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Piighton, Kirkby Overblows, near Leeds, and by her (who
was bapt. 27 Aug. 1721 ; bur. 11 Oct. 1778) had issue,

IV. Eichard, bapt. 14 Dec. 1744; bur. 8 Aug. 1745.

T. William, bapt. 16 Aug. 1746, of Nether Popleton, co. York.

VI. John, bapt. 21 Sept. 1750.

VII. Benjamin, bapt. 14 March, 1752; d. same month.

VIII. Benjamin, bapt. 19 Aug. 1755.
II. Richard, of whom presently.

IV. Sarah, bapt. 7 March, 1742-3.

V. Margaret, bapt. 17 Oct. 1748.

VI. Anne, bapt. 23 June, 1753.

VII. Mar^-, bapt. 29 June, 1769 ; bur. 2 April, 1780.

VIII. Isabella, bapt. 3 May, 1761 ; m. William Hardcastlc, of
Upper Popideton, son of William Hardcastlc, of Wetherby,
weaver. ix. Jane, bapt. 15 April, 1763.

The youngest son,

Richard Wood, Esq. of Upper Poppleton, in the parish of
Bishophill Junr., York, bapt. 27 June, 1757 ; in. 22 Nov. 1779,
Ann (bapt. 25 Dec. 175i:, d. 12 March, 1820), dau. of William
Prince, gent, of Upper and Nether Poppleton (descendant of
the ancient "Prince " family of Shrewsbury, and Abbey Fore-
gate, CO. Salop). Richard Wood d. from the effects of an
encounter with highwaymen by whom he was waylaid and
attacked near Y'ork, 13 March, 1814, will proved in York, 8
fc'ept. 1815. Of this alliance there was issue,

I. George, of Overton, co. York, 6. 3 Jan. 1785; d. 11 Dec.
1867. He m. Sarah (d. 1 March, 1866), dau. of Robert
Moseley, Esq. of Harlthorpe, Bubwith, co. York, and by
her had issue, Sarah, dau. and co-heiress, 6. 1828, to. 6
May, lb56, Robert Wameford, Esq., son of Henry Warne-

ford, Esq. of Dunnington, co. Y'ork, nephew of the Eer
Canon Warneford, M.A., LL.D., Oxou, founder of the
" Warneford Hospital," Leamington.

II. Richard, b. 15 Jan. 1787; d. 6 Sept. 1815, leaving issue,
one son.

III. William, h. 23 Jan. 1789 ; d. 1 Aug. 1806.

IV. Benjamin, b. 7 Jan. 1792 ; sailed for West Africa.

V. John, of whom presently.

VI. James, 6. 19 Sept. 1797 ; m. 2 Aug. 1831, Mary Wright-
.■ion, and d. 21 Aug. l8;9, leaving by her (who d. 8 Way,
lbti4) a son, William, H.M.C.S., of Edinburgh.

I. Sarah, 6. 4 Aug. 17 0; m. M. Bell, Esq. of Leeds, and
had issue, the Kev. Richard Bell, tlieologian and author.

II. IMary, b. 21 Dec. 1782; d. 27 Nov. 1864; m. Thomas
Wright, Esq. of Everingham, brother of John Wright,
i;sq.. Surgeon, and uncle of Frederick Wright, Esq.,
Surgeon, L.S.A. London, J.P., of Derwent Hill, Stamford
Bridge, co, Y'ork.

III. Jane, 6. 19 June, 1800; to. Thomas Plowman, Esq.,
Coroner, son of Thomas Plowman, Esq., Coroner, of The
Grange, Haxby, co. York.

IV. Eliza, 6. 21 Dec. 1804; n. Thomas Welhcrall, tutor, of

The 5th son,

John Wood, Esq., Surgeon, of Middleton-on-the-Wolds,
East Y'orkshire, 6. 7 Nov. 1794; educated at St. Thomas and
Guy's Hospitals, London, held medical appointments; m. 17
July, 1819, Ann (b. 9 Dec. 1800, d. 22 Nov. 1877), dau, and
co-heiress of J. Haider, yeoman, of Normanby, Fylingdales,
CO. Y'ork, and d. 21 Dec. 1871 (will pioved in Y'ork, 7 Feb>
1872) having by her had, with junior issue, three sons and two

I. Richard, now of DrifTield and The Red House, Robin
Hood's Bay ; present representative.

II. Haider, analyst, studied (under Professor Hofmann,
M.D., LL.D., F.R.S.) at the Royal College of Chemistry,
London, b. 2 June, 1822; d. s. p. 22 July, i860, interred at
Jliddleton, wliere a monumental tombstone is erected to
his memory.

III. Williom, Surgeon, of The Cottage, Middlefon-on-the-
Wolds, b. 5 Dec. 1835; educated at the Andersonian
University, Glasgow, where he was appointed Demonstrator
on Anatomy (Assistant -House Surgeon to Sir William
Ferguson, Bart., F.K.S., at King's College Hospital), King's-
College, London and Paris, M.R.C.S. England, L S.A.
London 1857, medical adviser to the Right Hon. John, Lord
Hotham ; m. 17 July, 1863, Jane {b. 15 Dec. 1842), dau. of
Jotin Woiiindin, Esq. of Hutton.s-Ambo, co. York, allied
maternally to Henry, 1st Lord Sidmouth, throui.'h the
Scare family of Derby, sister of the Rev. Henry Wotlindin,
M.A. Cantab, Rector of Bridlington, and cousin of the Rev.
Henry Lonsdale, JI. A., Wrangler Cantab, Vicar of Upperby^
Carlisle, and has surviving issue,

1 Haider William, of 9, Osnaburgh Terrace, Regent's Park,
London, b. 16 Dec. 1864; educated at St. Peter's School,
Y'ork, University College, London, and the University of
Edinburgh, assumed in addition to his patronymic the
surname of Thorpe-Davies subsequent to his marriage
with Isabelle Katharine, b. 6 Aug. 1865, only dau. of C.apt.
L. B. J. Davies, Bengal Staff Corps, granddau. of Lieut. T.
L. Davies, M.D , A.D.C. to George, 8th Marquis of Tweed-
dale, and Lieut.-Col. Ralph Thorpe, E.I.C.S., great-
granddau. of Lieut.-Col. D. B. Davies, 99th Regt. of
Foot, and the Hon. Robert Thorpe, Chief Justice of Sierra
Leone, B.A., LL.D., by Sarah, dau. of Sir Ralph Fether-
6toa, Bart, of Ardagh (see Bcrke's Peerage).

2 Richard Meadows, 6. 7 Aug. 1868; nephew and godson
of the late Rev. Richard Wrangham, Vicar of Garton, co.
■York, cousin of the Venerable Archdeacon Wrangham,
M.A., F.R.S. 3 Alfred Nunneley,i6. 9 Oct. 1881.

1 Constance Clemcnce, 6. 31 May, 1886, goddau. of the
late Alfred Meadows, Esq., M.D. London, F'.R.C.P.,
Commander of the Order of Vasa, Sweden, J. P. for
Middlesex, of George Street, Hanover Square. W., and
Poyle Park, Colnbrook, Bucks, an eminent physician and

IV. John, b. 16 Oct. 1825; d. v. p. 4 Dec. 1833.

I. Sarah, b. 17 Feb. 1824.

II. Annie, 6. 24 Dec. 1827; d. 21 June, 1887.

K' aide nee s~T:\\c Red House, Robin Hood's Bay; The Cottage,.
Middleton-on-the-Wolds ; and Driffield, co. York.


Woodcock, Henet Clekveb, Esq. of Ecarsby
House, CO. Leicester, J.P., b. 1 Dec. 1817 ; m. 20
Oct. 1840, Mary Anne j4gnes, youngest dau. of
Christopher Williamson, Esq. of Gaddcsby, and
has had issue,

I. John William Graham, 6. 25 Sept. 1841.

II. Christopher Cleever, 6. 16 July, 1844; m. 2 July, 1868.

III. Frederick, b. 20 Aug. 1845; 771. 12 June, 1872.

IV. Henry, 6. 29 Dec. 1846.





T. Arthur Kilby, 6. 18 June, 1849; d. 16 March, 1869.
-vi. Alfred Parlby, 6. 6 July, 1850 ; d. 24 Dec. 1859.

I. AnneKobina, b. 25 Feb. 1843; d. 25 June, 18G3.

II. Agnes Eliza Graham, 0. 19 June, 1852 ; d. 25 Jan. 1886.

III. Edith Mary, 6. 28 July, 1854 ; d. June, 1861.

Xiineage. — The first of this family entered in the Visita-
tion of CO. Leicester, 1683, supposed to be descended from Sir
John Woodcock, Lord Mayor of London, 1405. Ralph Wood-
cock, Esfj., b. 1558: vi. Catherine, dau. of Eev. William
Clabkb, of Bruntingthorpe, co. Leicester, and c^ 165G, leaving
a son,

Edwabd Woodcock, Esq. of Keame, 6. 160G: w. Margaret,
dau. of Henry Faunt, Esq. of Claybrook, and d. 1658, leaving
a, son,

Ealp Woodcock, Esq. of Keame, b. 1633; ra. Elizabeth,
only dau. of Thomas Lewin, of Thurnby, and by her (who d.
1696) left issue at his decease, 1707, a son,

TuoMAS Woodcock, Esq. of Keame, 1665; m. Elizabeth,
only dau. of Thomas Pochin, Esq. of Barkby, by Barbara, his
2nd wife, dau. of Sir Wolstan Dixie, Bart, of Bosworth Park,
and had a son,

TnoMAs Woodcock, Esq. of Keame, bapt. 25 Nov. 16?0 ; ra.
Mary, dau. of Thomas Poehin, Esq. (grandson of the last-
named Thomas Pochin), by Mary his wife, dau. and eventual
heiress of Sir Charles Hussey, Bart, of Caythorpe, and had a

Kev. Thomas Woodcock, Vicar of Wigston and Kilby, b.
1718; m. 24 July, 174.5, Christian, dau. of i^ox, |of Burton
Latimer, co. Northampton, and d. 1763, leaving an only sur-
viving son.

Rev. Henry Woodcock, Vicar of Barkby, co. Leicester, and
Rector of Caythorpe, co. Lincoln, 6. 12 Aug. 1755 ; m. 1 Nov.
1785, Anne, dau. of John Whatoffe Cleever, Esq. of Syston,
CO. Leicester, and by her (who d. 4 Aug. 1835), left at his
decease, 28 July, 1826, a son,

John William Woodcock, Esq., 6. 13 Sept. 1786 ; m. 4 July,
5811, Joanna, dau. of George Williamson, Esq. of Gaddesby,
and by her (who d. 15 Oct. 1824) left at his decease, 11 Nov.
1319, one son and one dau.,

IIenet Cleevek, now of Rearsby House.

Mary, m. Rev. Michael Hutton, of Seaton Rectory, Rutland,
and had issue.

^'eat— Rearsby House, co. Leicester.


Woodcock, Thomas Holme, Esq. of Bolnore,
Sussex, b. 14 June, 1866.

Liineage.— The Woodcocks of Wigan came originally
from Cuerden, in the parish of Leyland, co. Lancaster, where
they held lands since the 13th century. The founder of the
Wigan branch was

Thomas Woodcock, great-grandson of John Woodcocke, of
Cuerden, Gent. He mi. in 1738, Ellen, dau., and eventually
)ieires3 of James Spencer, of Newburgh House, co. Lan-
caster, and had tno sons ; Spencer, the younger rf. s. ^i. The

John Woodcock, Esq. of Newburgh House, m. 23 Feb.-
3 768, Mary Anne, dau. of Rev. Thomas Baldwin, Vicar of
Levland, and great granddau. of John Baldwin, Mayor of
Wigan in 1690, and had issue,
Thomas, his heir.

Ellen, iH. John Hoilson, Esq., M.P. for Wigan.
Sarah, in. R. Thicknesse, Esq., M.P. for Wigan.
The only son,

Thomas Woodcock, Esq. of Newburgh House and Bank
House, Wigan, ra. 1799, Elizabeth, dau. and heiress of Edward
Holme, Esq., 2nd sou of Hugh Holme, Esq. of Holland House,
Wigan, by Anne, his wife, dau. and eventually heiress of
Thomas Bankes, Esq., great grandson, and one of the repre-
eentatives of Sir Peter Legh, of Lyme, High Sheriff of
Cheshire 1595, which Hugh Holme was son and heir of
Edward Holme, Esq., and Jane, his wife, dau. and co-heiress
of Walter Hastings, Esq., great grandson of Francis Hastings,
K.G., Earl of Huntingdon. By Elizabeth, his wife (who d. 27
June, 1857), Thomas Woodcock had issue,

1. John, of Newburgh House, co. Lancaster, and The Elms,
Wigan, J. P. for Lancashire, d. 1890, having m. 1st, Sarah
Hodson, and had with a dau., a son, Frederick (Rev.), and
2ndly, Alice Knowles, by whom he had, inter alios, two
.•<ons, Herbert Spencer, J. P., of Newburgh House, and The
Elms, b. 1846, and Arthur Baldwin, B.A.
i\. Edward, of Wigan, m Margaret Fraser, and had issue,
Edward Holme, Boberc Fraser, Dealtry, and Thomas.

III. Hentit, of Bolnore and Bank House.

I. Elizabeth, m. Henry fTaringion, Esq., and had issue.

II. Sarah, m. Henry Leader, Esq., and had issue.

HI. Mary Anne, m. her cousin, Ralph A. Thicknesse, Esq.,
M.P. for Wigan, and had issue,

rv. Frances, m. Thomas Part, Esq., and has issue.
Mr. Woodcock d. 6 Nov. 1850. His 3rd son,

Henry Woodcock, Esq. of Bolnore, and Bank House, J. P.,
b. 2 March, 1814; m. 1st, 18 Aug. 1840, Jane, dau. of Thomas
Marriott, Esq., and great-granddau. of Scudamore Lechmere,
Esq. of Fownhope Court, co. Hereford, and by her (who d.
1854) had issue,

I. Lucy Jane, to. Thomas G. Godfrey-Faussett, M.A. (see
that famila), and has issue.

II. Agnes, m. H. G. Slade, Esq.

III. Everilda Mary, ra. her cousin, Richard -\therton
ffarington, Esq., J. P. co. Lancaster (see ffaeington of
Wtrden) and has issue.

IV. Agatha Maud.

V. Lilias Frances Ance, m. Percy P. Lascelles, Esq., and
has issue.

VI. Mabel Elizabeth, m. Rev. Andrew Edward Phillimore
Gray, M.A.

He TO. 2ndly, 28 July, 1863, Emily Susan, dau. of Thomas
Ridgway Bridson, Esq., and by her had issue,

I. Thomas Holme, his heir.

II. Henry Stephen, 6. 13 Oct. 1867.

III. John Nevill, 6. 26 April, 1873.

IV. Geoffrey Paul Hastings, b. U Feb. 1876; d. 31 July,

V. Wilfrid James, 6. 3 May, 1878.

VII. Beatrice Cecilia.

VIII. Phyllis Margaret.

IX. Leitice Mary Faunt, to. F. J. Lascelles, Esq., and ha*

X. Dorothy Ellen.

Mr. Wocdoock d. Dec. 1891.

SeaJ— Bolnore, Cuckfield, Ilayward's Heath.

formerly OF SHINE WOOD.

WooDD, Basil Thomas, Esq. of Conynglmm
Hall, CO. York, M.A., J.P. and D.L., M.P. for
Knaresborough 1852 to 1868, and 1874 to 1880,
b. 7 July, 1815; m. 13 July, 1837, Charlotte
Mary, eldest dau. of Rev. John Dampier, of
Colinshayj, Somerset, by Mary Charlotte, his wife,
only child of the Hon. and Rev. Charles Digby,
and by her (who d. 18 Jan. 1874) has had issue,

I. Basil Kilvington (Rev.), LL.M., b. 15 Sept. 1842 ; m.

1866, Esther Harriet, 2nd dau. of Rev. Edmund Hollond,
of Benhall Lodge, Suffolk, and d. 16 April, 1886, having
had issue,

1 Basil Aubrey Hollond, b. 1868.

2 Evelyn Anthony, b. 1870.

1 Agnes Esther, d. «nm.

2 Cicely Mary.

3 Dorothy Eugenia.

4 Edith Harriet.

5 Gertrude Frances.

II. Alexander Dampier, b. 9 Aug. 1847 ; d. s. j'. 11 Feb.

III. Lawrence Henry Orde, b. 9 Oct. 1851 ; m. Anne Down-
ing, dau. of Rev. C. Evans, of Blackwall, Derby; d. s. p.
May, 1879.

I. Gertrude Mary, m. Marmaduke W. Whitaker, Esq. (who
d. 25 Feb. 1879), eldest son of W. W. Whitaker, Esq. of
Breckamore, co. York, and d. 3 Jan. 1891, leaving issue.

II. Charlotte Georgiana, m. Samuel, 2nd son of Joseph
Harris, Esq. of Westcotes, Leicester, and d. 15 March,
1878, leaving issue,

III. Eleanor Jane, m. Welbury J. Mitton (who rf. 25 Nov.
1S88, s. p.), 2nd son of Rev. Canon Mitton, of Manning-
ham, CO. York.

IV. Frances Louisa.

V. Katherine Isabella.

Liineag'e.— Lawrence Woodd, Esq. of Holly Hall, co.
York, is believed to have been younger son of Lawrence del
Wodde of Longley Hall, in the parish of Almondbury, same co.,
and brother of George del Wodde, of Longley aforesaid (who
d. 1486, Post. Mart. Inq. Leeds, 11 Feb., Anno 3 Henry VII.),
whose son, John del Wodde, of Longley, left three daus., co-
heirs (Post. Mort. Inq. 2 Nov., 32 Heney VIII. Will proved
York, June, 1538).

Lawrence del Wodde, of Longley Hall, living 21-35





Henbt YI., grandson ofAVilliam del Wodde, of Longlcy, living
1370. son of Thomas del Woude, of Longloy, living 1354, men-
tioned in Post. Mort. Inq. aforesaid, r.i. Joanna, dau. of Adam
Beaumont, of Newsome, co. York, and were both hur. in
Almondbury Church.

Lawrence 'Woodd. of Holly Hall, m. Joan, dau. and heir of
Sir rhilip Yonge (eldest son of Sir William Yonge, Knt., of
Caynton. co. Salop, liy Margaret, his wife, dau. of Sir Nicholas
Eyton, Knt., of Kyton, and had issue. His third son,

Alexander Woodd, settled at Shyncwood, in the parish of
Shyneton, co. Salop, before 1525 : he was bur. in the church
of Shyneton, and liis will was proved at Lichfield, 2 July,
15-4G, by Joan his wife ; he had (among other issue), i. Peter,
his heir ; ii. William, of Shynewood (will proved at Lichfield,
15-lS, by his brother Peter) ; iii. John ; iv. Rowland ; v.
EUyn, m. John Persehouse, of Sedgeley Hall, co. Stafford. Tlie
eldest son,

Peter Woodd, Esq. of Shynewood 1544 to 1572, ?». Felicia,
dau. of Henry Warham, Esq., co. Chester, by Ann Harrington
his wife, and had issue, i. Alexander, his heir ; ii. Henry, M.D.,
of the West Coppice, co. Salop, m. 1st, the dau. and heir of
Evett, and had two daus., co-lieirs, Maria, m. Edward Mason,
Esq. of Stretton, co. Salop, and Evetta m. Richard Boteville
(alias Thynne) of Boteville, co. Salop. He m. 2ndly, Eleanor
Morecock, of Eowlesley-super-Trent, widow of John Heath,
Esq. of Orton (Overton), co. Cliester, and of Lancelot Lacon,
Esq. of Willey ; iii. William, living at Shynewood, 1593-8; iv.
Edward, Jii. Margaret, dau. of Robert Barnfield, d. s. p. ; v.
Thomas, d. s. p. ; vi. Richard, d. s. p. The eldest son,

Alexander Woodd, Esq. of Shyncwood and the White (aZ(os
Black) Abbey, co. Salop; admitted of the Middle Temple,
London, Nov. 3, loCO; m. tst, Elizabeth, dau. of Edward
Onslow, Esq. of On.slow, co. Salop; she was bur. in the
chancel at Alberbury Church, and left a dau., Joan, bapt. '20
March, 1574-5 (and Mary, said to be wife of Richard Heylin).
He Id. 2ndly, 29 July, 1577, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Jen-
ninges, Esq. of Wellingbourne, co. Salop, by Katherine his
•wife, dau. of William Otlcy, Esq. of Pichford, co. Salop, and
had by her issue,

I. Peter, his heir.

II. Basil, D.L., whose line see below.

I. Cicely, m. Rechard Persehouse, Esq. of Shrewsbury, and
had issue.

II. Felicia, m. Edmund Gittins, Esq. of Aston Rogers, co.
Salop, and had issue.

in. Milburga, vi. John Reynolds, Esq. of Dagenham, Ersex,
and bad issue.
Mr. Woodd, whose will dated 5 May, 1G13, was proved G June,
1614, was s. by his son,

Peter Woodd, Esq. of Shinewood and of the White Abbey, b.
about 1578. Entered his pedigree at the Heralds' Visitation, co.
Salop 1523, Sheriff of Salop 1G40, m. Judith, of John
Heath, Esq. of Orton, by Eleanor Morecock, of Rowlesley, his
wife and relict of Lancelot Lacon, and by her (who was bur.
27 Aug. 1624) he had,

I. Alexakdeb, his heir.

n. Henry, of Wcstbury, co. Salop, bapt. 30 June, 1G19, ).(.
Alice Gerrard, co. Chester.

I. Mary, aged 15 years 1625, m. 1st, 20 April, 1626, Richard
Yonge, Esq. of Bishops Castle, co. Salop, and 2ndly, John
Pcole, Esq. of Criggiou.

II. Eleanor, aged 13 years 1623, vi. Edward Kempson, Esq.
of Billston, CO. Stafford.

III. Dorothy, aged 12 years 1623, m. John Gregory, Esq. of
Rodington, co. Salop.

IV. Priscilla, aged 6 years 1623, d. unm., bur. 10 Jan. 1G35.

V. Anne, bapt. 28 Dec. 1615, m. Cadwallader Griffiths, Esq.
of Boyhey, co. Montgomery.

VI. Elizabeth, bapt. 13 May, 1G21, in. Griffith Griffiths, Esq.
of Welshpool.

vii. Teresa, aged 1 year 1C23.

He m. 2ndly, Frances, youngest dau. of Sir Thomas Astley,
Knt. of Pattshall, co. Stafford, by Margery his wife, dau. of
Sir Walter Aston, Knt. of Tixall, co. Stafford, and by her he
had further issue,

iir. Thomas, bapt. 15 July, 1628.

IV. Walter. v. Basil.

■VI. Peter, of Shinewood (will proved 1677).

VII. Edward, bapt. 12 Sept. 1G33, m. Clare, dau. of William
Berrington, Esq. of Moat Hall, Salop.

viil. Mary, bapt. 7 Dec. 1G29.

IX. Catherine, bapt. 30 Nov. 1631.

X. Magdalen, bapt. 22 Sept. 1636.

XI. Anna, bapt. 4 June, 1639.

Mr. Woodd d. 1658. His elder son,

Alexander Woodd, Esq. of the White Abbey, aged 8 years
1623. Entered his pedigree at the Heralds Visitation, co.
Salop, 1663, TO. 1st, Margery, dau. of Sir Walter Astley, Knt.

of Pattshall, by Grace his wife, dau. of F. Trentham, of Row-
cester, co. Stafford, and by her (who was bur. 29 Nov. 1666)
he had

I. Peter, bapt. 10 March, 1648, d. young.

II. Peter, bapt. 16 Dec. 1653, bur. 28 May, 1672.

III. Basil, of the Wliite Abbey and of Shrewsbury, bapt. 29
Nov. 1G58, m. 5 Aug. 1G80, Abigail, dau. of Robert Leigh-
ton, and sister of Sir Edward Leighton, Bart, of Loton,
CO. Salop, M.P., and by her (who was buried there 7 Aug.
1714, will dated 11 Jan. 1711, proved 1716 and 1729), had
issue, sixteen children, viz.: —

1 Alexander, bapt. 1683, buried there 1684.

2 Peter (Rev.), Vicar of Hcston, co. Middlesex, bapt. 29'
Oct. 1685, in. Judith, dau. and heir of John Webster,
Esq. of the parish of St. Olave, Southwark, and d. 1731,
leaving issue, the eldest of whom was John Webster
Woodd, of Dane, Saycon, 6. 1714, in. Sarah, dau. of
Plcusauncc Watson, Esq. of Old Malton Abbey, co. York.

3 Basil, of Salop and Jamaica, bapt. 1688, d. 1734, leaving
by his wife, Elizabeth (who was bur. 1730) two sons, 1
Leighton, father of Rev. Basil Woodd. Prebendary of
Bristol 1801, and Mansfield Blackgray Woodd; 2 Basil,
of Bristol, 1)1. and had issue.

4 Leighton, bapt. 1689, bur. 1707.

5 Edward, bapt. 1692.

6 Frances, bapt. 1694, living 1711.

7 Thomas, bapt. 1695, of Worcester, J. P., Mayor 1746,
bur. 1754, in. Anne, dau. of Thomas Rogers, Esq. of
Worcester (see Rogers of Yarlinptoa).

8 Laurence, bapt. 1696, "living 1711.

1 Gertrude, bapt. 1682, Mrs. Turner.

2 Margery, bapt. 1684, living 1711.

3 Abigail, bapt. 1G86, bur. 1690.

4 Anne, bapt. 1690, m. Dr. Burney. She d. 1772, aged 83,
he d. 1789, .aged 80.

5 Dorothy, bapt. 1691, living 1711.

6 Abigail, bapt. 1697, m. 1715, Robt. Adams, Esq.

7 Judith, bapt. and bur. at Alberbury, 1699.

8 Eleanor, bapt. 1700, bur. 1707.

IV. Francis, bapt. 30 July, 16G0.

V. Laurence, living 1672.

VI. Alexander, bapt. 26 Nov. 1662, Citizen of London, hatj
by Cailierine, his wife, Stephen, Philip, Laurence, and
Alexander. Will dated 29 Nov. 1724. Proved July, 1725.

I. Graces bapt. !3 March, 1647.

II. Judith, bapt. 12 Aug. 1649.

III. Mary, bapt. 28 Dec. IGoi.

IV. Anne, bur. at Alberbury, 30 Not. 1654.

V. Anne, bapt. 26 Nov. 1655.

VI. Dorothy, bapt. 26 Nov. 16-')6.

VII. Eleanor, bapt. 10 Dec. 1663.

AlcxanderWoodd m. 2ndly, at Pontcsbury, 5 Feb. 1666, Frances,
eldest dau. of William Adams, Esq. of Longdon, co. Salop,
and d. Sept. 1672, leaving by her, with a dau. (Elizabeth,
bapt. 2 Sept. 16C9), one son, Woodd, born at the WhiteAbbey, and bapt. at Alber-
bury, 8 Sept. 1667. He is mentioned in his father's will, dated
12 April, 1672, as of the Corner House, Friday Street, Cheap-
side, citizen of London. He in. (licence dated May 16, 1711)
Sarah, b. 16 May, 1683, dau. of William Barnham, Esq. and
heir of her mother Rebecca, who was (in her heirs) co-heir of
her brother Sir Hugh Myddleton, Bart., of Hurst Hill; she d.
at Norwich, 1753. He was bur. on March 9, 1716, leaving a
dau. (Sarah, bapt. 29 Jan. 1713 ; in. Luke Bird) and one son,

Alexander Woodd, of Greenwich, b. 4, bapt. 14 April, 1714 ;
TO. Rebecca, dau. and heir of Benjamin WoUeston, by Rebecca,
his wife, dau. of William Barnham, by his 3rd wife, and had
issue, since extinct. He m. 2ndly Elizabeth Seager, of Green-
wich, and d. 1787, aged 73 years, leaving by her, one son.

Rev. Thomas Woodd, of Guildford, b. 1750 ; in. 28 July,
1771, Mary Buxton (6. 1751; d. 1813) dau. of Timothy Fox,
Esq. of Rotherhithe and Kingston-on-Thames. He d. 1822,
leaving a son,

Alexander Woodd, of Boston Villa, in the parish of Ealing,
b. 15 Feb. 1778 ; in. 15 Feb. 1804, Ann, sister and heir of David
Newman, Esq. of Sutton Cottage, Hcston, and d. 186G, aged
88 years, leaving by her (who d. 1832, aged 53),

I. Samoel Thomas, b. 1805 ; d. unm. 1864.

II. Alexander, b. 1812 ; d. 1880, leaving issue, of whom the
eldest is

Samuel Thomas, of Madras, b. 1838, who has issue, five
children, the eldest of whom is Alexander Woodd.

III. David Newman, of Chessington, co. Surrey, b. 1814; m.
Emma, dau. and heir of Thomas Clarke, Esq., and d. s. p.

IV. Nathaniel Stenson, of Worlebury, Weston-super-Mare,
M.D., (;. 1818; to. Jcssoy, only dau. of Nathaniel Stenson,
M.D., Esq. of Buurton-on-tlie-Watcr, co. Gloucester.

V. Henry, b. 1821 ; »)i. and has issue, four sons and two daus.,
the eldest son, Henry, of Acton, Middlesex, who m. and has
Henry Alexander, and other is.suc.

VI. Basil, 6. 1823; d. 1871, leaving one soa, Basil Henry
Wocdd, and two daus.





I. Eliza Ann, 6. 1804; m. Henry Ashwcrth, and Lad issue.

II. Katharine Ann, b. 1807.

in. Mary Ann, b. 1808; m. John Kent, Esq. of Sutton
Courtney, co. Berks, J. P. She </. 18.=)9, leaving issue.

IV. Anna Maria, 6. 1809; m. Kev. William Keene, of Ted-
dington and Melksham, d. s. x>-

V. Julia Anna, b. 1810 ; d. unm. 1837.

VI. Sophia, 6. 1811; d. unm. 1868

VII. Lydia, 6. 1816.

VIII. Ann, b. 1820 ; m. Henry Taylor, Esq. of Woodbury
Down, Stoke Newington.

Reverting to

Basil WooDD, LL.D., 2nd son of Alexander Woodd and Eliza-
beth Jennings his wife. He was Fellow of All Soul's Coll., Oxford,
and Chancellor of Rochester, suffered severely for his devotion
to the royal cause, and d. while with the King at Oxford. He
■m. 1st, Elinor, dau. of John Denham, Esq. of Borstal, Bucks,
by whom he had an only child, Katherine, ra. Richard Bowls,
Esq. of Edmonstone, Wilts, Col. in the Royalist Army, who
wasslainin the defence of Alton Church. Dr.Woodd, m. 2ndly,
Eleanor, dau. of HughKeate, Esq. of Hagborne, by Christian,
his wife, dau. of John Upperton, Esq. of BrigUtwell, both in
CO. Berks, and by her had three sons and three daus., Basil,
his heir ; Thomas, Fellow of Slerton Coll. Oxford, who joined
the royal cause, and was slain at Keston Towns End ; John,
also an adherent to the royal cause, d. s. p. ; Elizabeth, m.
John Smith, Esq. of co. Lincoln ; Eleanor, ui. George Smith,
Esq. ; and Ann, m. Thomas CofEn, Esq. Dr. Woodd was
bur. 30 Nov. 1G45. His eldest son,

Basil Woodd, Esq., 6. 10 Feb. 1619, Capt. in the Royalist
army, distinguished at the affair at Cropcedy Bridge and at the
Battle of Newbury. He to. 1st, Esther Meade, and 2ndly, 29
April, 1675, Blanche Millward, of Aklermarson, co. Worces-
ster. By the former only (who d. 28 March, 1074) he had
issue three sons and one dau. The eldest son,

Basil Woodd, Esq., b. 10 Feb. 1650, m. 1st, Jane, dau. of
Henry Hedges, Esq. of Wansborough, Wilts, but by her he
had no issue. He m. 2ndly, Mary Emmerson, of London, and
d. 1696, having had by her three daus., who rf. unni.

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