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of M'Cartt, or son of Catagh, was the grandfather of Diab-
MOD M'Carty More, whom the English found in possession of
Cork, and who swore fealty, gave hostages, and subjected his
kingdom to Henry II. Diarmod was slain by Theobald
Butler, founder of the House of Ormonde, in 1186. Ilis suc-
cessors were Donald, Cobmac Fionn, Donald Roe, Donald
OoE, and Cormac, all of whom were distinguished as M'Caett
More (or Great), an adjunct continuec^ in this senior branch
until 1556, when Donald M'Cabty More, the 7th in descent
from the eldest son of the last-mentioned Cormac, was created
Earl of Clancare, in Kerry, on resigning hi.s estates to Queen
Elizabeth, from whom he again received the investiture of
them, "to hold of the Crown of England in the English
manner." This stock of the M'Carty More is extinct for more
than a century; but the above Cormac More had a 2nd son,
Dermod, 1st feudal lord of Muskerry, and founder of that
potent house, who was killed by the O'JIahonys, 1367. From
him sprung in succession, as Lords of Muskerry, Teioe-Cor-
MAC, d. 1374; Teige, 1448; Cormac LAiDHiR(the Stout), 1494;
Cormac Oge Laidhib, who defeated the Earl of Desmond at
the battle of Morne Abbey 1521, and d. 1536; Teige, d. 1565;
Dermod, d. 1570. His son,

Cormac, Lord of Muskerry, had his residence at the Castle
oi Blarney, and d. 1616, leaving two sons,

Cormac Oge, Lord of Muskerry, the first "Viscount, as
stated by some writers. He d. in London 1640, leavinjr
(with a dau. Elena, wife of John Power, Esq., ancestor of
Frances Power, wife of Richard Trench, Esq. of Garbally)
a son, Donald, 1st Earl of Clancabty, whose male line is
Donald, or Daniel.
The 2nd son of Cormac,

Donald or Daniel M'Cartt, built the Castle of Carrignavar,
His son, by Katherine his wife, a dau. of Stephen Meade,

Charles (Cormac) M'Cartt, Esq. of Carrignavar, m. Cathe-
rine, dau. of David Roche, 7th Viscount Fermoy, and was .i.
at his decease by (the son of his son Daniel and Elizabeth
Matthews his wife) his grandson,

Charles M'Carty, Esq. of Carrignavar, m. Lucy, dau. of
Morgan Kavanagh, Esq. of Borris, but dying without issue
1761, he was s. by his nephew,

Daniel M'Carty, Esq. of Carrignavar, son of Daniel
M'Carty and Grace Fitzgerald his wife), m. 1751, Elizabetli
Geraldina, dau. of Gerald, 24th Lord Kingsale, and had issue.
Justin, d. s. 2). 1775 ; Robekt, successor to his brother; and
Elizabeth, ni. Maurice Uniackc Atkin, Esq. of co. Cork. Mr
M'Carty d. 1763. His 2ad sou.





Robert M'Carty, Esq. of Carrignavar, m. 1784, Jane, Jau.
of Joseph Capel, Esq. of Cloghroe, and had issue,

Ji'STiN, his heir. Joseph d. unm. 1821.

Elizabeth, j?!. 1811, Joseph Deane Freeman, Esq. of Castle-
cor, CO. Cork.
3Ir. M'Carty d. 1823. His son,

Justin M'Cartt, Esq. of Carrignavar, J.P., b. 19 March,
178G; m. 29 May, 1810, Isaliella, dau. of Caleb Falkiner, Esq.
eldest son of Sir Biggs Falkiner, 1st Bart., by whom he had
surviving issue,

BoBERT, h. U April, 1811 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of John
Hyde, Esq. of Castle Hyde, co. Cork, and has issue, Jus-
tin; Florence; Bessy; Geraldine ; Marie; and Ellinor. He
d. 1865.

Justin, now of Carrignavar.

Frederick Caleb, M.D., m. 1st, 1845, Frances Anne, dau. of
John Samuel Beamish, Esq. of Mount Beamish, and 2ndly,
Miss Jane O'Driscoll, and d. leaving by the latter one dau.
Isabella de Courcy.
' Joseph (Bev.), Vicar of Wilton, co. Cork, late in the H.E.I.
Co.s military service, to, Mary Frances, dau. of the Ven.
William Thompson, Archdeacon of Cork, by whom he has
several children (see MacCartib of Shrub lIilL)

Lydia, m. Lowther F'orrest, Esq., H.E.l.C.S.

Jane, m. 1st, Bev. Horace Townsend ; and 2ndly, 1845,
William Barton Leslie, Esq. of Court Macsherry, co. Coik.

Isabella, m. Alexander Boss, Esq., H.E.l.C.S.

Elizabeth, m. George Pakenham, Esq., and is deceased.

Mary Geraldine, m. 1st, Thomas Charles Morton, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law ; and 2ndly, 2 Jan. 1858, Wiiliam Brown-
rigg Elliot, Esq., grandson of Gilbert, ht Baron Minto, and
has issue.

Bose. Ellinor.

lie d. 1864.

Anns — Arg., a stag trippant gu., attired and unguled or.
Crest — A dexter arm couped below the elbow erect, cloaked
with mail arg., and hand holding a newt, all ppr.

/i\ai— Carrignavar, in the vii:inity of Cork.


MacCartie, Gerald de Courcy, Esq. of Shrub
Hill, CO. Surrey, late Capt. 4tli batt. Princess of
Wales' Own Yorkshire Eegt., b. April, 1867 ; m. 20
Oct. 1890, Irma, Countess Zicliy, only dau. of Count
Ernest Zichy, of Ferendia, Hungary, by his wife,
Ilona, Baroness Lo Presti, and has issue,

Douglas Marie Geraldine, 6. 12 Aug. 1891.

Lineag'e. — (see M'Cartt of Carriynarar).

Bev. Joseph McCartt, Vicar of Wilton, co. York (4th son
of Justin M'Carty, Esq. of Carrignavar), J. P. (who d. 1864),
altered the spelling of his surname to MacCartie. He rn.
Mary Frances, dau. of the Ven. William Thompson, Arch-
deacon of Cork, and has issue,

I. Charles Falkiner, I.C.S., Private Sec. to his Excellency
Lord Wenlock, Governor of Madras.

II. Joseph Fitzgerald, Lieut. 1st batt. Durham Light Infan-
try, d. in Upper Burmah 1886.

III. Gerald de Coorct, now of Shrub Hill.

I. Mary.

II. Ella Farquhar, m. Bev. Henry Wilson, and has issue.

HI. Bessie Boss, rn. Major S. C. Peile, Inspector-General of
Police, Burmah, and has issue.

IV. Flora Theodosia. v. AnnaJustina.

Armg — Same as M'Cartt of Carrignavar.
£tal— Shrub Hill, Dorking, Surrey.


McCausland, Conolly TnoMAS, Esq. of Dre-
nagh, CO. Londonderry, J. P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1866, late Capt. Derry Militia, b. May, 1828 ; m.
8 June, 1867, Hon. Laura St. John, 2nd dau. of
St. Andrew, 14th Baron St. John of Bletsoe, and
has issue,

I. Maurice Marcus, 6. 9 April, 1872.

II. Patrick, 6. 18 June, 1874.

I. Eleanor Marianne Katherine. ii. Lucia.

III. Geraldine. iv. Julia Sydney.
V. Lettice Theodosia.

Lineag'e. — This is a junior branch (which emigrated to
Ireland ttmp. James VI.) of the ancient Scottish House of
MacAuslane, of Buchanan, which sprang from John Mac-
Auslane (or the son of Auslane), who acquired the lands of

Buchanan, on the Lennox, and from whom they descended in
direct male succession to Sir Walter MacAuslane, 11th Laird,
who lived temp. Robert II., and whose grandson. Sir Alex-
ander, was the last of the senior branch of tlie MacAusIanes
of Buchanan. The heir male is stated to have migrated to
Ireland tm,p. James VI. He had two sons, of whom the elder,
Andrew, was grandfather of

CoL. Bobert McCausland, of Fruit Hill, near Newtown-
limavady, stj'led his "cousin" in the will of Capt. Oliver
McCausland of Strabane, of which he was left executor and
also a legatee. He had estates in the parish of Cappagh, co.
Tyrone, and s. under the will of the Eight Hon. William
Conolly to considerable property in co. Derry. He m. July,
1709, Hannah, dau. of William Moore, of Garvey, and relict of
James Hamilton, jun., of Strabane, and by her left surviving
issue, at his death, circa 1 734.

I. CoNOLLT, his heir.

II. Marcus, of Daisy Hill (Nowtownlimavar'y), 6. 7 Oct.
1717, ra. a dau. of Dominick Ileyl.ind, and had issue, with

1 Robert, of Coleraine.

2 Conolly, of Daisy Hill, and subsequently of Lcarmount.

3 Dominick, of Daisy Hill, m. Mary, co-heir of Archdeacon
Bacon, of Glebe Hall, and had issue,

Bobert, who assumed the name of Bacon, d. s.p.
Marcus, to. a dau. of John Kennedy, Esq. of Culira, and
liad issue,

1 Marcus, Rector of Birr, King's co., b. 27 Jan. 1802,
m. Fanny Georgina, dau. of the Hon. and Bight
Bev. Edmund Knox, Bishop of Killaloe, and liad
issue, 1 Marcus Langford, Lieut.-Col., b. 14 Aug.
1834 ; 2 Edmund Bacon, b. 21 Aug 1836; 3 AVilliam
Henry, Major and Hon. Lieut.-Col. 79th Highlander,
b. 11 Aug. 1838 ; 4 John Kennedy, Paymaster 1st
Dragoons, late Capt. King's Own Borderers, b. 29
May, 1845 ; 5 Francis Harry Ernest, and 6 Charles
Knox, twins, d. young; 1 Charlotte Ann; 2 Mary
Carsiline ; 3 Jessy Elizabeth, deceased.

2 John Kennedy, C.B., Lieut.-Gen. H.E.I.C, &. 1 June,
1803, d. unm.

3 Dominick, Banister-at-Law, Q.C., 6. 20 Aug. 1806.

4 William Henry (Bev.), b. 5 Nov. 1808.
1 Elizabeth, d. young.

:Mary, m. 1799, Lieut.-Col. Knox, of Prehen, M.P. for

Donegal, and had issue.
Letitia, m. 1802, Bev. John Hill, and was motlier of the

late Sir George Hill, Bart, of St. Columb
Anne, to. 1807, Rev. John Olphert, of Ballyconnell.
HI. F'rederick, of Streeve Hill, m. 1st, Rachel Hillhouse,
and had, with others, Abraham, of Culmore, and Conollt,
of Streeve. Mr. McCausland m. 2ndly, Jane Cochrane,
relict of John Anderson, Esq. of Londonderry, by whom he
had two daus., Sarah, to. Pitt Skipton, Esq., and Jane, 7ii.
James Anderson, Esq. His will, dated IS Nov. 1763, was
proved 23 Jan. 1784. His 3rd son,

CoNOLLT McCausland, Esq. of Streeve Hill, co. Deny,

„i. Sarah, dau. of Marcus McCausland, Esq. of Daisy Hill,

and by her (who d. 28 Dec. 1821), had issue,

Frederick, of Bessbrook, co. Deny, m. 21 Jan. 1814,

Theodosia^ dau. of John Stirling, Esq. of AValworth, co.

Derry, and had issue,

1 CoNOLLT, Major-Gen. late E.E., 6. 22 Jan. 1815; li).
14 Aug. 1855.

2 John Stirling, 6. 23 May, 1818 ; d. 24 Dec. 1844.

3 Abraham, b. 28 Jan. 1829; d. 12 July, 1847.
Robert, m. Matilda, widow ef Thomas Dallas, Esq.
Marcus, d. Sept. 1822.

Elizabeth, r,i. Hugh Boyle, Esq.
Bachel, to. Marcus Gale, Esq.

Sarah, ni. Rev. Thomas Twigge. Mary.

Mr. McCausland d. 26 March, 1796.

I. Sarah, b. 2 June, 1710: to. William Smith, E«().

II. Rebecca, 6. 4 Aug. i;il; »i. 4 Dec. 1726, John McClin-
toek, Esq. of Dunmore,

III. Hannah, b. 25 Dec. 1712; m. 1739, James Stirling, Esq.
of Walworth, co. Deny.

CoNOLLT McCauslakd, Esq. of Fiiiit Hill, 6. 21 Nov. 1713,
eldest son and heir of Capt. Bobert McCausland, ni. 10 Feb.
1742, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Gage, Esq. of Magilligan, and
eventually sole heir to her brother, Hodson Gage, of Bella-
rena, and d. 29 June, 1794, aged 80, leaving issue,

I. CoNOLLT, his heir.

II. Marcus, b. 28 Aug. 1755, s. under the will of his mother
to the Bellarena estates, and assumed the name of Gage.
He m. Julia Sliiling, and d. leaving issue,

1 Conolly Gage, Esq. of Bellarena, D.L., m. J827,
Henrietta, dau. of Thomas Tyndail, Esq., and d. 1843,
leaving an only dau. aud heir, Marianne, to. 1851,
Sir F. \V. Heygate, Bart., M.l*. for co. Derry, and has

2 James, d. nnm. 3 Hudson, </. lotii!.

4 Miircus, of Streeve Hill, m. Eachcl, dau. of ConoUy





McCausland, of Streeve Hill. He d. 1856, leaving an
eldest son anl heir, Makc0s Gage, of Ballynacree House,
CO. Antiim, J. P., m. 1854. Harriet, dau. of William Lenox
Conyngham, Esq. of Spring Hill, co. Londonderry.

5 Kobert, Rector of Desertoghill, m, Ann, dau. of the Rev.
John Olphert, and had, with other issue, a son, Mark
Gage, of Ballynahinch, co. Down, J. P.

6 William Charles, of Drummond, co. Londonderry,
.J. P., ni. 1838, Mary, dau. of Rev. John Olphert, and has

1 Julia, m. 1826, Sir Hugh Stewart, Bart.
J. Hannah, 6. 3 Oct. 1751 ; vi. William Lecky, M.P. for
Derry, and d. 1826, leaving issue.

II. Elizabeth, t>. 16 April, 1753; m. 1776, Thomas .Skipton,
of Beech Hill, otherwise Skipton Hall, and d. s. p. IbOO.

III. Sarah, b. 27 Jan. 1759, m. 1777, George C. Kennedy, who,
on succeeding to the .Skipton Hall estate at his cou.^in's
death, assumed the name of Skipton. She d. 1823, leaving

IV. Sydney, b. 25 JIarch, 1760 ; d. young.
The eldest son,

CoNOLLT McCausland, Esq. of Fruit Hill, b. 3 Aug. 1754 ;
tn. Jan. 15, 1778, Theodosia, sister to Maurice, Lord Hartland,
and dau. of Thomas Mahon, Esq. of Strokestown House, by
Jane, dau. of Maurice, Lord Brandon, and by her (who U.
S May, 1822) had issue,
Marcus, his heir.

Conolly Robert, 6. 5 Nov. 1789; d. in India 1817.
Frederick Henry, 6. 18 Dec. 1793; d 17 Nov. 1817.
Jane, vi. the Rev Gustavus Hamilton, Rector of Drumachose,
CO. Derry, and nephew of the Right Hon. Sackville Hamil-
ton, and had issue.

Elizabeth, m. J. Ross, Esq. of the Lodge, Newtownlima-
vady ; d. s. p.
Eleanor, d. v.nm. 12 Dec. 1818.

Theodosia, m. Charles, son of Thomas Tyndall, Esq. of The
Fort, and d. 1825, leaving issue.
Mr. McCausland, who had assumed the name of Gage in 1816,
d. 1827, aged 72, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

Maecus McCausland, Esq. of Fruit Hill, D.L. co. Derry, b.
24 April, 1787; m. 5 Sept. 1815, Marianne, dau. of Thomas
Tyndall, Esq. of The Fort, near Bristol, and by her (who d.
22 Aug. 1864) had issue,
CoNOLLY Thomas, now of Drenagh (Fruit HUl).
Marianne, m. 2 Jan. 1845, John Talbot, Esq., D.L., of
Mount Talbot, and had an only child, Mary Annie Jane
Theodosia, -m.. 21 Oct. 1869, Arthur Rickard Lloyd, Esq. oi

Theodosia Sydney, m. 16 April, 1846, Edward Senior, Esq.
Henrietta Caroline,™. 16 Aug. 1819, Edwin Henry Vaughan,

Katherine Geraldine, in. 17 April, 1850, Thomas Tertius

Pai;et, Esq., and d. 5 April, 1869.
Eleanor Georgiana, in. 15 Sept. 1851, George Bright, Esq.,

and d. in India, 4 Sept. 1852.
Julia, d. Oct. 1825.
Georgiana, rf. 14 Aug. 1836.

Adelaide, m. 5 Aug. 1866, Oliver Claude Pell, Esq.
Mr. McCausland d. 18 Jan. 1862.

Arms — Or, a boar's head erased between three boar's passant
az. Creit — A bora's head erased az. tusked or, langued gu.
and chareed with a crescent of the second. Motto — Virtus
sola nobilitat.

&ui— Drenagh (formerly Fruit Hill), Limavady, co. London-


(See BuNBTJEY of Moyle.)


M'CiiiNTOCE, RoBEET, Esq. of Dunmore, co.
Donegal, B.A., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1878,
*. 27 June, 1838 ; m. 19 Oct. 1881, Jessie, dan. of
C. "W. W. Alexander, Esq., and has issue,

I. Hilda Margaret.

II. Vera.

ni. Madeline, twin with 'Vera.

liineage — ■William McClintock, 2nd son of Alexander

MeClintock, of Trintagh, by Agnes Stenson Maclean his wife,

dau. of Donald Maclean, Esq. {see Bueke's Peerage, Rath-

' DON.vELL, B.), b. 1657, in. 1685, Elizabeth, only dau. and heiress

, of David Harvey, Esq. of Dunmore, co. Donegal, and had

I issue,

John, who s. him in the estate of Dunmore.
I . Elizabeth, m. Nathatuel Alexander, Esq, of Caledon, co.

Tyrone, whose son was created Earl of Caledon (see Burke's
Mary, vi. William Harvey, Esq. of Killea, co. Donegal.
Margaret, in. Dominick McCausland, Esq. of Daisy Hill, co.

Jane, 1,1. John Harvey, Esq.
The son and heir,

John McClintock, Esq. of Dunmore, held the commif.=ions
of Capt. in the Militia of Donegal and Tyrone, bearing date
respectively 27 and 30 Dec. 1745, m. 4 Dec. 1728, Rebecca, dau.
of Robert McCausland, Esq. of Fruit Hill, co. Londonderry,
and had issue,

Robert, his heir.

William, 103rd Regt. d. unm.

Hannah, m. 1st, Brent Spence, Esq., and 2ndly, 17 June,

1762, Sir Hugh Hill, Bart., M.P. of Old Walworth.
Lydia, m. Anarew Ferguson, Esq., M.P., of Burt House.
Elizabeth, in. Rowley Heyland, Esq. of Castle Roe.
The son and heir,

Robert McClintock, Esq. of Dunmore, J.P. of the co.
Donegal, and a Capt. in the Militia of Donegal and Tyrone,
High Sheriff of Tyrone 1759, and of Donegal 1764, m. 16 May,
1760, Alice, dau. and heiress of Andrew Patton, Esq. of Spring-
field, CO. Donegal, and had issue,
John, Capt. 69th Regt. and Donegal Militia, d. unm.
Andrew, Rector of Kanturk and Newmarket, Diocese of Cork,
Cloyne, and Ross, d. unm.
Thomas, d. unm.

Alicia Anne, 7/1. W. L. J. Spencer, Esq. and d. s. p.
The 3rd son,

William McClintock, Esq., 6. 1773; in. 8 March, 1802,
Catherine, dau. and heiress of Benjamin Ramage, Esq. of
Cloughole, CO. Derry, and by her (who d. 30 May, 1810) left
at his decease, 17 Feb. 182.5, with a dau., Margaret, in. 1840,
the Rev. John Gage Ball, Rector of Killea ; Robert, his heir;
and Benjamin, d. unm. The elder son.

Robert McClintock, Esq. of Dunmore, J.P. cos. Donegal
and Londonderry, and D.L. of the co. of Donegal, High
Sheriff 1835, 6. 13 Dec. 1804 ; m. 30 Dec. 1833, Margaret, 3rd
dau. of Robert Macan, Esq. of Ballynahone House, co. Armagh,
and had issue,
Robert, now of Dunmore.

William, Lieut.-Col. B.A., Superintendent R. Gunpowder
Factory, Waltham Abbey, 6. 16 May, 1841 ; in. 1873, Eliza-
beth Esther, only dau. of Samuel Lyle, Esq. of Oak Lodge,
CO. Londonderry, and has a son, Robert, b. 26 March,
Benjamin, Major late Shropshire Light Infantry, b. 27 Aug.

Charles, 6. 15 June, 1869, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., d. at New South

Wales, 27 Oct. 1885, unm.
Alice, m. 17 April, 1360, John Acheson Smyth, Esq., of

Ardmore, co. Londonderry.
Margaret EUzabeth, in. 1862, Holt Waring, Esq. of Warings-
town, J.P.

Emma, in. 23 Sept. 1878, Rev. John Goold Adams, Incum-
bent of Clooney, co. Derry.
Anna Mary, m. 27 June, 1876, Rev. Henry Stevenpon.
Isabel, m. 29 July, 1875, Major Baptist Johnston Barton, J.P.
of Greenfort, co. Donegal.

Mr. McClintock d. 6 Dec. 1859.

Arms — Per pale gu. and az., a chevron erm. between three
escallops arg. Crest — A lion passant ppr. Motto — Virtute et

6'tof — Dunmore, near Londonderry.

McClintock of kilwaelin.

McClintock, Henky Stanley, Esq. of Eil-
warlin House, co. Down, J.P. cos. Antrim, Down,
and Kildare, late of the Royal Artillery, formerly
Major Antrim Artillery, b. 1814 ; m. 1839, Gertrude,
only dau. of Robert La Touche, Esq., M.P., of
Harristown, co. Kildare, by Lady Emily his wife,
dau. of William, 1st Earl of Clancarty, and by her
(who d. 1864) has issue,

I. Frederick Robert, b. 1842, m. 1877, Lucy Antonia, dau.

of Anthony Cleasby, Baron of the Exchequer,
ir. Charles Edward, of Glendaragh, co. Antrim, J. P., 6.

11 May, 1844; m. 2 Aug. 1881, Blanche Louisa, dau. of

Robert Foster Dunlop, Esq. of Monasterboice, co. Louth,

and has issue,

I. Stanley Robert, 6. 17 May, 1882.

II. William Frederick Charles, 6. 21 Nov. 1883.
ui. Edward Louis Longford, 6. 21 Feb. 1886.





III. Francis George le Pocr (liev.), Rector of Drumcar.

I. Emily ) ^ .

„ r , }■ twins.

II. Gertrude )

Lineag-e. — John McClintock, Esq. of Drumcar, M.P.

(ff liUKKE's P,ll-it(/<-\ llATHDONNELL, B.), 6. 14 AupT. 1770, ill.

1st, 11 July, 1797, Jane, only dau. of William Bunbury, Esq.,
JI.P.. of Moyle, co. Carlow, and by her (who rf. '28 April, 1801)
was father of, 1 John, created Baron Rathdonnell, and '2
William Bunbury McClintock-Bunbury, Esq. of Lisnavagh
ifathor of the present Baron), and 1 Catherine, m. Eev. George
Gardner, Rector of St. Leonards. Mr. Jolin McClintock m.
■-'ndly, April, 1805, Lady Elizabeth, dau. of William, 1st Earl
of Clanoarty, and by her (who d. 30 May, 1877) had issue,
J. Frederick William Pitt, M.A., Barristcr-at-Law, d. wwi.

II. Charles Alexander, Capt. 74th Regt. d. nnm. 9 Dec.

III. Robert le Poer (Rev.),M.A., Rector of Castle Bellingham,
CO. Louth, TO. 1856, Maria Susan, only dau.of A. C.Hcland,
Esq., and d. s. p. 30 June, 1879. His widow m. 2ndly, 1
Eeb. 1883, Francis Burton Owen Cole, Esq., D.L., of Llys
Merichion, co. Denbigh (see Cole of Stoke Lyne).

IV. Henry Stanley, of Kilwarlin House.

V. George Augustcs Jocelyn, of Fellows Hall (see McClin-
tock of Rathcindeii).

I. Anne Florence, m. 1827, Very Rev. Hugh Usher Tighe,
D.D., Dean of Derry, and had issue (stc Tighe of Milchels-

II. Harriette Elizabeth, m. 1832, Richard Longfield, Esq. of
Longueville, co. Corlv (see that family) .

III. Emily Selina Frances, iii. 16 Nov. 1841, John Wanders-
ford, Esq., D.L., of Castlecomer, co. Kilkenny (ice Burke's
Pierage, Ormonde, M.).

Mr. John McClintock d. 5 July, 1855. His eldest surviving
son is the present Henry Stanley McClintock, Esq. of
Kilwarlin House.

Arms — Per pale gu. and az. a chevron erm. between three
escallops arg.
Crest — A lion passant ppr.
Motto — Virtute et labore.
Seat — Kilwarlin, Hillsborough, co. Down.
Clubs — Carlton, and Constitutional.

I escallops arg. Crest — A lion passant ppr. Jilollo — Virtute et

Seat — Seskinorc, Omagh.

McClintock of seskinore.

McClintock, John Knox, Esq. of Seskinore,
CO. Tyroue, J.P., D.L., High SherifP 1891, Capt.
4th batt. Eoyal Inniskilling Fusiliers, b. 8 Feb.
1864 ; m. 1893, Amy Henrietta, eldest dau. and
co-heiress of John Stuart Eccles, Esq., D.L. of
Ecclesville, co. Tyrone {see that familtj) .

Lineage. — Alexander McClintock, Esq. of Newtown,
CO. Louth, b. 30 March, 1746, younger brother of John McClin-
tock, Esq. of Drumcar, who s. to that estate 1775 (see Burke's
Peerage, Rathdonnell, B.), m. 1781, Mary, only dau.of Samuel
Perry, Esq. of Perrymount, and sister and heiress of George
Perry, Esq. of same place, and had issue,

Samuel McClintock, Esq. of Newtown, co. Louth, and Ses-
kinore, CO. Tyrone, High Sheriff co. Louth 1843, formerly in
18th R. I. Regt., m. 1st, Jane, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Lane, and
•Jndly, Jan. 1839, Dorothea, 4th dau. of John Knox, Esq. {see
Knox of Moyne Abbey), by whom he left at his decease, 13 Dec.
1852, one surviving son,

George Perey McClintock, Esq. of Seskinore, co. Tyrone,
D.L., J.P., Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. 4lh batt. Royal Innis-
killing Fusiliers, High Sheriff co. Tyrone 1865, A.D.C. to the
Duke of Abercom and Earl Spencer when Lords Lieutenant of
Ireland, 6. 6 Nov. 1839; m. 2 May, 1860, Amelia Harrietta,
dau. of Rev. Samuel Alexander, of Termon, co. Tyrone, by his
wife Charlotte, dau. of Rev. Charles Cobbe Beresford, Rector
of Termon {see Burke's Peerage, Waterford, M.), and el. 26
Dec. 1887, having had issue,

I. Eebesford George Perry, 6. 10 Feb. 1861 ; rf. s. p. 31 Jan.

II. John Knox, now of Seskinore.

III. Harry Edward, b. 11 Oct. 1865; d. 2 April, 1866.

IV. Augustus, 6. 18 Dec. 1866, Lieut. 1st batt. Seaforth High-

V. Leopold Arthur, 6. 20 Nov. 1868.

VI. Hubert Victor, 6. 24 July, 1H70.

VII. Guy Reginald, b. 6 Nov. 1876.

I. Dorothea Selina Navarra.

II. Amelia Charlotte Olivia.

III. Eleanor Harriette Woodrop.

IV. Madeline Frances Edith.
▼. ricrence Beatrice Hanna.

Armt—P^T pale gn. and az., a chevron erm, between three ]

McClintock of rathvinden and

McClintock, Arthur George Florence, Esq.
of Rathvinden, co. Carlow, and Blessington, co.
Wicldow, J. P. cos. Wicklow, Carlow, and Kildare,
late Lieut. 26th Cameronians, b. 16 April, 1856 ;
m. 3 July, 1877, Susan, 3rd dau. of J. Heywood-
Collins, Esq., J. P. of Kelvindale, co. Lanark, and
Lagarie, co. Diunbarton, and has issue,

I. Arthur George, 6. 30 April, 1878.

II. John Heywood Jocelyn, b. 21 Oct. 1880.

III. Robert le Poer, 6. 19 Aug 1882.

IV. Edward Stanley, 6. 7 Oct. 1889.
v. Ronald St. Clair, 6. 13 July, 1892.
I. Jane Catherine Gladys.

Lineage.— Lieut. -Col. George Augustus Jocelyn Mc-
Clintock, of Fellows Hall, co. Armagh, who served in the
5'Jnd Light Infantry, and was Lieut.-Col. of the Sligo Rifles,
was the youngest son of John McClintock, Esq. of Drumcar
{«ee McClintock of Kiiweirlin, and in Burke's Peerage,
Rathdonnell), by his second wife, Lady Elizabeth, dau.
of William, 1st Earl of Clancarty. Lieut.-Col. McClintock
m. April, 1850, Catherine Caroline Bro^vnlow, dau. of Sir
James Mathew Stronge, Bart., and d. 24 Dec. 1873, leaving

I. Arthur George Florence, of Rathvinden.

I. Constance Harriet Catherine, m. H. C. Irwin, Esq. of
Mount Irwin, co. Armagh, and has issue,

1 George Valentine. 2 Henry Mark.

1 Harriet Josephine. 2 Georjjie Catherine Joyce.

3 Alison Constance.

II. Amy Isabella.
in. Isabella.

IV. Mary Alice, m. Thomas Lonsdale, and has issue, Mary
Arms — See McClintock of Kihoarlin.

Scats — Rathvinden, Leighlinbridge, co. Carlow, and Bles-
sington, CO. Wicklow.


McCoRQUODALE, George, Esq. of Newton-le-
Willows, CO. Lancaster, and Gadlys, Anglesey,
J.P. Anglesey, and J. P. and D.L. co. Lancaster,
High Sheriff oi Lancashire 1882, and of Anglesey,
1889, Chairman of Newton Petty Sessions and
Hon. Col. 6th Vol. batt. King's Liverpool Regt.,
has the Volunteer Decoration, b. 10 May, 1817;
m. 1st, 24 Dec. 1844, Louisa Kate, dau. of Frederick
Honan, Esq. of Cork, and by her has issue,

I. George Frederick, 6. 5 Nov. 1853, m. 1880, Mary
Augusta Walcott, eldest dau. of Lieut.-Col. Sir Edmunfl
Henderson, R.E., K.C.B.

II. .'Alexander Cowan, b. 1858 ; m. 1886, Maggie Janet, dau.
of Alexander Cox, of Liverpool.

III. Noi-man, b. 1863.

IV. Harold, 6. 1865, m. 15 Nov. 1893, Grace, 4th dau. of
Major Bevil Granville, of W

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