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, and
two sons, Basil, 6. 18 March, 1693-4, d. 26 Dec. 1738 ;

Chakles Woodd, Esq., b. 25 June, 1697 (posthumous), m.
Elizabeth Nottingham, widow of Simon Wilson, Esq. and by
her (who d. 11 June, 1745) had, with other issue, who d. young,
two sons, George Basil, of whom hereafter; and Basil, b.
1730, m. Hannah, dau. of William Price, of Richmond, Surrey,
and had a son, Basil (Rev.), b. 1760, m. 1st, 8 Feb. 1785, Ann,
dau. of Gen. Wood, and had issue, Basil, d. unm. 1811 ;
Ann Louisa, to. JohnMortlock, Esq., and tL 1824; and Hannah
Sophia, TO. Thomas Cahusao, Esq., and d. 1817. Rev. Basil
Woodd, m. 2ndly, 3 July, 1792, Sophia Sarah, dau. of William
Jupp, Esq. of Wandsworth, and d. 1832, leaving by the latter
(with a dau. Mary, wife of Rev. H. B. Gabert) two sons,
Charles Samuel, b. 9 Sept. 1795 ; m. Mary, dau. of James
Lomax, Esq., and d. 2 June, 1838 ; and William James Tilson,
b. 1 June, 1805, ra. Margaret, dau. of — Mignon, Esq., and d.
Feb. 183G. Mr. Charles Woodd's eldest son,

George Basil Woodd, Esq., b. 8 Jan. 1724 ; m. 1st, 1 Aug.
1749, Elizabeth, dau. of William Price, Esq. of Richmond,
CO. Surrey, and by lier (who d. 4 Aug. 1771) had issue.
Mr. Woodd to. 2ndly, 21 June, 1774, Gertrude, dau. and
eventually heiress of George Ballard, Esq. of Leatherhead,
CO. Surrey, and of Shoreham, co. Kent, by Mary his
wife, dau. of John Borrct, Esq. of Shoreham, and Eliza his
wife, sister of the 1st Lord Trevor, and grand-dau. of John
Hampden, the Patriot, and by this lady (who d. 16 Feb. 1818)
had issue,

Charles, 6. 25 Aug. 1775 ; d. s. p. 21 May 1827.

Thomas (Rev.), b. 31 Jan. 1777 ; d. s. p. 1816.

John Alexander, 6. 3 July, 1779; d. s. p. 13 May, 1802.

Basil George, of whom presently.

Susanna Martha, in. May, 1801, Robert Middleton, Esq., d.

Maria, d. unm. 3 Dec. 1814.

Mr. George Basil Woodd d. 1784, and was «. hy his son,

Basil George Woodd, Esq. of Hillfield, Hampstead, Mid-
dlesex, b. 26 April, 1781 ; to. 8 Sept. 1814, Mary, only dau. of
Rev. Robert Mitton, of Harrogate co. York, and by her (who
d. 13 Jan. 1864) had issue,

I. Basil Thomas, now of Conynham Hall.

II. Robert Ballard, b. 28 July, 1816 ; to. 7 Aug. 1849, Barbara
Mathew, younger dau. of the late M. T. Bethune, Esq.,
M.D,,of Inverness, and has issue, 1 Basil Robert, b. 17 Jan.
1851 : 2 Arthur Bethune, 6. 10 Dec. 1852; 3 John Town-
shend, b. 6 May, 1855 ; 1 Jane Barbara ; and 2 Mary

ui. Charles Henry Lardner, b. 18 Dec. 1821 ; m. 1st, 6 Jan

1852, Lydia Wilson, 3rd dau. of the late William Sole, Esq.
of Plymouth, and by her (who d. 16 June, 1856) had issue,
Winifred Charlotte, vi. Henry C. Dumbell, Esq., son of G.
Dumbell, of the Isle of Man, and Mary Bianca, m. 30 April,
1881, Theodore Bell, Esq. of Epsom, and d. 30 May. 1881.
He TO. 2ndly, 26 April, 1864, Jane, only dau. of Joseph
Harris, of Westcotes, Leicester, and d. 15 Dec. 1893, having
by her had issue, Trevor Basil, b. 7 July, 1866; Charles
Hampden Basil, 6. 2 Feb. 1869 ; Gertrude Jane ; and Ethel

I. Maria Jane, to. 29 April, 1851, George Henry Nevinson,
Esq. of Leicester, d. 4 July, 1887, leaving issue.

II. Mary Emma, to. 31 July, 1845, Rev. Thomas Henry Roper,
Rector of Puddle Hinton, Dorset, eldest son of Thomas
Roper, Esq. of Vane House, Hampstead, and d. 5 May,
1865. having had issue.

III. Ellen bophia, m. 20 May, 1846, Rev. William Darwin,
Fox, of Delamere, co. Chester, and by him (who d. 1880)
had issue. She d. 1 Oct. 1887.

IV. Louisa Gertrude, to. 28 April, 1854, Rev. John Walker,
Rector of Bradwell, Suffolk, and has issue.

Mr. Woodd d. 28 Aug. 1872.

Ai-ms — Gu., three demi-savages arg., each holding a club
over the dexter shoulder or. Crest — A demi-savage as in the
arms. Motto — Non nobis. Another Crest, frequently used —
A pelican or vulning itself ppr. Motto — Serius et otiuB.

Residence — Conyngham Hall, Knaresborough.

Clubs — Carlton and Athenaium.


WooDFOEDE, Rev. Alexander John, of Ans-
ford, Somerset, late Vicar of Shepton Jlontague,
Castle Cary, b. 3 Aug. 1839 ; m. 1st, 11 Jan. 1870,
Elizabeth, only cliild of George New Luishley,
Esq. of Clarence Lodge, Shirley, and by her (who
d. at Lausanne, 5 Feb. 1885, aged 35) has issue, ,

I. Alexander George Leslie, b. 19 Sept. 1373.

II. Robert Edmond Heighes, b. 23 Dec. 1874.

III. Reginald Fielding Marriott, b. 30 Nov. 1880.
I. Georgina Maud, b. 2 Nov. 1870.

n. Harriott Ethel Berkeley, 6. 8 April, 1872.

III. Margaret Cicely Neville, b. 31 July, 1876.

IV. Katherine Delicia, b. 26 April, 1878.

He m. 2ndly, 27 Sept. 1886, Agnes Marie, dau. of"
the late Rev. William Collett, M.A., Eector of
Hawstead, Suffolk, by Mary, his wife, dau. of
Count Ton Linsingen, of Hanover, and by her had

V. Dorothy Cecil, d. 8 Jan. 1889, aged 9 days.

Xiineage. — Robert Woodforde, b. at Old, co. Northamp-
ton, 3 April, 1606, the descendant of an ancient family, ra.
Hannah, dau. of Robert Hanch, Esq. of London, by Hannah,
his wife, dau. of Edward Heighes, Esq., and niece of Sir-
Nicholas Heighes, of Heighes House, and W^st Court Manor,.
Bensted, Hants. By her he had, with other issue, i. Samcel,
his heir ; ii. John, of London, from whom the lato Sir Ralph.
Woodforde, Bart, descended; i. Sarah; ii. Susannat ; iii.
Hannah; iv. Elizabeth, andd. s. ^. The eldest son,

Samlel Woodforde, D.D.,F.R.S.,Prebendary of Winchester,
and Rector of Hartley Mauduit and Shaldon, Hants, b. 15
April, 1636, was a poet as well as a Divine, and a learned anti-
quary. He m. 1st, 10 Oct. 1661, Alicia, youngest dau. of Mrs.
Elizabeth Beale, widow of Theodore Beale, B.D., of Bucks,
and by her (who d. 14 Jan. 1664) had a son, Heighes, his heir;
and a dau. Alicia, to. Rev. Alexander Dalgress, Rector of
Farringdon, Hants. Dr. Woodforde ra. 2ndly, 5 Feb. 1666,
Mary, dau. of John Norton, Esq, of Bensted, and by her had
issue, Samuel Rev.) ; John d. s. p.; Robert, Canon of Wells;
William, M.D., Regius Professor of Physic, m. Mary, dau. of
Rev. George Smith, of Binderton, Surrey, and had issue,
William, d. s. p., Elizabeth, m. Thomas Wright, Esq., and had
a dau. Elizabeth, ia. to Sir John Guise, Bart, of Upton St.
Leonards, co. Gloucester, father of Sir William Berkeley
Guise, 2nd Bart, of Highnam Court, 6. 14 June, 1775 ; and
Anne. Dr. Woodforde d. 11 Jan. 1700, and was s. by his

Rev. Heighes Woodforde, Rector of Elvetham, Hants, and
of Epsom, Surrey, m. Mary, only dau. of Capt. Thomas Lam-
port, of Alton, Hants, and had issue,

I. Samcel, of whom presently.

II. William, d. s. p.

III. John, Rector of North Curry, Somerset, m. Miss Hamil-
ton, and d. early, leaving two sons,

1 Robert, M.D., of London, had issue, John, 3LD., who





settled at Melliourne, Australia : and a dau., m. — Finden,
Ksq. of London, and has a son, Wuoill'oide, Lieut.-Col. in
the Army.

2 Thomas, M.P., of Taunton, vi. Miss Waters, and had
issue, Thomas: Charles: James; Sophia, m. Capt.
Moore ; Mary, vi. William Kinglake, Ksq. of Wilton House,
Taunton, and has issue, William, Serjeant-at-Law, the
author of 7'he Inrasion of the Crimea; Itohert Arthur;
Hamilton, 51. D., of 'J'aunton, whose dau. Elgiva Mary,
m. 21 Dec. 187C, William Thomas, 3rd son of Earl titz-

IV. Thomas, m. Sarah, sister of John Adams, D.D., and d.
30 May, 1800, aged ST. He had issue,
Francis (Rev.), Rector of Ansford, I78'2-1832; m. Jane, dau.
of Uichard Clarlse, Esq. of Epsom, and il, 2 Feb. 1836,
leaving issue,

I Thomas, M..\., Koetor of Ansford 1832-6, m. Mary,
dau. of Thomas Braithwaite, K.N., and d. 19 Feb. 18ofi,
aged 59, liaving had issue, Arthur, d. s. }). ; Edward,
d. s. p. ; Eliza ; Julia, m. Rev. Edward Lockyer, Hec-
tor ot Westcot Barton, Oxon, and has issue ; and Mary
Jane, deceased.
' ■ 2 Franci.s, of Ansford b. 1781 ; m. Cornelia, dau. of Rev.
Cornelius Cardew, Rector of St. Ernie, Cornwall, and
left issue, one son and three daus., Francis Henry, M.D.
of Taunton, m. Mary Cotton, and has issue (Francis, m.
Anna, dau. of William Hughes Woodforde, Esq. of
New York, and has issue) ; Frances; Gertrude; Alice;
both ?n. and have issue.

1 Frances, m. Thomas Ffooks, Esq. of Sherborne, and
had, with other issue, Woodforde Ffooks- Woodforde,
County Court Judge.
■ 2 Harriett, vi. Kev. George Chamberlaine, Rector of
Ansford, and had issue, 1 George, deceased ; 1 Har-
riett, hi. Rev. Heniyl'ooke (who assumed the name of
Chamberlaine), Hector of Keevil, Wilts, and has issue,
three sons, Henry, Edward, Frederick, and four daus.,
Julia, Laura, Georgiana, Louisa; 2 Anne, m. — Ken-
rich, M.D.

I. Anne, d. at Ansford, 1773.

II. Mary. m. Kev. Mr. Lewis, Master of Kilkenny College,
and d. in Ireland.

III. Elizabeth, hi. Mr. Parr.

IV. Jane, d. at Bath.

Eev. Heighcs Woodforde was s. by his eldest son,

liEv. Samuel Woodforde, Rector of Ansford for fifty-three
years, and Vicar of Castle Cary, l>. 22 July, 1G95; d. 11 May,
1771, aged 75. He m. 12 July, 1724,Jane, only dau. of James
Collins, Esq. of Ansford, and had issue three sons and three
daus. The eldest son,

Heigues Woodforde, b. at Ansford, 6 July, 1726 ; d. there
1789, aged 63. He m. Anne, dau. and heiress of Ralph I)or-
ville, Esq., and by her (who d. March, 1799) had issue,

I. William, of whom hereafter.

It. Samuel, Royal Academician, b. 29 March, 1763; d. s. p.
27 July, 1817.

III. Kalph, m. Arabella, dau. of Ralph Montague, Esq. of
Luckham House, Bath.

IV. Francis.

V. James, M.D., to. Juliana, da i. of Thomas Clutterbuck,
Esq., and by her had issue,

1 James. 2 Thomas.

3 Henry, of Clevedon, m. Ellen, dau. of Hev. Thomas
Whallcy Wickhani, Hector of Horsiugton, Somerset, and
had witli other issue,

Iknry Whalley, h. 22 June, 1841.

I. Anna Maria, d. 6 Jan. 1830.

II. Jane Augusta Juliana, d. unm., aged 23.
The eldest son,

William Woodforde, E q. of Ansford House, b. 4 May,
1758 ; U. 23 July, 1844, aged 86. This gentleman, during the
first American War, was in the Navy, being in the same fleet
with his late Majesty King William IV. On the termination
of the war, 1784, he left the navy, and resided at Galhampton
House, Somerset. In 1804, he raised the first corps of Volun-
teer Infantry in Somerset, and was Lieut.-Col. commandant of
the regt. on its becoming the East Somerset Regt. of Militia.
He/H. 16 Nov. 1790, Anne, only dau. and heir of George Dukes,
Esq. of Galliampton, and by her (whod. 10 Feb. 1829, aged 50)
had issue,

I. William, h. 22 Jan. 1792 ; d. 8 Sept. 1856. He settled at
Frederickton, New Brunswick, North Anieiica, and m. 3
Nov. 1812, Lucy Anne, youngest dau. ol Edward Miller,
Esq., Col. in the Biitish service in tt;e first American war,
by Hannah his wife, sister ox .Judge Winslow, and by hi r
had issue,

1 William Heighcs, of New York, 6. 20 Oct. 1813; d. 13
April, 1871.

2 Samuel George, d. leaving i.ssue, John.

1 Julii, deceased.

2 Anne I'idgeon Power.

u. George AuocsTus, late of Ansford House. . ;

I. Juliana, d. 2 Jan. 1873.

II. Jane, d. 26 May, 1877, unm., aged 85.

III. Anna, d. unm. 17 Feb. 1861.

He d. 23 July, 1844, aged 87. His younger son,

George Augustus Woodforde, Esq. of Ansford, 6. 2 April,
1801; TO. 8 Aug. 1832, Harriett Mary, eldest dau. of Rev.
William Leir, Rector of Ditcheat, Somerset, and by her (who
d. 23 Dec. 1871, aged 65) had issue,

I. Charles Neville, 6. 26 Oct. 1835, d. unm. 27 Sept. 1878.

II. Uobert Reginald Augustus, 1st Lieut. R.M.L.I., 6. 2 Dec.
IS37; d. unm. 20 Nov. 1868.

III. Alexander John (Rev.), now of Ansford.

IV. George William, 6. 15 Dec. 1844; m. Harriet, dau. ot
Rev. R. F. Lawrence, Vicar of Chalgrovc, Oxford, and d. 27
March, 1892, leaving issue, Oswald William Randolph ;
George Augustus ; Harriet May Mabel ; Helen Gwendoline
Neville; Alice Evelyn French.

V. Randolph, of Castle Cary, b. 24 April, 1848.

I. Helen Maud, m. 29 Sept. 1870, Henry Whallcy Woodforde,
Esq., eldest son of Henry Woodforde, Esq. of Clevedon,

II. Georgina Julia, d. unm. 18 July, 1865.

III. Harriet Anne, d. 22 April, 1843.

IV. Alice Berkeley, in. 1st, 9 June, 1870, Rev. George Good-
den, of Fleet House, Dorset, Rector of North and South
Barrow, Somerset. He d. 1870. She m. 2nilly, 16 April,
1873, Arthur Dickinson, Esq. son of F. H. Diclduson, Esq^.
of King Weston, Somerset, and has issue,

Francis Arthur, b. Feb. 1874.
Stephen Carey. ,

He d. 23 Dec. 1877.

.^riiis— Sa., three leopards' faces reversed jessant de-lis arg.
Crest— A woodman ppr. holding a club arg. crowned and girt
with oaken leaves ppr. Motto— Pro aris ct focis.

Residence — Chittagong, The Shrubbery, Weston-super-

The old Elizabethan house called Ansford House (which had
been in the family for nearly 200 years) was accidentally
burnt down, April, 1893. The estate still remains in the



of Pembury Hall, co. Kent, b. 1849, s. his father
1871, cdueated at Winchester and Merton College,
Oxford, m. 1880, Ljdia Elisabeth, dau. of AValter
Mellcr, Esq. of Broadlands, J. P., D.L., co. Surrey,
late M.P. for Stafford, and has issue,

Elisabeth Frances Shaw.
Rosamond Stephanie Meller.

Lineagre. — This family has been located in the co.of Kent,
since the reign of Henry II.

William Woodgate, m. 1637, Joana, dau. of Robert Corn-
bridge, Esq. and had issue.

William Woodgate, jh. Sarah, dau. of J. Streatfield, Esq.

William Woodgate, m. 1693, Alice, dau. of Richard Streat-
field, Esq.

John Woodgate, of Summerhill, in. 1702, Rose, dau. of
William Buratow, Esq.

Henry Woodgate, of Summerfield, lord of the manor of
Bokingfold and Drag Hill, d. 1787, bequeathing Summerhill to
his nephew,

William Woodgate, of Summerhill, m. Frances, dau. of
John Hooker, Esq. of Tonbi idge Castle, Sheriff of Kent, and
had issue,

I. William, m. Anna, dau. of J. Allnutt, Esq.

II. Henry, of Spring Grove, m. 1st, Georgiana, dau. of the
5th Viscount Boyne, and 2ndly, Clara, dau. of Rev. T.

III. John. IV. Stephen.
The 4th son.

Rev. Stephen Woodgate, of Pembury, to. Frances, sister
of Henry, Jst Viscount Ilardinge, and d. 1845, leaving, with
other issue,

I. George Stephen, his heir.

II. Arthur, b. 13 Dec. IS13; m. 18 July, 1844, Grace Maria,
dau. of Hugh Kennedy, Esq. of Cultra. co. Down, and has

1 Arthur George Kennedy, b. 24 June, 1845.

1 Florence Grace, m. 1871, William Hill, Esq.

2 Marion Frederika Douglas, m. 1871, Robie Uniacke,

The eldest son.

Rev. Geouoe Stephen Woodgate, to. 22 Sept. 1847, Louisa
Margaret, youngest dau. of Captain Charles Shaw, R.N., and
sister of Sir John C. Kcnward Shaw, Bart. 8th baronet of





Kenward, Kent, and granddaa. of Sir Henry Hawley, Bart.
til" Leybouine Grange, Kent, and had, with other issue,

I. Reginald Stephen Shaw, his heir.

II. George Hanlinge, b. 1B6U; m. 1892, Margaret, dau. of E.
B. Ronald, Esq.

I. Mary Maud.

II. Agnes Louisa, m. Nov. 1872, Arthur, eldest son of Wil-
liam Romayne Callender, Esq. of Mauldeth Hall, M.P. for

III. Mary Grace, m. Aug. 1873, Thomas Plantagenet, son of
the late Rev. Lovelace Kigg Wither, of Mauydown and Tan-
gier Park, Hampshire.

The Rev. George Stephen Woodgate d. 1871.

Arvis — Arg., on a chev. between three squirrels sejant az.,
as many acorns or. Crest — A squirrel sejaut holding au acorn
all ppr. Motto — Esse quam videri.

<iea4— Pembury Hall, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


Woodgate, Cheistopher Feedeeic, Esq. of
Bella Vista, co. Kent, b. 29 Dec. 1828, educated at
Christ's Hospital, lor many years resident at
Buenos Ayres ; m. 6 Aug. 1856, Adclaida Rosalia
(5. 28 Oct. 1837), eldest dau. of Don Autonine
Llambe, by his wife Dona Amada Lconcia, eldest
dau. of Don Antonio Sautamavia, of Buenos Ayres;
and by her had issue,

I. Frederic Antonino William, h. 10 3Iay, ISoS, d. at Canter-
bury School, 30 Oct. 1872.

II. Waltee, b. 29 March, I860 ; m. 26 May, 1889, Amalia,
eldest dau. of the late Don Claudio Stegmann, Vice-
Governor of the Province of Buenos Ayres.

III. Henry Hammond, b. 28 Feb. ISC'^; m. 29 Dec. 1837,
Fanny, eldest dau. of Dr. Covernton, of Rosario.

I. Adela, b. 11 Nov. 1863; vi. 23 April, 1884, Henry Maynard

Mills, Esq. of Buenos Ayres.
n. Elena, 6. 18 March, 1865; m. 2 May, 1888, George H.

Isaac, Esq. of Buenos Ayres.
in. Rosa, b. 29 Oct. 18G6; r.i. 5 Feb. 1885, Don Carlos

Alberto Mayol, of Buenos Ayres and Paris.

Lineagre. — The family is an old Kentish one, said to be
established there since the 12th century. The following is
authenticated hy the parish registers, which only date from
the reign of Elizabeth, in which the name is sometimes
written Woodyatt.

Peter Woodgate, of Chiddiagstone, m. 16 Nov. 1562, Joane
Bassett, and by her had issue,

I. Thomas, bapt. 15 March, 1569; bur. 13 Feb. 1003.

II. William, of whom presently.
in. Henry, bapt. 20 Aug. 1580.

IV. Joseph, bapt. 3j March, 1589.
L Johanna, bapt. 22 March, 1578.
II. Alice, bapt. 11 March, 1581.

The eldest surviving son,

William Woodgate, of Stonewall Park, Cliiddingstone,
bapt. 18 Oct. 1574; ra. 5 Oct. 1602, Joane, dau. of Robert
Combridge, Esq. of CoUlharbor, Peushurst, and by her (who
was bur. 3 Jan. 1623) had issue,

I. Andrew, bapt. 13 Nov. 1603; rf. young.

II. William, bapt. 20 Aug. 1607; bur. 24 Oct. 1614.

III. John, of whom presently.

IV. Thomas, bapt. 9 June, 1617.

V. Andrew, bapc. 23 Jan. 1619 ; bur. 20 May, 1682.

VI. Thomas, bapt. 9 Dec. 1626.

I. Sarah, bapt. 13 March, 1615; bur. 4 Nov. 1676.

II. Joane, bapt. 6 ^'ov. H25.

III. Elizabeth, bapt. 2 Nov. 1627.

Mr. Woodgate was bur. 27 Aug. 1638, aged 74, and was «. by
his eldest surviving son,

John Woodgate, Esq. ofStonewall Park, bapt. 4 March. 1612 ;
m. 27 June, 1637, Sarah, dau. of Robert Streatfeild, Esq. of
Chested. (Her elder brother Richard Streatfeild devised
Chested to Richard, youngest son of her son William Woodgate.)
He was bur. 12 May, 1676, aged 64, leaving issue,

William, ofStonewall Park.

John, bapt. 16 .-Vug. 1639; bur. 12 May, 1676, s. p.

Sarah, bapt. 15 Oct. 1637 ; vi. John Ashdown, of Xlendesley

The elder son,

William Woodgate, Esq. of Stonewall Park, bapt. 6 Aug.
1638 ; in 1693, he purchased Bohingfold, in the parish of
Brenchley ; Sherifif of Kent 1700 ; m. 4 July, 1663, Alice, dau.
of Richard Streatfeild, Esq. of Chiddingstone, and by her had

I. John, of whom presently.

II. William, bapt. 31 July, 1C66 ; d. s. p.

Ill Thomas, bapt. 24 Oct. 1670 ; m. at Penshurst, 16 Dec.
1695, Susanna Seyliard, of Salmonds, and <l. 30 Sept. 1706.

IV. Andrew, bapt. 13 Nov. \6Ti: bur. 30 :\[ay, 16s2.

V. Richard, bapt. 18 Dec. 1674; bur. 29Mircli, 1724.

VI. Robert, bapt. 16 Jan. 1679; bur. 9 Nov. 1682.

VII. Stephen, bapt. 19 Jan. 1681 ; bur. 27 July, 1754.

I. Sarah, ba;.t. 2 Nov. and </. 4 iVov. 1676.

II. Sarah, bapt. 7 Feb. 1678 ; ))t. Robert Durant, of Ferbies.
Mr. Woodgate was bur. 23 May, 1717, and was s. by his eldest

John Woodgate, Esq. of Stonewall Park, bapt. 13 Sept.
1664; in 1712, he purchased Somerhill, in the parish of
Tonbridge; m. 18 Jan. 1693, Rose, dau. of William Birsty
(Birchensty). Esq. ot Hever, and by her (b. 1872 ; d. 22 Dec.
1744) had issue,

I. William, bapt. II June, 1695 ; d. unm. 1743.

II. John, bapt. 22 Aug. 1669; d. u}im.

III. Henry, bapt. 27 March, 1701 ; d. unm. 1 Dec. 1787, leav-
ing. Somerhill to his nephew William.

IV. I', bapt. 18 Jan. 1704; bur. 21 Aug. 1727, unm.

V. Francis, of whom presently.

I. Sarah, bapt. 22 Oct. 16U6 ; d. U7ivi.

II. Alice, bapt. 31 Dec. 1697; m. Arthur Children, Esq. of

III. Elizabeth, d. unm.

IV. Rose, bapt. 19 Nov. 1702; m. George Swain, Esq. of

v. Ann. bapt. 21 May, 1711 ; d,. xmm. 1782.
Mr. Woodgate d. 17 Aug. 1727. His youngest son.

The Rev. Francis Woodgate, for fifty-four years (1782-86)
Rector of Watlington and Vicar of Mountfield in Sussex; Lord
of the Manor of Moat, alias Cosens, Cowden, b. 25 Dec. 1706 ;
m. Mary, dau. of — Thompson, Esq. of Stone Street, Seal, aud
by her (who d. 12 Jan. 1785, aged 71) had issue,

I. John, bapt. 2 March, 1735.

II. William, of Somerhill, j)i. Frances, dau. of John Hooker,
Esq. of Tonbridge Castle, and his descendants form the
elder branch of the family.

III. Stephen, of Scvenoaks, bapt. 16 May, 1745 ; d. unm.

IV. Henry, of whom presently.

I. Mary, bapt. 2 March, 1737 ; m. 24 Jan. 1765, John Acton,
Esq. of London.

II. Rose, bapt. 25 Oct. 1739 ; d. unm.

III. Sarah, bapt. 31 May. 1748; d. unin.

IV. Elizabeth, bapi. 3 Jan. 1750; to. 10 May, 1778, Eev.
William Humphrey, Rector of Seal.

V. Anne, bapt. 4 Oct. 1752; d. unm.

VI. Frances, bapt. 16 April, 1756; d. unm.

VII. Alice, m. Sir William Ashburnham, Bart.

Rev. Francis Woodgate d. 10 Nov. 1790, aged 84. His
youngest son,

Henry Woodgate, Esq. of Sevenoaks, bapt. 13 Jan.
1746; m. 13 Jan. 1780, Ellen, dau. and heiress of John
Hammond, Esq. of Battle, Sussex, and by her (whotZ. 30 April,
1831, aged 79) had issue,

I. Francis William, of Ferox Hall, Tonbridge, m. Martha,
dau. of Thomas Ponton, Esq. of London and Battersea.

II. John, of whum presently.

I. Ellen, bapt. 29]Sov. 1782, )/i. Charles Carter Petley, Esq.

II. Mary, bapt. 21 March, 1784, d. young.

III. Elizabeth, bapt. 26 Feb. 178.5, m. Capt. Broome.

IV. Anne, 6. 4 Sept. 1786, m. 27 July, 1824, Capt. Richard
Streatfeild, R.N.. of Hever.

V. Sarah, bapt. 4 Nov. 1789, m. Rev. Francis Lipscomb, of
Welbury, co. York.

Mr. Woodgate d. 29 Sept. 1834, aged 88. His 2nd son.

John Woodgate, Esq. b. 8 Aug. 1788; on 27 Oct. 1805, he
joined II. M. 52nd Regt. Liiiht Infantry, under the command
of Sir John Moore, and in 1812, the 20tli Light Dragoons ; was
severely wounded at the passage of the Douro: was present at
the battles of Vimiera, Talavera, Fuentes d'Onor, and was
again dangerously wounded at Ciudad Rodrigo. He m. I
March, 1825, Katharine Jane, youngest dau. of the Kev.
William Lipscomb, of Welbury, co. York, and by her (who d.
1S78, aged 80) had issue,

I. Christopher Frederic, now of Bella Vista.

II. Henry llamond, d. 26 Feb. 1837.

III. John Acton, Lieut. 24th Light Infantry, killed at ChUlian-
wallah, 13 Jan. 1849.

IV. Cviil, killed at Buenos Ayres, 1883.
v. Walter, d. 2 Oct. 1840.

VI. Charles Cleator, d. at Lima.

VII. Francis William. vin. Edwin.
IX. Arthur.

I. Kllcn Margaret, m. Rev. John Lomax, d. 1884

II. Mary Katharine, m. Robert H. Lipscomb, Esq.

III. Sarah. iv. Frances Rose Nouaille.

Mr. Woodgate d. at Sandbach, 28 March, 1868, aged 80.





Seat — Bella Vista, Edenbrid^e, Kent.

Toun A'csic/t .-!«— 9, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W.

Ciiibs— Junior AthenaBum ; St. George's.


WooDHorsK, Samukl Hexky, Esq. of Norlej
Hall. CO. Chestei-, J.P., Capt. 4th Eatt. Somerset-
shire Light Infantry, B.A., Oxford, Barrister-at-
Law, b. 2 March 1S4S, m. 3 'May, 1876, riorcnce
Ada, dau. of George Wilkinson, Esq. of Temple
Hill, Killiney, co. Dublin, and has had issue,

I. IIenbt George Wilkixson, b. 17 Dec. 1S79.

II. James Dugald Forbes, b. 10 Jan. ISSl.

III. Kenneth Arthur Buswell, b. 12 Feb. and d. 26 March,

IV. Kichard Anthony Gordon, b. 23 Dec. 1893.

I. Buth, b. 29 March, 1877.

II. Lettice, 6. 5 April, 1878.

HI. Florence Mary Kathleen, b. 5 March, 1832.

IV. Winifred Mabel, 6. 24 March, 1883.

V. Joyce, b. U Aug. 1891.

liineag'e. — Kichard WooDnonsE, of HoofieUl, in the
parish of Tarvin, co. Chester, had issue, i. Richard, bapt. 20
Nov. 161G ; II. Samuel, of whom hereafter; iii. Margaret,
bapt. 8 Nov. 1C19: iv. Mary, bapt. 31 March, 1022. The 2nd

Samuel Woodbouse, of Hooficld, bapt. 15 Feb. 1628, had
three sons, i. Kicharc^ bapt. 12 Feb. 1054; ii. John, bapt. 10
Feb. 1659 ; iii. Samuel. The 3rd son,

Samuel AVoodhouse, of Hoolield, bapt. 20 July, 1661, m.
20 May, 1690, Hannah Dutton, and had i. John, of whom
hereafter; ii. Samuel, bapt. 17 Dec. 1692 ; ill. Mary, bapt. 2
Dee. 1688. The eldest son,

John AVoodhouse, of Hoofield, bapt. at Tarvin, 19 March,
1691, d. 6 March, 1772, aged 82 years, leaving a son,

John Woodhouse, of Kirkdale, near Liverpool, b. 1730, m.
JaneHeys, and rf. 21 Dec. 1813, aged 83,;leaving by her (whod.
1 Oct. 1781, aged 32) i. John, 6. 1770, d. unm. 1826; ii. Samuel,
of whom presently; and in. William, 6. 1788, m. 1817, Sarah
Dorothy, 2ud dau. of Rev. Humphrey Hervey, Vicar of Bride-
kirk, Cumberland, and had issue, John, 6. 1818, J. Nov. 1840,
at Brasenose Coll., Oxford; William Hervey, 6. 1

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