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2 Charles Ansell, m. Helen, dau. of E. Jenkins, Esq. and
has issue, Catherine, m. Col. Morant; and Helen, //(. W.
Lock, Esq., B.C.S.

3 James Law, Accountant Gen. Bombay, m. Emma, dau.
of Capt. Nelson, and had issue,

1 James Law, m. Bessie, dau. of Major Wingate.

2 Harry Wellesley, m. Florence, dau of Sir W.Robinson.

3 Charles Morant, m. Laura, dau. of Col. Fyers.

4 Alfred, m. Alice, dau. of W. Corden, Esq.

5 Franklyn Grey.

6 Percy, 7«. Frances, dau. of Eev. R. Higgins.
1 Emma May.

1 Hester, m. 'Edmund Smith. Esq. 2 Mary.

3 Edith, m. Col. Wyndham Baker.

I. Paulina.

II. Dorothy Christian, m. Guy Lenox Prendergast, Esq.

The Eev. Mr. Lushington d. 17 June, 1801. and was «. by the
son of his first marriage,

Edmund Henbt Lushington, Esq. of Park House, Barrister-
at-Law, one of the Puisne Judges at Ceylon, subsequently Chief
Commissioner of the Colonial Board of Audit, and Master of
the Crown Office, b. 11 July, 1766; ra. 1st, 2 Jan. 1801, Louisa,
dau. of Faulknor Phillips, Esq. of Manchester, by whom he
had one child, Louisa, who d. 1819, and 2ndly, 12 April, 1810,
Sophia, (6. 30 July, 1779), dau. of Thomas Philips, Esq, of
Sedgeley, near Manchester, by whom (who ((. 10 Jan. 1841) he
had issue,

I. Edmund Law, late of Park House.

II. Henry, Chief Secretary at Malta, d. unm. 11 Aug. 1855.
HI. Thomas Davies, Madras Civil Service, m. 7 Feb. 1850,

Mary, dau. of Charles May Lushington, Esq., and d. 1868,
leaving issue, 1 Thomas Godfrey (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of
Swavesey; 2 Arthur James, to. 6 Nov. 1879. Constance
Caroline, dau. of General Hutchinson, and has two sons,
Arthur Edmund Godfrey Hamilton, and Cecil Henry Gos-
set; 3 Henry Venables ; 4 Lionel Edmund, m. 9 Aug.
1893, Alethea Violet Florence Macartney, dau. of J. Macait-
ney, Esq. ; 1 May Catherine.

IV. Franklin, Barrister-at-Law, formerly member of the
Supreme Council in the Ionian Islands, now a Metropolitan
Police Magistrate, to. 21 Jan. 1862, Kate Maria, dau. of Rev.
James Morgan, and has George Henry F'itzjames ; F'ranklin;
Louisa Gertrude ; Mildred Ellen.

I. Sophia, d. 1823.

n. Maria Catherine, d. 1891.

HI. Emily, d. 1893. iv. Marianne- Harriet, d. 1823.

V. Eosa, d. 1833.

VI. Ellen Eliza, d. 27 March, 1886.

VII. Louisa Sophia, d. 1854.

Mr. E. H. Lushington d. 27 March, 1839 ; his widow d. 10 Jam.
1841. The eldest son,

Edmund Law Lushington, Esq. of Park House, Kent, M.A.
Trin. Coll. Cambridge, b. 10 Jan. iBll ; m. 14 Oct. 1842,
Cecilia, dau. of Eev. George Clayton Tennyson, LL.D.,
Eector of Somersby, co. Lincoln, and had sumving issue,

Cecilia, now of Park House.

Ar/iis — Or, on a fess wavy between three lions' heads erased
vert langued gu. as many ermine spots of the field. Crest — A
lion's head erased vert, ducally gorged arg., charged on the
erasure with three ermine spots or. Motto — Fides nudaquo

Seat — Park House, Maidstone, Kent.


LuTLEY, JoHx Habixgtox, Esq. of Brockhamp-
ton, CO. Hereford, M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford, 1861, J.P.
CO. Hereford and co. Worcester, D.L. co. Hereford,
High Sheriff in 1872, for same co., b. 2 May, 1840;
m. 15 Dec. 1864, Emily-Margaret, eldest dau. of
the Hon. and Eev. George Gustavus Chetwynd
Talbot, 3rd brother of Henry John, 18th Earl of
Shrewsbury, and by her (who d. 18 Nov. 1886) has.

I. John Talbot, 6. 5 Aug. 1873.
I. Guendolen Emily Frances.
III. Geraldine Violet.

II. Ethel Susan.
IV. Gertrude Emily.

Mr. Barneby re-assumed his patronymic of Lutlet
by royal licence, 1864.

liineag'e. — Dr. Nash, in his History of Worcestershire
(vol. i. p. 116, art. "Bockleton''), has the following note-
respecting the Barnebys: — "Mr. Habington says this family
came originally from Yorkshire, and, if so, were probably a
younger branch of the ancient family Baenby of Barnby Ho.llr
in the parish of Calthorne, East Riding of that co., where
they continued to flourish till the last century, when they
expired in co-heirs."

Thomas Barneby, of Ludlow, in Shropshire, Treasurer to
King Edward IV. at the battle of Towton, was there slain on<
Palm Sunda}', 1461. He m. Isabella, dau. and heir of Thomas-
Whitgreave, of The Hill, co. Worcester, Eecciver to Eichard^
Duke of York, and was great-great-grandfather of

Eichard Barneby, of Acton, in Worcestershire, son and:
heir-apparent of Thomas Barneby, of The Hill, by Joyce his
wife, dau. and heir of Walter Acton, of Acton, living in 1555.
He ra. before 1555, Mary, eldest dau. and co-heir of Eichard
Habingdon, of Brockhampton, in Herefordshire, by Joyce his
wife, dau. and heir of Thomas Shirley, Lord of Stockton, and
by her, who d. 9 July, 1574, and was buried at Bockleton, hadi
issue, with daus., three sons — viz., Robert, his heir; William,
ancestor of the Barnebys, of The Hill ; and Thomas, named im
an entail of 38th Elizabeth. Richard Barneby d. in 1597, was
buried at Bockleton on 4 Dec, and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Barneby, Esq., described in the settlement of the
38th of Elizabeth, of Lawton, in Herefordshire, but was after-
wards of Brockhampton, in the same co. He m. Katherine,
dau. of Spooner, of Lawton, and, dying in May, 1634, ' ' centena-
rius ut fertur " (Bromyard Reg.), left a son and successor,

Thomas Barneby, Esq. of Brockhampton, with whom the
Visitation of Herefordshire of 1683 commences, and whose
name occurs for £67 in the catalogue of the gentry, of that coi.
who compounded for their estates in 1650. He i/i. Elizabeth,
dau. ot William Ingram, Esq. of Earl's Court, in St. Joha
Bedwardine, Worcestershire, and dying about 1648, was s. by
his eldest son,

John Baknebt, Esq. of Brockhampton, described in hi»
settlement before marriage of 30 Nov. 1641, as son and heir-
apparent of Thomas, and returned among the persons qualified
for Knights of the Royal Oak in 1660, his estate being valued
at £1,000 per annum. He m. 1st, Alice, dau. and sole heir of
Eichard Studley, of Shrewsbury, and had by her (who was
bur. at Bromyard, 13 Aug. 1666) six sons and five daus. He
TO. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Edward Rowdon, Esq. of Rowdon, in
Herefordshire, heir to her brother Anthony, and had by her
(who d. in 1721) an only child,

Anne, m. Timothy Briggenshawe, Esq. of Earl's Court, ia
St. John's, Worcestershire,





3Ir. Barncbr, who was a Justice of the Peaco for Hereford-
shire, <?. in 1684, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

Richard Barseet, Esq. of Brockhanipton, bapt. there 15
Oct. 1644, 711. (articles dated 24 June, 1678) Isabella, dau.
of Nicholas Lechniere, Esq. of Hanley Castle, Worcestershire,
.and by her (who was bur. at Brockhampton, 14 Aug. 1729,
iiged 40) had. with other children, who d. s. p.,

John, of whom presently.

Penelope, ajied 4 at 'the Visit.ation of 168-3, m. 30 Dec.
1707, Philip Lutley, Esq. of Lawton, in Salop, derived
from Sir W. Lutley, Knt. of Munslow Hall, Salop, and had
■with other issue, a son,
Bartholomew Bicbard Lutlet, of whom presently as in-
heritor of the estates of his maternal ancestore, the
r^ichard Barneby d. 14 Feb. 1719-20, aged 7G, and was
fcur. at Brockhampton. His third son,

John B.vrxeet, Esq. bapt. 6 May, 1684, rf.s.ji. 172G, having
devised his estates to his nephew,

Bartholomew Richard Lutlev, Esq., who assumed incon-
sequence the surname and arms of Barneby by Act of Parlia-
ment in 1735. He Whitbourne, 21 Oct. 1756, Betty, dau.
■of John Freeman, Esq. of Gaines, and by her (who cl. 14 May,
1785) had (with two daus., Penelope, 7n. Thomas Newnham,
Esq. of Broad was, and Abigail, who d. v.nm. 1805) John, his
heir; Philip, b. 1763, late Receiver-General for co. Hereford,
•nho m. Eleanor, dau. of William Lilly, Esq., and had a dau.
Ann : Lutley, 6.1764; Rich.nrd, b. 1769, m. Betty Dansie,
niece and devisee of Richard-Sweeting Dansie, Esq., and had
issue, Richard ; Thomas ; Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. John
Lingard : Marj-; and Thomas, Rector of Stepney, b. 1773.
Mr. Barneby, whe was High Sheriff of Herefordshire in 1739,
d. 21 Dec. 1783, and was s. by his son.

John Barnedy, Esq. of Brockhampton, b. 1757, High
Sheriff of Herefordshire 1797 ; m. 17 July, 1792, Elizabeth,
dau. and sole heir of Robert Bulkeley, Esq, of Bulkeley,
Cheshire, and by her (who <;. 18 Jan. 1833) had issue,

John, his heir.

William, h. 27 Nov. 1801 ; d. 5 Jan. 1857.
Edmund, //. 15 Dec. 1802, devisee of his great-uncle, William
Higginson, Esq. of Saltmarsh, under whose will he took
the name of Higginson. He d. 25 Nov. 1871.
Elizabeth, devisee of Buckenhill under her mother's will, m.
5 Aug. 1834, to Robert Biddtdph Phillipps, Esq. of Long-
Mr. Barneby d. 11 Feb. 1817, and was s. by his eldestson,

John Barneby, Esq. of Brockhampton, M.P. for Droitwich,
and afterwards for Worcestershire, b. 20 Nov. 1799; m. 24
July, 1838, Susan, eldest dau. of Henry Elwes, Esq. of Coles-
bourne, CO. Gloucester, and by her (who d. Dec. 186C), had

John Habington, now of Brockhampton.

William Henry, of Bredenbury Court, Bromyard, co. Hereford,

late 5sth Regt., J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1884, b. 2 Feb.

1843 ; 7,1. 8 Aug. 18G5, Alice Mary, 3rd dau. of Sir Michael

Hicks-Beach, 8th Bart, of WilliamstripPark, co. Gloucester,

and has issue,

1 Edmund Henrv, b. July, 1869: d. Oct. 18G9.

2 Richard Hicks, 6. 16 May, 1875.

3 Edward Arthur. 6. 22 Feb. 1878.

4 Henry Maisey, 6. 1884.

1 Susan Alice. 2 Margaret Caroline.

3 Edith Catharine. 4 Evelyn Mary, d. June, 1876.

5 Alice Laura.

Mr. Barneby d. 30 Nov. 1846, and was s. by his eldest son ;
his widow survived until 18 Dec. 1850.

Ai-iiis — Quarterly : Ist and 4th sa., a lion passant guardant,
hetween three escallops arg., for Barneby; 2nd and 3rd quar-
terly or and az., four lions rampant counterchanged, together
■with upwards of fifty four quartenngs, chieiiy brought in by
Habington and Shirley. Crest — A lion couohant guardant sa.
Motto — Virtute non vi.

Seat — Brockhampton, Worcester.


T"o-wxEs-LrTTEELL, Geokge, Esq. of Dunster
Castle and Court House, co. Somerset, and Wootton-
ritzpaine, co. Dorset, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1874, b. 27 Sept. 1S26 ; w. 26 Aug. 1852, Anne
Elizabeth Periam, youngest dau. of Sir Alexander
Hood, Bart., M.P". for West Somerset, and has

1. Alexander, J.P., Capt. late Grenadier Guards, 6. 1 June,

1855 ; 1)1. 6 April, 1866, Alice, eldest dau. of the late Cul.
BIunro-Ferguson, of Raith, co. Fife, and Novar, c /. Ross,
and has issue, a son, b. 20 May, 1887.

II. Hugh Courteney, M.P. for Tavistock Division of Devon-
shire, Capt. late Rifle Brigade, now Capt. 3rd Batt.
D.C.L.I., A.D.C. to Earls Cowper, K.G., and Spencer,
K.G., when Lords-Lieutenant of Ireland, b. 10 Feb. 1857.

HI. Edward, b. 24 Sept. 1858.

IV. Claude Mohun, b. 9 Sept. 1867.

I. Mary. n. Beatrice.

Lineage. — In the time of Henry III., Sib Andrew^
Lvttrell was Baron of Irnham, co. Lincoln. His 2nd son, :

Alexander Luttrell, received from his father a grant of the ]
manor of East Quantoxhead, which has continued in the family '
ever since. The fourth in descent from this Alexander, j

Sir Hcgh Luttrell (son of Sir Andrew Luttrell, of Chilton, I

Devon, by Lady Elizabeth Courtenay his wife, dau. of Hugh, '
Earl of Devon) resided at Dunster Castle, which his mother.
Lady Elizabeth, had purchased from the family of Mohun; he
was Member for .Somerset in the reign of Richard II., and
successively for that co. and Devon. In 8 Henry IV., Sir
Hugh gained a suit at law against Edward Plantagenet, Duke
of York, and the other heirs of John, Lord Mohun of Dunster,
by which he obtained possession of the honours and castle of
Dunster, Lordship of Carhampton, &c. He was afterwards
Ranger of Blackmore Forest, Dorset, a Privy-Councillor to
King Henry V., of Normandy, and one of the-com-
nianders under that martial monarch at the reduction of
Harfleur anno 1415, and at the memorable seige of Rouen.
Sir Hugh m. Catherine, dau. of Sir John Beaumont, Knt.
(From a younger son of tlieirs, Robert Luttrell, who d.
15 Henry VI., seised of the castle and lands of Luttrellstown,
CO. Dublin, descended the well-known Irish family of Luttrell,
of which were the extinct Earls of C.ikhampton.) Sir Hugh
was s. 1431 by his eldest son. Sir John Luttrell, a Knight of
the Bath at the coronation of Henry IV., father of Sir James
Luttrell, who was made a Knight-Banneret at the battle of
Wakefield 1463, and fell fighting under the standard at Lan-
caster, 1471. His son.

Sir Hugh Luttrell, is mentioned by Holinshed and other
historians amongst the persons of note in the West who joined
the Earl of Richmond at his landing, and were afterwards
instrumental in quelling the Devonshire insurrection. When
the successful issue of Bosworth placed the crown upon Rich-
mond's head as Henry VII., the estates of Sir Hugh Luttrell
were immediately restored, and he was subsequently created a
Knight of the Bath at the coronation of the Queen, 1487. His
son and heir,

Sir Andrew Luttrell, Knt. of Dunster Castle, ra. Margaret,
dau. of Sir Thomas Wyndham, and had several sons. From the
2rd, Richard, sprang the Luttrells of Hartland, Honnibere,
Sandon Court, and Chelsea. He was «. by his eldest son.

Sir John Luttrell, knighted at the taking of Edinburgh
and Leitli, 36 Henry VIII., and created a Knight-Banneret at
the taking of Yester, 1 Edward VI. He m. Mary, dau. of Sir
John Griffith, K.B., by whom (who m. after his decease James
Godolphin, of CornwalH he had three daus., heirs to one-
third part of his estates, the other two-thirds devolving by
two entails, and by the will of Sir John himself, upon his next

Thomas Luttrell, Esq., M.P. for Minehead. This gentla-
man, in order to preserve the estates which he thus inherited
clear of his neices' portions and of his brother's debts, sold all
the lands in Devon and Suffolk, but those were amply replaced
by the estates acquired on his marriage with Margaret, only
dau. and heir of Christopher Hadley, Esq. of Withycombe, and
great-granddaughter of Philippa, dau. of Sir Humphrey
Audley, by Elizabeth, widow of Sir James Luttrell. In con-
sequence of this con.sanguinity, it was necessary to procure a
special bull, 5 Philip and Mary, from the Pope Paul V. to
sanction the marriage. Mr. Luttrell d. in 1570, Margaret, his
wife surviving, who was afterwards m. to John Strode, Esq. of
Parnham, and again to Richard Hill, Esq. He was s. by his
eldest son,

George Luttrell, Esq., who inherited likewise his mother's
lands, and rn. 1st, Joan, dau. of HughStewkley, Esq. of Marsh,
CO. Somerset, by whom he had Thomas, his successor. He ra.
2ndly, Sylvestra Capper, by whom (who ia. after his decease,
1st, Sir Edmund Story, and 2ndly, Gyles Penny, Esq.) he had
two daus., Diana, wife of Alexander Lynde, and Sarah, of John
Wogan. Mr. Luttrell d. at an advanced age in 1630, and was
s. by his son,

Thomas Luttrell, Esq. of Dunster Castle, who 711. Jane,
dau. of Sir Francis Pophan, Knt. of Littlecot, and dying ia
1647, was s. by his eldest son,





George LuTTBELL, Esq. of Dunster Castle, who was s. by his

Fbancis Luttbell, Esq. of Dunster Castle, also s. by his

Thomas Luttbell, Esq. of Dunster Castle, who m. Lucy,
dau. of Thomas Simonds, Esq. of Cambridgeshire, who was s.
■fcy his elder son,

Fbancis Luttbell, Esq. of Dunster Castle, a Colonel in the
army of King William, who m. Mary, only dau. and heir of
JohnTregonwell, Esq. of Milton Abbey, co. Dorset, and dying
in 1690, was s. by his son,

Tbegonwell Luttbell, Esq. of Dunster Castle, at whose
decease without issue in 170G the estates reverted to his

Alexander Luttbell, Esq. of Dunster Castle. This gentle-
man served in all the wars in Flanders throughout the reign of
King William, and in Queen Anne's time was Colonel of the
Eoyal Eegiment of Marines. He rn. Dorothy, dau. of Edward
Yard, Esq. of Churston, in Devon, and dying in 1714, was 6'. by
his elder son,

Alexander Luttbell, Esq. of Dunster Castle, who m.
Margaret, dau. of Sir John Trevelyan, Bart, of Nettlecombe,
and had an only dau., his successor at his decease,

Margaret Luttbell, who m. Feb. 1746, Hexbt Fownes,
Esq. of Nethway House, Devon, and she and her husband
assumed the additional name and arms of Luttbell. She had

I. John, her heir.

II. Alexander (Rev.), M.A., Rector of East Quantoxhead
1754, m. Lucy, dau. of John Gatchell, Esq., and rf. Isl6,
leaving issue, Alexander Henry (Rev.), Vicar of Minehead,
m. 1837, Charlotte Ann, dau. of Rev. John Jeremy, and by
her (who d. 10 Oct. 1887) had two daus., Margaret Char-
lotte,™. John Alexander Fownes- Luttrell, Esq.; and Caroline
Lucy, m. Is;i6, E. J. Yeatman, Esq., H.E.l.C.S.

III. Francis, Commissioner of Customs, D.C.L., b. 1756 : ;n.
J 787, Charlotte, youngest dau. of Francis Drewe, Esq. of
Grange, and had issue.

Mr. and Mrs. Luttrell were s. by their eldest son,

John Fownes-Luttrell, Esq. of Dunster Castle, M.P. for
Minehead, b. 1752; to. 3 Aug. 1782, Mary, eldest dau. of
Francis Drewe, Esq. of Grange, Devon, and by her (who d.
20 March, 1830) had issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. Henry, successor to his brother.

311. Francis, Lieut.-Col., late of the Grenadier Guards, of
Kilve Court and Wootton House, Somerset, 6. 1792 ; m. Feb.
J 824, his cousin, Emma Louisa (rf. 1881), dau. ot Samuel
Drewe, Esq. of Kensington, and dying Jan. 1862, left issue,

1 George, now of Dunster Castle.

2 Francis, m. Anne Helena, dau. of Stephanus Maritz, and
has two daus.

1 Augusta Margaret.

2 Mary Anne, m. 1861, Henry A. Bosanquet, Esq.

IV. Alexander (Rev.), of Exeter Coll. Oxon, B.C.L., Rector
of East Quantoxheail, Bridgwater, Somerset, J. P., b. 1793 :
■711. May, 1824, Jane, dau. of William Leader, Esq. of Putney,
and bad issue,

1 Henry Acland, C.B., of Badgworth Court, Somerset,
M.A., J.P. and D.L., High sheriff 1881, Capt. Rifle
Brigade, Hon. Col. 3rd V. Batt. Somersetshire L. I. : 6.
1826; m. 1857, Mary Anne, dau. of Joseph Euscombe
Poole, Esq., and has a dau. Eva.

2 John Alexander, of Edington. Bridgwater, J. P., late
Capt. R.N., b. 1833: m. Jan. 1870, Margaret, dau. of the
Rev. Alexander Henry Fownes-Luttrell, Vicar of Mine-
head, Somerset, and has issue, Alexander CoUingwood, ('.

1 Fanny Henrietta, m. April, 1861, John Blommart, Esq.
of Willett House, Somerset, J.P.

2 Florence, m. 5 July, 1851, Hon. Richard Augustus Eethell,
afterwards 2nd Baron Westbury, and had issue.

V. Thomas, B.A. Exeter Coll. Oxon, Vicar of Carhampton,
and Incumbent of Dunster, Somerset, J. P., 6. 1794 ; d.iinm.

I. Mary Ann, d. 1835. ii. Margaret, d. 1858.

in. Harriet, d. 6 April, 1870, aged 81.

Mr. Luttrell d. 16 Feb. 1816, and was s. by his eldest son,
John Fownes-Luttrell, Esq. of Dunster Castle, J.P. and

D.L., d. 26 Aug. 17S7. He d. unm. 1857, and was s. by his

next brother,
Henry Fownes-Luttrell, Esq. of Dunster Castle, J.P., B.A.

of Brasenose Coll. Oxon; M.P. for Minehead 1816-22, and a

Commissioner of the Board of Aduit 1822-49, b. 7 Feb. 1790.

He rf. 6 Oct. 1867, and was «. by his nephew, George, now of

Dunster Castle, eldest son of Col. Francis Fownes-Luttrell, of

Kilve Court.

.^nns— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, or, a bend between sis
martlets sa., for Luttrell: 2nd and 3rd, az., two eagles

displayed in fess and a mullet in base arg., for Fownes.
Crest — Out of a ducal coronet or, a plume of five feathers arg.
Supporters (as borne) — Two swans collared and chained. Motto
— Qusesita marte tuenda arte.

Seats — Dunster Castle, Taunton ; Conrt House, East Quan-
toxhead. Bridgwater, Somerset ; and Wooton House, Char
mouth, Dorset.


LuTwiDGE, Chaeles Eobeet Fletchee, Esq.
of HolmEook Hall, co. Cumberland, and Shandon,
CO. Kent, J.P. and D.L. for former countv, and
J.P. CO. Kent, M.A. (Cantab), Barrister-at-Law, of
Lincoln's Inn, b. 2 Aug. 1835.

liineagre. — Thomas LuTWiDGE,or Lutwiche, traditionally
descended from Roger de Ledwich, who held two Knights'
Fees in Meath, about 1214, had issue, a son.

Thomas Lctwidgb, an ofRcer in the army of King William
HI. in Ireland, and afterwards of ^yhitehaven, co. Cumberland,
J. P., and (in 12 George 1.) HighlSheriff for that county. He ii .
1st, Hannah Eumbold, by whom he had issue,

I. Palmer, b. 19 Jan. 1702-3 ; rf. 10 April, 1704.

He m. 2Hdly, 6 Feb. 1721, Lucy, 6th and youngest dnu. of Sir
Charles Hoghton, of Hoghton Tower, co. Lancaster, 4th Bart.,
and grand-dau. of John, 2nd Viscount Massereene. and by her
(who rf. 7 Sept. 1780) had issue,

II. Charles, of whom presently.

III. Henry, who s. his brother.

IV. Thomas, of Whitehaven,
v. John, rf. itnm. 1749.

VI. Samuel, Lieut. R.N., rf. unhi. 1757.

VII. Walter, rf. young.

VIII. SkefBngton, Admiral R.N., who was, whilst Commo-
dore, one of the early preceptors of Lord Nelson. He i».
Catherine, dau. of Richard Bateson, of Londonderry, and
sister of Sir Robert Bate,son Harvey, of Killoquin, oo.
Antrim, Bart. Admiral Lutwidge rf. s. p. 15 Aug. 1814,
aged 77.

I. Margaret, m. to Hill Wilson, Esq. of Purdysburn, co. Down
(whose will, dated 8 July, 1773, was proved 17 Aug. follow-
ing), and had issue.

ir. Cordelia. in. Lucy.

Thomas Lutwidge (whose will, dated 29 Aug. 1732, was proved
12 Dec. 1747) rf. "28 Aug. 1745, aged 85. His eldest son,

Charles Lutwidge, Esq. of Holm Rook, Whitehaven, J.P.
and D.L. co. Cumberland, was Receiver and Surveyor-General
of the Isle of Man, and Surveyor and Controller-General of
the coasts of Cumberland and Westmorland, and the Port of
Lancaster. He was 6. 29 Jan. 1722 ; purchased Holm Rook
and the Manor of Bolton in 1750, and rf. unm. in Oct. 1784.
His brother,

Henby Lutwidge, Esq. of Holm Rook, and formerly of
Walton lo Dale, co. Lancaster, 6. 17'24; m. 8 Sept. 1767, Jane,
dau. and co-heir of Rigby Molyneux, of Preston, Capt. in the
Army, by Mary his wife, dau. of Oliver Marton, of Lancaster,
and by her (who rf. 1791) had issue,

I. Charles, of Holm Rook.

II. Skcfiington, J.P. and D.L. co. Cumberland, formerly
Major in the nth Regt. of Native Infantry, H.E.l.C.S., 6.
23 May, 1779; m. 19 March, 1811, Mary Margaret, dau. of
Gen. Lockhart, of Lanarkshire, and d.s.p.S Feb. 1854.
Sherf. 10 Jan. 1873.

III. Henry Thomas, Commander R.N., m. Mary, dau. of John
Taylor, of Townhead, co. Lancastei', and rf. s.p. 30 Jan. 1861.
She rf. 1860.

I. Charlotte Jane, 6. 1770; m. 1st, William Benn, an officer
H.E.l.C.S.; 2nd]y, Thomas Cope, and rf. 1851.

II. Lucy, b. 1771; m. Rev. W. Grice, and rf. 1831.

III. Margaret, b. 1772 ; 7/i. John E. Carter, of Leicester, and
rf. 181-2.

IV. Cordelia, rf. unm.

V. Henrietta Octavia, b. 1778; ia. Charles Poole, of The
Grove, Stanmore, co. Middlesex, who d. in 1838, aged 80.
She d. 1848.

Mr. Lutwidge rf. 1 Aug. 1798. His eldest son,

Charles Lutwidge, of Holm Rook, formerly Major 1st
Regt. Royal Lancashire Militia, b. 15 June, 1768; m. 15 Jan.
1798, Elizabeth Anne, dau. of the Right Rev. Charles Dodgson,
Bishop of Elphin, and by her (who rf. 17 April, 1836) had

I. Charles Henby (Rev), M.A. (Cantab.), Vicar of East
Farleigh, co. Kent, h. 21 March, ISOO; m. 3 Nov. 1831,
Anne Louisa, only dau. of Robert Raikes, of Welton House,
CO. York, and rf. 15 Jan. 1843, leaving issue by her (who rf.
15 Feb. 1877, aged 80),

Chables PiObebt Fletcher, now of Holm Rook Hall.
Caroline Louisa, b. 10 April, 1837 ; rf. unm. 8 April, 1877.





n. Eobert Wilfred SkeflBngton, Barrister-at-Law, b. 17 Jan.
1802; d. U7iin. 25 May, lb72.

I. Elizabeth Frances, £>. 1799 : m. 17 Feb. 1825, Thomas
Raikes, of Welton, and c^ 19 March, 1883, having had

II. Frances, m. 5 .\pri], 1S27, to Archdeacon Charles Dodg-
son. Rector of Croft, co. York, and d. 26 Jan. 1867, having
had issue.

in. Lucy, tf. imm. 4 Sept. 1880.

IV. Charlotte Manella, d. unm.

V. Margaret Ann, d. iinm. 30 Kov. 1869.

VI. Henrietta Mary, d. unm. 9 Oct. 1S72.

Mr. Lutwidge d. 7 Sept. 1848.

Arms — Az., three caps of maintenance, or, turned up, crm.
Crest — A lion rampant per pale, arg. and gu., collared, or.
Motto — Deo patriK aniicis.

Stof— Holm Rook Hall, Whitehaven, Cumberland; and
Shan don, Tunbridge Wells.


LnwYCHE, Hudson Latham, Esq. of Kynaston,
CO. Hereford, J. P. and D.L., and County Councillor,
High SlierifP 1893, late Capt. 1st Eojal Lancashire
Militia (il.F.H.), b. 10 July,1856 ; m. 14 Jan.
1888, Metta Alice, 2nd dau. of the late Otis
Hopkins, of Milw

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