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and had issue,

1 John Edward, 6. 27 June, 1823; m. 24 Oct. 1868, Gert-
rude, dau. of Rev. F. Hewson, and d. 10 Oct. 1877.

1 Christian, vi. 1852, Thomas Gallwey, Esq.

2 Helena, m. 1854, Daniel Cronin Coltsman, Esq. of Glen-
flesk Castle, Killarney.

VI. Thomas, b. 26 Jan. 1795; d. unm. 1822.

I. Helen, m. 20 Oct. 1802, Roger Scully, Esq., and d. April,

II. Johanna, m. 15 Oct. 1811, Daniel Clanchy, Esq. of Charle-
ville, and d. 30 Dec. 1840.

III. Christian, d. 3 Jan. 1855.

IV. Mary, d. Jan. 1820.

Mr. Lyons d. 5 July, 1809, and was «. by his eldest surviving

James Denis Lyons, Esq., of Croome House, J. P., D.L.,
High Sheriff 1853, 6. 5 July, 1785 ; m. 31 March, 1818, Bridgette,
eldest dau. of John Kennedy, Esq. of Limerick, by whom (who
d. 30 Aug. 1783) he had issue,

I. Denis, 6. 21 May, 1822; d. unm. IG Nov. 1841.

II. John, 6. 10 Aug. 1823 ; d. unm. 10 April, 184*.

III. Henry, of Croome House.

IV. Thomas Casey, Licut.-Gen. in the army, C.B., h. 9 July,
1829; VI. 6 Jan. 1863, Helen, dau. of George Young, Esq.
of Apley Towers, Ryde, and has issue,

Henry George, 6. 11 Oct. 1864.
Helen Amy.

V. James, Capt. R.A., 6. 3 Feb. 1S32; d. 12 June, 1862.

VI. Edward, 6. 28 Nov. 1836, Colonel E.A., vii. 15 May, 1862,
Alice Smith.

I. Anna Maria, m. 10 Feb. 1840, George Sampson, Esq. of St.
Catherines, co. Clare, and has issue.

II. Christina, m. 3 July, 1844, James MoiTOglv, Esq. of Old
Court, CO. Cork.

III. Mary ,Iane, d. 12 April, 1825. iv. Helena.

V. Bessie, d. 4 Nov. 1841.

VI. Frances Hortense, d. 26 April, 1857.

VII. Wilhelmina, m. 29 April, 1876, Michael Russell, Esq. of
Glenmore, co. Cork, and d. 14 March, 1877.

Mr. Lyons d. 2 April, 1853, and was s. by his eldest surviving

Henuy Lyons, Esq. of Croome House, J.P., D.L., Higb
Sheriff 1860, 6. 18M.ay, 1828; m. 14 May, 1873, Olivia Millicent,
eldest dau. of Lord Robert Montagu, P.O., by his 1st wife,
Ellen Miiry, only child of John Cromie, Esq. of Cromore, co.
Londonderry, and had issue,

r. James Denis, now of Croome House.

II. Henry Montagu, 6. 1880.

III. John Cromie.

I. Mary Eleanor. ii. Olivia Idillicent.

III. Ethel Christine Bertha.
Mr. Lyons d. 1885.
/Scat— Croome House, Croome, co. Limerick.


Lyons, John Chaeies, Esq. of Ledestown, co,
Westmeath, J.P., h. 1 Feb. 1861 ; m. 29 Nov. 1882,
Evelyn Maude, dau. of Frederick Pilkington, Esq.
of Newberry Hall, co. Kildare, and has issue,

I. John Charles Geoffrey Pileington, 6. 17 Nov. 1883.

I. Gladys Mauffe Pilkington, 6. 14 June, 1887.

II. Coral Cecil Constance, 6. 27 Sept. 1889.

Liueagre. — in the reign of James I. Capt. William
Lyons purchased the estate of Clonarrow, afterwards called
River Lyons, and other lands in King's co., and received a
grant, 3 Charles I. , of the townland of TullynaUy, with part
of the great wood of Fercall, King's co.

Henry Lyons, Esq. of River Lyons, m. Anne, 6th dau. of
George Rochfort, Esq. of Gaulstown, by Lady Elizabeth Moore
his wife, youngest dau. of Henry, 3rd Earl of Drogheda, and
had three daus., Anne, m. John Nixon, Esq.; Elizabeth, Hi.
Robert Barry, Esq. ; and Henrietta, m. 1780, Robert Garden,
Esq. Henry Lyon's brother,

John Lyons, Esq. Major in the army, purchased Ledestown,
CO. Westmeath, 1715. He m. Elizabeth, relict of Lieut.-Col.
Richard Ashe, and dau. of Henry Williams, Esq., Deputy-
Governor of Antigua, and had issue,

Charles, his heir.

John, of Drogheda, Capt. in the army, m. Dorothea, dau. of
Sir Thomas Montgomery, and had three sons, of whom the
2nd, Hugh, took the additional name of Montgomery, and
was ancestor of Lyons-Montgomeby of Belhavd.

Henry, of Belmont, Deputy-Clerk of the Coimcil and Deputy
Must«r-Master-General, m. and had an only child, Louisa,
m. 1752, Charo^r6 Brahazon, only son of Major-Gen. the
Hon. Henry Ponsonby, brother of the 1st Earl of Bess-

Samuel, settled in Antigua, and is presumed to have been
ancestor of the Lords Lyons.

Margaret, m. Hans Widman, Esq. of Haastoun, co. West-

Mary, m. Hugh Bowen, Esq. of MuUingar.

Anne, to. Isaac Smith, Esq. of AnneviUe.

Elizabeth, m. Glasgow Thompson, Esq.

The eldest son,

Charles Lyons, Esq. of Ledestown, High Sheriff, co. West-
meath, 1731, Col. of Militia, m. 1723, Christiana, dau. of
Robert Mason, Esq. of Mason Brook, co. Galway, and bad

John, his heir.

Charles, Major 60th Regt., d. unm. 1799.

Margaret, m. 1764, Theophilus Bolton, Esq.

Alicia, d. unm.

The elder son,





John Ltons, Esq. of Ledeatown, High Sheriff 1778, m. 1765,
Caroline, 3rd dau. of Lieut.-Col. John Degennes, of Portar-
lington, and had issue,

Chables John, Capt. 12th Light Drao;oons, b. 1766; m.
1791, Mary Anne, youngest dau. of Sir Kichard Levinge,
4th Bart., and by her (who m. 2ndly, 1798, Anthony Adams
Keilly, Esq. of Koebuck, co. Cavan, and d. 1865), he left at
his decease, v.p., May, 1796, an only child, John Cbables
Lyons, Esq. of Ledestown.

John Robert, Capt. 69th Eegt., d. unm. 1801.

Tenison, Capt. r2th Dragoons, 6. 1769: m. 1812, Eleanor,
dau. of David Frazer, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and d. 1832,
leaving issue. Henry, rf. young.

Margaret Christiana, m. 1806, Rev. Samuel Auchmuty.

Caroline, to. 1812, Mark Anthony Levinge, Esq., and d. 11
March, 1856. He d. 1847. Frances, d. unm. 1793.

Mr. Lyons d. 1803, and wa,s s. by his grandson,
John Charles Lyons, Esq. of Ledestown, J. P. and D.L.,

High Sheriff 1816, Capt. Westmeath Militia, 6. 22 Augf.

1792; m. 1st, 14 March, 1820, Penelope Melesina, only dau. of

Hugh Tuite, Esq. of Sonna, and by her (who d. 10 Feb. 1865)

had issue,
Charles, 6. 7 Feb. 1821, d. unm. 24 Feb. 1869.
Mary Ann Melesina, m. 1848, James Malley, Esq.

He TO. 2ndly, 12 Nov. 1856, Frances Ellen,, 3rd dau. of Thomas

Walsh, Esq. of Belleview, co. Westmeath, and had further


JoBN Charles, now of Ledestown.

Charles John, 6. 17 Feb. 1863.

Caroline Constance, m. 1885, William Owen Daly, Esq.,
late Leinster Regt., and has itsue, Owen, Constance,
Letitia. Mary Ann Camilla.

Mr. Lyons d. Sept. 1874, and was s. by his son, the present
John Charles Lyons, Esq. of Ledestown.

.-Iriiis— Sa., a chevron erm. between three lions sejant guard-
ant arg. Crest— On a cap of maintenance gu. turned up erm.
a lion's head erased arg. Motto— HoW irritareleones.

Seat — Ledestown, Mullingar, co. Westmeath.


Ltslet, Geeaed Lowthee, Esq. of Pewsham,
Wilts, Lieut. Rifle Brigade, b. 26 Aug. 1872.

Xiineag'e. — This family of Lysley, or Lyicy, is stated to
have held, until 1774, lands at Harewood, I-yley, Mirfield,
Kirkheaton, Rothwell, and Warmfield, co. York.

William Lysley, Esq. of Warmfield, co. York, son of
Thomas Lysley, and Dorothy his wife, of the family of Army-
tage, m. 16 Oct. 1705, Anne, dau. of J. Sampson, Esq. of
Pontefract, and was father of

Richard Lysley, Esq. of Warmfield, »ii. 3 Dec. 1749, Anne,
dau. and heir of James Pitt, Esq. of Goldhall, co. York, and
relict of John Harrison, Esq. (whose uncle, J. Harrison, Esq.,
was M.P.for co. Lincoln), and had two sons,

Richard, some time Collector of the Customs at Dominica,
m. Mary, dau. of James Perkins, Esq. of Penystone, co.
York, and had an only child, Richard Perkins, who d. unm.
at Demerara, 1801.

William, of whose descendants we treat.
The younger son,

William Lysley, Esq. of Warmfield, m. 14April, 1774, Ann,
dau. of William Barker, Esq. of Wakefield; and d. 1792,
leaving an only son,

William John Ltsley, Esq., F.S.A., of Mimwood, Herts,
and Pewsham, Wilts, J. P. and D.L. for Herts, and High
Sherififof thatco. 1851, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law,
and M.P. for Chippenham, 6. 12 Dec. 1791 ; to. 3 Dec. 1828,
Caroline, dau. of John Marshall, Esq. of Ardwick House, co.
Lancaster, and had issue,

I. William Gerard, of Pewsham.

II. Warine Bayley Marshall, 6. 1833: m. 1859, Lavinia,
eldest dau. ot Col. du Vemet, and by her (who d. March,
1877) had issue, Warine du Vernet, Lieut. 60th Rifies, b.
May, 1860; d. in India, April, 1»84.

I. Sarah Maria, vi. 1862, Henry Gillett, Esq., and cJ. May,

n. Caroline Gertrude, m. 1865, Rear-Admiral S. H. Derri-
man, R.N., C.B., and d. May, 1879.
Mr. Lysley d. 1873, and was s. by his son,

William Gerard Lysley, Esq. of Pewsham, Wilts, M.A.,
Barrister-at-Law, J. P., b. 13 June, 1831 ; g. 1873 ; to. 27 Jan.
1869, Frances Elizabeth, only dau. of Sir Charles Hugh
Lowther, Bart, of Swillington and Wilton Castle, co. York, and
had issue,

1. John Lowther, b. Feb. and d. July, 1870.

n. Charles Lowther, b. March, 1871 ; d. May, 1861.

III. Gerard Lowther, now of Pewsham.

IV. Francis Lowther (twin with Gerard), 6. 26 Aug. 1872- d
Aug. 1873.

V. William Lowther, b. July, 1875.

VI. Hugh Lowther, b. Sept. 1876 ; d. March, 1877.
I. Isabella Gertrude.

Mr. Lysley d. 6 Oct. 1887, and was s. by his eldest surviving
son, Gerard Lowther Lysley, Esq.

^ri/is— Quarterly : 1st, gu., a lion passant guardant arg.
ducally crowned or ; 2nd, or, a fess between two chevrons
sa., both for Lysley ; 3rd, or, a bend vair between three hurts,
for Pitt 0/ Goldhall, ith, as the Ist, with three mullets arg.
pierced of the field in chief, also for Lysley. Crests — 1st,
On a chapcau gu. turned up erm. a millstone arg. charged
with a millrind or; 2nd, A cubit arm in armour, the hand
in a gauntlet grasping a war-mace all ppr., from the handle
of the mace a chain pendant, encircling the arm or. Motto —

-Seat— Pewsham, near Chippenham, Wilts.


Ltsons, Loeenzo George, Esq. of Hempsted
Court, CO. Gloucester, Major and late Adjutant 2nd
Vol. batt. Gloucester Eegt. (late E. W. Fusiliers),
b. 6 Aug. 1839 ; s. his father 1877 ; m. Oct. 1862,
Victoria, dau. of Gen. Sir William Eichards, K.C.B.,
and by her has had issue,

I. William Lorenzo George, 6. July, 1803.

II. Daniel George, d. 1867.

III. Arthur Charles Fothringham, 6. 1868.
iv. George Lorenzo, d. 1870.

V. Samuel Victor Davies, 6. 1874.

VI. Clement Franci?, d. 1875.

I. Ethel Tereso, d. 1875. ii. Mabel Susan Frances,

III. Gwendoline Catherine.

IV. Victoria Georgiana, d. 1874.
v. Marguerite Henrietta.

Lineage. — This family, which has been established for
nearly three centuries in co. Gloucester, is traditionally said
to have migiated thither from Wales. Leland, in his
Itinerary, makes mention of the Lysans as inhabiting the
town of Neath, in co. Glamorgan, teinp. Henkt Vlll.

William Leyson, Lison, or Lysons, bought an estate called
Netherlay, or the Lower Lay, in the parish of Westbury-on-
Severn, 1606. By Anne his wife he had issue, i. John, his
heir; ii. Arthur of Hempsted, co. Gloucester; iii. Thomas,
of Worcester, Mayor of that city 1651, who proclaimed
Charles II. King of Great Britain; iv. Daniel, of whom
presently. The 4th son,

Daniel Lysons, Esq., 6. Nov. 1604; m. Sarah, dan. of —
Clutterbuck, Esq. of King's Stanley, and d. 1674, leaving a
son and successor,

Daniel Lysons, Esq., 6. 1643; m. Anne, dau. of Nicholas
Webb, Esq., and was s. at his decease, 1861, by his son,

Daniel Lysons, Esq. of Hempsted, b. 1672 ; m. 1693, Eliza-
beth, dau. and co-heir of Thomas Ridler, Esq., and left, with
seven other children, who d. s. p., Daniel, his heir, and John,^
LL.D., Fellow of Magdalen Coll. Oxford. The eldest son,

Daniel Lysons, Esq. of Hempsted, b. 1 Dec. 1697 ; rii. 20 Feb.
1725, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Mee, Esq. of Gloucester, and
had issue (with five daus., of whom Elizabeth 7/1. John
Reeve, Esq., and Mary to. Stephen Woodifield, Esq.) two
sons. The elder,

Daniel Lysons, M.D., of Hempsted Court, Fellow of All
.Souls' Coll. Oxford, b. 21 March, 1727 ; to. 6 Dec. 1708, Mary,
dau. of Richard Rogers, Esq. of Dowdeswell, co. Gloucester,
but, dying without issue, was s. by his brother.

Rev. Samuel Lysons, M.A., b. 28 Dec. 1730, Rector of Rod-
marton and Cherington, m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Peach, Esq.
of Chalford, co. Gloucester, and had issue,

Daniel, his heir.

Samuel, 6. 17 May, 1763, Barrister-at-Law, Keeper of the
Records in the Tower, an eminent writer on British topo-
graphy and antiquities. He d. unm. Isl9.

Mary, b. 1765; to. Charles Brandon Trye, Esq., F.E.S., of
Leckhampton Court, co. Gloucester.

Elizabeth, 6. 1772; m. John Marshall Collard, Esq.

Mr. Lysons d. 1804, and was s. by his son.

Rev. Daniel Lysons, M.A., F.R.S., F.A.S., H.S., and L.S.,
of Hempsted Court, and Rector and Patron of Rodmarton, co.
Gloucester, the celebrated topographer and antiquary, author
of Magna Britannia, <fec., 6. 23 April, 1762; m. 1st, 1801,
Sarah, eldest dau. of Lieat.-Col. Thomas Carteret Hardy, of
the York Fusiliere, and by her (who d. 1808) had issue,

4 IX 2





Daniel, t?. 1814, aged 10 years.

Samdel, late of Hempsted.

Sarah, b. 1802; wi. 5 Oct. 1831, Kov. John Haycjarth, Rector
of Upham, Hants, and t<. 18 May, 1833, having had issue
a dau. Josepha, d. v.nin. 1846.

Charlotte, b. 1807 : ni. at Naples, 14 Nov. 1825, Sir James

Carnegie, Bart, of Southesk, N.IS., andrf.Apiil, 1848, having,

with other issue, a son, James, Earl of Sodthesk.

He »i. 2ndly, Josepha Catherine Susanna, dau. of John Gilbert

Cooper, Esq. of Thurgarton Priory, Notts, and had by her,

who d. 1868,

Daniel (Sir), Gen. G.C.B., entered the army as Ensign 1st
Boyals 1834, served during Kebellion in Canada 1S38-9,
appointed Deputy-Assistant-Quartermaster-Gen, 1838, pro-
moted Briirade Major at Barbadoes 1843-4, served through-
out the Crimean War in command of U. \V. Fusiliers, and
in command of 2nd Brigade Light Division (OflScer of Legion
of Honour, 3rd class Order Medjidie, and Sardinian Medal) ;
Quartermaster-Gen. in Canada, 1862-7, Brigadier-Gen.
Halta 1868-9, at Aldershot 186i)-72, Commander Northern
District 1872-4, Quartermaster-Gen. 1876. Sir Daniel
Lysons, after being Quartermaster-Gen. was Gen. in com-
mand at Aldershot 1S80-83. He is Col. of the Derbyshire
Kcgt. (45th Foot) and Constable of the Tower of London, b.
1 Aug. 1816; j)i. 1st, 1856, Harriet Sophia, dau. of Charles
Bridges, Esq. of Court House, Overton, and by her (who d.
1864) has issue, 1 Daniel Charles William, Lieut. King's
Royal hifie Corps, b. 15 July, 1857 ; 2 Henry, V.C, Lieut.
Scottish Rifles (Cameronians), b. 13 July, 1858; 3 Charles,
Lieut. R. W. Fusiliers, 6. 8 April, 1860 ; 4 Frederick Bridges,
6. 3 June, 1861. He m. 2ndly, 1865, Anna Sophia Biscoe,
dan. of Rev. Robert Tritton, of Morden, Surrey.

Catherine Susanna.

Mr. Lysons d. 3 Jan. 1834, and was s. by his second son,

Rev. Samuel Ltsons, of Hempsted Court, J. P. ,6. 17 March,
1806, gi-aduated at Exeter CoU. Oxford, B.A. 1831, M.A. 1835.
He was Rector and Patron of Rodmarton, co. Gloucester,
appointed 1833; Rural Dean of Gloucester 1865, Hon. Canon
Gloucester Cathedral 1867. He m. 1st, 1 Jan. 1834, Eliza
Sophia Theresa Henrietta, eldest dau. of Major-Gen. Sir
Lorenzo Moore, K.C.H. and C.B., and by her (who d. 1846)
had issue,

I. Arthur Charles, b. 1836 ; d. 1855.

II. Lorenzo George, now of Hempsted.

HI. Edmund Hicks Beach, b. 1842, Lieut. R.M., m. 1869,
Honora Mary, dau. of Rev. W. Henley Jervis, and has
issue, ason, h. 7 Jan. 1871 ; a son, 6. Sept. 1876 ; and other

IV. Daniel George (Rev.), B.A. Oxon, Rector of Rodmarton ;
6. 1844; TO. 7 April, 1869, Katlieiiae Anne, 4th dau. of
Thomas C. Eyton, Esq. of Eyton Hall, and has issue, Hubert
Bertram Daniel ; Noel Hildebrand ; Kennett Campbell ;
and .'iix daus.

1. Alice Elizabeth, m. Arthur Whitehead, Esq. of Clevedon.
n. Clementina Agnes, m. liev. F'rancis John Atwood, and
has issue.

He TO. 2ndly, 11 March, 1847, Lucy (who d. 26 Oct. 1871), dau.
of Rev. John Adey Curtis (by Albinia F'rances his wife, who
after the death of her husband assumed her family name of
Hatward in addition to CnRTis, in compliance with a request
in her father's ^^ill^ He m. 3rdly, 1 Nov. 1872, Gertmde
Savery, dau. of Simon Adams Beck, Esq. of Cheam, Surrey,
and by her had issue,

V. Nigel Lucius Samuel, b. 1876.
ui. Gertrude Teresa Lucy.

He d. 27 March, 1877, and was s. by his son, Lorenzo George,
now of Hempsted.

Anns — Gu., a chief nebulee arg. issuant therefrom the rays
of the sun ppr. Crest — No crest is assigned to this family in
the Herald's Visitation 167'2, but they have borne for nearly
three centuries. The sun rising out of a bank of clouds ppr.
Motto — Valebit.

i^eat — Hempsted Court, near Gloucester. Hesidence — 10,
Gratton Road, W. Kensington, W.


Ltsteb, Heney John, Esq. of Rocksavage, co.
Eoscommon, Major R.A., b. 21 Sept. 1851.

Liineag'e.— The Irish Ltsters are a branch of the York-
shire Listers, and are descended from Walter Lister orLyster,
of Miltown, CO. Roscommon, who was b. at Westby, co. York.
He was the son of Anthony Lister, of Newsholme, Gisburne,
Yorks, 7th in descent from John Lister, de Darby, who to., in
1312, Isabel, dau. and heiress of John de Bolton Bowbearer, of
Bolland, lineal descendant of the Saxon Kings of Mercla.
He came to Ireland in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, with
OsBALDESTON, Judge of Connaught, his father-in-law, and
obtained a grant of land in co. Roscommon from James I.
H« d. 28 Jan. 1622, and was buried in Cam churchyard, Bos-

common, where his tombstone may still be seen. By his wife
Eva Osbaldeston, he had issue, Anthony, who m. 1st,
Blood (who was murdered with five children in the Irish
rebellion of 1641), and 2ndly, Miss Killkeny, by whom he had

I. Thomas, of whom presently.

II. John, m. Miss Bellew, and was ancestor of the Ltsters of
JSeicpark and Lysterjield.

The elder son,

Thomas Lyster, of Grange, m. 1st, Miss O'Kelly, by whom
he had three sons, William, m. a dau. of Bryan Gunning:
.''Lnthony, to. Miss Whitney, and was ancestor of Lyster of
Lyslerfidd ; and John, of Rocksavage. He m. 2ndly, Lady
Aylmer, and by her had one son, Thomas, ancestor of the
Lysters of Grange. His 3rd son,

John Lyster, of Rocksavage, m. a dau. of Dixie Coddington,
and left several sons,

I. Dixie, who d. unm.

II. John, of whom presently.

III. Henry, M.D., m. Miss Alen, the heiress of St. AVoolstans,
CO. Kildare, by >»hom he had issue,

John (Rev.), D.D., Rector of Clonpriest, m. Mai^ Cameron,
and had three sons,

1 Henry, none of whose descendants survive.

2 Lyttelton, Capt. 1st R. Surrey Regl., m. Charlotte
Cameron, dau. cf Rev. Paul Linirick, D.D., and by her
(who d. 1849) left issue at his decease in 1850, 1 Lyttel-
ton Henry, b. 1814; in. his first cousin, Jane, dau. of
Charles Lyster, and d. 1890, leaving issue, one son,
Lyttelton Annesley Alen, and lour daus., of whom,
Marion Georgina, 7)!, Rev. Edward Denny, Rector of
Laracor,and Louisa, in. William Williams, of Arodstown
House, CO. Meath; 2 George Annesley, of Posilipo,
Jlonkstown, co. Dublin, b. 10 July, 1828; to. 25 May,
1860, Marian, dau. of Patrick Morgan, County Inspec-
tor R.I.C., and has issue, Henry Cameron (Rev.), B.D.,
b. 12 Feb. 1862, to. 1 Sept. 1892, Anna Frances Elizabeth,
dau. of Rev. Francis Digby Marsh, M.A. ; 1 Louisa, in.
1st, Rev. William O'Neill, 2ndly, George Ogilvie, Esq. ;

2 Anne Judith, m. Rev. M. Henderson; 3 PauUne, in.
1st, Yelverton Baker, Esq., 2ndlv, — O'Brien, Esq.

3 Charles, m. Miss Hoare, and had, with other issue,
four sons, 1 Henry Alen, in. Miss Lloyd, and has issue,
Charles Rickard, and Arabella; 2 Charles, in. Miss
Howard, and has issue, Charles, and Norman Howard ;

3 William, to. Miss Howard; and 4 Frederick Lyttelton.

The 2nd son,

John Lyster, b. 1725; in. Jane Ducasse, and d. 1816,
leaving, with other issue, an eldest son,

John Henry Lyster, b. 1759; to. Catherine Bayly, and was
s. in the Rocksavage property by his son, Benjamin O'Neal,
who m. Miss Hill, and d. in 1841, leaving issue. John Henry
Lyster's younger son,

Henry Lyster, Admiral R.N., left issue, one son, Henry
John, Major R.A., present representative of the Rocksavage
family, and three daus., Annette, Victoria, and Eliza.

Arms — Erni., on a fess sa., three muUctsor. Crest — A stag's
head issuing from a ducal coronet all ppr. Motto — Retinens
vestigia famae.

.bti'i— Rocksavage, co. Roscommon.


Lyster, Gteoege Fosbeey, Esq. of Grisbiirne
House, Liverpool, and Plas-Isaf, iluthin, North
Wales, C.E., F.E.S.E., J.P. co. Denbigh, Lieut.-
Col. Engineer Vol. Staff Corps, Engineer-in-Chief,
Liverpool Dock, b. 1821 ; m. 1848, Martha, dau.
of the Hon. T. Sanderson, Speaker of the House of
Assembly, Antigua, and has issue,

I. JouN Sanderson, l.ate (71st) Highland Light Infantry and
Brigade Major Queensland Defence Forces, Brisbane.

II. Anthony George, Executive Engineer Liverpool Docks.

III. Thomas Rice Somerville.

I. Mary Georgina Jane, m. Capt. Fias Burton Cole, of
Blendrum and Creeve, co. Monaghan, who d. 1881.

liineag'e. — This family claims to be descended from the
Listers, of co. Y'ork. Osbaldiston Lyster, Esq., an adherent
of Cromwell, acquired considerable estates in co. Roscommon.
He left, it is stated, several sons, of whom were,

I. John, of Corrakip.

II. Anthony, of Lysterfield, co. Roscommon, whose will,
dated 31 Aug. 1745, was proved 13 March, 1746, by Eliza-
beth his Ist wife, dau. and heir of Richard Warren, Esq.,
he had a dau. Joyce, in. the Right Rev. James Leslie, D.D.,

I Bishop of Limerick, and had a son,





Thomas, of Lysterfield, m. June, 1742, Mary, dau. of
Boleyn Whitney, Esq., K.C., M.P., and left an only child.
Wizaheth, wife of Kobcrt Robinson, M.D., and mother of
an only child, Elizabeth Robinson Lyster, 711. 25 May,
178.1, Frederick Trench, 1st Lord Ashtown.
III. William, of Grange, co. Roscommon, father, by Chris-
liana his wife, of

Thomas, of Grange, and afterwards of Athleague, who to.
twice ; his 2nd wife, Alice, was widow of Sir John Ayl-
nier, liart. By his 1st wife he left at his decease, 1726,
two sons,

1 William, of Athleague, whose will, dated 26 June,
1722, was proved 4 Aug. 1772. He m. Margaret, dau.
of Bryan Gunning, Esq., and widow of John Edwards,
Esq., and by her (who m. 3rdly, Capt. Francis Houston,
and 4thly, Theobald, Viscount Bourke, ol Mayo) had a
.«on, John, and three daus., Elizabeth, d. unra. ; Jane,
wife of Christopher Kirwan, Esq., who took the name
of Ltstek 18C6; and Margaret, m. 1st, William
O'Dwyer, Esq., and 2ndly, Richard Rumbold, Esq.

2 Thomas, of Grange, Col. in the army, d. 1790, leaving
(by his wife, whod. 1750) four sons, Lieut.-Col. Anthony
Lyster, of Grange, who m. Anna Cleland, and left, with
several daus., two sons, Thomas St. George, who sold
the estate; and Anthony, of Stillorgan I'ark, b. 1797,
111. Marcia Deborah, ruh dau. of James Tate, Esq. of
Ballintaggart, co. Wicklow, and d. 1880, leaving a son,
Harry Hammon, of Stillorgan Park, C.B., V.C., Lieut.-
Col. Bengal Staff Corps, b. 1829; John, father of
Benjamin, Capt. R.A. ; Ihomas ; George William ; and
daus. of whom Sophia m. 1812, Rev. Sir Harcourt
Lees, Bart.

The eldest son,

John Ltsteb, Esq. of CorraUip, m. Elizabeth Bellew, of
Mount Bellew, and d. 1784, leaving a son and successor,

Anthony Lyster, Esq. of New Park, co. Westmeath, whose
will, dated 14 Oct. 1751, was proved 9 Nov. 1754; he w. 1733,
Mary, dau. of Bryan Geoghegan, of Castletown Geoghegan, and
had issue,

I. Matthew, of Xew Park, Capt. 9th Dragoons, High Sheriff
1775, m. 1771, Helena, dau. of Ignatius Kelly, Esq. ol Car-
i;ins, and d. 1797, leaving issue,

1 Anthony, of New Park, Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards, b.
1776; d. unm. 1806.

1 Elizabeth, m. 1808, Ralph Smythe, Esq. of Barbavilla,
CO. Westmeath.

2 Helen Jane, ni. a French nobleman ,and d. s. p.

II. James, of whom we treat.

HI. Christopher. iv. Michael.

I. Elizabeth, m. Miles Dowdall, Esq. of Cluwue, co. Meath.

II. Christian.

The 2nd son,

James Lyster, Esq. of Lystcrfield, co. Roscommon, J. P.,
High Sheriff 1799, m. 1st, Letitia, dau. of J. Woods. Esq. of
Ro.ssmead, co. Westmeath, and by her had one son,,
of whom hereafter. He m. 2ndly, the dau. of John Biu'ke, Esq.
of Tyaquin, co. Galway, and by her had issue,
James, m. 1st, his cousin, the Hon. Elizabeth Hamilton,
relict of the Hon. Charles Hamilton, and 2ndly, Anne, relict
of Edward Mills, Esq. of Fairymount, co. Roscommon ;
d. s. 2J. 1840.
John, Lieut, to the 2nd Regt., killed in Egypt.
Thomas, Lieut. 66th Regt., killed in Portugal.
JIatthew Walter, m. Lucy, dau. of Col. Caulfeild, of Benown,
CO. Westmeath.

Emily, to. Capt. Zobel, 68th Regt.
Mary, 711. Edward O'Beirne, Esq. of Dublin.
Marcella. m.

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