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lice, dau. of Henry Clegg, Esq. of
Haughton House, Altham, Lancashire, and d. 1809, leaving

Henry Wilson, of Moreton Hall.


Seal — Moreton Hall, Whalley, Lancashire.


WORTHAM, BiscOE HiLL, Esq. of Kneesworth,
CO. Cambridge, J. P., D.L., m. 1840, Martha, dau. of
Eev. Samuel Lee, D.D., Canon of Bristol, Kegius
Professor of Hebrew, Cambridge University, Eector
of Barley, Herts; and has issue,

I BiscoeHale, h. 16 Oct. 1843; m. 17 Jan. 1871, Malvino
Georgiana, d;iu. of William Shipton Browning, Esq., and
has three sons and one dau.

II. Charles, b. 27 July, 18-47.

iH. Frederick. iv. Alfred.

I. JIary Cecilia. Ii. Louisa.

III. Ellen Elizabeth Frances.

IV. Ilariiet. v. Marian Gertrude.

Lineag-e.— The family of Wortham appears in the
Visitation of Devon, 1620. Hale Woetham, Esq. b. 1683;
'ni. twice: by his 1st wife, Elizabetii Bray, he had, with other

Hale Wobtuam, Esq. 6. 1710; m. Martha, dau. and

heiress to John Cock, of Moulton, co. Lincoln, and Shcp-
rcth, CO. Cambridge, granddau. and eventually heir of
William Layer, of Sheprcth, and (/. 1750, leaving, with other

I. Hale, of Eoyston, 6. 1744; m. Mary, dau. of Sir Thomas
Ilatton, of Long Stanton, co. Cambridge.

II. .James.

Mr. Wortham d. 1750. His 2nd son,

James Wortham, Esq. of Koystonm. Elizabeth Hames,and
<;. July, 1844, leaving by her (who ci. 1861),
I. Biscoe Hill, now of Kneesworth.

n. Henry, vi. Emma, dau. of Kev. Samuel Lee, D.D. , Canon
of Bristol, and Kector of Barley, Hants, and has three daus.,
and one son,

III. James, m. and had issue nine children.

Arms — Gu., a chev. between three lions gambs erm.
,SfYi(— Kneesworth Hall, Koyston, co. Hertford.
Residence— b. Warrior Gardens, St. Leonards-on-Sea.



WoExniNGTON, William Heney, Esq.of Burtom
and Derwent Bank, co. Derbv, formerly Capt. 39tli
Staffordshire E. V. ; elected Nov. 1878, first Mayor
and Magistrate of Burton ; b. 23 Aug. 1826 ; m. 29
.\pril, 1858, Alicia Elizabeth, eldest dau. of John
Craig, Esq. of Horsehead House, Passage, co. Cork.
Mr. Worthington unsuccessfully contested the-
Borough of Tamworth, in 18b0, in the Liberal-
Conservative interest.

Lineage.— This family is of co. Leicester extraction,
having been settled at Orton-on-the-Hill, in that co., for several
generations, and until they migrated some time before the
middle of last century to Burton-on-Trent, where they were
amongst the earUest founders of the great brewing industry of
that place.

William and SaeahWoethington, of Orton-on-the-Hill, had

.Tohn, 6. 3 Nov. 1683.

Thomas, b. 10 April, 1684.

William, b. 27 Jan. 1687.

Eiehard, b. 12 March ; d. 5 April, 1702.

Sarah, b. 30 June, 1682; m. Cox, of Chervil Coton.

Mary. Felier.

The 3rd son,
William Worthington, and his wife, Elizabeth, had issue,
Thomas, 6. 13 Feb. 1718.
William, 6. 21 March, 1723.
John, b. 12 Nov. 1725.
Mary, b. 21 June, 1716.
.lane, 6. 25 Jan. 1731.
Sarah, b. 3 Dec. 1735.
The 2nd son,

William Worthington, of Burton-on-Trent, m. 31 Aug. 1761,
Anne Tarratt, and had issue,
William, of whom presently.

Thomas, b. 16 Nov. 1760; m. 22 Aug. 1791, Sarah, 3rd dau.
of Henry Evans, Esq. of Cauldwell Hall, and Burton-on-
Trent, and had, with otlier issue, Henry ot Coton Park,
Derbyshire, Capt. Q. 0. li. Staffordshire Yeomanry Cavalry,
and d. 15 Dec. 1805.
Mary, b. 3 Sept. 17G2 ; d. 1775.
Mr. Worthington d. 9 March, 1800. His eldest son,

William Worthington, Esq. of Burton, 6. 10. Sept. 1764;
m. 28 July, 1791, Martha, 2nd dau. of Henry Evans, E.sq. of
Cauldwell Hall, and Burton, and had issue,
William, of whom presently.
Joseph, b. 21 Nov. ISOO; (/. 8 May, 1801.
Mary, 6.21 M.ay, 1793 ; m. George Briscoe, Esq., J.P. and;

U.L., of Oldfallings Hall, and Caynton, co. Stafford.
Ann, 6. 25 Nov. 1795; j/t. Kev. Roger Bass, M. A., Vicar of

Austrey, co. Leicester.
Martha, b. 12 June, 1794 ; d. 1822.

Harriet, b. March, 1803; m. John Tarratt, Esq. of Wolver-
Eebecca, 6. 28 Jan. 18C5 ; d. 27 March, 1847.
Helen, b. 10 March, 1811 ; m. Robert Shirley Belcher, Esq.
of Burton.
Mr. Worthington d. i March, 1825. His son and heir.

William Worthington, Esq. of Newton Park and Burton,
J.P. COS. Stafford and Derby, 6. 16 Feb. 1799; m. 8 June, 1824,
Mary Anne, 2nd dau. of Francis Calvert, Esq. of Houndhill,
Staffordshire, and had issue,

I. William Henry, now of Burlon.

II. Calvert, b. 29 Aug. 1830; d. 17 Nov. 1871.





- ill. Arthur Francis, 6. 20 Fet. 1835 : d. 5 Feb. 1837.

IV. Albert Octavius, of Maple Hayes, Staffordshire, High
Sheriff 1889, J. P., Lord of the Manor of Pype cum Mem-
bris, Capt. Q. 0. R. Staffordshire Yeom.inry Cavalry, b. 20
Not. I8j4; m. 16 Feb. 1871, Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of John
Etty, Esq. of Malton, Yorkshire, and has issue, William
Worthington, b. 21 Dec. 1871 : Evelyn Mabel ; Winifred
Florence ; Dorothy Hilda ; and Muriel Esm6.

V. Francis, late 7th Eoyal Fusiliers, b. 6 April, 1843;
accidentally drowned in the Tummel, co. Perth, 3 Sept.

1. Catherine Elizabeth, m. 21 July, 1852, Colonel Charles
Denison Pedder (39th Eegt.), and has issue, Charles
Edward, h. 1S55 : James Henry Worthington, b. 1801 :
Mary Ann Jane ; Catherine Helena.

It. Emily Mnvy Anne, b. 19 Feb. 1832; d. 2 April, 1832.

III. Harriet Georpiana, 6. 24 and d. 2fi Jan. 1836.

IV. Mary Ann, b. 5 Aug. 1837 ; d. 5 Feb. 1852.
Mr. Worthington d. 17 Oct. 1871.

Arms — Per fesse dancetti^e, arg. and sa., a pale counter-
changtd, and three tridents erect of the second. Crest — On a
•wreath of the colours upon the trunk of a tree fessewise,
■eradicated and sprouting ppr., a goat passant arg., gorged with
a collar gemel sa., holding in the mouth a sprig of oak fructed
also proper. Afo£(o— Virtute dignus avorum.

Seat — Derwent Bank, co. Derby.

Clv.b — Devonshire.


Woulft:, Stephen Eoland, Esq. of Tiermaclane,
CO. Clare, J. P. cos. Clare and Down, High Sheriff
of the latter co. 1874, and of the former, 1870,
served in the 7th Regt. Fusiliers, afterwards Capt.
Hunts Militia, b. 1822 ; m. 1st, 9 June, 1853, Hon.
Isabella Letitia Graves, dau. of Thomas North, 2nd
Lord Graves (she d. 26 Oct. 1870) ; lie m. 2ndly,
1881, Alice Maud, youngest dau. of Edward Black-
burn, Esq. of Haine, Devon, and has had issue,

Stephen Harold, 6. 15 Feb. 1883, d. 1888.
Hilda Maud, 6. 1882.

Xiineage.— This family was settled in Limerick at a very
early date ; the name appears in the records of Limerick
during the reigns of the Plantagenet Sovereigns. A pedi-
•^•Tee of the family, registered in Ulster's OfiSce, commences
V. ith

Thomas Woulfe, Esq. of Ballyphilip, co. Limerick, m.
Mary, dau. of Daniel Creagh, Esq. of Limerick, and was
father of

Thomas WonLFE, Esq. Sheriff of Limerick 1470 ; m. Ellen,
vlau. of Edmond Harrold, Esq. of Limerick, and was father

John Wohlfe, Esq., n. Mary, dau. of Nicholas Bourke, Esq.
of Limerick, and had a son,

EicHAED WouLFE, Esq., a Burgess for the city of Limerick,
inap. Queen Elizabeth. He m. Mary, dau. of Andrew
Creagh, Esq. of Limerick, and was s. by his son,

James Woulfe, Esq. of Corbally, a Merchant in Limerick,
na. Ellis, dau. of Thomas Arthur, Esq. of Ballygrenane, co.
Limerick, and had five sons,

I. Patrick, of Corbally, who was joined with his father in
deeds relating to houses and land in Limerick, m. Elli.s, dau.
of James Arthur, Esq. of Kilmallock, co. Limerick, and had
two sons,

1 James (fitzPatrick) party to a deed of 1 Blarch, 1G48,
d. s. p.

2 Richard, of Corbally, s. his brother, and forfeited that
and all his father's property after the Kebellion of 1641,
m, his kinswoman, Katherine, dau. of Patrick Woulfe,
Burgess, of Limerick, by Katherine his wife, dau. of
Francis White, and grand-dau. of Richard Woalfe, the
possessor of large estates in co. Limerick, by Sleganne Bon-
ileld, his wife, and had a son,

Patrick, h. 1668 ; d. in Paris, bur. in the church of St.
Eustace, 12 Feb. 1747, aged 79: m. his cousin, Mary,
dau. of James Woulfe, Esq. of Ennis, co. Clare, by whom
(who d. in Paris, 1744) he had a son,
James Lawbence Woulfe, b. in Paris, 16 April, 1743.

II. James (Rev.), a Dominican Friar, murdered by order of
Ireton, Oliver Ckomwell's General, 1651.

III. Francis (Rev.), a Dominican Friar, exempted from pardon
by Ireton at the capitulation of Limerick, 1651.

IV. George, Capt. in the Eoyal army, exempted from pardon
by Ireton, 1651.

V. Stephen, of whom presently.

Mr. Woulfe was living in 1627, as .ippears from a deed of 3 Nov.
of that year, to which his eldest son was a party. His 5th and
youngest son,

Stephen Wodlfe, Esq. of Crenagh, co. Clare, removed into
that CO. and settled there. He m. Mary, dau. of Thomas
Stritch (fitzPatricK), Mayor of Limerick 1650, and had two


1 Nicholas, his successor.

II. Patrick, of Ennis, m. Mary, dau. of Theobald Fitzgerald,
Esq. of Gortmore, co. Clare, by whom (who was bur. at
Ennis, 1697) he had a son,
James, of Ennis, who went to Paris, rf. there and was
bur. in the church of St. Roche, 28 Dec. 1749. He to.
Alice, dau. of Andrew Woulfe, Burgess of Ennis, by whom
(who was bur. at Ennis, 11 Dec. 1748) he had a son and
a dau.,
Lawrence, m. Mary, dau. of Brian O'Brien, Esq. of
Corbally, co. Clare.
Mary, m. her cousin, Patrick Woulfe, Esq. of Paris.

Mr. Woulfe, who was bur. at Ennis, was «. by his eldest

Nicholas Woclfe, Esq. of Tiermaclane, co. Clare, who ob-
tained that estate from Henry, 7th Earl of Thomond by deed
dated 9 Aug. 1684, and other lands in co. Limerick, 24 Aug.
1708. He had, with four daus. (i. Phillis, m. William Trant, of
Cork, Merchant, who d. 1725; ii. Jane, Mrs. Waters; in.
Margaret, m. Thomas Sexton, of Limerick, Merchant; iv,
Alice, Mrs. Cantillon), three sons,

I. Stephen, his successor.

II. David, who was living 1765.

III. Patrick, of Enilagh,co. Clare, who d. v. p. His will dated
3 June, 1718, was proved 2 May, 1719. He ra. Eleanor,
sisterof IgnatiusCasey, and had, with two daus., Mary, and
Katherine (Mrs. Butler), eight sons,

1 Nicholas. 2 Stephen.

3 Anthony, of Lifford, co. Clare, whose will dated 6 Aug.
1748, was proved 9 March, 1754. By Anstace his wife,
he left a son, James ; and a dau., Margaret.

4 Andrew. 5 Francis.

6 Michael.

7 Ignatius, of Emlagh, whose will is dated 5 Jan. 1778. He
left an only son Michael.

8 James, of Cahirash, co. Clare, whose will dated 22 July,
1755, with a codicil 12 May, 1758, was proved 2 June,
following ; d. w ithout legitimate issue.

Mr. Woulfe, whose will, dated 9 Oct. 1725, was proved 26 Jan.
following, was s. by his eldest son,

Stephen Woulfe, Esq. of Tiermaclane, who, by Bridget his
wife, had two sons,

I. Nicholas, his successor.

II. Peter, of Bernard's Inn, Holbom, London, Surgeon-Gen.
in H.M.'s service, who was guardian to his minor nephew, iu

Mr. Woulfe, who was living in 1737; d. intestate, and was s. by
his eldest son,

Nicholas Woulfe, Esq. of Tiermaclane, m. Alice Maria
Harrold, of Pennywell, co. Limerick, and had two sons,

I. Stephen, his heir.

II. John, was dead in 1761.

Mr. Woulfe, whose will, dated 22 Aug. 17G1, was proved 2
Feb. 1765, and was s. by his eldest son,

Stephen Woulfe, Esq. of Tiermaclane, who m. Honora,
dau. of Michael McNamara, Esq. of Dublin, grand-dau. of John
McNamara, Esq. of Crinagh, co. Clare, and sister of Admiral
James McNamara, and Col. John McNamara, of Llangoed
Castle, CO. Brecon, by whom (who m. 2naiy, Balthazar Nihill,
Field-Marshal in the service of the King of Naples) he had

ir Stephen (Eight Hon.), Lord Chief Baron of the Court of
Exchequer in Ireland, appointed Solicitor-General, 1836,
Attorney-General and Sworn of the Pnvy Council, 1S37,
and s Right Hon. Henry Joy, as Lord Chief Baron, 20 July,
1838, TO. Frances, dau. of Roger Haraill, Esq. of DowthHall,
CO. Meath, and d. 1840, leaving issue,

Stephen Eoland, now of Tiermaclane.

Mary, m. 1847, Sir Justin Shell, K.C.B.

in. Nicholas, d. untn.

I Joanna, m. May, 1813, Terence Flanagan, Esq. of St.

Katherine's Park, Leixlip, co. Dublin, by whom (who d.

Jan. 1846), she left at her decease, Jan. 1837, three sons,

1 Johu Woulfe Flanaghan, Esq. of Drumdoe, co. Roscom-
mon J.P. and D.L., b. 21 Aug. 1815; m. 14 Sept.
1848, Susan, dau. of Right Hon. Sir Michael O'Loughlin,
Bart'. Mafiier of the Rolls in Ireland ; and d. s. p. 26 Sept.

2 Stephen Woulfe Flanagan (Right Hon.), P.C.ofRath-
termon, co. Roscommon, one of the Judges of the High
Court of Chancery (Landed Estates Court Division) in
Ireland, 1869 to 1885, m. Feb. 1851, Mary, dau. of John
Richard Corballis, Esq., Q.C., LL.D., and by her (who
d. 8 Jan. lbS6) had issue, John Wodlfe, Barrister-atr

7 J





Lan', 6. 1S5'2 ; and other issue (see Flanagan of Knth-
3 Terence Woulfe Flanagan, tn. 1S4S, Jane, Hempclen ; and
d. Dec. 1859.
Mr. 'Woulfe, whose will was proved 4 .Vpril, 1794, d. at Liege,
in the Netherlands, and was s. by his eldest son,

Peter Woulfe, Esq. of Tiermaclane, who d. vnm. April,
ISCri, when he was s. by his nephew, Stephen Koland Woulfe
Esq. now of Tiermaclane.

Anns — Per fcss or and az. in chief on a mount vert a wolf
passant in front of an oak tree all ppr. in base two salmon
naiant barways of the last. Crest — A stork wings elevated sa.
Jdotto — Curlean uaral.

Sfa(,<!— Tiermaclane, Eniiis, co. Clare; Strangford House,
Sirangford, co. Down, i'ovm Uesidence — 16, Uanington
Gardens, S.W.

Ciitls—Army and Navy, and Brooks', and KildareSt. Dublin.


What, Cecil John Goee, Esq. of Oak Park, co.
Donegal, b. 27 Sept. 1859.

Lineage. — The family of Wrat was anciently seated in
the IJishopric of Durham, and subsequently possessed estates
in Richmond, co. York, and at Ulentworth, co. Lincoln. Sib
CuKisToPHER Wrat, of Glentworth, was Lord Chief Justice
of the Court of Queen's Bench («?i;j. Elizabeth, and from him
descended the Baronets Wray, of Glentworth. A scion of that
stock became established in Ireland in Queen Elizabeth's
reign. The first settler from England was John Wbat, of
Carnegilla, whose son,

Hexrt Wrat, Esq, had a grant, 1639, from the Crown of
the Manor of Castle Wray, co. Donegal, to be held in capiic.
He VI. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Paul Gore, Bart, by his wife
Isabella Wickliffe, and was father of

William Wrat, Esq. of Castio Wray, whose name appears
in the Act of Attainder by King James II., 1689. He m. 1st,
Miss Sampson ; and 2ndly, Angel, dau. of James Galbraith,
M.P., and d. 1710, leaving by his 1st wife,

Henrt, his heir.

Humphrey, of Ards, m. Anne Brooke, of Colebrooke, co.
Fermanagh, and was father of "Old William Wrat," the
remembered hero of many a strange recital, mingled with
a hue of sorrow for his fallen fortunes, and a romantic
interest in his having been the last of the old branch of
the Wrats of Ards. (See Burke's Vicissitudes of Fami-
The eldest son,

Henrt Wrat, Esq. of Castle Wray, m. Jane, sister of
Eeresford Jackson, and d. 1737, beings, by his eldest son,

William Wrat, Esq. of Castle Wray, m. Eleanor, dau. of
Sir Arthur Gore, Bart., M.P. of Newton Gore, co. Mayo, and
by iK-r (who d. 1 June, 1757) left a son and successor,

Henrt Wrat, Esq. of Castle Wray, ?;t. Catherine, 2nd dau.
of John Moutray, Esq. of Favour Royal, co. Tyrone, and had,
with three dau., two sons, William, his heir ; and John
James, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Alexander Crawford, and
had issue. Mr. Wray d. 1818, and was .s. by his son,

William Wrat, Esq. of Castle Wray, b. 17 M.ay, 1767, m.
Ist. Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Ralph Mansfield, by whom he had
no issue; and 'indly, 27 M.ay, 1SI7, Anne Jane, dau. of John
Johnston, Esq. of Brook Hill, and by her (who d. 9 April,
1857) left at his decease, 11 Dec. 1843, three sons and four

William, late of Oak Park.

Henry, b. 14 June, 1820; d. 9 May, 1861.

Robert, b. 25 Jan. 1829.

Anne Jane. Catherine.

Elizabeth. Barbara.

The eldest son,

William Wrat, Esq. of Oak Park, J.P., HighSheriff, 1851,
6. 15 June, 1818: in. 22 Jan. 1850, Anna, dau. of Capt. Robert
Johnston, 67th Rcgt., of Brook Hill, co. Leitrim, J.P. and
D.L., and had issue,

I William Cecil, of Oak Park.

II. Cecil John Gore, now of Oak Park.

HI. Henry Cecil Gore, b. 1 Sept. 1860 ; d. 2 Dec. 1868.

I. Ann WilheluiiaaJean, m. 12 June, 1884, James Augustus
Stewart, Esq., brother of Sir Augustus Stewart, Othbart. of
Fort Stewart.

II. Frances Margaret Forbes.
lu. Anna Henrietta.

rv. Edith Emma, a. 6 Jan. 1875.

V. Marion, b. 21 July, 1871 ; d. 28 Dec. 1875.
He d. 19 June, 1884, and was.?, by his eldest son,

William Cecil Wray, B^q. of Oak Park, b. 21 July, 1851 ;
a. 1889.

Aym.t—Az.. on a chief or, three martlets gu. Crest — An
ORtricli or. Motto— FA juste et vray.
&('£— Oak Park, near Ballymalcel, Strabane, co. Donegal.


Wret, George Edward BouKcniEU, Esq. of
Caddel and Thorntoun, co. Ayr, b. & March, 1851 ;
m. 2-i Fell. 188H, Anne Maud, dau. of the Rev.
Arthur Eourcliicr Wrey, Vicar of St. Mary's
Church, and lias issue,

Edward Charles, 6. 30 March, 1889.

liineag'e. — John Coninghame, of Glengarnock, the most
ancient cadet of the family of Glencairn, had two sons,
William Cuninghame; and

John Cunixghame, of Caddel, living 1572. From him we
pass to

John CuNiNr.nAME, of Caddel, m. 1st, 1099, Margaret, eldest
dau. of Sir Archibald Muir, lint, of Thorntoun, Lord Provost
of Edinburgh, and had issue,

,\RcmBALD, his heir.

John, sometime a Merchant in Lisbon, who purchased the
lands of Carniclb.ank, adjacent to those of Thorntoun, co.

Jane, m. Thomas Boyd, of Pitcon.

Helen, d.unm.

3Iargaret, in. Archibald Crawford, of Cartsburn.
The laird m. 2ndly, a dau. of Stevenson, of Mount Green
and by her had sixteen children. He d. 1753, and was s. by
his eldest son,

Archibald Cuninghame, of Caddel and Thorntoun, then a
Capt. in Boseawen's Regt. of Foot. This gentleman m. 1754,
Christian, eldest dau. of Andrew Macredie, Esq. of Pierceton,
and had witli three daus., all deceased, three sons, 1, John,
his heir ; 2 Andrew, Capt. 48th Regt., severely wounded at
the taking of Martinique, 1794; he d. 1798; and 3 Archibald,
Capt. 51st Regt., m. 1785 ; Mary, of John Wallace, Esq.
of Kelly, but d. s. p. 1799. Capt. Cuninghame d. 1778, and
was s. by his eldest son,

LiEUT.-CoL. John Cuninghame, of Caddel and Thorntoun,
J.P. and D.L., b. 21 Oct. 1756 ; vi. 13 Aug. 1804, Sarah, only
child of Major John Peebles, late 42nd Regt., by Anna his
wife, eldest dau. of Charles Hamilton, Esq. of Craighlaw, and
d. July, 1836, leaving issue,

Archibald, his heir, d. Oct. 1856.

John, late of Carnielbank, d. 13 March, 1882.

Christiana, late of Thorntoun, d. Sept. 1861.

Sarah, late of Thorntoun, m. 8 July, 1848, George Bour-
chier Wrey, Esq. (who d. 1854), only son of Edward AVrey,
Esq. of North Devon, and d. 1869, leaving a son,
George Edward Bourchier, now of Thorntoun.

Helen Cuninghame, d. April, 1892.

Margaret, d. Jan. 1863.

Catherine, m. 16 April, 1853, Clarence Esme Stuart,
youngest son of William Stuart, Esq. of Aldenham Abbey,

Arms of Cuninghame, of Caddel — Arg., a shakefork sa.
charged with a rose of the field for Glenoaknock. Crest — An
unicorn's head erect couped. Motto — Over, fork over. — Thornton House, near Kilmarnock.

Ci(',6— Oxford and Cambridge.


Wright, Samuel Wright, Esq. of Brattleby
Hall and Nettleton House, Caistor, both co. Lin-
coln, J.P. find D.L., B.A. Wadham Coll. Oxford,
b. 28 May, 1832 ; assumed the name of Wright
in 1863, on succeeding to the estates of his cousin ;
m. 22 Dec. 1860, Constance Mary, dau. of Peter
Freeland Aiken, Esq. of Wallcroft House, Clifton,
Bristol, by his -wife Constantia Elizabeth Chet-
wood, of Glanmire, co. Cork, and has surviving

I. Philip Chetwood, J.P., B.A., Capt. Srd Batt. Lincoln-
shire Regt. b. 18G6.

II. Arthur Samuel (Rev.), b. 18C7.

I. Alice Margaret.

II. Constance Mary.

III. Grace Mabel.

Lineage. — Turner, of Eckington, in Derby, 1620 to 1640,
had issue, a dau., Margaret, who m. — Bownay, of Havcrley,
and a son,





Geokge ToRNEB, 1647, who was fatherof Samuei,; Vincent;
and Martha, in. to John Haniforth. The eldest son,

Samuel TnRNEK, of Bawtry, m. a dau. of George Gregory,
of Nottingham, and Harlaxton, near Grantham, and d. 1713,
having had issue,

EoBEKT, of whom presently.

Henry, of Woodthorpe, Notts.

Esther, m. John Vogler, of Bawtry, s.p.
Tlie elder son,

Egbert Tdkneb, of Troway, near Bramley, and Haverley,
had issue,

I. John, of Caistor, co. Lincoln, Solicitor, m. 1749, and had
issue, Samuel (Rev.), Eector of Eothwell, Bramcotts, Tealby
and West Torrington, d. s. p., and Mary, to. 1775, George
Tennyson, Esq. of Bayons Manor, co. Lincoln, hy whom she
had, witli other issue, a son. Rev. George Clayton Tennyson,
father of Alfred, Lord Tennyson (see Bdrke's Peerage).

II. Jonathan, of whom presently.

I. Mary, m. — Eobinson.

II. A dau., m. — Maw, of Bawtry.

The 2nd son,

Jonathan Turner, m. Winifred, dau. of — Storr, by his
wife, a dau. of — Gregory, of Harlaston, and had issue, with
two daus., Mrs. Swan, of CoUingham, and Mrs. Nettleship, of
Gainsborough, two sons,
Samuel, of whom presently.

Thomas, of Langlord, Notts, m. Sarah Halliday, and had
issue, Thomas, 7)i. Lucy Bird; John, of Harpswell :
Jonathan; Samuel, of Hamswell, to. Mary Dickenson, and
had (John : Samuel, in. Charlotte Richardson, and had issue ;
Sarah, and Elizabeth) ; and Halliday. d. g. p.

The elder son,

Samuel Turner, of Cameringham, co. Lincoln, m. Anne
SewcU, and d. 1813, leaving issue, with five daus.,

I. Samuel, of whom presently.

II. Jonathan, of CoUingham, had by Millicent his wife,

1 Samuel, Rector of St. Bees, CoUingham.

2 John, of Ulcfby, m. — Corbet, and had Sybil; Mary,
in. — Brockhurst, of Liverpool ; Fanny ; and Dora.

3 Thomas, m. — Turton, of CoUingham, and had issue.
The elder son,

Db. Samuel Turner, Esq. of Caistor, m. Maiy, dau. of John
Swan, of Hundon Manor, Caistor, and by her (who d. 13 Dec.
1825, aged 65) had issue,

Samuel, of whom presently.

Mary, in. James .4ndus, Esq. of Selby, co. York.

Ann, m. Rev. G. Moore, Vicar of Caistor.

Sarah, m. George Marris, Esq. of Caistor, and had a dan.

Elizabeth, m. J. Swan, Esq , and had a dau.

Dr. Turner d. 1 June, 1826, aged 76. His son,

The Rev. Samuel Tubneb, M.A., Univ. Coll. Oxford,
Eector of Nettleton, and Vicar of Cadney, in. 1830-1, Margaret,
dau. of John Wright, Esq. of Binbrooke Hall, co. Lincoln,
and by her had issue, an only son, Samuel Wright Tubneb,
now Samuel Wright Weight, Esq. of Brattleby Hall. The
Eev. Samuel Turner d.l May, 1877.

J^amilg of ffilrigbt.

The Rev. John Wbight, Vicar of Caistor had issue a son,
William Wright, of Market Easen, 1634, who was father

Edward Wright, Esq. of North Kelsey, co. Lincoln, gent.,
bapt. 12 Sept. 1716; to. June, 1741, Mary, dau. of Joseph
Mundy, and d. 9 July, 1792, having by her(who d. i Jan. 1779)
had issue,

I. William, of Brattleby and Somerby, co. Lincoln, b. 23 April,
1750, m. 11 July, 1782, Ursula Jane, dau. of Eobert Par-
kinson, Esq. of Ravendale, co. Lincoln, and by her (who d.
15 Nov. 1824) had issue,

Edward, of Brattleby and Somerby, Capt. North Lincoln-
shire Militia, b. 9 March, 17s4.
William (Rev.), of Owmby, Searby, co. Lincoln, LL.B.,
Trinity Hall, Camb., Rector of Long Stowe, co. Cam-
bridge, and J. P., 6. 24 March, 1785.
Mary,*. 4 April, 1783.

Susannah Harriet, 6. 13 Dec. 1786, d. 28 Sept. 1799.
2 Thomas, d. 1777. 3 Edward, d. 1778.

4 John, in. Margaret, dan. of Eev. Maurice Searle, Vicar of
Tetney, co. Lincoln, by his wife, Jane Parsons, of Wold
Newton, co. Lincoln, by whom he had issue,
John, m. Miss Kirk, and by her had issue, four sons and
two daus.
Maurice, m. Miss Mason, by whom he had a son and two

Margaret, m. Rev. Samuel Turner, Rector of Nettleton
and Cadney.

1 Mary Ann, m. Rev. Thomas Dawson, Eector of Harpswell.

2 Jane, m. Rev. — Ward.

Anns— Arg., on afesse engrailed between three eagle's heads
erased az. as many martlets of the field, for distinction a
canton of the second. CVc^i— Upon a mount vert, an unicorn
passant reguard. arg. seme of estoiles az. armed mained and
hoofed or, gorged with a collar of the third, the dexter foot
resting on a cross pattee gold and charged for d

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