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a, dau. and one of the co-heirs of Oliver, Lord
St. John Cby Lady Arabella Egerton his wife, dau. of
John, 1st Earl of lirirtgewater), and grand-dau. of
Oliver. 1st Earl of Bolingbroke, by Elizabeth his wife,
dau. of William Paulet, grandson of Sir George

Paulet, brother of WiUiam, 1st Marquess of Win-
chester, and had issue,

St. John, ") ^ .u I
Thomas, ^^oth ,?. «. p.

Arabella, m. 1673, Edmund Tremayne, Esq. of
Collacombe. This lady conveyed Mount Wise,
Stoke Damerell, the manors of Sydenham, Stow-
ford, and other lands to her husband.
Sir Edward Wise »u. 2ndly, Hadigund, dau. of J. Eliot,
Esq. of Fort Eliot ; and d. 1675.
II. John.
The 2nd son,

John Wise, Esq. of Totnes, m. Emma, dau. of Richard
Vavasour, Esq., and was s. by his son,

William Wise, Esq. of Totnes. 6. 1560, who d. 1626, and was
s. by his son,

John Wise, Esq. of Totnes, m. 1631, Susannah, sister and
co-heir of T. Prestwood, Esq. and dying 6 Sept. 1670, was s.
by his son,

John Wise, Esq. of Totnes, m. 1st, Mary, dau. of Lewis
Full, Esq. of Ash, Devon, and had a dau. Mary, m. 1697, A.
Champernowne, Esq. and afterwards J. Sawle, Esq. of
Penrice Castle. Mr. Wise in. 2ndly, 1684,Dorothy, dau. of
J. Brookinge, Esq. of Totnes, and had issue, i. John: ii.
Lewis; and in. Samuel, vi. Trephena, dau. of Thomas Copk-
stone, Esq. of Bowden, and dying 1730, left issue, i. John,
who s. eventually to the estates and representation of the
family; Lewis; Samuel, 1746; and Mary, m. W. Payne,
Esq. John Wise d. 26 July, 1702, and was s. by his eldest
John Wise, Esq., d. 1743, and was s. by his brother,
Lewis Wise, Esq., (?. 1744, and was. s. by his nephew,
John Wise, Esq. of Totnes, m. Margaret, dau. and heir of
John Ayshford, of Wonwell Court, Devon, 23rd in regular
descent from Stephanus de Eisforde, who lived at Eisfordc,
soon after the Conquest. By the heiress of Ayshford Mr.
Wise had,
John, his successor.

George Furlong, of Woolston, iii. Miss Dacres, by whom h^
had issue, Admiral Furlong Wise, C.B., and Charles, of
Holt Lodge, who in. Miss Emma Lang, of Moor Park, and
had issue, Charles, George, Dacres, Edward, and Henry.
Arthur, of Langston, wnose grandson. Admiral Charles
Wise, m. Lucy Ayshford, dau. of Ayshford Wise, Esq,,
and has issue, Lucy Mary, m. Thomas Barnardiston, Capt .
R.N., and Louisa.

Elizabeth, m. the Rev. B. Trist, and had issue, Tryphena, m.
E. W. Wynne Pendarves, Esq. of Pendarves.
Dorothea, m. Mark Millbank, of Thorpe Perrow, and had

Mary, m. Christopher Savery, Esq. of Shelston.
Margaret, m. the Rev. Dr. Amyatt.
Jane, m. Rev. R. Clarke.
Sara, m. Humphrey Julian, Esq.
Mr. Wise d. 1765, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Wise, Esq. of Totnes Parva, and Wonwell Court, b.
27 Aug. 1751 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Froude, Esq. of
Edniaston, by Phillis, his wife, dau. and heir of Richard
Hurrell, Esq., and had issue,

I. Ayshford, his heir.

II. Frederic, d. 1814.

III. John Robert, Consul-Gcneral in Sweden, m. Jane, dau.
of Richard Ellison, Esq. of Sudbrooke, and had issue,

1 John Richard de Capel.

2 Frederick Ashford Millbank.

3 Hurrell Champion.

Mr. Wise was Recorder of Totnes, and D.L. for Devon. He d.

19 May, 1807, and was s. by his eldest son,

Ayshfobd Wise, Esq. of Totnes Parva, J. P. and D.L. for
Devon, who represented Totnes many years in Parli.".ment, b.

20 April, 178R; m. June, 1809, Mary, dau. of Rev. Thomas
Whitby, of Creswell Hall, co. Stafford, and by her had

John Ayshford, late of Clayton Hall, and Hillesdon, Tor-
quaj .

Lucy Ayshford, m. Admiral Charles Wise, of Wonwell. New-
ton Abbot, and has issue, Lucy Marj-, m. Thomas Barn-ir-
diston, Capt. R.N., 2nd son of N. C. Barnardiston, of the
Rise, Suffolk ; and Louisa.

Julia Ayshford, m. R. Pitzwilliam Barry, Esq., and had
issue, Capt. R. F. De Barry Barry, 60th Rifles.

Mr. Wise d. 5 June, 1847, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Ayshfobd Wise, Esq. of Clayton Hall, co. Stafford,
and Hillesdon, Torquay, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 18-52,
M.P. for Stafford, b. 10 April, 1810; to. 1st, 18 March, 1837,
Mary Lovatt, un'f dau. and heir of Hugh Booth, E-q. of
Cliff Bank, co. S;:^fford, by Anne his wife, only dau. and
heiress of Thomas Lovatt, Esq. of Clayton, whose predecessors






had resided there from the reign of Henet VIII., and by her
(who d. G May, 1844) had issue,

I. Lewis Lovatt Atshfobd, now of Clayton.

I. Ida Muriel Lovatt Ayshford, d. 4 April, 1863.

II. Florence Isabel Lovatt Ayshford, d. 3 Oct. 1865.

Mr. Wise to. 2ndly, 18 July, 1843, Anna Mary, dau. of Rev.
Lewis Way. He d. 9 Sept. 1870.

Srais— Clayton Hall, Newcastle-under-Lyme ; Watts House,
Bishops Lydeard, Taunton.


Wise, Eev. William George, of Shrublancl
Hall, Leamington, co. Warwick, h. 23 Feb. 1851.

Lineage. — Henrt Wise, Esq., b. 1653 (descended, it is
stated, from Eichard Wise, of Caddleston, co. Warwick, temp.
Henrt VIII., who was a younger son of Wise of Sydenham,
in Devon, and is so described by Dugdale), was Kanger of
Hyde Park, and Superintendent of the Ecyal Garden at
Hampton Court in the reign of Queen Anne. He purchased
the estate and mansion of the Priory, adjoining Warwick.
By Patience Banks his wife, he had two sons,

I. Henet, of The Priory, b. 1706 ; m. Mary Tilson, and was
father of Henet Christopher Wise, Esq. of The Priory,
b. 1738, High Sheriff, co. Warwick. He d. 14 Jan. 1805,
leaving, by Mary his wife, dau, of Samuel Wathen, Esq.,
two sons,

Mathew Blackett, High Sheriff co. Warwick 1807, h. 17G7

d. s. p. 3 Deo. 1810.
Henrt, (Kev.), of The Priory, Warwick, m. 1798, Charlotte

Mary, dau. of Sir Stanier Porten, and by her (who d. 21

Oct. 1827) left at his decease, Jan. 1850, one son and three

Henet Cheistophek, of Woodcote, J.P. and D.L., M.P.
for South Warwickshire, and Major Warwickshire
Yeomanry Cavalry, b. 7 Oct. 1806; m. 1st, 24 June,
1828, Harriett, 3rd dau. of Sir Gray Skipwith, Bart.,
and by her (who d. 15 June, 1858) had issue,

1 Henrt Christopher, b. 12 April, 1829; 40th Eegt.,
killed at Ballarat, Soutli Australia. 21 Dec. 18-54.

2 George, of Woodcoo;, co. Warwick, J.P. and D.L.,
b. 30 May, 1830, and d. s. p.

S William Napcr, b. 10 Feb. 1832 ; deceased.

4 Frederick Grey, b. 30 Sept. 1838; deceased.

5 Augustus, b. 22 Aug. 1840.

1 Harriet Mary; deceased.

2 Lelia Charlotte ; deceased.

Mr. Wise to. 2ndly, 1863, Jane Harriet, dau. of Sir

Kdward Cromwell Disbrowe, G.C.M.G., and by her had

i?sue, one son, Henry Edward Disbrowe, b. 2 Oct. 18C8,

and one dau., Charlotte Albinia.
Eatherine, m. Sir Thomas Wathen Waller, Bart., and d.

24 July, 1861, leaving issue (see Burke's Baronetage).
Mary Patience, m. 1847, Charles Thomas Willes, Esq. ;

Louisa, m. the Eev. Ernest Waller, son of Sir Wathen

Waller, Bart. ; deceased.

II. John, of whom presently.
The 2nd son,

John Wise, Esq., 6. 1711, 2nd son of Henry Wise, Esq. of
The Priory, by Patience Bankshis wife, to. Elizabeth Prew, and
left (with two daus., Patience and Elizabeth) one son,

Mattuew Wise, Esq. of Leamington Priors, 7a. Martha
Dolphin, and dying May, 1816, aged 76, left issue (with one
dau., Bridget, wife of Eev. Thomas Cattell), three sons,
Matthew, his heir; John (Eev.), who to. Lucy, dau. of Sir
Charles Wheeler, Bart. ; and Henry, deceased. The eldest

Matthew Wise, Esq. of Leamington Priors, at one time
High Sheriff of co. Warwick, to. in 1800, Harriet, dau. and
sole heiress of Eobert Trotman, Esq. of Suffolk, and dying
5 June, 1825, aged 57, left (with a dau., Harriet, m. John
Phipps, Esq., and d. 1833) one son,

Matthew Wise, Esq. of Shrubland, Leamington, J.P. and
D.L., b. 21 June, 1802; to. 13 May, 1834, Elizabeth, eldest
dau. of William Staunton, Esq. of Longbridge, co. Warwick,
and had issue,

I. Matthew, 5. !6 April, 1835 ; d. 29 Jan. 1860.

II. Charles John, 6. 10 Aug. 1836; m. June, 1859, Louisa
Caroline, youngest dau. of Eichard Malone Sneyd, Esq.,
and has a dau.,

Louisa Elizabeth.
in. William George, now of Shrubland Hall.
IV. Henry Edward, b. 5 March, 1856.
I Elizabeth Harriett, m. 8 July, 1874, Henry Leeke, Esq.
11. Caiolme Augusta.
ui. Louisa Mary, b. 1S53; d. 1855.

Mr. Wise d. 25 Sept. 1864.

.<4rms—Sa., three chevrons crm., between as many adders
erect or. Crest — A demi-liou rampant arg., holding in his paws
a rose branch ppr., in the mouth a snake vulneiating him ia
the shoulder and entwined about the body vert.

Seat — Shrubland HaU, Leamington,


WithaMjThe Eight Ret. Moksignoe Thomas,
of Lavtington Hall. co. York, J.P. co. Durham,
educated at Stonyhurst Coll. and is in holy orders
and a Prelate of the Church of Rome, b. 6 Dec. ISOG.

Lineage. — The Withasis were originally settled in co.
Lincoln, and probably derived their surname from Withain
Common, in the neighbourhood of Grantham, or from the
river Witham, in the same co.

Sir Eobeet Wttham, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Guy
St. Philbert, had a son,

Lawrence Wttham, m. Margaret, dau. of Sir John Ermyn,
and was father of

Robert Wttham, m. Tomasyn, dau. of Thomas Walsh,
and was s. by his son,

EoBEET Wttham, of Grantham, whose will bears date 30 Dec.
1440. He TO. Margaret, dau. of Eichard Skeldenby, and had
six sons, I. Henry, who d. s. p. ; ii. Thomas, Chancellor of the
Exchequer, d. s. p. ; iii. William, Dean of Wells ; iv. Henry
(Sir), Knight of Ehodes, m. Alicia, dau. and co-heir of William
Thwenge, of Corneburg, but d. s. p. ; v. John, of whom
presently ; and vi. Richard (Sir), Knight of Ehodes. The 5tli

John Witham, m. Margaret, dau. of Barton, of Whenbie,
and had issue,

Geoege, his heir.

Thomas, m. Janetta, dau. and co-heir of John Wawton, Esq.
of Cliffe, CO. York, and hence descend the Withams of

Bletonby and Ledstone.

Joan, TO. Eichard Westhrop.

Margaret, 7». Thomas Lepton.
The elder son,

Geoege Witham, to. Margaret, dau. and co-heir of John
Wawton, of Cliffe, and by her (who d. in 1479) had three sons,
John; Eichard; Thomas; and three daus., Agnes; Helen;
and Blargaret, m. Eobert Talboys. By the eldest of the

John Witham, Esq. of Cliffe and Corneburg, he was s. athis
decease. He m. Agnes, dau. of Sir Thomas Gower, of
Stytnam, co. York, and had (with two daus., Catherine, to.
German Paule, of Hertburne ; and Margaret, m. German
Oglesthorpe, of Newsham) a son and successor,

Thomas Witham, Esq. of Cliffe and Corneburg, m. Cicely,
dau. of John Conyers, of Hutton-super-Wysk, co. Y'ork, and
had, John, his heir; Eleanor, ra. John Bulmer; Mary, to.
Leonard Bates ; and Margaret, to. Henry Lowicke. Thomas
Witham d. 10 March, 153S, and was s. by his son,

John Witham, Esq. of Cliffe, living in 1585, m. Eleanor,
dau. of James Fox, Esq. of Thorpe-under- Willows, and had
(with two younger sons, Thomas and Robert, and a dau.,
Margaret, the wife of Anthony Chater, Esq. of Butterby, in
Durham) a son and successor,

Anthont Witham, Esq. of Cliffe, m. Anne, dau. of John
Middleton, Esq. of Stokeld, co. Y^ork, and had four sons and
two daus., Catherine, m. Sir Henry Trotter, of Skelton Castle ;
and Ann, in. Michael Johnson, Esq. of Twizle, co. York. The
eldest son,

John Witham, Esq. of Cliffe, 6. 1582; vi. 1st, Dorothy, dau.
and co-heir of William Wycliffe, Esq. of Wycliffe ; 2ndly, Mary
Rudd ; and 3rdly, Jane, dau. of Cuthbert Eadcliffe, Esq. of
Blanchard, in Northumberland. By the first wife (who d. ia
1611) he had issue,

William, his heir.

Roger, a Monk in Germany.

Anthony, to. Isabel, dau. of Eichard Hixon, Esq.


Margaret, m. Cuthbert Conyers, of Layton, in Durham.
Mr. Witham was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

William Witham, Esq. of Cliffe, to. Anne, dau. of George
CoUingwood, Esq. of Eslington, in Northumberland, and had
four sons, George; William; Thomas; and Lawrence; and
three daus., Ann: Mary; and Dorothy. The eldest son,

George Witham, Esq. of Cliffe, m. Grace, dau. of Sir
Marmaduke Wyvile, Bart, of Constaljlo Burton, co. York, by
Isabel his wife, dau. and sole heiress ot Sir William Gascoigne,
Knt. of Sedbury, and had issue,

7 D 2





John, his heir.

George, a Catholic Bishop, and Yicar Apostolic of the
Northern District.


Christopher, a Calliolic Priest.

Kohert. President of the English College at Douni.

Lawrence, m. Marg.irct, ilau. of Sir Henry Swalo, Bart.

Marmaduke. r,i. 1st, a dau. of T. Leyhurne, Esq. of Cuns-
wiek and \Yitherslack ; and indly, a dau. of Sir Thomas

Porothy, a Nun.

Ann, )(i. George Palmes, Esq. of Naburn.
Mr. Witham d. 1648, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Witham, Esq. of ClilTe. This gentleman vi. 1st (settle-
ment dated IS Jan. 29 Charles II.) Elizabeth, youngest dau.
of Edward Standish, Esq. of Standish, co. Lancaster, by Eliza-
beth his wife, dau. of Sir Francis Howard, of Corby Castle, and
had issue,

William, his heir.

I. Elizabeth, m. Thomas Salkeld.

II. Grace,
in. Dorothy.

IV. Mary, a Nun.
Mr. Witham, who m. 2ndly, Troth, dau. of Nicholas Tempest,
Esq. of Halliwell, was s. by his eldest son,

William Witham, Esq. of Cliffe, whose will is dated 8 July,
1723. He m. 20 Sept. 1707, Anne, dau. of Sir Henry Lawson,
Bart, of Brough, co. York, and had, with junior issue,

I. Henry, his heir.

II. Thomas, of Durham, M.D., d. 1786. He m. 19 May, 1748,
Ehzabeth. dau. of George Heynell, Esq. of Aldborough
and Dalton, co. York, and had issue,

1 George (Rev.), 6. 1 May, 1829.

2 Francis, d.s. p. 19 Nov. 1827.

3 William. 6. 27 Oct 1754; m. 27 Nov. 1783, Dorothy,
dau. of Thomas Langdale, Esq., and dying 22 March,
1825, left issue by her (who d. 13 April, 1838),

Thomas, a Catholic Priest, d. 11 Nov, 1863.

William, of Gray's Inn and Eaton Square, London, in.
23 July, 1812, Frances Elizabeth, dau. of James Brooks,
Esq. of Fair Mile House, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon,
and by her (who d. 31 Jan. 1861) left at his decease, 13
Dec. 1848,

1 Robert Shawe James Maxwell-Witham, Esq. of
Kirkconnell House, co. Dumfries, J. P. and D.L., b.
4 Sept. 1819; m. 8 Nov. 1843, Dorothy Mary, dau.
and heiress of James Maxwell, of Kirkconnell, and
assumed the name of Maxwell Witham, and has,
James Kirkconnell Maxwell, Major King's Own
Scottish Borderers, b. i Oct. 1848; Thomas, d. 1875 ;
William Herbert, d. 14 Aug. 1882, Robert Bernard,
6.8 Aug. 185C; Aymer Richard Henry, d. 13 Aug.
1879; Frances Mary; and Dorothy Maud; Janet
Mary Dorothy, d. 15 May, 1853.

2 Francis, b. 20 Jan. 1815; m. Mary Lucy Vincent,
and d. s. p. 28 Aug. 1843.

3 James, b. 27 Dec. 1820; m. 1st, 12 June, 1854,
Elizabeth, dau. of Charles Polton (she d. s. p. 1868) ;
and2ndly, 1860, Harriet Selina, dau. of Richard Wells,
Esq.. and has issue.

1 Mary Theresa, m. James Roderick O'Flanagan, Esq.
of Avondhu Grange, Fermoy, co. Cork, and has
issue, three sons.

2 Winifred Jlonica.

3 Frances Agnes.

4 Ellen Josephine, m. 1864, William Francis Eyre,
Esq. of Paris, and d. 18 March, 1889, leaving two

Charles fSir), Knt., R.N., 6. 15 Aug. 1791 ; m. 18 Nov.
1829, Jane, dau. of John Hoy, Esq. of Stoke-by-Nay-
land, and d. 30 Nov. 1853, leaving issue.

1 Charles Throckmorton, Lieut. R.M., b. 2 Jan. 1835;
d. at Balaklava, 17 July, 1855.

2 Thomas Maxwell, of the Middle Temple, Banister-
at-Law, b. 8 Jan. 1837.

3 John Davcy, 6. 13 Dec. 1839; m. 1877, Harriet, dau.
of T. Duiton, Esq. of Queensland, Australia.

4 Philip, h. 4 Aug. 1842; m. 1878, Louisa, dau. of M.
C. Salvin, Esq. of Burn Hall, co. Durham, and has

1 Constantia, m. George Herbert, Esq., Barrister-at-
L^w, and has issue.
Francis, Lieut. R.N., d. s. p. 1803.
John. d. s. p. 1870.
Lawrence, d. unm.
Dorothy, m. James Maxwell, Esq. of Kirkconnell,

in. Henry, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Langdale, Esq.,
and dying I March, 1814, left issue,

Henry, Barrister-at-Law, d. unm.

Frances, d. unm. Elizabeth, d. unm.

The eldest son and successor,
Hesbt Witham, Esq. of Cliffe, m. Catherine, dau. and co-

heir of Anthony Meaburne Esq. of Pontop, co. Durham, and
had by her (who d. 12 April, 1803) two sons and six daus.,

I. William, his heir.

II. Thomas, of Headlam, co. Durham, m. MRry, dan. of
James Thornton, Esq. of Nether Witton, in Northumber-
land, and by her (who (/. May, 1793), had issue,

1 William, who rf. s. p. 1831.

2 Eliza, of whom presently, as heiress to her uncle.

I. Anne, m. Philip Howard, Esq. of Corby Castle.

II. Catherina, m. Thomas Stapleton, Esq. of Carlton.

III. Mary, m. Gustavus de Strom, a Swede.

IV. Elizabeth, to. Charles Mostyn Browne, Esq., and d. at

V. Winifred.

VI. F'ranccs, deceased.

Mr. Witham d. 1776, and was s. by his elder son,

William Wituam, Esq. of Cliffe, m. Winifred, dau. of
Nicholas Stapleton, Esq. of Carlton, but d. s. p. 2 Aug. 1802,
having devised his estate of Cliffe to (the dau. of his brother)
his niece,

Eliza Witham, then m. Henry T. M. Silvertop, Esq. 6. 28

May, 1779 (younger son of John Silvertop, Esq. of Minster

Acres), who assumed the surname of Witham, and had issue,

Henry John,D.L. co. York, 6. 17 July, 1802; rf. 20 Aug.

William Lawrence, D.L., 6. 13 Sept. 1804; m. Anna Maria,
dau. of William Salvin, Esq. of Croxdale, co. Durham, and
d.s. p. 1841.
George, of Lartington Hall, J.P. and D.L., Capt. 68th Light

Infantry, b. 9 Oct. 1805; d. vnim. 1847.
Thomas Edward, now of Lartington Hall.
Catharine, m. 1823, Henry Eng'lefield, Esq., and d. )857.
having had, Henry Charles Silvertop, Esq., now of Minster
Acres, and other issue.

Emma Seraphina Mary, m. 1841, William Dunn, Esq. of
Hedgefield, near Newcastle.
Elizabeth Mary, a Nun, deceased.

Winifred Mary Anne, m. 23 Sept. 1834, Gerard Salvin, Esq.
of Croxdale, Durham, and has issue.
Mr. Witham, High Sheriff co. Durham, 1844, d. 28 Nov. that

Arms (entered in the Vi-sitation of Yorkshire, Henry VIII. )•
— Or, a bendlet gu., between three eagles sa. Crest — Out of a
ducal coronet or. a demi-woman her hair dishevelled ppr. ia
her dexter hand a gem ring gold. ;i/o«o— Optime mcrenli.

Seat — Lartington Hall, B.arnard Castle.



WiTHiNGTON, Thomas Ellames, Esq. of Cul-

clieth Hall, co. Lancaster, J.P., m. 1st, 5 May,

1857, Cecilia, eldest dau. of Rev. Dr. Cardwell,

of vSt. Alban's Hall, Oxford (who d. 1875), and

has issue,

I. Thomas Ellames, b. 22 Feb. 1858, M.A. Oxon 1883; m.

9 Oct. 1884, Jane Florentia, dau. of Rev. Edward

Golding, of Maiden Erleigh, Berks, and has issue,

Thomas Ellames, b. 15 Oct. 1891.

II. Edward, b. 7 March, 1800.

III. Arthur, b. 19 Aug. 18GG.
I. Cecilia.

He m. 2ndly, 28 Feb. 1878, Ann Margaret, eldest
dau. of Octavius William Temple, and niece of the
Bishop of London. Mr. Withington is son of
Thomas Ellames Withington, Esq. of Culcheth
Hall (who d. 14 Jan. 1840), by Ann his wife, dau.
of Edward Griffin, Esq. of Liverpool, and grandson
of Peter Withington, Esq. (who d. 1826), bj Ann
Ellames his wife. He had two brothers and two
sisters, 1 Peter, m. Katherine, dau. of Godfrey
Wentworth, Esq. of Woolley Park, Wakefield, and
d. 1875, leaving issue, Guy Wentworth Everild, and
Rosamond ; 2 Edward (Rey.), of Eringford Lodge,
CO. Oxford, m. 18G5, Mary Ann Elizabeth, dau. of
Sir Andrew Armstrong, Bart., and has issue,
Frederick Edward, b. 1869 ; 1 Annie, m. Rey. W.
H. Karslake, of Merton Coll.Oxford ; and 2 Mary
Catherine, m. Rey. Sir John Caesar Hawkins, Bart.,
Hon. Canon of St. Albans.

^niis— Gu., a fess chequy or and az. Crest — A lion's head
eraS' - d. .Vo»o — .Sapere aude.
ij'cat— Culcheth Hall, near Wariiugton.






WoDEHOUSE, William Herbert, Esq. of Wool-
Biers Park, Herts, J. P. and D.L. co. Herts, and
J.P. CO. Stafford, h. 5 Aug, 1815 ; educated at Eton
und Ch. Ch. Oxford, B.A. 1837; s. his grandfather
17 Not. 1833 ; m. 30 Aug, 1838, his first cousin,
Helena Sarah Charlotte, eldest dau. and co-heir of
Sir Charles Oakeley, 2nd bart., by his wife La
Baronne de Lormet.of the Chateau deMeysembrock,
Netherlands (to which latter title Mrs. Wodehouse
s. at the death of her mother, 2 Oct. 1850), and has
had issue,

I. Chappcl Oakeley, 6. 8 Oct. 1842; educated at Eton and
Ch. Ch. Oxford, d. s. p. 18 June, 1888.

«. Herbert Walter Rodolph, 6. 15 Deo. 18.30, educated at Eton
and a Scholar of Lincoln Coll. Oxford, m. 1878, Sarah,
dau. of T. Bivett, Esq. U.S. America ; and d. «. p. 4
Dec. 1884.

lu. William Stanley, b. 12 June, 1853.

IV. Charles Edward, J.P. and County Alderman, co. Hens,
b. 16 Jan. 1856, educated at Merton Coll. Oxford, B.A.
1878, M.A. 1881; m. 1882, Eva Priscilla, dau. of the late
David Bradley, Esq. of The Beeches, Derby, and has
issue, Sydney Herbert, b. 1882 ; Evelyn Charles Bradley,
A. 1835 ; Francis Oakeley, b. 1886; Percy George, b. 1SS8 ;
Charles Keid, b. 18D0; Frederick Guy de Picquigny, b.
1893; and Eva Mary, 6. 1884.

X. Charlotte Amelia.

I!. Adelaide Helena, m. H. Nigel Cohen, Esq., and has issue.

111. Constance Mary.

Xiineage. — The earliest ancestor of this ancient family on
record, Gur de Picqcignt, who was attaclied to the Court of
William the Conqueboe, and was father to William Cocus,
■surnamed William Fitz Guy, Lord of Womburne, in 1131.
"He owed to the Treasury half a mark of gold, on succeeding
to his father's olDce at Court, and gave lands atTrescote to the
Plonks of Cumb Abbey." Dugdale's Monast, vol. i., p. 98
Maddox Hist. Exchequer, vol. ii., p. 98, 60.

■\Villiam Cocus de Wombckne, who was engaged in the
Crusades under Eichakd Cceub de Liox, 1193 (whence the
arms borne by his dessendants were assumed) was seated at
Wombourn, co. Stafford, in the reign of King John. From
this warrior the lineal descent down to the present time is
unbroken. His grandson,

William de Bosco de Womburne, and the first proprietor of
the Wode House of Vroniliurne, in the reign of King Henry
in., m. Sibtlla, dau. of Walter, Lord Bradley, and left a son,

Walter de la Wodeuodse, who, according to the custom of
the times, took his surname from his paternal estate. His
great grandson, Rodolph, was s. by Robert de Wodehouse,
Treasurer of the Realm temp. Edward III., and a Baron of the
Exchequer 1320. From him descended

Francis Wodehocse, of Wodehouse, s. bis father, Walter, in
the reign of King James I. He m. Eleanor, dau. of W. Gros-
venor, Esq. of Morfe, and had issue. This gentleman changed
the name of the estate from Wodehouse to Woodhouse ; Wood
in the ancient English was wrilten Wode. His son,

John Wodehodse, of Woodhouse, m. an heirc-s^s, dau. of John
liuntbach, Esq., and left five sons. Tne eldest, son,

Edward Woodhouse, of Woodhouse, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
J. Gough, Esq. of Old Fallings, co. Stafford, and had issue,
I John ; ii, Edward ; and iii. Francis, who all d. young. His

John Woodehouse, 3rd son of John Wodehouse, of Wood-
house, m. the only dau. and heiress of Major Hubbard, of
Eearsby Hall, co. Leicester, and left three sons,

William, who s. to his mother's estates at Rearsby, which
afterwards passed in the female line to John Woodhouse
Simpson, Esq.

Ceorge, d. umn.


Tlie 3rd son,

John Wodehouse, b. 1G77 ; m. Hannah, dau. of S. Sully,
Esq., and dying 1723, left (with two daus., Elizabeth and
Hannah) an only son,

William Woodhouse, b. 1710; m. Mary Mompesson, grand-
dau. and heir of John Chappcl, Esq. of Mansfield, Wodehouse,
CO. Nottingham, and by her (who d. 1802) left at his decease,
1755 (with four other daus., who d. young or unm.), Anne, in.
William Holbech, Esq. of Farnborough, co. Warwick; and an
only son and heir.

Rev. John Cuappel Woodhouse, 5. 1749. This eminent

divine was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, and upon taking
holy orders was presented by the late Duke of Sutherland,
then Marquess of Stafford, to the Living of Donnington, Salop.
In 1805 he published Woodhouse's Amintalions on the A}')o-
ca/y^Ke, which here-edited. Mr. Woodhouse, who was Arch-
deacon of Salop, was appointed, 1807, to the Deanery of Lich-
field. He d. 17 Nov. 1833. He )ji. Mercy Peate, an heiress to
considerable landed property in co. Lincoln, and by her (who
d. 1826) had issue,

I. Chappel, of Eastville, co. Lincoln, b. 1780; m. 3 Feb. 1812,
Amelia, youngest dau. of Sir Charles Oakeley, 1st b;irt..
Governor of Madras, and d. 8 Feb. 1816 (his widow survived
until 5 Sept. 1878), leaving issue,

1 John Chappel, 6. 31 Dec. 1813; d. Oct. 1821.

2 William Herbert, successor to his grandfather.

I. Ellen Jane, m. 1st, Rev. W. Robinson, Rector of Swinner
ton, 2ndly, Hugh Dyke Acland, Esq., 2nd son of Sir

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