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aulknee Gooxd, of Eosbrien
and Dromadda, m. 1869, the late Henry Le Poer
Wynne, Esq., Bengal Civil Service, eldest son of Gen.
George Wynne, E.E., and by him (who d. 1874)
has issue,

Annt: Le Poee.

liineagre —This is a branch of the very ancient family of
GooLD or GocLD of the city of Cork, traceable in the city
annals to the remotei^t period, and descends immediately from
a common ancestor with the present Sir Valentine Goold, Bart.

Francis Goold, Esq. of Cork, whose will, dated 6 July, 1770,
was proved 26 Jan. 1771, was brother of Henry Goold, Esq.,
whose grandson, Francis, was created a Baronet, 8 Aug. 1801
(sci Bcrke's Pen-i/ffe and £aronela(/c). Francis Goold had by
Elizabeth his wife, two daus., i. Mary, m. Edmond Morony,
Esq. ; and ii. Barbara, m. Connell O'Connell, Esq., and two
sons, one oi whom,

John Goold, Esq. of Cork, m. circa 1762, Mary, dau. of
Valentine Quin, Esq. of Eosbrien, and sister and eventual
heiress of John Quin, Esq. of Eosbnen, who m. Mary, dau.
of Sir Edward O'Brien, liart. of Dromoland, and left an only
child, Mary Quin, of Eosbrien, rn. to Matthew O'Brien, Esq.
and d. s. p. Valentine Quin, was the son of John Quin, Esq.
of Eosbrie.-r, byMaryAnne, his wife, dau. of Sir Walter Blake,
Bart, of Menluugh, co. Galway, and nephew of Valentine Quin,
Esq. of Adare, ancestor of the Earl of Dunraven. By Mary

Quin his wife, John Goold had issue, Francis, Capt. Cara-
biniers, d.vjim. 1815; Thomas, of whom presently ; Valentine,
d. uiim. 18 Dec. 1854. The 2nd son,

Thomas Goold, Esq. of Dromadda and Eosbrien, Dublin, a
JIaster in Chancery, in. Elizabeth, dau. of Eev. Brinsley
Nixon, Eector of Painstown, co. Meath, and had issue,

I. Francis, of Dromadda, co. Limerick, High Sheriff
1848, accidentally drowned in Sligo Bay, 31 Aiig. in that

II. Frederick Falkineb, of whom presently.

III. Wyndham, M.P. co. Limerick, d. ii-iuii. 27 Nov. 1854.

I. Emily Mary, m. 1830, the late Eev. John Wynne, nephew
of the late Owen Wynne, Esq. of Hazehvood, and d. leaving

II. Caroline Susan, wi. 2 April, 1830, Sir Eobert Gore Booth,
Bart, of Lissadell, co. Sligo, and d. 16 Jan. 1855, leaving

III. Augusta Charlotte, m. 18 Aug. 1836, Edwin Eichard
Wyndham, Earl of Dunraven, K.P., and d. 2b Nov. 18G6,
leaving issue.

Master Goold d. 16 July, 1846. His 2nd son.

The Ven. Frederick Falkiner Goold, of Eosbrien, Bally-
geale, Dromadda, co. Limerick, Archdeacon of Eaphoe, and
Eector of Eaymochy, co. Donegal, 6. May, 1808; m. 16 June,
1830, Caroline, dau. of Charles Newcomen, Esq. and had issue,

I. Thomas Francis, b. 2 May, 1837, d. unm. 1861.

I. Augusta Jane, d. xmm.

II. CaroUne Mary, to. 1864, Brinsley Nixon, Esq.
HI. Emily Marianne, now of Eosbrien.

IV. Elizabeth Jessie, d. unm. 18 June, 1812.

v. Frances Frederica, now of Ballygeale, 7)i. 15 Dec. 1873,
Eev. Hamilton Stuart Verschoyle, of Castle Shanaghan, co.
Donegal {see that family), and has issue, Hamilton
Frederick Stuart, now of Dromadda.
Ven. F. F. Goold d. 1877, leaving Eosbrien to Mrs. Wynne,
Ballygeale to Mrs. Verschoyle, and Dromadda to his nephew,
Hamilton Frederick Stuart Verschoyle {see Verschoyle of
Castle Shanar/an).
Arms — See Wynne of Ilarhwood.

iSVa J— Eosbrien, co. Limerick. Eesidencc—Sb, Carlisle Man-
sions, S.W.


Wynniatt, James John, Esq. late of Dymock
Grange, co. Gloucester, J. P., late 52ud Oxfordshire
Light Infantry, and 10th Hussars, b. 3 Dec. 1832;
m. 9 Feb. 1858, Mario Gotz, only dau. of George
W. Chad, Esq. (sometime H.M. Envoy Extraordin-
ary and Minister Plenipotentiai'y at J3erlin) , and
has issue,

I. John Wenman, 6. 30 Oct. 1858; m. 27 Dec. 1882, Mary
Louisa, elder dau. of Eev. Edward Crow, M.A., formeily
Eector of Great Creaton, co. Nortbauipton, and has
issue, Eobert John, b. 1885, and two daus.

II. Brydges, b. 17 July, 1862; m. Elizabeth Thurston.

III. Eustace Alexander Gordon, 6. 6 April, ls67.

IV. Cecil, &. 8 April, 1871.

I. Maude. ii. Marie Wilhelmina.

Lineage. — The Wynniatts appear, from old documents,
to have been established at Dymock Grange, and to have held
estates there since the times of Henry Yil. and Henry Vill.
They have also succeeded to lands in the same parish, which
were formerly held by the Abbey of Flaxley , and which appear
to have passed to them at the dissolution of the monasteries.
The late

Eev. Eeginald Wynniatt, of GuitingPark, co. Gloucester,
Eector of Stanton (3rd son of Eev. Eeginald Wynniatt, of
Stanton and Dymock, co. Gloucester, by Anne, his wife, d.
10 Dec. 1831; 3rd dau. of John Phillips, Esq. ol Huntingdon,
and Eaton Bishop, co. Hereford, and graiidsun ot Eeginald
Wynniatt, Esq. of Stanton, who served as High Sheriff of co.
Gloucester, and rf . at his house at Stanton, 1819), in. 1811,
Catherine, dan. and co-heir of Francis William Thouias
Brydges, Esq. of Tyberton Court, co. Hereford, and by her
(who rf. April, 1865) left at his decease, 4 Oct. Ib60,

Eeginald, late of Dymock Grange.

Wenman, Lieut. 83rd Eegt., drowned In Upper Canada, while-
serving with hisregt., 14 May, 1841.

Tliomas William, ot Stanton, co. Gloucester, J. P., d. unm.

Eobert James, Commander E.N., sailed in the " Investiga-
tor" with Capt. McClure, and discovered the north-west
passage ; d. unm.

James John, now of Dymock.

Francis Brydges, d. unm. 27 April, 1849.

Fi'ances Ann, d. unm.

Catherine, m. 1st, 7 May, 1840, AVilliam Charles Lowndes,
Esq., son of Francis W. Lowndes Stone, Esq. of Brightwtll





Park, Oxon, and ha4 issue ; and 2ndly, Ecv. John Wynd-
ham. She d. ISuO.
Susan. Anne Mary.

Harriet, m. 1859, Rev. J. E. Alcocli, Eector of Hawling, co.
Gloucester, and has issue.
Sophia Lucy. Marian, d. unm.

The eldest son, ;. , • , ,

Eeginald Wynniatt, Esq. of Dyniock Grange, J. P., m.
21 Nov. 1869, i Caroline Betha, dau. of William Vansittart,
Esq., formerly M.P. JEor Windsor, andc?. 1881, leaving a dau.
Harriet Wynniatt, 6. 21 Oct. 1870.
Seat — Dyniock Grange, near Gloucester.


Wtse, Lttcien William Bonapaete, Esq. of the
Manor of St. John's, co. Watei'ford, Capt. Waterford
Artillery, i. 27 June, 1868.

Lineage.— The ancestor of this ancient House was a
younger son of the family of Wyse, originally of Greston,
Cornwall (1167), and subsequently of Sydenham, Devon (1320).
He accompanied Richard, Earl of Pembroke, into Ireland,
1171, with therank and title of knight, and immediately after
the Earl's landing and taking possession of co. Waterford (one
of the first conquests of the English), was rewarded with large
possessions (part of which near Dungarvan, retains the name
of "Wyse's Point," as marked in the oldest sea charts), in
capite, at two knight's fee^ and the usual condition of military
service. King John,' when he visited Waterford as Earl of
Moreton, granted 1195, a charter to the priory, now Manor
of St. Johns, afterwards confirmed by Edwakd I., 1281, by
which it was exempted from all tolls and other charges, with
power to hold a court for the trial of minor offences within its
jurisdiction, whilst the right to all tithes, great and small, was
granted by Walter, Bishop of Waterford, and confirmed by his
successors. From 1452 to 1690, when the city surrendered to
King William, there were (besides several members of
Parliament) thirty-six Mayors and High Sheriffs of this family.
The Mayor, Thomas Wtse, on signing the capitulation of the
city, as Governor to William, 1690, paid out of his private
purse £1,530, the sum required by the King to save the
citizens from an inimediate levy, which sum was never repaid
to him. The Wyses were amongst the heaviest sulTerers by
confiscation. In 1647 the entire of their property was seized
and possessed by the usurping powers, and it was not until
1663 after the restoration of Charles II., that they were
restored to its enjoyment by a decree of the Court of Chancery,
with large deductions, however, such as Chapelizod, co.
Dublin, one hundred houses within the city of Waterford,
retained by CilokWlStL's soldiers, or those who purchased from
them. ■ . ■ '

The chief line of the English' Wyses were those seated at
Sydenham, Devon, for details of whom refer to AVise of
Clayton Hall. A junior branch, as already mentioned, was
established in the sister kingdom so far back as the 12th cen-
tury, by

Sir Andrew Wtse, Knl., who, passed over to Ireland with
the first band of warriors that, under the command of Strong-
bow, sought a settlement in that country. He had issue,
William and Robert. The former,

William Wtse, s. his father, and was progenitor of the
Wyses, of whom we are about to treat. His descendants, as
well as those 9! his brother Robert, goon extended their name
and possessions inco. Water|qrd.

Andrew Wtse, the son of William, was father of

Philip WysE, mentioned in the deed of feoffment of 1323.
He had two sons, Wjlliam and John. The elder,

William Wtse, had by the aforesaid feoffment, temp.
Edward II., a confirmation o| certain lands in co. Waterford.
His son and successor,' '

William Wtse, m. a dau. of the Aylward family, and was
father of

Philip W^tse, whose son,

John Wtse, to. a dau. of the Madans (one among the first
alliances of the English gentry with the native Irish), and
left a son and successor,

William Wtse, who was father of four sons, George, Walter,
Richard, and Galfrid. The 3rd son.

Sir RICHARD' Wtse, was father of Andrew and James. The

James Wtse, married into the distinguished family of the
Waddings (from whom was the celebrated Franciscan monk,
Luke Wadding, an eminent writer of the 17th century), and
was father of , .t;o ( u-j' ■■u-

John Wtse, whose son, ^

Maurice Wtse, was Mayor of Waterford 1452, and was
living 1495. In four years afterwards, John Wtse and James
Sherlock were appointed Justices to hold assizes in the adjacent
districts (Patent Roll, 14 Henet IV., in Chancery, Ireland)

John Wtse, of the manor of St. John, the son of Maurice,
inherited, by descent, those lands of Island-i-Kane, Ballyder-
mody, &c., which had been the subject of the family settlet
ment of 1325, amongst the Wyses. In 1533,

Sir William Wtse, son of John, by his wife, a dan. of
Henry Sherlock, Esq. being then Mayor of Waterford, wrote to
Cromwell, the King's Secretary, an official letter on the state
of Ireland, which is preserved in the British Museum, in which
he alleges certain correspondence between the Emperor
Charles V. and the Earl of Desmond, the object of which he
infers was an " invasion of the cities and towns by the sea-
coast of this land." It is to be here observed, that during his.
mayoralty occurred the memorable Geraldine rebellion, when ;
Waterford, under his government and control, adhered so
firmly to Henrt VIII., that the loyalty of its citizens was
acknowledged by three royal letters of thanks, and Wyse him-
self, having gone to England, 1536, was made Esquire of the
King's body, and subsequently received the honour of knight-
hood as "an honourable gift for their renowned fidelity," and
returned to Waterford with a cap of maintenence and gilt
sword, presented by the king to the Corporation, to be borne
thenceforth before the Mayor on all state occasions, which
practice is still continued. Sir William d. about 155C, leaving
issue, when various inquisitions post ^mortem were taken to
ascertain his estates and possessions in the co. and city of
Dublin, COS. Cork and Tipperary, and above all, in the co. and
city of Waterford.

Henrt Wtse, of the Manor of St. John, the eldest son of
Sir William, m. Joan Clarke, of Bristol, and d. circa 1564. It
is also recorded that this Henry Wyse had an exemption to-
him and his heirs from all tolls and grist at Watkin's mill, on
the remarkable condition of defending the granter's title and
enjoyment of the watercourse "from St. Catherine's to Ship's
or Sheep's Bridge, according to the charter of King John to
the House of St. John." This Henry d. s.p., leaving

James Wtse, the son of his next brother John, by Maryannc
Walshe, of co. Dublin, his heir to whom, in such character,
Queen Elizabeth granted by patent, in the 2nd year of her
reign, 1563, all and singular the manors, lordships, castles,
&c., of which his said uncle died seised. This James m.
Alisonne, of the family of Chief Baron Finglass, author of the
Breviate of Ireland, dau. and heir of Finglass, of co. Dublin.
d. 1596, leaving issue, i. John; ii. Andrew; iii. Henry; iv.
Thomas, Mayor of Waterford; v. Nicholas, Sheriff of Water-
ford 1605. The 2nd son, Andrew, appears to have been
Knight of Malta, Prior of England, Privy Councillor to King
Philip of Spain, in the kingdom of Naples, &c. Henry, the
3rd son,wasof Monkstown, co. Cork, followed Lord Baltimore
to America, and was the founder of a family in Virginia, repre-
sented by the celebrated Confederate Orator and Statesman,
Lieut.-Gen. Henry Wise. The eldest son,

John Wise, Esq. of the Manor of St. John, aged 24 at his
father's death, 1596, i/t. Mary, dau. of Bartholomew Lincolne.
He d. 1625, and left three sons. The eldest,

Robert Wtse, Esq., Sheriff of Waterford 1630; »ii. Mary
Wadding, but d. s. p. 1632. He made a settlement of the
family estates in 1631. His brother,

Francis Wtse, Esq. of the Manor of St. John, m. Genette,
dau. of Robert Walsh, Mayor of Waterford, 1602, washisheii
at-law. By his will, 1647, he left very large bequests to the
charitable institutions of Waterford, and five shillings to each
of its citizens. His heir-male,

Thomas Wtse, eldest son of Andrew, Sheriff of Waterford
1632, 3rd son of John Wyse, by Mary Lincolne his wife, ?n.
the only child and heiress of Thomas Symnell, Esq. of
Cuddagh, Queen's Co., and was s. by his nephew,

Robert Wtse, wi. Anstace Le Poer, of Guilcah, co. Water-
ford, and had (with a dau., Zaveria, wife of Edward Fitzgerald,
Esq., ancestor of the Fitzgeralds of the Little Island, near
Waterford), several sons, among whom,

Francis Wtse, of the Manor of St. John, m. Mary, dau. of
Thomas JIasterson, Esq. (descended from Sir Thomas Ma.ster-
son, Knt. of Ferns, seneschal of the co. Palatine of Wexford,
1588), of Castletown and Monasecd, co. Wexford, by Thomasme
his wife, dau. of John Walshe, Esq. of Philltown, co. Kilkenny,
and by her (who m. 2ndly, Laurence Esmonde, Esq. of Ballin-
astra) had issue, Thomas ; Catherine, a nun; Aiistane, a nun ;
and Margaret, )/(. Edward Dunne, Esq. of IJiittns, (Jueen'sCo.
{iceDvui^E 0/ JSiittas}. Mr. Wyse d. 1717, andwas*. by his son,

7 G 2





Thomas AVvse, tsq. of the Manor of St. John, m. 1st, 1720,
Mary Bourne, of London, and by her had issue, i. Fkancis,
his heir; ii. John; iii. Hichard; i. Anne, ?ii. John M'Cartliy,
Esq. of Spring House, co. Tipperary, and was maternal Rrand-
mothcrof Teter, Count D'Ahon, and the Eight Hon. Kichard
Lalor Shiel, M.P. ; ii. Charlotte, a nun; iii. Blargaret, m.
Thomas Houghton, Esq. of Kilniannock, co. Wexford. Mr.
Wyse m. 2ndly, 1740, Dame Hester Edward, Ji^i Dacon, of Nor-
folk, widow of Sir Francis Edwards, Bart. (Her dau., Hester,
heiress of Sir Francis Edwards, to. Viscount Malpas, eldest son
of the 3rd E.irl of Cholmondeley). By Dame Hester he had
no issue. His eldest son,

Francis AYtse, Esq. of the Manor of St. John, d.unm. and
was s. by his nephew, Thomas, son of his brother,

John Wtse, Esq., vd. Mary Ann, dau. of Walter Blackney,
Esq. of Ballyelliu, co. Carlow, by JIary, his wife, dau. of John
Byrne, Esq.* of Cabinteely, by Maryann, his wife, dau. of
Dudley Colclough, Esq. of Duffrey, and had, with other

TnoMAS, his heir.

Eliza, 7)i. John Snow, Esq. of Snow Hill, co. Kilkenny, and

left four sons and two daus.
Mary. m. Anthony Galwey, Esq. of Carrick-on-Suir.
Catherine, ?«. her first cousin, Walter Blackney, Esq. of

Margaret, 7>j. James Scully, Esq. of Tipperary.

■The son and successor,

Thomas Wyse, Esq. of the Manor of St. John, to. 6 Jan.
1791, Francis Maria, only dau. and heir (by Fanny Barron his
wife) of George Bagge, Esq. of Dromore, co. Waterford, and
by her had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. George, b. 1793, first an officer in the 6th Eegt. of Foot,
afterwards a Barri>tcr-at-Law, and Senior Police Magistrate
of the city of Dublin, i;i. 1822, Winifred, 3rd dau. of John
Flanagan, l-^sq. of St. Katherine's Park, Leixhp, and of Old
Castle, CO. Kosconunon, and by her (who d. 27 April, 1856)
left at his decease, 4 Nov. 1867,

1 John, 6. 18 Dec. 1825, formerly an officer 57th Regt., and
Aide de-Camp to Lieut. -Gen. Sir Harry G. W. Smith,
Bart., G.C.B., now in holy ordera.

2 Arthur George, Resident Magistrate, Castlebar, co.
Mavo, b. 7 Aug. 1830, formerly an officer in the 48[h
Regt , and d. Jan. 1891.

1 Winifred.

HI. F'rancis, of RathcuUen, m. Mary, dau. of John Hay,
Esq. of Ballinkeele of an ancient co. Wexford family, a
branch of whieh, represented by Count Hay de Slade, is
established in Brittany since the time of James II.), and d.

J855 leaving issue,

1 Thomas, d. Oct. 1886.

2 John, an officer 34th Regt, to. 1861, a lady of the Onslow

1 Alianod.

2 Frances, m. 1S57, her cousin, Thomas Wyse, Esq.,
County Inspector, Galway, who was drowned in Kave
Loughrea 1879, and had Mary Adelaide, to. 23 Nov. Ibb2,
Charles Brenan, Esq., 31 Merrion Square, North

3 Mary, a nun.

I. Harriett, d. 18C6.

II. Mary Ann, vi. Lorenzo Power, Esq. of Bonmahon, and
had issue, Thomas Power, J, P., Capt. Waterford Artillery,
d. 1865.

III. F"rancc3, a nun, d. 1819.

The eldest son.

The Right Hon. Sin Thomas Wyse, K.C.B.,of the Manor of
-■^t. John, CO. Waterford, D.L., Her Brittannic Majesty's
Minister at theCourt of Athens, 6. Dec. 1791; ,/(. 1821, Letitia,
dau. of Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, brother of
Napoleon I., Emperor of the French, who d. 1871, and had

I. Napoleon Altbed Bonaparte, J P. and D.L. co. Water-
ford, High Sheriff 1870, a Knt. Commander of the Order
of St. Maurice and Lazarus, also of that of the Nichan
Iftichar of Tunis, author of A'otes sur la Rvssie, Paris 18.')4,
and ofthe /'YoifsPictariensis, Peiigeux, 1869; 0. Jan. 1822.

II. William Charles Bonaparte, late Capt. Waterford Militia,
J. P., was High Sheriff co. Waterford ls55: author of
numerous poetical works in Provengal and English; b.
Feb. 1b26 ; }». 1864, Ellen Linzee, dau. of J. Prout, Esq.
of Cornwall, and d. 3 Dec. 1892, leaving issue,

1 LcciEN William Bonaparte, now of the Manor of St.

• This John P.vrne, Esq. of Cabinteely, was son of John
Byrne, of the smne place, by Mary, his wife, dau. of Waltre
Chevers, Esq. ol Moiikstown, by Alson, his wife, dau. of
Nicholas, 1st Vi-couni NetterviUe (see Byrne of CabinUiy).

2 Andrew Nicholas Bonaparte, h. 1870, B.A. London

3 Lionel Harry Bonaparte, b. 1874.

4 Napoleon Estelle Bonaparte, 2nd Lieut. Waterford
Artillery, b. 1876.

III. Lucien Napoleon Bonaparte, &. 1844; naturalized
Frenchman, late a Lieut, in the French Navy, a distin-
guished explorer and engineer, and original Promoter of
the Panama Canal; to. 1st, 1871, Rose, dau. of Arthur
White, Esq. of London, and by her had issue. Napoleon,
6.1874, Letitia, 6. 1876; 2ndly, 1877, Clara White, and
by her (who d. Dec. 1892) had, Louis, h. 1878.

I. Marie Letitia, 6. 1831 ; writer of several works in French ;
7)1. 1st, 1848, Count Frederick de Solms, by whom she had
one son, Alexis, now Count de Solms, 6. 1852; 2ndly, 1863,
Commander Urbano Hatazzi, late Prime Minister of Italy
(who d. 1873), and had issue, Isabella, 6. 1871 ; 3rdly, 1880,
Don Luis de Bute y Giner, deputy to the Spanish Cortes
(who d. 1889), and had issue, two daus., Lola, d. 1888, and

II. Adeline, 6. 1838; m. 1861, Gen. Estevan Tttrr, a Hun-
garian, who served under Garibaldi inthe Austiian, Knglish
and Italian Army; Hon. A.D.C. to Victor Emanuel, King
of Italy; promoter of the Corinth canal; and had issue,
one son, Eaoul, 6. 1866.

Sir Thomas Wyse, formerly M.P. co. [Tipperary, and subse-
quently JI. P. for Waterford, heldoffice under Lord Melbourne's
administration as one of the Lords of the Treasury, and as
Joint Secretary of the Board of Control, and was distinguished
as a Statesman, Scholar, and Orator. As representative of this
very ancient family, he held his estates direct from the Crown,
and as lineal descendant of the original grantee, in 1172, he
inherited the rights of the Prior of St. John, and was, in that
capacity, still subject to visitations of the Lord Bishop of the
Diocese. He d. 1862.

Arms — Quarterly: Ist and 4th, sa., three chevrons erm., for
Wyse ; 2nd and 3rd, arg., a chevron between three Cornish
choughs sa. Crest— A. demi-lion rampant gu. gutte d'eau,
holding in the dexter paw a mace ppr. Motto — Sapere

Seats — Manor of St. John, Waterford ; Palazzo Bonaparte,
Viterbo, Italy.


"Wtthes, Ernest James, Esq. of Copped Hall,
Essex, and Bickley Hall, Kent, educated at Eton ani
Ch. Ch. Oxford ; s. Ms brother 1887.

Lineage. ^ — George Wythes, Esq. of Bickley Hall and
Copped Hall, son of Thomas Wythes, Esq., b. 1811, married,
and had issue,
Georje Edward, Educated at Eton and Trin. Coll. Cam-
bridge, FMl.G.S., a Verderer of Epping Forest, J. P. for
Essex, b. 1839; m. 1st, 1866, Catherine Sarah, dau. of C.
E. Jemraett, Esq., and by her (who d. 1871) had issue,

I. George Edward, of Copped Hall.

II. Ernest James, who s. his brother.

He m. 2ndly, 1873, Rachel, dau. of Robert Henty, Esq. of
Naziiig, Essex, and d. 1875, leaving by her a posthumous
Mr. G. Wjthes d. 1883, and was s. by his grandson,

George Edward Wythes, Esq. of Copped Hall and Bickley
Hall, b. 1867; d. 1887.

Seaia— Bickley Hall, Bickley, Kent; and Copped Hall,
Epping, Essex.


Wtvill, Maemaduke, Esq. of Constable Burton,
CO. York, J. P. and D.L. for North and West
Ridings, M.P. for Richmond, 1847-65 and 1866-68,
b. 1815 ; m. 8 April, 1845, Laura, dau. and heiress
of Sir Charles Ibbetson, Bart, of Denton Park, co.
York, and has issue,

I. Marmaduke D'Arct (Denton Benrhydding, Leeds), .J. P.
and D.L. W. R. Yorks, and J. P. for E. R. YorUs, 6. 5
March, 1849 ; m. 12 June, 1871, Isabella, eldest dau. of
John Banner-Price, Esq., and has issue,

Marmaduke Ibhetson, b. 8 June, 1882.

Laura Louisa. Ethel. Edith.

II. Frederic Christopher, 6. 1S52.

I. Laura Charlotte Rachel, m. 1877, Robert Barclay, Esq. of
Bury Hill, Dorking.

II. Alice Henrietta, m. 10 Aug. 1886, Rev. Godfrey Army-
tage Littledale, M.A., 2nd son of Henry Anthony Littlo-
dale, Esq. of Bolton Hall, Craven.

lu. Edith Eugenie, d. unm. it. Maud.





Iiineag-e.— The family of Wtvill, of ancient knightly
degree, claim Norman extraction, and the name of its founder
in England, Sir Hcmphret D'Wyvill, Knt.of Slingsby Castle,
appears on the Roll of Battle Abbey, as one of the Companions
in Arms of The Conqueror. His descendant,

Marmaduke Wtvill, Esq., of Little Burton, represented
Eipon 15.53, and shortly aftervvards received the honour of
knighthood. He m. 1st, Agnes, dau. and heir of Sir Ralph
Fitzliandoph, Knt.of Spennithorne, by Elizabeth his wife,
dau. and eventual co-heir of Thomas, Lord Scrope of Masham ;
2ndly, Lady Billingham, widow of Sir Roger Billingham, Knt.,
and 3rdly, Dorothy, relict of Sir William St. Quintin, Knt.
By the Ist, he left a son and successor,

Christopher Wyvill, Esq., of Constable Burton, m. Mar-
garet, dau. of Hon. John Scrope, younger son of Henry, Lord
Scrope, of Bolton, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Henry Percy,
Earl of Northumberland, and had a son and successor,

Sir Marmaduke Wtvill, Knt. of Constable Burton, M.P.
for Richmond, created a bart. by James L, 25 July, 1611. He
j«. Magdalen, dau. of Sir Christopher Danby, Knt. of Thorpe,
CO. York, and was great-great-grandfather (for intermediate
line see Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies) of

Sir William Wtvill, 4th bart. of Constable Burton, b.
1645; m. Anne, only dau. of James Brooke, Esq. of Elling-
thorpe, CO. York, and had two sons,

I. Marmaduke, his heir.

II. D'Arcy, d. 5 Jan. 1834, leaving three sons,

1 William, who settled in America, and d. there about 1750,
leaving a son,

Marmaduke, who, 1754, s. his kinsman. Sir Marmaduke,
PS 7th bart.

2 Edward, General Superviser of Excise at Edinburgh, m.
18 Dec. 1737, Christian Catherine, dau. of William Clifton,
Esq. of that city, and a. 12 March, 1791, leaving an only

Christopher, of whom presently.

3 Hale, of

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 383 of 392)