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of Momington, co. West-

Bridget, m. Rev. Nathaniel Barton.
The 2nd son,

John Young, became proprietor of Harristown, near
Castlerea, and settled there in 1744. He in. Rebecca Gonne,
and had issue,

Owen, m. Rebecca, dau. of George Brabazon, Esq, of Bra-
bazon Park, co. Mayo. He was High Sheriff for co. Ros-
common in 1795, and d. without issue.
Robert, d. young.
Mathew, of whom presently.
Rel)( cca, m. John Parton, Ksq. of Castlerea.
Dorothea, ?h. Gen. Bettesworth.
Bridget, m. Robert Miller, Esq. of Ballinue, co. Mayo.
Letitia, d. unm.
Phebe, d. unni.
The .3rd son,

Mathew Y^oung, Esq. of Harri.stown, s. his brother Owen.
He was a^ipointed Cadet in the Royal Irish Artillery, 1762,

and afterwards Capt. in that Regt, He m. Elizabeth, d;Ui.
of William Finch, Esq. of Kincolman, co. Tipperary, and
had issue,
Owen, of whom presently.

Mathew, an Officer in the 53rd Regt., m. Miss Bushe, and had
issue a son,
Finch, d. unm.
William (Rev.), m. Rebecca, dau. of William Blinchin, Eeq.
of Greenhills, co. Tipperary, and had issue,
William, Capt. in the 49th Regt., ni. Anna, dau. of Rev.

\\ illiam Jelly, of Portarlineton.
John Owen, Capt. 60th Regt., m. Anne Catherine, dau. of
Augustus Hartford. Esq., J.P. of Portarlington, late Capt.
59th Regt.
John, d. young.

Rebecca, m. her cousin, John Young, Esq. of Castlerea.
Anne, d. unm. Elizabeth, d. unm.

The eldest son,

Owen Young, Esq. of Harristown, m. 1st, Rachel, dau. of
William Hunter, Esq., and by her had issue,

Mathew, d. unm.

John Barton, c^. unm.

Jane, m. Humphrey Minchin, Esq.

Elizabeth, d. young.
Mr. Young m . 2ndly, Marianne, dau. of James Atkinson,
Esq. of Rathaugan, and by her had issue,

James, of Harristown.

Mary, m. Godfrey George Massy, Esq. of Ballynakill, co.
Limerick, and has issue.
He d. Sept. 1843, and was s. by his only son,

James Young, Esq. of Hanistown, J.P., A.B. of Trin.
Coll. Dublin, 6. 1834; v;i. 1863, Grace Elizabeth, dau. of
Hon. Waller O'Grady, Q.C. of Castlegarde, co. Limerick,
2nd son of Standish, 1st Viscount Guillamore, by Grace
Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Hugh, 3rd Lord Massy, and had

I. Owen Waller O'Grady, now of Harristown.

II. William, Mathew O'Grady, b. March, 1872.

I. Rose Julia Maria Victoria, m. 1893, Surg.-Capt. Charles
Augustus Young, A. M.S., and has issue, Charles Owen
James, b. in India, 1894.

II. Grace Elizabeth Massy.

III. PhcEbe Mary Dorothea, m. 1887, Owen Wynne Esq.,
R.I.C., and has issue, Owen Waller James, b. 1888, and
Mervyn Llewelyn, b. 1891.

IV. Constance Katherine Matilda,
v. Ida Ethel Isabella.

VI. Evelyn Maud Henrietta.
Mr. Young was shot in his own demesne, June 1877.

.Jii,i,i— Gu., a fess or, charged with a trefoil vert in chief
three lioncels rampant of the second. Crest— Ont of a ducal
coronet or, an ibex's head arg. horned and tufted gold and
charged on the neck with a trefoil vert, itfoffo— Victoria
foriitudo virtus.

Seat — Harristown, near Castlerea.


Young, Thomas Art hue, Esq. of Kiugerby, co.
Lincoln, b. 1805, *. bis brotber April, 1876.

Liineage. — This family, which claims to be a branch of
the family of Y'onge of Brynyorkyn, descended from Tudor
Trevor, Lord of Bereford, settled at West Rasen, co. Lin-
coln, soon after the Restoration. On the occasion of the
death of John Yonoe, Popish Recusant at West Rasen, the
parish register records that the parson took oath of his
death and burial before the Magistrate. His son, by his
wife Alice Weever,

John Young, of West Rasen, d. 1719. He m. Elizabeth
Thornburgh, of Kendal, Westmorland, and had two sons,
John, m. Jane, dau. of Dr. Peter Vavasour, brother ot Sir
Walter Vavasour, 2ndbart. of Haslewood, and was father of
Ann, m. Thomas Martin, Esq. of St. Marylebone, and was
mother of Mary Martin, wife of her cousin, James Young,
Esq. of Kingerby, co. Lincoln.
David, of whom we tr>.'at.
The 2nd son,

David Young, Esq. of Norraanby, co. Lincoln, m. Mary,
dau. of Isaac Farebrother, Gent, of Worksop, Notts, and </.
1793, leaving a son and heir,

I.^aac Y'ounq, Esq. of West Ra^en, who purchased the
parish and estate of Kingerby, with the manor and all its
rights and privileges. Mr. Y'oung m.Ann, dau. of Thomas
Champney, Esq. of West Rasen, and left ac his decease,
1793, a son and sncc3ss< r.
Jambs Young, Esq. of Kingerby, co. Lincoln, m. 23 Apri',

7 H





1T?S. Mary. dan. aud co-heiress of Thomas Martin, Esq. of
Middlesex, and issue,

I. James, his heir.

II. Thomas ARTHrB, now of Kinfffhy.

HI. George, b. 1S07: »i. 19 Feb. 18ii2, Sophia Mary, eklest
liau. of Henry Owen, Esq. of Worksopp, Notts.

I. Maria Teresa, if. %in,n. 1 Oct. 1S72.
Mr. Young <l. IS'23, ar d was .«. by his eldest son,

J.\MEs TouxG, Esq. of Kingerby, co. Lincohi, 6. 1S03 ; .«.
his father, 1823, d. «?i»i. 1 April, 1876 ; and was s. by his

Thomas Arthur Vousg, now of Kingerby.

Arms — Per benct sinister erni. and erminois, a lion rampant
or. T/C.-irs — A wolf sejant reguanlant sa., holding between its
fore-paws the head of King Kdmcnd, and also a lion rampant.
Jl/i it 1 — Tonjours jeune.

ttat — Kingerby Hall, Market Easen, co. Lincoln.


YorxG. Allex Allicocke, Esq. of Orlingbtirr.
CO. Nortliampton, M.A., J. P. and]).L. High Sheriff
1846. b. 6 Feb. 1806; m. 19 July, 1832, Eliza, dau.
of Rev. John Young, Rector of Thorpe Malsor, in
same co., and has issue,

I. Allen Allicocke, 6. 10 April, 1833, late Lieut. 73rd


II. Richard Newton, b. 1 June, 1834.

I. F.liza .\melia. ii. Louisa Martha.

Liineage. — Richard TonNo, Esq. m. Elizabeth, dau. of
John Allicocke, Esq. of Lodilington, co. Northampton, and had
issue, Allen, John, Frances, Elizabeth, Mary, and Catherine,
The elder son,

Allen TorNo. Esq.. m. Mary, dau. of Charles Boddam, Esq.,
and had issue, Allen Edward ; John ; Mary, m. Eev. John
Barton: and Frances, cf. imm. The eldest son,

Allen Edward Yo0ng, Esq. of Orlingbury, in. 7 Feb. 1804,
Amelia, dau. of Thomas Neate, Esq. of BinfieUl, and had

Allen Allicocke, now of Orlingbury.

Newton Barton (Rev.), M.A., Ruial Dean and Rector of Til-
brook, CO. Bedford, b. 9 Feb. 1809.

Charlotte, m. 16 May, 1832, William Somerset Rose, Esq. of
Cransley, co. Northampton, and d. 10 Sept. 1833.

Arms — Arg., on a bend sa. three grifBns' heads erased or
Crtst — A boar's head and neck erased ppr.
Seat — Orlingbury, Wellingborough.


YoFXG, WiLiiAM, Esq. of Brockley Park, Strad-
bally, Queen's Co. and Doohulla Lodge, Clifden, co.
Galwaj ; b. 4 April, 1831 ; m. 22 Dec. 1859, Margaret
Emilj, dau. of William Kirk, Esq. of Tatham House,
Sunderland, and lias issue,

John William, B.A. Trin. Coll. Oxon, b. Jan. 1861.
Jane Agnes Emily.

Mr. Young, who is a Magistrate and Deputy Lieut,
for the Queen's Co., and a Magistrate for the co. of
Gahvay, served as High Sheriff of the former co. 1875.

Liineagre. — The Youngs of the North of Ireland are of
Scottish ancestry, and are descended probably from a scion of
the house of Young of Leny. They settled in the co. of Lon-
donderry, afterwards in the co. of Antrim, in the 17th century,

Samuel Young, of Portglenone, co. Antrim 1700 to 1750,
wa.> father of

William Yocng. M.D. of Portglenone, m. in 1786, Elizabeth,
dau. of J. MacRory, Esq. of Carmegriiu, co. Antrim, and by
her (who (/.in 1839) left at his decease in 1830 (with other
issue) a son, and heir,

John Yocng, Esq., J. P. Queen's co., who m. in 1826, Jane,
dau. of David Brown, Esq. of Belfast, and by her (who d. in
ls70) had one son and two daus. viz.,

William, now of Brockley Park.

Elizabeth, d. untn. 1886. Jane.

Mr. Young d. in IsCO, and was .«. by liis son William Young
Esq. now of Brockley Park.

jinns — Arg.. three [iles ;a. each charged with a rose or, on
a chief engrailed az. an annulet of the third. Cnttt—A cubit
arm erect ppr. charged with an annulet or, the hand grasping
an arrow, point downwards also ppr. Mntto—Frfus through.

.^v,,(.<— Bvnckley I'ark, Stradbally, Queen'sCo. ; and Doohulla
Lodge, Cliiden, co. Galway.


Young, William, Esq. of Stanhill Court, co. Sur-
rey, J. P., b. 1825 ; in. 1856, Frances Wallace, dau.
of George Galbraith, Esq. of Nariga, N.S.W., a
younger son of G. Galbraith, of Kippen, co. Stirling,
and has issue,

I. John KiRKPATRicK,?). 1857;m. 1887, Anna Maclean, eldest
dau. of the late Ralph Elliot, Esq., and granddau. of Sir
George Elliot, 1st Bart. ; and has issue,

William Wallace, 6. 1889.
Lyle Elliott, b. 1891.

II. William Robertoun./j. 1864; m. 1893, Viva Therese, only
dau. of Major-Gen. Martin, late Bengal Army.

HI. Francis Gordon, b. 1868.

I. Anna Wallace, rn. 1889, Alan Macpher.son, 2nd son of the
late Allan Macpherson, Esq. of Blairgowrie, N.B., and
has issue, a dau.

II. Agnes Christian Mary, m. 1892, Ewan Francis Macpher-
son, youngest son of Allen Macpherson, Esq. of Blair-
gowrie, and has issue, a dau.

III. Violet Isobel Jean.

Lineage. — JohnYodng, of Glasgow, 6.1707; m. Margaret,
dan. of John Kirkpatrick (son of Robert Kirkpatrick, of Glen-
kiln, CO. Dumfries, b. 1678), and d. 1777, leaving issue,

John Y'ohng, of Campbellfleld, near Glasgow, b. 1759; m.
1792, Anne Brown, andrf. 1796, leaving by her (who was 6. 1763
and d. 1853) a son,

John Young, Esq. of Rowmore, co. Dumbarton, a merchant
at Glasgow, m. 1810, Agnes Tennent, and by her (whod. 1873)
had issue,

I. John, f?. .«./). 1844.

II. George, b. 1821 : in. Helen Jane, younger dau. of Alex-
ander Gillespie, Esq.of Biggar Park, und d. 1881, leaving
issue, two sons and five daus.

III. Hew (twin with George), b. 1821 ; d. s. p. 1871.

IV. William, now of Stanhill Court.

V. James Brown, formerly Capt. 51st Regt., b. 1826.

I. Christian (or Christina), 6. 1814 ; }?i. Baron C. De Raab, of
Kelmar, Sweden, s. p.

II. Anne, b. 1816; d. 1833.

III. Jane, m. 1839, John Buchanan, Esq. of Down Hill, Glas-
gow, and has issue, three sons and four daus.

IV. Margaret, m. 1851, Eev. Robert Wright, D.D., of Dal-
keith, and had issue, two daus.

V. Agnes, b. 1829 ; d. unm. 1854.

Mr. Young d. 1855.

Seat — Stanhill Court, Charlwood, Surrey.

Toion Residence — 108, Lexham Gardens, Kensington, W.


Young, Right Hon. John, P.C., of Galgorm
Castle, CO. Antrim, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1863,
M.A., Trin. Coll. Dublin, b. 1826; m. 1st, 1855, Grace
Charlotte, 2nd dau. of Lieut. -Col. Savage, 13th Light
Dragoons, and has issue,

I. William Robert, b. 1856; m. 28 Aug. 1893, Mary, elder
dau. of Sir Francis Macnaghten, Bart.

II. Patrick Savage, b. 1859; m. 1886, Flora; youngest dau.
of Sir Charles Lanyon, of The Abbey, Belfast.

HI. Henry George, /j. 1871.

IV. John William Alexander, 6. 1873.

V. George Charles Gillespie, b. 1876.

I. Anne.

II. Maria, in. 1892, John Casement, Esq., Commander R.N.

III. Grace Cottenhani, m . 25 July, 1890, Ogilvie Blair Graham ,
Esq. iste Graham of Larchfield).

IV. Charlotte. v. Rose.

VI. Jane. vii. Ethel.

He m. 2ndly, 1878, Rose, 2nd dau. of Alexander
Miller, Esq.'of Ballycastle.

Lineag-e.- William Young, Esq. of Galgorn, M.D. (son
of William Young, Esq., by his wife Jane Hunter), m. 1823,
Anne, dau. of WilUaln Gibon, Esq., and by her (who d. 1835)
had issue,

John, of Galgorm Castle.

William Alexander, in. Margaret Gihon, and has issue, one
eon and three daus.

Mr. Young d. 1854.

Sc'a(— Galgorm CasUe, Ballymena.






Younger, William, Esq. of Auchen Caslle, co.
Dumfries, and Craven Lodge, co. Leicester, J. P. co.
Dumfries, late Lieut. 16 Lancers, h. 28 June, 1862;
m. 24 Jan. 1888, Helen Caroline Benyon, eldest dau.
of Col. Robert Gunter, of Wetherby Grange, co.
York, and has issue,

I. "William Robert, 6. 1888.

II. John Malcolm, 6. 1889.

Liineag'e. — The Youngeks originally belonged to co.
Peebles, and are mentioned in the early history of the county
as " Lairds of Linton."

James Yoonger, being in 1678 Baillie of Linton, then :i
burgh of reifality with a Council. He in. 25 Feb. 1658, Isobel
Purdie, by whom he had four sons and five daus. His eldcfi

William Todnger, bapt. 20 Feb. 1659; m. and had at least
one son, John, who on his death was served his heir, 22 July,
1710. This

John Yodnger, 6. 1672, of Oxgate, co. Peebles, and a writer
in Edinburgh, m. 2 Nov. 1700, Helen, dau. of James Douglas,
portioner of Linton, and had issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. James, b. 1706; (I. s. p. 1732.

III. Richard, bapt. 14 Oct. 1716.
The eldest son,

William Younger, was Baillie of Linton, in 1731, b. 1702 ;
m. Margaret Mitchell, by v*hom he had issue, William ; John,
b. 1735; Peter, 1737; Charles, t. 1742; Helen: Christian;
Eupheme ; and Helen. He d. 1755. His eldest son,

William Yodnger, 6. 1733; m. circa 1756, Grizel Cochrane
Syine, and by her (who m. 2ndly, Mr. Anderson, and d. 1821,
aged 90) had issue,

I. Archibald Campbell,- of Ardyne, co. Argyll, 6. 4 March.
1757 : purchased the estate of Ardyne, co, Argvll ; d. ann,.

II. Richard, 6. 1762 ; m. Mary Ross, anH d. 1806, leavin};
issue, two sons and foitr daus., Archiliald, b. 1787, d. s. p.
1822; William, 6.1792, d. s.p.W'i: Cirace, d.unm.lSbi :
Mary, d.unm. 1872 ; Helen, Mrs. Lang, d. s. p. 1878 ; Jane,
d unni. 1882.

in. William, of whom hereafter.

I. Jane, Mrs. Ryrie, d. 1817.

II. Grizel, ni. John Soniervail, Esq. of West Morham, co.
Haddington, who d. 1826. Slie d. s. p. 1849.

Mr. Younger d. 1770. His youngest son,

William Yooxges, Esq. of Craigelands, co. Dumfries, and
Ardyne, co. Argyll, 6. 31 Aug. 17C7 ; m. 1800, Janet, 5th dau.
of John Hunter (a branch of Hunter, of Inchture), by Jabobina
Yorston, his wife, and by her (who d. 14 June, 1843) had

I. William, his heir,

II. John, b. 1809 ; d. 1829, imm.

I. Jamima, b. 1804; m. 1823, Alexander Allen, Esq. (who d.
1884), and had issue, 1 Alexander, 6. 1830, d. unm. 1862;
2 William, b. 1832, Major-Gen. in the army, m. 1st, Ann
Campbell Penney,- dau. of Lord Kinloch, one of the Judges
of the Court of Session, and had issue by her (who d. 1876).
William Louis Campbell, 6. 1871 ; hem. 2ndly, 1886, Jane,
dau. of Rev. James Senior, Rector of Compton, co. Somerset,
and has issue, Alexander Claude, b. 1887 ; 3 John, b. JbSS,
Capt 71st Highland Light Infantry, j)i. 1871, Evelyn, dau.
of Richard Farrer, Esq., and had issue ; 1 Jessie, m. Samuel
Grimshaw, Esq. of Errwood Hall, co. Chester, and d. 188:1,
leaving issue ; 2 Annie, m. 1876, Rev. Walter Scott, of
Cromarty, and d. 1880, leaving issue ; 3 Jamima Elizabetli

Mr. Younger d. 28 Nov. 1842, and was .s. by his eldest' son,
William Younger, Esq. of Craisrelands, co. Dumfries, 6. 21

June, 1801 ; m. 1827, Isabella, 3rd dau. of Henry Johnston,

Esq., M.D. of Corstorphine House, near Edinburgli'; and d. 9

June, 1854, leaving issue,

I. William, of Auchen Castle.

II. Henry Johnston, of Benmore and Kilmun, co. Argyll, J. P.
and D.L , and a Commissioner of Supply, b. 5 Oct. 1832; in.
1st, Emma, dau. of Richard Lowman, Esq., and by her
(who d. 9 March, 1874), had issue, Harry George, b. 13 Feb.
1806, III. 29 Oct. 189.1, Annette Emily Berkeley, eldest dau.
of Major Charles Lewis Atterbiiry Karmar, late Royal
Marines {see Farmar of Bfoomrield) ; William Johnston, b.

17 June, 1868 ; John Archibald Campbell, b. 4 Jul)-, 1871 ;
Amy, 7ii. 6 Oct. Ih91, Robert McKenzie Johnston, Esq.,
M.D., F.R.C.S. ; and Alice Margaret. He m. 2ndly, 1876,
Jane Edith, eldest dau. of T. Richardson, Esq. of Wentworth
House, and by her has issue, Charles Arthur Johnston, b.

18 Feb. 1878 ; Janet Hester; Edith Georgina ; Grizel Coch-
rane Reind.

III. John (5, Lansdowne Crescent, Edinburgh), Col. Royal
Artillery, 6, 7 June, 1840 ; m. 3 Jan. 1878, Caroline Isabella,

5th dau. of Major-Gen. George Bucknal Shakespear, R.A,,
and has issue, Arthur Allan Shakespear, b. 3 June, 1881 ;
John Edward Talbot, b. 2 Nov. 1888.
IV. David, b. 1 Sept. 1844; ni. 1870, Memd Isidora, 3rd dau.
of Eenneth Macleay, Esq., and d. 1883, having had issue,
David Reginald, b. 17 March, 1871 ; Francis Noel, h. 25 Dec.
1875; George Kenneth, b. 2 Oct. 1878, d. 1883; Etliel
Natalie ; and Henrietta Louisa.

I. Isabella, b. 1829 ; m. 1854, Lieut.-Col. George Allan, late
5th Fusiliers.

II. Janet, *. 1835.

III. Henrietta, b. 1837 ; m. 28 Dec. 1861, Sir Alexander
Jardine, Bart, of Applegirth, co. Dumfries (who d. 14 Jan.
1893), and has issue (see Baronetcuie).

IV. Jamima, b. 1839 ; m. 1870, Rev. Frederick Stainton Tire-
man, Rector of Kirk SandaU, co. York, and has issue, four
sons and two daus.

V. Grace Margaret, b. 1842.
The eldest son,

WiLLLiM Younger, Esq. of Auchen Castle, J. P., Commis-
sioner of Supply for co. Dumfries, formerly Lieut. Edinburgh
Queen's Regt. of Light Infantry Militia, b. 8 March, 1831 ; i,, .
Oct. 1861, Margaret, eldest dau. of John Wyld Brown, Esq. of
Sydney, N.S. Wales, by Mary MacKellar nis wife, and had
issue, an only son,

William, now of Auchen Castle.
Mr. Younger d. 4 Aug. 1886.

Arms— Or, on a bend az, between two martlets sa. three
roses arg. barbed and seeded vert, on a chief gu. a crescent be-
tween two mullets of the first. ^Mr. H.J. Younger bears !he
bend "engrailed," and Col. J. Younger, has it "embattled
counter-embattled " see Lyon Register). Creit — A dexter hand
holding a lance in bend ppr. Motto — Tout prest.

^'eais— Auchen Castle, Moffat, co. Dumfries ; and Staveley
Lodge, Melton Mowbray, co. Leicester.


YriLLE, Andrew Btjchanan, Esq. of Darleith,
CO. Dumbarton, b. 1867, s. bis lather.

liineage.— This family, of considerable antiquity in the
cos. of Argyll and Dumbarton, has held the propeity of Darleith
in the latter co. for nearly two centuries. The first of whom
their is any record was Thomas Ztjill, who appears as a sub-
scribing witness to the Convention entered into betwixt
General Monck, Commander-in-Chief of the forces in Scotland,
on behalf of His Highness the Lord Protector of England, and
the Earl of Lothian and others, on behalf of Archibald, Lord
Lome and his party, for the capitulation and disarming of
the latter, dated 17 May, 1655.

John Zdill, the son of this Thomas, acquired by purchase
the lands of Darleith from a family of that name. He was
one of the Commissioners of Estates for co. Dumbarton to the
Scottish Parliament 1678, and suffered severely during ihe
religious persecutions of the time, having been not only
amerced in a fine of £1,000 sterling, but was also confined for
some years a prisoner in the Castle of Dumbarton, from the
effects of which confinement he d. 1688. He m. Miss Ann
Fisher, and was s. by his eldest son,

Alexander Yuille, Esq. of Darleith, m. 1678, Mary, dau.
of Crauford of Cartsburn, co. Renfrew, by whom he had five
sons. He d. 1690, and was s. by his 2nd son (the eldest
having d. in infancy),

Thomas Yuille, Esq. of Darleith, m April, 1708, Elizabeth,
dau. of Robert Bogle, of Shettlestone, co. Lanark, by whom he
had seven sorts and ten daus., and was s. by his son,

Robert Yuille, Esq. of Darleith, d. unm. 1757, and was s.
by his brother,

George Yuille, Esq, of Darleith, in. Aug. 1760, Margaret,
only dau. of George Murdoch, Merchant, in Glasgow, and
afterwards Provost of that city ; and had issue six sons and
seven daus.,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. George Murdoch, b. 17 Nov. 1768; m. 1801, Matilda,
dau. of Andrew Buchanan, Esq. of Ardiuconul, co. Dum-
burton, and d. 21 Jan. 1819, leaving issue,

1 Andrew Buchanan, of Darleith, heir to his uncle.

2 Areliibald Buchanan, b. 2 Jan. 1812 : m. 1857, Janet
Ritchie, eldest dau. of Hubert Buchanan, Esq. of Brandon
Place, Glasgow, and d. 1861, leaving three sons and five

Andrew Buchanan, of Darleith.

Herbert Buchanan.

Archibald Buchanan.

Frances Cooper. Matilda Buchanan.

EUinor Margaret. Jane Dennistoun, d. 1889.

Anna Elizabeth.

1 Margaret, m. 1833, Robert Strang, Esq. of Glasgow, and
has two sons and three daus.





2 Jane Dennistoun, m. 1829, John Anderson, Esq. of
Kyall Hill, co. Worcester, and has one son and five
da us.
in. .Alexander, b. 17 July, 1770; d. xi.nm. 31 March, 1835.

IV. James, 6. 18 March, 1772 ; d. 7 Aug. 1773.

V. Robert, 30 Oct. 1777; m. 1S14, Anne, eldest dau. of
William Cross Esq. of Aucheutoshan, co. Dumbarton.

VI. William, 6. 5 Oct, 1779: d. unm. 1792.

I. Margai-et, d. uniu. 25 Dec. 1830.

II. Elizabeth, m. 1784, William Shortridge, Esq., merchant in
Glasgow, and d. 1794.

III. Jane, </. ukm. 5 Feb. 1774.

IV. Mary, d. unm. 12 May, 1775.

V. Helen, m. .Vug. 1804, John Buchanan, Esq., eldest son of
Duncan Buchiuan, M.D. of .Madras, H.E.I.C.S., who was
eldest son of Buchanan of Carter.

VI. Amelia, (?. unm. 10 June, 1851.

VII. Anne Elizabeth, m. 1812, James Hutton, Esq. of Calder-
bank, co. Lanark, ot the H.E.I.C.S.

George Yuille d. 1794, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Yuille, Esq. of Darleith, b. 19 June, 1761, d. unm.
27 .Vug. 1S27, and was s. by his nephew

Andrew Bochanan Ydille, Esq. of Darleith, J. P. co. Dum-
barton, b. 6 Oct. 1806 ; ;,(. 11 July, 1834, his cousin Margaret
.Murdoch, eldest dau. of John Buchanan, Esq. of Edinburgh,
formerly of Catter, co. Stirling, and d. s. p. ; she d. 1875.

Arms — Arg., on a fess between three crescents sa. a garb or
banded gu. C«s<— An ear of wheat ppr. J/o»o— Numine et

6eiU~ Darleith, near Cardross, co. Dumbarton.



t3 ^



Advertizing Conteactoes : — G. Phillips & Co., Carlton Chambers, 8, Eegent Street, S.W.

Bath Chaies : — John Ward, 246 and 247, Tottenham Court Eoad, W.

Blacking Manufacturebs :— E. Brown & Sou, 7, Garviek Street, W.C, and at 26, Rue
Bergere, Paris .. .. .. .. ..

Carpets :— Cardinal & Harford, 108 and 109, High Holboru, W-C

Caeeiages :— Hooper & Co., 107, Victoria Street, S.W

Charitable Institutions : —

Additional Curates' Society, Arundel House, Victoria Embankment, W.C; Secretary,

Eev. Paul Petit

Cancer Hospital, Brompton, S.W. ; Secretaiy, W. H. Hughes. .

City of London Lving-In Hospital, City Road, E.C. ; Secretary, R. A. Owthwaite , .
City of London Truss Society. 35, Finsbury Square ; Secretary, John Whittington. .
Field Lane Refuges, Ragged Schools, Industrial Homes, Servants' Home, Creche, &c.,

Vine Street, Clerken well Road, E.C, and Hampstead, N.W. ; Secretary, Peregrine

Piatt ..

Home of Rest for Horses, Friar's Place Fai-m, Acton, W. ; Secretary, S. Sutherland


Homes for Little Boys, Farningham and Swanley; Secretaries, Arthur E. Charles

and William Robson . . . . . . • • • •

Hospital for Consumption, Brompton ; Secretary, William H. Theobald

Infant Orphan Asylum, Wanstead, Offices, 100, Fleet Street, E.C; Secretary,

Henry W. Green . . . . . . . . • • • • • • • •

London' Female Preventive and Reformatoiy Institution, Offices, 200, Euston Road,

N.W. ; Secretary, William J. Taylor . .
Metropolitan Hospital, Kingsland Road, N.E. ; Secretary, Charles H. Byers
National Refuges for Homeless and Destitute Children, Office, 164, Shaftesbury

Avenue, W.C ; Secretary, H. Bristow Wallen. .
Rescue Society, 79, Finsbury Pavement, E.C ; Secretary, C Stuart Thorpe. .
Royal Alfred Aged Merchant Seamen's Institution, Offices, 58, Fcnchurch Street,

E.C; Secretary, W. E. Denny ,















Biirki'^s Landed Gentry Advertizer.


Chemists, &c. :—Dimioford & Co., 172, New Bond Street, W 19

CiiLORODYXE :— J. T. Davenport, 33, Great Eussell Street, W.C 21 '

Ecclesiastical FrRXiTURE :^Hart, Son, Peard & Co., Ltd., 88 to 91, Drury Lane, Strand,

and Grosvenor Works, Birmingham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Electrical SxANDAuniziNG : — The Electrical Standai'dizins;, Testing and Training;

Institution, Faraday House, Charing Cross Road, W.C. . . . . . . . . 21


Easton, Anderson & Goolden, Ltd., 3, Whitehall Place, S.W. ; Works, Erith Iron-
works, Kent, and Woodfleld, Harrow Road, W. . . . . . . . . . . 22

Willans & Robinson, Ltd., Thames Ditton, Sui'rey . . . . . . . . . . 29

Filtre-Eapide : — Maignen's " Filtre-Rapide " and Anti-Calcaire Co., Ltd., 255, Regent

Street, W. 32

Furrier, Art :— The Grafton Fur Co., Ltd., 1 64, New Bond Street, W 3

Hosier.?, &c. :— Harding &

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