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Peter Catterall, Esq.,
J. P. and D.L., Registrar of the Court of Chancery for the
Duchy of Lancaster, and has issue.

III. Eliza Isabella, vi. 6 June, 1877, Rev. Thomas Barton-
Spencer, M. A., Vicar of St. James's, Preston, co. Lancas-
ter, only surviving son of the late Lawrence Catlow Spencer,
M.D., J.P., twice Mayor of Preston.

IV. Charlotte Anna, m. 9 Aug. 1877, William Wallis Nichol-
son Mounsey, 2nd son of Thomas Mounsey, Esq. of Ingle-
white Lodge, CO. Lancaster, and has issue.
Arms— Or. two bars az., in chief three crosses pattee gu.,
quartering Hardman. Crest— A demi-cockatrice displayed or
crested and jelloped gu. Motto — Prenez garde.

6'eats— Chaigeley Manor, near Clitheroe, and West Cliff
Preston, co. Lancaster.


Winter, James Sandeeson, Esq. of Agher, co..
Meath, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Meath 1872,
and of CO. Cavan 1871, b. 15 Feb. 1832.

Lineagre. — This family is a branch of the same stock as
that from which sprung the Winters of Lydncy, co. Glouces-
ter, and was settled in co. Oxford antecedently to 1600.

Christopher Winter, a younger son of Thomas Winter, co.
Oxford, removed to Balshal, co. Warwick, and was father of

Samuel Winter, D.D., b. at Balshal, 1603, m. Anne Bees-
ton, of Boston, CO. Lincoln, and had a son, Samuel, his heir.
In 1650, Dr. Winter was obliged to resign the living of Cot-
tingham, co. York, of which he wa.s Rector, being ordered by
the then Government to proceed to Ireland, with the commis-
sioners appointed for the settlement of that country, as their
Chaplain, and was soon after constituted Provost of Trin. Coll.
Dublin, which the preceding troubles had left almost desolate.
In this office he exerted himself, with great zeal and success,
to re-assemble the surviving members, and re-establish the dis-
cipline of the University. He appears to have been removed
from the Provostship at the Restoration. Dr. Winter acquired
property in King's Co., Meath, and Westmeath, and dying
1666, was s. by his eldest son,

Samuel Winter, Esq., who was confirmed in the estates of
his father by the letters patent of Charles II., 1668. He !«.
Elizabeth, dau. or sister of Col. Sankey, an officer of consider-
able note under the Commonwealth, and dying 1670, wass. by
his son,

Samuel Winter, Esq., ra. Mary, dau. of Francis Pywell,
Esq. of Possiekstown, co. Kildare, and dying 1692, left a son
and successor.

The Vert Rev. Sanket Winter, Archdeacon of Killala and
Dean of Kildare, ra. Elizabeth, dau. of Right Rev. Dr. William
Lloyd, Bishop of Killala, but dyings.^. 1736, was. s. by his

Francis Winter, Esq., m. Margaret, eldest dau. of Benjamii>
Pratt, Esq. of Agher, co. Meath, by Jane, his wife, dau. of
James Nugent, Esq. of Clonlost, co. Westmeath, and his wife
Jane, dau. of John Cooke, Esq. of Cookesborough, same co.
By this lady Mr. Winter left at his decease, 1743, one son and
two daus.,

Samuel, his heir.

Jane, ra. Rev. Edward Reynell.

Mary, m. Nicholas Reynell, Esq. of Reynella, d. s. p.
His only son and successor,

Samuel Winter, Esq. of Agher, m. 1762, Margaret, youngest
dau. of Joseph Robbing, Esq. of Ballyduff, co. Kilkenny, by
Margaret his wife, dau. of Sir Henry Piers, Bart, of Trister-
nagh, and by her (who d. 1814) had issue,

I. John Pratt, his heir.

II. Francis Pratt (Rev.).

III. Samuel Pratt, m. Frances Rosa, dau. and co-heiress o£
Trevor Bomford, Esq., youngest son of Stephen Bomford,
of Rahinstown, co. Meath, and left at his decease three sons
and five daus.,

1 George, of Oakley Park, King's Co., ra. Elizabeth, dau.
of James Cox, Esq. of Clarendon, Tasmania, and hart
issue, Francis Pratt, b. 1848 ; St. Leonards Crosbie, b.
1853; Ernest, b. 1856; and Georgina.

2 Samuel Pratt, of Murndal, Victoria, Australia, deceaseds

3 Trevor, deceased.

1 Mary, ra. her cousin, John Winter, Esq., and had issue.

2 Margaret, m. Nathaniel Preston, Esq. of Swainston, co^
Meath, and had issue.

3 Frances Jane, in. Samuel Bomford, Esq., Capt. Royal
North Gloucester Militia, son of George Bomford, Esq. o£
Drumlargan, co. Meath, and has issue.

4 Arabella, m. Cecil Pybus Cooke, Esq. of Lake Condah,
Victoria, Australia, eldest son of William Cooke, Esq. ofi
Cheltenham, and had issue.

5 Anna Maria Sarah, in. Charles Gustavus Walsh, Esq.,
Col. H.M. Indian army, 2nd son of John Walsh, Esq. oi
Dundrum Castle, co. Dublin, and had issue.

I. Anna Maria.

II. Arabella, la. George Bomford, Esq. of Drumlargan, and
Oakley Park, Kells, co. Meath.

Mr. Winter d. 1811, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Peatt Winter, Esq. of Agher, b. 31 May, 176S ; m.





4 Auc:. 170-1, Anne, youngest dau. of Capt. Arthur Gore, of
the K.I.C.S., youngest son of William Gore, Esq. of Barrow-
niouut, CO. Kilkenny, and by her (who d. Aug. 1S4S) had
Samuel, of Aghor.
Arthur, d. in. Greece when taking part in Lord Byron's

John, J?!, his cousin, Mary Winter, and had issue two daus.,

Frances and Ann.
Francis, Major H.E.I.C.S., 59th Bengal Infantry, m. Anna,

eldest dau. of Col. George Caulfeild, of Broomfield, co. West-

Benjamin Pratt, d. in Australia, 1S44.
Anna Maria, m. 'WiUiam llumphrys, Esq. of Ballyhaise

House. CO. Oavan, and c^ 1837, leaving issue.
Margaret, deceased.
EHza, 7?!. Eev. Thomas Gordon Caulfeild, of Mount Temple,

CO. Westraeath.
Arabella, m. her cousin, George j3oniford, Esq. of Oakley

Park, CO. Meath.

Mr. Vrinter, High Sheriff 180C, d. 31 Aug. 1846, and was s. by
bis son,

Samuel Winter, Esq. of Agher, co. Meath, J. P. and D.L.,
i. 2 Aug. 1796; m. 18 Nov. 1826, Lucy, 2nd dau. of James
Sanderson. Esq. of Cloverhill, co. Cavan, J.P. and D.L., and
by her (who d. 11 Nov. 1864) had issue,
John Pratt, Capt. I7th Lancers, fell leading the 2nd squadron
of his regt. in the charge of the Light Cavalry Brigade at
Balaclava, 25 Oct. 1854.
James Sanderson, now of Agher.

Samuel, of Clover Hill, co. Cavan, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1876 ; b. 1834, assumed by royal licence 20 Oct.
1873, the surname and arms of Sanderson; ?)(. 1 March,
1860, Anne, 2nd dau. of John A. Nicholson, Esq. of Bal-
rath. CO. Meath.

Francis Alexander, b. 1836, Barrister-at-Law, rf.j26 Aug. 1883.
Elizabeth Anne, m. 3 Aug. 1852, George Nugent Purdon,
Esq. of Lisnabin, co. Westmeath ; she d. 6 Nov. 1864, leav-
ing five sons and a dau.
Lucy Adelaide. Mary Anne.

Mr. Winter was High Sheriff of Meath 1837, and of Cavan
ibSl. He rf. 6 Nov. 1867.

.<4rms— Chequy, or and sa., a fess arg. Crest — A martlet or.
&ai— Agher, Enfield, co. Meath.


De Wixtox, Egbert IIeney, Esq. of Grafton-
'ourr, CO. Hereford, J.P. and IJ.L., High Sheriff
188(J, and J.P. co. Glamorgan, late Capt. 99th
Eegt., b. 12 Aug. 1S19; m. 22 Sept. 1847, Frances
Caroline, dau. of Andrew Allan, Esq. of Stratballan,
jS'.S.W., and by her (who d. 22 Jan. 18S5) has issue,

I. Robert, of Syracuse, Nebraska, U.S.A., 6. 25 June, 1854.

II. WUliam Edward, b. 6 Sept. 1856.

I. JIary Augusta, b. 4 May, 1849.

II. Fanny, b. 13 Nov. 18.50 ; d. 12 April, 18.54.

III. Edith, b. 16 Feb. 1853.

jv. Emmeline Charlotte Frances, 6. 3 Feb. 1858; to. 22
July, 169], Alfred Houston Boswall, Esq. of Broome
Park, Alnwick.

V. Maud Ellie, b. 3 March, 1860.

-vi. Fanny Augusta, b. 12 Nov. 18G2.

vii. Ellie Blanche, b. 13 Nov. 1863; m. 6 Jan. 1886, Philip
Wolfe Murray, Esq., Lieut. E.N., and has issue.

Lineage. — Hobekt de, or Wincestbia, is stated
to have come into co. Glamorgan with Eobert Fitzhamon, and
til have built a castle at Lanquian, near Cambridge, and to
liave been ancestor of

The Rev. Thomas Wilkins, LL.B., Rector of Llanmaes and
St. :\Iary, Cowbridge, and Prebendary of Llandaff; he m. Jane,
<'.;iu. of Thomas Carne, of Nash, by Jane his wife, dau. of Sir
Edward Stradling, Bart, of St. Donat's Castle, and left at his
<li;ijeas;. 1698, two sons. The elder son,

Thomas Wilkiss, of Llanblethian, co. Glamorgan, Protho-
notary of the Brecon Circuit, bapt. 27 June, 1677 ; m. 1st,
.Anne, youngest dau. and co-heir of Richard Cann, Esq. of
Compton Greenfield, co. Gloucester, brother of Sir Robert
Cann, Bart, of Compton, co. Gloucester, and had issue, Cann,
iiis heir. He m. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of Meredith Bowen, Esq.
of Llan-y-wem, co. Brecon, and had by her one son, John,
ancestor of the faniili.'S of De Winton, of Jtlaesllwch and
Mrie-'do-wp.v . The elder son,

Cann Wilkiss, Esq. of the parish of St. George, co. Somer-
set, J.P. for nearly 60 years, b. 31 Oct. 1702; m. 1727, Mary,
dau. of — .Sparrow, by his wife Anne, who m. 2ndly, Thomas, Esq. of tlie Manor House, St. George's, Somerset,
and by her (who was bur. 23 June, 1768) liad issue, Thomas,,
J. P., High Sheriff of Somerset 1787, assumed tlie surname and
arms of Morgan ; Richard, Vicar of St. George's ; and
George. Mr. Wilkins was bur. 2 Jan. 1789. His 3id son.

The Rev. Geougk Wilkins, Rector of St. Michael's, Bristol,
bapt. 3 Oct. 1743 ; in. 1st, Mary, dau. of John Dinwiddle,
Esq. ; 2ndly, Johanna, dau. of John Wilkins, Esq. of The
Priory, co. Brecon, by whom he had one dau., m. John Parry
Wilkins, Esq.; and Srdly, 4 Jan. 1780, Anne, dau. of John
Thompson, Esq. of Waterford, and d. 29 Aug. I81G, having by
her (who was bur. 1 March, 1793) had issue,

1 Cann, of The Manor House, St. George's, of Clifron, co.
Gloucester, and sometime of MerthyrTydvil, J.P. and U.L.,
who resumed, together with the rest of the "family, by
sign manual, 6 July, 1839, their ancient surname ut De
Winton. He was b. Nov. 1780; m. 11 Jan. 1810, Mary,
dau. of Thomas Evans, Esq. of Berthlwyd, and widow of
William Williams, Esq. of Pwlly Pant, co. Glamorgan, and
d. 18 Nov. 1852, having by her( who c/. 8 Sept. 1840) had issue,

1 Walter Thompson, of Boulogne-sur-Mer, b. Feb. 1813;
d. imm. 16 March, 1887.

2 Herbert William, M.A. St. John's Coll. Cambridge ; of
Clifton, CO. Gloucester, b. March, 1816; d. unni. 15 Nov.

3 Robert Henry, now of Graftonbury, co. Hereford.
1 Charlotte Augustus.

II. George, late Capt. 39th Regt., J.P. for Somerset, m.
Emma Julian, 4th dau. of George Robinson, Esq. of Quet-n's
Square, Bath, and Rose Hill, f unbridge Wells, Kent, and
has issue, Frederica Isabella ; and George Jean de Winton,
an Officer in the 99th Regt.

III. Thomas, Lieut. R.N. (deceased), in. Miss Lynch, and had
one dau., Mary Anne Morgan, m. 1840, Baron William de
Ludwigsdorft, of Deut-ch Altenburg, Lower Austria.

IV. William, late Major in the Bombay Light Cavalry.

I. Harriet (deceased), m. 1st, William Jeffreys, Esq. of Swan-
sea ; and 2ndly, George Bird, Esq. of the same place.
The Rev. George Wilkins (/. 29 Aug. 1816.

Arms — Per pale or and arg. a wyvern vert. Crest — A wyvern
ppr. il/y»o— Syn ar dy Hun.
Staf— Graftonbury, CO. Hereford. tti',6— Boodles.


De Winton, Walter, Esq. of MaesUwch Castle,
CO. Radnor, J. P., late Lieut. 1st Life Guards, h. 25
July, 1868; s. his father 24 May, 1878; m. 2.i
April, 1892, Hylda Therese Jane, 2nd dau. of Gen.
Marshall, of Broadwater, Godalming.

Lineage.— John Wilkins, Esq., 6. 1714, only son of
Thomas Wilkins, Esq., the Prothonotary (see preceding Memoir),
by Anne Bowen, his 2nd wife, m. Sibil, dau. of Walter Jeffreys,
Esq. of The Priory, co. Brecon, and by her {b. 1713 ; bur. 1
July, 1777) had, with six daus., four sons,

Thomas, to. Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. William Games, Rector
of Llandoffy, and had one son, John ,who m. Miss Williams,
of Brecon.

Walter, of whom presently. John (Rev.), d. unm,

Jeffrets (ste De Winton of Maesdenren).

William, Prothonotary, d. unm.

Mr. Wilkins d. 15 May, 1784. His 2nd son,

Walter Wilkins, Esq., M.P. co. Radnor, m. 24 Feb. 1777,
Catherine, dau. of Samuel Ilayward, Esq. of W'alsworth Hall,
CO. Gloucester, and left, with a dau., Augusta Frances, de-
ceased, a son and successor,

Walter W'ilkins, Esq., JI.P. of Maeslhvch Castle, co. Rad-
nor, m. March, 1806, Hon. Catherine Eliza Devereux, 3rd dau.
of Henry, Viscount Hereford, and by her (who m. 2ndly, W.
11. Stretton, Esq.) had issue,

Walter, his heir.

Katherine Augusta Marianna, 771. 10 Aug. 1830, William
Vann, Esq.

Blary Anne Eliza, to. William Meyrick, Esq.,Barrister-atLaw.

Georgiana Frances, jji. 7 Dec. Ia30, Charles Stretton, Esq. of
Llangoed Castle, co. Brecon.
Mr. Wilkins d. 1 May, 1830, and was s. by his son,

Walter Wilkins. Esq. of Maesllwch Castle, M.P. for co.
Radnor, b. 13 Oct. 1809, who a.ssumed by royal licence, 1839,
the ancient surname of De Winton. He m. 14 Feb. 1831,
Julia Cecilia, 2nd dau. of Rev. Richard John Collinson, Rector
of Gateshead, co. Durham, and dying in May, 1840, left issue,

Walter, his heir.

Francis Walter (Sir), K.C.M.G., C.B., Col. R.A., Military
Attache to the British Embassy at Constantinople is77-78:
Secretary to the Gov. -Gen. of Canada 1878 to 1883; Ad-
ministrator-General of Congo Free State 1884-6 ; appointed
Assist. Quartermaster-Gen. 1888 ; Commissioner to Swazi-





land 1889; Governor of E. African Setts, at Mombassa
1890; 6. 1835; m. 1864, Evelyn, dau. of Christopher Baw-
son, Esq. of LennoxvOle, Canada.
Emily Gwenllyan.

The elder son,

Walter db Winton, Esq. of MaesUwch Castle, J. P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1854 and 1862, Capt. Ist Life Guards, b. 30
Nov. 1832: m. 19 June, 1867, Frances Jessie, youngest dau. of
Hon. and Eev. Arthur Talbot, Eector of Ingestre and Church
Eaton, Stafford, and by her (who m. 2ndly, 9 Dec. 1880, Hon.
Geoffrey Richard Clegg-Hill, 2nd son of the 2nd Viscount
Hill) had issue,

Waltek, now of Maesllwch Castle.
Gwendolen Harriet Frances, b. 1876.

Capt. de Winton d. 24 May, 1878.

Arms — Per pale or and arg. a wyvem vert between two
spearheads sa. Crests — 1st, A wyvern's head erased vert,
collared arg. the collar embattled counter-embattled ; 2nd,
A demi-lion rampant, issuing from a mural crown, holding in
his paws a rose-branch, and charged on the shoulder with a
full-blown rose. Motto — Svn ar dy Hdn.

Seat— Maesllwch Castle, (jlasbury, R.S.O.


De Winton, Charles Henry, Esq. of Maes-
derwen, co. Brecon, b. Jan. 1856 ; s. his grand-
father 1864 ; m. 1892, Elizabeth Mary, 2nd dau. of
Lieut.-Gen. Richard Thomas Grljn, and has issue,
Faith Glyn, 5. 20 April, 18 93.

liineagre.— Jeftbets Wilkins, Esq. of the Priory, near
Brecon (4th son of John Wilkins, Esq., see De Winton of
Maesllwch), m. Catherine, 4th dau. of Uev. Gregory Parry,
of Llandevailog, co. Brecon, Prebendary of Worcester, and
had issue,
John Pabet, of Maesderwen.

Jeffreys, of the Isle of Wight, m. Hannah Lee, and had
issue, Jeffreys Parry, of Tan-y-Graig, co. Carnarvon, J. P. ;
Catherine ; Emma, m. Eev. John Kitcat ; Frances ; Mary
Hannah; and Blanche.
Waltee, of Wallsworth Hall (see De Winton of Wallsicorth
Richard, m. Angelina, dau. of Thomas Green, Esq., M.P. for
Arundel, and d. s. p. 1819.
Edward, d. unm. in Canada.

Elizabeth, to. John Jones, Esq., late of Skethrog House, co.
Catherine, m. Capt. William Murray.
Mr. Wilkins d. 21 Jan. 1819. His eldest son,

John Pabb? de Winton, Esq. of Maesderwen, co. Brecon,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1829-30, b. 21 July, 1778 ; to. 1st,
10 Oct. 1803, Jane, dau. of Eev. George Wilkins, of Weston,
Somerset, but by her (who d. Aug. 1810) had no issue.
He TO. 2ndly, 1 Jan. 1812, Charlotte Eliza, 3rd dau. of the
Eev. William Davies, Eector of Newport Pagnel, Bucks, and
of Llangorse, co. Brecon, by whom (who d. 26 Feb. 1829) he
had issue,

I. John Jeffreys, of Priory Hill, J.P. and D.L., 6. 28 Aug.
1813; TO. Emma Eliza, dau. of Captain Phillips, E.N., and
d. V. p. 1863, having had issue,

1 Parry, Capt. 8th Hussars, d. July, 1861.

2 Charles Henbt, successor to his grandfather, now of

1 Emma Eliza. 2 Sybil Catherine.

II. Eichard Davies, b. 11 March, 1821, Lieut. 52nd Eegt. ; d.

III. William, of Tymawr, co. Brecon, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1874, 6. 8 Feb. 1823 ; to. 1st, 1862, Hepziban
Lancella Frances, 3rd dau. of Eight Hon. Sir Lancelot
Shadwell, Vice-Chancellor, and by her (who d. 1862) has a
son, Wilfred Seymour, b. 1856 ; and a dau., Frances Emily.
He TO. 2ndly, 1864, Mary Janet Eleanor, only dau. of Eear-
Adniiral Harding, and has four sons and four daus.

IV. Henry, M.A., of Ty'n-y-Cae, co. Brecon, J.P., b. 13 Feb.
1826 ; TO. 1859, Caroline Gertrude, dau. of Eev. Henry and
Lady Emma Harding, and has three sons and four daus.

I. Mary Catherine.

II. Charlotte Anna, to. W. Logan Elmslie, Esq. of the 10th
Eegt., and has issue.

III. Catherine Eebecca, m. 1847, Henry Daniel Garden,
Esq. of the 52nd Eegt., 2nd son of Sir Henry Garden, 3rd
Bart., and has issue.

Mr. De Winton to. 3rdly, 5 March, 1828, Harriet, 3rd dau. of
Eev. Edward Powys, of Westwood, Staffordshire, and had a

IV. Emily Catherine Powys, m. 1856, Joseph Eichard Cobb,
Esq., and has issue,


He d. 1864, and was s. by his grandson.

Arms, Crest, and Motto— See De Winton of Maesllwch.
Seat — Maesderwen House, near Brecon.


De Winton, Thomas, Esq. of Wallsworth Hall,
CO. Gloucester, J.P. co. Gloucester, High Sheriff co.
Brecon 18G3, retired Capt. R.A., b. 24 Oct. 1814;
m. 7 Aug. 1852, Barbara, only dau. of W. H. Peel,
Esq. of Aylesmore, co. Gloucester, and has issue.

I. Ebnest Hatward, 6. 23 May, 1853 ; to. 1890, Ada Byron
dau. of E. M. Clissold, E.sq.

II. John Parry, b. 19 May, 1854 : m. Susan, dau. of R. Little,
Esq. of Brisbane, and has issue.

III. Thomas Walter, b. 1 Dec. 1855.

IV. Alfred, b. 1 Jan. 1857.

V. Cecil, b. 21 May, 1858; to. 6 Jan. 1890, Kittie, dau. of E.
M. Clissold, Esq.

VI. Harold, b. 2 May, 1862.

viT. Henry Peel, b. 15 Sept., 1863.

I. Francis Edith Barbara. n. Kamle.

III. Margaret.

Lineage.— The Eev. Walter De Winton, of Hay
Castle, CO. Brecon, 3rd son of Jeffreys Wilkins, E.sq. of The
Priory, near Brecon, by Catherine Parry his wife (see pre-
ceding Memoir) to. 5 Sept. 1809, Maria Jacoba, dau. of Mr.
Chiappini, of Florence, in Italy, and sister of the Dowager
Baroness Newborough {see Burke's Peeragt), and had issue,
Thomas, now of Wallsworth Hall.

Walter Hayward, Lieut. 2nd Life Guards, to whom the late
Walter de Winton, Esq. of Maesllwch Castle, bequeathed
the Wallsworth Hall estate, which Mr. Walter Hayward de
Winton left at his decease, 1842, to his father.
Charles Lorenzo, Major 16t^ Foot.
Henry (Rev,), m. Thomasme Collinson, and has issue.
Frances Maria, m. 10 May, 1834, Spencer Eulkeley, Baron

Newborough, and d. 18 Nov, 1857.
Catherine Maria, 7n. Ia46, Laurence Henry Peel, Esq., who
d. 16 Dec. 1865, leaving issue.
The Eev. Walter de Winton d. 13 Nov. 1851.

Arms, d-c.—See De Winton of Maesllwch.
5ea£— Wallsworth Hall, Sandhurst, Gloucester.

WiNwooD, Thomas Heney Ricketts, Esq.,
M.A., of Wellisford Manor, Somerset, J.P. for that
CO. and for Cardiganshire, High Sheriff 1883, b. 14
Sept. 1852 ; m.ll July, 1878, Mabel Louisa Parry,
dau. of William Parry-Okeden, Esq., J.P. and D.L.,
of Turnworth House, Dorset, by Julia Henrietta,
hi* wife, dau. of Edward Harris Greathed, Esq. of
Uddens House, Dorset, and has had issue,

I. Thomas Ealph Okeden, 6. 19 May, 1885.

II. John Montague, b. 30 April, 1886.

I. JIarian Phoebe, 6. 2 March, 1880; d. 4 Sept. 1880.

II. Gladys Mabel, b. 19 June, 1883.

III. Christine Mary, b. 23 Feb. 1888.

Lineage. —The family of Winwood was at one time
settled in Northamptonshire. Sir Ealph (whose dau. and
eventual heiress, Anne, m. Edward, Lord Montague of Bough-
ton) was principal Secretary of State temp. James I.

John Winwood, of Cleobury Mortimer, Salop, m. (by licence,
25 Sept. 1729) Jane Britten, of Cleobury Mortimer, and had
i-sue, John, bapt. 17 Feb. 1732 ; d. unm. 26 Sept. 1810; and

Thomas Winwood, bapt. Feb. 1740 ; m. 178-,Theodosia, dan.
of Eev. John Atwood, Vicar of Cleobury Mortimer, by Mary
his wife, and d. 9 May, 1807, having had issue,

I. John, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, of Tyglyn Ayron, co. Cardigan, to. Eachcl
Watts, d. s. p. 16 Oct. 1838.

HI. Henry Quintyne, b. 1786; to. 9 June, 1819, Sarah Hoyte,
and d. 20 Jan. 1835, leaving issue, Henry Hoyte, MA. ,
clerk in Holy Orders, 6. 15 Dec. 18:i0, m. 27 March, 1856,
Anna Cecilia Mary, only dau. of Jances Day, of Horsford
House, Norfolk, and has issue, 1 Henry Hoyte, Lieut.
E.H.A., b. 7 Jan. 1866; 2 William Quintyne, Lieut. 5ili
Dragoon Guards, 6. 24 Sept. 1873; 1 Anna Cecilia Sarah;
2 Mary Agnes ; 3 Gertrude Ellen ; 4 Ethel Louisa.

IV. Edward, 6. 7 Feb. 1787 ; d. unm. 16 Feb. 1823.

V. George, 6. 20 Deo. 17B9; d. 15 May, 17y0.

7 D





vf. William, b. 12 Mav, 1792; d. at Gibraltar, 25 March,
1 ^20.

I. Catharine, b. 28 Dec. IVSl; d. 17 March, 17S2.

II. TheoJo?i;i, b. 1789: ?». 180S, AVilliain Kripp. of Cole
Uou.^e, 'Westbiuy on-Trym, ami d. s. ji. 17 Jan. Is33.

III. Elizabeth, 6. 16 Feb. 1791 ; d. 23 .Ian. 1799.

IV. Catharine, d. IS Nov. 1794, iu infancy.
The eldest son,

John WiNWOOD, b. 1783; vi. 1st, 1818, Hannah, dau. of
Jacob Wilcox lUcketts, of Eeilland Hill, co. Gloucester, and
by her i,\vho d. 7 Jan. 1S27) had issue,

John Eicketts, b. 1823 : d. 21 June, 1834.

Thomas Henby, of whom presently.

He m. 2ndly, 1832, Mary, dau. of Capt. Saunders, of Tymawr,
CO. Cardigan, and of Glanrhwdw, co. Carmarthen, and d. 4
fob. 1843. His son,

Thomas Henrt Winwood, Esq. of Tyglyn Ayron, co. Cardi-
.pan, J. P., High ShcrifT 1856, b. 2 Jan. 1827; m. 22 Nov.
184l», Thoebe Anne, dau. of David Henderson, M.D., of Mont-
rose, by Jane Elizabeth Moody his wife, and had issue,

Thomas Henry Ricketts, now of Wellisford JIanor.

John Kenny Quintyne, 6. 18 Oct. 1853; d. 3 May, 1S57.
IWr. Winwood d. 21 July, 1856. His widow )». 2ndly, 17 Oct.
iS60, Aldborough Henniker, Q.C. {see Henniker, Bart.).

Alibis— Gu., on a pile, arg. between two roses in base of the
loM, barbed and seeded, ppr., a cross botonny, sa. Crest —
X'pon a mount vert, in front of an eagle's head, erased sa.,
hoh'ing in the beak a wreath of laurel, ppr., two wings salter-
vise, arg.

Sfat — Wellisford Manor, Wellington, Somerset.

Clu'j— Junior Carlton.


Wise, Major Lewis Lovatt Atshfoed, of
Clayton Hall, co. StaiJord, and Watts House, Taun-
ton, Somerset, J. P., Majof Queen's Own Stafford-
shire Yeomanry, late 8th, the Eing's Ecgt., b. 21
March, 1844; m. 1 Aug, 1871, Alice Isabel, 2nd
dau. of Thomas Broughton Charlton, Esq. of Chil-
•fl-ell Hall, Notts, and has issue.

Lineage.— This family, which resided in the West of
England before the Norman Conquest, deduces its descent
froui Oliver Wise, de Greston (on the Tamar), whose 7th
■direct descendant was Sir William Wise, 40 Henbt III. In
1295, Walter Wise was M.P. for Tavistock, and 1442, John
"Wise, of Sydenham, M.P. for Plympton. The Wises acquired,
hy marriage with the families of De Veponte, Thursselton,
■Sydenham, and Trevage, several manors in Devon, and finally
Settled at Sydenham, in Maristow, where John Wise dwelt, 5
Henry IV. His son.

Thomas Wise, m. Margaret, dau. and heiress of Robert
Brett, Esq. of Slottiscombe (descended from Alured de Britto).
By this lady he acquired the manor of Stoke Damarell, where
the Wises built a house called Mount Wise. He had issue,

John Wise, of Sydenham, m. Thomasine, dau. of Sir Baldwin
Fulford, of Great Fulford, Devon, and had issue,


Alicia, m. James RusseU, Esq., and was mother of John, 1st
Karl of Bedford.
Be was s. by his son,

Oliver Wise, whose great-grandson,

John Wise, Esq. of Sydenham, to. Alicia, dau. of John
Harris of Hayne, Sergeant-at-Law to King Henry VIII., and
liad, with other issue,

I. Thomas, to. JIarr, dau. of Richard Buller, Esq. of Shilling-
ham, in Cornwall, and was s. by his son,
•Sir Thomas Wise, M.P., who was made a Knight of the
Bath at the Coronation of King James I., and was Sheriff
c'f Devonshire in the 9th of tliat monarch, m. Margaret,
i'.au. and heiress of Robert Stafford, Esq. of Stowford,
Devon, and d} ing in 1629, left (with a dau., Margaret, m.
Sir Samuel RoUe, M.P.) a son,
Thomas Wife, of Mount Wise and Sydenham, Sheriff for
Devon, 16;j8. and M.P. for that co. 1640, m. Lady Mary
Chichester, dau. of Edward, Earl of Donegal, by whom
he had issue a dau., Margaret, m. Sir John Moleswortb,
of Pencirrow, and a son,
Sib Edward Wise, K.B., of Mount Wise, and Syden-
ham, M.P. for Oakhampton in the Parliament which
restored King Charles II., b. 1632: ),(. 1st, 1651,

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