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istinction with
a cross-crosslet az.

Seat? — Brattleby Hall, Lincoln; and Nettleton House,


Weight, Edward Caeington, Esq. of Kel-
vedon Hall, Essex, b. 6 March, 1830 ; m. 9 Jan.
1873, Mary Julia, 2iid dau. of the Hon. Henry
Petre, and has a dau.,

Beatrice Mary, &. 5 June, 1874.

liineage.— John Weight, Esq., who acquired Kelvedoo
by purchase, 1538, d. 5 Oct. 1551. His great grandson,

John Wright, Esq. of Kelvedon, vi. 1608, Anne, 2nd dau.
of Sir Edward Sulyarde, Knt., and had issue. He m. 2ndJy,
Joane, and had issue, from which descended the Wrights of
U'eaklside, represented by Anthony George Wright Bid-
dulph, Esq. of Burton Park, Sussex. Mr. Wright d. 4 March,
1054, aged 74, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Weight, Esq. of Kelvedon, who m. 1637, Frances, dau.
of Philip Waldegrave, Esq. of Borley, Essex, and had issue,
John, his heir; Phillip, b. 1643 ; and a dau. Frances, 6. 1648.
He d. 31 May, 1656, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Wright, Esq. of Kelvedon, m. Philippa, dau. of William
Fitzwilliam, Esq. of Clixby, co. Lincoln, and by her (who d.
16 May, 1687) had issue, John, his successor ; Lawrence, who
d. 1737 ; Peter ; and four daus. He d. 4 Oct. 1691, and was s.
by his eldest son,

John Wright, Esq. of Kelvedon,™. 16S4, Eugenia, 2nfl dan.
and co-heiress of Charles Trinder, Esq. of Holwelland Burton-
on-the-Water, co. Gloucester, and by her (who d. 1734) had
issue, John, his heir, b. 1685: William, d. 1737; Chailes, d.
1755; and two dau., Anna Maria; and Mary, m. iMannoek
Strickland, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, d. 1744. Mr. Wright d.
27 Aug. 1731, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Wright, Esq. of Kelvedon, m. 1714, Elizabeth, dau.
of Robert Rooke, Esq. of Weston Underwood, co. Bueking-
liam, who d. s. -p. 19 June, 1718. He to. 2ndly, 1733, Con-
stantia, dau. of Francis Carington, otherwise Smith, Esq. of
Wootton Hall, co. Warwick, and Aston Hall, Salop, and greafc-
granddau. of Francis Camngton, brother of Charles, 1st,
Viscount Carrington, aud had issue, John, his heir, b. 1740 ;
and two daus., 6.1735; d. 1753; and Constantia, 6. 1736, a
Nun at Origny, near St. Quintin's, France, d. at Paris 12
Nov. 1793. He d. 2 Dec. 1751, aged 65, and was 8. by his only

John Weight, Esq. of Kelvedon, m. 1762, Winifred, dau. of
George Silvertop, Esq. of Minster Acres, Northumberland, and
by her (who d. 12 Aug. 1780) had issue, John, his heir %-
Thomas, b. 6 March, m. 1772, Frances, dau. of Stephen
Tempest, Esq. of Broughton, co. York, and d. s. p. 1822. He
TO. 2ndly, 7 Jan. 1783, Mary Theresa Webb (who d. 1835), and
had issue, Edward, b. 4 Oct. 1783, d. 1838; and two daus.,
Theresa, m. Thomas Maynell, Esq. of Kilvington Hall, co.
York, d. 1844: and Mary, m. Thomas Monington, Esq. of
Samesfield Court, co. Hereford. He d. 12 Nov. 1792, and was
$. by his eldest son,

John Wright, Esq. of Kelvedon, 6. 4 Aug. 1763; 8 Jan.

1789, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Sir John Lawson, Bart, of

Brough Hall, co. York, by whom (whod. 7 July, 1812) he had


I. John, b. 25 July, 1792, d. v. p. 2 Dec. 1822, m. 1815, Mary

Catherine, 2nd dau. of Francis Cholmelcy, Esq. of Brands-

by, CO. York, by Teresa Anne his wife, dau. of Sir Henry

Englefield, 6th Bart, of White Knights, Berks, and by her

(who d. 7 Aug. 1858) had issue,

1 John Francis, late of Kelvedon.

2 Henry, 1817, d. umn. 1852.

3 Edward, b. 1818, in. 1849, Barbara Magdalen, 2nd dau.
of John Peter liruno Bowden, Esq. of Southgate House,
CO. Derby, and d. 1853, leaving issue, Edward Carins-
TON, now of Kelvedon; Mary Beatrice; and Madeline

4 William, d. 1821.

5 Thomas, 6. 1822; d. 1863.

u. William, assumed 1834, the name and arms of Lawson,
and was created a Bart. 1841.

III. Henry, a Priest, b. 1799; d. 1835.

IV. Francis, b. 1807 ; d. 1825.
v. Charles, b. 1808.

7 P 2





I. Eliza, TO. IS22, Charles Porter, Esq. of the Mythe, co.

II. Catherine. in. Monica, d. 1814.
IV. Anna Wavia, d. 1822.

Mr. Wiisht d. 13 Feb. 1826, and was.?, by his grandson.

John Fkancis Wright, Esq of Kelvedon Hall, J. P., 6. 29
Jan. 1816; Hi^h Slieriff ISoT; who (/..<:. p. 1868, and was s.
ty his nephew, Edwabd Cabisgton AVbicht, Esq. of Kel-

Anns— Az., two bars arff. in chief a leopard's head ppr.
Crest— Vpon a ducal coronet a dragon's head and neck couped
all or.

Sc^ii— Kelvedon Hall, Erentwood, Essex.


Weight, Julia Catiieeine, of Mottram Hall,
CO. Chester, youngest dau. and co-hciress of the late
Eev. Henry Wright, of Mottram Hall (who d. 24
2\ov. 1864), by Mary Catherine his -niie, dau. of
Ecv. Thomas Adnutt, Eector of Croft, m. 14 Oct.
1857, James Feedeeick D'Aeley Weight, Esq.
(formerly Steeet), J.P. for Chester, formerly Capt.
E.A. (6.14 Oct. 1827) ; and has issue a dau.,
Julia Maist Cathebine, m. 4 June, 1884, Edward Wether-
den Curteis, Esq. late Capt. 24th Rest., 3rd son of F. W.
Curteis, Esq. of Wissenden, Tunbridge Wells, and Bethers-
den, Kent, and has issue, Edward Laurence Frederick, 6.
13 Aug. 1885.
Capt. Wright was 3rd son of the late Capt. John
Street, R.A. by Catherine his wife, 2nd dau. of Sir
Henry Jardine, of Harwood, N.B., and assumed the
surname of Weight, by royal licence, 1865, in lieu
of his patronymic. He d. 15 Dec. 1889.

Lineage. — Thomas Wright, alias Bickley, of Nantwich,
living about the time of Henet Vlll., rn. Margaret, a dau. of
the ancient family of Cotes of Woodcote, Salop, and had a son
and successsor.

John Weight, father, by his wife, Elizabeth Leeche, of the
CO. .Stafford, of

EoGEE Weight, living temp. Edwabd VI. He m. Margery,
dau. and heiress of Richard Leeche, of Wich Mallank, and
had issue, i. Roger; ii. William (Rev.); iii. Edward,
iv. Henry; v. Richard; vi. Thomas, of whose line we have
to treat ; vii. Ralph; viii. John; ix. Reginald; x. Matthew ;
i. Anne, Jii. Eandulph Crewe, of Wich Malb.ank ; n. Jane, ra.
J. Mainwaring, Esq. of Calveley ; in. Margaret, m. R. Crewe,
Esq. The 6th son,

Thomas Wbiuht, Esq. m. Ellen, dau. of Robert .Sadler, by
Margery his wife, dau. and co-heiress of Laurence Frodsham,
of Elton, and had a son and successor,

Lacbence Weight, Esq. of Nantwich, m. Marcaret, dau. of
Robert Pickering, of Nantwich, and had four sons, i. Lau-
rence, his heir ; II. Roger; in. Robert, m. Katherine Birch;
and IV. Thomas, Rector of Wilmslow, who in. a dau. of
Francis Hobson, and d. 1661. During the Civil AVar, Mr.
Thomas Wright's living and estate were sequestered, and he
was regularly besieged in his parsonage house by Col. Dun-
kenGeld. Tradition, which asserts him to have survived the
Restoration, and to have been reinstated in his living at a
preat age, is confirmed by the parish register as follows:
"Oct. 1661, the 20th day, about nyne of the clocke in the
night, Mr. Thomas Wright, Gentleman and Parsonn of Wil-
rutslow, ended hi.s lyfe, and was buried in the tombe on the
northe syde of the chancell, the 23rd day of the same month
of October, 1601." The eldest son,

Lacbe.vce Weight, Esq. of Nantwich, m. 21 March, 15D.5,
Anne, elder dau. and co-heiress with her sister Catherine, the
w ife of Henry Bradshaw, Esq. of Marple, of Ralph Wynington,
of Offerton, by Anne, his wife, dau. of George Bowden, of
CO. Derby, and thus acquired the Offerton estate, which had
been obtained temp. Edwaed IV., by Thomas Wynington, in
marriage with the heiress of a family bearing the local name.
By this lady Mr. Writ-ht left a son and successor,

Ladrence Wright, Esq. of Offerton, co. Chester, bapt. 17
Dec. 1598, m. Margaret, dau. and sole heiress of Robert
Robinson, F.sq. of Mobberley (of the Robinsons of Yorkihire),
and was «. by his son,

TaouAS Weight, Esq. of Offerton and Mobberley, m. Mary,
<!au. of John Hignet, of London, and had two sons, i. Lau-
tcENCE, his heir; u. Henry, of Clifford's Inn, London. The
tld'T eon,

Laceence Weight, Esq. of Mobberley, m. Eleanora, dau.

and heiress of the Rev. Samuel Shipton, B.D., Rector of Alder-
ley, CO. Chester, and had (withadau., Penelope, d.unm., 1712)
a son and successor,

Henrt Wright, Esq. of Mobberley, 6. 1688, in. Purefoy,
dau. of Sir Willoughby Aston, Bart, of Aston, by Mary his
wife, dau. of John Offloy, Esq. of Madcley, and by her (who
d. 30 Jan. 1768, aged 78) had issue,

Henbt Offlet, successor to his father.

Eleanor, in. George Lloyd, Esq. of Hulme Hall, co. Lancas-
ter, and d. 2 May, 1735.

Theodosia, in. Sir Wolstan Dixie, Bart, of Market Bosworth,
and (/. 1751.

Mr. Wright d. 12 Oct. 1744, and was s. by his only surviving

The Rev. Henet Offlet Wright, of Mobberley, who in-
herited the estates of his cousin, William Wright, Esq. 1770.
lie m. Jane, dau. and co-heir of Ralph Adderley, Esq. of Coton,
CO. Stafford, by Lettice his wife, dau. of Thomas Kynnersley,
Esq. of Loxley Park, aud had by her (who d. March, 1779)
four sons and two daus.,

I. Ladeence, his heir.

II. William (Rev.), F^ellow of St. John's Coll. Cambridge,
d. unm.

III. Thomas, Rector of Market Bosworth, co. Leicester, 6. I
Nov. 1766 ; d. 29 Nov. 1840, he had been a rector of Bos-
worth 52 years ; he m. Mary, dau. of William Dilke, Esq.
of Maxtoke Castle, co. Warwick, and had issue,

1 IIenbt, successor to his uncle.

2 Thomas.

3 William, 6. 25 Sept. 1797 ; d. unm. 5 May, 1834.

4 Charles (Hev.), m. Lucy, eldest dau. of Robert Faux,
Esq. of Cliffe House, co. Leicester, and had issue two sons,
Thomas and Charles.

5 Francis.

6 Laurence, d. s. p. 28 Jan. 1833, aged 37.

1 Mary, d. 12 March, 1807.

2 Jane, m. John Blakiston, Esq., Capt. 27th Regt.

IV. Henry Adderley, Lieut.-Col. 25th Regt., m. Alice, widow
of Major-Gen. Rigby, and dau. of Robert Sclater, Esq. of
Roetield, co. Lancaster.

I. Frances, m. Richard Parry Price, Esq. of Bryn-y-pys, near

II. Leiitia, m. the Rev. John Watson, M.A., Vicar of Prest-

Mr. Wright d. 17 June, 1799, aged 80, and was s. by his eldest

LA0BENCE Wright, Esq. of Mottram St. Andrew, 6. 1752,
rn. Anne, dau. of John Waterhouse, Esq., Lieut.-Col. 1st
Surrey Militia, but dying s. p. 16 Jan. 1842, was s. by his

The Rev. Heney Wright, of Mottram Hall, co. Chester, m.
Mary Catherine, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Adnutt, Rector of
Croft, and sister of Bella Anne, Lady Dixie, of Bosworth, had
by her (who d. 29 Dec. 1867) one son and three daus.,

Laurence, 6. 28 Feb. 1818; d. unm. 2 July, 1839.

Maria, m. J. S. A. Shuttleworth, Esq. of Hathersage Hall,

CO. Derby, andd. leaving one dau.
Mary Jane Annabella, m. C. R. B. Legh, Esq. of Adllngton

Hall, CO. Chester, and has issue one son and two daus.
JcLiA Catherine, now of Mottram Hall, in. J. i\ D'A. Street,

Esq., aftiewards J. F. D'A. Weight, Esq., late Capt. R.A.

Mr. Wright d. 24 Nov. 1864.

-4n)i.s— Quarterly: 1st and 4th, sa., on a chevron between
three bulls' heads cabossed arg. a crescent between two crosses-
crosslet gu. and for distinction in the centre chief point a cross-
crosslet or, for Weight ; 2nd and 3rd, arg., a cross parted and
fretty gu. between in the 1st and 4th quarters three martlets,
and in the 2nd and 3rd as many annulets sa., for Street.
Crests — 1st, Wright: A bull's head arg. erased sa. ducally
gorged gu. and charged on the neck for distinction with a
cross-crosslet also gu. ; 2nd, Steeet: A demi-man in armour
ppr. his breastplate charged with a cross as in the arms, and
supporting with his dexter hand a flagstaff, thereon flowing
to the dexter a banner gu. charged with an annulet or.
Mottoes — Weight : sublimiora quaero ; Steeet : Quo virtus

<S'ea£— Mottram Hall, Prestbury, near Macclesfield.


Weight, John, Esq. of Hatfield Priory, Essex,
b. 8th Feb. 1879.

Lineage. — (See Luaed of Blyhorough).

Petee Luaed, Esq., 6. 21 Sept. 1767 (2nd son of William
l.rABD, Esq. by Anne his wife, dau. of John Wright, Esq. of
Hatfield Priory), assumed the surname and arms of Weight
only, in lieu of his paternal ones, by royal licence, 1V96, in
compliance with the will of his maternal grandfather, John
Wright, Esq. of Hatfield Priory. He m. Mary Anne, dau. of





the Eev. Samuel Bennett, Vicar of HatfieUl PeTercll, &c., and
d. 1 April, 1851. His son,

John Wright, Esq., b. 21 Sept. 1794; m. 29 July, 1820,
Mary, youngest dau. of Sir John Tyrrell, Bart, of Boreham
House, Essex, and d. in the lifetime of his father, 25 Feb. 1S36,
having had by this lady (who d. 29 Jan. 1850) issue,

John, late of Hatfield Priory.

Cliaries Peter, d. 16 March, 1852.

William Henry, Commander U.K., m. 1853. Kate, Gth dau.

of Abraham Hargrave, Esq. of Ballyno, Queenstown, co.

Cork, and has issue.
Harriet, m. 25 Nov. 1852, Coventry Payne, Esq. of Wootton

House, CO. Bedford, she d. 1873; he d. 9 Aug. 1874, leaving

one son and a dau.
Caroline Mary, d. loJIay, 1848.
Anna Maria, d. July, 1878.
Charlotte Elizabeth, m. 10 July, 1819, Pvobert Leigh, Esq.,

and has issue.

The eldest son,

John Wright, Esq. of Hatfield Priory, J. P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1869, 6. 9 May, 1821 ; m. 1st, 22 April, 1852, Emilia,
youngest dau. of the late William Plunkett, Esq., Deputy
Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue, she d. 1872 ; and
2ndly, 18 June, 1873, Jane Charlotte Bazett, only dau. of
Thuilow Dowling, Esq. of 34, Lower Belgrave Street, Eaton
Square, and has issue,

I. John, now of Hatfield Priory.

I. Mary Tyrrell, b. 12 Way, 1»75.

II. Harriett Charlotte Bazett, b. 20 Jan. 1877.
Mr. Wright o(. 2Nov. 1882.

Arms — Az., two bars arg. in chief, as many leopards' faces
or. Crest — A dexter arm couped and embowed habited az.,
parfled or, cuff arg. hand ppr., brandishing a sword also arg.
pierced through a leopard's face as in the arms.

Seats— Hatfield Priory, near Chelmsford ; Wickham Place,


WniGnT, Charles Booth Elmsall, Esq. of
Bolton Hall, co. York, J.P. and D.L., High Siieritf
1879, b. 12 Dec. 1848 ; m. 1870, Edith de Cardonnell,
2nd dau. of Robert W. M. Nesfield, Esq. of Castle
Hill, Bakewell, co. Derby, and has issue,

I. Godfrey Charles de Cardonnell, 6. 1873.

II. Marmaduke Nesfield.
1. Mary Eveline.

Lineag'e. — The Rev. Godfrey Wright, M.A. of Bilham
Ilouse, CO. York, had, by Mary his wife (who d. 1862), a son,

Charles Swaine Wright, Esq., M.A., of Boiton Hall, m. 25
Sept. 1845, Mary Ellen de Cardonnell, eldest dau. of Col.
Elmsall, and had issue.

Charles Booth Elmsall, now of Bolton Hall.
Marmaduke Godfrey.
Mary Dorothea.

Mr. Wright d. 21 Dec. 1850.

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, az., on a fess arg. between
three mullets or, as many eagles' heads, erased of the field, for
Wright ; 2nd and :'jrd, paly of six arg. and erni. a wyvern gu.,
a chief of the first fretty of the third, for Drake. Crest — On a
mount vert in front of a garb erector, an unicorn regardant az.,
the dexter forepaw resting on a mullet gold.

5t;at— Bolton Hall, Boltun-by-Bolland, Craven.


Weight, Mary Berry (Mrs. Weaver), Harriet
Elizabeth, Emily Priscilla, and Julia Lees
(Mrs. Garratt) , the four daus. and co-heiresses of the
late Edward Abbott Wright, Esq. of Castle Park, co.
Cliester, s. their father 1891.

Lineage. — The Wrights, the late Mr. E. A. Wright's
paternal ancestors, were of considerable standing and owners
of property, at Portwood, in Cheshire.

The maternal ancestors of Mr. Wright's late wife were of
Sedgefield, in co. Durham ; her grandfather Dr. John Kearsley,
was resident in Philadelphia at the period of the War of Inde-
pendence, and was a magistrate there, and "an extremely
zealous loyalist," he was forcibly arrested by the American
party, and, resisting, received a bayonet wound; he died in
prison, and after his death his widow and her family, con-
sisting of t\vo sons and three daus. were taken to their ances-
tral home at Sedgefield, co. Durham, by the British Govern-
ment ; their eldest dau., Mary, m. Gen. Robert Douglas, C.B.,

afterv^ards commandant of Woolwich, who d. 1871, in his 95th

William Wright (grandfather of the late representative?,
m. about 1774, Mary Barber, of Withington, co. Chester, amid.
4 July, 1828, leaving a son,

Joseph Wright, Esq. of Oldham, co. Lancaster, m. 17 Dec.
1807, Betsy, eldest dau. of John Lees, Esq., and d. 14 Sept.
1809, leaving by her (who m. 2ndly, 1814, James Collinge, Esq.
of Kinnerton Lodge, co. Flint, and d. 10 Aug. 1855; by her
2nd husband she had a son, James Collinge, now of Kinnerton,
m. and has issue; and a dau., Elizabeth, m. George Barlow,
Esq. of Oldham, co. Lancaster) an only son,

Edward Abbott Wright, Esq. of Castle Park, J.P. cos.
Lancaster and Chester, 6. 7 Kov. 1808; m. 5 May, 1836, Mary,
dau. of Henry Berry, Esq. of Golden Square, Westminster,
previously of Sedgefield. co. Durham, (d. 17 Feb. 1838) by
Harriet his wife {d. 12 Jan. 1854) dau. of John Kearsley, JI.D.,
Philadelphia, U.S. America, and by her (who d. 13 Dec. 1868)
had issue,

I. Edward Henry, 6. 20 July, 1847; d. 4 Dec. 1861.

I. Mart Berry, m. 1866, Frederick Poynton Weaver, Esq.,

II. Harriet Elizabeth.

III. Emily Priscilla.

IV. Jdlia Lees, m. 1875, George Garratt, Esq. Hed.April,

Mr. Wright d. 24 April, 1891, and was s. by his four daus. and

Arms — Az., two bars ncbuly, in cliief aleopard'sface jessant-
de-lis between two pears all or. Crest — A dcmi-leopard reguard.
ppr., gorged with a collar gemelaz. and char.; ed on the shoulder
with a hurt, retting the sinister paw on an antique shield also
az., thereon a pear as in the arms. Motto— M.ens sibi conscia

&ai— Castle Park, Frodsham, co. Chester.


Wright, Francis Beeesford, Esq. of Wootton
Court, CO. Warwick, J.P., M.A., b. 1837; m. 1863,
Adeline Frances Henrietta, da'i. of Col. Richard
Henry FitzHerbert, 2nd son of Sir Henry FitzHer-
bort, 3rd Bart, of Tissington, and has issue,

I. Arthur FitzHerbert, of Aldcrcar Hall, b. 1865.

II. Kenneth Hepburn, of Yelvertoft Manor, 6. 18G8.

III. Richard Beresford, 6. 1870.

IV. Ivan FitzHerbert, 6. 1875.
I. Adeline Francesca.

Lineag'e. — The Wrights of Suffolk are tindonbtedly an
ancient family. Deeds, wills, and monuments may be found in
the county of a far earlier date than the commencement of this
pedigree, proving .ifferent branches of it to have been large
owners of landed propeity for centuries before, though ths
direct descent of this branch has not been clearly made o«t
beyond John Wright, aiiasCAyivLyos, of Stowniarket, Suffolk,
whose will was made 18 Feb. 1557, and proved 27 March, 1558,
in which deed he divided his landed property between his

I. Thomas, of Stowmarket, bur. 7 Sept 1592. He had one
son, John, who d. unm. 6 April, 1567; and two daus.,
Margaret, d. Sept. 1606; and Frances.

II. Robert. He had two sons, Roger, 6. 9 May, 1566 ; and
Robert, bapt. 15 May, 1667 : and two daus., Margarie; and-
Ellen. Robert had, with other issue, by Rose his wife,
Robert, 6. Jan. 1589, ancester of Wright, of Stowmarket.
His will is dated 2 Sept. 163!, proved 4 Oct. same year.

III. John Wright, alias Camplyon, of whom hereafter.

IV. John, the younger, bur. 15 July, 1610, mentioned in bis
father's will.

I. Jolian, d. unm. 27 Sept. 1591.

II. Margerie, wife of Somer, of Stowmarket, and had issue.

The 3rd son,

John Wright, alias Camplyon, the elder, of Stowupland, in
the parish of Stowmarket, Yeoman, m. Rose, mentioned in her
husband's will, 1592 (she d. 16 July, 1608). His will is dated
20 Feb. 1592, and he d. 10 April of the same year; buried at
Stowmarket, leaving issue,

I. Robert, mentioned in the will of his father and grand-

II. Josias.

III. George.

IV. John, of whom presently.

I. Thomasine, bapt. 1 Sept. 15C6.

II. Marjorie, bapt. 22 July, 15C5 ; bur. 29 Jan. leCi.

HI. A;ice. iv. Anne. v. Elizabetlu

The 4th son,





John Wright, alias Camplton, of Stowuplantl, bapt. 22
Aug. 15u7-8; m. Elizabeth, who was living in 1641. In his
signature to his father's will he calls himself alias Camplton,
but iu the administration of his effects to his wife he is called
only John Wright, lie if. leaying issue,

I. Jons (hapt. alia^ Camplyon, of whom hereafter.

II. Eiiward, bapt. 9 Sept. 1595.
I. iUary, bapt. 'Zi May, 1590.
It. Margaret, bapt. July, 1596.

The eldest son,

John Wricht, of Stowmarkct, bapt. there 2D Nov. 1588,
was buried at Stowmnrket 14 June of the same year, and his
will dated 4 June, IGoS, was proved at Sudbury 9 Jan. IGGO,
in which document he mentions his son John, he had issue,

I. John, of whom hereafter.

II. Thomas, bapt. 8 Sept. 1616.

III. WilUam, of Uauahley, Suffolk, bapt. 26 April, 1618 ; m.
Mary, dau. of — (who d. his widow, at Haughley, and was
there bur. 25 May, 1701); his will is dated as proved 1679,
and he rf. and was bur. at Haughley, Oct. 1G78. He left
issue, Daniel : William ; Thomas ; Samuel ; and Mary.
The descendants of Samuel remained at Haughley and the
neighbourhood for several generations.

IV. Daniel, bapt. 2 July, 1620 ; he had three sons, Daniel ;
Jonathan; and Thomas, ancestors of Wright, of Stow-

I. Elizabeth, eldest child, bapt. 15 Sept. 1612, wife of
George Pa.-kerd, of Gip-Upland. and had issue, Thomas;
Mary; and Bridget, mentioned in the will of their grand-

John Wright, the eldest son, bapt. at Stowmarket, 7 Aug.
1614, inherited money, but no lands, from his father; he was a
Capt. inCol. Whalley'sregt. of horse, raised for the Parliament
in 1643, he also raised a company in Col. Hutchinson's rcgt.
and suiTered eight years' imprisonment at Newark f orhis attach-
ment to the Parliament. He acquired property at Skegby,
Newark, Hucknall, and at Nottingham, all in the co. of
Nottingham, and at Haughley, in the co. of Suffolk. He jh.
Jane Mosley, who d. 27 Jan. 1636, and was buried with her
husband in the chancel of St. Peter's Church, Nottingham ;
hs d. 12 Nov. 1GS3, leaving issue,

I. John, bapt. 23 Jan. 1C56 ; to. 30 Oct. 1683, Sarah, dau. of
Thomas Eo[heram, of Nottingham, settled at Hull, and had
one son, who d. s. p. at Cave, aged 93.

II. Thomas, of whom hereafter.

tii. Benjamin, bapt. 2 July, 1661, living 20 Charles If., d.

s. p.
I. Sarah, bapt. at Skegby, 11 Aug. 1658, wife of Eev. Eyther,

and had issue.

The 2nd son,

Tnosus Wright, bapt. at Skegby, Notts, 23 March, 1660,
inherited lands in Haughley, from his father. He settled at
Bingham, Notts, and m. Hannah, dau. of Thomas Rotherham,
Esq. of Nottingham. He d. 1730, was buried 28 Nov. 1730,
in St. Mary's, Notts, and there has a monument. He left

I. SAMrEL. of Nottingham, h. about 1697, will proved 17
Sept. 1755; he d. uiim. 15 Feb. 1753; bur. at St. Mary's,
Notts, where is his monument.

II. IcHABoD, of whom hereafter.

I. Johannah, m. Peter Thornton, Esq. of Hull, d. s. p. 2
Nov. 1758.

II. Mary, d. unm. 9 Nov. 1713.

III. Hannah, in. 4 Nov. 1731, Samuel Fellows, Alderman of
Notti gham. He rf. s. p. 15 April, 1764; she rf. 1766.

IV. Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Johnson, of Nottingham,
Gent., and had issue, William; Mary; Elizabeth; and
Hannah. She d. April, 17S7.

V. Sarah, m. 8 Dec. 1734, Benjamin Eickards, Alderman of
Nottingham, Gent., bur. at St. Peter's, Nottingham, 14 Feb.

The 2nd son,

IcHABoD Weight, of Nottingham, Esq., Banker, owned
lands in Gainsborough, also in CO. Nottingham, b. 1700; 'ni.
1720, Elizabeth, only dau. of John Wildbore, of Nottingham,
Gent, by his wife Mary, a dau. of Eichard Milnes, Esq. of
Chesterfield, she was 6. 1700, and d. 6 Oct. 1782, buried at St.
3Iary's, Notts, with her husband, where there is a monument
to his memory. He had issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. Thomas, of Nottingham, ancestor of Wright of Mai^-
ptiUii. and Stapleford Hall, see thtxt fmnily.

III. Samuel, of Carlton, co. York, also of Hull, 6. Nov. 1726 ;
Tit. Mary, widow of Neville, Esq. ; he d. 16 Dec. 1803, and
left ifsue, Julia, his dau. and heiress.

I. Mary. 6. 6 Dec. 1721 ; m. Sir Eobert Cunliffe, 2nd Bart, of
Acton Park, co. Denbigh, and had issue ; she d. 10 Feb.

II. Elizabeth, 6. 6 April, 1728 ; d. ■unm. 20 Feb. 1800.
in. Hannah, b. AprU, 1738 ; d. 23 Aug. 1824, aged 86.

Ichabod Wright d. 2 Sept. 1777. Hia eldest son,

John Wright, Esq. of Nottingham, Banker, h. 5 April,
17'23; m. 5 Jan. 1748, Ann, dau. of John Sherbrooke, Esq. of
Nottingham; and by her (who was 6. 1721, and d. 5 March,
1792) he left issue,

I. John, of whom hereafter.

II. Samuel, of Gunthorpe and Broughton Sidney, co. Notts,

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