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Esq. of
Garthewin (sec Yokk^e of Di(ffryn Aled). Mi-. Yorke tZ. 19
Feb. 1S04, and was .?. by his eldest son,

Simon Y'orke, of Erddig, b. 27 July, 1771 ; to. II March,
1807, Margaret, younger dau. of John Holland, Esq. of
Te^-rdan, co. Denbigh, and by her (who d. 16 Nov. I84S)
had issue,

Simon, late of Erddie.

John, of Plas Newydd, co. Denbigh, C.B., Gen. in the army
and Col. l!ith Hussars, late Lieut. -Col. 1st Royal Dragoons,
K.M., h. 11 June, 1814; commanded the 1st Royal Dra-
goons in the Crimea, and was severely wounded at
Balaclava. Gen. Yorke d. 28 March, 1890.

Anne, m. 2 S/?pi.il83.5. C. T. S. Birch Reynardson, Esq. of
Holywell Hall, co. Lincoln, and d. 16 Oct. 1S53.

Mr. Yorke, who represented Grantham in Parliament, cZ. 12
Dec. 1834. His elder son,

Simon Yorke, Esq. of Erddig Park, co. Denbigh, J. P.
.and D.L., High Sheriff 1848, b. 6 April, 1811 ; to. 6 Aug.
1816, Victoria Mary Louisa, 2nd dau. of Gen. Hon. Sir
Edward Cust, 1st Bart, of Leasowc, G.C. L., K.C.H., and
niece of John, 1st Earl Brownlow, and d. 12 Feb. 1894,
having had issue,

I. Philip, now of Erddig.

II. Vi-tor Jospph, b. 17 July, 1857, Lieut. Royal Anglesea
Milirio, killed in the Basuto Rebellion, 6 April, 1881.

T. Etheldred \l.iry Anne.

II. Agneta Susan.

AririJi~.\Ta., on a salth'e az. a bezant. Crest — A lion's head
erased ipr. collared gu. charged with a bezant. Motto — Nee
jupias nee metiias.

iSJeaJ— Erddig Park, near Wrexham.


Yorke, Lucy Penelope, of Djffrjn Aled, co.
Denbigh, dau. of Sir Trevor Wheler, 9th Bart, of

Leamington-Hastings, co. Warwick, m. 12 Jan. 183-1-,
Peirce Wynne Yoeke, Esq. of Dyffryn Aled, J.P.
and D.L., served the office of High Sheriff co. Den-
bigh, 1853 ; b. 30 Marcli, 1826 ; s. to the representa-
tion of the Wynnes of Bjijfrijn Aled on the
decease, 9 Feb. 1837, of his father, and to the repre-
sentation of the Wynnes of Garthewin, co. Den-
bigh, on the decease s. p. Dec. 1842, of his kinsman,
Lieut. -Col. Eobert William Wynne, of Garthewin,
andd.s.p. 10 Dec. 1891.

Lineage.— The Wynnes o/ D!/^'/7/n Aled are a branch
of the great Cymric sept founded by Marchudd ap Cynan,
Lord of Abcrgelen, contemporary with Rhodri Mawr, King
of Wales a.d. S43. Thirteenth in descent from this chief-
tain was

Griffith Gethin ap David, m. Alswen, or Alice, dau.
and heiress of Jeukiu Pigot, son of HowelPigot, descended
from one of the English families that; had followed the
fortunes of Henry dc Lacy, Earl of Lincoln, upon whom
Edward I. had conferred the Lordship and Castle of Den-
bigli. Of this marriage there was a son,

Grono ap Griffith Gethin, m. Isabel, dau. of Griffith
ap Einion, descended from Marchweithan, Lord of Is Aled
and was father of

Meredith ap Grono, whose wife was Ann, dau. of Robert
Vyclian ap Tudyr, also of the lineage of Marchweithian.
Of this marriage there was issue four sons and nine daus.
The eldest son,

Robert Wvnn, Esq. of Dyffryn Aled, who first assumed
the family patronj-mic, to. Ann, dau. of Jenkin Llwyd, of
Hafodunos, and had issue, Thomas and David Llwyd. The
elder son,

Thomas Wynn, Esq. of Dyffryn Aled, m. 1st. Catherine,
dau. of Robert Wynne ap Cadwalader ap Morris Gethin ;
and 2ndly, Catherine, dau. of John Wyn-Thelwall, relict
of Lewis Llwyd, of Yale, and by the latter had three daus.,
I. M.ary, m. John. GrifBth, of Brymbo; ii. Margaret, who
in. Matthew Trevor of Trevor ; iii. Anne, who in. Samuel
Powel, of Cefynnj's. By his 1st marriage, Thomas Wynne
had, with an eldest son, Robert, three younger sons,
William, John, Philip, and a dau. Gwen, wife of Rowland
ap Rowland ap Meredith. The eldest son,

Robert Wynn, Esq. of Dyffryu Aled, in. twice ; 1st,
Jane, dau. of Lewis Llwyd, 2nd son (by Elizabeth, dau. of
Thomas Mcstyn, Esq. of Mostyn, co. Flint) of Sir levau
Lloyd, Knight Banneret, of Bodiilris-yn-Yale. His 2nd
wife was Dorothy, dau. of John Puleston, of Bersham.
Robert Wynne, by his first marriage, had,

I. Thomas.

II. Hugh Wynn, of Llanrhaidr, in. his cousin, the dau. of
ffowke Thomas.

III. Matthew. iv. John.

I. Catherine, m. John Jones ap Edward.

Mr. Robert Wynne was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Wynn, Esq. of Dyffryn Aled, whose wife was
Grace, dau. and heiress of John, son of Robert Salusbury,
ofLlcwini. Their son,

Robert Wynn, Esq. of DyfFryn Aled, bad issue, by
Dorothy his wife, dau. of flfowko Lloyd, Esq. of Hafodunos,
two sons, of whom Heniy, the younger, was of London ;
and three daus., Mary, Catherine, and Gaynor. His elder

Robert Wynn, Esq. of Dyffrya Aled, in. Susan, dau.
of John Trevor, of Trevor, and had, with a 2nd son, Robert,
three daus., Maiy Susan, and Maudlin. Ho d. 30 May,
1075; he elder son,

Thomas Wynn, Esq. of Dyflfryn Aled, to. 20 March, 17ni,
Dorothy, dau. of John Wynne, Esq. of Melai, and Maenau
Abbey. By this lady, who d. C Aug. 1 695, Mr. Wynne had
a son and heir,

Robert Wynn, Esq. of Dyffryn Aled. This gentleman,
whose wife was Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Piers ffowlkes,
Esq. of Moriadog, was, by her, father of a son and heir,

PiEBS Wynn, Esq. of Dyffryn Aled, in. 10 May, 1647,
Margaret, eldest dau. and in her issue sole heir of Robern
Wynne, Esq. of Garthewin, co. Denbigh, a younger branch
of the House of Melai, derived from Grodo Llwyd y Penwyn,
of Melai. By this lady, who was bapt. 3 Aug. 1722, Mr.
Peirs Wynn had, with a younger dau., buried 1731, an
eldest dau. and sole heiress,

Diana, heiress of Dyffryn Aled, b. 15 Eeb. 1748 ; to. 1st,
1 April, 1771, Ridgeway Owen Meyrick, Esq. of Bodorgan,
.\ngle.sey, son of Peirce Meyrick, Esq. of Bodorgan, by





Lady Lucy Pitt, dau. of Thomas, Earl cf Londonderry.
By iijQ, who d. 19 April, 1773, the heiress of DyffrynAled
was mother of an only child.

Henry EidgewayMey lick, h. nil; d. 1774.
She m. 2ndly, 17S2, Philip Yorke, Esq. of Erddig, co. Den-
bigh, who d. 19 Feb. 1S04, aged 61, and by him had issue,

Peirce Wynne Yoeke. of whom presently.

Eobert Wynne Yorke, d. 2-1 July, 1854, aged 67.

Pliillip Wynne Yorke, d. 1858.

Charles Wynne YorUe, d. 1 Aug. 1853, aged 64.

Diana Yorke, d. 28 Oct. 1855, aged 72.

Lucy Margaret, ni. May, 1814, George Cumming, M.D., and

was mother by him of

Erownlow Wynne Cumming, who having s. by will to

Garthewin and the other estates of his kinsman, Lieut.-

Col. Eobert William Wynne, assumed the surname and

arms of Wynne, of Garthewin, and d. 1 May, 1882.

The eldest son of Diana, heiress of Dyflfryn Aled, by Mr.

Peirce Wtnnb Yoeke, Esq. of Dyffryn Aled, High
Sheriff for co. Denbigh, 1817, s. to the representation of
Dyffryn Aled on the decease of his mother, and to her
family estates, 6. V Aug. 1784; he vi. 1817, Elizabeth, 2nd
dau. of Sir William Bulkeley Hughes, Knt. of Plas C6ch
and Brynddu, and d. 9 Feb. 1837, leaving issue,

Peikce Wynne Yorke, late of Dyffryn Aled.

Diana Elizabeth, m. 1851, A. W. F. Alexander, Esq., and has
one son and one dau.

Margaret, hi. 1»09, Eev. A. Lodge, and has three sons and one

^amilg cf Mgniu of (Garl^tfcin,

The Wynnes of Garthncin, deduce descent, through the
Wynnes o/Jie^a J, from Grono Llwyd-y-Penwyn, seated
at Melai, co. Denbigh, a potant Cambrian Chief, .and dis-
tinguished military leader, living 9 July, 1352, when he
was one of the Jury for taking the extent of the comotc of
Nant Conway. His descendant,

William Wynne, Esq. of Melai (2nd son of Meredith ap
David Llwyd), fii'st assumed the family surname. He m.
Alice, dau. of William Meredith ap Rhys, of Llanfair
Vynham, and had, with junior issue, a successor,

John V.'y'nne, Esl.. of Melai, Esquire of the Body to
Queen Mary ; he m. Elizabeth, widow of Sir John Sales-
bury, and dau. of John Puleston, and was father, with two
daus. (i. Alice, wife of Maurice Kyffyn, son of the Rev.
David Owen, of Llandogget ; and ii, Catherine, wife of
ffoulk Lloyd, Esq. of Havodunncis) of an only son,

William Wynne, Esq. of Melai, who, by Ellen his wife,
his paternal cousin, dau. and co-heir of Robert Vaughan.
of Henbilas, had with Morgan Wynne, B.D., Arcddeacon of
Lincoln, Sir William Wynne, Knt., and, other younger
children, an eldest son,

WiLLiAii Wynne, Esq. of Melai, m. Jfary, heiress of
Maenan Abbey, dau. and co-heir of Sir Richard Clough, of
Plas Clough, CO. Denbigh. By this lady, who d. 1632, Mr.
Wynne, was father, with junior issue, of an eldest son and

John Wynne, Esq. of Melai and Maenan Abbey, m.
Dorothy, dau. of Hugh Wynn, Esq. of Berthdii, co. Car-
narvon, son and heir of Griffith Wynn, Esq, of Berthdu,
2nd son of John Wynn ap Meredith, of Gwydyi-, and had,
with other issue, two sons,

William AVynne, Esq. of Melai and Maenan Abbey, the
eminent loyalist, a Col. in the service of Charles I., slain,
aged 31, in an attack made on the Parliamentary garrison
at Wcm, and buried at St. Chad's Church, Shrewsbury, 27
Oct. 1644. His descendant,

Jane, Wynne, heiress of Melai and Maenan Abbey, to. Sir
John Wynn, Bart, of Bodvean, and was mother of Sir
Thomas Wynn, created 22 July, 1766, Baron Kew-
BORouGH, representative, as heir-general, of the Wynnes
of Melai,
The younger son,

Robert Wynne, Esq., equally distinguished with his
brother as a loyalist, was in the engagement at Wem. He
m. Margaret, only dau. and heiress of Robert Price of
Garthewin Gent., and had issue,

I. Eobert (Eev.), Eeetor of Llanjestyn and Llanddieniolen,
CO. Anglesey, and Canon of Bangor Cathedral, m. Catherine,
dau., and in her issue, heiress of Richard Madryn, Esq. of
Llannerschfawr, co. Carnarvon, and dying s. p. 25 Jan. 1679,
aged 43, left issue, 1 Eoeert, successor to his grandfather ;
2 Eichard; 3 William (Eev.) A.M., Incumbent of Llan-
fachreth, co. Anglesey, d. s.p.; 4 Owen, M.D. ; 5 John, of

London ; 1 Sarah, ml Eev. Peter Williams, Vicar of Mold ;

2 Catherine.

n. William. in. John.

IV. Hugh.
1. Dorothy.
u. Catherine, who d. 1682, aged 37.

III. Margaret, living 1707, executrix of her father.

Mr. Wynne, of Garthewin, d. 14 April, 1682, and was s. by
his grandson.

The Rev. Robert Wynne, D.D. of G.arthcwin, Chancellor
of St. Asaph. He m. 1st, 1 May, 1694, Margaret, dau. and
heir of Hugh Lloyd Rosendale, of Segrwyd, co. Denbigh,
relict of William Wynne, Esq. of Melai ; and 2ndly.,
garet, dau. of John Owen, Esq. of Penrhos, co. Auglesej-,
widow of Owen Bold, of Llangwyfen. By his 1st wife Dr.
Wynne (who d. 26 June, 1743) had Robert, his heir and
Margaret, who m. Ewbule Lloyd. His son and successor,

Robert Wynne, Esq. of Garthewin, Barrister-at-Law, m,
1st, Diana Gosling, who was buried 29 April, 1844 ; and
2udly, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Eyton, Esq. of Leeswood,
CO. Flint, but by her had no issue. By his 1st wife Mr.
Wynne (who d. 11 Sept. 1771, aged 73) had issue,

I. Egbert, his heir.

I. Margaret, bapt. 3 Aug. 1722; m. 7 May, 1747, Pcirc&
Wynn, Esq. of Dyffryn Aled, co. Denbigh, derived througl»
Grono ap GrifSth Gelhin, from Marchudd, Lord of Abergele.
Of this marriage there was issue a sole surviving child ami

Diana, heiress of Dyffryn Aled, as above.

II. Diana, 6. 28 Aug. 1725 ; m. 29 June, 1747, Owen Holland,
Esq. of Conway, and d. s. p.

HI. Lucy, bapt. 10 Sept. 1728.

IV. Elizabeth, bapt. 21 Aug. 1736 ; buried 18 Oct. 1753.

Mr. Wynne was s. by his only son,

Robert WY"NNE,Esq. of Garthewin, b. 21 Xov. 1723, High
Sheriff, 1769; m. Elizabeth, dau. and sole heir of Wilham
Dymock, Esq., of Acton, and by her (who d. 29 Dec. 1816,
in her 74th year) Mr. Wynne left at his decease, 25 July, 179S,
aged 65, an only child,

Egbert William Wynne, Esq. of Garthewin, High Sheriff
1804, Lieut.-Col. of the Royal Denbighshire Militia, bapt.
15 Nov. 1766 ; m. Letitia, dau. and heiress of the Rev. John.
Fleming Stanley, but by her (who d. 24 June, 1832, aged 56>
he had no issue. Col. Wj-nne d. 13 Nov. 1842, aged 76, and
was s. as neir-general in the representation of the family
by Peirce Wynne Yorke, Esq. of Dyffryn Aled, and in the
Garthewin estates by his kinsman,

Brownlow Wynne Wynne, Esq. of Garthewin, co. Den-
bigh, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1846, Barrister-at-Law,
b. 23 March, 1S15 ; m. 8 Dec. 1836, Mary Anne, dau. of John
Waring, Esq. This gentleman, whose patronymic was-
Cumming, s. by will to Garthewin and the other estates of
his kinsman, Lieut.-CoL Robert William Wynne, 30 Nov.
1844, and assumed, by sign manual, the surname and
arms of Wy"NNE, and d. s. p. 1882.

^rms— Arg., on a saltier az. a bezant; quartering, 1st, for
Wynne of Garthewin, quarterly ; 1st and 4th, eu. three boars'
heads couped at the neck in pale, arg., for Grono Llwyd y
Penwyii ; 2nd and 3rd gu., a Saracen's head couped at the neck
ppr. wre.ithed about the temples arg., and sa. for Marchudd ap
Cynan; for ^V^sse of Di'ffri/n J led, those of Marchudd ap
Cynan, gu., a Saracen's head couped at the neck ppr., wreathed
about the temples arg. and sa. Crest— A lion's head erased ppr.
collared gu., and charged wijh a bezant.

Seat— Dyffryn Aled, near Abergele.


Yoeke, John Keginald, Esq. of Forthampton
Court, CO. Gloucester, b. 25 Jan. 1836, D.L. for co.
Worcester, J.P. for cos. Gloucester and Worcester,
High Sheriff 1892, M.A. ' Oxford, formerly Capt.
Tewkesbury Kiile Volunteers, M.P. for Tewkesbury
andE. Gloucestershire 1864-86, m. 1st 4 Marcli, 1862,
Augusta Emmeline, youngest dau. of Lieut. -Gen.
Sir Thomas Monteith Douglas, K.C.B., of Stone-
byres, CO. Lanark, and by her (who d. 19 Feb. 1863)
had a son,

Augustus, late Lieut. 4th Batt. Gloucestershire Eegt., 6.

Jan. 1863; d. 1891.
He m. 2ndly, 1868, Sophia Matilda, dau. of the
Baron Vincent de Tuyll de Serooskerken, and by
her has issue,

"V^incent Wodehocse, J.P. to Gloucester, 6. 21 May, 1S69.

Charles Joseph, 6. 24 June, 1872.





Ealph JIaximiUian, b. -JiOct. 1S74.
Dorotliy Coustaiice Emily.

Xiineag"e.— Joseph YoniiE, Esq. of Fortb.impton Court.
b. ITc'o. elder son of the lion, and Right Kev. James
Yorkc, Bishop of Ely, youivjcst son of Philip, 1st Earl of
Il.irJwicke, 7;i. IT Nov. ISOO, Catherine, dau. of James
Ooeks, Esq., brother of Charles, 1st Earl Somers, and by
Ler ^who d. 3 March, 1830) had issue,

JosF.rir. his heir.

James Charles 6. C Foh. 1S16; Capt. 5th DraROon Guards;
1,1. 31 Aug. 1839 ; Geor.yiana Augusta, youngest dau. of
Kev. Charles Hawkins, Canon Kesidentiary of York ; and
<i. 5 Jan. 1S67, leaving James ChaTlcs, b. 28 Get. 1847.
Keginald Soniers, b. 10 June, 1S54; Algernon Joseph, b. 29
June, 1856, and eight daus.
Catherine Harriet, m.. 12 Aug. 1834, Col. Henry Morgan
ClitTord, of Llantillio, co. Monmouth, and had one son, who
d. 1S55 ; and one dau., Marion, m. 18G0, James Fitzwalter,
loth Lord Dunboyne.
Mr. Vorke d. Dec. 1S30, and was s. by his elder son,

Joseph Yorke, Esq, of ForthampLon Court, J. P. cos.
Gloucester and Worcester, and D.L. co. Worcester, M.P.
for Reii'ate 1S31 to 1831, High SheritT co. Gloucester 1S44,
b. 11 Jan. 1807 ; m. 31 Doc. 1834, Frances Antonia, dau. of
Right Hon. Reginald Pole-Carew, by his wife Hon. Caroline
Lyttlcton, and had issue,
John Reginald, his heir.
Mr. Yorke d. 1S89.

Arms — Arg., on a saltire az. a bezant. Crest— A. lion's head
erased ppr. collared gu. charged with a bezant. Motto — Ne
wcupiis nee metuas.

&at — Forthampton Court, nearTewkesbury.


(See Dallas).


YoTTSG, William, Esq. of Cleish Casfle, co.
i:inross, b. 8 Aug. 1819 ; on. 14 July, 1852, Emily,
dau. of T. Gr. Margary, Esq.

Lineage. — Hakby Young, E.5q. of Cleish Castle, co.
Kinross (son of John Young, Esq. of Warrock, by Elizabeth
Henderson liis wife), in. 25 Feb. 17G8, Margaret Chalmers,
and had issue,

William Yocng, Esq. of Cleish Castle, m. 7 Oct. 1811,
Johnston, dau. of Alexander Cunningham, Esq. of Edinburgh,
.and by her (who d. 19 March, 1873) had issue,

I. Habrt, of whom presently.

II. Alexander, M.D., b. 16 Nov. 1817; m. 3 Aug. 1847, Mar-
garet Johnston, dau. of Rey. C. Kicholson, of Whithorn, and
d. 20 Aug. 1848.

III. William, now of Cleish.

<iv. John, of Liverpool, merchant, b. 11 Jan. 1821, d. 11 Nov.

V. Charles, b. 9 Feb. 1823, d. 29 April, 1844.

.1. Fordyce, b. 23 July. 1812 ; m. 25 April, 183B, Capt. Lux-
more, ll.E., and d. 16 July, 1839, leaving issue, Fordyce
Johnston, b. 1 July, 1837, d. 27 Aug. 1837, and Thomas
Fordyce, b. 14 July, 1839, d. 7 Aug. 1856.

II. Margaret, b. 7 July, 1814.

Mr. William Young d. 7 Jan. 1831. His eldest son,

Harut YonNG, Esq. of Cleish Castle, co. Kinross. J.P. and
D.L., Vice-Lieut, and Convener of co. Kinross, Brigadier-
-Gen. of the Royal Company of Archers, 6. 29 March, 1816; m.
20 March, 1844, Mary, dau. of Lawrence Johnston, Esq. of
Sands, Kincardine, co. Perth, which lady d. 1890. He d. 19
Oct. 1893, and was s. by his brother William, now of Cleish.

Arms — Arg., on three piles sa. as many annulets or. Crest —
_A dexter arm, the hand grasping a spear in bend all ppr.
Motto — Fre.-3 tlirough.

iicat — Cleish Castle, near Kinross.


YoTJNO, Richard Asiimue Blaie, Esq., of
Coolkeiragh, co. Londonderiy, b. 15 May, 1877.

Xiineage.— The Younos of Conlkurarjh claim to be a
branch of the ancient Scottish family of the same name, of
^vhich was Sir Peter Young, ^^f Auldbar, who acted so dis-
tingniished a part in the political and diplomatic afTairs of
the reign of James VI. The first ofthis family who settled
ka the north o) Ireland was

Rev. JoHit YotjNO, Rector of Urney, near Strabane, co.

Tyrone, m. Elspa Douglas, and by her had a numeroiiB
family, of whom the eldest son,

James Young, of the Castle of Mullenbuoy, co. Doneg;il,
was father of

John Young, Esq., whoso eldest son,

William Yoong, Esq., m. Letitia Hamilton, and was s.
by his eldest son,

Alexander Young, Esq. of Coolkeiragh, m. let, 27 Nev.
1771, Catherine Hassard, of Garden Hill, co. Fcrmaiia^u,
and by her (whod. 1782) had issue,

Richard, his heir,

William Hamilton, d. unm. 25 Sept. 1793.

Thomas, d. unm. 8 July, 1835.

Jane, vi. 1790, Rev. John Benjamin Story, of Corrick
Clogher, co. Tyrone.

Letitia m. 1795, Capt. Valentine Munbee, of Horringer,

Anne, deceased.
Mr. Young m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, relict of John Cunningham,
Esq. of Londonderry, by whom he had two sons, both
deceased. He d. 15 Dec. 1819, and was s. by his eldest

Richard Youko, Esq. of Coolkeiragh, J. P., Major in the
Army, m. 25 Feb. 1817, Eliza, only surviving child of John
Cardwell, Esq., M.D. of Londonderry, .•^nd by her (who d.
16 June, 1S47) had issue,

I. Alexander Thomas, J.P., b. 4 June, 1821 ; d. 19 Aug.
1851 ; 7)1. 13 Feb. 1S44, Frances Mary, youngest dau. of
Rev. James Ashmur Johnston, of Coalisland, co. Tyrone,
and left issue,

1 Richard James Caldwell, heir to his grandfather.

2 Alexander Thomas, 6. 25 Feb. 1849 ; d. unm. 1878

3 Ashmur Johnston, b. 1 Oct. 1850; d. unm. 1868.

4 Franci.s Alexander, b. 9 Oct. 1851.

1 Anne Catherine Frances, d. unm. 1869.

2 Elizabeth, Emily Charlotte.

3 Inez Alexa, m. 6 April, 1880, Robert Newman Chambers,
2nd son of Thomas Chambers, Esq. of Aberfoyle, ani has
issue, Brooke Winsley, b. 27 Nov. 1882; Inez Muriel.

II. Richard John, 6. 17 Dec. 1825; d. 21 Jan. 1837.

I. Mary Elizabeth, d. young.

II. Catherine Jane, 24 Sept. 1842, George Tomkyns, Esq. of
Mobuoj-, CO. Londonderry.

III. Eliza Leiitia, m. 19 May, 1859, James For.syth, Esq.,
M.D., of Londonderry, and has issue a dau., EUza Letitia

IV. Anne, m. 23 Oct. 1860, Edward Augustus Williamson,
Esq., R.N., and has issue three sons and a dau., Edward
Augustus, 6. 10 Sept. 1862; Richard Edward, b. 17 Dec.
18t)4; William Alexander Finiston, b. 15 May, 1867; and
Anne Susan Elizabeth.

Major Young d. 4 Dec. 1858, and was s. by his grandson,

Richard James Caldwell Youno, Esq. of Coolkeiragh,
J.P., Lieut. Gtli Inniskilling Dragoons, b. 2 Dec. 1845; vi.
22 May, 1872, Catharine Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Thomas
Cochrane, Esq. of Singland, co. Limerick, and by her had

Richard Ashmur Blair Young, now of Coolkeiragh.

Beatrice Frances Elizabeth, b. 22 June, 1873.
Mr. Young d. 25 Jan. 1885.

Arms—l^rg., three piles sa. on a chief of the last, as many
annulets or. Vrent—k denu-lion rampant gu. holding a sword
in pale ppr. Motto — Uoboii prudentia praeslat.

Seat — Coolkeiragh House, Eglinton, co. Londonderry.


Y'oTTNG, Robert George, Esq. of Culdtiff House,
CO. Donegal, J.P., M.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, b. 30
Not. 1834; m. 23 Sept. 1858, Letitia, youngest dau.
of Rev. Robert Staveley, of St. Munchins, Limerick,
and bas issue,

I. George Lawrence, of Millmount Randalstown, co.
Antrim, J.P. cos. Donegal, Londonderry, and Antriiu,
b. 1 Oct. 1859 ; m. 1S83, Annie, youngest dau. of Lieut. -
Col. Gardiner Harvey, of Islandnahoe, co. Antrim, and
has issue, Robert Chichester, 6. 4 July, 1887 ; George
Neville Gardiner, 6. 17 March, 1S93; Dorothy Gage, b.
11 Dec. 1889.

It. Robert Staveley, 6. 26 March, 1862.

HI. Henry Crofton, 6. 27 Sept. 1867.

IV. John ffolliott, b. 13 Marcli, 1870.

I. Mary Anne, b. I Aug. 1863.

It. Frances Sarah, 6. 22 June, 1865.

Lineagre.— Rev. Robert Young, Rector of the Parish
of Culdaff, 1661, and of the adjoining parish of Cloucah,





lt569, is supposed to have passed over to Ireland from Devon
under the auspices of the Donegal family, the parishes to
to vrhich he was instituted being in the gift of the Chiches-
ters. He m. about 1667, Anne (Jary, and had issue two
sons and five daus. He /u. 2ndly, 1679, Elizabeth Hart, of
Kilderry, and had issue by her one son, Georgk, and four
daua. He d. about 1705. His son, by his 2nd wife,

Geohge Young, Esq., b. circa 1G80, //(. 1702, Elizabeth,
sister of Rev. George McLaughlin, Rector of the parish of
Clonmanny, and a near relative of Sir Cahir O'Doherty,
formerly proprietor of the Barony of Ennishowen, and
d. 1730, leaving with three younger sons and three daus.,
an elder son,

Robert Young, Esq., b. 1703 ; m. 1731, Hatton, dau.
of Thomas Hart, ot the city of Londonderry, Alder-
man, and d. about 1747, having had four sons and two daus.
The eldest son,

George Youno, Esq. of Culdaff, 1763, Rebecca Lamy (of
French origin, and nearly related to the Croftons, WhaUeys,
and other Dublin families, and d. Dec. 1789, leaving a son,

Robert Young, Esq. of Culdaflf, b. 176-1, to. 20 Sept. 1790,
Marcia, dau. of George Ne-sbit, Esq. of Woodhill, co.
Donegal, and by her (who d. 28 May, 183'J) had issue,

Geokge, his heir.

Robert James, d. unni. 7 Aug. 1827.

James William, m. 1824 ; d. 30 Nov. 1839, leaving issue five
sons and one dau.

Catherine, ra. 13 April, 1812, Rev. Edward Chichester, Rector
of Culdaff and Chaicah, and d. 1.5 .\pril, 1875, having had
i.'isue three sons, Rev. William Chichester, created Lord
O'Neill, of Shanes Castle, co Antrim; Rev. Robert
Chichester; and the Rev. George Vaughan Chichester.

Marcia, m. 1817, Lieut. -Col. Brooke Young, and ti. 11 Jan.
1869, having had issue one son, George, d. unm. 1849.

Anne Angel, d. 1885.

Mr. Young d. 11 Oct. 1826, and was .?. by his eldest son,

George Young, Esq. of Culdaff House, J. P. and D.L., 6.
12 Aug. 1792 ; m. 17 Jan. 1832, Mary Anne, eldest dau. of
John ffoUiot, Esq. of HoUybrook, co. SUgo, and had issue,

I. Robert George, now of Culdaff.

I. Frances, b. 12 July, 1833, and d. same year.

Mr. Young d. 31 May, 1877, and was s. by his only son, now
oi Culross House,

Antis — Arg., three piles sa. on a chief of the last as many
annulets or. Crest — An arm in armour erect holding a broken
spear all ppr. J/o»o— Fortitudine et prudentia.

Seat— CuldaS House, Culdaff, co. Donegal.


Young, Owen Wallee O'GtEAdy, Esq. of Har-
ristown, co. Eoscommon, b. Feb. 1864.

Lineage. — The first of this family of whom mention is
made in Ireland was Ov/en Young, b. 1682. a member, it is
stated, of a Yorkshire family of that na.aie. He went to
Ireland with three brothers, and settled at Castlerea, co.
Roscommon, 1706. Bis sons became possessed of property
in Che cos. of Sligo and Roscommon. Owen Young m.
Bridget, dau. of Very Rev. James Wilson, Dean of Tuam,
and had issue,

Jwen, m. Olivia Bell, 1726, and became ancestor of the elder
branch of the family. Amongst his descendants was Mat-
thew Young, the eminent Natural Philosopher ahd Mathe-
matician, consecrated Bishop of Clonfert in 1799.
John, of whom presently.
Mathew, ni. Phoebe, dau. of Gen. Robinson.
Eleanor, m. Thomas Daly, Esq.

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