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descent from a common ancestor with the Earl of Antrim.

Daniel MacDonnell, Esq. of Kilkee, was possessed of the
estate of Kilbreckan and considerable property in co. Galway
and in the liberties of the city of Limerick, and was living at
Kilkee 1671. He to. Penelope (whose sister, Ilonora, m.
Connor, 2nd Viscount Clare, of Can-igaholt), 3rd dau. of
Daniel O'Brien (More), of Dromore and Dough, co. Clare (by
Eleanor his wife, dau. of Edmond Fitzgerald, Knight of Glynn),
by whom he had issue, two sons and two daus. He d. about;
1675, V. p. The elder son,

James MacDonnell, Esq. of Kilkee, served as a Capt. in
Lord Clare's Regt. of Dragoons, but on the accession of Williasi
III. he relinquished the Catholic cause, and, having given ir»
his adhesion to that monarch, he secured to himself his estates.
In 1695, he was appointed one of the Commissioners for col-
lecting the poll tax in co. Clare. He ?(i. about 1683, Elizabeth,
dau. of Capt. Nicholas Bromby, of Newcastle, co. Limerick
(by Harriet his wife, dau. of Henry F. Edgeworth, Esq. of
Lizzard, co. Longford), and by her (who d. Jan. 1720) he had
four sons and one dau. James MacDonnell d. at anadvanceol
age Dec. 1714. The 3rd son,

Charles James MacDonnell, Esq. of Kilkee, s. his brother
Randall 1726, and was High Sheriff of Clare 1728; he )». »
Oct. 1718, Elizabeth, only child of Capt. Christopher O'Brien,
of Ennistymon, co. Clare (by his 1st marriage, with Elizabeth,
dau. of Theobald Mathew, Esq. of Thomastown, co. Tipperary,
ancestor of Lord LlandafT}, by whom he had issue, one son and
two daus. ; he d. Oct. 1743. Mrs. MacDonnell d. 28 April,
1788, aged 89 years. Their eldest son,

Chables MacDonnell, Esq. of Kilkee, i. 1736, High Sheriff






«f Clare 1760, was Lieut.-Col. of co. Clare Militia Dragoons, and
(1765) s. Sir Edward O'Brien in the representation of the co. ; he
was subsequently (1768) M.P. forEnnis, which seat he held up
Jo the time of his death. Killone Abbey, otherwise called New
Hall, was purchased by him, 1764, from his maternal uncle,
Kdward O'Brien, and from that time became the principal resi-
lience of the family. He m. 1 Jan. 1760, Catherine, 3rd dau. of
Sir Edward O'Brien, Bart, of Dromoland, co. Clare (by Blary
his wife, dau. of Hugh Hickman, Esq. of Fenloe, co. Clare i,
and by her (who d. 25 July, 1818, aged 74) had issue, three sons
and three daus.,
Ohables, of whom presently.

Edward, of Kilmurry, co. Clare, Col. in the army, Quarter-
master-Gen. of Canada, 6. 1776; m. 1797, Anne, eldestdau.
of Sir John Johnson, Bart., Superintendent-Gen. of Indian
affairs in British North America, audd. atMontreal 30 Oct.
1812, leaving issue by his wife (who survived him, and d. 31
Jan. 1848), four sons aad five daus.
Kandal, Capt. K.N., d. unm. at Lucca, 1806.
Mary, m. 1787, George Synge, Esq. of Kathmore.
Eliza, m. 1789, Cornelius Bolton, Esq., M.P., of Faithleg.
Henrietta Ann, m. 1799, Charles Hamilton, Esq. of The
Mr. MacDonnell d. 25 April, 1773, and was s. by his son,

Chakles MacDonnell, Esq. of New Hall and Kilkee, 6.
1761, Lieut.-Col. Comm. of the Earl of Belvidere's Regt., who,
during the American war raised a Eegt. of volunteers, which
he commanded in Canada. He was M.P. forco. Clare, and at
the time of his death sat for the borough of Yarmouth. In
1802, he was appointed a Commissioner of Accounts. He m.
3 7 Feb. 1785, Bridget, 3rd dau. of John Bayly, Esq. of Debs-
borough, CO. Tipperary, and d. 6 Sept. 1803, having had issue
hy his wife (who d. 15 March, 1800, aged 38), with other chil-
<lren, who all d. young.
John, his heir.

Edward Richard, 6. 17 March, 1792, served during the Penin-
sular war in the 2nd Queen's Royal Regt. and afterwards in
93rd Highlanders. He d. unm. 28 March, 1821.
Bridget, m. 7 April, i8C9, William Henry Armstrong, Esq.,
M.F. (for Wicklow, 1800), of Mount Heaton, King's co.
(eldest son of the Right Hon. John Armstrong, M.P., of
Mount Heaton and iarney Castle). She d. at Kingstown,
-0 Oct. 1860, aged 70, leaving surviving issue by her hus-
oand (who d. at Paris 21 Sept. 1835), three sons and five
daus. : 1 John b. 1 May, 1815: vi. 29 May, 1849, Josephine
Von Mayr, a German lady, and by her (who d. 7 April,
1858), had issue, John Childe, b. 1 Jan. 1850, William,
Louisa Bido, and Lucy ; 2 William Edwabd, of New Hall
and Kilkee ; 3 Charles Heaton-Armstrong, of Larch Hill,
CO. Clare, J. P., m. 29 March, 1866, Gcorgina Maria, eldest
dau. of Ricliard John Stacpoole, Esq., D.L., of Edenvale, co.
Clare, and lias issue, Charles Richard Beauchamp, 6. 3
Sept. 1858; George William Bayly, b. 11 March, 1860; and
Elizabeth Letitia; 1 Letitia Charlotte, m. 1 June, 1841,
Charles William Hamilton, Esq. of Hamwood, co. Meath,
and d. 28 June, 1872. He d. 16 Feb. 1880; 2 Catherine
Gertrude, m. 7 Oct. 1839, John Bayly, Esq. of Debsborough,
to. Tipperary, and d. 4 Oct. 1874. He d. 14 May, 1865 ; 3
Bridget, m. 23 March, 1849, James Dobr6e, Esq. of Rock
Lodge, Devonshire; 4 Mary, m. 12 July, 1842, Yen. Evans
Johnson, D.D., Archdeacon of Ferns; and 5 Louisa, m. 21
Dec. 1861, Rev. Francis Henry Hall, Incumbent of Holly-
mount, CO. Down.

The elder son and heir,

John MacDonnell, Esq. of New Hall and Kilkee, J.P. and
i).L., b. 14 Oct. 1789, served as a volunteer in Spain during
the Peninsular war on the staff of Gen. Carroll, High Sheriff
CO. Clare 1821. Mr. MacDonnell d. wnjii. at New Hall 29 June,
1S50, aged 61, leaving by his will the whole of his estates in
Clare and Gal way to his nephew,

William Edwabd Aemsteong MacDonnell, Esq. of New
Hall and Kilkee, co. Clare, J.P. and D.L., Lieut.-Col. -Comm.
CO. Clare Militia, High Sheriff 1853, b. 10 May, 1826; assumed
by royal Ucence, dated 18 May, 1858, the additional surname
and arms of MacDonnell; m. 20 July, 1858, Hon. Juliana
Cecilia O'Brien, eldest dau. of Lucius, 13th Baron Inchiquin,
I «nd had issue,

I I. Charles Randal, now of New Hall and Kilkee.
1 II. Lucius Gerald, b. 14 Sept. li<64.

III. Edward Ronald, b. 8 July, 1867.

IV. William Henry, 6. 10 April, 1870.

V. Aubrey George, b. 21 Feb. 1873.

1. Mary Gertrude. u. Nora Grace.

HI. \ lolet Maude.

' He d. 11 Nov. 1883, and was s. by his eldest son,
• Chakles Randal MacDonnell, Esq., now of New Hall and

.^rnis- Quarterly: 1st and 4th grand quarters, for Mac-

j ijonnell: 1st or, a lion rampant gu; 2nd or, a dexter arm

issuantfrom the sinister fess pcint out of a cloud ppr., in the

I hand a cross-croaslet fitcb^e erect az. : 3rd arg., a lympliad with
the sails furled sa. ; 4th per fess az. and vert, a tish naiant ui
fess ppr. in the centre chief point a crescent gu. ; 2nd and 3r t
grand quarters, for Armstkong, gu., three dexter arms van.-
braced and embowed ppr., hands clenched also ppr., in the
centre chief point a mullet or. Crests —1st, tor MacDonnell,
a dexter arm embowed fessways vested or, cuffed arg., tht-
hand holding a cross-crosslet fitch6e erect az., the term charged
with a crescent gu. 2nd, for Aemstbong, a dexter arm vam-
braced fessways and embowed ppr. charged with a mullet gu.
the arm grasping an armed leg couped at the thigh and bleed-
ing also ppr. Motto — Toujours prcst.

iitats — New Hall, near Eunis, and Liscrona House, near
Kilkee, co. Clare.

McDonnell of murlough.

McDonnell, James, Esq. of Murlough, co.
Antrim, Barrister-at-Law, M.A., T.C.D., m. 1859,
Kosanna, dau. of William Cairns, Esq. of Belfast
and sister of Hugh, 1st Earl Cairns, and by her
(who d. April, 187ii), he had issue, two daus.,

I. Helene. ii. Margaret.

Lineag'e. — John MacDonnell, 2nd son of John, Lord of
the Isles, by his wife, the Princess Margaret, dau. of Robert
II., King of Scotland, was founder, about the year 1380, of the
clan "Ian 'Vore," or " Clandonald South," whose chiefs were
also styled Lords of Dunyveg, Isla, Kintyre, and the Glens of

Alexander McDonnell, 6th chief, who invaded Ulster with
8,000 men in 1532, had by his wife, a dau. of the Lord of Ard-
uamurchan, five sons, of whom James, 7th Chief, m. Lady
Agnes Campbell, dau. of Collin, 3rd Earl of Argyll, and wai
slain in 1565, leaving issue, a son Angus, Lord of Kintyre.
James McDonnell transferred, however, his Irish possessions
to his brother, Sorley Buy, father to the 1st Earl of Antrim.

CoLL-DHC McDonnell, eldest brother of James, the7th chief,
m. a dau. of McQuillan, Lord of Dunluce, and was father to
Gillespie, Chief of lona and Collinsay, whose son, by his wife,
a dau. of O'Cahan (O'Kane), of Loughlinch,

Coll (Kittagh) McDonnell, was at the head of the clan
" Ian Vore," and was beseiged in the Castle of Dunyveg and
put to death by Archibald, Marquis of Argyll, in 1647. He m.
a dau. of McDonnell, of Sanda, and was father of

SiE Alexander McDonnell, Montrose's celebrated Lieut.-
Gen., w ho having survived the royal cause in Scotland, was
killed in Ireland while second in command of the royal forces
at Knock-na-ness, co. Cork, 13 Nov. 1647. He m. a dau. of
McAllister, of the family of Loup, and had issue.

Coll, of Kilmore, in the Glens of Antrim.

Archibald, of Glassmullin, a Capt. in Lord Antrim's Regt.,
who distinguished himself and was wounded at Aughrim.
He m. Anne, dau. of Stewart, of Redbay Castle, and from
him descended the McDonnell's ojGLassmuilin.

Coll McDonnell, the elder son, m. Anne, dau. of McGee, of
Murlough, CO. Antrim, and was s. by his son,

Alexander McDonnell, of Kilmore, living 1738, ra. Ist, a
dau. of McDonnell, of Knappin, and had issue,

I. Randal, d. unm. ii. Michael.

Alexander, of Kilmore, m. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of Elease
McV'eagh, Esq. of Dinnadoon, and had further issue,

III. John, of Kilmore (see next article).
His eldest surviving sou,

Michael McDonnell, Esq. r,i. Elizabeth, dau. of A. Steward,
Esq. of Ballintoy, and was father of

James McDonnell, Esq. of Belfast and Murlough, co.
Antrim, M.D., who left by his first wife, Elizabeth, dau. of
J. Clarke, Esq. of Belfast,

I. Alexander (Sir), his heir.

II. John, who s. his brother.

I. Caroline Anne, m. Andrew Armstrong, Esq. of Kilshar-
van, CO. Meath, and had, with other issue, Elizabeth
Penelope, in. Right Hon. Mountifort Longfield, P.C. Judge
of the Landed Estates Court, Ireland.
His eldest son,

The Right Hon. Sir Alexander McDonnell, Bart., P.C,
M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law,
Resident Commissioner at the Board of National Education in
Ireland, created a Bart. 1872, in consideration of his long and
distinguished career in the public service in Ireland, in. Bar-
bara, dau. of Hugh Montgomery, Esq. of Benvarden, co.
Antrim, and widow of Richard Staples, Esq., which lady d.
1865. He d. s. p. 1875, wlien the baronetcy became extinct.
John McDonnell, Esq., M.A., T.C.D., a retired Com-





misfioncr of the Irish Local Government Board; s. hishrother,
the Right Hon. Sir Alexander McDonnell, P.O. 1875; m. 182G,
Charily, dau. of the Hev. Robert Dohts, and had issue,

I. James, present representative.

II. Robert, M.D., F.R.S., President of the College of
Physicians in Ireland, 1877, m. 1st, Mary M., dau. of
Daniel Molloy, Ksq. of Clonbeala, Kind's co. which lady
d. s. p. 1869, and 2ndly, 21 June, 1S77, Susan, 2nd dau.
of Sir K. B. McCausIand, and hud a sou, John, b. 2 Nov.

III. Alexander, C.E., ui. Isabella, dau. of — Grenfell, Esq.

IV. Randal William, Q.C., m. fcara, Uau. of John Carlisle,
Esq., <^ leaving issue.

V. William Dobbs.

I. Wilhelmina Charity, m. Henry Pilkington, Q.C., of Tore,
CO. Westmeath, and has issue.

II. Elizabeth Penelope. iii. Rose Emily.

IV. Catherine Anne Stewart.

V. Barbara Montgomery.

ilr. John McDonnell d. 20 Jan. 1802, and was s. by his eldest

Arriis — Quarterly : 1st or, a lion rampant gu. : 2nd or, a dex-
ter arm issuant, from the sinister fess point our, of a cloud ppr.
in the hand a cross-crosslet litchee erect az. ; 3rd arg., a lym-
phad, sails furled, sa. ; 4th per fess az. and vert, a dolphin
naiant ppr. Crest — A dexter arm embowed fesswise coupt-d at
the shoulder, vested or, cuft'ed arg. holding in the hand a erosa-
croEslet iltchee erect az. J/o£(o— Toujoui s prtt.

McDonnell of beackney and kil-
moke, in glens op antridi.

McDonnell John, Esq. of Kilmore, co. Antrim,
TJieut.-Col. and Hon-Col. (retired), J.P. and D.L.,
Knight of St. Gregory, 6. 1823 ; m. 2 July, 1870,
Hon. Madeleine O'Hagan, dau. of Thomas, Lord
O'Hagan, K.P., which lady d. s. p. 14 Oct. 1875.

Lmeag"e. — John McDonnell, Esq. (son of Alexander
McDonnell, Esq. of Kilmore, and Anne his wife, dau. of
Elease McVeagh, see McDonnell o/ Murlough) who s. by
family arrangement to the possession of Kilmore. He -;».
Rose, dau. of George Savage, of Down, and dying 25 Dec.
1803, was s. by his son,

Randal McDonnell, of Kilmore and Brackney, m. JIary,
dau. of Archibald MacEllir ran, Esq. of Glassmullin, co. Antrim,
granddau. of Alexander McDonnell, of Glassmullin, and had
issue, four daus.. and two sons,

I. Alexandeb, his heir.

II. John, now of Kilmore.

Mr. McDonnell was s. by his eon,

Alexander McDonnell, of Kilmore and Dublin, m. Nov.
1851, Margaret, dau. of Alexander McMullin, Esq. of Cabra
House, CO. Down, and d. 24 Nov. 1S62, leaving a dau.
Bachael Mart Josephine, heir of her mother's estate in co.
Down; she m. 19 Jan. 1882, Henry Thomas, eldest son of
Henry Charles Silvertop, Esq. of Minster Acres, Northumber-
land, and has issue a son, Francis Somerled Joseph, 6. 1 Aug.
1883. Mr. Alexander McDonnell was «. in his own estate by
his brother.

A-ms — Quarterly: Ist or, a lion rampant gu. ; 2nd or, a
dexter arm issuant from the sinister fesspoiiit out of a cloud
ppr. in the hand a cro.'S-crossl't fitehiie erect az. ; 3rd arg., a
lymphad, sails furled, sa. ; 4th per fess az. and vert, a dolphin
naiant ppr. Crest — A dexterarm embowed fesswise couped at
the shoulder, vested or, cuffed arg. holding in the hand a cross-
crosslet fiteh^e erect az. Motto — Toujours prct.

Seat — Kilmore, GleiiarilT, co. Antrim.

Club^Aimy and Navy.

McDoNOGH, Feancis Joseph, Esq. of Wil-
mont House, co. Galway, b. 18 June, 1844 ; m.
19 March, 1865, Kate Mary, dau. of the late
Thomas Bodkin, Esq. M.D., of Tuam, and has had

I. Mathew Joseph, 6. 26 Jan. 18^7.

II. Thomas AloysiuR, 6. 19 June, 1870.
lit. Joseph Patrie, b. 19 Feb. 1875.

IV. Francis James, 6. 5 Jan. 1S77.

V. Allen, b. 1879.

VI. Charles, b. 1882.

VII. Jack Edward.

I. ilary Esmina, 6. 1608: .,?. 17 Mai-ch, 1873.

II. Esmina Mary.

Lineagre. — This family, whD were Lords of Corran and
Tireill, was a younger branch of the great house of McDermoti,
Princes of Moyliu-g, who were themselves a younger branch ol
the O'Connors, Kings of Connaught.

Francis McDonogh, Esq. of Wilmonl House, co. Galway,
held lands at Gort, and was s. by his eldest son,

Matiiew McDonogh, Esq. of Wilmont House, m., and had
issue, Allen, and James. He d. 1779, and was s. by his eldest

Allen McDonogh, Esq. of Wilmont House, J.P. co. Galway,
m. Mary, dau. of — Doolan, Esq. of Derry, King's Co., and
by her had issue,

I. Matuew, of whom presently.

II. William, d. s. ^j.

III. Thomas, b. 1 Sept. 1805 ; d. s. p.

IV. Allen, of Athgarvan iJodge, co. Kildare, to. Charlotte
Elizabeth, only dau. and eventually sole heiress of the late
George Houghton, Esq. of Leicester, and has an only dau.,

CiiAiiLOTTE Moreay HoncHTON, who »n. 1871, John Pym
Yeatman, Esq. of Cedar Villa, High Barnet, Herts, and
of the Temple, Barrister-at-Law (see Yeatman, of Slock
Bouse), and has issue.
I. Eleanor. n. Hannah.

III. Frances Elizabeth. iv. Margaret.

Mr. McDonogh d. July, 1825, and was s. by his eldest son,

Mathew McDonogh, Esq. of Wilmont House, J.P. co.
Galway, Capt. 10th Hussars, m. Jemima, dau. of James Lynch,
Esq., M.D., of Loughrea, co. Galway, and had an only son,
FitANCis Joseph McDonogh, Esq. now of Wilmont House.
Seai — Wilmont House, Portumna, co. Galway.


McDoUALL, James, Esq. of Logan, co. Wigtown,
J.P. and D.L., b. 19. March, 1840; m. 16 Sept.
18G9, Agnes, eldest dau. of Sir Tliomaa Buchan
Hepburn, Bart, of Smeaton Hepburn, and has

Andrew Kenneth, b. 6 Aug. 1870.
Nigel Douglas, 6. 4 Feb. 1872.
Helen Ethel.

Lineage. — Patrick McDouall was in possession of
Logan in 1455, as appears from a document in the Lochnaw
charter chest. All the ancient papers belonging to this family
were destroyed by fire about the year 1500.

Patrick McDouall, the Laird of Logan, obtained in 1504 a
charterof A'oioZiam«« for his Barony of Logan under the great
seal, wherein it is acknowledged that, though all the ancient
charters of the family were destroyed, it was known by certain
retours shown, that the said Patrick and his predecessors had
" ultra memoriam hominum" held the lands of Logan of the
Crown. Seeing, however, that the muniments were burned,
Patrick was obliged to take a new charter, holding his lands
as his successors have ever since done. He in. previous to
1494, Catherine, only dau. of Sir Alexander McCuUoch, of
Myrton, and was father of

Charles McDocall, who was killed at Flodden in 1513,
leaving a sol and successor,

Patrick, whose son and heir, Charles McDouall, had a
charter of the lands of Logan, &c., from Queen Mart, dated
20 May, 1545. He had also a dispensation in 1547 to marry
his cousin, Alison Maxwell, and dying soon aftenvards, was
s. by his son,

Patrick McDooall, of Logan, m. in 1568, Helen, dau. o£
Uchtred McDowall, of Garthland, and dying in 1579, was s. by
his son,

John McDouall, of Logan, m. 1st, Grissil, dau. of Sir
Patrick Vans, of Barnborouch, and widow of John Kennedy,
of Barclanirachan, and 2ndly, Margaret, dau. ef Craufurd, of
Kerse. John McDouall and his 1st wife, Grissil Vans, had a
charter of the lands of Logan 18 March, 1594. He was s. in
1G18 by his son,

Alexander McDouall, m. 1621, Jane, d.iu. of Sir Patrick
Agnew, of Lochnaw, and had, besides a dau., Joanna, w.
William, 2nd son of William, of Monrcith, a son,

Patrick McDouall, of Logan, served heir to his father
29 Nsv. 1661. He m. Isabel, dau. of Sir Robert Adair, of
Kinhilt, and had issue, Robert, his heir, and Patrick, w-
Jean, dau. of John Blair, of Dunskey. The eldest son and

Robert McDocall, of Logan, was served heir to his father
29 Aug. 1699. He m. in 1678, Sarah, dau. of Sir John Shaw,
of Greenock, and had issue,





John, his heir.

Andrew, a celebrated lawyer, who became Lord of Session,
and was styled Lord Bankton.

Tatrick, styled Advocate, had sasine of the lands of Culgroat
1 July, 1749, and 1- June, 175S. He had a son, John, of
Culgroat, and two dauj., Isabella, m. William Hamilton, of
Craiclilaw, and Sarah, who m. Charles Hamilton, of Craich-
The eldest son,

John McDocall, of Logan, «. his father about 1729. He
-III. about 1710, Anna, dau. of Robert Johnstone, of Kelton,
and d. in 1754, having had, besides a younger son, Patrick,
and a dau., Isabel, who m. 1743, Andrew Adair, of Little
Genoeh, an eldest son,

John McDocall, of Logan, who s. his father in 1754, and
had then sasine of the Barony of Logan, and subsequently
had sasines of several other lands, including Culgroat, Altoun,
&c. He 7)1. Helen, dau. of George Buchan, of Kello, and was
1. by his son and heir,

Andkew McDouall, of Logan, Lieut.-Col. in the army,
who was M.P. for co. Wigtown. He m. Mary, dau. of James
Russell, of Dumfries, and dying in 1834, was s. by his eldest

James McDouall, Esq. of Logan, J. P. and D.L., b. 1796.
He joined the 2nd Life Guards in 1819, and in 1845 became
Col. of that regt., and retired in 1854. He m. 1836, Jane, dau.
of William Barnet, Esq. of Apeton, and had issue,

James, now of Logan.

Jane, m. Lieut.-Col. Patrick Stewart, R.E., 2nd son of James
Stewart, of Cairnsmuir. He d. in 1865.
Col. McDouall d. July, 1872.

Arms (as entered in Lord Lyon's office) — Az., alion rampant
arg. gorged with an antique crown or. Crest — A tiger's head
erased crowned with an imperial crown, with a lion's paw issu-
ing from a cloud grasping the crown from the tiger's head ppr.
Supporters — Two lions arg. crowned with antique crowns or,
armed and langued gu.

Seats- Logan, near Stranraer, and Gcnoch Dunragit, N.B.

6'iu6— Carlton.


MacDougali, Charles Allan, Esq. of Dunolly,
Castle, CO. Argyll, J.P. and D.L., Lieut.-Col. Ben-
gal Staff Corps, retired, b. 1831 ; m. 28 Oct. 1886,
Harriet Elizabeth, -nidow of Major Donald Patrick
Campbell, of Balliveolan, co. Argyll, and younger
dau. of Charles Hale Monro, Esq. of Ingsdon, co.

Xiineag'e. — The M'Dougalls of Lome were anciently Lords
of Argyll " de Argadia." About the beginning of the 12th
century So.\£erled ruled in Argyll. By a dau. of Olacs, King
of Man and the Isles, he had four sons, one of whom was

DouGAL, who erected his inheritance into a principality.
He was grandfather of Alexander M'Dougall, of Lome, who
fought and defeated King Robert Brdce at the battle of
Dalrio, in Perthshire, 1306. His son, John M'Dougall, was s.
by his son, Ewen M'Dougall, father of -John M'Dougall, of
Dunolly, whose son, John M'Dougall, of Dimolly, was father
of DouGALL M'Dougall, of Dunolly, who entered to his lands,
by charter from Argyll, 1562 and 1567. His son, Duncan
M'Dougall, of Dunolly, 1598, was s. by his son. Sir John
M'Dougall, of Dunolly, who m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Duncan
Campbell, of Glenurchy, and left a son and successor, Alex-
ander M'Dougall, of Dunolly, who m. and had two sons,
Duncan, who d. s. p., and Allan, who s. his brother, and
obtained from King James VII. a charter of the greater part
of the lands of Lorn, dated at Windsor, 20 Sept. 1686. His son
and heir, John M'Dougall, of Dunolly, joined the rising in
1715, and suffered forfeiture in consequence. He m. Mary,
dau. of Sir James M'Donald, Bart, of Slate, by his wife, the
Lady Margaret Douglas, 2nd dau. of Robert, 8th Earl of
Morton, and left two dau., the elder of whom m. John
Maclean, of Lochbuy, and a son and successor, Alexander
M'Dougall, of Dunolly, restored to his father's forfeited
estate, by charter from the Duke of Argyll, 1745. He m.
Mary, dau. of Campbell, of Barcaldine, co. Argyll, and had
issue. The 2nd son,

Patrick MacDougall, Esq. of Dunolly, s. his father. He
III. 1782, Louisa Maxwell, dau. of John Campbell, Esq. of
Achalader, co. Perth, and had issue,

Alexander, Capt. 5th Eegt., killed at the storming of Ciudad
Rodrigo, Jan. ItjlO. He d. s. p.

John, his heir.

Patrick, Lient.-Col. in the army, d. imni. 1851.
Allan, d. 1876.

Isabella, m. Capt. Neill Mac Dougall, of the 75th Regt.,
A-ssistant-Adjutant-General in the British army, killed at
Castella, in Spain, 13 April, 1813. She d. Oct. 1867.
Louisa Maxwell, d. unm.
Anne Colina, m. Patrick Campbell, Esq. of Baleveolan, co.

Argyll ; d. 1856.
Mary Jane, m. Charles Hale Monroe, Esq. of Ingsdon,

Devon; d. 1858.
Colina Catherine, d. 1872.
Mr. MacDougall d. Oct. 18'25, and was s. by his son.

Sir John MacDougall, of Dunolly Castle, K.C.B., J.P.
and D.L., Vice-Admiral R.N., 6. 1789; m. 22 Aug. 1826,
Elizabeth Sophia, only child of Capt. Charles S. Timins,
R.N., of Oriel Lodge, Cheltenham, aud by her (who d. 8 June,
I88I), had issue,

Alexander John, Capt. R.A., m. 4 July, 1867, Anna, eldest
dau. of Thomas Barclay, Esq. of Ballyartney, co. Clare,
and d. s. p. Aug. 1867.

Patrick Charles CampbeU, Comm. R.N., h. 1830 ; d. Nov.

Charles Allan, now of Dunolly.

John Timins, b. 1833.

Henry Robert, M.D. Indian Medical Service, b. 1835; v).
1871, Caroline, dau. of James Forsyth, Esq. of Glengorm,
Mull, and has issue, Alexander James, 6. 1872, and others.

Sophia Elizabeth, m. Sept. 18o2, Sir Angus Campbell, Bart,
of Dunstaffnage, d. June, 1857.

Louisa Maxwell Helen Colina.

Elizabeth Mary Jane.

Sir John MacDougall d. April, 1865.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th az. a lion rampant arg. ; 2nd
and 3rd or, a lymphad sa. with a beacon on the topmast ppr.
Crest — An arm in armour embowed fessways couped ppr.
holding a cross-crosslet litchee erect az. Motto — Vinccre vcl

iSea<— Dunolly Castle, near Oban, co. Argyll


MacDougall, James Patten, Esq. of Gallanach,
CO. Argyll, J. P., M.A., Ch. Ch. Oxford, a member
of the Scottish Bar, and a Barrister of the Inner
Temple, Legal Sec. to Lord Advocate, Jan. to July,
1886, and again since Aug. 1892, b. 1849 ; m. 1884,
Alice Mary, dau. of Major Home, of Stirkoke, co.

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