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752), d. 21 May, 1808, aged 82, having
had issue, by Margaret his wife (who d. 4 July, 1800, aged 72),

I. John, Surgeon E.N., b, at Thornhill, 1751 ; d. at sea,
«. p.

II. William, b. at Blacker Hall, I'TiS, d. young.

in. Joseph, b. 11 Feb. 1755; m. Elizabeth Sikes, and by her
(who d. 26 Jan. 1841, aged 86) had issue,

1 John, d. at Blacker Hall, 15 Feb. 1783, aged 3.

2 John, b. 1787; ra. Sarah Coldwell (whose sister jjj. Eobert
Barker, Esq. of Hall Croft, Horhury), and \d. s. p. 17
Jan. 1865. She d. 27 Nov. 1861, aged 72.

3 Thomas, b. 7 March, 1789; m. Hannah Robinson, of
Rochdale, and by her had issue (with a dau. Margaret
.Sikes, who d. In infancy), an only son,

John Robinson, b. 7 Sept. 1829; vi. Sarah Anne Athey,
and d. 11 Oct. 1883, leaving issue, William Edward, b.
21 July, 1873; and Margaret, 6. 4 April, 1881.

4 Joseph, b. 19 Nov. 1802 ; d. umn. 29 May, 1890.
1 Sarah, d. 17 Jan. 1783, aged 5.

'2 Mary, d. 19 Jan. 1789, aged 4.

5 Hannah, d. 26 March, 1815, aged 20.

4 Elizabeth, 1)1. to her first cousin, John Wood, of Bullcliffe

Hall, and d. there, 7 April, 1859.
;') Anne, m. James Bramald, Esq., and d. leaving issue,
ij Margaret, m. William Dyson, son of John Dyson, and

Sarah Bedford, his wife ; and d. 15 Oct. 1850, aged 51,

having had issue.

5v. Thomas, of Woolley Moor.

V. Charles, b. 10 Jan. 176t; d. 1802. By his wife (who m.
2ndly, — Emmerson), he left issue, of whom one dau.
Mary, m. — Robinson, of Horbury. and had issue.

SI. Robert, b. 2 Feb. 1775 ; d. abroad.

J. .Sarah, b. 5 March, 1857; m. 11 July, 1779, John Dobson,
Esq., Hanker, of Huddersfield, and d. Jan. lB25, having
had issue.

51. Hannah, 6. 6 April, 1759 ; rn. Capt. Dring, of the mer-
cantile navy, and d. s. p.

411. Mary, m. Eobert Mellor, merchant, of Huddersficld, and
had issue.

IV. Elizabeth, b. 15 June, 1771 ; ra. 1st, Lionel Garlick, by
whom she had issue ; 2ndly, to William Longfield, and had
issue ; and d. about 1857.

The 4th son,

Thosias Wood, Esq. of Woolley Moor, who purchased this
property about 1805, and rebuilt the residence, was b. at
Blacker Hall, 21 June, 1761; ra. Martha Spawforth, and d.
Z2 May, 1346, having had issue by her (who d. 21 March,

I. John, of BullclifTe Hall, b. 22 Nov. 1798 ; to. his 1st
cousin. Elizabeth Wood, of Blacker Hall, and d. 29 March,
1874, having by her had issue, two daua.,

Elizabeth, d. unm. March, 1856.

Mary Anne, ?h. Oct. 1854, Joseph Tolson White, only
son of Thomas White, Esq. of Cliffe House, near Wake-
field, by whom (who c?. April, 1877, aged 57) she had issue
(all deceased). Sherf. 3 Dec. 1878, aged 46.

II. Joseph, present representative.

III. Thomas, of Birch Laiths, h. 31 Aug. 1809 ; m. Sarah
Anne, of — Mould, of Wilberfoss, E.R., and by her
(Who d. 18 Jlay, 1875, aged 63) had issue, an only child,

Sarah Martha, m. Richard Shortridge, Esq., and d. May,
18G7, aged 31, leaving issue.

IV. Charles, b. 1811, rf. aged 8 years.

v. William, M.D. Paris and Edin. Universities, formerly
medical officer of the West Riding House of Correction ;
medical inspector of factories, and medical referee of the
Lancashire, Yorkshire, and other railways ; 6. 16 Nov.
1813; in. 1st, 1843, Anne, only surviving child of Timothy
Dyson, of Wakefield, by his wife, Mary CharlesHorth (Ist
cousin of John Charlesworth, Esq. of Ketllethorpc) ; and by
(who d. 8 April, 1870) had issue,

1 William Dyson (Windham Club, S.W.), of Edinburgh
University, and Trin. Coll. Oxford, medical inspector for
CO. Oxford, b. 11 Nov. 1844.

2 Charles Edward, b. 17 Oct, and d. 25 Nov. 1845.

3 John Skilbeck, of Ch. Cli. Oxford, and of the Middle
Temple, Barrisler-at-Law, b. 15 June, 1847 ; m. but has
no issue.

4 Francis Henry, Edinburgh University, 6. 19 Dec. 1853 :
m. 9 June, 18s5, M.iud Mary Bertram, 3rd dau. of the
late Henry James Wilkinson, Vicar of Hooton Fagnell,
CO. York, domestic chaplain to the Earl of Ashburn-
ham, and has issue, Bertram William Francis, b. Aug.
1SS7, and Slargaret Bertram, b. 1886.

1 Mary, b. lb May, 1851 ; d. 12 Oct. 1858.

2 Katharine Anne, b. 31 Aug. 1852; on. 10 Aug. 1875,
Richard Ernest Langhorne, Esq. of Sandal House,
near Wakefield, sometime of Woodthorpe Hall, and has

Dr. Wood TO. 2ndly, Aug. 1871, Christian Susannah, elder
dau. of the late Henry Ingram, Esq. of Wakefield and
Halifax, who d. Sept. 1872. He m. 3rdly, May, 1873,
Hannah, youngest dau. of William Starkey, Esq. (uncle of
Lewis Starkey, Esq., M.P. for S.W. Yorkshire) ; she d. 7
Oct. 1878. Dr. Wood d. 9 May, 1889.

I. Sarah, h. 13 Sept. 1803; m. 1825, Matthew Mason, of
Pallinsburn Cottage, Northumberland, and d. 1843, having
had issue, Thomas, who d. lStJ4.

II. Hannah, b. 22 July, 1816; d. unm. March, 1843.

III. Mary, 6. 13 Sept. 1818; m. 1847, John William Nichol-
son, Esq. of Grimblethorpe Hall, co. Lincoln, and d. Aug.
1857, leaving issue. He d. Aug. 1872.

4(aniilii of ^atoit.

William Patton or Paton, of Aberdeenshire, had, with

other issue, three sons,

I. George, m. Anne Nicoll, of Huntley and Aberdeen (whose
brother Walter Nicoll, Esq., was one of the 23 "merchants
and gentlemen," who, in 1748, founded the " Aberdeen
Musical Society," of which the Duke of Gordon was some-
time President), and d. 15 Sept. 1807, aged 84, having had
issue by her (who d. 23 Nov. 1799, aged 77) a dau. (Anne,
Mrs. Bennett, d. 26 May, 1813, aged 62) three sons,

1 William, d. 10 Nov. 1824, leaving issue by his wife (who
d. July, 1830),

John, d. unm. 2 Aug. 1821.

William, of Falkirk, d. 10 April, 1840, leaving two daus.,
Mrs. Abbott, and Mrs. Symons.

Walter, b. 6 Aug. 1793; mathematical tutor to T.R.H.
The Prince of Wales, Duke of Edinburgh, and the
Princess Royal. He m. — , sister of Sir Samuel
Brown, R.N., K.H., and relict of Major Campbell ; and
d.s.p. 11 Sept. 1855.

James, d. unvi.

Elizabeth, rf. 1821 "1 One of these ladies was Mrs.

Margaret, rf. Ci'rctt 1824 j" Stewart, whose son, .John
Stewart, won much fame by his miniature portraits of
the Princess Charlotte of Wales, and other noted

Mary, d. unm. 18 Dec. 1827.

2 Alexander, of Thurso, to. May, 1782, Dorothy, (god-
dau. of Lady Dorothea Sinclair, afterwards Countess of
Fife), dau. of Thomas Dott, the well-known architect of
Fife, by his wife, Margaret Shaw ; and d. 23 May, 1846,
aged 91, having by her (who rf. 11 Sept. 1839) had, with
other issue,

George, of Ormley, Isle of Man, b. 7 Nov. 1787 ; Lieut,
in the original "Cape Mounted Riflemen"; m. 1st,
at Cape Town, 27 Nov. 1819, Magdalena Johanna
Cornelia, dau. of Franciscus Joseph Preys, merchant,
and by her (who d. 27 Oct. 1828) had, with other issue,
James, of Lakeville, Ontario, Canada, 6. 3 Sept.

Ib28, TO. 14 Nov. 1851. Mary Vernon, dau. of Capt.

James Sibbald, It.N., and cousin of Gen. Sibbald, by

whom he hdd, with other issue, two sons, James and






Lieut. G. Paton m. 2ncil7, 30 June, 1S31, SybcIIa, dau.
of Eoderick Mclver, Esq., Collector of Cusloms, by his
wife Isabella McKenzie (cousin of Sir Alexander
McKenzie, of Avoch, N.B., discoverer of the McKen-
zie River in Canada, and 1st cousin of Sir John Kirk-
land, of Eickniansworth Park, Herts) ; and d. 1867,
Slaving by her (who d. Jan. 1884) had, with other
Roderick Mclver, of Ormlcy, Streatham, co. SuiTey,
li. 7 March, 1S.'33 ; ?«. Catherine Jane, eldest sur-
viving dau. of the late Rev. George Ingram, B.D.,
sometime Rector of Chedburgh, SutTolk, and British
Chaplain in Belgium (by his wife, Jane Kaines, only
dau. and heiress of Edward Clavell, Esq., E.N"., of
the ancient Dorsetshire family of Clavell of Steeple
and Smedmore); and has, with other issue, George
Clavell (Rev.) B.A. Camb.
George (Rev.), Vicar and Chaplain of Ramsey, Isle of
Man, m. 22 Aug. ISC'), Ellen Mylrca, dau. ot
William Farrant, Esq. of Ballamour Park, and has,
with other issue, Edward Curpliey (Rev.) B.A. Camb.
James, 6. 7 April, 1793 ; Capt. 44th Regt., distinguished
himself valiantly at the siege of Rangoon, 1829, being
oairied into action by his own order from hospital,
and for his bravery had conferred upon him the
Colonelcy of a native regt., but d. before he could take
it up.

Dorothea, b. 15 June, 1791 ; m. 26 Jan. 1809, John
Craig Dumas, Capt. 63rd Regt., nephew of Gen. Sir
James Henry Craig, K.C.H., Governor Gen. of British
North America ; who d. G Nov. 1852, leaving issue.
aiargaret, b. 18 Feb. 1795; m. 22 Dec. 1821, Capt. John
Windsor Ord, of the H.E.I.C.S. (mercantile marine
service), who was drowned with his eldest son off
Bombay, June. 1840. She d. his widow 1875.
Klizabeth, b. 2 Aug. 1798; m. Lieut. Miller, and d. s. p.

11 Feb. 1870.

Christian, b. 3 June, 1800; m. 7 March, 1831, Rev. Wil-
liam Sinclair McKay, of the Indian Mission, and at
Calcutta, 3 Aug. 1836, leaving issue.

Alexis, 6. 14 Jan. 1803 ; m. Robert Nicholson, of Kirk-
wall, Orkney, andrf. 24 Aug. 1884.
3 George, m. 1801, Mary, 5th dau. of William Crawford,
lisq. of Cameron Bank, Midlothian, and by her (who
survived him, and d. 14 March, 1858) had issue,

Mary Anne, b. 22 Oct. 1802; m. 1st, 7 May, 1824, Lord
William Pitt Lennox, 4th son of Charles, 4th Duke of
Richmond, by whom she had issue, a dau. Louisa : who
(/. young ; this marriage having been, on her own
petition, dissolved by Act of Parliament, she m.
2ndlv, in 1831, Joseph Wood, Esq. of WooUey Moor,
CO. York, and d. at BuUcliffe Hall, 21 July, 1864.

Isabella, d. unm. 1865.

Eliza, 6. 2 May, 1811; 7n. 21 March, 1835, to her 1st
cousin Edmund Thornton Crawford, Esq., R.S.A.,
sometime of Cameron Bank, who d. 27 Sept. 1885. She
d. 30 Oct. 1847.

EI. Alexander, m. Anne Wilson, dau. of the Laird of Glas-

gowego, Aberdeenshire, andd. s. p. Aug. 1794.
III. William, m. Christian, dau. of Robert Scott, of Lumbs,

in Buchan, by his wife. Christian Craib, and d. 9 Jan.

1810, having by her (who d. 25 Jan. 1824, aged 94) had


1 Charles (Rev.), minister of Ettrick parish church (to
which living he was presented by Lord Napier, to whose
sons he had been tutor); and a burgess of Selkirk, b. 12
May, 1754; d. 1818.

2 Alexander, b. 6 Jan. 1756 ; d. 18 March, 1838.

3 William, 6. 25 June, 1753: m. 10 Feb. 1785, Elizabeth
Wilson, of Grimsby, and d. 10 Dec. 1795, having had

William, 6. 4 Feb. 1786; m. Mary, dau. of James Dal-

rymple, Esq., who d. s. x>- 8 Aug. 1874.
George, 6. 12 May, 17S9 ; Lieut. 22nd Regt., and 22nd

Dragoons, m. his 1st cousin. Christian Wemyss, and d.

12 June, 1861, having by her (who d. Jan. 1878) had,
with other issue, WiUiam Henderson, of Buchan.

Charles, Capt. H.E.I.C.'s Military service, confidential
Government Agent in British Burmah, and territorial
superintendent of Arracan ; b. 15 Nov. 1791; d. on his
passage to the Cape as an invalid. He m. 2ndly, his
J St cousin. Christian Henderson, and by her (who d. at
Akyab, 21 Aug. 1827) he had issue, four daus. By his
1st wife he had issue, one dau. Jane Ryan Paton, m.
Major William Martin, H.E.I.C.S., by whom she had
a dau. Frances Turner, 7/j. 1859, to Dr. Atlay, Bishop of

4 George, Lieut. R.N., 6. circa 14 April, 1761 ; d. 15 Feb,
1811. He m. Margaret, younger dan. of James Club, of
Fraserburah, by his wile, Isabella Ritchie (dau. of the
Laird of Hatton of Forest, Bailie of Krazerburgh, by
his wife Margaret, dau. of James Ogilvie, Bailie of Banff ;
of the Ogilvies, Earls of Scafield and Findlater); and by
her (who d. 5 Oct. Is46) he had issue,

William, Lieut. E.N., d. unm. 1S15, aged 25.
Alexander, who d. 11 March, 1197.

Isabella, m. 1st, Lieut. William Green ; 2ndly, Dr.
Patrick Gray; and d. 14 Dec. 1826, having had issue by
both husbands.

5 John, Col., Quartermaster-Gen. and Commissary-Gen.
H.E.I.C.S Bengal Army, Hon. A.D.C. to the Governor-
Gen, of India, and A.D.C. to Gen. John Forbes, was 41
years in the Military Service of the H.E.I.C, b. 18 Aug.
1763; d. Feb. 1824. He m. Mary, dau. and heiress of
Gen. John Forbes, by whom (who d. 22 Sept 1822) he had
w ith other issue,

John Forbes, Capt. Bengal Engineers, m. Emily, 5th
dau. of Lieut. -Gen. Hugh Stafford (see Staffoed of
Maine), and had issue,
John Stafford, C.B.,B.C.S., the distinguished General,
who served in the Gwalior, Sutlej (1845-6), andPun-
jaub (1848-9) campaigns, &c., 27 times mentioned in
despatches, Quartermaster-Gen. Bengal Army, 6. 3
March, 1821 ; lii. Wilhelmina Jane, eldest dau. of
Col. Sir James Tennanr, K.C.B., and d. 28 Nov.
1889, having by her (who d. 13 Aug. 1859) had issue.
Robert Mercer, Capt. B.S.C., 2nd Assistant Adjutant-
Gen., b. 12 Sept. 1824 ; m. Maria, dau. of Dr.
Gavin Young, and has issue. He resides in New
Charles Stewart, b. II Jan. 1826; d. young.
Mary, b. 20 Aug. 1822; d. 3 Sept. 1824, at Futtehgur,
Helen Eliza, to. Thomas Reid Davidson, Esq., B.C.S.,
the resident at Nagpore, and Sec. to the Indian
Government (Foreign Dept.), cousin to Sir John Eae
Reid, Bart., and had issue.
Susan Emily, to. April, 1825, Gen. Sir Robert Henry
Cunliffe, Bart., K.O.B., and d. 11 Nov. 1856, having
had issue. He d. Sept. 1859.
Viva Jane Maria, m. 1826, Sir James Ranald Martin,
C.B., F.R.S., M.D., by whom (who d. 27 Nov. 1874) she
had issue.

6 Robert, b. 16 June, 1765 ; served as a first-class Staff
surgeon, Il.N., in the Egyptian Expeditions ; d. 30 Aug.

7 Peter, 6. 9 May, 1767 ; d. 1771.

8 Peter, of Brick Lodge, Fraserburgh, N.B., b. 15 Oct.
1773 : d. 18 Nov. 1850. He m. 1st, Agnes, dau. of John
Brown, of Buchan (who d. 23 Aug. 1832) ; 2ndly, Jean,
dau. of William Johnston, of Buchan, by whom he
had one son, James, unm. By his 1st wife he had

John, Major H.E.I.C.S., Deputy Quartermaster-Gen.
Bengal Army, 58th Regt., killed in the Khoord, Cabul
Pass, in the retreat from Cabul, 8 Jan. 1842.

James George Brown, Lieut. H.E.I.C.S., 47th Regt.
(Bengal Army), killed by the accidental discharge of
his fowling-piece, in mounting his camel, April, 1838,
aged 28.

Alexander (Rev.), M. A. Cantab., Rector of Tuddenham
St. Martin, Suffolk, in. 28 Jan. 1843, Ellen Willerton,
dau. of Rev. Edward Thorold, rector of Hougham and
Marston, grand-dau. of Sir John Thorold, 9th Bart.
(see Burke's Baronetage), and has, with other issue,
John Duguid (Rev.), Vicar of South Stoneham.

George, M.A., M.D., Aberdeen and Edin. Univ., retired
from Bengal Medical Service with honorary rank of
Deputy Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals, sometime Post-
master-Gen. in India, m. 20 April, J 843, Mary
Lestock, dau. of Lestock Davis, Esq., H.E.I.C.S.,
and niece of Sir J. F. Davis, Bart., and d. 1889, having
by her, who d. 1890, had issue, two daus., Mrs.
Thornton and Mrs. Beville.

Thomas, of Eden Hill, Auckland, N.Z., J.P., m. 28
Nov. 1854, Anna, dau. of Thomas Hall, Esq. of co.
Antrim, and has issue, one son and five daus.

Margaret, d. unin.

Anne, m. her cousin, Charles Paton Henderson, Esq. of
Withington Hall, co. Lancaster.

Christian, m. Peter Cumine, Esq. (of the Pittulis family,
kinsmen of the Cumines of Auchry), and had issue.

1 Margaret, b. 12 Nov. 1752 ; m. John Watson, of Cairn
Hall, Aberdeenshire, by whom (who d. 1784) she had
issue ; and d. 28 Jan. 1837.

2 Emily, b. and d. 1758.

3 Helen, 6. 17 July, 1769 ; m. Charles Wemyss, Esq. of
Fraserburgh, and d. 19 Nov. 1834, having had issue.

4 Christian, b. 31 July, 1771 ; m. Alexander Henderson,
Esq., Capt. Aberdeenshire Vol. Infantry, and d. 26 Aug.
1854, having had issue.

Residence — West Park, Harrogate.


Wood, Willoughbt, Esq. of HoUyliurst, co.
Stafford, J.P., Capt. 1st Stafford Militia, b. 23 Jan.

Lineage. — Charles Wood, Esq. of Thoresby (son of .John
Wood, Esq. by Mary his wife, dau. and co-heir of John Boult,





Esq. of Bopton^, m. Ann, dau. of Sir 'Willonghliy Hiiknian, Bait,
of Tlii'uot-k Grove, the lineal descenclant of the ancient UniRlit!}'
family of Hickman, and d. 11 July, 1778, leaving a son and

WiLLoiGKPT Wood, Esq. of Thoresby, of the
King's Privy Chamber, iH. May, 175", Elizabeth, dau. of Sir
John Thorold. Bart., by Elizabeth his wife, dau. and co-heir
oi Samuel Ayton, Esq. of West Harrington, co. Durham, and
ha! issue,

Charles Thokold, liis heir.

Willouffiihv.Iohn, (/. April 1786.

Elizabelh -Ann, ,:i. July. 178;), John Fydell, Esq. of Boston,
CO. Lincoln, and d. 1816.

Isabella. )«. IHU, John Kipling, Esq. of Overstone Park, co.
Nonhampton, and d. 1841.

Charlotte, </. Is46.

Ann, Jii. John Eieldsend, Esq. of Bilsby ; he. d. 11 Oct.

Emma. m. Fr.Hncis Wilson, of Saleby, co. Lincoln.

Frances, d. 1833.

Louisa. (/. 1796.

Harriett, d. 18 Aug. 1847.

Matilda, ./. 1784.
Mr. Wood ('. 22 .April. 1807, and was ,«. by his son,

Chakles THonorj) Wood, Esq. of Thoi'e.sby, late Capt. Royal
Horse Guards Blue, 6. 15 Jan. 1777 ; m. 1 Jan. 1812, Jane, only
dau. of Sir John Thorold, Bart., of Syston Park, in tlie same
shire, and had issue,

WiLLorcHKT. his heir. Thorold.

Charles Thorold, d. 1849.

Kevi le, m. 1 Jan. 1846, Emma, dau. of H. Williams, Esq.,
and has issue,

Arthur Thorold.

Emily. Caroline.

Cami'lla, m. Aug. 1857, Rev. W. Cornwallis Evans, Vicar of
Campsal!. and </. Aug. 1867.
Mr. Wood d. 1852, and was s. by his eldest son,

WiLLOCGHBT WooD, Esq. of Thorcsby, J. P., b. 1813; m.
May, 1845, Mary, youngest dau. of John Clervaux Chaytor,
Esq. of Spennithorne Hall, co. Yoi'k, and by her (who d. 4 Oct.
1876) issue,

I. WiLLOCGHBT, now of Thoresby.
It. Neville Thorold, b. 13 June, 1857.

I. Constance Mary.

II. Eleanor Jane.

Mr. Wood d. 2 March, 1875.

Arms — Gu., a fess cotised between three lions' heads erased
arg. crowned or. Crest — A lion's head erased arg,, crowned
or. Motto — Strenue etaudacter.

Smf— Hollyhurst, Burton-on-Trent. Toien Address — 5, St.
James's Place.


Wood, Mes. Kezia Grace, of Hollin Ilall,
•widow of the late Albeet Charles Wood, Esq.
of that place (see below).

Lineage. — Giles Wood, Esq. of Pickering, co. York,
living circa 1500, was father of

EicHAPD Wood, Esq., -m. Izabel, dan. of Hugh HiltDn, Esq.
of Slingsby, near Malton, and from him sprang,

Anihont Wood, Esq. of Copmanthorpe, in the ainsty of
York, who m. Agnes, dau. of Lawrence Trotter, Esq. of co.
Durham, and was father of

John Wood, Esq., m. Dorothy, dau. of Sir Michael Went-
worth, Knt. of Woolley, by whom he had a family of eight
children. The 3rd son,

John Wood, Esq., .Alderman of the city of York, -/?i.and had
a son and successor,

Chakles Wood, Esq., m. Margaret, dau. of Ilenry Harrison,
Esq., and was father of

Joh.n Wood. Esq., h. 1682; m. 1706, Frances Ingram, relict
of Arthur Ingram, Esq. of Bamaby, co. York, brotherlo Lord
Viseount Irwin, and one of the darts, and co heiresses of Dr.
Nicholson, co. Durham. Mr. Wood, d. 1757, and was bur. at
Copmanthorpe, leaving a son,

KiciiAED Wood, Esq., 6. 1714 : m. 1745, Elizabeth, 2nd dau.
of Hutton Perkins, Esq. of .Mill Hill, Middlesex, and had,
Richard, his heir; Charles Buynton ; Elizabeth; and Chris-
tiana Fraiites. The eldest son,

liicHARD Wood, Esq. of Hollin Hall, to. 3 May, 1774, Delia,
only d.iu. of John Schaak, of Askham Bryan, near York, and
dying a Dec. 1»15, was s. by his son,

IlENiir ItioHAKD Wood, Esq. of Hollin Hall, b. 1 Feb. 1786;
m. 13 July, 1810, Anne Eliza, 5th dau. of John EcUersall,

Esq. of Cloverton House, near Bath, and dying 16 Api-il, 1844,
left issue,
FnEDERicK Henry, his heir.
Richard John, d. 20 Jan. 1853.

Jlaiia Frances, m. 28 Nov. 1843, the Rev. John Wilbraham
Hill, Rector of Waverton. co. Chester, 2nd son of John
Hill, Esq. of Standish Hall, co. Lancaster, and had issue of
whom none survived.
The elder son,

Frederick Henry Wood, Esq. of Hollin Hall and Copman-
thorpe, J. P. and D.L., b. 14Sept. 1811 ; m. 1st, 10 Oct. 1840,
Charlotte Augusta, eldest dau. of the late John Rothery, Esq.
of Leeds, and by her (who i^ 6 Feb. 1861) had issue,

I. Albert Charles, of Hollin Hall.

II. Henry Richard Hugh, R.N., b. 13 May, 1847; m. 1?
Oct. 1871, Florence, dau. of Robert Spencer Shield, Esq.
of Chester-Ie-Strcet, co. Durham, and d. a. p. Feb. 1883.

I. Eliza Rose, m. Aug. 186s, Rowland Hill Fawcett, Esq.,
Capt. 33rd Rcgt.

He m. 2ndly, Oct. 1865, Sarah Catherine Isabella, only child of
Capt. William Hay, C.B. (Sa' Bvrke's Peerage, Tweeddale, M.).
The eldest son,

A.LBERT Charles Wood, Esq. of Hollin Ilall, and Copman-
thorpe, CO. York, late Capt. Sth Hussars, h. 23 Nov. 1841 ; m.
1882, Kezia Grace, dau. of F. Palmer-Selick, Esq. of Muray,
Devon, .and had issue, Antonia Charlotte Isabella, 6. 1884. He
d. 1890.

Arms — Az., three woodmen ppr. each armed with a club
over the right shoulder and a shield in front arg., ihereon a
cross gu., hea<l and waist encircled with a wreath vert all
standing on ground of the second. Crest — An oak tree ppr.
acoined or. Motto — Pro patria.

Scat — Hollin Hall, Ripon.

Resnlences—HoUin Villa, Auriol Road, West KensingtOH,
and Oakbey, Havre de Pas, Jersey.


Wood, Mart Catherine, of Stouthall, co.
Glamorgan, dau. and heiress of Col. John Nicholas
Lucas, of Stouthall, m. 19 Dec. 1843, Col. Edward
Kobert Wood, of New Inn, co. Carmarthen, for-
merly of the 12th Lancers, who was J. P. for co.
Carmarthen, J. P. and D.L. for co. Glamorgan,
High Sheriff 1860, and Col. Eoyal Glamorgan
Light Infantry Militia, and by him (who d. 1876)
has issue,

Florentia Maria, ni. 4 Oct. 18V0, William Thompson Crawshay,
E.fq., eldest son of Robert Thompson Crawshay, Esq. of
Cyfartha Castle, co. Glamorgan.

Lineage. — This family claims descent from a common
ancestor with Lucas, of Shenfield, Essex.

John Locas, Esq. of Stouthall, High Sheriff of the co. 1778,
only son of Henry Lucas, Esq. of Cheriton, High Sheriff 1744,
rii. Miss Nicholas, of Garth, and left an only surviving son and

John Lucas, of Stouthall, J.P. and D.L., High Sheri£fl793,
ni. 1780, Catherine Powell, and dying 1831, left, with three
daus., two sons,

I. John Nicholas, of Stouthall, 6. 1784 ; m. 1st, Miss Mary
Richards, and by her (who d. 1822) had an only child and

Mary Catherine, now of Stouthall.

Mr. Lucas, in. 2ndly, Letitia, 3rd dau. of Nicholas Loftus
Tottenham, Esq. of Glcnfarn Hall, co. Leitrim.

II. Henry, of Uplands, co. Glamorgan, J.P. , co. Glamorgan,
High Sheriff 1842 ; w. 1st, 15 May, 1819, Caroline, dau. o£
Ponsonby Tottenham, Esq. of Ciifton, many years M.P.
for New Ross, co. Wexford, nephew of the Marquess of
Ely; and 2ndly, 25 April, 1837, Caroline, dau. of Robert;
James, Esq. of Wyke House, Dorset, and d. 1873, having'
had issue,

1 John Ponsonby (Rev.), late of Upl.ands, Glamorgan,
B.A., 1851, Rector of Rhosilli, Swansea, d. 30 Oct. 1823,
TO. 1857, Hannah Rebecca Dolbeare, dau. of the Rev.
T. R. Matthews, B.A., and has issue, Charles Gardner
Tottenham, 16 Jan. 1859 ; Loftus Tottenham, b. 3 Dee.
iHKt); Ponsonby Tottenham, 6. 17 Sept. 1869; Caroline
Tottenham ; Maria Louira Loftus ; and Flora Leigtk

2 Henry Loftus, deceased.

1 Caroline Catherine, m. Sir Gardner Wilkinson, D.C.L.,

2 Louisa Mary, m. P. Carden, Esq.

3 Harriett Susanna, ?n. W. Cave, Esq.

4 Maiia Klizabeth, deceased.

5 Charlotte Matilda, deceased.
{■faJ— Stouthall, Swansea.






Wood, Collingwood Lindsay, Esq. of Free-
land, Perthshire, J.P. and D.L. for that shire, and
J.P. for CO. Durham, h. 2 April, 1830; m. 1st, 14
July, 1870, Dulcibella, 3rd dau. of Samuel Goodin
Barrett, Esq., and by her (who d. 3 Dec. 1879) has
had issue,

I. Collingwood Nicholas Lindsay, 6. 18 Sept. 1877, and d.

10 March, 1878.
1. Dulcibella Maria Lindsay. ii. Ethel Lindsay.

III. Jeannette Lindsay. iv. Muriel Lindsay.

He m. 2ndly, 22 Aug. 1882, Frances Charlotte
Agnes, eldest dau. of Beaumont Williams Hotham,
Esq. {see Bueke's Peerage, Hotham, B.), and has


v. Frances Charlotte Lindsay.

VI. Evelyn Alice Lindsay.

VII. Mary Lindsay, b. and d. 2 Aug. 1887.

Lineagre.— Nicholas Wood, Esq. of Newcastle, co. North-
umberland, bapt. 20 Nov. 1748; m. 3 May, 1794, Ann, dau. of
Cuthbert Lawes, Esq., and by her (who d. 11 March, 1800) had

I. Nicholas, of whom presently.

II. John, b. 17 Dec. 1797 ; d. 23 Aug. 1849.

III. Robert, 6. 16 March, 1800; d. 27 March, 1803.

I. Anna Maria, b. 14 Aug. 1802 ; d. unvi. 27 March, 1856.

II. Barbara, b. 7 Sept. 1805 ; d. 13 March, 1806.
Mr. Nicholas Wood d. 30 Jan. 1807. His eldest son,

Nicholas Wood, Esq. of Hetton Hall, co. Durham, J.P., 6.

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