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Murdo Mackenzie, of Kernsary ; another m. Rorie Mackenzie,
of Sannachan, and three sons,

I. Murdoch, of whom hereafter.

II. Hector (Rev.), Minister of Fodderty and librarian at

III. Alexander, ancestor of Mackenzie of Portmore.

The eldest son,

Murdoch Mackenzie, of Letterewe, in. Catherine, dau. of
Simon Mackenzie, of Torridon, and widow of John Mac-
kenzie, of Dalmartine, and had issue,

I. John, his heir.

7. Janet, in. Alexander Mackenzie, of .Sand.

If. Anne, in. Kev. James Kobinson.

Slurdoch Mackenzie fought at Sheriffmuir, and was killed at
Glenshiel, 1719, when he was s. by his son,

.John Mackenzie, of Letterewe, rn. Katherine, dau. of
Alexander Mackenzie, of Tollie, Provost of Dingwall, and had

I. Murdoch, of Letterewe, his heir, Capt. 78th Eegt., d. e. p.

II. Alexander, of Letterewe, heir to his brother, m. Kathe-
rine, dau. of James Macdonald, and had issue,

1 John, of Letterewe, his heir, d. unm.

2 James. 3 Munro. 4 Alexander.

5 Hector, of Letterewe, sold that estate to Mcyrick Bantes,
Esq., and d. unm. at Algoa Bay, 1860.

6 Donald. 1 Jessie, rn. Mr. MacDonaJd.
2 Katherine. 3 Emily.

in. John, of whom hereafter.

1. Annabella. ii. Katherine. iii. Anne.

The 3rd son,

John Mackenzie, J.P., D.L., co. Ross, m. 1st, Johanna,
dau. of Roderick Mackenzie, and by her had a son,

I. John, of Auchinstewart, m. Anna Bond.

He m. 2ndly, 1817, Christina, dau. of Rev. Hugh Munro, and
U. 1846, leaving by her (who d. 1852) further issue,

II. John Munro, late of Mornish.

HI. Hugh Munro, m. Alexandra Barbara, Macleod, and has
issue, 1 Martin Edward ; 2 Hugh Munro Macleod; 1 Chris-
tina Elizabeth ; 2 Jeanie Macleod ; and 3 Katherine Marion.

1. Katherine, m. Jaines Robertson Walker, Esq. of Gilgarron,
CO. Cumberland, R,N.

John Munro Mackenzie, Esq. of Mornish, Isle of Mull,
J.P. and D.L. co. Argyll, and J.P. cos. Ross and Lanark, 6.
10 Jan. 1819; rn. 21 July, 1846, Eliza, dau. of Patrick Chal-
mers, Esq. of Wishaw, and d. 2G Nov. 1893, leaving issue,

I. John Hugh, now of Mornish.

II. Patrick Chalmers, 6. 1850: m. Mary, dau. of Thomas
cnalmers, Esq. of Longcroft, co. Linlithgow.

I. Hamet, m. James Scott, Esq. of Wishaw.

II. Helen Mary, m. Dr. John Macdougall, of Carlisle.

-<r»M- Quarterly: 1st and 4th, az., a stag's head cabossed or

2nd and 3rd az., three frasersarg. Crest— \ dexter arm holding
a garland of laurel all ppr. Motto — Virtute et valore.

Seats — Calgarry, Aros Mull, N.B., and Gariion Tower, co.


Mackenzie, Colin James, Esq. of Portmore,
CO. Peebles, J.P. Lord-Lieut, and Convener for
that CO., b. 19 Feb. 1835 ; s. bis father 1862 ; m.
25 April, 1871, Catharine Alice, eldest surviving
dau. of the late Samuel Wauchopo, Esq., C.B., and
has had issue,

I. Colin Charles Forbes, 6. 7 Dec. 1879.

II. John Montolieu Hay, b. 17 Aug. 1835.

III. Francis Victor Hamilton, 6. 16 Feb. 1887.

I. Helen Alice, d. 18 March, 1878.

II. Evelyn Mary Hay, b. 1 June, 1874.

III. Katharine Maud 6. 22 Aug. 1875.

IV. Dorothy Anne Lucy, b. 20 April, 1877.

V. Cecil Louise, 6. 17 Nov. 1878.

VI. Esme Valentine, b. 14 Feb. 1881.

VII. Ruth Eleanor, d. 13 Aug. 1882.

VIII. Rachel Octavia.

IX. Winifrid Hersey.

liineagre. — Alexander Mackenzie, of Tollie, Provost or
Dingwall, 3rd son of Charles Mackenzie, of Letterewe (see
Mackenzie of Mornish), m. 1st, Annabella, dau. of Sir Donald
Bayne, of Tulloch, and by her had two daus., Catherine, m.
John Mackenzie, of Letterewe, and Charlotte, m. Rev. JoUu
Downie, Minister of Gairloch Urray, and one son,

I. Alexander, his heir.

He in. 2ndly, Catherine, dau. of B.ayne of Delny, and by her
had three daus., Jane, in. John Mackenzie ; Annable, in.
William Kemp, of Comrie; and Anne, in. Kenneth Mackenzie,
of Milbank, and two more sons,

II. Donald, Capt. in the army, d. unm. in Ireland.

III. Hector, Bailie of Dingwall, rn. and had issue.
The eldest son,

Alexander Mackenzie, Esq. of Portmore, co. Peebles,
purchased that estate. He m. Oct. 1766, Anne, dau. of Colin
Mackenzie, Esq. of Kilcoy, by Martha his wife, eldest dau. of
Charles Fraser, Esq. of Inverallochy, and had issue,

I. Alexander, Lieut.-Col. 21st Dragoons, d. s. p. 1796.

II. Colin, his heir.

in. William, of Muirton, co. Ross, J.P., and D.L., AV.S., h.
1 Oct. 1780; m. 1st, (i July, 1809, Mary, eldest dau. of
James Mansfield, Esq. of Midmar, co. AberJueu, by whom-
he had issue,

1 Alexander, of Meikle Scatwell, J.P. and D.L., W.S., b
1812; m. 1842, M;irion Dalryrnple, 2nd dau. of John
Mansfield, Esq. of Midmar, and has had issue, 1 Willi.iiu
Garioch, d. unm. 1876; 2 John Mansfield, W.S., b. 1816:
3 Alexander James; 4 Douglas Hay, d. unm. 1873; 6
George Vansittarr. ; 6 James Dalyrymple.

2 .lames Mansfield, d. unm.

3 William (Rev.), M A., ?>?. Isabella Trotter.
1 Marion, m. Capt. de Lislie.

He m. 2ndly, 9 April, 1821, Alice, elxJest dau. of Andrew
Wauchope, Esq. of Niddrie Marischal, Vice-Lieut, co. Ediu-
burgh, which lady d. s. p. 1856.

IV. Sutherland, of Edinburgh, d. unm.

V. John, Banker, of Inverness, m. Mary Charlotte, dau. of
Robert Pierson, of Riga, and had issue,

1 Alexander, d. s. p. 1860.

2 John Robert, Major-Gen. H.E.I.C.S.,m. Amelia Wilson,
and had issue.

3 Colin, Major Madras Staff Corps, in. Victoria, dau. of
Charles Mackinnon, and had issue.

1 Charlotte, m. 1st, John A. Fraser, 93rd Regt. ; 2ndly,
Rev. William Duncombe.

2 Mary Anne, m. 1st, George Grogan, Esq. of SeafieM.
near Sutton, co. Dublin, who d. Nov. 1851, and 2iidly, ]■'>
May, 1852, Col. St. George Stepney, C.B., Coldstreaiu

3 Elizabeth, m. Capt. George Harkness, Madras N.I.

4 Katherine, m. Capt. Charles Harkness.

Alexander d. 1805. His 2nd son,

CoLiN Mackenzie, Esq. of Portmore, P.C.S., m. May, 18?o,
Elizabeth (who d. 1852), dau. of Sir William Forbes, 6th Bart.
of Pitsligo, and dying Sept. 1835, left issue,

I. William Forbes, his heir,

II. James Hay, m. Isabella, dau. of James Wedderburu, Esq.
and d. 1865, having had issue,

1 Colin, W.S. 2 Jaines Wedderburn, d. young.

3 George.






■ 1 Isabella Elizabeth, 711. Major-Gen. John Agmondesham
Vcsey Kiikland.
2 Alice, rf. mim. 3 Louisa Helen.

4 Anne Christiana, to. Edward M. Bannernian, Esq.

5 Jean Charlotte.

III. John, 111. Christina, dau. of John Mansfield, Esq. of
J\Ildmar, and had issue,

1 Colin, Capt. 78th Eegt., vi. Jeanctte, dau. of Baron
Gerard Kalkenbnrg.

2 Christina Garioch, d. unm.

*v. Sutherland, Lieut., lost at .sea, 1842.

V. Georce Lieut. H.E I.C.S.. d.s.p. 1844.

VI. Charles Frederick, Bishop of the Zambesi, d. 31 Jan.

I. Eliz.abeth, m. George Dundas, Esq. of Ochtertyre (who d.

II. Anne, d. unm. iti. Katharine, d unm.

IV. Jane, d. vnm. v. Louisa, m. William Wilson, Esq.
\ I. Alice, m. Yen. Archdeacon Grubb.

The eldest son,

William Forbes Mackenzie, Esq. of Portmore, J. P. and
P.L., for many years M.P. for co. Peebles, 6. April, 1807 ; m.
IM.arch, 1830, Helen Anne (who d. 1870;, dau. of Sir James
iMoiitsomery, 2nd bart. of Stanhope, by the Lady Elizabeth
Dougljis his wife, dan. of Dunbar, 4th Earl of Selkirk, and
Jying 24 Sept. 1862, left issue,

Colin James, now of Portmore.

Eliz.Hbeth Helen, d. young 1840.

Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th az., a buck's head cabossed
or, for Mackenzie ; 2nd and 3rd az., three frasers arg., in
centre of shield a wolf's head ppr., for Bain. Crest — A hand
holding a wreath of laurel ppr. il/o( to — Virtute et labore.

iS'eaJ— Portmore, Eddlestune, co. Peebles.

Clul) — Carlton.



Mackenzie, Mrs. Eva Maey Mae joryEeskine,
of Flowerbiirn, co. Ross, 3rd dau. of Sir Evan
Mackenzie, Bart, of Kilcoy, co. Ross, m. 1872,
JiODEEiCK Grogan MACKENZIE, Esq. late of
Elowerbum, J.P. and D.L., was Cornet 16tli Lancers,
Lieut. -Col. in the Highland Rifle Militia, and bj him,
-who d. 1892, has issue,

■Eva Geobgina Lillie.
Violet Edith Ethel.

Alice Maude Harriet.

liineag'e. — The Mackenzies of Flowerbum are a branch
of the family of Mackenzie of BdmadiUhy.

William Mackenzie, Esq., 1st of Belniaduthy, eldest son of
Alexander, 5th Baron of Gairloch, by his second marriage
with Isabel, dau. of Alexander Mackenzie, of Coul {see Mac-
kenzie of Mornish), m. Mary, dau. of James Cuthbert, of
l>iakie3, and had five daus., (Isabel, m. John Munro, of
Tayne.s ; Catherine, m. Alexander Mackenzie, of Logie ; Janet,
ji) . Alexander Mackenzie, of Gairloch ; Jean, m. Hugh Baillie,
of Kynmylics, Sheriff Clerk co. Ross ; and Mary, m. Murdoch
Mackenzie, of Sand) and one son,

Alexander Mackenzie, of Belniaduthy, m. Catherine, dau.
ct Sir Kenneth Mackenzie, of Coul, and had (with a dau.
Anna, ui. Alexander Mackenzie, M.D.) three sons,

I. William, his heir.

II. Ki-!ineth, ancestor of Mackenzie of Pitlundi and Culbo.
lu. George.

The eldest son,

William MACKENzrE, of Belmaduthy, m. Margaret, dau. of
Alexander Eose, of Clava, and by her had four daus. (Cathe-
rine, 51?.. William Tomlie, of Fortrose ; Elizabeth, m. John
Matheson, of Bennelsfieid ; Jean, to. Simon Mackenzie, of
.Sootsburn ; Isobel, m. William Mackenzie, Lieut. 77th Eegt.,
Jcilled at Fort du Quesne, 175^) and three sons,
1. John, of Belmaduthy, his heir, m. Rebecca, dau. of John
^Mackenzie, of Delvine, and was s. by his son,
William, of Belmaduthy, m. Maria, dau. of John Lan-
caster, of Cambridge, and was s. by his son,
John, of Belraaduihy, m. Margaret Hay of Huntingdon,
and had John ; Anne Maria ; and Katharine.
Ti. .Tohn, d. unm. in. Kenneth, m.

I. Blargaret, d. unm. 11. Rebecca, to. John Aird.

William Mackenzie m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Kenneth
Mackenzie, of Scatwell (sasine to her 1717), and had further

IV. Kenneth, M.D. v. Roderick, of whom hereafter,

III. LiUas, m. Roderick McLeod, of Cadboll.
The 5th son,

Roderick Mackenzie, was the 1st of Flowerbum. He in.
Grace, dau. of Alexander Mackenzie, of Inchcoulter, and was
grandfather of

Roderick Mackenzie, of Flowerbum, who m. Anne, dau. of
John Grant, Esq. of Glenmorriston, and was father of

Roderick Mackenzie, Esq. of Flowerbum, who m. Harriet,
dau. of Col. Grogan, of Seafield, co. Dublin, and d. 1848,

Roderick Grogan, now of Flowerbum.

Elma, m. 1869, Major John Macdonald Smith, Madr.i-s Staff

Georyina Adelaide, m. 1867, Roderick Mackenzie, Esq. of
Kiiicraig, co. Ross.

Seat — Flowerbum House, by Fortrose, co. Ross.


Mackenzie, Alexander Watson, Esq. of Ord,
CO. Ross, J.P. and D.L., late Capt. 91st High
landers, b. 31 Aug. 1827; m. 10 June, 1857,
Angel Babington, dau. of Rev. Benjamin Peile,
of Hatfield, co. Hertford, and has issue,

I. Thomas Arthur, Capt. (79th) Cameron Highlanders, ft.
17 Sept. 1859.

II. Alexander Francis, Capt. (93rd) Argyll and Sutherland,
Highlanders, b. 18 April, 1861.

I. Beatrice Anna, 6. 28 Nov. 1862, to. 29 March, 1S87,
Robert Scarlett, 2nd son of the late John Fra.ser, Esq. of
Bunchrew, co. Inverness, and has issue,

II. Anna Watson, 6. 3 Jan. 1866.

Liineaire. — This is a branch of the noble House of Sea-

Kenneth Mackenzie, of Gilchrist, 4th son of Sir Kenneth
" A'Bhlair " Mackenzie, Baron of Kintail, m. Helen, dau. of
Robert Lovell, of Balumbie, co. Forfar, and had issue,

I. Alexander, of Gilchrist, ancestor of Mackenzie of Suddle
of Inve.rlaei, and of Little Findon.

II. Thomas, of whom hereafter.

III. John, m. and left issue.

IV. Rorie, m. and left issue.

The 2nd son,

Thomas Mackenzie, of Keanlochluichart, obtained the
tack of Ord. co. Ross, from Kenneth, Lord Kintail, in 1598,
m. 1st, Isobel, dau. of Rorie McLeod, of Gairloch, and by her

I. Murdoch, d. s.p.

II. Kenneth, ancestor of Mackenzie of Scatwell,

He m. 2ndly, Annabella, dau. of Murdoch Mackenzie, of Fair-
burn, and by her (who to. 2ndly, Alexander Mackenzie, of
Coul) had further issue,

III. John, of whom hereafter.

IV. Thomas, m. a dau. of the Laird of Katewell, and had

V. Slurdoch, d. 1628.
The .3rd son,

John Mackenzie, the first designated by the title "of
Ord," m. Isabel, dau. of Alexander Cuthbert, of Drakies, by
whom he had (with five daus.) four sons,

I. John, his successor.

II. Thomas, progenitor of Mackenzie of Hifjlifield.

III. George, m. Janet, dau. of Mr. Linen, Minister at Fairn-
bie, by whom he had one son,

Alexander, who went in the expedition to Darien, and
afterwards returned to Jamaica.
The eldest son,

John Mackenzie, of Ord, m. Magdalene, daa. of William
Eraser, of Culbokie, by whom he had issue a son,

Thomas Mackenzie, of Ord, m. Mary, dau. of John Mac-
kenzie, of Applecross, and had a son and successor,

Alexander Mackenzie, of Ord, m. Jean, dau. of John 1
Mackenzie, of Highfield, by whom he had only one survivinif 1
son, his successor,

Thomas Mackenzie, of Ord, to. Anne, dau. of Sir Kenneth 1
Mackenzie, Bart, of Scatwell, by whom he had issue one son
and two daus.,

Alexander, his successor.

Elizabeth, m. Alexander Gillanders, Esq. of Highfield.

Aibgail, m. George Mackenzie, Esq. of DundonaJd.
The only son,

Alexander Mackenzie, of Ord, m. Helen, dau. of Niel
Maclnnes, Esq., Collector of Taxes, Aberdeen, by whom he
had issue, two sons and four daus.,





f. Thomas, of Ord, his heir.

II. Alexander, Capt. in the H.E.I. Co. 's native army. He m.

Hannah, dau. of James Fraser, Esq. of Belladrum, and d.

in Inclii, 15 June, 1837, having had issue, two sons and

three daus.,

1 Alexander, in the army, m. a dan. of Col. Birch, who
was killed at the head of his regiment during the Indian
Mutiny in 1857, and had four sons and three daus.

2 Charles Archole, in the army.

1 Helen, m. William Serle, Esq., Registrar of the Supreme
Court, ftladras, and has four sons and three daus.

2 Enielia, m. Thomas Davidson, Esq. of the Civil Service
in India, and has one dau. Anne.

3 Anna.

I. Anne, m. 1817, her cousin, Thomas Mackenzie, 2nd son of
George Mackenzie, Esq. of Dundonald, and had three sons
and two daus.

II. Slargaret, in. John Mclean, Esq. of Grenada, by whom
she has issue one dau. Helen.

III. Eliza, deceased. rv. Helen, deceased.

Mr. Mackenzie d. 1820, and was s. by his elder son,

Tho.mas Mackenzie, Esq. of Ord, Vice-Lieut, and J.P. and
D.L. 10. Ross, and J.P. and D.L. co. Cromarty, b. Dec. 1797 ;
m. 27 April, 1825, Anna Watson, 4th dau. of James Fowler,
Esq., Uaddery and Grange, co. Ross, and d. 17 July, 1887,
leaving by her (who d. IS54) an only son,

Alesandeb Watson, now of Ord.

Anns — Az., a stag s head cabossed or, within a bordure em-
battled of the last. Crest — A dexter hand grasping a, dagger
in bend ppr. Motto—Sic itur ad astra.

Seats— OtA House, Muir of Ord ; and Carrieraullie, Strath-
waich Lodge, near Garve, co. Ross.


Mackenzie, William Dalziel, Esq. of Fawley
Court, CO. Bucks, Farr, Invernesshire, and Newbie,
Dumfricssliire, M.A. Magdalen Coll. Oxford, Hon.
Major Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars, Barris-
ter-at-Law of the Inner Temple, J.!*, cos. Dumfries,
Kirkcudbright, Bucks, and Oxford, D.L. co. Inver-
ness, High Sheriff co. Oxford 1873, b. 31 March,
3 840 ; m. 1 Dec. 1863, Mary Anna, eldest dau. of
the late Henry Baskerville, Esq. of Crowsley Park,
CO. Oxford, and has issue,

I. William Rodebick Dalziel, J.P. Oxon, Capt. 2nd batt.
Cameron Highlanders, 6. 2 Sept. I8G4 ; m. 21 Nov. 1883,
Maud Evelyn, eldest dau. of Gen. Sir G. W. Higgenson,
K.C.B., and has issue,

1 DoDGLAS Alexanbee Willtam Dalzell, 6. 1889.

2 Kenneth KitzPatrick, 6. 1891.

3 Archibald Edward Murray, h. June, 1892; d. 13
March, 1893.

II. Edward Baskerville, 2nd Lieut. 2nd batt. Cameron High-
hinders, 6. 11 Dec. 1874.

I. Mary Gwendoline, m. 15 Nov. 18S7, Duncan Da\idson,
Ksq. of TdUoch, co. Ross.

II. Isla Jessie, m. 23rd Feb. 1892, Harry Officer, 3rd son of
Richard Blackwood, of Hartwootl, N.S.W.

III. Aimee Dorothea.

IV. Kathleen Helen.

liineag'e. — Alexandeb Mackenzie, b. 5 June, 1769, at
Wester Fairbum, parish of Urray, co. Ross, of the family of
Mackenzie, of Fairburn and Muirton, co. Ross, was educated
at Inverness High School, where he was a fellow-student of
David Mackintosh, with wliom he came to England, and sub-
sequently became partner. As canal engineers the firm thus
formed constructed many of the canals throughout the
country ; but while Mr. Mackenzie's partner amassed a laige
fortune, his improvidence left him in difficulties. At his
death, his eldest son, William Mackenzie, at first with Mack-
intosh (on Union Canal) and then as a civit engineer under
Telford, speedily made his way ; he assisted in most of the
great works (railways, canals, <tc.) of his time, and was
employed by the government as engineer in the Shannon
improvements, and received the thanks of the Irish Secretary
in the House of Commons for the talent and energy he
displayed there. He afterwards contracted for many
' railways, both at home and in France, Spain, etc., and was
, for some years (as was also the late Mr. Edward Mackenzie)

■ partner in the firm of Mackenzie and Brassey. He was
; director of several railways. Chevalier of the Legion of

■ Honour, and at the time of his death presumptive heir to
: the Muirton estate. He was s. by his brother, the late

Edward Mackenzie, Esq. of Fawley Court. Alexander Mac-
kenzie d. at Blackburn, co. Lancaster, 23 Feb. 183G. He
m. Mary, dau. of William Austin, Esq., by whom (who
d. 8 June, 1828, aged 56) he had issue,

I. William, of Newbie, Civil Engineer, to whose successful
career we have just alluded, was b. 20 March, 1794; m. 1st,
Is 19, Mary, dau. of James Dalziel, of Glasgow, which lady
</. 1838, aged 49 ; 2ndly, Sarah, dau. of William Dewhurst,
Esq. of Chorley, co. Lancaster, who d. 29 Oct. 1851, by
neither of whom he had issue.

II. Alexander, 6. 1796 ; to. and had issue,

1 William Sager, C.E., in Russia, m. 1st, — dan. of T.
Woodhouse, Esq., and 2ndly, Lucy, dau. of G. Wood-
house, Esq., and d. in London, 27 Feb. 1887 (aged 60),
leaving issue.

2 Kenneth, C.E., killed in a railway accident in France.

3 Richard, C.E., m. hi? cousin, Eliza, dau. of J. Griffith,
Esq., and d. in Canada, 16 Feb. 1887, aged 54.

4 Alexander, C.E., killed in a railway accident in Canada.
1 Mary, m. Mr. Scott, in Canada.

III. David 6. 1799; d. 1802.

:v. Jnhn, b. 1804 went to Virginia as a planter, and d. unm.
v. Daniel, b. 1807; d. 1811.

VI. Thomas, 6. 1808; d. 1811.

VII. Edwaed, his heir.

I. Sarah, 6. 1797 ; d. unm.

II. Margaret, m. J. Griffith, Esq., and d. 1875. leaving issue.

III. Mary, b. 1814; m. Mr. Barnard, of Greenock ; d. «. p.

IV. Eliza, m. Alex. Duckworth, Esq., and left issue.
The youngest son,

Edward Mackenzie, Esq. of Fawley Court, Bucks, J.P. cos.
Buckingham, Oxford, Dumfries, and Kirkcudbright, D.L. co.
Oxford, and High Sheriff 1862, 6. 1 May, 1811; s. his brether
William, in the property of Newbie ; purchased 1853, the
manor and estate of Fawley Court from William Peere- Wil-
liams-Freeman, Esq. of Pylewell; m. 1st, 31 Jan. 18S9, Mary,
dau. of William Dalziel, Esq. of the Craigg, co. Dumfries, by
Maria his wife, dau. of William Dewhurst, Esq. of Chorley,
CO. Lancaster, and by her (who d. 21 July, 1861) had issue,

I. William Dalziel, now of Fawley Court and Farr.

II. Edward Philippe, of Auchenskeoch, Kirkcudbrightshire,
of I he Craigs, Dumfriesshire, and of Downham Hall,
Suffolk, formerly Lieut. 9th Lancers, Lite Col. Comm. Loyal
Suffolk Hussars, J.P., cos. Norfolk, Suffolk, and Dumfries,
High Sheriff co. Suffolk, 1882, and D.L. for that co., b. 14
March, 1842: m. liGb, Helen Jane, 3rd dau. of Henry
Baskerville, Esq. of Crowsley Park, co. Oxford, and has a
dau. Beryl Baskerville, m. 1890, Col. Geoffry Barton, C.B.,
7lh Fusiliers, and has issue.

III. Austin, late of Warmanbie, Dumfriesshire, J.P., late
Lieut. 3rd Batt. Scots Fusiliers, 6. 10 Oct. 1856; m. 31 Jan.
1878, Lucy, dau. of Major Gustavus Tuile Dalton, of
Fennor, co. Meath.

IV. Keith Ronald, of Gillotts, Oxon, b. 17 May, 1861.

I. Alarie Ada, m. 1869, John William Rhodes, Esq. of
Hennerton, Berks, J. P., formerly Lieut. 60th Rifles, and
lias issue,

II. Claire Evelyn, to. 1866, Francis Henry, Esq. of Elmstree,
CO. Gloucester, Hon. Lieut. -Col. Gloucestershire Hussars,
late Lieut. 9th Lancers, and has issue.

III. Sarah Rosa, 7!i. John E. Cooke, Ksq., and lias issue.

IV. Alice Edith, to. Major \V. Partridge, and has issue.

V. Aimee Gertrude, m. 22 Oct. Ia7:, Sir William Robert
Clayton, 6th Bart, of Marden Park.

VI. Maiy Maude Janetta,

Mr. Edward Mackenzie ra. 2ndly, 1864, Ellen, dau. of James
Mullett, Esq. He d. 27 Sept. I8S0, and was s. by his eldest
son, William Dalzlel Mackenzie, Esq., now of Fawley

Artns — Or, a cross, parted and fretty az., between, in the first
and fourth quarters, a stag's head cabossed of the last; in second
and third quarters, a mountain in flames ppr. Crest — A stag's
head cabossed az , within its attires a cross couped or, the
whole between two stags' horns guld. Motto—AUvsija faithful.

.SVais— Fa» ley Court (built by Sir Christopher Wren), Henley-
on-Tliames ; Croxton Park, Thetiord ; Newbie, Annan, N.B. ;
and Farr, co. Inverness.


McKeeeell, Eobeet Mhee, Esq. of Hillhouse,
CO. Ayr, l.ith Laird, b. 27 Sej^t. 184tJ ; educated at
Eton and Trin. Coll. Camb., J.P. :ind Commissioner
of Supply for co. Ayr, Member of the K03 al Com-
pany of Aichers, tlie Queen's Body Gruard for Scot-
land, and Major 1st Vol. Batt. Eoyal Scots Fusi-
liers ; s. his cousin, William AlcKerrell, Esq. the
12th Laird of Hillhouse, 16 April, 18S2 ; contested
in the Conservative interest the Parliamentary

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representation of the burgh of Paisley at the
general election, Nov. 1885, and at the bye-election,
June, 1891 ; m. 4 Dec. 1889, Lucinda Margaret,
younger dau. of James Winter Brittain, Esq. of
Gifford's Hall, Suffolk {see Erittain of GiJfonVs
Hall), and has issue,

I. Robert James Mube, 6. 17 Aug. ISCO.

I. Lucinda Pauline Kose Edith Mure.

II. Margaret .\gnes Mure.

Lineage.— The McKekbells have long flouiishcd in co.
AjT. It is supposed Vy some that they came originally from
Ireland, possibly with Edward Bruce, and settled in Ayrshire
early in the 14th century ; whilst others assign a still earlier
date to that event, in accordance with the family tradition
handed down from sire to son, whic'' bears out that the
McKebreli^ originally came from the ^N ^tern Islands in the
train of King Robert the Bruce, when 1.^ out from the
Castle of Brodick for Turnbeiry, to fight, and, as it proved, to
overthrow the English.

The first of the name, and the most remote now on Scottish
record, Sir John Makirel, is mentioned in Froissart's Chronicles,
Vol. iii., ch. cxxvi., as having distinguished himself at the
celebrated battle of Ottebburn, 19 Aug. 138S, by wounding
and capturing Raoul de Perst (Hotspur's brother), who held
the second command in the English host. About a century
later we find that

Maetin McKereeli,, a landed proprietor in co. Ayr, was the
occupier of Hillhouse, which at that time belonged to the
Cathcart family — the McKerrells doubtless holding the pro-
perty from the then Lord Cathcart as their superior. Martin
McKerrcU had a son,

John McKebrell, also described as "in Hillhouse," who
sold under reversion to William Wallace, of Whitehouse, a
piece of land in the burgh of Ayr designated the " Stank-
acre," which passed into the possession of Janet Wallace, only
dau. of Willam Wallace, of Whitehouse, who in. Gilbert
Mc.-ilexander, and it was subsequently redeemed from the
ZIcAIcxandere by John McKerrell's son,

William McKerrell, of Hillhouse, 1st Laird, 6. ir)62; he
was bred to the law and practised in Chancery, receiving from
King James VL, by a grant under the Privy Seal, dated Aber-
deen, 23 April, 1589, a gift of the ward and non-entry of the
"Bogmedow"in the Baileiie of Kyle Stewart, shire of Ayr,
and was finally appointed Sheriff Clerk of Ayr. He acquired
the estate of Hillhouse, together with the lands of Barrassie,
Goldring (now called "Rosemount "), Keuimoch, Polsliill,
Headmark, and Langholme, all in the co. of Ayr; he was
thrice married, Ist, to Elizabath, dau. of John FuUarton, of
J)reghorn, co. Ayr, by his wife, Helen, dau. of Sir John
Chalmers, of Gadgirth, co. Ayr, and by her had issue,

W^illiam, his heir, of whom hereafter.

Agnes, m. William Roger (mar. con. dated 29 Jan. 1C12),
and d. March, 1631, leaving issue (will proved 12 May

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