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he House of
York, he was condemned for high treason, and beheaded, with
Sir James Tyrrell, Lieutenant of Guisnes Castle, 17th Henry
■VII. Sir John Wyndham 7;t. 1st, Lady JIargaret Howard, dau.
of John, Duke of Norfolk, by whom he had Thomas, his suc-
cessor, and other children. He m. 2ndly, Eleanor, dau. of
Norman Washbourne, Esq. of Washbourne, co. Worcester,
and widow of Sir Richard Scrope. Sir John was s. by his
eldest son.

Sib Thomas Wyndham, of Felbrigg, who was a distinguished
naval commander, and attended King Henry VIII. as one of
the knights of his body at the siege of Therouene and Tournay,
etc. H<! m. 1st, Eleanor, dau. and coheir of Sir Richard
Scrope, Knt., of Upsal, co. York, by whom he had issue,

I. Edmund (Sir), of Felbrigg. He obtained from Henry
"VIL, with whom he was a favourite, large grants out of
the confiscated church lands. He r,i. Susan, dau. of Sir
Roger Townshend, of Raynham, Norfolk, and was s. by his

F'bancis (Sir), Barrister-at-Law, who was made one of the
Judges of the Court of Common Plea^, 21st Elizabeth.
His lordship and his two brothers dying «.;>., Felbrigg
and other estates devolved upon the heirs of their uncle,
John, of whom presently.

II. John CSir), of Orchard Wyndham.

I. Margaret, m. Sir Andrew Luttrell, Knt. of Dunster Castle,

II. Mary, m. Sir Erasmus Paston, Knt., ancestor of the Earls
of Yarmouth.

III. Elizabeth, d.s.p.

Sir Thomas vi. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Henry Wentworth,
K.B., of Nettlested, and relict of Sir Roger D'Arcy, by whom
he had one son. Sir Thomas Wyndham, an eminent naval
offirer. The line of Edmund, the eldest son of Sir Thomas,
failing as above, we proceed with the 2nd son,

Sir John Wyndham, who was knighted at the coronation of
Edward "VI. He to. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of John
Sydenham, Esq. of Orchard, Somerset, and thus acquired that
estate, which now retains the name of Orchard Wyndham.
Sir John had (with four daus., Margaret, m. John Fraunceis ;
Eleanor, m. Thomas Came or Kern ; Catherine, m. Christopher
Wood ; and Elizabeth, r.i. — Welch) four sons,

I. John, vi. Florence, dau. of John, and sister and co-heir of
Kicholas Wadham, Esq. of Merrifield, Somerset Cfounder ot,
Wadham College, Oxford), by whom he left at his decease,
25 Aug. 1672, V. p., an only son,

John (Sir), heir to his grandfather.

II. Edmund, of Kentsford, m. Mary, dau. and co-heir oS
Richard Chaniberlaine, Esq., Alderman of London, and had
with other issue,

Thomas (Sir), of Kentsford, m. Elizabeth, dau. of EichanJ
Coningsby, Esq. of Hampton Court, and by her had
.several children ; of the sons most of them were engaged
in the service of Charles I. The 4th son,
Col. Francis Wyndham, is memorable for having core-
ducted King Charles II. to his seat at Trent, after the
battle of Worcester. Col. Wyndham, for his devotion
to the royal cause, during the civil wars, was created a
baronet. He m. Anne, dau. and co-heir of Thomas
Gerard, Esq. of Trent, with whom he acquired that
estate, and d. in 1676, leaving three sons,

1 Thomas (Sir), 2nd bart. of Trent, whose only dau.
and heir,

Anne, m. William James, Esq. of Ingham Court, ia

2 Gerard, d. unm.

3 Francis (Sir), 3rd bart., whose son, Thomas, d. v. p.
lca\ ing a son, Francis, 4th bart , who d. young ; and
a dau., Fbances, m. Henry Bromley, Esq., afterward*
Lord Montfort.

Hugh (Sir), 4th son, created a baronet 4 Aug. 1641, but
by Maiy his wife, dau. of Christojiher Alanson, Esq. of
London, leaving only daus. and co-heirs, his title became

III. Humphrey, of Wiveliscombe, in Somerset, whose only
dau. and heir. Elizabeth, m. John Collts, Esq. of Barton.

IV. Charles, d. unm.





Sir John Wymlham was s. by his grandson,

Sib John Wtndiiam, Knt. of Orchard- Wyndhara, m. Joan,
dan. of Sir Henry Portman, of Orchard, and had issue,

I. John, of Orchnrd Wyndhara, ancestor of the Eaels of
Egbemont (see Burke's Extinct Peerage).

II. Henry, d. unm. 1613.

HI. Thomas, of Felhrigjj, ancestor of the distinguished states-
man, the Right Hon. William Windham, of Fellbrigg, who
d. in 1810.
nv. Francis, d. 1624.
V. George, d. young, 1624.

■VI. George (Sir), of Uffords, near Cromer, Norfolk, knighted

16 July, le.iS ; m. twice, but had issue only Ijy his 2nd wife,

Frances, dau. and co-heir of James Davy, Esq. of Suffield,

a son and successor,

Francis, of Uffords Manor, m. Sarah, dau. of Sir Thomas

Dayroll. of Shudy Camps, co. Cambridge, and dying lu94,

left issue,

Francis, of TJfford's Manor, whose son, John, of

Cromer, m. Elizabeth, only child of Kichard Dalton,

Esq., and was ancestor of the Wtndhams of Cromer

Hall, Norlolk.

Ttiomas, m. 1st, Jane, dau. of John Wyndham, Esq. of

Dunraven, and 2ndly, Anne, dau. and eventually

heiress of Samuel Edwin, Esq. of Llanniihangel, co.

Glamorgan ; he d. 1751, leaving by his 2nd wile, a son,

Charles Wyndham, Esq. of Clearwell, who took the

name of Edwin, and d. J801 ; he in. Eleanor, dau. of

George Rooke, Esq. of Bigswear, and was father of

Thomas Wyndham, Esq. of IJunraven Castle, who m.

Anna Maria Charlotte, dau. of Thomas Ashby, Esq.,

and by her (who ?n 2ndly, John Wick Bennet, Esq. of

Laleston) he left at his decease in 1814, an only dau.

and heiress, Caroline Wyndham, wife of William

Henry, 2nd Earl of Ddnbaven.

Tii. Humphrey, ancestor of the Wtndhams of Dunraven

Castle, CO. Glamorgan; his son, Humphrey Wyndham, Esq.

of Dunraven Castle, m. Joan, dau. of John Carne, of

Ewenny Abbey, and was father of John Wyndham,

Serjeant-at-Law, who m. Jane, dau. of William Strode,

Esq., and had a son, John Wyndham, Esq., whose dau ,

Jane, heiiess of Dunraven, m. Thomas Wyndham, of


VIII. Hugh (Sir), of Silton, Baron of the Exchequer, and
afterwards one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, rf.
1684, aged 82. Sir Hugh m. thrice, 1st, Jane, dau. of Sir
Thomas Wodehouse, Bart, of Kimberly ; 2ndly, Elizabeth,
dau. of Sir William Minn, of Woodcote, Surrey, and relict
of Sir Henry Berkeley, Bart. ; and 3rdly, Catherine, dau. of
SirThoniiis Fleming, of Stoneham, and relict of Sir Edward
Hooper, Knt.. but had issue only by his 1st wife, two sons,
John and Hugh, both d. young ; and three dans., Blanche,
m. Sir Nathaniel Napier, Bart. ; Joan, d. young ; and
Rachel, m. John, Earl of Bristol.

IX. Wadham (Sir), one of the Judges of the Court of King's
Bench, ancestor of Wyndham of Dinton.

X. Francis, d. unm.

I. Joan, HI. John Giffard, Esq. of Brightley.

II. Margaret, m. John Courtenay, Esq. of MoUand.

III. Florence, to. John Hams, Esq. of Hayne.

IV. Rachel, m. Thomas Moore, Esq. of Heytesbury.

V. Margeiy, m. Thomas Carew, Esq. of Crovvcombe.

VI. Anne, «i. Sir John Strode, Knt.

The youngest son.

Sir Wadham Wyndham, Knt. of Norrington, co. Wilts,
son of Sir John Wyndham, Knt. of Felbrigg, co. Norfolk, by
Joan his wife, dau. of Sir Henry Portman, Knt., of Orchard
Portman, in Somerset, adopted the legal profession, and
was constituted in 1660 one of the Judges of the Court of
'King's Bench. He m. Barbara, dau. of Sir George Clarke
Knt. of Watfurd, co. Northampton, and had, witli four daus.

I. John, of Noriington, father of Thomas Wyndham, Lord
Wyndham, of Finylas.
u. Thomas, M.P. for Calne, d. 1698.
III. William, ancestor of the Wtndhams of IHnton.
vr. Wadham, of St. Edmund's Coll. Salisbury, m. Sarah
Hearst, of Sarum, and by her (who d. in 1758) left at his
decease, in 17a6, a son,
Henrt Wtnduam, Esq. of Sarum, m. Arundel, dau. of
Thomas Penruddotke, Esq. of Compton, Wilts, and left,
with a dau. (Letitia, Lady A'Court), several sons, of whom
the eldest.
Henry PENEnDDOCKE Wyndham, Esq. of The College
Sarum, M.P. tor Wilts, m. in 1768, Caroline, dau. and
heir of Edward Hearst, of The Close, Sarum, and d. in
1819, leaving (with other sons, who d. s. p.),
Wadham Wyndham, Esq. of The College, Sarum, M.P.,
m. Ann Eliza, dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Slade, and d. s. p.
Caroline Francis, m. John Campbell, Esq. of
Dunoon, co. Argyll, and of Blunham, co. Bedford,
and d. 3 Dec. 1846, leaving with two daus. (Julia
Anne Frances, wife of S. E. Thornton, Esq.; and
Ellen Chiistian, wife of Richard King, Esq.), a son
and heir, John Henrt Campb£LIi Windham, Esq. of

The College, Sarum, and Corhampton House, Hants,
who assumed the surname and arms of Wyndham,
and d. Ib69 (.see Campbell of Dunoon, and family of
Wyndham in Supplenunt).
V. George, m. Katherine, dau. and heir of Gabriel Ashley,
of New Sarum, and left issue.

The 3rd son,

William Wyndham, Esq. of Dinton, Wilts, m. Henrietta,
dau. and co-heir of Henry Stratford, Esq. of Hawling, co.
Gloucester, and was s. at liis decease, 1733, by his eldest son,

William Wyndham, Esq. of Dinton, Wilts, and of Hawling,
CO. Gloucester, who i;;. Barbara, dau. and heiress of Michael
Smith, Esq. of Stanton St. Bernard, Wilts, and dying 29 Nov.
1762, left, with other issue, a son and successor,

William Wyndham, Esq. of Dinton and Hawling, vi. 1762,
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas lleathcote, Bart, of Hursley
Park, and had, with four daus., six sons,

William, his heir.

Thomas, Rector of Pimperne and Melcombe Regis, Dorset,
m. Anne, dau. of Walter Slubbs, Esq., and had one son,
Thomas, who m. 1842, Anne Elizabetii, dau. of Capt.
Thomas Penruddocke, of Winkton, Hants, and d. 18il
without issue. Rev. Thomas Wyndham d. 1862, aged 91.

Wadham, d. 1835.

George, m. 18' 3, Klizabeth, dau. of George Dominicus, Esq.
of East F'arleigh, Kent, and d. 1846, having had issue,
1 George Dominicus, m. 1858, Fanny, dau.' of Rev. J.
Adams, of Aslimore, Dorset: 2 Henry, of Roundhill Grange,
m. 1857, Agnes, d;'U. of W. H. Ludlow Bruges, Esq. of
Seend, Wilts, and d. 11 Dec. 1884, having had one son, h.
18.i8, and d. 1870; 3 Charles, E.I.C.S., killed in actional
Affghanistan, 29 Oct. 1841 ; he m. Miss Bruce, and left one
dau., Lucy Eliza, m. Rev. Frederick Gray.

John Heathcote, Hector of Corton, m. 1813, Jane Dorothy,
only dau. of the Rev. Dr. Eveleigh, Provost of Oriel Coil.
Oxford; and d. Jan. 1852, leaving an only son, John Eve-
leigh Wyndham, Esq. of Stock Dennis, Somerset, M.A.,
J. P., h. 25 May, 1814; m. April, 1840, Elizabeth Geraldine,
elder dau. of Col. Fitzgerald, of Maperton, Somerset, and
Turlough Park, co. Mayo, and had issue, Thomas Heathcote
Gerald, M.A., Fellow of Merton Coll., b. 1842; d. 11 Nov.
1876; Edward John Eveleigh, b. 18 i6; Charles Hugh, late
21st Fusiliers, b. 1848; Francis Wadham, b. 1851; Mary
Geraldine, rf. young, 1851; Jane Florence ; Alice; Blanche;
Eva; Isabel; Geraldine.

Charles, m. 1824, Maria Frances, dau. of Sir William Heath-
cote, Bart. ; and d. 1846, leaving an only dau., Frances
Elizabeth Maria, m. 1st, 1849, Capt. T. P. Rickford {d. 1-69) ;
leaving a son ; and 2ndly, Aug. 1271, F'rederick Gray, Esq.,
of Pippenford Park, Sussex.

Mr. Wyndham was s. at his deceas?, 1786, by his eldest son,

William Wyndham, Esq. of Dinton and Norrington, Wilts,
6. 18 Dec. 1769, who m. 3 March, 1794, Letitia, dau. of Alex-
ander Popham, Esq., one of the Masters in Chancery, aud by
her (who d. 7 Dec. 1837) had issue,

I. William, late of Dinton.

II. Alexander Wadham, of Lodge, Blandford, Dorset,
and Borrishoole, co. Mayo, Capt. Scots Greys, 6. 1799; m.
1st, 1830, Emma, dau. of Sir John Trevelyau, Bart., and by
her (who d. 17 May, 1857) had issue,

1 AVilliam Trevelyan, 6. 1831 : m. 1857, Anne, dau. of Rev.
E. Salkeld, and has issue, William Gwydyr, 6. 1865 ;
Walter Yarrowick, 6. 1870; EmmaEditha; Bessie Ida;
Letitia ; and Agatha.

2 Alfred, 6. 1836; m. 1859, at Toronto, Canada, Caroline,
Elizabeth Stitart, and has issue, Alexander, b. 1860 :
Walter, 6. ]sti4; Ernest Alfred, b. 1868; Agnes Stuart;
and Ethel Emma. 3 Spencer, b. 1838, deceased.

1 Emma La;titia, dk 1852, William Leonard Halliday, Esq.,
H.E.I.C.S. ; both d. at Cawnpore, July, 1857. Capt.
Halliday fell gallantly heading a sortie.

2 Ida, d. 1873.

3 Julia, m. 1866, Major Lachlan Forbes. 31st Regt.

4 Beatrice Ernestine, ni. 5 Sept. 1865, Arthur Moseley
Channell, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, only son of Sir William
Fry Channel!, a Baron of the Exchequer.

5 Maria Helena Wilson, m. 1870, Henry Albert Pattinson,
Esq. of Seaton, Devon. .,.''

He m. 2ndly, 1862, Augusta, dau. of T. B. Evans, Esq. She
d. 1865; hed. 1869.

III. George, of Dalwood, Ne^v South Wales, b. 1801 ; d. Dec.
1870; m. 182?, Margaret, dau. of John Jay, Esq. (she d.
Sept. 1870), and had Issue,

1 Alward, b. 1828; m. 1858, Annette, dau. of William
Keene, Esq., and has issue. Alward, b. 1859; William, b.
1860; Egbert, b. 1863; Edward, 6. 1872; Margaret;
Julia ; and Letitia.

2 George, b. 1831 ; m. 1856, Elizabeth Louisa, dau. of
Richard Greenup, Esq., M.D., and by her (who d. 1866)
has George, (). 1857 ; Wilfrid; Ella; Maud; Edith.

3 John, of l>al\vood, near Brauxton, New South Wales, 6.
1833; m. Ut, 23 July, 1858, Lucy Ellen, dau. of Dr.
Henry Glennie, and by her has i.^sue, Harry, b. 27 Feb.
1863; John Percy, b. 25 April, 18G6 ; Harold Edward, 6.





16 Sept. 1869 ; Amv. ^. 13 July, ISoO : yiorence Isabella,
b 10 Sept. ISCl ; Kihel, b. 2.t Doc. l!^G4 ; ami Linda Lucy,
6. 18 Dec. 1S67. He ni. Undly, Florence Is.ibcUa only
dau. of AuETUstus Thomas JIathew, Esq. of Cape Town,
Cape of Good Hope, and by her has issue, 1 Francis
Llandaff, b. 24 Dec. 1S72 ; 2 Auiiustus Llaniiaff. 6. 8 Feb.
1S76 ; 3 Ernest LKondaff, 6. 17 Feb. 187S ; and 1 Eleanor,
6. 9 AUR. 1S74.

4 Francis, 6. 1S35; in. 18,'")8, Harriet Fletcher.

6 Hush. b. 1836; m. 1862, Celia, dau. of Dr. Haylock,
and has issue, Hugh, 6. 1865; Eleanor; Alice; ^\ecta;

6 Alex.inder, ft. 1840; m. 1867, Fanny Lretilia, eldest dau.
of Charles Codrinpton, Esq., and had one son, Alexander
Codrington, b. Ib62, d. 1877; Geoffrey, (;. 1871. He rf.

7 Charles, h. 1S42; m. 1866, Emily, 2nd dau. of Eev.
Alfred Glennie.

8 Guy. 6. 1843; m. 1868, Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. Henry
Glennie. and d. 1882, leaving a son, Arthur Guy, b', 1808.

9 liesinald, lu. 1867, Julia Bateman. 4th dau. of Ciipt. G.
Chanipain, and has one son Itesinald llovton, b. I8fi-i.

10 W.idliam, b. 1848 : vi. Elizabeth, dau. of AVilliam
Keene, of Bando, N.S.W., and has three sons and one

1 Wecta. 771. 1852, Arthur Mackenzie, Esq., and had issue
two sons and three daus. She d. 1883.

2 Laetitia, m. 1873, Herbert Wilkinson, and d. 1876.

IV. F'rancis, b. 1810; </. 1867.

V. John (Rev.), Kector of Sutton Mandeville, Wilts, b. SO
March, 1812; m. 1st, 26 Sept. 1840, Mary, eldest dau. of
Kev. William Sandford Wapshare, Vicar of Chitterne St.
Mary's, Wilts, and by her (who (/. 1844) has issue,

1 Edward Sandford, b. 18 Feb. 1842; m. Aug. 1873, Edith,
dau. of Philip W. Wright, Esq. of Bickliam, New South
Wales, and has, Arthur I'ercy, b. Aug. 1(374, and other

1 Catherine Louisa, m. 1868, Rev. James Eimington Ward,
Rector of Puddleston.

2 Anna, to. 1874, Rev. George Alien Vander Meulen,
Rector of West Knovle, Wilts.

3 Alice Mary, i«. 1875, Percy Wright, Esq., Xew South

4 Frances Emma, m. 1870, Rev. William Frederick Kew-
man, of Hockworthy, Devon.

He m. 2ndly, 11 Oct. 1849, Catherine, -widow of William
Lowndes-Stone, Esq., only son of William Lowndes-Stone,
Esq. of Brightwell, co. Oxford, which lady d. 26 April,
]8:'iO. He m. 3rdly, 1853, Caroline Delia Keylie, who (/.
18.'i4. He ra. 4thly, 1863, Paulina Margaret, dau. of Col.
Lewis, by whom he has Eleanor Mabel; Amy Paulina;
Rlioda Margaret, and a son, John Reginald.

VI. Charles Henry, of Wans House, Chippenham, J. P. and
D.L., formerly Capt. 7th Hussars, 6. 1816; m. 27 April,
1848, Eleonora Anne Julia Hunt, eldest dau. of Rev. James
Grubbe, and has had issue, Constance Emmeline, d. 1857 ;
Ella Frances; Edith Mary; Ada Lsetitia, ))i. 4 Dec. 1877,
Henry George Hunt Gruboe, Esq. of Eastwell, Wilts.

I. Laetitia, m. 1824, William Codrington, Esq. of Wroughton,
Wilts: d. Nov. 1845.

II. Mary Anne, m. 1837, Henry Godolphin Biggs, Esq. of
Stockton, Wilts, and d. 1838.

III. Louisa Elizabeth, )/i. 1825, Rev. Wadham Knatchbull; d.
June, 1845.

IV. Ella, d. 1866.

V. Charlotte, to. 1838, John Edward Andrew Starky, Esq. of
Spye Park, Wilts, who (/. 12 Jan. 1843.

VI. Henrietta Sophia, d. 1862.

Mr. Wyndham d. 19 Sept. 1841, and was s. by his eldest son,

William Wynduam, Esq. of Dinton, Wilts, J. P. and D.L.,
M.P. for South Wilts, 6. 17 April, 1796; m. 14 June, 1831,
Ellen, eldest dau. of Rev. Samuel Heathcote, of Bramshaw
Hill, Hants, and had issue,

William, now of Dinton.

Edmund (Rev.), b. 20 Sept. 1835; to. 1865, Augusta Mar-
garet, dau. of Rev. William Moore Harrison, of Clayhanger,
Devon, and has no issue.

Arthur, b. 2.J Jan. 1837.

Wadhara, b. 16 July, 1838 ; d. April, 1847.

Hugh, b. 8 Oct. 1833; m. 1868, Maria, youngest dau. of Col.
William Arthur Heathcote, of Rolkstone, Wilts, and has
had issue.

1 Hugh, d. an infant.

3 Edmund.

1 Edith.

3 Katherine.

2 Wadham.

2 Maiy.

4 Constance, h. 1880.
Thomas Heathcote (Pcev.). b. 14 Feb. 1845; m. 1880, Ellen

Kate. dau. of Rev. William Law, of Marston Trussell,

Ellen, TO. 20 April, 18.i4, Herbert Barnard, Esq. of Portland

Place, London, and Ham, Surrey, and has issue three sons,

hesides daus.
l-2etitia. m. 18 Aug. 1668, Rev. Joseph Heald Ward, Rector

of Gussage St. Michael, Dorset, and has issue one son and

two daus.

Mr. Wyndham d. 27 Feb. 1862.

Arms — Az., a chevron between three lions' heads erased or.
Crest— A lion's head erased within a fetterlock or. Motto — Au
bon droit.

Seats — Dinton, Salisbury: and Orchard Wyndham, Somerset.


Williams-Wynn, Henry Bertie Watkin, Esq.
of Nant-y-Meiched, co. Montgomery, and Howbery
Park, CO. Oxon, J.P and D.L. co. Denbigh, and J.P.
for COS. Salop, Oxon, and Berks, High Sheriff of co.
Montgomery 1871, Clerk of the Peace for the Tower
of London, b. 23 Sept. 1820; m. 20 Sept. 1848,
jMarion, 2nd dau. of Major-Gren. Sir James Limond,
C.B., and has had issue,

I. Henry Bertie Watkin, d. 1853.

I. Hester Eva Marion, d. 1856.

II. Jessie Marie, m. 28 Aug. 1873, Stanley Leighton, Esq. of
Sweeney Hall, Salop, M.P. for Oswestry, 2nd son of
Sir Baldwin Leighton, 7th Bart., and has issue.

HI. Frances Caroline, m. 6 Nov. 1872, Samuel Richarc6
Brewis, Esq. of Ibstone House, co. Oxford, and has-

IV. Bertha Marion, m. 4 March, 1886, Joseph Godman, Esq.
of Park Hatch, Surrey.

V. Henrietta Katherine Letitia, m. 14 Sept. 1882, Hon.
Robert William Henry Rodney, 2nd son of Robert Dennett,.
6th Lord Rodney, and has issue.

Lineage. — The Eight Hon. Sik Henbt Watkin Williams
Wy.v.v, G.C.II., K.C.B., of Nant-y-Meiched, co. Montgomery,
was the 3rd son of Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Bart, {see
Bdrke's Peerage and Beironetage) by Charlotte, dau. of th&
Right Hon. George Grenville, sister of the Marquess of Buck-
ingham. For 28 years he was Minister Plenipotentiary at the-
Court of Denmark, from which post he retired in 1853. He
was 6. in 1783, m. 1813, Hester Frances (who d. in 1854), 6tli
dau. of Robert, 1st Lord Carrington, and d. 28 March, 1856,
having had issue,

I. Grenville Watkin, h. 1816; d. 7 Jan. 1855.

II. Arthur Watkin, 6. 1819; Major in the 23rd Royal Welsh
F'usiliers, killed in command of his regt. at the battle of the
Alma, 20 Sept. 1854.

III. Henry Bertie Watkin, present representative.

I. Charlotte Henrietta, in. 1847, Count Frederick Bismarck,,
and d. 17 Sept. 1873, leaving issue. He d. 15 April, 1893.

II. Katherine, rn. 1840, Major-Gen. Studholme Brownrigg,
C.B., and d. 27 Jan. 1881, leaving issue. He d. 1 April,

III. Slarie Emily, m. 28 April, 1852, her cousin. Sir Watkin
Williams-Wynn, 6th hart., who d. 9 May, 1885.

IV. Cecilia, d. an infant.

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th, vert, three eagles displayed
in fess or, for Wtnn : 2nd and 3rd, arg., two foxes counter-
salient in saltire, the dexter surmounted of the sinister gu., for
Williams. Cresi — An eagle displayed or.

.S'f«(s— Nant-y-Melched, Welshpool ; and Howbery Park,

To<joii House — 23, Chesham Place.

Wynne, William Egbert Maueice, Esq. of
Peniarth, co. Merioneth, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff
]8S6, Lord Lieutenant and Gustos Rotulorum for
the county since 1891, formerly Lieut. Scots Guards,
Constable of the Castle of Harlech, M.P. for co.
Merioneth from 1865 to 1868; h. Feb. 1840; m. 20
May, 1891, Fanny, dau. of William Kendall, Esq.,.
and widow of the late R. I. Williamson, Esq.

Lineagre. — Osbokn, frequently denominated FitzGerald,
but more commonly called by the Welsh heralds Wyddcl
(the Irishman), a branch of the great sept of the Geral-
dines, emigrated from Ireland, his native country, about
the middle of the 13th century, and obtained by grant, or
marriage, or by both, extensive possessions inco. Merioneth,
including the site of the present mansion of Cors-y-gedol.
He is presumed (on historical and inferential evidence) to have
been son, by his 1st wife, of John FitzThomas, grantee of
Decies and Desmond, 1259. This chieftain was assessed in the
parish of Llanaber, co. Merioneth, towards the tax of a
iii'teenth, 1293. He had a son,

Cynrik ap Osborn, who on the division of his father's lands,
according to the custom of gavelkind, then prevalent in Wales,





inherited Cors-y-Gedol as a portion of his share. He was
father of

Llewelyn ap Ctnric, m. Nest, or Nesta, dau. and co-heir
of Griffith ap Adda, of Dolgoch, in the parish of Towyn,
and of Yn3-s-y-Maengwyn, co. Merionetli, a Collector of the
Fifteenth, 1294, Raslot (Governor) of the Coniote of Estimaner
3 and 7 Edwabd III., living 17 Edward III., derived from
Madoc, son of Cadivor ap Gwaethvoed, Lord of Cardigan. By
this lady Llewellyn had an eldest son,

Griffith ap Lleweltn, of Cors-y-Gedol, Farmer of the
office of Sheriff of Merioneth, 46 Edward III.; Sheriff 15
EiCHARD TI. ; Woodwarden of the Coniote of Estimaner at
some period between 7 July, 1382, and 12 Oct. 1385 ; d. pro-
bably between 29 Sept. 20 IIichard II. and same day 1 Henry
IV. Giifliih ap Llewelyn m. Efa, dau. of Madoo ap Ellis, of
Crynlarth, in that co., sister and co-heiress of Llewelyn ap
Madoc, Bishop of St. Asaph 1357-1375, derived from Owain
Brogyntyn, Lord of Edcirnion. By this lady he had (with a
dau., Angharad, wife of David ap Grono, of Burton, co. Flint,
who, with two daus., Efa and Angharad, were living 7 Oct. 4
Henry VI. a son and successor,

EiNioN AP Griffith, Esq. of Cors-y-gedol, Capt. of Forty
archers for the King from co. Merioneth, 10 Richard II. ;
living at Michaelmas, 20 Richard II. Einion m. Tangwystl,
dau. of Rhydderch ap levan Lloyd, of Gogerddan, co. Cardigan,
and had issue,
lorwerth ap Einion, of Ynys-y-Maengwyn, co. Merioneth,
farmer of the Ville of Towyn (lessee of the Crown dues or
revenues in that district) at Michaelmas, 1415.
Ievan ap Einion, of whom presently.

Griffith ap Einion. who upon the division of his father's land,
under the law of gavelkind, s. to Cors-y-Gedol. He held
the office of VVoodwardea of the coniote of Ardydwy,
CO. Merioneth, at Michaelmas, 1400, and also 2 and 3 Henry
V. Griffith was progenitor of, 1st, the Vadghans of Cors-y-
gedol, 2Rd, the Yales of Plas-yn-Wtle, and 3rd, the Rogers
of Bryiitangor (refer to Yalbo/ Plas-yii-Ya'.e).
Mali, 77J. 1st, Howell Sele, of Nannoy, now Nannau; and
2ndly, Owen ap Meredith ap Griffitti .Vychan, of Neuadd-
wen, Powysland.
Tibod, m. 1st, Howell ap Ievan ap lorwerth, of Cynllaeth ;
2ndly, Ievan, Vychan ap Ievan Gethin, of Abertannatt ;
and Srdly, Howell ap Tudor ap Grono.

The 2nd son,

Ievan ap Einion, one of the Barons of Edeirnion, co. Merio-
neth, appears as one of the Jurors in an inquisition held at
Bala,6 Oct. 1427. He m. Angharad, dau. and co-heir of David
ap y Giwn Lloyd,BaronofHendwr-yn-Bdeirnion, in that shire,
and had issue,

David ap Ievan ap Einion, " gentilman," who was appointed
during the ascendency of the House of Lancaster, Constable
of the Castle of Harlech. He rn. Margaret, dau. of John
Puleston, of EmraJ, co. Flint, and left issue.

Rhys, of whom presently.

Griffith, of Hendwr, living 1461 ; m. Isabel, dau. of Ievan ap
Adda, of Pengwern, CO. Denbigh, and from this marriage
derived the House of Hendwr.

Thomas, living 1461 ; m. and had issue.

John, living 1461.

Margaret, m. 1st, Madoc ap Howell ; and 2ndly, John ap
David Lloyd ap Howell, who held in farm the extent lands
of the Crown in Penllyn, 1481.

Mali, m. David ap Rh

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