand
Thomas Stephens, Rector of Maw^an, in Pydar, Cornwall,
brother of Henry Lewis Stephens, Esq. of Tregcr.a

Mr. Willyams d. 1872.

Arms — Arg., a fess chequy gu. and vert between three
griffins' heads erased of the third each gorged with a ducal
coronet or. Crest — On a ducal coronet or, a falcon close ppr.
belled gold. Motto — In Domino coniido : Coruish motto, Meor
ras tha Dew.

Seat — Carnanton, near St. Columb, co. Cornwall.

Ciabs — Brooks', Arthur's, and Turf.


The late Charles Willes Wilshere, Esq. of
TheFrythe, Herts, J.P. and D.L., b.20 Feb. 1814 ;
m. 25 Aug. 1S40, Elisabeth Marie, dau. of William
Mceke Farmer, Esq., D.L., of Nonsuch, Surrev,
M.P. for Huntingdon, and d. 31 Dec. 1893, leaving

I. Edith Elisabeth Marie.

II. Everilda Frances Laura.

HI. Florence, to. 29 July, 18G9, Guilbert Edward Wyndham
Malet, Capt. R.H.A., eldest son of the Rev. WiUiam
Wyndham Malet, Vicar of Ardeley, co Herts (gi.e Burke's-
Peerage and Baronetage, Malet, Bart.) ; and d. 14 Sept.
1877, leaving a son, Sidney Francis Wyndham, 6. 10 Sept..
1877 ; d. 21 Jan, 1879.

IV. Alice .\ugusta.

Lineag'e ^This family has been settled at the Frythe,.
CO. Hertford, from the time of Richard II. At the dissolutiors
of monasteries, it acquired the manor and advowson of
Welwyn, which were sold in the next century to All Souls'
Coll. Oxford. The manor of Much Wymondley, now belong-
ing to the family, is held in grand serjeantry by the tenure of
presenting the first cup of wine to the Kings of England at
their coronation banquet.

Thomas Wilshere, Esq. of Hitchin, son of Wil-
shere, Esq. (who d. 1798), by Susannah his wife, dau. of Simon
Browne, Esq. of Wendon Lofts, Essex, m. 1803, Lora, dau.
of Charles Beaumont, Esq. of Hartford Hill, co. Huntingdon;,
and d. 1832, having had issue,

William, late of the Frythe.

Thomas, b. 1811 ; d. unm. 1840.

Charles Willes, of the Frythe.

Elizabeth Simpson, b. 13 July, 1808 ; d. 3 Feb. IS12.

Laura Beaumont, m. 1833, 'Jhomas Mills, Esq. of Tolmer.%.
D.L., J. P., and Deputy-Chairman Quarter Sessions for
Herts, M.P. for Totnes (d. 1862), and d. s. p. 1S5j.
The eldest son,

William Wilshere, Esq. of the Frythe, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1858, M.P. for Great Yarmouth from 1837 to 1847.-
This gentleman s. to the family estate at the decease of his
uncle, William Wilshere, Esq., J.P., Lieut.-Col. of Hert*
Militia, and Chairman of Quarter Sessions for Bedfordshire,
who d.s.p. 1824. He d. 10 Nov. 1867, and was 6-. by his
brother, Charles Willes, of the Frythe.

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, AVilshere ; per chevron az.
and or in chief six crosses-crossk-t four and two of the secon 3
2nd, Williamson; arg., on a chevron az. between three tre-
foils slipped sa. as many crescents or; 3rd, Selling, vert, a
chevron sa. between three wolves' heads erased or. Crest — A
lion rampant gu. Moiio — Fidelis.

Heat — The Frythe, 'A'elwyn, Herts.


Wilson, John Wilson, Esq. of Tlie Gf-rovc,
Market Drayton, Shropshire, J .P., 1. 1837 ; ,11. 1863.
Ida Grosvenor, dau. of Francis Heathcote, Esq. of
Thorckingham (the first cousin of Sir Gilbert John
Heathcote, 5th Bart., who ■was created Lord





Avi:t.A"p, see Bceke's Peerage, Axcastee, E.),
and has issue,

I. Graham Lionel Jons, h. 1SG4, SLA. Exeter Coll. Oxford,
Biirrister-at-Law, Capt. 4th Batt. North StatTordshirc
Regt.. 7)!. lS3il, Francis Mary, only child of William

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