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t, a pardon
was granted him. From him was descended

Thomas Win-dham, of Felbrigg (2nd son of Sir John Wynd-
ham, by Joan, dau. of Henry Portman, of Orchard), who in
the unsettled orthography of those days appears to have
written the name Windham, vice Wyndham, d. 1653. His

William Wisdham, m. Catherine, dau. of Sir Joseph Ashe,
Bart., and had issue, William, of Earsham; Joseph, who
assumed the surname of Ashe, la. Martha, dau. and co-heir of
Sir James Ashe, Bart., by Catherine his wife, dau. of Sir E.
Eowyer. The elder son.

William Windham, of, co. Norfolk, m. Anne,
only duu. of Sir Charles Tyrrel, Bart., and d. 1730, leaving a

John AVindham, of CamberwcU, and Wawne, co. York,
who m. his first cousin, Mary, dau. and heir of Joseph Wind-
ham-Ashe, and d. 1780, leaving an only child and heir,

Anne Windham, of Wawne, m. 1779, Sir William Smijth,
7th Bart, of Hill Hall and Horham Hall, Essex, and Attleborw'
Hall, Norfolk, and left (with two daus.) four sons, the only
survivor of whom,

Joseph Smijth Windham, Esq. of Wawne, co. York, D.L.,.
Capt. 10th Hussars, h. 19 May, 1792; iii. Aug. 1824, Katherine,
dau. of John Trotter, Esq. of Dyrham Park, Herts, and had
issue by her, wb i d. 29 Sept. 1865,

I. William George, of Wawne.

ir. Ashe, now of Wawne.

HI. John Frederick, h. 29 April, 1831 ; d. 1846.

IV. George, h. lo Feb. 1833, late Major Rifle Brigade ; in. 19
April, 18C5, Clarissa F.lizabetn, dau. of Lord Charles James
Fox Russell, and has issue, Charles Joseph, 6. Is67 ; Walter
George, b. 1868; Ciaude Seymour, b. 1869; Edmund John,.
b. 1871; James Ashe and Henry Stewart, &. 1873; Arthur
Russel, b. 1874 : Evelyn ; and Rachel Isabella.

v. Steuart, b. 16 May, 1834; d. 1873.

VI. Joseph Charles, b. 14 March, 1838 (retired), Lieut.-Col.
R.A., m. 25 Oct. 1876, Emily Harriett, dau. of Sir Chuidcj
William de Crespigny, 3rd hart., and by her (who d. 8 Sept.
1878) has two daus.

VII. Francis AVentworth, b. 12 Jan. 1847 ; m. and has issue.
I. Ann, m. 1876, Col. Sheffield Hamilton-Grace, of Knole

Hou.^e, Frant, Sussex, and has issue (see Burke's Peerage^
Grace, Bart.).

Mr Smijth-Windham assumed his second surname in 1813.
He d. 3 Feb. 1857, and was s. by his eldest son,

William George Windham, Esq., M.A. of Wawne Hall,.
D.L., late Capt. Yorkshire Militia, 6. 26 April, 1828, d. s.p. 2iJ
Dec. 1887, and was s. by his brother.

Arms — Az., a chevron between three lions' heads erased or.
Crest — A lion's head erased or, within a fetterlock gold the bow
co.^lpony-counter-co^lpony of the first and az.

SeeU — Wawne, near Beverley, co. York.


WiNGEiELD, John Maurice, Esq. of Tickencote
Hall, CO. Rutland, Lieut. Coldstream Guards, b. 1
Feb. 18G3.

Liineagre. — " Wingfield," saithANSTis, in his Register of
the Order of the Garter, "is a manor with an half ruinated
castle in Suffolk, which, as 3Ir. Camden writes, gave both a
name and a seat to a large family in those parts famous for
their knighthood and ancient nol.iiity; but though, in all
probability, the name might be originally taken from thence,
yet till some further discoveries be made, it p.iay be doubted
whether it was the seat of this family before the time of Sir
John Wingfield, since the patronage and advowson of that
place was in Sir Richard Brews, in 1302, 13'23, and 1329."
There are pedigrees of the Wingfields which give them posses-
sion of the Castle of Wingfield in the time of the Conqueror.
The present head of the house is Viscount Powerscouet. The
6th son of Sir Robert Wingfield, of Letheringham, Suffolk,
M.P., and his wife, Elizabeth Gousell.

Sir Henry Wingfield, Knt. (uncle of Sir Richard Wing-
field, K.G., of Kimbolton Castle, and granduncle of Sir
Anthony Winc^field, K.G. of Letheringham), was seated at;
Orford, in Sullulk. He rn. 1st, Alice, «idow of George Sech-
ford, Esq. of Hackford Hall, Norfolk ; and 2ndly, Elizabeth,
dau. of Richard Rokes, Esq. of Fawley, Bucks. His younger
son (by his 2nd wife),

Robert Wingfjeld, Esq. of Upton, in the parish of Castre,.
CO. Northampton, represented Peterborough in Parliament, I
and 5 Queen Elizabeth. He rn. Margery, dau. of John
Quarles, Esq. of UfTord, d. 4 Feb. 1575-76, and was «. by hi3
elder son,

Robert Wingfield, Esq. of Upton, M.P. for Peterborough,
14 Elizabeth, m. Elizabeth, dau. of P.ichard Cecil, and
sister of William Cecil, Lord Burghley, the celebrated LorO-
High Treasurer of Queen Elizabeth, and by her (who d. 1610>
he left at his decease, 1580, four sons and one dau. The 2nd.

JoH-N Wingfield, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, was an officer of
the Exchequer, and in the latter end of Queen Elizabeth's
reign, Escheator for co. Northampton. He sat in Parlia-
ment for Grantham tciaji. Ja.mes I. and Charles I. He ra. 1st,
Elizabeth, dau. of Paul Gre.-iham, Esq., and heiress of her
mother, Margaret Lynne, Lady of the Manor of Tickencote, Id





HutLaml, relict of Robert Radclyffe, of Tickencote. By this
snarriage he acquired that estate, and had by the heiress (who
d. 14 Feb. 1601-2), three sons and a dau. Mr. Wingfleld m.
*2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Robert Thorold, Esq. of Haigh, to.
Lincoln, and widow of John Blyth, Esq., by whonr (who d.
1018; he had two other sons and three daus. He d. 162G, and
•was s. by hi-: eU'.est son.

Sir John Wincfield, Knt. of Tickencote, J. P., High Sheriff
3631. He m. 1st, Jane, dau. of Sir William Turpine, Knt. of
Knaptoft, CO. Leicester, and 2ndly, the Hon. Frances Crom-
well, eldest dau. of Edward, 3rd Lord Cromwell. By the latter
<who d. 1062) he had issue,

RicHABD (Sir), his heir.

John. Charles.

Francis, b. 1628, of Stanford, co. Rutland, and of Gray's Inn,
London, Prime Seijeant-at-Law to King Charles II., M.P.
for Stamford 1660.

Llizabeth, b. 1626 ; m. Thomas Chybnall, Esq. of Orling-

Sir John Wingfleld d. 25 Dec. 1631, and was s. by his elder

Sir Richard Wingfield, Knt. of Tickencote, bapt. 16 Dec.
1619, HighSheriff for Rutland 14 Charles II. ; rf. 1655, leaving
(by his 2nd wife, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Eaward Lee, Knt. of
NVoodford, Essex) a son and heir,

John Wingfield, Esq. of Tickencote, 6. 24 Jan. 1652, High
■Sheriff of Rutland 3i Charles II. He m. Dorothy, dau. of Sir
Thomas Mackworth, Bart, of NormantDn. By her (who d.
1683-84) he left at his decease, 16S0 (with two daus., Elizabeth,
liapt. 5 Jan. 1675, who m. Rev. Thomas Cox, M.A., Rector of
JIarket Overton; and Mary, bapt. 12 April, 1677, who m. Rev.
John Foden) a son and heir,

John Wingfield, Esq. of Tickencote, bapt. 21 Aug. 1679,
High Sheriff of Rutland 1702. He m. 1706, Elizabeth, dau.
and co-heir of Sir John Oldfield, Bart, of Spalding, co Lincoln,
by Margaret his wife, dau. of Sir Simon Degge, Km. of Derby,
and had issue. Mr. Wingfield d. 1734, and was s. by his grand-

Rev. John Wingfield, M.A., of Tickencote, bapt. II Jan.
'2733-34 (the only child of John Wingfield, Esq. of Greetham,
by Grace Goodhall his wife). He m. Sarah, dau. of co-heir of
Gervase Beckett, Esq. of Barnsley, co. York, and by her (who
<i. 10 July, 1793, aged 61) had issue,

John, his heir.

Thomas, Rector of Bulwick, co. Northampton, and Ticken-
cote, Rutland, bapt. 29 June, 1769: in. 7 May, 1799, Maria,
dau. of William Torkington, Esq. of Stamford, and d. 1830,
leaving four daus., of whom the youngest, Anne, m. Wil-
mcr Wilmer, Esq.

Sarah, m. 28 Oct. 1774, Rev. Samuel Hunt.

Elizabeth, m. 15 July, 1781, George Tryon, Esq.


Frances, m. Cotton Thompson, Esq. of Ketton, High Sheriff
of Rutland 1804.

Margaret. Jane.

Jjir. Wingfield d. 14 June, 1773, and was s. by his elder son,

John Wingfield, Esq. of Tickencote, bapt. 25 Sept. 1763;
-jd. 12 April, 1788, Mary Anne, dau. and heir of Edward
Muxloe, Esq. of Pickwell, co. Leicester, and by her (who d. 10
July, 1831) had issue,

John Moxloe, his heir.

Edward Oldtirld, Rector of Market Overton; b. 18 March,

r;95; d. 17 Sept. 1858.
Tliomas Henry, Lieut. -Col., late of the 32nd Foot, b. 9 June,

1798; d. 8 May, 1858.
Charles William, Major-Gen. R.A.-, &. 19 Sept. 1799; m. 13

iJct. 1835, Emma Dorinda, dau. of J. Fassett Burnett, Esq.,

and d. 2 April, 1872, and had issue, Charles Henry Burnett,

who d. June, 1839.
Oeorge, Rector of Glatton, Hunts, J.P., b. 13 Jlay, 1808 ; d. 2

Sept. 1876; m. 1st, 21 Apiil, 1840, Sophia Elizabeth, dau.

ot Rev. George Wasey, who d. Nov. ISIO ; and2ndly, 1 Aug.

1848, Persis, dau. of Rev. J. Standly, Rector of Southoe,

and had issue, George Arthur, b. 29 Nov. 1850 ; Louisa

Caroline, 6. 4 July, la52; Charles Humphrey, b. 20 Mar,

1855: Evelyn Persis, 0. 14. Sept. 1857; Hugh Eduaid and

Mary Dorinda (twins), b. 23 April, 1862.
Mary Anne, d. 1860. Sarah, d. 1366.

Elizabeth Emily, d. 7 July, 1860.

Caroline, d. 1876. Henrietta, d. 1877.

Louisa, TO. 1840, John Linton, Esq. of Srintloe, Hunts, Col.

InniskiUing Dragoons, and d. s. p. 1847.

Mr. Wingfield d. 4 Feb. 1841, and was s. by his son,

John Mdxloe W^ingfield, Esq. of Tickencote, M.A., J. P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1833, 6. 27 April 1790 ; vi. 16 June,
1819, Catherine Anne Harriet, only dau. and heir of Harry
Lancelot Lee, Esq. of Coton Hall, Salop, and by her (who d.
9 Ajiril, 1863) had issue,
I. John IIaurt Lee, late of Tickencote.

n. Harry Lancelot, Rector of Market Overton, Rutland, 6.
27 March, 1825 ; m. 27 Nov. 1856, Sophia Anna, dau. of
Rev. R. W. Shaw, Rector of Cuxton, Kent, and has had

1 Harry Robert Shaw, 6. 22 Aug. 1859.

2 Reginald Godfrey, b. 8 Dec. 1863 ; d. 25 Aug. 1864.

3 Edward Reginald Hugh, b. 22 March, 1866.

4 Alfred Lancelot, b. 12 Jan. 1870.

5 Lewis William, b. 1 Dec. 1871.

6 George Folliott, b. 29 Sept. 1874.

1 Ellen Harriet, m. 9 Oct. 1834, William B. Sayres, 2nd
son of Rev. Edward Sayres, M.A.

2 Cicely Margaret, m. 29 Oct. 1879, Rev. F. L. Salusbury,
Rector of Llangibby, Mon., and has issue,

Harry Wingfield Thelwall.
Cicely Clare.

3 Lilian Sophia. 4 Isabel Grace.

III. Charles Lee, Rector of Welwyn, Herts, M.A., Hon.
Canon of St. Alban's, b. 11 Sept. 18.32 ; ra. 1 Oct. 1874, Mary
Charlotte, dau. of the late Col. Frederick Blake, C.B., and
has issue,

1 Godfrey Lee, 6. 28 Nov. 1882.

1 Susan Mary Grace, b. 23 Aug. 1875.

2 Dorothy Henrietta, 6. 15 Jidy, 1877.

3 Janet Adelaide. 4 Erica Harriet.

IV. Edward, Barristcr-at-Law, Assistant Under-Secretary to
the Colonies, 6. 6 March, 1834 ; m. 2 April, 1872, Mary
Georgina, eldest dau. of Rev. J. W. Sheringham, M.A.,
Vicar of Standish-cum-Harkwick, co. Gloucester, Arch-
deacon of Gloucester.

I. Anne Frances. n. Jane Adelaide.

III. Harriet Emily Grace.

He d. 17 June, 1869, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Harry Lee Wingfield, Esq. of Tickencote, J.P., High
.Sheriff 1871, 6. 8 Aug. 1821/ m. 3 Oct. 1861, Elizabeth Anne,
eldest dau. of Maurice Johnson, Esq. of Ayscoughfee Hall, co.
Lincoln, and had issue,

I. John Maurice, now of Tickencote Hall.

II. Maurice Edward, b. 28 Feb. 1869.

I. Catherine Ehzabeth. ii. Margaret Anne.

III. Mary. ly. Edith Barbara.

Mr. Wingfield d. 22 Feb. 1880.

Arms— Arg., on a bend gu. cotised sa. three pairs of wings
conjoined of the field. Crest — A cap per pale sa. and arg. the
first guttee d'eau charged with a less gu. between two wings
expanded, the dexter of the second the sinister of the first.
Hollo — Po^se, nolle nobile.

Sea(.s— Tickencote Hall, near Stamford ; and Market Overton,
Oakham, Rutland.

Chi6«— Guards' and Junior Carlton.


Wingfield, Edward Ehts, Esq. of Barringtoa
Park, Oson, educated at Eton, J. P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1878. late Major 4th Batt. Grloucestershire
Regt. b. 9 March, 1849 ; s. his maternal grandfather
1869 ; m. 2 May, 1871, Edith Caroline, dau. of Rev.
Peter Almeric Wood, Canon of Middleham, and
Reetor of Newent, co. Gloucester, and has issue,

Mervtn Edward George Rhts, Lieut. 4th Batt. Glouces-
tershire Regt. b. 1872.
William Jocelyn Rhys, 2nd Lieut. 2nd Life Guards, b. 1873.
Charies John FitzRoy, b. 1877. Maurice ffolliott, 6. 1879.
Cecil John Talbot, b. 1881.
Muriel Frances. Gwenllian Edith Emily.

Mr. Wingfield is eldest son of Edward ffolhott
Wingfield, Esq. of Maids Moreton Lodge, Bucks,
(3rd son of the Hon. and Rev. Edward Wingfield)
bj Frances Emily his wife, dau. of George, 5th
Lord Dynevor {see Bueke's Feerage, Powebs-
COPRT, v.).

Stat — Barrington Park, Burford.

Tow7i Residence— 19, Prince's Gardens, S.W.

ttuis— Carlton, Naval and Military, and Bachelors'.


Wingfield, Jane Maet Anne, of Onslow,
Salop, widow of Chaeles Geoege Wingfield,
Esq. of Onslow.

Lineage. — Anthony Wingfielo, of Glossop, co. Derby,
7th son of Sir Robert Wingfield, of Letheringhara, by Eliza-
beth Gousell his wife, is stated to have been father of





■WiiiiASi 'WiNGriELri, of Ashley Hey, co. Derby, who was
father of

William AYiNorrELD, of Ashley Hey, whose son,

Thomas Winc.field, removed to Leicester,
and engaged in commercial pursuits. He left a son,

Thomas 'Wixgfield, Alderman of Shrewsbury, who served
the office of Bailiff 1017 and 1623, and Mayor 1C40. Mr.
Alderman TVingfield m. a dau. of John Hunt, and had two

Samtel, his heir.

John, who purchased the estate of Alderton, in the parish of
Great Kcss, Salop.
The elder son of Alderman Wingfield,

Samuel AVisgfield, Esq., was admitted a member of Mag-
dalen College, Oxford, 1623, and of Gray's Inn 1637. He m. a
dau. of Sir Richard Trince, of the Abbey Foregate, Shrews-
bury, High Sheriff of Salop 1627, and seated himself at Preston
Brockhurst. His son and heir,

Thomas Wixgfield, Esq. of Preston Brockhurst, High
Sheriff 1692,))i. 1680, Anne, dau. and co-heir of William Borlase,
Esq. of Great Mario w, Bucks, by his wife, the dau. of Chief
Justice (Sir John) Banks, and had, with other issue, a son and

Boelase WiNGFiELD, Esq. of Preston Brockhurst, m. 1720,
Ellen, sister of Sir Rowland Hill, Bart., Sheriff of Salop, 1732,
and had issue,

Rowland, his heir.

Borlase, A.M., Piector of Bolas, Sal«p, b. 1729.

Margaret, m. Edmund Littlehales, Esq.

Sarah, m. Thomas Dicken, Esq. of Wollerton.

Mary, m. John Rocke, Esq. of Trefnanney, co. Montgomery.

Jane, rn. 1st, 1753. Anthony Kynnersley, Esq. of Leighton ;
and 2ndly, John Ashby, Esq. of Linches, Salop.
The elder son and heir,

Rowland Wingfield, Esq. of Preston S Brockhurst, h. 1728,
purchased the estate of Onslow, and served the office of High
Sheriff 1753. He m. 23 June, 1764, Mary, dau. of Sir Walter
Wagstaffe Bagot, 5th Bart, of Blithfield, co. Stafford, and by
her (who <l. 21 Marcli, 1813) had issue,

I. JoBN, of Onslow.

II. Charles, M. A., of the Gro, near Newtown, co. Montgomery,
Rector of Llanlhvchaiarn, b. 24 Aug. 1770; m. 27 Jan. 1829,
Emma, 4th dau. of the late Richard Jenl^ins, Esq. of Bicton,
and d. 1 May, 1850, having had issue,

1 Charles Geokge, of Onslow.

2 William, M.A., Vicar of Leighton, 6. 1834; m. April,
1864, Sehna Rachel, 3rd dau. of Col. Frederick Hill, and
niece of Viscount Hill.

3 Anthony, H.M.'s Indian army, b. 1835 ; d. 1893.
1 Emma Marian, m. WilUam Cookson, Esq.

ni. Rowland, M.A., of Rhysnant, co. Montgomery, Vicar
of Rhuabon, co. Denbigh, 6. 11 Feb. 1775 ; m. 5 Sept.
1799, Margaret, only dau. and heiress of Clopton Prhys,
Esq. of Llandrinio Hall, co. Montgomery, and had three

1 Clopton Lewis, 6. 9 July, 1800 : m. 12 Jan. IS33, Jane
Eliza, eldest dau. of Gen. Sir J. Michell, K.C.B,,of Huish,
Somerset, and left issue,

Walter Clopton, formerly Capt. 1st Dragoon Guards,
now of Rhysnant, co. Montgomery, MajorMontgomery.
Yeomanry, one of H.M. Royal Body Guard, b. 16 Oct,
1833; TO, 1 Nov, 1658, Alice, youngest dau. of Gen,
Wheeler Cleveland, and had issue, Harold, b. 26 Aug,
1859, Midshipman R.N., drowned in trying to save a
comrade's life, 13 Dec. 1876 ; Rowland Penryn, 6. 26
Oct, 1861; Walter Clopton, b. I May, 1871, d. U Dec,

Jane Mart Anne, m. her cousin, the late Charles
George Wingfield, Esq. of Onslow.

2 Watkin, b. 7 June, 1803; d. 1886.

3 Rowland, 6. 15 June, 1808 ; d. 1834.

I. Catherine, d. 1864.

Mr. Wingfield d. 10 Aug. 1818, aged 90. His eldest son,

John Wingfield, Esq. of Onslow, Salop, Lieut. -Col. in the
army. High Sheriff 1814, 6.18 July, 1769; m. 17 Oct. 1811,
Mary Anne, only dau. of Rev. John Rocke, of Shrewsbury,
Rector and Lord of the Manor of Clungunford ; d. SI Aug,
1862, and was s. by his nephew,

Charles George Wingfield, Esq. of Onslow, J, P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1873; Hon. Col. Shropshire Yeomanry
Cavalry, m. 1 Feb, 1865, Jane Mary Anne, only dau. of Clopton
Lewis Wingfield, Esq, of Rhysnant, co. Montgomery, and had

I. Charles Ralph Borlase, b. 27 Oct. 1873,
1. Constance Adela, 6. 25 April, 1878.

Mr. Wingfield d. 5 May, 1891, and the property at present is
Tested in his widow.

Arms— Arg., on a bend gu. cotiscd sa. three pairs of wings |
conjoined of the first. Crest — ^A high bonnet (or cap) party per - 1
pale sa, and arg, banded gu, between two wings displayed all
guttee countcrchanged.

Scat— Onslow, near Shrewsbury.


Wingfield, Anthony Henet, Esq. of Araptliill
House, CO. Bedford, J. P.. High Sheriff, 1893, b. 8
Sept. 1857 ; m. 9 Feb. 1888, Julia, youngest dau. of
Richard Benyon, Esq. of Englefield House, Reading,
and has issue,

Anthony Edward Fodlis, b. 12 Sept. 1892.

liineage.— George John Winofieu), Esq. of Ampthill, &.
II Jan. 1822 (2nd son of the Rev. the Hon. Edward Wingfield,
3rd son of Richard, 4th Viscount Powerscourt, see Burke's
Peerage) ; m. 13 March, 1851, Sophia, sister of Sir Philip Dun-
combe Pauncefort-Duncombe, Bart., and d. 8 April, 1860,
leaving issue,

Anthont Henrt, now of AmpthiU House.

Granville Foulis, Capt. 7th Hussars, late A.D.C. to the
Governor of Madras, b. 18 April, 1859; d. unm. 10 April,

Honora Emily, 6, 8 May, 1852; d. unm. 15 Feb. 1884.

Mary Isabella, b. 12 May, 1855 : d. unm. 24 Feb. 1891.

For earlier Lineage, Arms, and Crest, see Burke's Peerage.
iScai— Ampthill House, Ampthill, Bedfordshire.


Wikstanley, William Alfred, Esq. of Chaige-
ley Manor and West Cliif, Preston, co. Lancaster
Lord of the Manor of Chaigeley, h. 29 Jan. 1852 ;
m. 1st, 29 May, 1872, Maria Elizabeth, only sur-
viving dau. of the late William Howitt, Esq.,
F.R.C.S., J. P., of Preston, co. Lancaster, and by her
(who d. 19 May, 188-i) has issue,

I. Elizabeth Mabel.

II. Violet Helen. m. Ruby Howitt,

He m. 2ndly, 1885, Mary Helena, dau. of William
Davies, Esq. of New Park, Tipperary, and by her
has further issue.

V, Edythe Lilian.
VII. Norah Catherine.

IV. Helena Caroline Louise.
VI. Mary Vivien Lowe.

Lineage. — The family of Winstanley derives its name
from the township of Winstanley, near Wigan, co. Lancaster,
where the family was seated before the time of King John, in
whose reign Roger de Winstanley held certain lands in Win-
stanley which had descended to him from his ancestors. His
descendant, Edmund de Winstanley, married one of the
Standish family, 1370, and was connected in the female line
with the ancient and notable families of Worsley, Waller,
Langton, Faircleugh, and others. Sir James de Winstanley,
another member of this same family, was one of the Knights
attendant upon Edward the Black Prince, during his wars in
Spain. The last representative of the elder branch was one
of the poor knights of Windsor about the time of Charles II,
Younger branches of the family were settled atBlackley Hurst,
Billinge, and elsewhere in co, Lancaster, at Braunston, co,
Leicester, and in the city of London, About the time of
James I., a scion of this ancient stock was seated at Charnoek
Richard, not far from Winstanley, and had issue, by Frances
his wife (who survived him) a son,

Ralph Winstanley, gent, of Charnock Richard, m. and
had issue, two sons, Robert and William, the elder of whom,

Robert Winstanley, gent, of Charnock Richard, was father

William Winstanley, gent, of Charnock Richard, 6, 5 Oct.
1675, who removed to Cuerden, co. Lancaster, and d. 30 June,
1731, leaving issue, by Isabella his wife (who cL4 Feb. IV25;,a

Robert Winstanley, gent, of Cuerden, 6. 22 Feb. 1710 ; m.
1st, 22 Feb. 1731, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Green, gent. (6. »
Nov. 1714, and d. 19 Dec. 1759), and 2ndly, Margery, dau. of
(6. about 1720, d. s.p. 19 July, 1800). Mr. Winstanley,

who attained the remarkable age of 94 years, d. 19 Man
1804, having had issue by his first wife, with five daus., who
all d. young, three sons,
I. William, h. 15 March, 1733; d. 30 Oct. 1740.





n. William, of whom presently.

in. Robert, Lieut. 87th Kegt. of Foot, 6. 22 July, 1754 ; d.
unm. of the yellow fever at St. Lucia, West Indies, 26 July,
The eldest surviving son,

William WiNSTANLEY, Esq. of Cucrden, afterwards of Wood-
cock Hall, b. 10 Aug. 1742 ; m. 29 Dec. 1762, Alicia, 2nd dau.
and co-heiress of Thomas Woodcock, Esq. of Woodcock Hall,
CO. Lancaster, whose ancestors had been seated at that place
for upwards of five hundred years, and d. 11 Nov. 1791, having
had issue,

I. Robert, &. 16 Jan. 1767 ; m. 4 May, 1790, Miss Elizabeth,
Walshman ; d. s. p. 19 March, 1795.

II. Woodcock, of Aysgarth, co. York, 30 Aug. 1768 ; m.
Betty, dau. and heiress of John Ryder, Esq. of Gammers-
gill. CO. Tork {b. 27 Xov. 1770, d. 28 March, 1783;. and d.
10 Oct. 1828, leaving issue,

1 Alice, d. young.

2 Elizabeth, m. Richard Stuart Picard, Esq. of Kirkby
Lonsdale, Westmorland, and d. 4 June, 1875, leaving

3 Margaret, m. William Ware, Esq., and has issue.

4 Sarah, m. James Taylor Wray, Esq. of Leybourne, co.
York, and d. 30 July, 1827, leaving issue.

ni. Thomas, 6. 10 April, 1771, d. young.
rv. William, of whom hereafter.

V. Thomas, b. 27 May, 1774 ; m. 10 Feb. 1800, Elizabeth,
dau. of Richard Hatton, Esq. of Parbold, co. Lancaster {b.
17 May, 1774, d. 14 Aug. 1816), and d. 8 June, 1822, having
had issue four sons,

1 William, 6. 13 Dec, 1800; d. young.

2 Robert, 6. 29 Dec. 1801 ; d. young.

3 Robert, &. 9 April, J 803: m. 1 March, 1829, Margaret,
dau. of James Naylor, gent, of Upholland, co. Lancas-
ter (6. 9 Oct. 1808, and d. 28 Nov. 1845), and d. 23 Dec.
1849, leaving issue now surviving,

James, b. 24 Oct. 1832: m. 14 Dec. 1864, Annie, dau. of

Henry Killick, Esq. of Edenbridge, Kent, and has issue.
Sarah Jane, m. 10 June, 1865, Rev. William George

Proctor, B.A., Vicar of St. Cuthbert's, Darwen, co.

Alice Woodcock, m. 19 April, 1866, Henry Turner, Esq.

of Woodlands, co. Chester, Capt. 2nd Royal Cheshire

Kegt. of Militia.

4 Thomas Woodcock, b. 9 Feb. 1805; d. mti/ji. 19 July, 1844.

VI. John, of Preston, 6. 27 Dec. 1776; m. 1st, Margaret,
dau. of Richard Hatton, Esq. of Parbold, co. Lancaster ;
and 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Roderick M'Neil, and widow
of Col. Robert Wellwood, of Pil Liver, co. Fife; d. s. p. 22
May, 1859.

VII. James, b. 15 Sept. 1779 ; d. young.

I. Elizabeth, ra. James Barlow, Esq. of Blackburn, co. Lan-
caster; d. s. p. 21 March, 1821.

II. Sarah, m. John Hull, M.D. of the city of Manchester ; d.
at Poulton, 9 March, 1842, leaving issue.

III. Isabella. iv. Isabella.
V. Mary. AH d. young.

The 4th son,

William Winstanlet, Esq. of Chaigeley Manor and Wool-
ton Lodge, CO. Lancaster, purchased the Chaigeley estate
from the Weld family, and was for many years J. P. for co.
Lancaster; 6. 6 Dec. 1772; m. 26 May, 1808, Elizabeth,
eldest dau. and co-heiress of Samuel Hardman, Esq. of the
city of Manchester, by Urith his wife, youngest dau. of Rev.
Daniel Lowe, M.A., of Norton, co. Derby (she d. 31 Dec. 1845),
and d. in London, 15 May, 1852, having had issue, a son and
three daus.,

I. William, his successor.

I. Alicia, d. unm. 8 June, 1828.

II. Anna Catherine, of Chadswell, co. Lancaster.

III. Elizabeth, d. an infant.

The only son,

William Winstanlet, Esq. of Chaigeley Manor, and of
Preston, J.P., s. his father. He was b. 10 March, 1810, and m.
14 Sept. 1844, Charlotte Lavinia, elder dau. of Alfred Lowe,
Esq. of Highfield, co. Nottingham, J.P., and d. 22 Feb. 1873,
having had issue,

I. William Hardman, b. 6 Jan. 1850 ; d. 26 March, 1851.

II. William Alfred, the present representative.

III. John Arthur, Major 4th Batt. Shenvood Foresters, H.M.
Derbyshire Regt., b. 15 June, 1850.

I. Maria Lavinia, m. 3 July, 1872, Jame3 Robert Henderson,
Balfour, Esq.

II. Marianne Emily, in. 29 May, 1867, George Henry Catte-
rall, Esq., youngest son of the late

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