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1850; d. Sept. 1879.
Mary Annette Fakiogton Davies.

2 Alice Davies, d. unm. 13 Jan. 1883, aged 57.

3 Marianne, d. 1829.

V. Richard (Rev.), d. 3 Aug. 1857.

I. Elizabeth, d. 1826. 11. Sophia, d. 1870.

III. Charlotte, d. 1870. iv. Alice, d. 1886, aged 89.

V. Arabella, d. 1886, aged 84.
The eldest son,

Edward Tomkins Machen, Esq. of Eastbach Court, J.P.
and D.L., Deputy Purveyor of the Forest of Dean 1805-55,
b. 1783; m. 6 July, 1816, Sophia, dau. of Richard Dighton,
Esq. of the Wilderness, same co., and by her (who d. 24 Dec.
182-"i) had issue,





Edward, of Eastbacli Court, of whom prosently.

Charles Vaujjhan, Tath lieijt., c^ 'ZD Dec. 1847.

James Davies, il. unm.

Lucy Anne, d. 27 March, 1833.

Henrietta Maria, d. Dec. 1874.
.Mr. Machen d. 21 Oct. 1SC2, and was s. by his son,

Kev. Edward Machen, of Kastbach Court, co. Gloucester,
B. A., late Kector of Staunton and Micheldcan, 6. 8 May, 1817;
L-i. 10 Nov. 1S47, Sophia, dau. of Ecv. James Lister Dighton,
Vicar of Dixton, co. Monmouth, and by her, who cl. 11 May,
1893, had issue,

I. Charles Edward, now of Eastbadi Court.

ji. .\rthur. III. Kichard DiRhton.

I. Lucy, d. 187-1. 11. Sophia, d. 1850.

III. Edith. IT. Mary. v. Alice, d. 18S9.

VI. Henrietta, d. 1874. vii. Sophy, d. 1863.

viu. Annie. ix. Margaret. x. Florence.

Kev. Edward Macben d. 26 March, 1893, aged 76, and was s.
by Ms eldest son.

Arms — Gu., a fess vaire between three pelicans" heads or,
vulning themselves. Cnxt — A pelican's head erased or.
JSuij. — Bicknor Court, Coleford, co. Gloucester.
i;iub — Constitutional,


Mac Ixnes, Miles, Esq. of Eickcrby, Cumber-
land, J.P. and D.L., M.F. for Hexham Division of
2sort.liumberland, M.A. Baliol Coll. Oxford, b.
1830; 711. 1859, Euphemia, dau. of Andrew John-
ston, Esq. of Eennj Hill, co. Fife, M.P. by Priscilla
his wife, eldest dau. of Sir Thomas Eowell JBuxton,
1st Eart. of Eellfield, and has had issue, Henry,
^. 1863, d. 1884; and Neil, b. 1865. This
gentleman, who is eldest son of Gen. John Mac
iunes, of Hampstead, Middlesex (who d. 1859), by
Anna Sophia his wife., dau. of Jacob E. Reynolds,
Esq. of Carshalton, Surrey, s. to the Eiekerby,
estate under the will of Greorgo Head Head, Esq.,
in 1876.

Seal — Eiekerby, Carlisle.


Mac Ivee-Campbell, Col. Aylmor, of Loch-
gair House, co. Argyll, J.P. Col. (retired), Bengal
*Staff Corps, 6. 19 Jan. 1837; 7n. 14 Sept. 1865,
3IA.KGAEET Agxes, dau. of the late Col. J. D. Mac
Itek-Campbell, of Askiiish, and has issue,

I. Atlmer, Lieut. Indian Staff Corps, b. 4 Nov. 1867.

ji. Arthur Granville, Lieut. 5th Fusiliers, 6. 25 May, 1870.

III. Charles Augustus.

1. Ethel Grace. ii. Alice Ernestine.

III. Ada Margaret. iv. Maud.

Iiineag'e. — John Viviax, Bencher, Middle Temple, m.
the dau. and heiress of — Edwards, Esq. of Cotham Lodge,
Bristol, and had issue,

Eev. Charles Pasley Viviax, of Hatton Hall, Welling-
borough, who m. Grace Anna, dau. of Gen. Ayhner, of
Walworth Castle, co. Durham, and by her (who d. 1886) had

Charles George Aylmer, m. and d. leaving issue.

Gerald Bentinck, m. and d. leaving issue.

Arthur Ennis, m. and d. leiving issue.

John Augustus, m. and rf. leaving issue.

Atlmee, of Lochgair House, who assumed the name and
arms of Mac Iver-Campbell by royal licence in 1S83.

Ernest Henry Paul, deceased.

Kina Grace.

'Picv. Charles Vivian d. 1841.

Arms — (Regd, Lyon OfBce). Quarterly, 1st and 4th grand
quarters, quarterly 1st and 4th, gyronny of right or and sa.,
2nd, arg., a dexter hand, conped fessways grasping a dagger
<.-rectgu. ; 3rd, arg. a galley oars in action sa. ; all within a
bordure gu. ; 2nd and 3rd grand quarters, quarterly or and gu.
.a bend sa. Crest — A boar's head couped or. Motto — Nun-
quam obliviscar.

icat — Lochgair House, Lochgilphead, co. Argyll.

Mack, Thomas, Esq. Lord of the Manor and
j^atron of Tuustead, co. Norfolk, J.P., late 17tli

Lancers, b. 15 Dee. 1847 ; w. 5 Aug. 1875, Edith,
dau. of Rev. J. Jameson, of Wiudfield, co. Galway,
and has issue,

Thomas Harry, b. 18 Feb. 1877.
Gerald Fane, b. 6 June, 1879 ; d. 1893.

Iiineag'e — This is an old Norfolk family. The late
John Mack, Esq. of Paston Hall, b. 1798, son of Thomas Mack,
of Tunstead, co. Norfolk, by Elizabeth Postle, his wife, m. 1847,
Susannah Margaret, dau. of John Shepheard, Esq. of Erping-
ham, and had issue,

I. Thomas, now of Tunstead Hall.

II. John, of Paston Hall, Norfolk, J. P., late Lieut. 20th
Kegt., 6. 1849; m. 1879, Henrietta, dau. of Edward Packard,
ICsq. of Birkfield Lodge, Ipswich, and has issue, a dau., b.
17 April, 1887.

HI. Philip Paston, 6. 1851 ; in. a dau. of — Pearce, Esq,, and

has issue, a son,
IV. Hugh Paston, of Northwold, co. Norfolk, J.P., m. a dau.

of 1. Clabburn, Esq. of Lammas Hall, Norfolk, and has two

sons. V. Edgar Paston.

VI. Arthur Paston, m. 22 Jan. 1887, Laura Arthur Elliott,

youngest dau. of J. F. H. Kead, Esq. of Walthamstovv,

Essex, J.P.

I. Elizabeth Charlotte, ra. G. R. Lake, Esq., and has issue,
one son and two daus.

II. Margaret Mary.

III. Katharine Susanna, vi. Eev. Arthur KadclifTe, and has
issue, two daus.

IV. Alice Octavia, m. to J. J. Head, Esq., and has one son
and one dau. v. Frances Ursula.

Mr. Mack d. 1867, and was s. by his eldest son.

Residence— Cross, Torrington, N. Devon.
Club — Naval and Military.


MacKat, Colin Campbell, Esq. of Bighouse,
CO. Argyll, J. P., b. 1850 ; s. his uncle, 1875.

Lineag-e. — The Hon. Col. Hugh MacKay, 2nd son of
George, 3rd Lord Eeay, who d. 1748, rti. Elizabeth, dau. and
heir of George Mackay, of Bighouse, derived from William,
2nd son of Y. Mackay, ancestor of Lord Eeay, and d. 1770,
leaving by her three daus., Janet, his heir; Marion, mj.
George, 5th Lord Eeay, but d. s. p. ; and Eobina, d. v.nii'.
The elder dau.,

Janet MacKay, of Bighouse, m. 9 May, 1749, Colin Camp-
bell, Esq. of Glenure, and by him (who was murdered 1752)
had two daus., LocisA, heir of Bighouse, and Colina, i/i.
James Baillie, Esq. The elder dau.,

LocisA Campbell MacKay, of Bighouse, m. 11 June, 1768,
George MacKay, Esq. of Islandhanda (son of Eobert MacKay,
Esq., and grandson of the Hon. Charles Mackay, 2nd son of
Donald, 1st Lord Eeay), and had nine sons and eleven daus.,
of whom were Hugh, d. s. 'p. ; Colin, his heir ; Donald, an
officer in the army; Charles, E.N. ; Honyman, Major in the
army; Eobert; Janet, m. Sir Benjamin Dunbar, Bart, of
llempriggs ; Jane, m. George Sackville Sutherland, Esq. of
Uppart : Alexandrina, in. Gabriel Eeid, Esq. ; Johanna, m.
Sinclair, of Forse ; and :mother dau. Mrs. M'Neill. The son
and heir,

Colin Campbell MacICay, Esq. of Bighouse, Lieut.-Col.
78th Highlanders, m. 9 Nov. 1815, Margery Gerard, 5th dau.
and co-heir of I'atrick Cruikshank, of Stracathro', co. Forfar,
and d. 21 June, 1842, leaving issue,

I. George, his heir.

It. James Cruikshank, to. Margaret Anne, only child of
Major Duncan McPherson, and had issue,

1 Colin Campbell, now of Bighouse.

2 Duncan McPherson. 3 George.

1 Margaret Grant Sheriff. 2 Marjory Louisa.

III. Patrick, m. Eliza Clunes, dau. of Blajor Archibald Inncs,
and has a dau.

IV. Hugh. V. Colin Campbell.

I. Louisa Campbell, m. Duncan Cameron, Esq. of Inverailort,
CO. Inverness, and d. May, 1852.

II. Margery Jane Clementina, m. 22 May, 1861, Harry
Yeatesman Doubuy Copland, Esq.

III. Margaret Helen Geraldine. iv. Wilhelmina.

His eldest son,

George MacKay, Esq. of Bighouse, J.P., of the 7th Fusiliers,
b. 19 March, 1817 ; on. 1861, Anne Moore, dau. of Capt. W. F.
Campbell, J.P., 64th N.I., of Melfort, co. Argyll; d. s. p.
1875, and was s. by his nephew.

Arms — Az., between three bears' heads couped arg. muzzled
gu. a chevron or, charged with a roebuck's head erased





between two hands holding daggers all ppr. Crest — A right
hand holding up a dagger paleways ppr. Motto — Manu forti.
^ga£ — Bighouse, Morinish, Isle of Mull, co. Argyll.


Maceat, GEOEaE Dennt, Esq. of Strathlcyle, co.
Hoss and Grlengloy, co. Inverness, h. 1851 ; m. 1888,
Gertrude Georgiana, younger dau. of the late
Thomas Findlay, Esq.

Xiiueag'e. — This family claim to be cadets of Mackay,
Lord Reay, and to descend from Angus Dhd Mackay, who m.
Elizabeth, dau. of Donald, Lord of the Isles, by the Princess
Margaret, dau. of Egbert II., King of Scots, and d. 1428,
having had, l. Neil Bass, ancestor of Lord Reay , II. John
Aberigh, ancestor of this family. From 1450 there has been
a, distinct succession of chieftains of the clan Aberigh.

Geobge MacKat, chief of clan Aberigh, lineal representa-
tive of Mackay, of Achness, 6. 1757; hi. 1785, Katherino
Mackay, of the line of Lord Eeay, by whom (who was 6. 1767,
and d. 1S49) he had Oeokge, his heir, and other issue. He d.
1840, and was s. by his eldest son,

George MacKat, Chief of clan Aberigh, J.P. co. Inverness,
m. Lillias, dau. of Duncan Grant, Esq. of Delshangie, co.
Inverness, and d. 1868, leaving, with other issue,

I. James (Rev.), Chief of clan Aberigh, Chaplain of the
Marbeuf, in Paris, formerly Senior Chaplain iu the Indian
service, m. and has issue.

II. George Grant, late of Strathkyle.
The 2nd son,

George Grant Mackay, Esq. of Strathkyle, co. Ross, and
Clengloy, co. Inverness, J.P. and D.L., co. Boss, and J.P.
CO. Inverness, 6. 16 Sept, 1826; m. 1st, 1850, Anne, dau. of
John Denny, Esq. of Glasgow, by whom he had issue,

I. George Denny, now of Strathkyle and Glengloy.

I. Margaret, m. Walter Ferguson Stevenson, Esq. of

He in. 2ndly, 1861, Jessie, dan. of John Simpson, Esq. of
Demerara, by whom he had further issue,

II. Harry HadQold.

II. Lily Jane. iii. norencc.

Mr. George Grant Mackay d. Oct. 1892, and was s. by his
eldest son.

Seat — Invergloy, Spean Bridge, co. Inverness.


Mackenzie, James Fowler, Esq. of Allanbank
House, CO. Eoss, Chief of the Mackenzies, J.P. and
D.L., b. 30 Oct. 1833, s. his brother 1849. Mr.
Mackenzie, heir male of the ancient family of
Xiutail, was elected in 1890, Chief of the Clan
Mackenzie Society.

Ijineagre.— Kenneth, 1st Lord Mackenzie, son of Sib
Colin Mackenzie, 11th Feudal Baron of Kintail, chief of
the powerful and historic family of Mackenzie of (see
Alexander Mackenzie's History of the Clan Mackenzie) ; m.
1st Ann dau. of George Boss, of Balnagown, and by her had

1. Colin, his heir, created 1st Earl of Seaforth.

n. John, of Lochslinn, m. Isobel, eldest dau. of Alexander

McKenzie, of Gairloch, and d. without male issue, leaving

a dau., Margaret.

III. Kenneth, d. unm.

I. Barbara, m. Donald, Lord Reay.

II. Janet, m. Sir Donald McDonald, of Sleat.

He m. 2ndly, Isobel, dau. of Sir Gilbert Ogilvie, of Powrie, and
by her had issue,

IV. Alexander, d. young.

V. George, who s. his brother as Earl of Seaforth, and whose
branch is now extinct in the male line.

VI. Thomas, of Pluscardinc, whose male line is also extinct.
The representative of this branch is Arthur Robertson, of
Inshes, Inverness.

VII. Simon, of whom we treat.

ait. Sibella, m. 1st, John Macleod, of Harris; 2ndly, Alexander
Iraser, Tutor of Lovat, and 3rdly, Patrick Grant, Tutor of

He d. Feb. 1611, and was buried at Chanovry, 28 April, 1611.
The youngest son,
Simon Mackenzie, of Lochslinn, vi. 1st Elizabeth, dau. of

Rev. Peter Bruce, D.D , son of Bruce of Fingask and by her
had issue,

I. George (Sir), of Kosehaugh, the Lord Advocate, to. 1st,
Elizabeth, dau. of John Dickson, of Ilartree, and had with
three sons, who d. young,

1 Agnes, m. James Stuart Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Bute.

2 Elizabeth, m. 1st, Sir Archibald Cockburn, of Langton,
who d. s. p. ; and 2ndly, Sir James Mackenzie, of Houston,
and had issue.

Sir George in. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of — Halliburton, of
Pitcur, and had with other issue, d. young,
I. George, of Rosehaugh, who left issue, an only dau.

II. Simon, of whom presently.

III. Thomas, of Loggie.

IV. John, of Inchcoultcr, or Balway.

V. Colin, Clerk to the Privy Council and Commissioner in

The second son,

Simon Mackenzie, to. (marriage contract dated 1663), Jane,
dau. of Alexander Mackenzie, of Ballone, brother to Sir
John Mackenzie of Tarbat, (from whom the Earls of Croniartie).
He d. 1664, leaving a posthumous son,

Simon Mackenzie, of Allangrange, an Advocate at the
Scottish Bar, m. 22 Aug. 1693, Isobel, 3rd dau. of Sir Roderick
Mackenzie of Findon ; this lady inherited Allan, formerly
the property of Seaforth, which lias since been called Allan-
grange ; by her, Simon had issue,

I. Roderick, d. v. i>. and unm.

II. George, of whom hereafter.

III. Kenneth.

IV. William, Capt. in the Dutch Army, whose issue is extinct.

V. Simon, d. s. p. in the West Indies.

I. Lilias, d. v.7im.

II. Elizabeth, in. 1745, John Matheson, of Frenaig.

III. Eliza, m. Ludovic, son of Roderick Mackenzie, of

IV. Isobel, TO. 3Iurdo Cameron.

He m. 2ndly, 28 Aug. 1718, Susanna, dau. of Col. Alsxander
Eraser of Kinneries, "the Coroner," and had further issue
now extinct. He was drowned Feb. 1730. His eldest sur-
viving son,

George Mackenzie, of Allangrange, in. May, 1731, Mar-
garet, grand-dau. of Sir Donald Bayne, of Tulloch, and had

I. Simon, d. in infancy 1731.

II. William, Capt. 25th Eegt., d. unm. 1764, v. p.

III. George, d. young. iv. Alexander, d. unm. 1765, v. p.

V. John, of whom hereafter.

I. Margaret, m. Alexander Chisholm, of Chisholm, and had

II. Isohcl, m. 17G7, Capt. Simon Mackenzie, of Langwell, of
the 4th Eegt., and had issue.

III. Mary, 7)i. Kenneth Chisholm, of Fasnakyle, and had issue.
George Mackenzie d. 1773, and was s. by his only surviving

John Mackenzie, of Allangrange, m. 1st 1781, Catheriiic,
eldest dau. and co-heiress of James Falconer, of Monkton,
and grand-dau. of the Right Hon. Lord Halkerton, and the
Hon. Jane Falconer, and by her who d. 2 April, 1790, had
issue with two daus. who d. in infancy,

I. George Falconer, who ,<;. him.

I. Jane, m. John Gillanders, of llighfield, and had issue.
He m. 2ndly Barbara (who tZ. s. p.), dau. of George Gillanders
of Hightield and widow of John Bowman, an E. Indian
merchant. He d. 10 Nov. 1812, and was s. by his only son,

George Falconer Mackenzie, of Allangrange, who was in
1829, served male heir of his ancestor, the Hon. Simon Blac-
kenzie of Lochslinn, and heir male in general to Simon's
father Kenneth, first Lord MacKenzie of Kintail as also Colin,
1st Earl of Seaforth. He matriculated his arms accordingly at
tlie Lyon Office. He m. 9 Jan. 1823, Isabella Reid, dau. of
James Fowler, of Raddery and Fairburn, co. Ross and the
Grange, Jamaica, and by her who d. Sept. 1854, had issue,

I. John Falconer, his heir.

II. James Fowler, now oi Allangrange.

III. George Thomas, m. Ethel, dau. of — Newman.

I. Sophia Catherine, d. young.

II. Anna Watson, d. unm. 16 July, 1883.

Mr. G. F. Mackenzie, d. 26 Nov. 1841, and was s. by his
eldest son,

John Falconer Mackenzie, of Allangrange, who d. v.mii.
1849, and was s. by his brother James Fowler, now of

^n;is— Quarterly, 1st and 4th, az., a stag's head cabosscd or :
2nd and 3rd, az., a falcon displayed arg., charged on the breast
with a heart gu. between three mullets of the second. Ci-p-.t —
A mountain in flames, ppr. Supporters— Two savages wreathed





ahout the head and niiilillc with laurel, and holilinff in their
exterior hands clubs erect, tianiingut the top, all ppr. MoUn^s —
Dver the crest "Luceo non uro," and below the arms " Vive
ut vivas."
Seat — Allanbank House, by Munlochy, N.B.

Mackenzie, Rev. Duncan Campbell, late of
Glack, CO. Aberdeen, formerly Rector of tehepliall,
CO. Hertford, I. 6 Feb. 1824 ; m. 31 Jan. 1854,
Louisa, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Nicolls, of Chicliester,
and has issue,

I. DoHALD, m. Dolores Isabel, dau. of Col. Grant, late 16th

II. Alan Slackenzie-Pendrill, Esq. (assumed his crand-
mother's name), iii. Lucie, dau. of A. Rogue, Esq.

III. Malcolm.

I. Helen Margaret, m. 30 Oct. 1886, Francis Maitland
Philips, Esq., late Capt. Scots Greys.

II. Edith. III. Lilian Marion. iv. Amy Flora.

Lineage. — Dun-can Mackenzie, 2nd son of Alexander
"lonraic," 7th Baron of Kintail, by his 1st wife, Anne, dau.
of Macdoughall, of Dunollich, to. a dau. of Ewan Cameron, of
Lochiel, and was father of

Alan Mackenzie, of Hilton and Loggie, who m. a dau. of
Alexander Dunbar, of Kilbniack, 3rd son of the Sheriff of
Moray, and had four sons, i. Murdoch, his heir ; ii. John,
ancestor of Mackenzie, of Loggie ; iii. Roiie ; iv. Alastair. The
eldest son,

JIcRDOCH Mackenzie, of Hilton, m. a dau. of Innes, of
Inverhreacliie, and was .?. by his son,

John Mackenzie, of Hilton, m. Margaret, dau. of Dunbar, of
Inchbrock, and had, i. Murdoch, his heir; ii. Alexander; lu.
Colin; iv. a dau.,))i. John Sinclair in Caitliness; v. a dau., ra.
John JIatheson in Localsh. The eldest son,

Murdoch .Mackenzie, of Hilton, living 1G48, m. Mary, dau.
of Murdoch Murcbison, of Auchtertyne, and had (with other
issue) Helen, m. Alexander McRason, Minister of Kintail,
and four sons,

I. Alexander, his heir, whose male issue failed with his
great-grandson, .Alexander Mackenzie, the 10th of Hilton.

II. Roiie, m. a dau. of Alexander Mackenzie, of Kedcastle,
and had an only son, Colin, who d. s. p. 1682.

III. Colin, of whom hereafter.

IV. Murdoch, w. Agnes Helen Taylor, in Inverness.
The 3rd son,

Colin Mackenzie, m. Isabel, dau. of Donald Simpson, of
Ferintosh, and had three sons,

I. Alexander, Chamberlain of Ferintosh, /,(. Helen, dau. of
William Munro, of ArduUie ; his male issue failed with liis
grandson in 1759.

II. R iRiE, of whom hereafter.

III. John, d. 1730.
Tlie 2nd son,

Rop.iE Mackenzie, of Brae, Joint Chamberlain of Ferintosh,
'III. Winifred, dau. of John Cameron, Town Clerk of Dingwall,
and had issue,

I. John, of Brae, m. Beatrix, dau. of Alexander Mackenzie,
of Davochmaluak, and had seven sons and four daus., of

1 Alexander, s. as 11th of Hilton, m. Miss Walker, and

JoRN, of Hilton, Major 3rd Bengal Cavalry, m. and had

2 Kenneth, of Inverinate, m. Anne, dau. of Thomas Mac-
kenzie, of Highfield, and had, with younger issue,

Thomas, of Applccross, M.P., co. Ross, m. and had issue.

II. Colin, of whom hereafter.

III. Peter, M.D. in the army.

The 2nd son.

Rev. Colin Mackenzie, of Glack, Minister of Fodderty, b.
1707 ; id. 1754, Mary Mackenzie, and by her (who d. 1828) had,
v.ith seven daus. (1 Anne, m. Hector Mackenzie, Bailie of
Dingwall : 2 Isabella ; 3 Unice, <l. unm. ; 4 Mary, ra. John
Mackenzie, of Kincraig ; 5 Joanna, m. D. Miller, of Lews ; 6
IJizabeth, ra. Hay, of Dingwall; 7 Jemima, ra. Rev. Colin
Mackenzie, of Stornoway), four sons,
I. Roderick, of Glack, ra. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Sir Alex-
ander Mackenzie, of Gairloch, and 2ndly, Christina, dau. of
John Niven, of Peebles, and by the latter had four sons,
all of wliom d. s. p., and four daus., Mary, m. Gen. .Sir
Alexander Leigh, K.C.B. ; Rachel : Jane Forbes ; and
Christina, all d.

IT. Donald (Rev.), of whom hereafter.

III. Forbes, Major, co. Ross Militia, m. Catherine Nicholson,
in Stornoway, and had issue,

1 Nicholson, M.D., d. unm.

2 Roderick, of Foveran. co. Aberdeen, Major-Gen. (re-
tired) R.A., b. 4 June, 1830; to. 15 April, 1878, Caroline
Sophia, dau. of J. A. Beaumont, Esq. ol Wimbledon Park,
and has

Florence Mary, 6. 7 July, 1879.

3 Thomas, Major late Seaforth Highlanders, b. 16 Feb.

1 Mai-y, m. Rev. John Kennedy, D.D., Minister of Ding-

2 Catherine Unice, wi. Adam Duncan, of Naughton, co.

IV. John, M.D., d. UHid.
The 2nd son.

Rev. Donald Mackenzie, of Glack, Minister of Fodderty,
TO. 1st, Mary, dau. of John Mackenzie, of Brae, and by her

I. Colin. Major R.E.. h. 1793: m. 1838, Anne, dau. of John
Pendrill, ot Bath, M.D., and d. s. p. 1S6U.

II. John, of whom hereafter.

I. Elizabeth, la. Lieut. Stewart, R.N.

II. Mary, d. unm.

Rev. Donald Mackenzie ra. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of Rev. Mr.
Foyers, of Fort St. George, but had no further issue. His 2nil

John Mackenzie, Esq. of Glack, 6. 21 March, 1795: m. 21
Oct. 1822, Margaret Campbell, dau. of Thomas Pendrill, of
Bath, M.D., and by her (who d. 7 June, 1855) had issue,

Duncan Campbell (Piov.), now of Glack.

John Pendrill, M.A., Oxon, b. 7 Feb. 18:5; m. 1st, 20 Oct.
1859, Lucy Adelaide, dau. of Col. Thornton (she d. 1870) ;
and 2ndly, 25 July, 1878, Caroline Maria, dau. of J. H.
AV'ottur, Esq. of Hamburgh.

Roderick Bain (Rev), M.A., Rector of Sudbrooke, co. Lin-
coln, b. 14 Sept. 1834; m. 10 Nov, 1868, Josepha Peyton,
cider dau. of Richard Ignatius Robertson, Esq. of Devon-
shire Street, Portland Place, London.

Margaret Campbell Pendiid. Mary.

Mr. Mackenzie d. 3 Nov. 1882, and was ,'. by his eldest son,
the present Rev. Duncan Mackenzie, of Glack.

Arms — Az., a stag's head cabosed or, between the attires a
dirk point downwards arg., hilted of the second. Crest — Two
hands grasping a two-handed sword in bend ppr. Motto —
.Semper fidelis.

Jitsideace — Shephall, Steven.ige.


Mackenzie, John IIl'GH, Esq. of Mornisli, Isle
of Mull, and of Fracadal, Tobermory, Mull, J. P.
COS. Argyll and Cumberland, b. 1 Sept. 1849 ; w.
Jeanie Helen, dau. of Thomas Chalmers, Esq. of
Longcroft, co. Linlithgow, and has issue, Jon:^
MuKRO, b. 1882, and Jean Elizabeth.

Lineage. — Thi; is a branch of the House of Kintail,
through Mackenzie of Gairloch (.sse Bdree's I'eeraffe and

Hector Roy Mackenzie, of Gairloch, son of Alexander
" lonraic " Mackenzie, 7th Baron of Kintail, by his 2nd wife,
Margaret, dau. of JIacdoughal, of Morar, d. 1528, leaving by
Anne, dau. of Ronald Bayne McDonald, of Moydart, his wife, a

John Glassich Mackenzie, of Gairloch, m. Agnes,d au. of
James Eraser, of Foynes, and d. 1551, leaving Hector, his
heir d. s. p. 1566; Alexander, d. s.p. 1567; and

John Roy Mackenzie, of Gairloch, who s. his brothers, m.
1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Aeneas McDonnell, of Glengarry, and
2ndly, Isabel, dau. of Murdoch Mackenzie, of Fairburn, and
was s. by his son by his 1st wife,

Alexander Mackenzie, of Gairloch, -m. 1st, Margaret, dau.
of Roiie Mohr Mackenzie, and by her had, with three daus. (of
whom Isabel ra. 1st, John Mackenzie, of Lochslyn, 2ndly,
Colin Mackenzie, of Tarvie, and 3rdly, Murdoch Mackenzie, of
Achiltie), four sons,

I. Kenneth, his heir.

II. Murdock, of Sand, m. dau. of John McKenzie, of Fair-
burn, and had a dau. Margaret, ui. Colin Mackenzie, brother
of John Mackenzie, of Applecross.

III. Hector, to. a dau. of John Mclver.

IV. Alexander, m. Janet, d.iu. of John Mackenzie, of Ord,
and left issue. His descendants are still living in Gairloch;





of them, Alexander Mackenzie was Editor of the Cdtic

Magazine, and Jolin Mackenzie, author of the JStaatles of

(iailic Poetry.
Hem. 2ndlj', Isabel, dau. of Alexander Mackenzie, of Cool,
and by her had
V. William, of Belmadutliy, ancestor of Mackenzie of

FLoKcrbWii and Mackenzie of PUlundie and Calho.

The eldest son,

Kenneth Mackenzie, of Gairloch, in. 1st, Catherine, dau. of
Sir Donald MacDonald, of Slate. She d. s. j)., and he m. 2ndly ,
Anne, dau. of John Mackenzie Grant, of Grant, and by her had
lliree daus., viz., Mary, m. 1st, Alexander Mackenzie, of Mun-
loL-hy, 2ndly, Mackenzie, of Gruinard, and 3rdly, Mackenzie, of
Sand; Barbara, in. 1st, Hew Fraser, of Kinneries, and 2ndly,
Alexander Mackenzie, of Ardloch ; Lilian, m. Alexander
Mackenzie, of Ballone, and as many sons,

I. Alexander, his heir, ancestor of Mackenzie, Bart, of
Gairloch and Mackenzie of Lochead.

II. John, <;. unm.

III. Hector, of Bishop Kinkell, in. Margaret, dau. of Donald
Mackenzie, of Loggie, and left issue.

Kenneth Mackenzie in. 3rdly, Janet, dau. of John Cuthbert,
of Castlehill, and by her had two daus., Isabel, m. Roiie, son
of John Mackenzie, of Applecross, and Annabella, m. George,
son of Eorie Mackenzie, of Dachnialuak, and three sous,

IV. Charles, of whom hereafter.

V. Kenneth, d. unm.

VI. Colin, ancestor of Mackenzie of Jlountgerald.

The 4th son,

Charles Mackenzie, of Letterewe, m. Anne, dau. of John
MacKenzie, of Applecross, and had two daus., Anne, in.

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