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beth, m. Uev. Arthur Lord.

VI., b. 30 May, 1736 : d. 17 June, 1737.

VII. Isaac, b. 23 Dec. 1737 ; d. 25 Dec. 1742.

VIII. Abthcb, Loed Kilwarden, 6. 19 Jan. 173?, Freeman of
Dublin 1 761, entered the Middle Temple, London, Oct. 1761,
admirted to the Irish Bar, Michaelmas, 1766, appointed
King's Counsel 3 April, 1778, Solicitor-General 11 Miy,
1787, and Attorney-General 12 Aug. 1789, having been a
few days before sworn of the Privy Council, and Lord Chief
Justice, King's Bench, 1796. In the Parliament which
assembled in 1784 he was a member for Coleraine, and in
the succeeding Parliament for .lames Town. He m. 7 Jan.
1769, Anne (who d. 23 Aug. Is04), dau. of William Ruxton,
Esq. of Ardee (see Xlvxros, of Ardee). She was created
Aug. 1795, Baeoness Kilwabden, nf KiUeel, and he, on his
elevation t-> the Bench, was created Baeon Kilwarden, of, and \ iscount in 1800. He was killed on the
night of 23 July, 1^03, by the rebels in Thomas Street,
Dublin. He had issue,

1 JoHK, 2nd Lord Kilwarden, 6. 11 Nov. 1769; d. s. p. 16
May. Is30, when the title became extinct.

2 William, b. 11 Oct. 1770; d. unm. 30 Dec. 1782.

3 Arthur, Col. in the Army, b. 26 June, 1773 ; d. unm. 29
Juno, 1805.

4 Richard, (/. young.

1 Marianne, 6. 10 Sept. 1776 ; to. June, 1809, Ilardwicke
Shutc, Esq., and d. 8 Feb. 1814, leaving issue.

2 Elizabeth, b. 31 Aug. 1778; d. unm. 24 May, 1806.

IX. Williams, b.2i May, 1741, Lieut. E.N., Freeman cf Dub-
lin 1764 ; 111. Katharine Hussey ; d. s. p. 4 Aug. 1770.

Mr. 'V\'olfe </. 30 July, 1760, and was s. by eldest son,
Philpot Wolfe, Esq. of Forenashts, 6. 10 Sept. 1726, Free-

man of Dublin 1751, Capt. Kildare Militia 1756, High Sheriff
1756, Collector of Eevenue, Naa.s, 1758, Sub-Commissioner of
Excise 1761, J. P. 1784; )/j. 10 Feb. 1753, Mary, dau. of Thomas
de Burgh, Esq. of Dromkecn, co. Limerick, M.P.forNaas (see
De Bcbgh ofOUiloicn), and had issue,

I. John, his successor.

II. Eichard, b. 17 Dec. 1757; d. 24 June, 1770.

III. Tliomas Philpot, b. 10 Aug. 1760; d. 11 July, 1770.

IV. Williams Philpot. b. 5 Oct. 1762 ; d. 6 June, 1770.

V. Arthur, b. 7 Feb. 1764 ; rf. 29 Blarch, 1764.

I. Blary Burgh, 6. 4 July, 1755 ; d. 19 June, 1756.

II. Lydia, fi. 5 Aug. 1756 ; d. 5 Jan. 1761.

Mr. Wolfe d. 20 May 1775, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Wolfe, Esq. of Forenaghts, Col. Kildare Militia, 6. 9
F'eb. 1754, Freeman of Dublin 1775, High Sheriff 1779, Capt.
Forenaghts Cavalry, 31 Oct. 1796, M.P. for Kildare, ap-
pointed in conjunction witli William Eobert, 2nd Duke of
Leinster, K.P., Governor of the co. Kildare 12 March, 1803;
m. 9 April, 1777, Charlotte, dau. of his great-uncle, Theobald
Wolfe, Esq., and had issue,

I. John, his successor.

II. Theobald, 6. 12 July, 1780; d. unm.

III. Arthur, Major Kildare Blilitia, b. 18 Sept. 1786 ; m. 1811,
Margaret, dau. of James Hamilton, Esq. of Dunbovne
Castle, CO. Bleath, M.P., and d. 27 Aug. 1813, having had

1 John, b. 14 May, 1812 ; d. 5 April, 1829.

2 Elizabeth, 6. 20 Sept. 1813; d. 30 May, 1822.

IV. EicHAKD, heir to his brother John.

I. Elizabeth, 6. 18 May, 1779 ; d. 3 June, 1779.

II. Mary, b. 26 July, 1781 ; rf. 24 Dec. 1826.

III. Elizabeth, b. 25 Jan. 1783; d. 7 Slay, 1836.

IV. Charlotte, b. 4 May, 1785; d. v.nm.

Col. Wolfe d. 18 April, 1S16, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Wolfe, Esq. of F'orcnaghts, b. 26 Feb. 1778, Capt.
Forenaghts Cavalry, 4 Jan. ISOO, Freeman of Dublin 1802,
Deputy-Governor co. Kildare 9 Dec. 1803; d. unm. 22 June,
1816, and was s. by his brother,

Eev. Eichard Wolfe, of Forenaghts, b. 10 Oct. 17S7 ; rn. 12
April, 1831, Lady Charlotte Sophia Hutchinson, sister of John
2nd Earl of Donougiimore, and d. s. -p. 20 July, 1841, leaving
the reversion of his estates to his kinsman,

Tueobald Geobge Samuel Wolfe, Esq. of Forenaghts and
Bishopsland, J. P. ^known as George Wolfe, of Bishopsland —
refer to issue of Thomas Wolfe, of Blackball), 6. 7 Oct. 1815 ;
5)4. 18 June, 1852, Henrietta Elizabeth, dau. of Henry Moreland
Ball, Esq. of Kersiebank House, co. Stirling and of Tipper-
kevin, co. Kildare. He s. to Forenaghts and other estates on
the death of Lady Charlotte AYolfe in 1870, and d. 12 Jan. 1872,
having had issue,

I. EicHAED, his successor.

II. George, heir to his brother.

I. Elizabeth, m. 14 April, 1884, William John Eead Bains-
ford, Esq., Army Medical Department, eldest son of Capt.
William K. Eainsford, of Cradockstowu, co. Kildare.
Mr. Wolfe was s. by his eldest son,

lUcHARD Wolfe, Esq. of Forenaghts and Bishopsland, Lieut.
2nd Dragoons, Eoyal Scots Greys, M.A. and LL.B. Tiin. Coll.
Dublin, 6. 6 July, 1855; killed at the battle of Abu Klea,
Upper Soudan, Egypt, 17 Jan. 1885, d. unm., and was s. by
his brother.

Arms — Arg., three wolfs' heads erased sa. ducally gorged or.
Ci-est — A wolf's head sa. ducally gorged or. Motto — Pro patria

Seats — Forenaghts, Naas ; Bishopsland, Ballymore Eustace
CO. Kildare ; and Acomb Priory, York.


Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral, Lord of the Manors
of Ilsington and Bagtor, Devon, b. 10 Oct. 1819 ;
m. 20 June, 1848, at Chapelallerton Church, York-
shire, Louisa Ann, dau. of Thomas Benson Pease,
of Chapelallerton Hall, Yorkshire, formerly of Dar-
lington, Durham, and had issue,

I. Fbancis Eichard, 6. 5 May, 1849, B.A. Cambridge, and
Ex-Scholar Sydney Sussex Coll., Cambridge, Solicitor
Dublin, m. Aug. 1888, Sophia E. MacMurrogh Murphy.

II. John Edward, b. 19 April, 1850, civil and mechanical
engineer at Maccio, Brazil ; in. 18 Nov. 1891, at
Pernambuco, Mary Edith, dau. of the late William
George F'ennelly of Pernambuco.

III. Eobert Ormston, b. 14 Aug. 1851; d. 30 Jan. 1852.





Sarah, m. — Henry.

IV. Ormston, b. 31 Oct. 1852; d. 2 Jan. l3o6.

V. William Aldam, b. 9 Jan. 1854; d. 25 Dec. 1855.

\i. AValter Proudfoot, 6. 16 May, 1862, now in Texas ; m.
1892, Miss Jennie Ewan.

I. Louisa.

II. Lucy, d. unm. 19 Jan. 1856.

III. Constance, d. 4 Nov. 1863.

IV. Isabella, d. 7 Jan. 1869.

V. Kditb.

Lineagre. — The first or the family migrated to Dublin in
the eighteenth century, when a young man from, it is said,
Kent or Cornwell. His issue were

I. Joshua, Ensign 1st Batt. 60lh Eoyal American Eegt. of
Foot 12 Nov. 1776, Lieut. 28 Nov. 1777, d. in West Indies,
7 Sept. 1780, probably at Spanish Town, Jamaica, where
the Headquarters of his regt. was stationed diu-ing the
entire time of his service.

II. Richard, at one time in the office of Ulster King at Arms,
Dublin; bapt. (as supposed) in St. Ann's Church, Dublin, 4
Jan. 1756; m. (as supposed) Isabella ,

1 John, in. and had issue ] Supposed to have been his
I children, vide will of Mr.
Y John Wolfe, of Tentower,
I Queen's Co., Notary Pub-

2 William, bapt. 16 June, 1781. J he dated 2 April, 1843.
JUL John, Notai-y Public, of Old Connaught Bray, aftei-warda

of Tentower, Queen's Co., 6. 1757; ■»;. Elizabeth Proudfoot
(she d. 1840), formerly Neville, of the Nevilles of co. Meath,
dau. of Mary Proudfoot ; he d. 22 May, 1843, aged 86 ("ill
2 April, 1843, proved 1 July, 1843), and was bur. in the
churchyard of Killermogli with his late wife. His issue

1 Robert, of Tentower House, Queen's Co., m. ISO",
Susanna Bennetuwho d. 1862), d. 12 Sept. 1860 (will 13
July, I860, proved 13 Oct. 1860), having had issue,
John, d. unm.

Anne, m. Jno. Nelson Bennett, and had issue.
Elizabeth, to. Bartholomew M. Prentice, and had issue.
Sophia Agnes Wilhclmina, m. 1838, Dr. Thomas Bradley,
Surgeon of Stonyford, co. Kilkenny, she d. Dec. 1842,
leaving issue.
Margaret, d. May, 1842.
■2 John, Solicitor, Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin, b. 23 June,
1783; m. 6 Feb. 1811, Margaret Bennett (6. 19 Sept. 1793,
d. 13 Nov. 1873), dau. of Col. Bennett, of Teinplemore,
Ireland, andd. 5 Jan. 1871, aged 88, having had issue,
John, Bank of Ireland, Dublin, b. 24 May, 1817, d. 20
April, 1887.
Richard Eobbins, now of Leighon.
Theophilus Bennett, 6. 22 Dec. 1821, d. IS68, in

Australia, unm.
Thomas, b. 23 June, 1829; m. Marion Downs, and d. 10
JJIay, 1881, having had issue,

1 Thomas Henry, b. 3 Sept. 1857.

2 Gerald Harvie, 6. 5 Feb. 1859; m. Mary Louisa
Bryans, 25 Jan. 1887, and has issue,

Gerald Bryans, 6. 7 Dee. 1887.
Elsie May, 6. 21 Au?. 1889.
Phyllis Mackredy, b. 26 May, 1891,

3 Howard Carr, b. 25 Aug. 1861.

4 William Downs, b. I Sept. 1865, d. 19 Jan. 18G6.

5 Arthur Reginald, b. 26 March, 1867 ; m. 25 April,
1891, Mary Marsden.

6 Edward Dudley Corscaden, &. 3 May, 1875.

1 Marion Elizabeth, b. 15 May, 1360, d. 8 July, 18S0.

2 Edith Lyne, 6. 8 Jan. 1863.

3 Bertha Margaret, b. 20 Feb. 1864; d. unm. 1891.

4 Mabel Stuart, b. 16 Aug. 1870.

5 Linda Ethel Findlater, 6. 7 Dec. 1873.

Hobert, of Liverpool, 6. II Dec. 1823; m. 5 Jan. 1870,
Heloise Augustine Henrietta Desiree Chevdllier, and
had issue,

1 Oscar Philip, b. 8 Oct. 1872.

2 Harold Edgar, 6. 23 April, 1876.

3 Hubert Isidore, 6. 8 May, 1878.

1 Henriette Alida, 6. 22 March, 1871,

2 Maud Florentine, b. 28 Feb, 1874.

3 Linda Florentine, b. 25 Sept. 1S8I ; d. 18 April, 1832.

4 Hilda Violette, b. 30 Aug. 1886.

Elizabeth, 6. 1 Jan. 1812; m. Rev. Reuben Norton (he ci.

20 Oct. 1878), Rector of BaUinure, co. Wicklow, and

d.s.p. 1893.
Ann, m. Kev. N. B. Cun-ey, Rector of Bawtry (he d. 18

Oct. 1890), and had issue.
Margaret, b. 7 April, 1815; d. 31 March, 1851 ; 7n. 6Sept.

1842, John Lloyd Blood, of Dublin, and had issue.
Mary Jane, 6 5 Jan. 1826 ; d. 21 May, 1877; on. I Sept.

1853, William Findlater, Solicitor, Dublin.
Isabella, vi. 14 Oct. 1855, Frederick Blood, of Dublin,

and had issue.

uJ;-)ii«— (Reg. Ulster OfiSce). Arg. on a chevron, between

three wolf's heads erased sa., as many bezants each charged
with a cross moline of the second. Crest— A wolt's head erased
sa. charged with a bezant, thereon a cross moline of the first.
Mntto — Lupus non lepus.
Seats— Arthington and Leighon, Devon.


BiRCn-WoLFE, Mes. Maeianne, of Wood Hall,
Essex, youngest dau. of Robert Hewetson Richai'ds,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Assistant Barrister co. Wex-
ford, by Matilda his -wife, 2nd dau. of Henry
Garnett, Esq. of Green Park, co. Meath; m. 1862,
Rev. William Biech-Wolfe, M.A., of Wood
Hall, -who d. 1864. He ■was youngest and only
surviving son of the Rev. Richard Birch, Rector of
Widdingion and Bradwell-juxta-Mare, Essex, by
Elizabeth his -wife, sister of Rev. Sir Henry J3ate
Dudley, Bart., and grandson of Rev. Richard Birch,
and Mary liis wife, sister of Thomas Wolfe, Esq. of
Saffron Walden ; and assumed the additional sur-
name of Wolfe on succeeding to the estates of
John Wolfe, Esq., at the death of his brother, Rev.
William Birch-Wolfe, 1864. Mrs. Birch- Wolfe is
Lady of the Manor of Menduis, the Manor of
Rockells, Wiggpitts, and Coggeshalls, and the
Manor of Wood Hall.
Scat— Wood Hall, Arkesden, Newport, Essex.


Pipe-Wolfeestan, Feancis Staffoed, Esq. of
Statfold, CO. Stafford, J.P., b. 14 Oct. 1826 ; m. 31
July, 1859, Sarah Maria Hill, 5th dau. of William
Hallo'ivs Belli, Esq., H.E.I.C.S.,and has issue,

I. Egeeton Stanley, 6. 23 July, 1861.

II. Alfred Hercy, b. 3 March, 1S63. ,
ii:. Horace Middlemore, 6. 20 Nov. 1864.

IV. Littleton Edward, 6. 8 Aug. 1866.
v. Charles Almeric, 6. 29 Aug. 1869.
VI. Humphrey Frank, 6. 12 March, 1874,

I. Ethel Henrietta.

II. Eveline Grace.

III. Marion Isabel. iv. Eleanor May.

Lineagre. — Rodert Wolfeeston, Esq, of Wolferston,
Suffolk, made his will 1492, and was s. by his son,

Thomas Wolferston, Esq. of Culfye, Suffolk, m. Mawde (or
Mary) dau. of Sir Humphrey Stanley, of Pype, knight of the
body to King Henry VII., and had, with other issue, Philip,
of Wolverston Hall, Suffolk, who left an only dau., Mary,
m. Sir John Killigrew, Knt. of Anvenack, Cornwall; and

Humphry Wolferston, Esq. (2nd son), to. Katherine, dau.
of John Stanley, Esq. of Grove, co. Nottingham, by whom
he acquired the Manor of Stratford, co, Stafford, and had
(with five daus., the eldest, Maude, wife of Thomas Arblaster,
Esq. of Longdon ; and the 4th Katherine, m. Ralph Thieknesse,
Esq.) six sons. Mr. Wolferston d. circa 1592, and was s. by
his eldest son,

Hercy Wolferston, Esq., to. 18 Sept. 1593, Mary, dau. of
Ralph Egerton, Esq., of Betley, and had issue, Mr. AVolferston,
who was sometimes called Capt. Wolferston, and is supposed
to have been at the taking of Cadiz, 15U5, d. 28 July, 1636,
and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

Fbancisse Wolferston, Esq., bapt. 3 May, 1612; m. 29
Sept. 1031, Frances, eldest of twenty-two children of George
Middlemore, Esq. of Haslewell, and had three sons and three

I. Francis, his successor.

II. Middlemore, b. 18 Aug. 1643, who d. vnm..

III. Stanford, M.A., 'Vicar of Wotton Wawen, who m. 1st,
1679, Isabella, dau. of John Hinckley, D.D., Rector of
Northfield, by whom (who d. 1680) he had an only child,
Francis who d. in iiif.incy. He m. 2ndly, Susannah, dau. of
Mr. John Cread, ol Cambridge, and left issue at his decease,
29 Sept. 1698,

1 Stanford, of whom hereafter, as heir to his uncle.

2 Edward, b. 1691, who d. s. p. 1761.

3 Francis, Rector of Drayton Basset, co. Stafford, d. s. p.

4 Nicholas, who resided at Bury, Devon.

5 Humphrey, of Tamworth.

I. Grace, d. unm. 1720.

II. Anne, m. 1662, Edward Arbl:".st.!r, Esq. of Lyswis.





III. EHzabctli, m. Jolin Bott, Esq. of Dunstall, co. Stafford,
and had, with threo other daus.,
Grace, m. the Kev. Humphrey Pipe, M.A., youngest of the
hranch springing from John de Pype, living tejHjj.liicHAED
II., and had issue,
Samuel Pipe, M.A., Vicar of Crosall, and Rector of
Walton-on-Treut, co. Derby, 6. Aui:. 1710; m. 19 Sept.
1749, Dorothv, eldest dau. of Stanford Wolferstan,
Esq. of Statfold Hall, by whom (who c(. 26 001. it;54} he
had scvenil children, mentioned hereafter.

The eldest son,

Francis "VVolfebstox, Esq., purchased, 16S5, the manor and
a considerable part of the lands of Harlaston, co. Stafford.
This gentleman was the particular friend and fellow amateur
of Dr. Plot, the historian of co. Stafford. lie was likewise a
maker of indifferent verses ; among others, a translation of
Oval de arte a.nandi. In IC67 he began to write his name
Wolftrstc.n, an orthography his brother and posterity
continued. Mr. Wolferstan was a Barrister of good practice
until the Kevolution, but ever afterwards one of the stiffest of
nonjurors. He m. twice, but left issue only by his 1st wife,
Hester, dau. of John Bowyer, Esq. of Biddulph (by Elizabeth,
dau. of Sir William Bower), an only dau.,

Ann, heiress to her father's purchased estates. She was 2nd
wife to Sir John Egerton, Bart, of Wrinehill, but d. 172G,
without surviving issue.
At Mr. Wolfersran's decease, thus without male issue, Statfold
devolved upon liis nephew and heir-in-tail,

Stanford Wolferstan, Esq., J. P., of Statfold, rn. Sarah,
youngest dau. of Sir Edward Littleton, Bart., and had issue,

I. Littleton, who d. s. p. r. p. 1769.

I. Dorothy, m. 1749, the Eev. Samuel Pipe, 51. A., Ecctor of

Walton-on-Trent, by whom (who d. 15 Eeb. 1779) she had


1 Samuel, of Statfold, of whom presently.

2 Humphrey, of Uttoxeter, ,,1. 177G, Elizabeth, dau. of
Charles Pe'stcU, Esq., and had one son, Samuel, who d.

1 Sarah Grace, m. James Bell, of Uttoxeter.

2 Elizabeth, m. 1775, the Kev. George Greaves, Pvcctor of
Stanton and of Swarkston.

ji. Sarah, m. 1737. Joseph Girdler, Esq., Bairister-at-Law,
son and heir of Mr. Serjeant Joseph Girdler, of Haselor, co.
Stafford, and dyina 17«1, left issue.

III. Joyce, ra. Ibt, Edward Littleton, Esq. of The Moat ; and
2ndly, Edward Plaisted, Esq. of Bole Hall, near Tam-

IV. Hester, d. v.nm. 1746.

V. Frances, of Widecombe House, near Bath, d. unm. 1767.
v[. Elizabeth, m. 1773, Thomas Hedges, Esq. of Week, Devon,

Major North Devon Militia, and d. s. p. 1811.
Mr. Stanford Wolferstan, d. 2 July, 1772, having devised his
estates, after the decease of his wife, to his grandson,

Samuel Pipe, Esq., who, upon the demise of that lady,
assumed 1776, by sign manual, the surname and arms of
AVolfebstan. He m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Walter Biddulph,
Esq., of Barton-under-Xeedwood, uncle to Sir Theophilus
Biddulph, Bart., and had issue,

Stanley, his heir.

Mai-f^aret, m. 1817, Charles Salt, Esq., and d. s. p.

He r,i. 2ndly, 4 Oct. 1706, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Philip
Jervis, Esq., cousin of John, Earl St. Vincent, but had no
further issue. Mr. Pipe Wolferstan, a diligent and accom-
plished antiquary, d. 1820, and was s. by his son,

Stanley Pipe Wolferstan, Esq., of Statfold, J. P. and
D.L., h. 21 JIarch, 1785; r,i. 1st, 21 Juiy, 1817, Elizabeth
Jervis, eldest dau. of Swynfcn Jervis, Esq. of Kensington,
and granddau. of Philip Jervis, Esq. of Netherseale, co.
Leicester, and by her (who d. 26 April, 1869) had issue,

F'RANCis Stafford, now of Statfold.

Stanford William, Fellow of King's Coll. Camb. ; ra. Aug.

185:, his cousin, Blanche, youngest dau. of S. S. Jeriis,

Esq. of Darlaston Hall, co. Statiord, and had two sons, lie

d. Dec. 1863.
Edward, a .Solicitor.

Hcrcy, Capt. 26th Cameronians, <,'. s. p.
John Egerton, d. an infant, Sept. 1834.
Grace, m. the late Edward Hicks, M.P., Esq. of W^ilbraham

Temple, co. Cambridge.
Anna Alaria, la. Baron Webster, Esq. of Penns, co. Warwick,

d. 26 July, 1848.
Margaret Jane.

Hester Selina, d. 26 June, 1844.
Frances Elizabeth.
Emily Dorothea, rii. April, 1872, her first cousin, William,

only son of PhiUp Jervis, of Uttoxeter, co. Stafford.
Mr. Wolferstan m. 2ndly, 8 June. 1861, Elizabeth, only dau.
of Shirley Steele Perkins, Esq. of Orton Hall. co. Leicester,
but had no further issue. He d. 26 Jan. 1867.

-4 i'i/is— Quarterly : Island 4th, for Wolferstan, sa., a fcss
wavy between three wolves' heads erased or; 2nd and 3rd,
for Pipe, az., two organ-pipes in clievron between ten crosscs-
crosslet or. Crest — For Wolfekstan, A wolf under a tree all
ppr. ; for Pipe, A leopard's head erased or. J/o((o— Qui seiu

Stat — Statfold, near Tamworlh.


WoLLASTOx, Fkedekiok Eustace Arbuth-
KOTT, Esq. of Slicnton Hall, co. Leicester, J. P., D.L.,
formerly Lieut. 2nd Dragoon Guards, b. 21 June,
1853 ; m. 18 Dec. 1877, Annie, dau. of Thomas
Hargreaves, Esq. of Arborfield, Reading, and has

I. Frederick Hargreaves Arbuthnott, &. 7 May, 1879.

II. Hubert Charles, b. 20 Feb. 1890.
I. Violet Cicely Kathleen.

Lineage.— It appears, by a considerable number of very
ancient deeds, that this family flourished before and in the
reign of Edward III., at WoUastcn, co. Stafford; that it took
the name from that place ; and that Henry, John, and William
de Wollaston, were at that time Lords of that Manor.

TuoMAs Wollaston, of Pcrton, co. Stafford, a person of
rank and influence in the reign of Henry VII., had a grant
from the Crown of the ofBce of keeper of the outwcods, of
Lyndridge, which he held until 1523. His great-grandson,

Henry Wollaston, Alderman of London (2nd son of Henry
Wollaston, Esq., of Peiton, and brother of Edward Wollaston ;
who (,;. Elizabeth AVollaston, of Trcscott Grange, his cousin,
and had two sons, Sia John Wollaston, Lord Mayor of
London : and Henry, ancestor of the Wollastons of Loaehy,
Extinct Baronets), and d. 1617, having obtained a grant in
the preceding year of the family arms. He m. Sarah, dau. of
W^illiain Burgess, of Kippington, Kent, and had by her, with
four daus., two sons, i. William, his heir; and ii. Thomas,
of Abbot's Langley, Herts, and afterwards of Oucott, co.
Stafford, one of the filazers of co. York, b. 1587; he left, by
Sabina, his 2nd wife, dau. of Sir George Oldrich, a son, -
William, of Koton Klanford, m. Elizabeth Downs, and by her '
left at his decease, 10 March, 1891-2, with other issue, a son,
William, 6. 1659, of whom presently. The eldest son,

William Wollaston, Esq., h. 1580, of Oncott Hall, co.
Stafford, and afterwards of Shenton, co. Leicester, was High
Sheriff of the latter co. 1629, and *f the former the next year.
He r,i. twice, but had issue only by his 2nd wife, Anne, dau.
of Humphrey Whitgrcave, of Bridgeford, co. Stafford, four
sons. Jlr. Wollaston d. 10 Dec. 1666, and was s. by his
only surviving son,

William Wollaston, Esq. of Shenton, D.L., High Sheriff
1672-3. He m. Elizabeth, dau. and sole heir of Capt. Francis
Cave, of Ingersby, by Rebecca his wife, dau. of Robert Roper,
Esq. of Hoanor, co. Derby, and widow of Sir William Villiers,
of Brokesby. By her he had issue three sons and three daus.,
I. Elizabeth, cZ. young ; ii. Anne, ra. Sir John Chester, Bart.;
and III. Rebecca, m. John Wilkins, Esq., of Ravenston. Mr.
Wollaston, outliving thus his male issue, devised Shenton at
his decease, 19 Aug. 1688, aged 65, to his cousin,

William Wollaston, Esq., an eminent writer on ethics
and theology, h. 1659. He m. 1689, Catherine, 2nd dau. and
co-heir of Nicolas Charlton, Esq., of London, and by her
(who d. 1720, aged 50) had issue,

I. Charlton, of Charterhouse Square, h. 8 Sept. 1699, Fellow
Commoner of Sidney Coll. Cambridge ; d. 6 Aug. 1729.

II. William, of whom presently.

III. Francis, of Charterhouse Square, b. 6 June, 1694; vi. 1&
Nov. 1728, Mary, eldest dau. of Dr. John Francis Fauquier,
and d.. 27 Dec. 1774, having had issue,

1 Francis, of Charterhouse Square, LL.B., Rector of
Chislehurst, of Dereham, and St. Vidas, London, Pre-
centor of St. David's, F.K.S., b. 23 Nov. 1731; m. 11 May,
1758. Althea, 5th dau. of John Hyde, Esq., and bv her
(who d. 8 June, 179S) left at his decease, 31 Oct. 1815,
F'rancis John Hyde, b. 13 April, 1762, Archdeacon of
Essex, Rector of South Weald, Prebendary of St. Paul's,
Jacksonian Professor in the University of Cambridge,
<fcc. He m. 13 Aug. 1793, Frances Hayles, and dying
1823, left issue,

Frances Hayles, b. 1 May, 1803, Rector of Dereham •
7ii. 7 June, 1825, his cousin, Caroline Wollaston, and
d. s.p. 1849.

Frances Althea, jii. the Rev. John William Trevor, of
Carnarvon, d. 15 M'lrch, 1830, leaving issue, Edward
Salisbury Rose, of Trowscoed Hall, co. Montgomery ;
and .\lthea Mary, m. 1845, George Beadnell, Esq., an
officer on the staff' in India.





All'ipa. Jane, m. the Eev. H. R. Moody, Eector of
Cluii tliain, Kent, and had issue.
George Hyde, of Clapham Common, 6. 10 July, 17G5;
■m. 2S Oct. 1796, Mary Anne, 2nd dau. of William Luard,
Ksq., and by her (who d. 1817) lett at his decease, 26
Aug-. 1841, three sons and three daus.,

Frederick Luard, 6. 6 Oct. 1802; m. 17 March, 1834,
Diana Harriet, 2nd dau. of John Sperling, Esq. of
Dynes Hall, Essex (she d. s. p. 1£C2; he d. 19 Aug.

Alexander Luard, 6. 14 June, 1804 ; m. 15 March,
J837, Susannah Charlotte, dau. of — Morris, Esq. of
Berhice, and has issue, George Hyde, b. 1844; Katha-
rine Charlotte, m. 1863, Eev. Frederick Sandeman,
of Perth; Mary Anne ; Henrietta Jane; and Louisa

Edw.ard Luard, 6. 18 Dec. 1814; m. 1843, Mary

Henrietta, to. 1852, Field-Marshal Sir George Pollock,
Bart., G.C.B., K.S.I. He d. 6 Oct. 1872; she d. 14
Feb. 1873.

Charlotte. Sophia.

William Hyde, M.D., F.E.S., 6. 6 Aug. 1766 ; d. 22 Dec.

1828, s. p.
Frederick Hyde, b. 12 June, 1770 ; d. s. p. Sept. 1839.
Charles Hyde, b. 22 Nov. 1772, M.A., Vicar oJ East Dere-
ham; m. 2 March, 1795, Sarah AVillett, dau. of AVilliam
Otlley, Esq. of St. Kitts, and d. 21 March, 1850, leaving
a son,

William Charles, 6. 19 Dec. 1794, M.A., Rector of East
Dereham; to. 9 April, 1817, Charlotte Jane, dau. of
the Eev. Eichard Fawcett, Vicar of Leeds, and by her
(who d. 25 April, 1866) hSLd issue,
Charles Richard, b. 13 March, 1818, d. unm. 1850.
William Ottley James, b. 30 July, 1820; m. Aug.
1847, Mary, dau. of Henry Webber, Esq.,andd.s.p.
Drury Ottley, m. 1851, Mary, dau. of John Locke,
Esq., and has issue.
Percy, ?«. 1849, Catherine Mossop, and has issue.
Charlotte Maria, m. 1846, W. Locke, M.D.
Henry Septimus Hyde. b. 14 April, 1776; m. 1st, 23 Dec.
1802, Mary Ann IJlackenhagen, and by her (who d. 25
June, 1805) had issue,
Henbt Francis, of Southsea, &. 6 Sept. 1803 : m. 8 Aug.
1839, Elizabeth, dau. of Oliver Naylor, Esq. of the
Audit and Excise Office ; he d. 27 Dec. 1876, leaving
Frederick Henrj-, b. 11 Jan. I84I.
Arthur Naylor, of Glen Hill, Walmer. and of the
India Oflice, b. 14 Oct. 1842; to. 6 Sept. 1873,
Caroline Mar

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