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viving son of Angus, of
Borrodalc. 2nd son of John, the 5th Laird of Glenaladale,
and thus became proprietor of the estate of the Glenaladale
family in Scotland. He to. 1st, Mrs. Handyside, of Jamaica,
who d. s. p., and 2ndly, Miss Macgregor, by whom he had
three sons, John; Alexander: and Angus; the eldest and
youngest having d. in their infancy, the 2nd,

Alexander Macdonald, of Glenaladale, s. his father, and
dying s. p. 1816, his cousin-gennan, as heir-at-Law,

John BIacdonald, of Borrodule, eldest son of Ranald, son
of Angus, 1st of Borrodalc, 2nd son of John, 5th Laird of
Glenaladale, succeeded him. He m. 1793, Jane, 2nd dau. of
Alexander McNab, of Inishewen, co. Perth, and by her (who
d. 1827) had issue,

I. Angus, his heir.

II. Alexander, m. Margaret ,' Watson, and d. 1891, leaving

III. John, Lieut. -Col. late H.E.I.C.S, severely wounded in
the Indian Mutiny, m. 1848, Helen :Morgan, and d. IbUa.
leaving issue by her (who d. 1858;,

IV. Donald (Rev.).

1. Clementina, d. 1874 ii. Catherine, d. 1S80.

III. Margaret, to. Colin Chisholm, of Inverness, who d.
1877. She d. 1808, leaving issue.

IV. Jane, d. 1874.

John Macdonald, who d. 18.30, was s. by his son,

Angus Macdonald, of Glenal.adale, b. 1793; »;. 1836, Mary
Agnes, younger dau. of Hugh Watson, Esq., W.S., of Tor-
sonce, 3Ijd!othian, and by her (who d. 1890) left issue,

I. John Andrew, now of Glenaladale.

II. Hugh Joseph (Right Rev.}, R.C. Bishop of Aberdeen, 6.

III. Angus (Right Rev.), B.A., R.C. Archbishop of St.
Andrews and Edinburgh, b. 1S44.

1. Maiy Margaret, a nun, d. lSL'2. ii. Jane Veronica.

Mr. Macdonald d. 1870.

Arrit% Crest, and Motto—See Macdonald of Clanranald.
Seat — Gltnfinnan, Fort William, co. Inverness.

4 N





Macdonald, Col. William Macdonald Col-
QTHOUX Faequhaeson, of St. Martin's Abbey, co.
Perth, and The Craig, Montrose, J.P. and D.L.
COS. Forfar and Perth, J.P. co. Sussex, Col. Com.
'2nd Perthshire Highland R.V., and Archer of
H.M. Scottish Body Guard, F.E.S.E., and F.R.G.S.,
b. 26 May, 1822 ; m. 1st, 26 June, 1849, Hon.
Clara Anne Jane Brownlow, 2nd dau. of Charles,
1st Lord Lurgan, by Jane his wife, dau. of
Eoderick McNeill, Chief of Barra, and by her
(who d. 16 Dec. 1883) has issue,

I. 3IoxTAGn WiLUAJi Macdonald, J.P., late Lieut. Grena-
dier Ciuru-ds, and Capt. Perthshire Volunteers, 6. 16 Jan.

II. Charles Brownlow, Lieut. E.N. , 6. 15 Nov. 1855; killed
in action at Burmah, 9 Jan. 1887.

. ui. Harry Colquhoun Farquharson, Capt. Seaforth High-
landers, 6. 6 Feb. 1858.

IV. Francis Roderick, b. 14 Nov. 1871.

I. Emily Jane, b. 15 May, 1853; ?n. 2?. Sept, 188.3, Sewallis
Evelyn Shirley, Esq. of Ettingtonand Lough Fea(sec that

u. Alice Clara Mary, &. 9 June, 18G2.

Col. Macdonald m. 2ndly, 1886, Amelia Anne, 3rd
dau. of Charles Maynard, Esq., and widow of
Major-Gen. Patrick Robertson-Koss, C.B.,of Glen-
moidart, Inverness-shire. Col. Macdonald assumed,
by royal licence, the name and arms of Macdonald,
in addition to his patronymic of Colquhoun
Faequhaeson, in 184.1.

Lineage.— This branch of the great clan Macdonald
settled on the Dee side after the Lord of the Isles engaged
the King's forces at the battle of Harlaw, 1414. There seems
to be no authentic account of the heads of this branch of the
Macdonalds till 1630, when mention is made of Alexander
3I.A.CDONALD, known by the name of Marcus. His great-great-

jAiras Macdonald, of Kanathan, 6. 1702: jii. 1731, Helen,
dau. and heir of Ludovic Grant, of TuUach, and had, with
other issue,

^yILLTAM, his heir.

Christina, eldest dau., m. John Farquharson, Esq., a military
officer, a descendant of Findlamore, and had a son,
James Alexander Farquharson, of Oakley, Fifeshire, Gen.
in the army. Governor of the Windward Islands, b. 1775;
m. 1820, llebccoa, dau. and co-heir of Sir George Colqu-
houn, Bart, of Tully Colquhoun. She was &. 1777, and
d. 1855. He d. Is34, aged 58, leaving issue,
William Macdonald Farquhabson Colqchoun Mac-
donald, now of St. Martin's.
Charlotte Grace, d. unm.

Fanny Maria, m. IS.iO, llev. Valentine Grantham, Faith-
full, M.A., incumbent of Trinity Church, Edinburgh,
and has, Robert Colquhotm ; Clare Rebecca ; and Ida
James Macdonald d. 1776, aged 74, and wag s. by his son,

William Macdonald, of Ranathan and St. Martin's, 6.
1732; m. Cecilia, dau. of Kinloch, of Kilrog and Logic, and
left a son,

William Macdonald. who s. his father 1814. He m. 1808,
Grizel, eldest dau. of Sir William Miller, 2nd Bart, of Glenlee,
a Lord of Session as Lord Glenlee, and dying 1841, was s. by
his cousin,

AViLLiA.M Macdonald FAiiQcnABsoN Colqchoun Mac-
donald, now of St. Martin's.

^■/•i/is— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, or, a lion rampant gu. ; 2nd,
or, a dexter arm in armour couped in fess ppr. the hand holding
a cross-crosslet fitchee gu. ; 3rd, or, a lymphad, oars and .sail sa.
flags flying gu. ; 4th vert, a salmon naiant ppr. all within a
bordure az. charged with two mascles in chief arg. and a boar's
head erased in base or. Crest— A demi-lion gu. holding in his
dexter paw a hand ppr. il/oe(o— Per mare per terras.

fi«a(.?— The Craig, Montrose, co. Angus ; St. Martin's Abbey,
Perth; Banderan House, and Gleusbee Lodge, Blairgowrie,

Ci«6s— Carlton, National, and Athenajura.

n.E.H. the Duke of Cambridge. Lieut. -Gen.
Macdonald commanded the forces in Scotland
1881-1885 ; he had served in the Eastern Campaign
of 1854 as A.D.C. to Gen. Pennefather (including
the battles of the Alma (severely wounded), and
Inkermann (severely wouncled), and siege of Ssbas-
topol (medal and three clasps, brevet of Major,
5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish medal).

Lineage. — This family, distinguished by the gallant
military services of its members, descends, through the Mac-
donalds of Keppoch, from Alexander, son of John, Lord of the
Isles, by the Lady Margaret his wife, dau. of King Robert II.
of Scotland. The great. great-grandfather of the present re-

Alexander Macdonald, Esq. of Dalchosnie, 6. 1696, an
officer in the Highland army, fell at Culloden 1746. He m.
1718, Janet, dau. of James Stewart, Esq., progenitor of the
Stewarts of Tempey, Lepintullich, and Crossmount, and by her
had (with a dau., Barbara, who d. unm. 1819, aged 92) three
sons, Allan, killed in action, s. p. ; John, of whom presently ;
and Donald, Writer to the Signet, who d. s.p. The 2nd son,

John Macdonald, Esq. of Dalchosnie, 6. 1721, served as an
officer in the Highland army 1745-6. He m. 1761, Mary, dau.
of Robert Menzies, Esq. of Glassie, co. Perth, and by her had
( with numerous other children, all of whom d. ^mm.),

Alexander, his eldest son, 6. 12 Aug. 1762, a Major in the
army: to. 11 Nov. 1787, Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander Men-
zies, Baron of Balfrachs, co. Perth, and predeceased liis
father, July, 1808, having had issue,

1 John, his heir.

2 Alexander, Lieut. 92nd Highlanders, d. unm. 5 Oct.
1813, of wounds received at the Pass of Maya, 25 July

3 William, Lieut. 8 1st Eegt., d. unm. 1839.

4 Donald, Capt. 68th Regt., d unm. 1835.

5 James, Capt. 92nd Highlanders, d. unm. 1840.
1 Mary Anne, d. 1807, aged 10.

Donald (the 5th son), a very distinguished officer, com-
manded the 92nd Highlanders at Waterloo,
llobert (Rev.), the Uth son.

Mr. Macdonald d. 1809, and was s. by his grandson,

Sir John Macdonald, K.C.B., of Dalchosnie and Dun Ala-
stair, J. P., Gen. in the army, and Col. 92nd Highlanders, /;. 10
Sept. 1788 ; m. 12 Sept. 182G, Adriana, eldest dau. of James
M'Inroy, Esq. of Lude, Perthshire, and had issue, by her (who
d. 1872).

Alastair MacIan, now of Dalchosnie.
John Allan, late Capt. 92nd Highlanders, &. March, 1834:
d. imm. 29 Nov. ISsG.

Charies William, Capt. 93rd Highlanders, 6. 15 Oct. 1835 ;
killed inside the breach at the assault of the Begum's
Palace at Lucknow, 11 March, 1858, unin.
Donald, Capt. 79th (Cameron) Highlanders, &. 11 May, 1837,
fell dead on parade at Kamptee, India, 28 Aug. 1871, unm.
Elizabeth Moore Menzies.
Adriana. Jemima.

Sir John Macdonald became representative of the Keppoch
branch of the Macdonalds before his death, by the decease of
some of its remaining descendants. He d. 27 June, 1866.

j4rms— Quarterly : 1st or, a lion rampant gu., a canton of
the last thereon pendant from a mural crown of the first by a
ribbon of the second, fimbriated az. a representation of the
gold medal and clasp presented to Col. Macdonald for his ser-
vices in the Peninsular war ; 2ud arg., a dexter arm embowed
in armour ppr. garnished or, the hand grasping a dagger, the.
point downwards also ppr., the pommel and hilt or; 3rd
arg., on waves of the sea ppr. a ship with sails furled sa. in
base a salmon naiant also ppr. ; 4th or, an oak tree growing
out of a mount in base ppr. surmounted by an eagle displayed
sa., over the whole a fess counter-embattled gu., thereon two
swords in saltire, points upward arg. pommels and hilts or,
between a representation of the Spanish cross of distinction on
the dexter and the Portuguese cross of distinction on the
sinister, both ppr. Crest — Out of a mural crown or, in front
of an arm in armour fessways, the hand ppr. holding a cross-
crosslet sa. flames issuing from the top also ppr., a fiag.sta£f
therefrom flowing to the sinister a banner gu. inscribed
"Arolla" in letters of gold, the staff entwined with a brancll
of laurel vert. Motto — Per mare per terras.

Seat— Meal Dubh, Rannoch, co. Perth. Residence— 37 it
Park Lane, W.


Macdonald, Lieut.- Gen. Alast.ue MacIax,
of Dalchosnie, co. Perth, J.P., b. 22 March, 1830,
Lieut. -Gen. (retired), and formerly A.D.C. to


Moeeton-Macdonald, John Ronald, Esq. of
Largie, co. Argyll, b. 25 May, 1873.
Lineage.— John Moa Macdonald, of Isla and Dening-





\eg, 2nd son of John, Lord of tlie Is!cs, by Margaret, dau.
of KoBEBT II. of Scotland, m. Marjary Bisset, heir of The
Glens, CO. Antrim, and was murdered at Ard-dhu by James
•Campbell, circa 142G. He had Sir Donald Ballock, ancestor
«f the Earls of Antrim, and Kanald Bane, of Largie, in Kin-
tyre, founder of this family, who were known as the clan
lianaldbane. He was sent by his cousin, the Earl of Boss, as
«nvoy to Kdwakd IV. of England 1461. His son,

Donald MacKanald Bane, of Largie, 1493-1505, in the
latter year submitted to the King, having been in rebellion.
His dau. Marion, of the Ylis, had a grant for life in 1510 from
James IV. of Cartynoale, in Kintyre.

James, of Largie, fled from the pursuit of the Earl of Argyll
in 1594 to his relatives in Antrim, and d. there.

Archibald Mak Connebl, of Largie, was summoned to
.appear at Lochkilkerean before Lord Scone, 20 July, 1605, to
lind sureties for his peaceable conduct and exhibit his titles.
He submitted, and his lands were united and erected into a
tenandry. His son,

Alexandee McConnell, of Largie, served heir 1627, was
father of

Angus Macdonald, of Largie, who was at the burning of
Jnverary, April, 1647, was with the force of Macdonald
defeated by Gen. David Leslie the following month, was for-
feited for rebellion 1649, and restored 1661.
His son,

John Macdonald, of Largie, signed a bond at Blair 24 Aug.
1689 to serve James II. with fifty followers ; d. May, 1710, and
■was s. by his son,

JoBN Macdonald, of Largie, who executed a deed of entail
.5 April, 1763, m. Elizabeth, only dau. of John Macleod, of
Muiravonside, co. Linlithgow, Advocate, representative of Sir
Norman Macleod, ofBornera, knighted after the Kestoration,
and had an only dau.,

Elizabeth Macdonald, of Largie, ,■!. her father 1768, and
her uncle, Alexander Macleod, of Muiravonside, 17S4; ';».. 17
August, 1762, Ch.^rles Loekhart, Advocate, who assumed the
surname of Macdonald, 3rd son of George Loekhart, of
•Carnwath, co. Lanark. She d. 1 Aug. 17S7, leaving issue,

I. James, of Largie.

II. Alexandeb, heir to his brother.

The eldest son,

James Macdonald, of Largie and Muiravonside, d.s.p. 6
Sept. 1793. His brother and heir,

Sib Alexandeb Macdonald, of Largie and Muiravonside,
resumed his paternal surname 1802, on inheriting Lee and
Carnwath, was created a baronet 1806, and d. 22 June, 1816.
His eldest son,

Sib Chables Macdonald-Lockhaut, Bart., d. 3 Dec. 1832,
leaving two daus..

Mart Jane.

Emilia Olivia, d. unm. 29 Jan. 13.50.

The eldest daughter,

Maby Jane, heir of Largie, m. 15 Sept. 1337, Hon.
Augustus Henry Moreton, who assumed the surname of
Macdonald, 2nd son of Thomas, 1st Earl Ducie, and d. 14
I'eb. 1862. Mrs. Moreton Macdonald d. 10 Dec. 1851, having
had issue,

I. Chables, of Largie.

II. Augustus Henry Macdonald. Lieut.-Col. late Coldstream
Guards, 0. 3 Nov. 1848 ; m. 25 July, 1874, Anna Harriet
Mary, eldest dau. of Sir Richard Sutton, Bart., and has

1 Norman Charles Henry, b. 13 July, 1888.

1 Clara Emily, 6. 1875. 2 Hilda Maud, b. 1878.

3 Evelyn Geraldine, b. 1879. 4 Muriel Harriet, b. 1880.

6 Margaret AUnc, 6. 1882. 6 Audrey Beatrice, 6. 1887.

7 Isabel Mary Cecil, b. 1891.

I. Frances Augusta, m. 23 March, 1858, Christopher Army-
tage Nicholson, Esq. of Balrath, co. Meath, and by him
(who d. 19 Oct. 1887; has issue, Gilbert Moreton, late Gren.
Guards, 6. 1860: John Hampden, 6. 1871; Mary Jane ;
Elizabeth Catherine ; and Emilia Olivia.
H. Emilia Olivia, m. I April, 1879, Capt. the Hon. Algernon
Thomas Moreton, of Eastwood, co. Carlow, 3rd D.G., who
d. 18 Jan. 1880 (see Bhbke's Peerage, Ducle, E.).
lu. Mary.

fv. Julia, m. 27 April, 1878, Thomas Digby Pigott, Esq.,
C.B., of the Mo, Sherington, Norfolk, and has issue, Charles
Moreton Digby, b. 1879; Moray Digby, b. 1881; Emily
Julia, b. 1882; Harriet Mary Digby, b. 18S3; and Winifred,
6. 1887. '

V. Jane Geraldine.
jl The eldest son,

L Chables Moeeton Macdonald, of Largie, b. 12 July, 1840 ;
I TO. 25 Oct. 1870, Elizabeth Hume, dau. of Archibald Campbell',

Esq. of GlendarucI, and d. IG July, 1879, leaving, with a dau.,
Esther, an only son John Eonald, now of Largie.

.(4rnis— Quarterly : 1st or, a lion rampant gn. ; 2nd or, a
dexter hand issuing from the sinister, ppr. holding a cross-
crosslet fltchee gu. ; 3rd arg. a lymphad, sails furled ana oar:;
in saltire sa. ; 4th vert, a salmon naiant in fess ppr. Crest —
A dexter arm from the shoulder, holding a dagger in pale ppr.
Mottoes — Over the crest, Semper pugnare paratua ; below thu
shield, Pro patria.

;6'tat— Largie Castle, Tayinloan.


Macdonald, William Bell, Esq. of Eammer-
scales, CO. Dumfries, J.P., b. 9 Jan. 1845 ; s. his
father 1862, Capt. late 1st Eegt. (Eoyal Scots) ; m.
19 Sept. 1882, Violet Frances, dau. of the late
John Buckley E-utherford, Esq., late of Chester
Terrace, London, and Blackwater, Isle of Wight,
and has issue,

William Malcolm Bell, b. 20 June, 1884.
Monica, b. 17 Oct. 1890.

Lineage.— Donald Macdonald, b. I6G5, a cadet of the
family of Clanranald, was Capt. of the Macdonald High-
landers at the battle of Killiecrankie under his cousm,
Benbecula, and his claymore and silver cruaick are still
retained in good preservation; hem. 1713, Miss Maclean, of
Torloisk, in Mull, a family now merged in the English mar-
quessate of Northampton, and had issue, Donald, b. 1715 ; d.
1781; Allan, 6. 1717, d. unm. 1797; Archibald, drowned when
a boy, in endeavouring to save a companion in the river Clyrle.
The eldest son,

Donald Macdonald, Esq., an ofEcer in Prince Charles's
army 1745, m. Miss Payne, granddau. of Carlyle, of Brydekirk
and Brakenquhate, Dumfriesshire, representative of Carlyle,
Lord Carlyle of Torthorwald, and had issue,

Allan, Lieut. 76th Eegt. (Macdonald Highlanders), b. 1755 ;

d. unm.

Donald, 6. 1759, of whom presently.
Archibald, b. 1761, in the army, who was taken prisoner and

put to death in India by Tippoo Sahib. He d. v.nm.
Janet, in. W. Cuthbertson, Esq. of Glasgow, and had issue.

The 2nd, but eldest surviving son,

Donald Macdonald, Esq., b. 1759; m. Mary, sister of
William Bell, Esq. of Kammerscales, and had issue,

William Bell, his heir.


William Bell Macdonald, Esq. of Eammerscales, J.P.,
b. 26 Dec. 1807; s. his maternal uncle, William Bell, Esq. of
Eammerscales, 1837; m. 23 March, 18-i9, Helen, dau. of
Thomas Johnstone, Esq. of Underwood, and had issue,

William Bell, now of Eammerscales.
Donald, b. 30 Aug. 184G.

Thomas Johnstone, b. 16 Sept. 1851 ; d. at Shanghai, 188".
Harriett Allan.

Mary Alicia Bell, m. 1SC5, John Neilson Cuthbertson, Esq.
of Glasgow, and d. 1869, leaving issue, a son and a dau.

Mr. Macdonald d. 5 Dec. 1862.

Arms — Quarterly: 1st arg., a lion rampant gu. ; 2nd or, a
dexter hand couped holding a cross-crosslet fitchee gu. : 3rd
or, a lymphad or galley sa. ; 4th vert, a salmnn naiant arg.
Crest — A dexter hand in armour ppr. holding a cross-crosslet
fitchee gu. Motto — Nee tempore nee fato. Arm? of Bell —
Az., three bells or. Crest — A hand holding a dagger pjjr.
Motio — I beir the bell.

Seat — Eammerscales, Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire.


Macdonell, tEneas Eanald Westkop, chief
of Glengarry, h. 1847 ; s. his grandfather 1868.

liineagre.— The clan Macdonald, or McDonnell, is un-
doubtedly one of the most ancient in Scotland, and can be
traced back to a period coeval with that of any family in the
kingdom. The first of the race from whom any authentic
account exists, is Somebled, designed by Scottish historians
Thane of Argyll, but by foreign authors and charters extant
King of the Isles, and Lord of Argyll and Kiutyre.
Among his descendants has long been disputed the chieftain-
ship, and many and acrimonious have been the conflicts on the

Reginald Macdonell, son of John Macdonell, Lord of the
Isles, seventh in descent from Somerled, received from his

4 N 2





father a very large estate, as appears from a charter of con-
firmation by King Robert, dateil 1 Jan. 1373. This Ecsinald
Is stated to have been murdered by the Karl of lioss in the
Abbey of Elcho, at Perth, while heading tlie men of the Isles
as their lawful chieftain. He left, with other issue, a son,

Donald Macdonell, of Glengarrj-, who was served heir to
his father in the pi incipal part of his fortune, and became a
powerful baron. He left (with a younger son, Kanald, from
whom descend many of the Macdonnell's of Perthshire), an
elder son and heir, John Macdonnell, of Glengarry, who m.
a dau. of Macleod of Lewes, and was father of Alastair Mac-
donnell, of Glengarry, who m. the only dau. of Slaclean of
Dowart, and had three sons, John, his heir. John (Ire), from
whom many of the Macdonalds of the north are derived; and
-Eneas, from whom came the House of Shcan. The eldest son
and heir, John Macdonnell, of Glengarry, m. a dau. of
Lochiel, chief of the Camerons, and was father of Alexander
3JACD0NELL, of Glengarry, who id. Margaret, dau. of Celestine
de Insulis, and heiress of her brother. Sir Donald Macdonell
of the Isles, and granddau., and only representative of
Alexander, second Earl of Ross. By this lady, Alexander had
an only son and heir, .SSneas Macdonell, of Glengarry, who
m. Janet, only dau. of Sir Hector M'Lean of Dowart, by whom
he left a son and heir,

Donald Macdonell, who m. 1st, a dau. of Grant of
Fruchy, and secondly, Margaret, dau. of Allan Macdonell,
ofMuidert; and thirdly, a dau. of Macdonnell of Keppoch.
Jle d. 1630, leaving, with other issue,

I. Alastaib Macdonell, of Glengarry, in. Jean, dau. of
Allan Cameron, of Lochiel, and dying soon after his father,
was «. by his son,

.^NEAS, of Glengarry, a firm adherent to the interests of
Charles I, for which he was forfeited by Cromwell ;
immediately on his restoration, Charles 11 created him
for his loyalty, a Peer of Scotland, as Lord Macdonell and
Aross, by patent dated 20 Dec. 16ti0. He li). Margaret,
dau. of Sir Donald Macdonald, of Slate, Bait., butc^. s. p.
ICbO, when the peerage became extinct, and the estates
devolved on his kinsman, Alastair.

II. Donald, of Scothouse, m. Mary, dau. of Sir James
M'Donald, of Slate, and was .s. by his eldest sun,

Kecinald, of Scothouse, ro. Flora, dau. of Alexander
Macleod, and had issue,

1 Alastair, of Glengarry, was surnamed " The Black,"
and distinguished hims^elf during the commotions of
his time, under the Earl of Mar, and Viscount Dundie.
He was the bearer of the Koyal Standard at the battle
of Killiecrankie, and was created a I'eer by the abdicated
James. He m. Mary, dau. ol Kenneth, 3rd Earl of
Seaforth, and d. 172-1, leaving issue, who s. him. His
line became extinct on the death of Charles Mac-
donell in 18G8, when the representation of the family
devolved on the descendants of Angus, of Scothouse.

2 Angus, of whom we treat.

3 John, progenitor of the Macdonells, of Lochgarry
and Greenfield.

4 Archibald, of Banisdale, from whom, that line.

The grandson of Donald of Scothouse,

Angus Macdonell, of Scothouse, on whom his father settled
that barony, was the father of

Donald Macdonell, of Scothouse, the eldest son, a loyal
adherent of Prince Charles Edward, was killed at the battle of
Culloden. His eldest son, Ranald Macdonell, of Scothouse,
was in Lord Laughton's Regt. of Cavalry on the Government
.•iide of Culloden. The Chevalier Johnstone in his memoirs,
gives a very interesting account of this Ranald and his father
Donald. Ranald m. 1st, Helen, dau. of Grant of Glcnmoris-
ton, by whom he had, with other issue, a son,

JEkzab, of whom presently.

.ilanald m. 2nd!y, his cousin, Helen, dau. of John Macdonnell,
of Glengarry, and had, with other issue,
Donald, Col. H.E.I.C.S., left by Ann Isabella, his wife,
1 Eneas Ronald, of Morar, co. Inverness (nhoin hc).
1 Anna Maria, m. Capt. Gibson Stott, and has issue,
Joseph Gibson.

Lyzzy, m. — Henderson, Esq. of Edinburgh.
Anna. Alicia. Fanny.

His eldest son,
-F^sEAS Macdonell, of Scothouse, was father of
-Eneas Ranald Macdonell, of Scothouse, and Madras Civil

Service, became chief of Glengarry, on the death of Charles

Macdonell of Glengarry, the last descendant of Alastair

Macdonell (see above). He had issue,

I. MsEAB Ranald, of the Madras Civil Service, m. Emma,
dau. of Gen. Briggs, H.E.I.C.S., and d. v. p. laG7, leaving

.SIneas Ranald Westeop, now chief of Glengarry, s. his

He d. at Cheltenham 18C8, and was s. by his grandson.

Arms — Or, an eagle displayed gu. surmounted by a lymphad
sa. sails furled and rigged ppr., in the dexter chief a dexter
hand couped of the second, in the sinister a cross-trosskt
titchee of the third.

Crest— A raven ppr. perched on a rock az.. Motto over —
" Cragan an fhithich."

Supportei-s—Ty/o bears each having an arrow pierced througU
the body all ppr.

Motto — Per mare per terras.

Iiesidencc—3'Z, Elm Park Road, Chelsea, S.W.


Macdonell, Eneas Eonald, Esq. of Morar, co'.
Inverness, J. P. and D.L. and County Councillor of
Inrerness-shire, and J. P. for Edinburgh, 6. 26 Oct.
1821 ; 111. 13 Sept. 1859, Catherine, only surviving
child of the late James Sidgreavcs, Esq. of Ingle-
white Hall, Lancashire, by Dorothy his wife, only
child of John Talbot, Esq. of Preston, and by hei*
(who d. 1888) bad issue,

I. James Sidgreaves, b. 1 Nov. 1870.

II. Alaster Young Crynan, 6. 27 Jan. 1872.

I. Catherine Mary, m. Brevet Major Hugh Frederick Lyons-
Montgomery, of the Indian Staff Corps.

Mr. Eneas Ronald Macdonell, who was educated
at Edinburgh University, and was called to tlie
Scottish Bar 1845, is the son of Colonel Donald
Macdonell, H.E.I.C.S., and Ann Isabella his wife
{see Macdonell of Glengarrif).

Arms — Per chevron or and vert, in dexter chief a dexter hanJ
fessways couped at the wrist gu., in sinister chief a cross-
crosslet fitchee of the third, and in base a two-headed eagle,
with wings displayed of the first, surmounted by a galley also
of the first, sails furled and rigged sa.

Crest — A raven perching on a roi;k ppr.

Mottoes — Over the crest, "Faicilleach," and below, "Per
mare, per terras."

&a4— Morar, Arisaig, Inverness-shire.


MacDonnell, Chaeles Eandal Aemstrong,
Esq. of New Hall, and Kilkee, co. Clare, J. P.,
D.L., late Clare Artillery,. 6. 24 March, 1862; s.
his father Nov. 1883.

Lineag-e. — This branch of the MacDonnell family lias
been settled in co. Clare during two centuries, and c

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 49 of 392)