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ys, &th Baron of Kymmer-yn-Edeirnion,
CO. Merioneth, one of the Jurors in an Inquisition held at
Bala, Oct. 1427. He was dead 25 Oct. 23 Henry VI. 1444,
as appears by his inquisition, 2}ost mortem, taken 8 Henry
VII. (1492-93), which was returned into the Exchequer of
Carnarvon. By this Baron, Mali was mother of
Griffith Yychan ap David, 6th Baron of Kymmer-yn-Edeir-
nion, ancestor of the family of Hdghes of Gwerclas.

The 2nd son,

Rhys ap Ievan, whose name occurs upon juries impanelled
in CO. Merioneth 27 and 31 Henry VI., in the former of which
years he was foreman, m. Gwenhwyvar, only dau. and heiress
of Howel Vaughan, of Fronoleu, co. Carnarvon, lineally
descended from Owen Gwynedd, Sovereign Prince of North
Wales, .and had two sons, Ievan and Rhydderch. The elder,

Ievan ap Rhys, living 4 March, 1513, m. Laurea, dau. and
heiress of Richard Bamville, and had (with two daus., one the
wife of Morgan ap Robert; the other m. John ap Madoc
Vychan) a son and successor,

John ap Ievan, Gent, of Glyn, living Oct. 1545. He m.
Gwenever, dau. and at length co-heiress of G i ifflth ap Edneved,
of Sylvaen, co. Merioneth, by whom (who was afterwards wife
of Thomas ap Humphrey, Gent, of Berriew, co. Montgomery
and was living 4 June, 1578) he had, with two daus., one son,

Robert Wynne ap John, Esq. of Glyn, m. circa 1544,
Katherine, dau. of Ellis ap Maurice, Esq. of Clenenney, co.
Carnarvon, Sheriff of co. Merioneth 1541, and had two sons

and three daus. Robert Wynne ap John d. in 1589. His elder
son and successor,

Maurice ap Robert Wynne, Esq. of Glyn to. 1st, circa
1578, Marselle, dau. of Cadwalader, one of the younger sons of
Meredith ap Evan ap Robert, Esq. of Gwydyr, and had one son,
who d. without issue. He m. 2ndly, Agnes, dau. of Robert ap
Richard, Gent, of Lecheiddior, co. Carnarvon, by whom
(who was 6. 1557, and d. 1623) he had three sons and three
daus. Mr. Wynne was living 9 Feb. 1609-10, but dead 16
April, 1611. He was s. by his eldest surviving son,

William Wynne, Esq. of Glyn, High Sheriff of co. Merio-
neth, 1618andl637, who d. Dec. 1658. He m. Katherine, eldest;
child of William Lewis Anwyl, Esq. of Park, co. Merioneth ,
by whom (who d. 23 Feb. 1638-9) he had issue, with six younger
sons and four daus., an eldest and a 2nd son,


Maurice, of Moel-y-Glo, Sheriff of co. Merioneth, 1671, m.
Jane, dau. and heir of Griffith Lloyd, Esq. of Maesyneuadd,
ancestor by her of the Wynns (by change of name Nanneys)
of Maesyneuadd.
The eldest son,

Robert Wynne, Esq. of Glyn, High Sheriff of co. Merio-
neth 1657 and 1669, m. 1625, when he was a mere child, Kath-
erine, eldest dau. and heiress of Robert Owen, Esq. of Ystym-
kcgid, CO. Carnarvon, and by her who (d. 1675) had issue,

I. Owen Wynne, Esq. of Glyn and Ystymkegid, Sheriff of ca.
Merioneth 1674, of co. Flint 1 675, and of co. Carnarvon 1676,
m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heiress of Robert Mostyn, Esq. of
Nant, CO. Flint, 5th son of Sir Roger Mostyn, Knt. of Mostyn,
and had two daus.,

1 Margaret Wynne, heiress of Glyn, Ystymkegid, and the-
other estates of her family, b. 7 June, 1663; m. 1683, Sir
Robert Owen, Knt. of Porkington, Salop, and Clenenney,
CO. Carnarvon, M.P. for co. Merioneth ((see Burkes
Peerage, Harlech, B.).

2 Catherine, b. 13 Aug. 1664; to. Peter Pennant, Esq. oS
Bichton, co. Flint; and d. Dec. 1700.

II. Ellis, d. unrti. 28 Jan. 1691, aged 52.

III. Robert, d. s.p.

IV. William, of whom presently.

I. Jane, 6. 1642 ; m. Ellis Brynkir, Esq. of Brynkir, co. Car-
narvon; and d. 1691.

II. Anne, to. Rees Wynne, Esq. of Cynon, co. Montgomery,
d. 1688.

III. Frances, d. unm. 29 Oct. 1675.
The 4th son,

William Wynne, Esq. m. his cousin, Elizabeth, only chilrj
and heiress of Maurice Jones, of Wern and Francis Wynne
his wife, by whom (whod. 1715) he had
William, his heir.

Catherine, m. 1st, Owen Owens, Esq. of Cefn, co. Carnar-
von, d. 1712 ; 2ndly, Griffith Jones ; and Srdly, Edward
Frances, d. unm. March, 1700.

Mr. Wynne, High Sheriff for co. Carnarvon 1686, was s. at his
decease, 31 Dec. 1700, by his only son,

William Wynne, Esq. of Wern, b. about the year 1685 ; m.
1706, Catherine Goodman, heiress of Elernion, co. Carnarvon,
only dau. of Gabriel Goodman, of Beaumaris, Merchant, by
Elizabeth his wife, one of the daus. of William Glynne, Esq.
of Elernion. By her (who d. 1743) he had

Elizabeth, to. 27 Oct. 1732, Rev. Richard Nanney, of Cefn-
deuddwr, co. Merioneth, Canon of Bangor and Vicar of
Catherine, to. 6 Nov. 1738, Francis Lloyd, of Monachdy,
Anglesey, Sheriff for that co. 1761.

Mr. Wynne, High Sheriff for co. Carnarvon 1718, d. 1721, and
was s. by his only son,

William Wynne, Esq. of Wern, 6. 1708, High Sheriff for co.
Carnarvon 1735, and of co. Merioneth 1750; m. June, 1744,
Ellinor, dau. and at length heiress of Rev. Griffith Williams,
of Llandegwning and Absrkin in co. Carnarvon. By her (who
TO. 2ndly, Evan Evans, Esq. of Penbryn, in the same co. and
d. 1804) he had an only son and successor, at his decease, lli
April, 1766.

William Wynne, Esq. of Wern, 6. 1745; to. Dec. 1771, Jane,
eldest dau. and sole heiress of Edward Williams, Esq.* of
Peniarth, co. Merioneth, by Jane, Viscountess Dowager
Bulkeley, his wife, and had issue,

William, his heir.

Richard Owen, m. Sarah Pearce, by whom he had an only

* A younger son of John Williams, Esq. of Eodelwyddan, co.
Flint, one of the sons of the Right Hon. Sir William Williams,
Bart., Speaker of the House of Commons in the reign of King
Charles II. (see Burke's Peerage and baronetage, Williams
Winn of Wynnstay, and Wiixiams of Bodelwyddan).





daiL-who d. youn?:. He <!. 1S21.
Jane, 7n. 179S' Jolin Hornby, of The Hook, Hants.
Klizabeth, ;ii. Charles James Appcrley, Ksq., and d. 1S31.
Mr. Wynne, Hicrh SlieriCf for co. Merioneth 1772, and of co.
Montjoniery the following year, d. 20 July, 1790, and was s.
liv his eldest son,

'aViluam Wynne, Esq. of Peninrtli, h. 19 .Sept. 1774; m.
30 N'ov. ISCO, Elizabeth, youn<rest dan. and co-heiress of the
Ilev. rhilip Puleston, D.D., of Pickhill Park, co. Denbigh, by
Annal>ella his wife, eldest dau. of KicUard Williams, Esq. of
IVnbcdw, in the same co., youngest brotlur of the 1st Sir
Watkin Williams Wynn, liart. By this lady (who d. 16 June,
ls22; Mr. Wynne had issue,
WiLU.\M Watkin Kdwakd, his heir.
Vhilip Puleston. b. March, 1S93; d. unm. 15 Aug. 1838.
Kiehard Owen, l>. March, 1S04: d. unm. 1 Jan. 1832.
Thomas Arthur 6. 1S12; d. 1821.

Elizabeth Annabella, m. 1823, William Picrrcpont Gardiner,
Esq., son of Kcv. Frederick Gardiner, of Combe Hay,
Somerset, and d. 1826.

Ellinor, m. 1823, Richard Burton Phillipson. Esq., 2nd son of
the Rev. Richard Burton Phillipson, of Hcrringswell, Suf-
folk, and d. 13 Feb. lSti9.
Emma Charlotte, d. 13 Sept. 1819.

Jane Svdney (twin with Emma Cluirlotfe), m. 3 Nov.
1840, Joseph Gill, Esq. of Baildon, co. York, who d. 2
.I.ui. lS(i8.

Hariiet Anne, m. 1S23, Richard Owen Powell, Esq., only
brother of William Edward Powell, Esq. of Nanteos, co.
Cardigan, and d. 5 Oct. 1853.

Augusta Frances, m. 28 April, 1840, George Jonathan Scott,
Esq. of Betton Strang, Salop, and Peniarthuchaf, co. Merio-
neth, and d. Dec. 1891 ; he d. 13 Aug. 1875.
?.Ir. Wynne, High Sheriff for co. Merioneth 1812, d. 8 Feb.
1S.'4, and was s. by his eldest son,

William Watkin Edward Wynne, Esq. of Peniarth, Con-
stable of Harlech, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff, M.P. for co.
^lorioneth 1852 to 1865, 6. 23 Dec. 1801 ; 7ii. 8 May, 1839, Mary,
■Jnd of the three daus., and co-heiresses of Robert Aglionby
.•^laney, Esq. of WalfordManorandHatton Grange, Salop, M.P.
lor Shrewsbury, and had by her (who d. 17 May, 1860) issue,

I. William I.'obert Macbice, present representative.

II. Owen Slaney, M.A., Ch. Ch. Oxford, b. 17 Oct. 1842 :
m. Mary, 2nd dau. of Edward Owen, Esq. of Garthang-
harad, co. Merioneth, and relict of F". P. Davies, Esq. of

He d. 9 June, ISSO.

Anns — 1st and 4th, erm. on a saltire gu. a crescent or, for
Wynne : 2nd and 3rd, ve.t, three eagles displayed in fcss or,
for Owen Gwinedd. Crest — On a chapeau a boar passant arg.,
ireity gu.

.'''cat — Peniarth, Towyn, co. Merioneth.

Clubs — Carlton, Army and Navy, and Guards.


The xate Majoe-Gen. Edward William
Lloyd Wtnxe, of Coed Coch, c,r. Denbigh, J. P.,
Uigh SIierifE for the county, Lite Grreiiadier Guards,
//. 15 Feb. 1836 ; m. 19 April, 1S92, Anne Gwendolen,
youngest dau. of Hugh Eobert Hughes, Esq. of
ivinmel, Lord Lieut, of Flintshire, by his wife. Lady
Florentia Liddell, 2nd dau. of Henry, lind Baron
Eavenswortli, and d. 1893.

liineage.— Tliis is a branch of the Vlllth Noble Tribe
of Xorth Wales and Powis,

RicuABD Wynne, Gent, of Bettw.s, who first .assumed the
family surname, was son of David ap Rhys, and 8th in a direct
descent from Gbono Voel ap Kendkig, 2nd son of Gwogan ap
Idnerth, Lord of Brynffenigl. He rn. Gwen, dau. (by Jane,
ilau. of Edward Pennant) of Thomas Conway, of Nant, and
had (with three daus.) three sons, i. Tuomas; ii. William, of
Kilgwyn, ancestor of the Vi'iKKES of Kilgwi/n ; iii. John, m.
Eowry, dau. of Richard ap levan Lloyd, and was father of
Henry Wynr.e. of Brynffenigl. The eldest son,

Thomas Wynne, Gent, of Troforth, was father, by Anne his
■wire, dau. of Hugh Llwyd ap Lewis, of Llangwstennyn, of a

RicBABD Wtnn'e, Gent, of Trovaoth, whose wife was Wini-
fred, dau. (by Winifred, dau. of Kenelm Throgmorton, Esq.)
of Cadwaladr Wynn, alias Price, of Voelas (derived from
Marchweithian, Lord of Is-Aled, founder of the Xlth Noble
Tribe of North Wales and Powys) by Grace his wife, dau. of
Sir Roger Salisbury, and had issue, John Wynne and William
W>nne. The eldest son,

JoBM Wynn-e, Gent, of Plis-yn-Troraoth, m. Elizabeth
Lloyd, of BoilQod, and was father of


Mary, m. GeofTrey Holland, of Pennant, C9. Denbigh.

Mr. Wynne \yas s. by his son.

The Rev. Richard Wynne, of Plis-yn-Trovaoth, m. Gaynor.
dau. and heir of John Wynne, of Coed Coch, co. Denbigh, and
was father of

John Wynne, Esq. of Coed Coch, to. 1776, Dorothy, sister
and co-heir of John Wynne, of Rhos and Plas Ucliaf , and dau.
of John Wynne, of Rhos and Plas Uchaf, and by her (who d.
17 March, 1809) left at his decease, 1788, an only son,

John Lloyd Wynne, Esq. of Coed Co<Ji and Colomendy,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff for co. Denbigh 1801. and of co.
Flint, 1825, 6. 24 Oct. 177G ; vi. 22 April, 1803, Mary, eldest
dau. and co-heir of John Holland, Esq. of Teyrden, co. Den-
bigh, and by her (who d. 25 Jan. 1844) had issue,

John Llotd, of Coed Coch.

William Holland, b. 26 March, 1809 ; d. lonn. 22 Oct. 1835.

Mary, to. 7 Nov. 1831, Richard Lloyd Edwards, Esq. of Nan-
horan, co. Carnarvon.
Mr. Wynne d. 24 Feb. 18G2. His son,

John Lloyd Wynne, Esq. of Coed Coch, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1865, b. 30 March, 1807 ; vi. 3 Sept. 1833, Mary
Anne Frances, dau. of Rev. John llaggitt, Rector ol Ditton, co.
Cambri.lge, by Frances his nife, dau. of Sir Henry Peyton, 1st
bart., and had issue,

I Henry John Lloyd, Capt. 2nd Life Guards, 6. 14 June

1834; d. 15 Oct. 1874.
II. Edward William Lloyd, late of Coed Coch.
Mr. Wynne d. 4 March, 1687.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., a Saracen's head erased
ppr. wreathed about the temples arg. and sa. ; 2nd and 3rd,
gu., a chevron between three Saracens' heads ppr. Crest — A
Saracen's head as in the arms.

<Stat— Coed Coch, near Abergele.

2'oKn House — 7, Eaton Place, London, S.W.

Wynne, Owen, Esq. of Hazlewood, co. Sligo,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff for co. Sligo 1875, and
for CO. Leitrim, 1880, late Lieut. tSlstFoot, b. 5 Feb.
1813 ; m. 1 Nov. 1870, Stella Fanny youngest dau.
of Sir Robert Gore Booth, 4th Bart., and by her (who
d. 1887) has issue,

Muriel Caroline Louisa, m. 22 June, 1892, Philip Dudley
Perceval, 2nd son of the late Alexander Perceval, Esq.
of Temple House, co. Sligo.

Evelyn Mary, V^.j^^^

Madeline Mary, J

Dorothy Adelaide.

Lineage. — This family clams descent from a distin-
guished Chieftain of the 12th century, Ririd F"]aidd, Lord of
Penllyn, co. Merioneth, within the ancient kingdom of Powys,
who took the surname of Blaidd, or the wolf, from his mater-
nal ancestor, Blaidd Rhudd, or the Bloody Wolf, Lordof Gest,
near Penmorfa, whose standard bore a wolf passant on an az.
ground. He m. Gwervyf, dau. and heiress of Cynfyn Hirdref,
and had issue a 2nd son,

Madoc ap Ririd Blaidd,™. Efa, dau. of Philip Dhu, son of
Howell, son of Meredyth ap Bleddyn, Prince of Powys, and
had three sons, from the 3rd of whom, GRirriTH ap Madoc,
lineally descended

Lewis Gwynne ap Cadwallader ap Rtddebca ap David
of Bala, who vi. Sidney, dau. of Robert Wynne, Esq. of
Maesmochnant, co. Denbigh (of the Gwydyr family), and had

Owen, of whom presently.


Catherine, m. Edward Wynne, Esq. of Nantymerchied, son
of Richard Wynne, of Maesmochnant.

The eldest son,

Owen Wynne, the first who settled in Ireland, m. Cathe-
rine, widow of James Hamilton, son of Sir Frederick Hamil-
ton, and dau. of Claud, 2nd Baron Strabane, by Lady Jane
his wife, 4th dau. of George, Marquess of Huntly, and the
Lady Henrietta Stewart, dau. of Esnie, Duke of Lennox,
and by her (who m. 3rdly, John Bingham, of Castlebar) had

James, Brigadier-Gen. in the army, who raised the 5th
Dracoons. He 7n. Catherine, dau. of John Bingham, and
was killed at Malplaquet, having had issue, James, d. unm. ;
Sidney; Dorothy; Jane; and Mary,

Li;wi3, of whom presently.





Owen, M.P., Lieut. -Gen. in the army, and Commander-in-
Chief in Ireland. He raised the 9th Dragoons.

John, d. unm.

Catherine, 7u. John Dunbar, son of Sir John Dunbar, by
Lady Strathmore.

Lucy, m. Jolin ffolliot, Esq. of Hollybrook.

Dorothy, m. Gerald Ctiffe, grandfattier of Lord Tyrawley.

The 2nd son,

Lewis Wynne, Esq., m. Rebecca, dau. of John Bingham,
and was father of

Owen Wynne, Esq., M.P. of Hazlewood, m. Catherine, dau.
of John ffolliot, Esq., and had (with two daus., Lucy, m.
Anderson Saunders, Esq., and Hannah, m. William Ormsby,
Esq.) three sons, James, m. Susanna, dau. of Sir Arthur
Shaen, Bart.; Owen, of whom we treat; and John, d. unm.
The 2nd son.

The Eight Hon. Owen Wynne, of Hazlewood, M.P., m.
1754, Anne, sister of Robert, Earl of Farnham, and by her
<who d. 16 Feb. 1813) had issue,

I. Owen, his heir. ii. John, d. unm.

III. Henry (Kev.), in. Katherine, dau. of John Ekersall, Esq.
of Claverton House, near Bath, and had issue,
1 Henry (Eev., 6. 1799; to. Marianne, dau. of Solomon
Eichards, Esq. of Eoebuck, near Dublin ; and d. Sept.
i847, leaving issue,
Henry Eckersall, m. Aug. 1856, Bessie, dau. of Henry
Alcock, Esq. of Wilton.
Frederick Eichards (Eev.), (of Leeson Park, Dublin)
Incumbent of St. Matthias, Dublin, b. 1827 ; m. 18G0,
Theodosia Susan, dau. of Rev. John Darley, Fellow
Trin. Coll. Dublin, by Susan his wife, dau. of Arthur
Guinness, Esq. and has issue, Henry, 6. 1861 ; John
Darley, 6. 1862 ; Arthur Eckersall, b. 1863 ; Frederick
Edward, 6. 1870, Llewellyn Charles, b. 1878, Adelaide
Susan ; Amy Theodosia ; Florence Anna ; and Mabel
Albert Augustus, m. Alice dau. of Eev. John Wynne,
and has issue, John ; Emily ; and Winifred.
Charles Edward, d. unm.
Owen Llewellyn, d. unm.

Elizabeth Agnes, m. 9 Jan. 1856, Eichard Donovan, Esq.
of Ballymore, co. Wexford.
Adelaide, d. unrn.
■Z John (Eev.), Rector of Lorum, co. Carlow, m. Emily,
dau. of Thomas Goold, Master in Chancery, and left
3 George, General, E.E., m. 15 Dec. 1834, Anne, dau. of

Sir Daniel Toler Osborne, 11th bart., and has issue.
•4 Charles, E.A., Lieut. -Col. Fifeshire E.A., m. Isabella,
dau. of James Nugent, Esq. of Clonlost.

1 Lucy TO. Rev. Edward Nixon.

2 Clara, m. George Wynne, Esq.

3 Katherine, m. Solomon Eichards, Esq. Ounavarra.

4 Anne, m. Edmond Wynne, Esq.

QV. Robert, of Eathmines Castle, Dublin, Lieut. 12lh
Dragoons, afterwards Commissioner of the Customs, and at
.one time Steward of the Vice-Eegal Household Dublin
Castle, b. 1760; m. 1791, Elizabeth, dau. of Sydenham
Singleton, Esq. of Portman Square, London, and d. 1838,
Jiaving had issue,

1 Sydenham, deceased.

2 Robert (Eev.), d. 1827. 3 James, deceased.

-4 John, Capt. E.A. of Wynnstay, Eoebuck, near Dublin,
m. Anne, dau. of Admiral Warren, and d. July, 1884,
aged 84, leiiving issue ; Warren Richard Colvin, E.E. d.
1879 ; Arthur Singleton, Major and Brevet-Lieut.-Col.
King's Own Light Infantry, m. 1886, Emily, dau. of
Charles Colville Turner, Esq., and has issue, Owen
Evelyn, 6. 1887, Grame Chamley, b. 1889 ; SkefBngton
John Paymaster in the Army, late Capt. Eoyal Dublin
Fusiliers ; Sydenham Henry ; Charles, d. 1889 ; Florence
Anne ; Frances, m.

.5 Charles, deceased. 6 William, d. 1890,

7 George, 2nd Dragoons, m. 6 Oct. 1836, his cousin,
Clara, dau. of Eev. Henry Wynne, and has issue.

George Robert (Ven), A.M., Aichdeacon of Aghadoe, 6.
6 March, 1838 ; m. 3 June, 1863, EUen Lees, dau. of
Rev. G. Sidney Smith, D.D., F.T.C.D. and has one son,
George Robert Llewellyn, 6. 23 Oct. 1873, and three
daus., Florence Maud, Maria Cerise, and Edith Gladys.

Alfred Henry, of CoUon House, co. Louth, J. P., b.
March, 1839, Capt. late Scots Greys, m. 20 April, 1865,
Maria, dau. of Eev. Nicholas Devereux, D.D. of
Ballyranldn, and has had issue, Owen Singleton, b.
1867, d. 1885; Frances Alice; Effie Florence; Edith
Clara ; and May.
Alfred Nixon.

Katharine Florence, m. Richard Fetherston Haugh, Esq.

Sophia Sarah. Edith Clara.

8 Mark, deceased. 9 Owen, deceased.

1 Harriett, m. Marcus Aaronson, Esq. and d.

2 Emily, deceased. 3 Lucy, deceased.

4 Fanny Louisa, deceased. 5 Caroline, deceased.

•6 Mary, deceased.

V. Eichard (Eev.), m. Catherine Beavor and had issue,

1 Arthur (Rev.), m. Miss Law.

2 Lowry William Montgommery, Lieut. R.A. (decersed),
m. a dau. of Lieut.-Col. Paine, E.A., and had issue,
Eichard, m. Miss Irvine.

3 Mary Anne, m. James Wynne, Esq.

VI. William, Barrister-at-Law, m. Eleanor, dau. of Sir
William Bradstreet, Bart., and had issue,

1 Owen, m. and had issue,

2 James, m. Mary Anne Wynne (his cousin), and hag

3 William (Eev.), m. a dau. of James Saurin, D.D.,
Bishop of Dromore.

4 Edmond, m. 1st, Miss Phillips, of Mount Eiver.?, co.
Tipperary, and had issue, William, m. Charlotte Lydia,
sole child and heiress of Major Charles Loftus, nephew of
the Marquess of Townshend. He m. 2ndly, his first
cousin, Anne Wynne.

5 Augustus Frederick, in. Charlotte, dau. of Sir Robert
Shaw, Bart., and had issue,

6 Lewis, m. Maria Jones, and d. s. p. His widow m.
2ndly, William Hopkins, Esq. of Blackall, co. Meath.

1 Elizabeth, to. Fowler Butler, Esq.

2 Kate, jii. Sir Charles Hamilton.

3 Eleanor, m. — Prince, E.sq.

I. Catherine, m. Euseby Cleaver, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin.
The Eight Hon. Owen Wynne d. 10 March, 1789. Hi.^ eldest

Owen Wynne, Esq., M.P., of Hazlewood, m. Jan. 1790,
Lady Sarah Elizabeth Cole, eldest dau. of William, 1st Earl
of Enniskillen, and by her (who d. 14 March, 183:i) had issue,

John, late of Hazlewood.

William Willoughby (Eev.), 6. 6 Sept. 1802; to. Sophia, dau.
of Alexander Perceval, Esq., and d. Sept. 1860.

Anne, m. Somerset Eichard, 3rd Earl of Carrick, and d, 1829.

Sarah Frances, to. Edward Joshua Cooper, Esq. of Markree
Castle, co.Sligo, and d. 1S62. Mr. Cooper d. 1863.

Elizabeth, m. Eev. Luke Fowler, son of Eobert Fowler,
D.D., Bishop of Ossory and Ferns. She d. 1855.

Florence, d. unm. 12 April, 1812.

Mr. Wynne d. 12 Dec. 1841. His eldest son.

The Eiuht Hon. John Akthur Wynne, of Hazlewood, late
M.P. for Sligo, Under Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of
Ireland 185.', J.P., served as High Sheriff for the cos. of Sligo
and Leitrim, 6. 20 April, 1801; m. 7 April, 1838, Lady Anne
Wandesforde Butler, dau. of James, 1st Marquess of Ormonde,
K.P., and by her (who d. 27 Nov. 1849) had issue,

Owen, now of Hazlewood.

James, b. 24 Nov. 1847, d. young.

Sarah. Grace Horence.

Mr. Wynne d. 19 June, 1865.

Arms — Vert, a chevron erm. between three wolves' heads
erased arg. Ci-est — A wolf's head erased as in the arms. Molto
— Non sibi sed toto.

Seats — Hazlewood, Sligo; and Lurganboy Lodge, Manor


Wynne-Finch, Chaeles Abthtte, Esq. of
Voelas, CO. Denbigh, and Cefnamwlch, co. Carnar-
von, Lieut.-Col. Scots Guards (retired), J. P. cos.
Carnarvon and Denbigh, High SherifP co. Carnarvon
1881, b. 6 April, 1843 ; m. 29 Oct. 1889, Maud Emily,
younger dau. of Col. the Hon. Richard Charteris,
2iid sou of Francis 8th Earl of Wemjss, and has

I. John Chahles, 6. Aug. 1891.

II. William Heneage, 6. Jan. 1893.

Iiineag'e. — This family derives from Maechweithian
Lord of Ys Aled, founder of the Xlth Noble Tribe of North
Wales and Powys, living a.d. 720, whose armorial ensigas
were, " Gu., a lion rampant arg." In ana^-countof the tribes
of North Wales, in the Cambrian Rcc/isln- for 1796, it is stated
that the lands of this chieftain were " Carwed Fynydd, Din-
cadfael, Frees, Berain, Llyweni, and ma".y other townships
within the Hundred of Is Aled, as appears by the extent of
the lordship and honour of Denbigh, made in the 8th year
of Edwabd III., at which time Cynwiic F>clian, being 9th
in descent from Marchweithian, lived." From this chieftain

Jane Wynnt:, heiress of the Wynnes of Voelas (dau. of
Watkin Wynne, Esq.), and of the Gkiffitiis of Cefnv.mwU-h
(she s. her cousin german, John Griffith, Esq. who d. s. j).
1794). She m. 1778, Hon. Charles Fincli (b. 1752), 2n(l son of
Heneage, 3rd Earl of Ayle'-ford, by Lady Cliailotte Seymour

7 G





his wife, dau. of Charles, 6th Duke of Somerset, and d. in
ISll, having by liim (who d. in 1S19>,

I. Chakles AVtnne, who assumed the names of Griffiths
Wtsse in lieu of Finch.

II. George Heneage (.who also took the name of Wynne), d.

HI. Heneage (Rev.), Chaplain to the Queen, and Vicar of
Oakham, "if. 1S65.

I. Jane, in. 1S27. Kev. Thomas Cooke; d. ISoS.

u. Louisa, m. 1S22, Count DAglie, Sardinian Minister in
London, and d. same year.
The eldest son. Wynne Ghiffith- Wynne, Esq. of "Voelas, co. Den-
bigh, and Ccfnamwk'h, CO. Carnarvon, 6. 4 March, 1780; m.
May, isr2, Sarah, dau. and eventually co-heircss of Eev.
Henry Hildyard, of Stokosley, co. York, and had issue by her
who if. May, ISoO),

I. Charixs, who assumed, in 1SG3, the additional surname

of ilNCH.

II. Heneage, Major 68th Light Infantry, 6. 19 Sept. 1S16 ;
killed at'lnkernian, 5 Nov. 1834.

III. John Henry (Kev."). b. 31 March, 1819.

IV. William, Capt. Coldstream Guards, b. 22 April, 1832; d.
22Mav, 1863. *

I. Saraii Louisa, m. 24 May, 1842, Thomas Somers Cocks, Esq.
(.vt BrBKE'si'(.t)-(7(;f, SoMERs, B.), and d. 12 Jan. 1894.

II. Charlotte, m. 29 Sept. 1846, John Eobert Godley, Esq.,
jun., of Killigar, co. Leitrim.

III. Louisa.

IV. Frances Elizabeth.

He d. 22 March, 1805. His eldest son,

Charles Wynne-Finch, Esq. of Voelas, co. Denbigh, and
Cefnamwlch, co. Carnavon, and of Stokesley, co. York, M.P.
forCarnarvon from 1859 to 1868, J. P. and D.L., 6. 14 June,
1815; m. twice. By his first wife (»!. 15 June, 1840), Laura
Susan, dau. of Richard Pollen, Esq. of Eodbourne, Wilts (who
d. 7 March, 1851) he had issue,

I. Charles Arthoe Wynne Fincu, now of Voelas and Cef-

II. Edward Heneage, of Stockesley, co. York. J. P., 6 9. Dec.
1842; M. 1st, 9 June, 1870, Ada, dau. of H. Styleman Le
Strange, Esq. of Hunstanton, Norfolk, and by her (who d.
28 Sept. 1873) had issue, a son, Heneage, b. 30 April, 1871 ;
and2ndly,24 Feb. 1876, Emily Caroline, dan. of George
M.arwood, Esq. of Busby Hall, co. York, by whom he has
issue, Arthur, 6. 15 Oct. 1878, a son, 6. 10 Oct. 1880, and
Helen, b. 14 Jan. 1877.

ui. John Seymour, Major (retired), Eoyal Horse Guards, h.
16 Feb. 1845.

IV. Edith Sarah, b. 5 Oct. 1849 ; d. 18 July, 1858.

.,4n/(S— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, arg., a chevron, between
three griffins passant sa., for Finch; 2nd and 3rd gu., a lion
rampant arg. armed and langued az., for Wynne. Crest —
1st, Finch : A griftin passant sa. ; 2nd, Wynne : a lion
rampant arg. holding in the dexter paw a rose gu. slipped

.Sm.'s— Voelas, co. Denbigh; and Cefnamwlch, co. Car-


■Wtxxe, Mes. Emily Maeianne Saeah, of
Eosbrien, co. Limerick, 3rd dau. and co-heiress of
Vex. Feedeeick. F

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 382 of 392)