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M. Trimble, F^sq., Lieut, llih Regt.
Eliza, d. 1825. Eleanor.

Tlie only son of the 1st marriage,

Anthony Lyster, Esq., Lieut.-Col. in the army, and High
Sheriff for co. Roscommon 1815, in. 1808, Jane, dau. of George
Fosbery, Esq. of Adare Farm, co. Limerick, and d. May, 1841,
having had issue,

James, Dean of Ontario.

Thomas Rice, Lieut. R.E., d. at Barbadoes, 2t Feb. 1842.

George Fosbeky, of Gisburne House and Plas-lsaf.

Christina, 7/i. 1841, Henry Hoyle, Esq. of Little Harwood
Hall, Blackburn, co. Lancaster, and has issue.

Letitia, d. unm. 1837.

The Very Rev. James Lyster, of Lysterfield, co. Ros-
common, M.A., formerly Rector of the Union of Tashinny, co.
Longford, and Dean of Leighlin, and 6ub,sequently Dean
of Ontario, b. 7 Sept. 1810; m. 12 Jan. 1837, Maria Sarah,
3rd dau. of the Rev. George Keating, Vicar of Edgeworths-
town, and had issue,

I. Anthony, b. 1838, deceased.

I. Jane Letitia, m. 1861, Rev. George T. Huston Barton,
D.D., eldest son of Rev. George Barton, Vicar of Killbrew
CO. Meath. „. Elizabeth Emily.

The Very Rev. James Lyster d. 2 Sept. 1891.

Jrms—Erm., on a fe.<;s sa. three Kullets or. Crest— A stag's
head issuing from a ducal coronet all ppr. jUo^to— Retinens
vestigia famae.

Seat— Plas-lsaf, Ruthin, North Wales.

Residence— Gisburne House, Liverpool.

Club — Athenaeum.

M'Adam, Major James John Loudon, of Tin-
don End, Essex, and Greenliill House, Dorset, J.P,
for botli counties, Major Ecserve of OiScers, late
7th Dragoon Guards, b. 1840; m. 1871, Frances,
3rd dau. of John Bligh Monck, Esq. of Coley Park,

Lineag-e, — The M'Adams of Watcrhcad, co. Kirkcud-
bright, claim descent from Gregok M'Gregor, Chief of the
clan Gregor, wliose 2nd son, Gregor, Capt. of the clan, fled, it
is stated, to the south country, and was taken and executed in
Edinburgh. His son, it is handed down,

Adam M'Gregor, being compelled to change his name,
called himself Adam M'Adam ; he was ancestor of

Gilbert M'Adam, served heir to his father 2 Aug. 1662>
He was a strenuous supporter of the reformed religion ia
Scotland. He was tritd and banished the country for
harbouring the famous John Walsh and other leaders of
the insurrection, who fled from Bothwell Field. Having been
ransomed, he returned, and whilst at prayer in a cottage iar
Kirkmichael, co. Ayr, was surprised and shot by a party of
soldiers under the Lairds of Colzean and Ballochmyle, 1680.
He TO. a dau. of James Dun, of Benwhatt, and had a son and

James M'Adam, who was served heir to his father 1686.
He 7)1. a lady of the Cunningham family, appears to have
d. 1687, and was s. by his son,

James M'Adam, m. Janet Craufurd, by whom he had,

James M'Adam, his heir, m. 1715, Margaret, dau. and
heir of John Reid, of Mid Helliar, co. Ayr, and had issue.
The eldest son,

James M'Adam, of Sauchrie, co. Ayr, J. P., D.L., one of
the founders of the first bank in the town of Ayr, m. Susanna,
dau. of John Cochrane, of Waterside, and had issue, two sons,
James, Capt. in the army, d. unm. 1763, and John Loudon,
of whom presently ; and eight daus., of whom the eldest,
Margaret, m. William Logan, Esq., and the 4th, Grissell, m.
Adam Steuart, Esq. The 2nd son,

John Loudon M'Adam, celebrated for the reformation of
the public roads of tlie kingdom, m. 1st, 1756, Gloriana Mar-
garetta, dau. of William Nicoll, of Islip, Suffolk, co. Long
Island, America, lineally descended from Col. Nicholl, Equerry
to the Duke of York (James II.) at the taking of New York.
At the close of Ihe American revolutionary war, Mr. M'Adam
went early in life to America, and on his return purchased
Sauchrie, co. Ayr. He d. 26 Nov. 18.36, in the 81st yearof his
age. He had issue,

William, m. 3 June, 1799, Jane, dau. of Capt. Pickard, of the
13th Light Dragoons, and </. 23 Feb. 1836, leaving by her
(who d. 23 June, 1832) issue,

William, of Ballochmorrie, co. Ayr (Sauchrie having been
sold), Surveyor-Gen. of Turnpike Roads in England, s. his
grandfatlier 1830. He c/. 28 Aug. 1861, aged 68, and was-
s. by his brother.

Christopher, of Ballochmorrie, co. Ayr, 6. 11 March,
1807; m. 29 March, 1837, Eleanor, dau. of Edward
Stephens Trelawny, Esq. of Coldrinick, Cornwall, and by
her (who d. 1852) had issue,

I. Ellen Jane.

II. Agnes Henrietta, d. rmm. 1862.

III. Family Darell Louisa, m. 1874, Charles Dudley May-
nard, Esq., M.R.C.S., and has issue.

George, in. Theresa, dau. of William Eccles, and has
1 William Edward. 2 George Christopher.

3 Loudon Tenner. 4 John Alfred.

6 Frederick. 6 Henry Martyn Eccles.

7 Allan Earnest.

1 Anne Selina Campbell. 2 Isabella Theresa.

Selina, d. 1871.
Susan Cochrane Craufurd, m. George Natheam, and has

Jane, m. Capt. John Townsend.
James, d. an infant.
James Nicholl, of whom we treat.

John Loudon, m. Marianne, dau. of Joseph Hellicar and
Henrietta Gresley, and d. 21 March, 1857. aged .^8, having
had issue, Charles Loudon, rf. June, 1861; Alice Mary;
and Selina Henrietta.





Anne, m. Capt. James Sanders, E.N. and C.B., and left


Gloriana 5Iar<raretta, d. unm.

Georgiua Keith, d. 7 March. 1869.
Mr. M'Adam hi. 2ndlj-, Miss De Lancy, bwt had no issue. His
third son,

Sir James Nicholl M'Adam, Knt., Surveyor General of
Koads, knighted 1834, d. 30 June, 1852, having m. and had

James M'Adam, Esq. of Tindon End, Essex, m. Angelica,
dau. of Philip Palmer, Esq. of Oakley Place, Berks, and d.
1853, leaving a son,

James John Lofdon, now of Tindon End.

5e(ifs— Tindon End, Esses, and Greenhill House, Sherborne,

C/iii— Junior United Service.


Macalester, Chaeles Someeville, Esq. of

Loup and Kennox, co. Ayr, J. P. and D.L., Chief

of the Clan Alcster, Lieut.-Col. (retired), late Capt.

46th Foot, and Adjutant 3rd R. Scots Fusiliers,

i. 18 March, 1830 ; m. 1867, Williamina Pollok,

youngest dau. of William Pollok Morris, Esq. of

Craig, CO. Ayr, and by her (who d. 18/2) lie liad


I. Chables Godfeet SojrEiiviLLE, Capt. 3rd batt. Eoyal

Scots Fusiliers, Barrister-at-Law of the Inner Temple,

B.A. Bal. Coll. Oxford, b. 18G8.

n. William Henry Somerville, 2nd Lieut. King's Own

Scottish Borderers, 6. 5 May, 1871.
I. Janet. ii. Mary. iii. Violet.

Lineag'e. — M'Alester, of The Loupe, is descended in a
direct line from Alasteb, or Alexander, eldest son of Angus
Mob, Lord of the Isles and Kintyre, 128-1.

Alexander acquired large additions to his territories by
marriage with Amie, one of the daus. and co-heirs of Ewin de
Ergadia, but having espoused the cause of Balliol, in opposition
to the claims of Eobert Bruce to the Scottish throne, he was
defeated by that monarch, who besieged him in his principal
stronghold of Castle Swain. Being forced to surrender, he was
imprisoned in Dundonald Castle, where he died. His posses-
sions were bestowed on his younger brother, Angus Oge, who
assumed the Lordship of the Isles, and from whom arc de-
scended the various chieftains of the M'Donald tribes. But the
M'Alesters possessing that^'it.s sanguinis of which noforfeiture
could deprive them, claim to represent the ancient Lords of the
Isles, as lineal descendants and heirs male of Alester, eldest
son of Angus Mor, who was the son of Donald, the son of
Reginald, son of Somerled, Lord of the Isles and Thane of
Argyll 1010, the common ancestor of the clan Donald, clan
Dugall, and clan Alester, known also as the clan Ean-Dubh.
The sons of Alester, with their adherents, being driven from
the Isles, sought refuge on the mainland, and obtained posses-
sion of several strongholds in Knapdaleand Kintyre. On the
overthrow of the dynasty of the Isles, in the reign of James IV.,
1493, they became a separate and independent clan, under
their chief Ean-Dcbh, who fixed his residence at Ardpatrick,
in South Knapdale, and for several generations his descendants
retained the patronymic of Vic-Ean-Dubh. He was s. by his

Charles, appointed Steward of Kintyre 1481. He was s. by
his son,

Angds Vic-Ean-Dcbh, styled also Angus M'Alester, of The
Loupe. He is mentioned in the Eegister of the Privy Seal,
1515, He was s. by his .son,

Alexander, mentioned in Pitcaim's Criminal Trials as
having incurred the penalty of forfeiture for treasonably
abiding from the army of Siilloway, but obtained, in 1540,
remission of the sentence for himself and fifteen of his clan.
He left a son.

Hector M'Alester, who did not long survive. He was s.
by his son,

Alexander M'Alester, who, in 1573, obtained a charter
from Archibald, Earl of Argyll. His name appears on the
EoU as one of those who, by Act of Parliament, were called
upon to deliver hostages, whose lives were to be held respon-
sible for the obedience of their chiefs. At his death, his son
and successor,

Godfrey M'Alester, was yet a minor. In 1591 he obtained
a charter from the Earl of Argyll, and therein is designated

Gorrie M'Eachine Vic-Alester-Vic Ean-Dubh. At an early
age, he became tlie hero of a tragedy still remembered in the
Highlands.the heads of which are given in Pitcaikn's Criminal
Dials. He took an active part in most of the feuds and con-
flicts of the troubled period in which he lived. He closed his
turbulent career about the beginning of the 17th century, and
was buried at lona, in the tomb of his ancestors. His statue,
in black marble, was to be seen there within the last century.
He was ,'i. by his son.

Hector M'Alester, who had charters from the Earl of
Argyll for the lands of Loupe and others, being therein
designated Hector M'Gorry-Vic-Eachine-Vic-Allister-Vic Ean-
Dubh. He m. 11 March, 1G20, Margaret, dau. of Campbell, of
Kilbeny. His son and successor,

Godfrey M'Alester, of Loupe, m. a dau. of Sir Robert
Montgomerie, of Skelmorlie. His son and successor,

Alexander M'Alester, supported the cause of James VII.
to the last, and was engaged at the battles of Killiecrankie and
the Boyne. He m. Jane, dau. of Sir James Campbell, Bart, of
Auchenbreck, by whom he had a numerous family. (The 3rd
son, Duncan, settled in Holland, and was father of Gen.
llobert M'Alester, who commanded the Scots Brigade.) The
eldest son of Alexander,

Hector M'Alester, d. without issue, and was s. by his

Charles M'Alester, vi. Christina, dau. of Lament, of
Lament, by whom he had two sons, Angus, his heir, and
Archibald (who for many years commanded the 35th Hegt.
and d. a Lieut.-Gen., leaving a large family, of whom his
eldest son, Charles, was Lieut.-Col. of the Ceylon Eifles. His
eldest son,

Angus M'Alester, who s. his father, m. his cousin Jane,
dau. of M'Donald, of Ardnacroish, and cousin to the celebrated
Flora M'Donald, and was s. by his only son,

Charles M'Alester, J. P. and D.L., Lieut.-Col. Comm. 1st
Ayrshire Local Militia, b. 13 Jan. 17C5 ; ?u. 28 March, 1792,
Janet, dau. and heir of William Somerville, of Kennox, co.
Ayr, by his wife, Lilias, dau. and coheir of Gabriel Portertield,
of Hapland, and had issue,

Charles Somerville M'Alester, late representative.

James, of Chapeltown.

Wilhelmina, d. 1874. Jane, d. 1871.

Col. Somerville M'Alester d. Oct. 1847. His elder son,

Charles Somerville M'Alestee, of Kennox, late Lieut.-
Col. Ayr and Wigtown Militia, D.L. and J.P., Chief of the
Clan Alester, in Kintyre, b. 15 Sept. 1797 ; m. Jan. 1828, Mary
Adeline Brabazon, only child of Edward Lyon, Esq. of
Dublin, an officer E.N., by Anna Catherine his wife, dau.
and co-heir of George Frederick Wynstanley, Esq. of
Philipsburgh, co. Dublin, and by her ^who d. 18G1) had

I. Charles, present representative.

II. Edward, b. 14 June, 1834. in. James, d. 1837.

I. Anna Catherine, d. IG Aug. 1855.

II. Jessie, d. 2 July, 1815.

III. Mary Adeline, vi. 1864, James Hay Boyd, Esq. of Town-
end, CO. Ayr, formerly Lieut.-Col. 20th Eegt., D.L., J. P.,
and has a dau., Mary Elizabeth.

Col. Somerville M'Alester d. 1891.

jrms — Or, an eagle displayed gu. armed sa. surmounted on
the breast of a galley of the tii-st, a border of the third, cliarged
with three crosses-crosslet fiti;hee arg. Crest — A dexter arm
in armour erect, the hand holding a dagger in pale, all ppr. ;
motto over, Fortiter. Mottu—l'crmarc per terras. Supporters
Dexter, a bear pierced in the back with an arrow, and sinis-
ter, an eagle, all ppr.

Scot— Kennox House, Stewarton, and Dunkskaig House, co.

Club — Junior United Service.


Macalistee, Matthew Chaeles Beodie, Esq.
of Glenbarr and Cour, co. Argyll, J.P., formerly
Major 3rd batt. Argyll and Sutherland High-
landers, b. 6 May, ' 1838 ; m. 11 Aug. 1869,
Augusta, 2nd dau. of the late Major Henry Lees,
and has issue,

Charles Augustus, b. 10 July, 1883.

Lineag-e.— This branch of the clan Macalister claims
descent from the Lords of the Isles.

Eanald Macalisteb, Esq., m. Anne, dau. of Macdonald, of
Kingsborough, had, with several daus., five sons, I. Albs-





ANDER, of Strathaird ; ii. Keith, of Torrisdaile and Loup, a
Gen . in the army ; in. John, a Col. in the army ; iv. Matthew,
of whom we treat; v. Norman, a Col. in the army, and
Governor of Prince of Wales's Island. The 4th son,

Matthew Macalisteb, Esq. of Glenbarr, Col. in the army, m.
1st, Miss Campbell, of Glensaddcl, and 2ndly, 23 Dee. 1802,
Charlotte, youngest dau. of James Brodie, Esq. of Brodie,
and Lady Margaret Duff his wife, dau. of William, 1st Earl
life. He d. 23 Dec. 1829, aged 72, leaving by his 2nd marriage,
an only son,

Keith Macalisteb, Esq. of Glenbarr and Cour, J.P. and
D.L., 6. 13 Nov. 1803; m. 1st., 3 June, 1 830, Mary Agatha,
cnly dau. of Eobert Campbell, Esq. of Skipness, by Eugenia
his wife, dau. of Richard Wynne, Esq. of Folkingham, co.
Lincoln, and had issue,

I. Mattuew Chaelks Brodie, now of Glenbarr and Cour.

I. -Agatha Cecilia Constance, m. Alfred Stikeman, Esq., and
has issue, two sons and a dau.

II. Caroline Elizabeth Villiers, »i. Henry Greer, Esq., and
has three song.

III. Ellinor Georgina.

IV. Eliza Gordon, m. Charles Vaudin, Esq., and ha.s issue,
hve sons and two daus.

V. Anne Argyll, d. 18^8.

He ra. 2ndly, 3 Aug. 1858, Alexandrina Georgina Cunningham,
dau. and co-heir of W. Millar, Esq. of Monkcastle and Monk-
ridding, CO. Ayrj and d. 17 Nov. 1886, having had further

II. Noi-man Godfrey, of FlatBeld House, Symington, Kilmar-
nock, Lieut. E.H., b. 3 Feb. 1861.

iSi^a^— Glenbarr Abbey, Glenbarr, co. Argyll.
CZui)— Scottish, Dover Street, W., and New Club, Edin-

II. Eliza, TO. 1881, John Gascoigne Lillie, Esq., and has issue,
Denis Gascoigne, &. Aug. 1884; Horace; Brenda; Evelyn

III. Edith. IV. Annie.

Mr. Macan d. 13 Oct. 1879, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Az., fretty or, on a fess arg. a boar passant gn.
Crest — A salmon naiant ppr. J/oUo— Virtus sub pondere

Seat— Drumcashel, Castle Bellinpham, co. Louth.

Ciu6.s— Carlton, S.W., and Sackville Street, Dublin.


Macan, Akthue, Esq. of Drumca-shel, co. Louth,
J.P., D.L., High Sheriff 1882, late Capt. 6th batt.
Koyal Irish Rifles, b. 25 July, 1852 ; m. 7 Aug.
1877, Mary Louisa, eldest dau. of Lieut.-Coi.
Bellingham, of Castle Bellingham, co. Louth, and
has issue,

I. Arthur Henry, 6. I July, 1883.

II. Hugh Turner, h. 8 April, 1886.

I. Sybil Norah, b. 18 June. 1878.

II. Joan Florence, b. 5 May, 1887.

III. Elsie Winifred, b. 13 June, 1889.

Xiineage.— The MacCanns, ancient chiefs in Ulster,
•were of the race of MacMahon of Oriel. Their Clanbrassail
•estates were con.lscated in the sixteenth century with those
-of the chieftains who joined O'NeiPs party, except a small por-
tion called Desart, near Armagh, which was afterwards sold.
The senior line terminated with Glasney Macan, whose only
dau. and heir, Elizabeth, m. John Hamilton, Col. in the army
ef James II., killed at the battle of Aughrim, 6th son of Sir
George Hamilton, Knt. of Donalong. Thomas McCanu was
Sovereign of Armagh in the middle of the eighteenth century.
His numerous family changed the form of the name into
Macan, and one of the sons buying property in Louth, estab-
lished the family in that county.

Egbert Macan, Esq. (eldes son of Thomas McCann, of
Armagh) got the remnant of the family estates, viz., Carriff, co.
Armagh. He m. 1783, Hannah Bagwed, by whom (who 4.
iS24) he left at his decease in 1808, three sons,

I. Thomas, d. unm. in India.

II. Turner, of Carriff, m. Harriet, dau. of the Rev. Weten-
hall Sneyd, of Newchurch, Isle of Wight, and d. 1835, leav-
ing issue,

Turner Arthur, of Carriff, co. Armagh, and Elston Lodge,

Bedford, J.P., b. 1826; m. 1865, Florence, dau. of Henrv

Lawes Long, Esq. of Hampton Lodge, Hants, andd. 1889,

leaving, with other issue,

William Arthur, now of Carriff, 6. I8.i9, to. 1886, Lucy

Eugenie, dau. of .Sir Claude William De Crespigny,

Bart, and has, with other issue, William Harry Reginald,

b. 1887.

ni. Richard, of whom we treat.
The 3rd son,

Richard Macas, Esq. of Drumcashel, r.i. 28 Nov. 1343,
Caroline Heline, dau. of Professor Maeaire, of Geneva, audhad

I Arthur, now of Drunicn.'^hel.
It. George.
1. Caroline.

ut. Richard -


MacAndeew, James Johnston, Esq. of Lukes-
land, CO. Devon, J.P., b. 23 Aug. 1837 ; m. 9 Dec.
1862, Barbara, dau. of John Miller, Esq., M.D.,
J.P., of Eothsay, Isle of Bute.

Liineag'e. — The family of MacAndrew was long settled
in Morayshire, where we find in 1696, a William Mac
Kandrew, resident in Elgin, whose grandson,

William BIcKandrew, Esq. of Elgin, had two Bona,

I. William, of whom we treat.

II. James, ancestor of Macandrew of Westwood House
{whom see).

The elder son,

William McAndeew, Esq. of Wandsworth, who came from
Elgin to London, about 1770, and lived first in Thames Street
and afterward at Wandsworth. Ho m. 1785, Antonia Sykes,
and d. 1819, leaving issue,

I. William Peter, whose representatives are Jaues Child
Mc.\ndrew, Esq., and John McAndeew, Esq. of Holly Hill,
near Tunbridge Wells.

II. Robert, of whom we treat.
The 2nd son,

Robert McAndrew, Esq., F.R.S. of Isleworth House,
Middlesex, Jii. 1829, Eliza, dau. of William McAndrew, Esq.
and by her (who d. 15 Jan. 1892) had issue,

I. William Edward, m. 1861, Emily, dau. of P. Ramsay, Esq.
M.D., Liverpool, and has issue.

II. Robert Alexander, m. 1861, Margaret, dau. of P. Ramsay,
Esq., M.D., and has issue.

III. James Johnston, of Lukesland.

IV. George, of Juniper Hall, Dorking, Surrey, b. 1843; m.
Flora Valcntina, dau. of James Farquhar Morice, Esq. of
Eeigate, Surrey, and has issue,

1 Kenneth Alexander, b. 1872. 2 Ernest George, 6. 1873.

3 Vernon William, 6. 1880. 4 Wilfred James, 6. 1884.
5 Douglas John, 6. 1887.

1 Clara Constanco. 2 Bertha Valentina.

Mr Eobert McAndrew d. 22 May, 1873.

Anns — (Matric. 13 Sept. 1785) Sa, an eaglo displayed or, in
the dexter talon a dagger ppr. a bordure arg. charged with six
stars gu.

Crest— A galley, oars erected in saltire sa. and flags gn.

Motto — Fortuna juvat.

Heat — Lukesland, Ivy Bridge, Devon.



Macandeew, William, Esq. of Westwood
House, CO. Essex, J.P., b. 22 Oct. 1828 ; m. 1st,
11 Oct. 1855, Mary Eachel, dau. of James William.
Matthews, Esq. of Arequipa, Peru, by Maria
Mercedes Cossio his wife, and by her (who d.
16 June, 1873) has issue,

I. Isaac F'oestth, 6. 31 July, 1860.

II. William Duncaji, 6. 1 June, 1863.
in. Arthur Edward, b. i July, 1864.

I. Rachel Constance. u. Manuela Christina Mercedes,
m. Katharine. iv. Rosita.

v. Eleanor. vi. Mary.

Mr. William Macandrew in. 2ndly, 9 Jan. 1877,
Mariana Helen, eldest dau. of the late Rev.
Charles Birch, Rector of Wiston, Suffolk, and
widow of George Grataker, Esq. of Mildenhall,

Liineag'e. — James McAndrew, Esq. the younger son of
William McKandrew, Esq. of Elgin (see Macandrew of
Lvk-esloTid), ni. 1789, Mary, dau. of — Shirley, and d. 1822,
leaving by her Avho d. 1848) a son and heir,

AV'illiam Duncan Mc.Andbew, E.sq. b. 1795, m. 1824, Anne,





dau. of Isaac Forsyth, Esq., atnlii. 18C0, leaving by her, who
<f. 1863,

I. James, b. 1825 ; m. Mary, dau. of — Watson, Esq., and
had issue,

1 Kenneth. 2 Duncan.

3 Konald. 4 AJan Jardine.

1 Elsie Mary.

II. Isaac Forsyth, 6. 1827 ; m. Elizabeth Alexandrina, dau.
of — Harvey, Esq., and had issue,

1 Harold. 2 Alfred.

1 Alice Mary. 2 Isabel Katherine.

3 Grace Muriel. 4 Grace Winifred.

5 Mildred Evelyn.

III. William, of Wcstwood House.

IV. Joseph, b. IS-IO; m. Sarita Louisa, dau. of — Read, Esq.
and had issue.

2 Evelyn Constance Sarita.

1 Ernest Henry.
1 Violet Manuela,
3 Lilian Clare.

I. Catherine, b. 1830; -m. Dr. W. H. Duncan, and had issue,
George William and Edith Mary.

II. Mary Isabella, 6. 1838 ; m. John Gavin Esq., and had
issue; 1 Harold John; 2 Norman Alexander; 3 Herbert
William; Mabel: 2 JIary Forsyth; 3 Katherine Lilian;
4 Ethel ; and fi Hilda.

ui. Anne Harold, 6. 1842.

Arms — (see preculing Memoir).

li'eat — Wcstwood House, Little Horlscslcy, Colchester.

Clubs — Eeform, and City Liberal.


McAsTHUE, Alexander, Esq. of West-brook
Hay, Herts, J.P. for Surrey, D.L. for London,
M.P. for Leicester 1874 to 1892, b. 10 March,
1814; m. 19 Aug. 1853, Maria Bowden, dau. of
tlie late Eev. William B. Bojce, of The Glebe,
Sydney, New South Wales, and has had issue,

I. William Alexander, one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the
City of London, M.P. for St. Austell Division of Corn-
wall since 1887, Jun. Lord of the Treasury since 1892,
b. 14 April, 1857 ; m. 12 Aug. 1890, Florence Cremer, 3nl
dau. of John Cremer Clarke, Esq. of Wayste Court.

II. John Percival, D.L. for London, 6. 25 July, 1858; m.
25 Sept. 1884, Lilly, dau. of — Addison, Esq.

III. Allen Gordon, 6. 12 Jan. 1862 ; m. 26 Sept. 1890, Maud,
dau. of Samuel Finly, Esq. of Montreal.

IV. James Harry Stewart, Barrister-at-Law, 6. 10 March,

V. George W., Barrister-at.-Law, 6. 20 Dec. 18G4.

VI. Ebenezer Jenkins, 6. 27 July, 1872.

VII. Alexander, b. 10 Nov. 1873 ; d. young.

I. Lilian, 6. 25 Sept. 1860; d. Jan. 1862.

II. Marian, m. G. F. Holman, Esq.

III. Sarah Maria, b. 7 Oct. 1S66; m. John Southall, Esq.

Liineage. — Willlam McArthce, Esq. m. about 1753,
Martha King (who d. 1820, aged 92). He d. 1784, leaving a

Rev. John McArthue, who d.l March, 1840,leaving issue by
Sarah, his wife (m. June, 1799 ; d. 6 Aug. 1861],

William (Sir), K.C.M.G., J.P. co. Surrey, D.L. for London,
Director of the City Bank, F.R.G.S., Lord Mayor ef
London 1881, M.P. for Lambeth for many years, d. liiSj.

ALEXA^DEB, now of Holland Park.

.lohn, deceased.

Eliza, m. the Rev. G. M'Millan (deceased), and has issue,
three sons and three daus.

Rosanna, m. the Rev. James Hughes, who d. s. p.

ArniK — Per chevron nebuly az. and or, two antique crowns
in chief, and a cross moline in base, all counterchangcil.

Crest— In front of a greyliound sejant sa. cullared and lined
'the line reflexed over the back) aig., a billet erect or, the
whole between two branches of laurel in orle, ppr. Motto —
1- ide et opera.

.Seat — Westbrook Hay, Boxmoor, Herts.

Toum Jtesidence—'S, Holland Park, London, W.

('(i'.is— Reform, Devonshire, and National Liberal.

I. Donald Gregor, h. 7 April, 18C9.

II. Alaster, 6. 20 Sept, 1870.

I. Agnes Ferguson. ii. Slary Jane Cameron.

III. Helen Margaret. iv. Ctiarlotte Flora.
V. Janetta Catherine. vi. Eva, deceased.
VII. Eliza Frederica. viii. Eva Joan.

IX. Louisa Huina Ross. x. Jane Alice M.acgregor.

XI. Isabella Margaret Monah.

Mr. MacArthur is the eldest son of Donald
MacArthur, Esq. (who d. 1840), by Agnes his
wife, dau. of the late Colin Ferguson, Esq. of
Inverary, eo. Argyll.
Scat — Barbreck, Loehaw, near Inverary, N.B.


MacArthur, John, Esq. of Barbreck, co.
Argyll, J.P. and County Councillor, b. 1 Oct.
1825; m. 9 Sept. 1863, Charlotte, dau. of Eev.
Gregor Macgregor, of Lismore, co. Argyll, and has


Macartney, Carthanach George, Esq. of
Lissanoure, co. Antrim, educated at the Charter-
house and Sandhurst, K.M.C., b. 11 Aug. 1869 ; s.
his father 29 Aug. 1874 ; m. Aug. 1890, his cousin,
Margaret Tryphena Mabel, eldest dau. of Townley
Patten Hume Macartney Filgate, Esq. of Lowther-
stone, CO. Dublin (whom see), and has issue,
Dervock George Adchinleck, b. 1 Dec. 1891.
liineag'e. — Of the

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