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s. He assumed the name of MacDougall
on s. his mother in 1891.

Lineag'e. — The MacDougalls of Earay, or Eagray, and of
Torosay, in Nether Lome, were early offshoots of the Dunolly

Allan MacDougall, of Torosay was father of

John MacDougall, his heir, who in 1644 acquired the estate
of GiUlanach from his kinsman, Alexander MacDougall, of
Dunolly. He was s. in 1645 by his son,

John MacDougall, of Gallanach, who ni.a dau. of Buchanan,
of Leny. His grandson,

John MacDougall, of Gallanach, living 1711-95, was grand-
father of

Allen MacDougall, of Gallanach, Haytield or Inistrynich,
and Dunach. He m. Margaret, dau. of John Hay, of Newhall,
sister of George, 7th Marquess of Tweeddale, and left descen-
dants at his death 1807. In 1799, Allen MacDougall conveyed
Gallanach to his younger brother,

Patrick MacDougall, of Gallanach. He m. Margaret,
dau. of James Campbell, of Silverciaigs, and had issue,

Dugald, his heir.

James, Col. 42nd Highlanders, d. 1878.
George, Surgeon H.E.I.C.S., d. s. p.
Jane, ',n. Du^'ald Campbell, of Ellandrie, and d. 1864.
Margaret, ni. 1822, llobert Cuninghame, of Ballynorris, Isle
of Man, and d. 1834.

The eldest son,

Dugald MacDougall, of Gallanach, s. his f.Tther 1811, aud
d. 1864 ; he m. Margaret, dau. of Murdoch Madaine, of Loch-
buy, and by her (who d. June, 1880, in her 92nd year) had

Patrick, of Gallanach.

John, of Gallanach.

Murdoch, d. s. p. 1873.

Jane Maxwell Campbell, of Gallanach, m. John Patten,
Esq., Writer to Signet (who d. 1877), and d. Eeb. 1891,
leaving, with other issue,

1 James, now of Gallanach.

2 John, Writer to the Signet, m. 1880, Helen leabel, dau.
of late J. J. Grieve, Esq., M.P.

Margaret Christian Cunninghame.





The eldest son,

Patrick MacPougall, Esq. of Gallanach, Writer to the
Signet, (/. ,1. p. 1SG6, and was s. by his brother,

John MacDouoall, Esq. of Gallanach, formerly Major in
H.E.I.C.S., 6. 1822, and d. s. p. 1SS8, when he was .«. by
his sister, Mrs. Jank Maxwell Campbell Patten, who d.
1S91, and was s. by her eldest son, James Fatte.n, Esq., who
assumed the name of MacDougall.

5taJ— Gallanach House, Oban, N.B.


MacDocgall, Stentaet, Esq. of Lunga, co.
Argyll, J. P., Major late 93rd Highlanders, 6. 1854;
■m. iSSo, AVilhelinina, 2nd dau. and co-heiress of
the late George William Moore Liddell, Esq. of
Sutton, and Keldj Castle, co. York, and has

I. lAK, 6. 1887.
I. Helen Margaret.
n. Dorothy Georgina.
111. Mary llichmond.

Lineage. — Sprung from Sonicrled, Thane of Argyll and
the Isles, the MacDougalls have held possessions in uo. Argyll
since the early part of the r2th century, and of this ancient
clan, of which MacDougall of Donolly is the head, the branch
now being treated of is directly represented by the Laii-d of

Allan MacDougall, son of Duncan MacDougall and
grandson of John MacDougall, circa 1560, was father of

Hector MacDougall. He d. 1610, leaving a son,

Angus MacUouoall, who ;?i. Cliiistina, dau. of Donald
Cameron, and d. 1653, leaving an only son,

Allan MacDougall. He m. Katherine, dau. of MacDougall,
of Rara, and d. 1677, leaving a son,

Dougal MacDougall, of Lunga, who m. Helen, dau. of
Alistair Macdonald, and d. 1733, leaving a son,

Angus MacDougall, Esq. of Lunga, who m. Isabel, dau. of
Duncan Campbell, and had by her two sons,

I. John, his heir.

II. Hector, 6. 1747, an'offlcer E.N., d. unm.

Mr. MacDougall d. 1769, and was s. by his eldest son,

John MacDougall, of Lunga, 6. 1744; in. Anne, elder dau.
of MacLachlan, of Ciaigenterrive and Ardclionnel Castle, co.
Argyll, and left,

I. Colin, his heir.

II. John, of Braevallich, successor to his brother.

III. Duncan, an officer H.E.I.C.S. (Bombay), m. Colina, dau.
of John Campbell, Esq. of Melfort, and d. 1833, leaving

1 Archibald Duncan, Col. Madras Staff Corps, m. Mary,
dau. of Col. Potts, H.E.I.C.S., and (/. 1876, leaving issue,
John; Archibald; William; and Alice.

2 Frederick, d. unm.

3 John, Lieut. Madras Staff Corps, d. from an attack of
fever while on the staff of his cousin. Gen. Sir Colin
Campbell, K.C.B., of Melfort, Commissioner in Ceylon.

4 Aleck, d. unm. in Australia.

Mr. Macdougall d. 1803, and was s. by his eldest son,

Colin MacDougall, of Lunga, Lieut. 42nd Highlanders
(Black Watch), d. unm. 1836, and was s. by his brother,

John MacDougall, of Lunga, who in. 1846, Richmond Mar-
garet Ingles, dau. of Donald Stewart, Esq. of Luskintyre, and
■ d. 1871, leaving issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. Stewart, now of Lunga, s. his brother.

I. Annie, m. 1869, Col. James Thorpe, J. P. and D.L. of
Coddington Hall, co. Nottingham, and Ardbrecknish, co.
Argyll, and has with other issue John Somerled, 2nd Lieut.

".^cots Guards.

II. Isabel Macrae, m. 1878, Capt. William Harrison Preston,
J. P., of Heighoime Hall, co. York, eldest son of William
Preston, Esq. of Burythorpe, co. York, J. P.

III. Helen, d. 186.5.

IV. Richmond Grace.

His eldest son,

John MacDouoall, Esq. of Lunga, J. P. cos. Argyll and
Kinross, a Commissioner of Supply, and formerly Lieut. 21st
Hussars and 72nd Highlanders, 6. 1851 ; d. 1888, and was s.
by his brother.

^v)n.s— Quarterly : 1st and 4th az., a lion rampant ar.; 2nd
and 3rd or, a lymphad sa. «ith a flame ot fire ppr. issuing from
the topmast. CVe.ji — An arm in armour embowed ppr. holding
a cruss-crosslet fitchee gu. Mutto — Vincere vel mori.

ibVa(jj— Lunga and Daill, Lochgilphead, co. Argyll.


Macdowalt., Henry, Esq. of Garthland and
Carruth, co. Renfrew, J. P. and 1>.L., Capt. Ren-
frewshire Militia, b. 13 Marcli, 1845, m. 4 Feb.
1885, Eleauora Louisa, youngest dau. of Sir
William Maxwell, Gtk Bart, of Monreith.

Lineagre.— CoL. William IMacDowall, a younger son of
MacDowall, of Garthland, purchased 1727, the ancient Barony
ot Castle Semple, co. Renfrew, from Hugh, Uth Lord Sempill.
He 111. 1st, Mary Tovie, dau. of Mrs. James Milliken, of
Milliken, by her 1st husband and had by her a son, William;
he )u. 2ndly, Isabella Wallace,, sister of "iggar Wallace, Esq.
of Woolmet, and by her had James, who went to the West
Indies, and John, who s. to the lands of Woolmet. Col.
M.acDowall d. 1748, and was .s. by his son,

William MacDowall, Esq. of Castle Semple, 6. 1700, who
purchased the family estate of Garthland from his cousin,
William Macdonald, who d. unm., and at whose death, in 1775,
he became head of the family. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of James
Graham, Esq. of Airth, by Lady Mary Livingstone his wife,
dau. of .Mexander, 3rd Earl of Callender, and Lady Anne
Graham his wife, granddau. of James, the great Marquess of
Montrose. By Elizabeth his wife (who d. 1800) he had issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. James, at one time Provost of Glasgow, m. Isobell Peters,
and had issue, amongst others, William and Lawrence, both
of whom s. to Garthland, and d. unm.

III. Day Hort, of Walkinshaw. b. 27 March, 1753; 5)1.7 Nov.
1791, Wilhelmina, dau. of William Graham, Esq. of Airth,
CO. Stirling, and d. 16 June, 1809, having had issue,

1 Day Hort, Lieut.-Gen., Col. 3rd Buffs, J.P. and D.L., b.
3 July, 1795 ; m. 1838, Eleauora Frances Murray, 3rd dau.
of David Macrtowall Grant, Esq. of Arndilly, co. Banff, by
his wife, Eleanor Blary Grant, of Arndilly ; s. his cousin,
Laurence, 1842, aud d. 14 Sept. 1870. Mrs. MacdowalUi.

2 Henry, the eventual heir.

1 Elizabeth, >n. 19 Aug. 1824. Sir Henry Ingilby, 1st Bart,
of Ripley Castle, co. i'ork, and d. 7 March, 1869.

2 Christian Jemima, m. John Dundas, Esq., of the family
of Dundas, of Manor, and d. 19 July, 1863.

3 Caroline, m. 16 Oct. 18:i8, the Rev. R. W. Bosanquet, of
Rock, Northumberland.

IV. Hay, Lieut.-Gen., Commander-in-Chief at Madras. The
ship in which he was returning from India was lost at sea,
and never heard of.

V. David, Capt. R.N., to. Eleanor Mary Grant, of Arndilly,
CO. Bantf, and assumed her name.

VI. Laurence, Lieut.-Col. Renfrewshire Militia.

His eldest son,

William Macdowall, Esq. of Garthland and Castle Semple,
Lieut, of CO. Renfrew, and Member in five Parliaments, d.
unm. 2 May, 1810, and was s. eventually by his nephew,

Henry Macdowall, Esq. of Garthland, co. Renfrew, J.P.
and D.L., b. 20 Nov. 1796 ; m. 1839, Isabella Fergus, youngest
dau. of James Dennistoun, Esq. of Golfhill, and by her (wh
d. 1872) had issue,

Heney, now of Garthland.

Day Hort, Capt. Renfrewshire Volunteers, b. IS.'.O : lu. 12
Aug. 1884, Alice Maude Mary, dau. of Charles Blanchard,
Esq. of Nova Scotia, and has issue, a son, Victor Henry
Charles, /). 1891, and two daus.
Maria Wilhelmina.

Eleanor Isabella, m. 4 Feb. 1874, William Ingilby, Esq. 2nd
son of Rev. Sir Henry Ingilby, 1st bart. of Kipley Castle,
CO. York, and has issue, two sons (twins) William Henry,
and John Utlired Macdowall, 6. 28 Dec. 1874.
Anna Dennistoun, m. 3 Nov. 1886, John Henry Stirling,
Mr. Macdowall d. March, 1882, and was s. by his eldest son,

jrms — Az., a lion rampant collared and crowned or. Crest
—A lion's paw erased holding a dagger erect all ppr. Mottoes
— Above the crest, Fortis in arduis ; under the shield, Vineero
vel mori.
Heat — Garthland, Renfrewshire, N.B.
CiMi-s— Conservative, S. W. ; and New (Edinburgh).

Macduff, Alexander, Esq. of Bonhard, co.
Perth, J.P., b. 29 July, 1849 ; m. 16 May, 1883,
Edith Alexandrine, younger dau. of John Shiell,
Esq. of Smithfleld, co. Forfar, and has issue,

I. Alexander, b. 6 July, 1834.

I. Ursula Edith.

II. Mary Elizabeth Frances.





Xiineagre. — This is one of the most important of the few
families now remaining of the ancient and once potent clan
Macduff, whose chiefs, the Thanes of Fife, held a conspicuous
position in Scotland during the 12th and I3th centuries. A
branch of the clan were the Macduffs of Fandowie, in Strath-
braan, who held these lands for many generations till about
the middle of the 17th century. John Macduff one of this
family, was implicated in the Gowrie Plot, and, along with
some others, the retainers of the unfortunate Earl of Gowrie,
was executed at Perth on 23 Aug. 1600. His son, David, who
d. about 1647, had a son, Alexander, who d. in x708, leaving
a son,

Alexander Macduff, Esq. of Bonhard, 6. 2 Feb. 1698, and
d. 7 March, 1765. His son,

Alexander Macddff, Esq. of Bonhard, b. 6 Sept. 1762, was
on his death, 18 May, ls06, s. by his son,

Alexander Macduff, Esq. of Bonhard, b. 18 Dec. 1792 ; vi .
21 March, 1816, Margaret Catherine, dau. of John Koss, Esq.
of Balgersho, co. Perth, and had issue,

Alexander, of whom presently.

John Ross (Rev.), D.D., 6. 23 M.ny, 1SI8.

Thomas, 6. 29 June, 1820, d. 1890.

Hector Colin Robert, 6. 20 March, 1822; ra. Elizabeth
Fraser, only child of James Beveridge Duncan, Esq. of
Damside, CO. Perth, and assumed the additional name of

William, 5. 12 May, 1824; d. 1881.

Robert Charles Henry (Rev.), b. i> March. 1829, and d. 1891.

Jane Hel.n, b. 27 August, 1826, was drowned at New Halls,
near Edinburgh, 2 Oct. 183S.
The eldest son,

Alexander Macduff, Esq. of Bonhard, b. 5 Dec. 1816; ra.
21 Sept. 1842, Mary, dau. of Francis Brown, Esq. of Jordan-
hill, Trinidad, and had issue,

Alexander, now of Bonhard.

Mr. Macduff (f. 21 March, ISCG.

^4jt/w— Paly of six, erm. and or, a lion rampant gu. armed
and langued az. Crest— k demi-Iion gu. holding in dexterpaw
a dagger ppr. j1/o«to— Deus juvat.

Sent — bonhard, near Perth. Helen.


MAcEvoY,EDWAEDFEANCis,Esq.of Tobertynan,
CO. Meath, Mount Hazel, co. Galway, and Frankford,
CO. Longford, J.P., M. P. CO. Meath 1855 to 1874,
iormerly Lieutenant in the 6th Dragoon Guards
(Carabineers), h. 5 Sept. 1826 ; m. 24 Oct. 1850,
Eliza, dau. and heiress of Andrew Browne,
Esq. of Mount Hazel, co. Galway, son of Nicholas
Erowne, Esq. of Mount Hazel, by Eleanor his
wife (afterwards Vicountess Strangford), youngest
dau. of Sir Thomas Burke, 1st Bart., and has an
only dau.,

Pauline, b. 28 Nov. 1862 ; m. 1 Dec. 1883, George, Marquis
de Stacpoole, only son of the Due de Stacpoole {see
Burke's Petrage, Foreign Titles), and has issue,

I. George Mary Edward Josepu Patrick, 6. 8
March, 1886.

II. Edward Hubert Michael, b. 29 Sept. 1888.
in. Francis Gustave Mary, b. 26 Oct. 18.90.
IV. Robert Andrew, 6. 25 May, 1892.

I. Gertrude Mary Pauline, 6. 7 Oct. 1884.

Ijineage.— The MacEvoys (of the clan Colla) are com-
tnemorated by O'Heerin, and were described by O'Brien to
*iave been in ancient times chiefs of a district in the Queen's
CO., wherein they were principally settled in the Barony of
Stradbally. They also possessed property in Feffia — called
Hy MabVias— now the Barony of Moygoish, in Westmeath,
and previously to their coming to Meath, had estates in co.
Longford, which they lost in the times of religious disabili-

Francis MacEvot, Esq. of Tobertynan, one of the most
tlistinguished surgeons of his lime, was son of Edward Mac-
Evoy, of Dring,co. Longford, and grandson (by Anne D'Arcy

1 his wife) of Christopher MacEvoy, whose younger brother was

, of Santa Cruz, and had a son, Christopher MacEvoy, of
Wimbledon, Surrey. He hi. Anne, dau. of Thomas Fetherston-
iiaugh, Esq. of Bracklyn Castle, co. Westmeath, and had a

, son Edward, who d. before him U7im. He d. himself 1808,

J and was s. by his brother.

James MacEvoy, Esq. of Tobertynan, co. Meath, and Frank-
ford, CO. Longford, ra. Theresa, youngest dau. and co-heir of
Sir Joshua CollesMeredyth, Bart., by Maria his wife, dau. and
heir of Laurence Coyne Nugent, Esq. and d. 1834, leaving

I. Edward Francis, now of Tobertynan.

II. Joshua James, J. P., formerly R.N., and afterwards an
officer in the Dublin Artillery, b. 1829 ; m. 22 Nov. 1860
the Hon. M.-iry Netterville, 2nd dau. and co-heir of James',
7th Viscount Metterville, and assumed by royal licence|
dated 7 Apiil, 1865, the surname and arms of Netterville
only, and has issue,

1 Mary Eliza Theresa. 2 Theresa Reddis.

3 Eliza Theodora, a nun.

4 Rose Emily, to 1 Sept. 1892, Edward Alexander, eldest
son of Count O'Bythe, of Corville, co Tipperary (ichom

5 Barbara, m. 16 July, 1891, Nicholas Sycnott, Esq.
Barrister-at-Law, eldest son of the late Thomas Synnoit,
Esq. of Innismorc, co. Dublin, and has issue a dau.

6 Victoria,

7 Pauline.

I. Maria Theresa, jii. 1852, Richard Gradwell, Esq., J.P., of
Dowth Hall, CO. Meath, and by him (who d. 28 Oct. 1884)
ha.s issue {<ee Gradwell of Dowth Ball).
u. Barbara Frances, ui. 8Jan. 1856, Sir Bernard Burke, C.B.,
LL.D., Ulster King-of-Arms, (who rf. 12 Dec. 1892) and d,
15 Jan. 1887, leaving issue {see Burke of Auberies).
Arms—Ver fess az. and per pale or and erm. a fess gu.,
issuant therefrom a demi-lion arg. in the dexter base a dexter
hand couped at the wiist of the fourth. Crest— K cubit arm
erect, vested gu. cuffed erminois, in the hand a sword ppr.
3/o((o— Bear and forbear.

&a(s— Tobertynan, near Enfield, co. Meath, and Mount
Hazel, Glantane, co. Galway.


McFaelan, Lieut.-Col. John Wardex, of
Ballancleroche, or Keithtoun, co. Stirling, J.P.,
Lieut. -Col. retired, h. 16 July, 1823; m. li June,
1857, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Duncan Gibb, Esq.
of Liverpool.

Lineag-e.— Patrick McFarlan, the representative of
the Merkinck branch of the family of MacFarlan of that ilk,
purchased in 1624 the estate of Ballancleroche, or Kirktoun,
(sometimes called Keithtoun). His son, Jamks, who lu. Mary
Keith, of the Earl Marischall family, built the old part of the
present mansion house. His son, Hugh MacFablan, served
under Marlborough in Queen Anne's wars ; he m. Elizabeth
Doig, of Ballengrew, and was succeeded by William McFarlan
the 4th of Keithtoun, who entailed his estate on the family
of his sister Anne, who had m. the Rev. John Warden, tlie
Minister of Campsie, son of Rev. John Warden, first Minister
of Gargunnock alter the Revolution. The son of the marriage
succeeded to the estate and took the name of McFarlan, and
was father of

John McFarlan, Advocate, m. 5 Aug. 1794, Christain, only
dau. of David Wardrobe, Esq., by Eleanor Irvine his wife,
of the Drum branch of the Irvines, and by her (who d. 25 Dec.
1812) left at his decease, 18 Dec. 1846, a son,

John SIcFablan, Esq. of Ballancleroche, >». 10 Nov. 1819,
Janet Buchannan, dau. of Robert Ewing,Esq., and d. 6 July,
1851, having by her (who d. 1879) had issue,

John Warden, now of Ballancleroche.

William Leekie (Rev.), Minister of Lenzie, 6. 1832; m. 1S60,
Isabella Leekie, dau. of William Leekie Ewing, Esq. of
Arngomery, co. Stirling, and d. s. p.

Isabella. Christian Wardrobe.

•4rm.s'— Arg., a saltire cantoned with four roses gu. Crest —
A demi-savage, grasping in his dexter hand a sheaf of arrows,
and pointing with the sinister to an imperial crown ; with the
motto. This I'll defend.

dent — Ballancleroche, Lennoxtown, co. Stirling.

Clab — Army and Navy.


MacFablane, Henky James, Esq. of Hunstown
House, CO. Dublin, and Fallagh Erin, co. Tyrone,
educated Triu. Coll. Dublin, B.A. 1837, LL.D.
1852, J.P. COS. Dublin and Tyrone, High Sherifl' co.
Dublin 1877, b. 3 July, 1817, m. Ist, 27 Aug. 1840,
Jane, dau. of Hamilton-Stuart Wallace, Esq. of
Shergriui, co. Tyrone, by Margaret his wife, sister





to Colin Campbell, Esq. then of Tandcragee, and
has issue,

I. James Francis Lenox, b. 7 April, lS4.'i, ]*Iajor Cork
Artillery, late Capt. Sril Dragoons Guards m. Elizabeth
Odette, dau. of Manners McKay, Esq. 3rd Dragoon
Guards, o£ Moreen, co. Dublin, by his wife, dau. of
Beojamin Bunbury, of Lisbryan, eo. Tipperary, and has

1 Waiter Lenox.
■Z Selby.
I Maud.

II. Charles James Xapicr, b. lt> Nov. 1851, Capt. Cork
Artillery, lu. Annie Mary Kina, dau. of Joseph Francis
Stirling, Capt. R.N., son of Admiral Charles Stirling, of
Faskene, co. Lanark, and had issue, Joseph Francis
Stirling, b. 27 April, 1800, and Dorothy Mary.

in. Henry William Hamilton, b. 8 April, 1854, Lieut. 3rd
Dragoon Guards, served iu Egypt (medal and Khedive's

I. Marj'. II. Jane Moore.

IU. Mary Agnes Hinds. iv. Elizabeth Frances.

V. Eva, deceased.

:Mr. II. J. MacFarlane, m. 2ndly, 24 Nov. 1891,
Elizabeth Mary, dau. of Lieut. -Gen. Augustus St.
John Gierke, K.H., by Louisa, his wife, dau. of
Very Ear. Holt "VVarmg, of Wariugstowu, co.

Lineagre. — The Irish branch of the family of Clan Phar-
lan, was founded by

Malcolm MacFaklane, nephew, it is stated, of Col. John
MacFarlane of that ilk, whose three brothers. Major Andrew,
Archibald, and Walter, were killed at Malplaquet, serving
under the Duke of Marlborough. He '//(. about 1725, Janet
Drummond, granddau. of .Tames Dnimmond, 4th Earl of
Perth, created Duke by James VII, and d. about 1729, leaving
a son,

Francis MacFarlane, b. 1727, who was at Prestonpans, 1746,
where he was beside Col. Gardiner when that gallant officer
was killed. Purchasing some property in Ireland, he settled
at Stirling, co. Meath. To this Francis, his " cousin "
Walter MacFarlane of that ilk, the learned genealogist,
transmitted a copy of the family pedigree. He m. 1st, 17G6
.Jane Hastie, of Edinboro, by whom he had (with a dau.
Jane, who m. Mr. Bevan, of Wales and d. s. p.) three

I. Henrt, his heir.

II. James HepDurn, of Stutton House, Suffolk, Post Capt.
R.N., Signal Lieut, to Lord Howe, on the "Glorius," 1 June,
1794, b. 30 May, 1769, «i. 1803, his cousin Mary, dau. of
James Hastie, Esq. of London, and had issue, Francis
James, an officer in the K.N., d. in the West Indies;
Mary Anne, deceased; and Elizabeth Frances, ih. Francis
John MacFarlane, Lieut. -Col. late 3rd Dragoon Guards.

III. Francis, of Longford and Pacelield, co. Dublin, b. 1771,
m. 1832, Maria, dau. of — James, Esq. of Bristol, and
has issue, Francis Thomas, b. 2 July, 1835; and Jane.

Mr. MacFarlane ra. 2ndly 1793, Mary llichardson, and by her
liad a son and a dau.

IV. Edward North, of Mount Pleasant, co. Dublin, &. 13
March, 179-1, m. Lucy, dau. of James barker, Esq. and has
issue, Francis and Caroline.

1. Mary, m. 1817, liichard Barker, Esq. son. of Oliver
Barker, Esq. of Clonard, the grandson and heir of Eichard
Barker, Esq. of Croboye-East, aud had issue.

The eldest son,

Henry MacFarlane, Esq. of Stirling, co. Meath, and
Hunstown House, co. Dublin, 6. 28 May, 1767, m. 14 April,
1815, Mary, dau. of Boss Maguire, Esq. of Oak Park, Castle-
knock, a descendant of the great and ancient family of
Maguire, of Fermanagh, and by her (,who d. March 1837) had

I. Malcolm Francis, d. s.p. 11 Jan. 182G.

II. Henrt James, now of Hunstown House.

HI. Francis John, Lieut.-Col. late 3rd Dragoon Guards, „i.
May, lb52, Elizabeth Frances, dau. of Capt James Hep-
burn MacFarlane, of Stutton House, Suffolk, Post Cupt.

I. Catherine, d. 31 Oct. 1868, unm.

Mr. MacFarlane d. Jan. 1851.

Arms — Arg. a saltire engrailed between four roses gu.

Crtst — A denii-savage grasi-ing in his dexter hand a sheaf
of arrows and pointing with the sinister t« an imperial crown

iS/a^s— Hunstown House, Mulhuddart, co. Dublin, aud
Fallagh Erin, Beragh, co. Tyrone.


Macfie, John William, Esq. of Dreghorn
Castle, Midlothian, J.P., b. 1 Dec. 1844 ; m- 7 June,
1867, Helen, dau. of the late Major-Gen. Charles
Wahab, of the Queen's Indian Service, and has

I. Robert Andrew Scott, B.A., 6. 10 April, 1864.

II. Charles Wahab Scott, b. 9 Dec. 1872.

III. John AVilliam Scott, 6 1(3 Sept. 1S79.

IV. Alison Bland Scott, 6. 25 Dec. 1S8G.

I. Janet Cowan Scott, b. 29 May, 1S69.

II. Caroline Easton Scott, b. 12 April, 1871 ; d. 24 May, 1S72.

III. Helen Charlotte Scott, b. 23 Sept. 1876.

IV. Mary Scott, b. G Nov. 1883.

v. Marion Sheila Scott, b. 12 Sept. 1888.

Liineag'e. — The clan Macfie, or Macdupfie, hailed
from the islands of Colonsay and Oronsay, co. Argyll, but wercj
dispossessed by the MacDonalds. Some of them removed to
the cos. of Ayr and Renfrew.

Robert Macfie, Esq. of Innerkip, removed in the last
century from co. Ayr, and settled at that place. He m. Mary
Lyon, and had a son,

William Macfie, Esq. of Innerkip, 6. 1710, who lii. Mary
Ramsay, and was father of

Robert Macfie, Esq. of Langhouse, eo. Renfrew, b. 11 Feb.
1746 ; )jj. 9 March, 1772, Mary, dau. of Capt. William Andrew,
of Greenock, and d. 25 Sept. 1827, leaving by her (who d.
n Sept. 1815),

I. William, of Langhousc, m. 1st, Jessie, dau. of David
Johnston, Esq. of Port Glasgow, and d. 1854, leaving,

1 Robert, of Langhouse and Airds, J.P., D.L., b. 1812;
'M. 1838, Agnes, dau. of James Fairrle, Esq. of Greenock,
and had, with other issue, a son,

William, b. 1840: ?u. 1st. 1804, .Agnes Hamilton, dau.
of Rev. James Towers (she d. 1864), and 2ndly, 18G7,
.lane Crawford, dau. of James .Allen, Esq., and has

He Hi. 2ndl}', Janet, dau. of Claud Marshall, Esq. of Craig-

iiestock, CO. Lanark, and had further issue,

2 Claud, of Gogarburn, co. Midlothian, J.P., b. 1822,

S David Johnstone, of Borthwick Hall, co. Midlothian,
J. P., b. 1828.

II. Robert, m. Agnes, sister of John Gait, Esq., the novelist,
.and aunt of Sir^Alexander Gait, G.C.M.G.

III. John, of Edinburch, D.L.. b. 1783; m. 9 Nov. 1810,
Alison, dau. of William Thorburn, Esq. of Leith, and d.
28 Dec. 1802, leaving by her (who t(. I April, 1856),

1 Robert Andrew, of Dreghorn.

2 John, d. s. p.

3 William, of Clermiston, co. Midlothian, J.P., b. 1817:
m. 1872, Mary Ramsay, dau. of Rev. Walter Colvin, of
Cramond, co. Miil'othian, and has issue,

William Colvin. Walter .Scott. Charics Edward.

1 Robina Scott, m. John Marquis, Esq. of Greenock and

2 Mary, m. John Henderson, Esq. of Park, co. Renfrew,
and is deceased.

3 Marion, m. 1st, John Lothian, Esq. Edinburgh, and
2ndly, John MaoKwan, E^q. of Glenloia, co. Uentrew.

4 Ellison, m. William Wcsthgarth, Esq., sometime Member
of the Legislative Council of Victoria.

5 Anne, m. John Macandrew, Esq., Edinburgh, and is

I. Jessie, iu. William Thcrburn, of Kasen, in Sweden.

Robert Andrew Macfie, Esq. of Dreghorn Castle, Mid-
lothian, J. P. and Commissioner of Supply, co. Edinburgh,
M.P. for Leith Burghs, 1868-74, F.R.S.E., 6. 4 Oct. 1811; m.
2 Jan. 1840, Caroline Eliza, eldest dau. of John Easton, Esq.
of Couranee Hill, co. Dumfries, Jl.D., sometime Surgeon of
of 15th Hussars, by Ellen Eliza Ann his wife, dau.

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