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k, and
d. 1838; and Elizabeth, 6. 175-3, d. unm. 1838. He d. 13 May,
1788, and was .'•. by his surviving son,

Arthur Htde Lucas, Esq., of Rathealy, b. 3 Oct. 1757 ; m. 3
Sept. 1806, Frances, dau. of Henry Adams, Esq. of Cregg, Fer-
moy, and had issue,

Arthur Hyde, his heir.

John 6. 30 Aug. 1816 ; m. Mary, dau. of Laurence Corban,
Esq. of Kilworth, co. Cork, and d. 1 Dec. Is57, leaving
Arthur John ami Mary Corban.

Henry, now ot Puithealy.

Anna, (/. !uui/. Harriette, t/.

Frances, d. 1877.

Emma Jane, m. 10 Feb. 1855, Samuel Smith, Esq., M.D., and
d. 11 Oct. 1855.

Sarah Maria, d. April, 1890.

Catherine, d. umii.. 26 Sept. 1859.
Mr. Lucas d. 4 Sept. 1830, and v/as s. by his eldest son,

Arthur Hyde Lucas, Esq. of Rathealy, J.P., late Capt. 45th
Regt. and Col. Cork Militia, 6.28 Oct. 1812; m. July, 1864,
Elizabeth Frances, dau. of Rev. Samuel Adams, of Cregg,
Fermoy, and d. 3. p. 12 Xov. 1880, when he was s. by his

3IAJ0R Henry Lucas, now oi Rathealy

Jtciidtnct — Bathealy, Fermoy.


Eamsay-Faiefax-Ltjct, Ada Cheistina, of
Charlecote Park, co. Warwick, b. 23 April, 1866, *.
her father 1890 ; m. 26 July, 1892, to Henry William
Eamsay-Fairfax, Esq., late Lieut. 2nd Life Guards,
and Lieut. Eeserve of Officers, J.P. and D.L. co.
Warwick, J.P. co. Eoxburgh, eldest son of SirWilliam
George H. Eamsay-Fairfax, Bart, of Maxton, co.
Eoxburgh. (See Btjeke's Peerage.) Mr. Eamsay-
Fairfax assumed by royal licence, the additional
surname and arms of LucY, 26 Aug. 1829. i

Liineagre. — Thurstanede Charlecote, supposed to have ,
been a younger son of Thurstane de Montfort, of Beldeseit, co. '
Warwick, temp. Richard 1., was father of |

Sir Walter de Charlecote, upon whom Henry de Mont-
fort conferred the village of Charlecote, and the grant was
confirmed by Richard I. Sir Walter left a son.

Sir William de Lucy, the first of the Charlecotes who bore
that surname, and Sir William Eugdale surmises that he did
so because his mother might have been the heir of some
branch of the great baronial family of Lucy, so named from a
place in Normandy. From Sir William descended the great
and distinguished family of Lucy, so prominent in the records
and annals of England.

Edmund Lucy, Esq. of Charlecote, 6. 1492 (son and heir of
Sir William Lucy, K.B., of Charlecote, grandson of Wil-
liam Lucy, Esq. of Charlecote, and great-grandson of Sir
Thomas Lucy, Esq. of Charlecote, M.P. for co. Warwick, one
of the retinue of John of Gaunt), a soldier of high repute in
the reign of Henry VII., commanded a division of the royal
army at the battle of Stoke. His great grandson.

Sir Thomas Lucy, of Charlecote, M.P. for co. Warwick,
who rebuilt, 1 Queen Elizabeth, the Manor House with brick.
as it now stands, was knighted a few j'cars afterwards, and is
commemorated as the prosecutor of William Shakespeare for
deer stealing in his park at Charlecote. The Poet has satirized
the Knight under the character of Justice Shallozo. Sir
Thomas Lucy m. Joyce (to whom he put up a fine monu-
ment, which is still in Charlecote Church), dau. and heir
of Thomas Acton, Esq. of Sutton, co. Worcester, and had a
dau., Anne, ?)!. Sir Edward Aston, Knt. of Tixhall, with an
only son, his successor, in 1600,

Sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecote, m. 1st, Dorothy, dau. of
Nicholas Arnold, Esq., by whom he had one surviving child,
Joyce, the wife of Sir William Cooke, of Ilighnam. Sir
Thomas vi. 2ndly, Constance, dau. and heir of Richard Kings-
mill, of High Clere, Hants, and had by that lady, with several
daus., six sons, viz., i. Thomas, his heir; ii. Richard,
knighted Jan. 1617, and created a baronet the March follow-
ing. His male line and title expired with his grandson. Sir
Berkeley Lucy, of Faconibe, Hants, whose only dau. and heir,
Mary Lucy, m. the Hon. Charles Compton ; in. George, slain
in France ; iv. William, the eminent Dr. Lucy, Bishop of St.
David's, grandfather of William Lucy, Esq. of Castle Carey,
Somerset, and of George Lucy, Esq. of Pembroke ; v. Robert,
d. in France, 1615, s. p. ; vi. Francis, living 1682, M.P.
for Warwick. Sir Thomas Lucy d. 1605, and lies buried
in a chapel on the north side of the church of Charlecote,
where a splendid monument was erected to his memory by
Dame Constance, his widow. He was s. by his eldest son.

Sir Thomas Lucy, of Charlecote, Member of co. Warwick
in six successive Parliaments. He m. Alice, dau. and heir
of Thomas Spencer, Esq. ot Claverden, in the same co., and
had issue.

successively of Charlecote, whose male issue
is extinct.

I. Spencer

II. Robert

III. Richard

IV. FouLK (Sib), m. Isabella, dau. and sole heir of John
Davenport, Esq. of Henbury, co. Chester, and had, with
other issue,

1 Davenport, who eventually inherited Charlecote, d.
unm. 1690.

2 George "> who both became of Charlecote, and both

3 William i d. .s. p.

4 Fulke, m. Elizabeth Mason, of London, and was father
of Thomas Lucy, who s. his uncle, the Rev. William
Lucy, D.D., at Charlecote, Feb. 172.3-4, and of George
Lucy, who inherited from his brother, and d. unm.
Dec. 1786.

1 Lucy, m. the Rev. John Hammond. The grandson of
this lady,

Rkv. John Hammond, occurs in the sequel as eventual
inheritor of Charlecote and the estates of the Lnci





I. Constance, m. 1st, Sir William Spencer, Bart., and 2cdlj-,
Sir Edward Smith.

II. Bridget, m. Sir Bryan Hroughten.
II!. Alice, m. Sir William Uiiderhill.

IV. Mary, m. Sir Matthew Herbert.

V. Elijabeth, m. Sir John Walcot.

Sir Thomas Lucy, of whom it was said that "his tables were
«Ter open to the learned, and his gates neverfastto the poor,"
(>. Dec. 1640. The lady (Alice) Lucy put up a most splendid
monument, by Bernini in white marble, to her husband's
memory, which also is in Charlecote Church. From him
derived, 4th in descent,

Eev. John Hammond, being described in George Lucy's
(his predecessor) will as the next person in remainder to
whom stood limited, after his decease without male issue,
the family estates, and grandson of the Rev. John Hammond
and Alice Lucy, 2nd dau. of Sir Fulke Lucy and Isabella
Davenport. Mr. Hammond a-ssumed the surname and arms
■of LccY only, by sign manual 9 Feb. 1787. He m. May, 1788,
Maria, dau. of John Lane, Esq. of Bentley Hall, co. Stafford,
and d. 12 Jan. 1823, leaving issue, two sons,

Geoege, his successor.

John (Kev.),6. IT90, M.A., educated at Winchester Coll. and
Trin. Coll. Camb., appointed Rector of Hampton-Lucy
1815, and Vicar of Charlecote, 1823, J.P. for co. Warwick,
il. Oct. 1874.
The elder son,

Geoege Lucy, Esq. of Charlecote, o. S Jime, 1793, M.P.
from 1820 to 1830 for Fowey, and High Sheriff for co. War-
wick 1831 ; TO. 2 Dec. 1823, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John
Williams, 1st Bart, of Bodelwyddan, co. Flint, and d. 30 June,
1845, having had issue,

William Fclkk, of Charlecote, b. 10 Sept. 1824; d. xinm.

1 July, 184S.
Henry Spencee, of Charlecote.
Herbert Almeric, d. 3 Aug. 1840.
Reginald Aymer, deceased.
Edmund Berkeley, b. 1842; m. 1869, Laura Marijaret Mul-

grave, dau. and co-heir of William Standish, Esq. of Dux

bury Park, co. Lancaster, and has, witii other issue, a son

Reginald, b. 10 May, 1879.
Mar>- Emily, m. 21 Oct. 1847, Thomas Lloyd Fitz-Hugh, Esq

of Pias Power, co. Denbigh, J.P. and D.L., and d. 15 June

1892, leaving issue.
Caroline, to. 2 Sept. 1857, Major-Gen. Charles Powlctt Lane

late 21st Hussars, of Badgemore, co. Oxford, and d. o March

1864, leaving one son.

"The eldest surviving son,

Henry Spencee Lucy, Esq. of Charlecote Park, J.P. and
D.L., High SherifT !857, of Ch. Ch. Oxford, B.A., 6. 28 Nov.
1830 ; TO. 5 July, 1865, Christina, eldest dau. of Alexander
•Campbell, Esq. of Monzie, ce. Perth, by Christina, his wife,
<lau. and solo heir of Sir Duncan Cameron, Bart, of Fassifern,
CO. Inverness and d. 6 Nov. 1890, having had issue, four

1. Ada Chbistina, now Mrs. liamsay-Fairf ax-Lucy, of Charle-
cote. II. Constance Linda.

III. Sibyl Mary, d. 2C June, 1886.

IV. Joyce Alianore.

^)-ms— Quarterly ; 1st and 4lh, gii. seme of cross-crosslets,
three lucies haurient, arg., and for distinction, a canton of the
last, for Lucy ; 2nd and 3rd, Fairfax and Ramsay, quarterly.
Ci-esiti — LocY, out of a ducal coronet gu., a boar's head arg.,
gutte-de-poix, between two wings sa., billette or, and (for dis-
tinction) the neck charged with a cross-crosslet, also sa. And
the crest of Fairfax. Motto — By truth and diligence.

Seat — Charlecote Park, Warwick.

D.L., late Capt. Fife Artillery Militia, 6. 6 Sept. 1831 ; m. 14
Jan. 1864, Anna Maria, 2nd dau. of Capt. David Briggs,R.N.,
and had issue,
I. Montague Stamford Robert, deceased.

I. Maude Amy, now of Lathallan.

II. Gertrude Annie.

ui. Lilly Maria Morrieson.

Capt. Lumsdaine, d. 1878.

Arms — Same as those of the Innergellie family (see Sandts-
Lumsdaine), viz., az., a chevron or, between a buckle and a
wolfs head couped in chief, and an escallop in base arg.,
within a bordure of the second. Crest— A heron d^-vouring a
salmon all ppr. Motto — Beware in time.

Smt — Lathallan, Colinsburgh, co. Fife.


Lumsdaine, Mapde Amy, of Lathallan, co. Fife,
^. her fatlier in 1878 ; m. 1891, Otto Paiil Behr,
Lieut. 128th Infantry Regt., Prussian Army.

Lineag'8. — John Lumsdaine, Esq., Major in theH.E.l.C.S.,
■■3rd son of Robert Lumsdaine, Esq. of Innergellie, co. Fife, pur-
•chased the estate of Lathallan in 1787, and dying 4 Oct. 1823,
"Was a. by his eon,

James Lumsdaine, Esq. of Lathallan, J.P., in. 27 Oct. 1824,
Miss Sophia Lindesay, of Balmungo, co Fife, and had issue.
Mr. Lunsdaine, who was from an early period, up to the year
1824, on the medical staff of the Bengal Establishment, d. 22
Dec. 1853, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

William Lindesay Lumsdaine, Esq. of Lathallan, b. 4 Sept.
1828. He d. unm. 1859, and was s. by his next brother,

John Small Lumsdaine, Esq. of Lathallan, J.P. and D.L.,
A. 1829 ; d. unm. 4 Oct. 1800, and was s. by his brother.

Stajifobd Robert Lumsdaine, Esq. ef Lathallan, J.P. and

LuMSDEN, Hexry, Esq. of Pitcaple Castle, D.L.
J.P. CO. Aberdeen, Col. late commanding London
Scottish Rifle Volunteers, formerly Capt. Royal
Aberdeenshire Highlanders (3rd Gordon High-
landers) b. 14 March, 1825 ; w. 5 July, 1860, Edith.
Jane, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Robert Samuel
Battiscombe, M.A., Yicar of Barkvi-ay, and Rector
of Reed, co. Hertford, and lias issue,

I. Hugh Robert, b. 6 Feb. 1864, Lieut. Queen's Own Cameron
Highlanders, d. vnvi. 2 July, 1892.

II. Walter, Lieut. R.N., b. 10 April, 1865.

III. Henry Charles, b. 22 Oct. 1873.

IV. James Gordon, b. 19 Nov. 1875, Midshipman R.N.

I. Edith Isabella, m. Major N. B. Edmonstone, 4th Hussars
(see Burke's Peerage, Edmonstone, Bart.).

II. Alice Charlotte.

III. Eleanor Theresa.

IV. Katherine Evelyn, m. April, 1892, Robert Stewart Savile,
Esq. West Kent Yeo. Cav., son of Rev. Frederick Stewart-
Savile, of Kilmorie, Torquay.

V. Charlotte, d. an infant. vi. Maiy Caroline.
vii. Margaret, d. young. viii. Marjorie Hilda.

Lineag'e. — Lumsden of Pitcaple is a branch of Lumsden
of Cushnie. The founder gf this family Thomas de Lumsden,
a cadet of Lumsden of that ilk, in co. Berwick, received from
Duncan. Earl of Fife, a grant of the lands of Drum and
Gouland, in co. Fife, and of Easter and Wester Medlar co.
Aberdeen. The precise date of this transaction is unknown,
the charter having been lost (Robertson's Index, p. 58); but
it must have been previous to 1353, in which year the Earl
died. Thomas de Lumsden was Vice-Comes of co. Fife, and
his name appears frequently in charters and other documents
connected with co. Aberdeen in the middle of the 14th century.
A safe conduct was granted to him by Edward III., dated
Woodstock, 29 May, 1349 (Rotuli Scotiae 1729), probably to
negotiate the ransom of the Earl of Fife, who was taken
prisoner at the battle of Durham, 1346, and returned to Scot-
land 1350. The lands he acquired were inherited by his de-

Tho.mas Lumsden, of Couland and Medlar, who had two
sons, I. James, who s. to Couland; and ii. Robert, of Medlar,
d. 1480, leaving two sons,
Thomas, m. Marjory Gordon, and d. 1495, leaving one dau.,
Margaret, to. 1st, William Johnstone, of that ilk, and 2ndly,
William Forbes, of Corsindae.
Robert, to. Isobel, dau. of John Forbes, of Terpersie, andt?.
1546, leaving nineteen children. Of these, the eldest son
was Thomas, who was killed at the battle of Flodden, leav-
ing two sons, James, d. 1550, and John, who eventually s.
to the property. This
John Lumsden, of Cushnie, who d. 1588, had by a 2nd mar-
riage, with Elizabeth Menzies, three sons and one dau.,
John, his heir, m. Janet, dau. of John Mortimer, of Craigie-
var. and had a son, Robert, who d. s. p.
Alexander, of Clova, m. Christian Irvme, and d. 1625, leav-
ing a son, Robert, of whom presently.
Arthur. Elizabeth, m. John Burnett, of Leys.

Robert Lumsden, son of Alexander Lumsden, of Clova, s.
to Cushnie on the death of his cousin. He m. Agues, dau. of
Leith, of Bucham, and left issue,

Alexander, his heir, m. Elizabeth Leith, and (/. 1714, leav-
ing one son, David, who ?«. a dau. of Sir John Forbes, 2nd
Bart, of Craigievar, and d. without male issue 1718.
John, m. Agnes, dau. of Gordon, of Auchlyne. and d. 1716,
leaving two sons, Harry, who s. to Cushnie on the death of
his cousin, David, and from whom Rev. H. T. Lumsden, of
Cushnie, was descended, and Charles.





Eobert, m. a dau. of Forbes of Tulloch ; killed 1690, leaving
one son, John.

James, 711. a dau. of Chalmer."!, of Balnacraig, and left two
sons, Robert and John.

■\VilIiam, ))!. Joan Gordon, and left three sons, 1 James,
d. s. p. ; 2 Alexakdek, of whom presently ; and 3 William,
iw.his cousin, Kachel, dau. of Charles Lumsden, of llarlaw ;
the eldest son of this marriage, Harry, bought the estates
of Clova and Auchindoir from John Lumsden, of Cushnie,
I7S2, and entailed them on a series of heirs, 1st, his nephew.
Sir Harry Niven, Bart., who m. a dau. of Gen. Hay, of
Kannes, and d. s. p. ; 2ndly, his nephew, the late Harry
l.eith Lumsden, who also d. s. p. ; and 3rdly, Henry Lums-
den, 2nd son of Harry Lumsden, of Bellielvie, of whom

Alexander Lcmsden, 2nd son of the above William Lums-
den and Jean Gordon his wife, m. Isobcl, dau. of the Rev. Mr.
Seaton, and had issue, i Harry, d. s. p. ; 11. John, of whom
presently ; and m. Alexander, m. Jane Robertson, and had
issue, the late Alexander Lumsden, of Glenbogie. The eldest
son to leave issue,

John- LrMSDEN, jn. Christian Stephen, and had, i. Harry, of
whom presently ; n. John ; m. William ; iv. George ; v. James,
VI. Benjamin. The eldest son,

Harry Lumsden, of Belhelvie and Pitcaple, m. 1781, Cathe-
rine, dau. of Hugh McVeagh, by Margaret his wife, dau. of
Harry Lumsden, of Cushnie, and d. 1833, leaving issue,
Hcgh, his heir.

Henry, who «. as heir of entail to the Auchindoir estates, 9)i.
1st, Catherine, dau. of John Tower, Esq., and had by her,
with five daus., three sons, 1. Harry, m. 1841, Anne, dau. of
Hugh Gordon, Esq. of Manar, and d. in 1850, leaving issue,
1 Henry, d. 6 Oct. 1859 ; 2 Hdgh Gordon Lumsden, Esq.
of Auchindoir aRd Clova, J.l'. and D.L., b. 28 June, 1850,
7!!. 15 Jan. 1874, Maria Magdalcna, dau. of Carlos Pedro
Gordon, Esq. of Wardhouse and Kildrummy, and has issue,
Hugh Patrick, b. 17 March, 1S7G, and Carlos Barron, b. 19
July, 1878; 1 Elizabeth, m. 1»67, Maxwell Wither Hyslop,
Esq. and has issue : 2 Katherine, m. 1874, John Henry
Franks, Esq., and has issue : 11. John, killed at Lucknow
1857 ; III. Hugh Gordon, of Auchindoir and Clova, d. 1845.
He m. 2ndly, ftlary Anne, dau. of Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick,
Bart, of Closeburn, and had by her four daus. He d.
Thomas, of Belhelvie, Col. Bengal Artillery and C.B. m. Hay,
dau. of John Burnett, Esq. of Elrick, and had issue, with
five daus., six sons, I Harry-liurnctt (Sir), K. C.S.I. . C.B. ,
of Belhelvie Lodge, Aberdeenshire, J. P. and D.L., Lieut. -
Gen., 6. 1821 ; m. 1866, Fanny, dau. of Rev. Charles John
Myers, M.A., Vicar of Flintliara ; 2 John: 3 Thomas ;
4 Peter Stark (Sir), G.C.B., C.S.I., b. 1829, is a General,
and appointed a Member of Council of India in 1883, and
in 1884 a Commissioner for the delimitation of the Nonh-
West Boundary of Afghanistan, m. 1862, Mary Margaret,
dau. of John Marriott, Esq. ; 6 William, killed at Delhi.
1858, 6 Hugh David.
AVilliam James, of Balmedie, J. P., m. 1st, Margaret, 2nd
dau. of John, Viscount Arbuthnott ; 2ndly, Mary Eliza-
beth, dau. of Matthew Thompson, Esq. of Manningham
Lodge, CO. York ; and 3rdly, Wil'hehnina, dau. of Col. Forbes
Leith, of Whitehaugh. Ho il. 27 Aug. 1875, leaving
by his second wife one son and lliree daus., A:nes Peite((/.
Aug. 1883), wife of Capt. K. H. Bo.\le, R.N. ; Katherine
Elizabeth; and Mary, wi e of Capt. Campbell Colquhoun,
of Clathick. The only son, William Harry, of Balmedie,
J.P. and D.L., E.A. Oxon, 0. a May, 1852; m. 14 June,
1877, Elizabeth Lauderdale, eldest dau. ot Col. Renny Tail-
your, of Borrowfield, co. Forfar, and has Harry Tailyocr,
0. 15 April, 1879; Charles Ramsay, b. 14 June, 1880;
Ernest Francis, 6. 5 Aug. 1882 ; and Bertie Noel, 6. 23 Dec.
Clements, to. Jane, dau. of James Forbes, Esq. of Echt, and
d. 1853, leaving issue, Henry William, James Forbes, and
four daus.

The eldest son,

Hugh Lumsden, Esq. of Pitcaple, J.P. and D.L., Sheriff of
Sutherland, 6. 22 April, 1783; m. 1st, 30 April, 1813, Frances,
2nd dau. of Alexander Brebner, Esq. of Lairney, and had by
her an only dau., Christina, in. Rev. George Bain, and d. il
Dec. 1891. He to. 2ndly, 8 July, 1824, Isabella, 4th dau. of
Walter Fergus, Esq. of Strathore, co. Fife, and by her, who d.
b June, 1857, he had,

Henry, now of Pitcaple.

Walter, H.E.I C.S., b. 27 Juno, 18.34, d. 4 April, 1872.

Charlotte Fergus, deceased.

Catherine Edith, m. her cousin, Lieut.-Col. H. W. Lumsden,
late R.A.

Isabella, deceased.

Elizabeth, m. Rev. Robert Lovett {see Lovett of liscombc).
Mr. Lumsden d. 27 Jan. 1859.

Amu — Arg., a chevron sa. between two otters' heads couped
in chief gu. and an escallop in ba.'^e vert. Oreit—A naked arm
grasping a sword ppr. Motto— \H i dono sum quod sum.

^at— Pitcaple Castle, Pitcaple, co. Aberdeen.



i^See preceding Memoir.)


Lumsden, James, Esq. of Arden, Dumbarton-
sliire, J.P. and D.L., b. 1851; m. 1882, Susan
Campbell, dau. of Robert Duncanson McKenzie,
Esq. of Caldarvan, Dumbartonshire, and lias issue^

James Robert, &. 1884.

Susan Elizabeth Campbell, b. 1887.

Lineage, — James Lumsden, Esq. of Toker Lodge, Ren-
frewshire, J.P. and D L. co. Lanark, Lord Provost of
Glasgow 1843-6, b. 1778; m. 1802, Margaret Mirrlees, and cj>
1856, leaving issue by her who d. 1819,

I. James, of Arden.

II. William, M.D., 6. 1812; d. 1842.

III. George, b. 1815 ; d. 1889.

I. Janet, b. 1819; m. Peter White, Esq., accountant at
Glasgow ; and d. 1862.

The eldest son.

Sir James Lumsden, Knt. of Arden, J.P. and D.L. for
cos. Lanark and Dumbarton, and J.P. co. Renfrew, Lord
Provost of Glasgow 1866-69, b. 1808 ; m. 1835, Elizabeth, dau.
of James Pinkerton, Esq., Merchant of Glasgow, wasknightetl
1868, and d. 1879, having by her who d. 1878, had issue,

I. James, now of Arden.

I. Margaret, m. 1869, William Jamieson, Esq. Merchant o5

II. Eliza.

III. Isabella.

Amu — Az., a chevron or between two wolves" heads erased
in chief arg. and an escallop in base of the last. Crtst — A hand
grasping a dagger in bend sinister, all ppr.

(S«it— Arden, Alexandria, Dumbartonshire,


LusHiNGTOX, Cecilia, of Park House, Kent„
s. her fatlier 1893.

Lineaire. — Stephen Lushington, Esq. of Sittingbourne
(son and heir of Thon:as Lushington, Esq. of Sittingbourne,
and grandson of Augustus Lushington, of Sittingbourne, living-
1633) purchased the fee-simple of the manor of Rodmersham.
He m. 1st, Catherine, only sister and heir of John Godfrey,
Esq. of Norton Court, by whom (who d. at the age of 27, 28
Aug. 1700) he had an only child, Thomas Godfrey, his heir.
He m. 2ndly, Jane Petley, relict of Edmond Fowler, Esq. of
Ash, and by her had (with two daus.), i. Stephen, who d. s. 'p. ;
II. Franklyn,Capt. R.N., killed on board the "Burford" man-of-
war at the siege of Guyra, 19 Feb. 1743; in. Henry, D.D., jh.
Mary, dau. of Archdeacon Altham, and had issue, Stephen, o£
Southill Park, Chairman of the H.E I.C., created a Baronet in
1791 ; William, of Mark's Hall, Essex, M.P., and Alderman of
London; and Henry, who was assassinated in the East Indies;
IV. William, Col. in the Army, to. Jane, dau. of Col. William
Southwell (of the family of the Viscounts Southwell), and had'
two daus., his co-heirs, Jane, ?». John Reilly, Esq.of Scarvagh,
CO. Down, and Mary, d. young. Mr. Lushington d. 1718, and
was i. by his eldest son,

Thomas Godfrey Lushington, Esq. of Sittingbourne, who
TO. 1st, Dorothy, dau. of John Gisbourne, Esq., and had by
her, Thomas, who d. s. p. 1748; William, capt. in the army,
d. unm. 1763; James Stephen, eventually heir; and Cathe-
rine, wife of John Cockin Sole, Esq. Mr. Lushington j)i. 2iidly,
1752, Miss Barbara Skeere, of Doddington. He d. 3 Aug. 1757,
aged 57. His youngest son.

Rev. James Stephen Lushington, of Rodmersham, in Kent,.
Prebendary of Carlisle, Vicar of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and of.
Latton, Essex, b. Nov. 1734 : vi. 1st, 5 April, 1764, Mary, dau.
of the Right Rev. Edmund Law, D.D., Bishop of Carlisle, and
by her (who d. 24 July, 1768) had Thomas Godfrey, who d.
1819 ; Edmund Henry, his heir ; and Maria Catherine, wife of
the Rev. Thomas Edwards, LL.D. He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau.
of the Rev. llumpiirey Christian, of Docking, Norfolk, and
had four other sons and two daus.,

I. William John, of Rodmersham, one of the Commissioners
of Parliamentary Inquiry, who m. Barbara, dau. and co-
heir of James Wilson, Esq. of Kendal, and d. 1845, leaving
issue, one son, Charles Hugh, and four daus.





II. Eight Hon. Stephen Edmbold, of Norton Court, near
Faversham, Kent, P.C., J. P., Hon. D.C.L. Oxon. He was
I'rivate Secretary to Lord Harris 1795-99, M.P. for Rye
J«07-12, for Canterbury 1812-30 and 1835-37, Chairman of
Committees of the House of Commons, Joint Secretary of
the Treasury 1824-27, Governor of Madras 1827-35, P.C.
1827; b. May, 177G: m. 1st, 9 Dec. 1797, Annie Elizabeth,
eldest dau. of George, Isl Lord Harris ; and by her (who d.
25 March, 1856) had issue,

1 Stephen George, Commissioner of Customs, d. \uim. 1
Feb. 1853.

2 James Stephen, formerly Private Secretary to the
Governor of Madras, d. unm. 1833.

3 George Thomas, 7/i. Marianne Gordon, but d. s. p.

4 William Hurdis, m. Caroline Menzies, but d. s. p.

5 Eichard.

C Charles Manner, 6. 1819, Capt. East Kent Eifles, and
late M.P. for Canterbury, M. A. Oxon, afterwards a Fellow
of All Souls' Coll. ; m. 5 May, 1846, Henrietta, dau. of
Henry Stafford Northcote, Esq., and sister of the Earl ot
Iddesleigh, and d. Nov. 1864, leaving issue, Agnes, m.
26 July, 1870, Sir Walter George Phillimore, Bart. ;
Constance Sarah; Maud, m. 9 F'eb. 1886, William Kobert
Pidgeon, Esq., J. P., of Grevstones, co. Wicklow; and
Geraldirie, m. 5 April, 1879, Hon. S. W. B. Coleridge, 2nd
son of Lord Coleridge.

1 Mary Anne, m. James Beckford Wildman, Esq. of Chil-
ham Castle.

2 Anne Elizabeth, m. Eev. C. F. Newell.

The Eight Hon. S. E. Lushington. m. 2ndly, Marianne, dau.
of James Hearne, Esq. of Great Portland Street, London,
which lady d. 28 June, 1864. He d. 5 Aug. 1868.

III. James Law (Sir), G.C.B., b. 1779, General in the army,
:ind Chairman of the East India Company, M.P. for Peters-
rield 1825, for Hastings 1826, and for Carlisle from 1827 to
3832. He m. 1836, Miss Eossetta Sophia Costen, and d. 29
May, 1859, without issue.

IV. Charles May, one of the Circuit Judges on the Madras
Establishment, m. Katherine, dau. of — Ansell, Esq., and
and d. 8 March, 1844, leaving issue,

1 Franklyn, Accountant Gen. JIadras, to. Annie, dau. of
£. Cheappini, Esq. and had issue,

1 Charles Mortimer, m. Minnie, dau. of Major Hume,
and has issue, Arthur and Charles.

2 Emald George, m. Beatrice, dau. of Major Fen wick,and
has issue.

3 Reginald Holland Law.

4 Franklyn de Winton. 5 Edmund Gay.
1 Edith. 2 Amy. 3 Violet.
4 May.

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