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Elizabeth, m. Robert Hamilton, M.A., Minister at Monkton,
CO. Ayr (mar. con. dated 18 Oct. 1616).

Mr. McKerrell m. 2ndly, Margaret Fullarton, (mar. con. dated
16 July, 1604), and by her (who d. 6 Sept. 1612; will conf. 12
Aug. 1617) had issue two daus.,

Jean, tn. Jolui Shaw, of Dalwyne (mar. con. dated 29 Aug.

Margaret, nt. James Chalmer (mar. con. dated 9 Aug. 1632).

He III. 3rdly, Esther Fullarton, dau. of James Fullarton, elder
of that ilk (mar. con. dated 17 Sept. 1013), and by her had
issue, one son and three daus.,

James, who received from his father a grant of the lands of
Headmark, in the parish of Ochiltree, co. Ayr, under a
charter dated 17 Oct. 1628.

Sarah, m. John Ross, son and heir to Andrew Ross, of Troweir
(mar. con. dated 29 Aug. 1638).

Barbara. Elizabeth.

Mr. SIcKerrell d. at Hillhouse, Oct. 1629 (h's widow, Esther
Fullarton, m. 2ndly, Adam Cunynghame, brother to William
CunjTighame, of Brounhill), and was s. by his elder son,

ilAGisTEB William McKerrell, of Hillhouse, 2nd Laird,
whose infeffment as heir to his father in the lands of Hillhouse
and others is dated 5 May, 1630. Under a precept of Clai'e
Constat by Matthew Wallace, of Dundonald, dated 15 Sept. 1630,
he was infcft in the lands of Barrassie, and under another
precept of Clare Constat by William, Viscount Ayr, he Avas
infeft in the lands of Polshill about the same time. In 1636,
jMr. William McKerrell, of Hillhouse, was retoured heir to his
father in the fifty shilling land of Goldring (now called " Rose-
iiiount ■■), an! on 23 Ajril, 1636, he received a charter from

John, Lord Loudoun, o parts of the Barony of Kylopmiiir
and Barmuir, co. Ayr. By his wife, Jean Wallace, he had

William, his heir, of whom hereafter.
John, heir to his brother, of whom hereafter.
Robert, m. Margaret, sister to Robert Cuningham, of Auchin-
hervie, and had issue two daus., Euphemia and Margaret;
he d. March, 1677 (his will was proved 5 March, 1691,
by William McKerrell, ot Hillhouse, the executor, his
Jean, ?/i. Fergus Mc.Vlexander, M.A., Minister of Bair
(mar. con. dated 30 July, 1658).

Mr. McKerrell signed the " Solemn League and Covenant" in
the local branch at Dundonald ; the document, which is still
preserved there, is dated 1638 ; and it is a curious fact that of
all the owners of land in the parish who signed that docu-
ment he is the only one whose possessions still remain in the
family. lie d. Sept. 1642 (his widow m. 2ndly, William
Wallace, of Galrigs, now Xewfield), and was s. by his eldest

W^illiam McKerrell, ot Hillhouse, 3rd Laird, who was
retoured heir to his father in the lands of Hillhouse, 3 Aug.
1043, the infeffment being completed 3 Nov. following. On a
precept of Clare Constat by Sir William Cochrane, of Cowdoun,
dated 13 Nov. 1043, he was iufeft in the lands of Barrassie,
and in 1656 he was infeft upon precept by John, Earl of Lou-
doun, in parts of the lands of Kylesmuir and Barmuir. He
m. Euphemia, only dau. of William Russell, M.A., Minister of
Kilbirnie, co. Ayr (mar. con. dated 10 and 11 Nov. 1657), but
dying s. p. m. in June, 1658, he was s. by his brother,

John McKerrell, of Hillhouse, 4th Laird, who had pre-
cept ot Clare Constat from William, Lord Cochrane, dated 12
Feb. 1659, tor infcffins him as heir to his brother in the lands
of Barrassie, and on 16 March following was retoured heir to
his brother in the lands of Hillhouse. Previous to his succes-
sion he appears to have resided in Paisley, his name appearing
thus : — " John Mackerrel, brother to Hillhouse," as witness to
a contract betwixt the Lord Cochran and the town of Paisley,
dated at Paisley 3 May, 1658. He m. Elizabeth, eldest dau. of
Robert Wallace, M.A., Minister of Barneweill (v/ho in 1662 was
appointed Bishop of the Isles) (mar. con. dated 14 April and
15 May, 1660;, and had issue,

William, his heir, of whom hereafter. Robert.

Anna, m. Lieut. Robert Nisbet, eldest son and heir of Robert
Nisbet, at Loudoun Kirk, of the family of Nisbet of Carfin
(mar. con. dated 1689), and d. ICUl.

Joan, TO. James Wallace, brother of Robert Wallace, of

Mr. McKerrell pulled down the old mansion house of Hill-
house, and built a new one in 1671, which date, together with
the initials of John McKerrell and Elizabeth Wallace, is
engraved on the stone which forms the present lintel to the
garden door at Hillhouse, which stone was removed from the
second mansion house when the third and present one was
erected in 1800. Mr. McKerrell d. May, 1672, and was s. by
his elder son,

William McKerrell, of Hillhouse, 5th Laird, who had a
precept from William, Earl of Dundonald, on 15 July, 1680,
tor infef ting him in the lands of Barrassie. He 7/i. at Dun-
donald, 24 Jan. 1688, Elizabeth, only dau. of William Fairlie,
of Bruntsfield, near Edinburgh, and of Dreghorn, co. Ayr (the
name of which he changed to "Fairlie"), by his wife, Joan,
only dau. of the ?as< Sir William Mure, ofRowallaa, co. Ayr
(mar. con. dated 12 Jan. 1088), and had is.sue,

William, his heir, bapt. 26 Oct. 1690, of whom hereafter.

Alexander, bapt. 16 Sept. 1694. Robert.

John, bapt. 21 June, 1702, who received the freedom of the
burgh of Paisley 28 March, 1726, and was afterwards
appointed Procurator Fiscal.

Elizabeth, bopt. 22 April, 1692, d. young.

Jean, bapt. 11 Aug. 1698 ; 711. Robert Campbell, 31. D. (mar.
con. dated 22 Dec. 1725).
Mr. McKerrell d. 11 May, 1705 (his widow, Elizabeth Fairlic,
survivUig him till about 1742), and was s. by his eldest son,

William McKebbell, of Hillhouse, Cth Laird who m.
Mary Vaux, or Faux ; her father was in holy orders, and of
F'rcnoh extraction, his family having sought refuge in this
country from the persecution which followed the revocation of
the Edict of Nantes, 18 Oct. 1685, and by her had issue,

William, his heir, of whom hereafter.

John, heir to his brother, b. 1 April, 1732, of whom here-

Mr. McKerrell appears from a sasine in favour of his children,
dated 13 Dec. 1750, to have died prior to that date, and wafi«.
by his elder son,





AViLLiAM McKebrell, of HiUhousc, 7th Laird, appointed
Surgeon to tlie Forces, and served witli Lord Loudoun's Regt.,
his commission being dated 4 Sept. 1754. He d. unm. June,
1782, and was s. by his brother,

John* McKebbell, of Hillhouse, 8th Laird, 6. 1 April, 1732;
VI.. at Paisley, March, 1752, Margaret, dau. of Humphrey Ful-
ton, Esq. of Maxwelton, co. Renfrew, and had issue,

I. William, his heir, 6. 19 Nov. 1752, of whom hereafter.

II. John, 6. 30 Aug. 1758 ; m. 1st, 1794, Cecilia, dau. of
\7illiam Harvey, Esq., M.D., of London, who discovered
the circulation of the blood, and by her (who d. at I'aisley,
LiO Nov. 1801), had three sons,

1 John, 6. 1795 ; m. his second cousin, Anna, dau. of John
Buchanan, Esq. of Arden, co. Dumbarton, by Anna, dau.
of Robert Fulton, Esq. of Hartfield, co. Renfrew, and d.
G Dec. 1831, leaving a dau. Joanna.

2 Alexander, b. 1797; m. Seraphina, dau. of William
Peimell, Eq., Consul-General in Brazil, and d. s. p. in
1828. His widow m. 2ndly, 1829, John Bramley Moore,
Esq., M.P., of Langley Lodge, Gerard's Cross, Bucks,
and Aigburth, Liverpool.

3 WiLLiAsi, 6. 1799, ef whom hereafter as 12th Laird.

He m. 2ndly, Helen, sister of James Stewart, Esq. of
Williamwood, and niece of Robert Morris, Esq. of Craig, co.
Ayr, by whom he had,

4 Archibald, fr. 5 Sept. 1807 ; d. unm. 24 March, 1861.
air. John McKerrell d. 16 May, 1836.

sii. Robert, 6. 26 Nov. 1760: m. 17 Nov. 1800, Sabina
Margaretha, dau. of Johann Christian Schulze, Banker of
Frankfort-sur-Maine, and d. April, 1841, leaving is.sue,
1 Robert, 6. 16 July, 18r^4 ; m. 18 Dec. 1845, Emily Pauline,
dau. of Lieut.-GeH. William Staveley, C.B., a Waterloo
officer, Commander-in-Chief of the army at Madras, and
d. 25 Oct. 1875, leaving issue four sons and four daus.,
Robert More, now of Uiilhouse.
Ralph Staveley, B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb., Barrister-at-

Law, 6. 22 July, 1854.
Reginald L'Estrange, Capt. 93rd Highlanders, 6. 5
March, 1860; i;j. 26 May, 1890, Grace, youngest dau.
of the Hon. Henry O'Brien (see Bcbke's Peerage, Inciii-
QDIN, B.). She d. 28 Dec. 1890.
Augustus de Segur, Capt. 79th Highlanders, b. 28 Aug.

Henrietta Eliza Cathcart, m. 8 Dec. 1874, Henry Charles
Adolphus Frederick William Aklenburg-Bentinck-
Count of the Holy Roman Empire, Lieut.-Col. Cold-
stream Guards (sei Bcbke's Fetrage. Pobtland, \i.),
and has issue.
Georgiana Louisa Margaret, 7». 19Sept. 1872, SirClaude
Champion de Crespigny, Bart, {see Bckke's Peerage
and Burowetagf), and has issue.

Lei itia Augusta .Sarah, J?!. 21 Dec. 1876, Heniy Francis
Brounckcr, Esq. of Kovcridge, Dorset {see Bbounckeb
of llovendgr), and has issue.
Emily Charlotte Theodosia.
1 Margaret, b. 11 May, 1808 ; d. unvi. Feb. 1864.
■^ Augusta, b. 6 Aug. 1811 ; m. 10 Nov. 1831, Jean Andre
Nicolas Am(;'de, Comte de Segur de Montaigne (head
of the senior branch of the De Segur family), and d. 21
Jan. 1860, leaving issue an only surviving dau., Marie
Eoberte Leonie de StStrur, b. 21 Feb. 1834 ; vi. 21 Aug.
Ib50, Auguste Hercule, Baron de Chambaud de
Jonchfere, of Lucay, Bourbonnais, a cadet of the
ancient house of the Viscounts de Privas. of Vivarais,
and has issue, with three daus. (Marie Christine Jeanne
Roberte Eleonore, b. 15 Jan. 1857 ; Alexandrine
Augusta Marie Beatrix, 6. 10 18"i9, m. 3 Feb. 1880,
her second cousin, Raymond, Comte de Segur
d'Aguesseau, eldest son of the late Raymond Joseph
Paul, Comte de Segur d'.Aguesseau, by his wife, Marie
Valentine, Princess Luboniirska ; Marie Geraldine
Ivonne Augusta, 6. 4 Jan. 1864). a son, Guillaume
Amide Michel Gaston Robert de Chambaud, 6. 12 Sept.
1867, who, in right of his mother, she being the last
surviving descendant of Michel, Comte de Montaigne,
author of " Es.^ays," will eventually succeed to the title
of Comte de Montaigne.
IV. Fulton, 6. 17 Sept. 1769; m. 1st, his cousin german,
Jane, dau. of Robert Fulton, of Hartfield, co. Renfrew, but
had no issue. He m. 2ndly, Mary, dau. of James JlcCall,
Esq. of Braehead, and had three daus., Sarah; Margaret;
and Mary. Mr. Fulton McKerrell d. 1840.
I. Margaret, b. 6 May, 1766; m. Moses Crawfurd, Esq. of
Newfitid, CO. Ayr, and had issue.
u. Mary, b. 18 July, 1771.

I'l. Elizabeth, 6. 25 Oct. 1772; m. Col. John Reid, of the
H.E.I. Go's service, brother to the Laird of Adamton, and
<<. leaving an only dau. Elizabeth McKeiTell Reid, who m.
George James CampbeU, Esq. of Treesbank, go. Ayr {which

IV. Jean, b. 30 July, 1775; m. her cousin, Robert Fulton,
Esq. of Hai-tfield, late Lieut.-Col. 79th Highlanders, and
had issue.

V. Marion, b. 6 Feb. 1777 ; ?;«. James Kibble, Esq. of White-
ford and Greenlaw House, co. Renfrew.

VI. Agnes, b. 10 Mar. 1779 ; to. John Edward Wright, Esq.
of Bolton on Swale, co. York, and had issue.

Mr. McKerrell d. 1811, aged 79, and was s. by his eldest son,

William McKerrell, Esq. of Hillhouse, 9th Laird, who m.
1st, a sister of Robert Reid, Esq. of Adamton, co. Ayr, but had
no issue. He ni. 2ndly, a dau. of Robert Govane, of Ander-
stone, CO. Lanark, by whom he had five sons and four daus.,

I. John, his heir. ii. Robert, d. unm. in India.

111. William, d. young. iv. Henbt, heir to his brother

V. James, d. unm. 1833.

I. Janet, d. unm.

II. Margaret, m. her cousin -german. Major John Crawfurd,
44th Regt., 2nd son of Moses Crawfurd, Esq. of Newfleld,
CO. Ayr, and d. s. p. 31 Aug. 1868.

III. Anne, m. James Brown, Esq., President of the Society
of Chartered Accountants, Edinburgh, and d. Feb. 1833,
leaving issue,

1 James Adam, m. his 2nd cousin, Madeline, 4th dau. of
the Rev. Alexander Hill, D.D., Professor of Divinity at
the University of Glasgow, by Margaret his wife, only
dau. of Moses Crawfurd, Esq. of Newfield, co. Ayr, by-
Margaret, eldest dau. of John McKerrell, Esq. of Hillhouse,
8th Laird.

2 John, m. Elizabeth Agnes, eldest dau. of William
Renny, Esq. of Dunevale Park, co. Kirkcudbright, and
has issue.

3 Robert, d. unm. 5 Feb. 1864.

4 William, Lieut.-Col. R.A., m. 1862. Fanny, 3rd dau. of
W. E. Lycett, Esq. of Bowdon Vale, co. Chester; she
d. 1865, leaving a dau. Annie Frances.

1 Anne, m. Adam Hay-Gordon, Esq. of Avochie, CO.
Aberdeen, and has issue.

2 Helen, m. the Rev. K. F. Colvin, and has issue.
IT. Mary, d. unm.

Mr. McKerrell, who had the honour of raising and command-
ing as their Lieut.-Col. theregiment of Paisley Volunteers, the
first regiment embodied in 1792 in the West of Scotland to
resist the threatened French invasion, d. 15 Feb. 1820, and was
s. by his eldest son,

John McKebrell, Esq. of Hillhouse, 10th Laird, who was
Master of the Mint at Madras, and after his return from India,
contested the Parliamentary representation of the Burgh of
Paisley in the Conservative interest at the General Election
Dec. 1832, which followed the passing of the 1st Reform Bill,
but was unsuccessful. He d. unm. '24 Nov. 1835, and was s.
by his brother,

Henry McKerrell, Esq. of Hillhouse, 11th Laird, 6. 17
Feb. 1798; m. 27 Feb. 1838, Margaret Cochrane, dau. of John
I'aterson, Esq., Edinburgh, and dying s. p. 16 March, 1853, was
;;. by his cousin-germau,

William McKerrell, Esq. of Hillhouse, 12th Laird, J. P.
for cos. Ayr and Renfrew, 0. Sept. 1799; m. 1835, his cousin-
gcrman, Charlotte Patullo, eldest dau. of John Edward Wright,
Esq. of Bolton on Swale, co. York (Capt. Princess of Wales's
Light Dragoons), by Agnes his wife, youngest dau. of John
McKerrell, Esq. of Hillhouse, 8tli Laird, and sister and co-
heir of John Allan Wright, of Bolton on Swale, Comm.
R.N. Mrs. McKerrell was 6. 27 June, 1799, and d. 3 Oct.
1879. Mr. McKerrell d. s. p. 16 April, 188i, and was s. by
his cousin, the present Robert Mure McKerrell, Esq. of

.^ )•»!«— Az., on a fess or, three lozenges gu. within a bordure
engrailed arg. Cresi — A Roman soldier on his inarch, with
standard and utensils all ppr. Motto — Dulcis pro patrii labor.

iStoi— Hillhouse, Dundonald, co. Ayr.


McKiE, John, Esq. of Bargalv, co. Kirkcudbright,
D.L., b. 9 May, 1857.

liineagre.— This is a very old Galloway family, whoresons
fought at Bannockburn under the banner of King Robert
Bruce, 1314. from whom they got lands in Galloway. The
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright has been represented by them in
Parliament at different times. Alexander McKib, of Palgown,
represented the county at the time of the Union ; John Mc
KiE, sat in Parliament from 1747 till 1754; I. Ross McKib
from 1754 till 1761. In 1040, when the army of the Covenanters
took the town of Newcastle from the King's foi-ces, the troops
commanded by Sir Patbick McKie, of Larg (from whom the
McKies of Bargaly are descended), were particularly distin-
guished {-tee History of Galloway).

James McKie, Esq. of Bargaly (son of John McKie, Esq.,
by Margaret Murray his wife), m. Ann McCaw, and was
father of

John McKie, Esq. of Bargaly, in the Stcwartry of Kirkcud-





l)ri,c:ht, J.P. amlD.L., 5I.P. fortheStewartry of Kirkcudbright,
m. 1S17, Anne Eliza Jane, eldest dau. of Peter Laurie, Esq. of
Ernespie, and had issue foursons, James, his heir; Peter; Lau.
Tie : and John ; the last two d. young ; and a dau. Ann Laurie,
■who also d. young. He d. 1858, leaving an only surviving

James JIcKiE, Esq. of Barsaly, Advocate at the Scottish
Bar, M.A., J.P. and D.L., M.P. for the Stcwartry of Kirkcud-
bright, 6. 18 May, 1821 ; m. 1853, Jane Wilson, only dau. of
Archibald Home, Esq. of Balvarran, co. Perth ; and d. 27
Dec. 1867, leaving four sons and five daus.,

John, now of B.irgaly.

Peter Lawrie, 6." 1S60; m. 1888, Annie, dau. of James
Hamilton Kennedy, Esq.

\V illiam Murray, J

Anne Lawrie.

Agnes, m. Oct. 1877, John William Hutchison, Esq. of Eding-

ham, CO. Kirkcudbright, and has issue, a son and a dau.

Margaret Preston, in. 1880, Andrew Johnstone, Esq. of

Halleather, co. Dumfries, and has two sons and one dau.

Eliza Nina, m. 28 Feb. 1882, John Gladstone Mackie, Esq.

of Aucheneairn, co. Kirkcudbright.

Ellen Stormoiith, to. 1889, Charles Lawrence Johnstone, 2nd

son of John Johnstone, of Halleather, co. Dumfries.

Arnu — Arg., in chief a lion passant az., and in base two

ravens pendant from an arrow fessways sa. Ci-ests—A raven

ppr. Motto— lAbora,.

Seats — Bargaly, and Ernespie, near Castle Douglas : and

Glencaird. Newton Stewart, N.B. ; all in the Stewartry of


narcissus between two mullets of six points, of the first. Ci-est —
In front of a cubit arm, grasping a sword, all ppr., a narcissus
between two mullets, as in the arms. Motto — Disce et

Seat — Manor House, Heath, Wakefield.

Club — Devonshire.


Mackie, John Gladstone, Esq. of Aucliencairn
and Netherlaw, co. Kirkcudbright, J.P. and D.L.,
*. 20 July, 1854; m. 1 March, 1882, Eliza Nina,
dau. of the late James McKie, Esq., formerly M.P.
o£ Bargaly.

Xiineagre James Mackii:, Esq. of Dailly, co. Ayr, de-
scendant from the familyofMcGHiE,?)i. 1808, Margaret McBlain,
who d. 1853. He d. 1849, and was s. by his son,

IviE Mackie, Esq. of Auchencairn, who m. 1839, Agnes,
dau. of John Gladstone, of Castle Douglas, and by her (who
d. Sept. 1878) had issue,

I. James Jodel, m. Constantia, dau. of T. R. Trevelyan, Esq.,
and d. leaving an only dau.,

Constantia Florence, 6. 1865.

II. JoBN Gladstone, now of Auchencairn.

1. Elizabeth Gladstone, m. John James Fildes, Esq., and has

n. Jessie McBIain, m. Thomas Fildes, Esq., and has issue.
ni. Jane Gladstone, m. B. W. Warner, Esq., and has issue.

Mr. Mackie d. 1873.

Aiins — Arg., on a chevron, between a lion passant az. in
chief and a raven in base of the second, a tower of the first.
Crest— A hand holding a dagger ppr. J/oiio— Lahore.

Stats— Auchencairn and Netherlaw, Castle Douglas, co.

Club — Union,


Mackie, Col. Edwabd Alexander, of the
Manor House, Heath, co. York. J.P. late Hon.
Col. 1st. Vol. Batt. West Riding Kegt., V.D., b.
1834; m. 14 Sept. 1S65, Emma Gertrude, dau.
of R. D. Dunn, Esq. of Manor House, Heath,
Wakefield, and has issue, four sons and five daus.

Lineage. — Kobert Jefferson Mackie, Esq. d. 1872,
having by his wife Barbara (nt. 1828, d. 1874), had issue,

1 Robert Bownas, J.P., F.S.A., was M.P. for Wakefield
1880-85 ; 6. 1829 ; m. Feb. 1853, Fanny, eldest dau. of William
Shaw, E'q. of Stanley Hall, Wakefield, and d. 18 June,
1885, leaving issue, Edith Grace, of St. John's Wakefield.

2 David, b. 1832, d. Dec. 1880.

3 Edward Alexander, of Manor House, Heath.

4 John, of Cliff House, co. York, and Watford Villa, co.
Derby, J.P. for CO. Derby, and W. B., York, 6. 14 Sept.,
1838; TO. 19 April, 1866, Mary Elizabeth, only child of
James Ingham, Esq., J. P., of New Mills, co. Derby, and
d. 1891, s. p.

1 Anne Itachel, m. 1857, Rev. Canon G. Smith, B.D., who
d. Oct. 1887, and has issue, three sons and five daus.

2 Eliza Hannah, ot Cliff Hill House, Wakefield.

wlrnis— Paly of .six, or and gu., on a bend engrailed az., a


MACKINNON, William Alexander, Esq. of
Acryse Pai-k, Kent, and Belvedere, Broad stairs,
J.P. and D.L. co. Kent, High Sheriff 1885, and
J.P. cos. Middlesex and Hants, M.P. for Rye 1852-
3, and for Lymington 1857-68, M.A. Camb.
F.R.S., h. 4 Oct. 1813; m. 27 April, 1846, Mar-
garet Sophia, dau. of Francis Willes, Esq., by
Caroline his wife, dau. of Sir Thomas Whichcote,
Bart., and has issue.

I. Francis Alexander, J.P. and County Councillor, Capt.
and Hon. Major East Kent Mounted Rifles, 6. 1848; i;t.
19 April, 18^8, the Hon. Emily Isabel, eldest dau. of
Arthur, 1st Baron Hood of Avalon, G.C.B. and has issue.

II. William Henry, Col. in the army, Major and Lieut. Col.
Grenadier Guards, b. 15 Dec. 1852, jii. Madeleine Frances,
dau. of Villiers LaTouche Hatton, of Clonard, late Lieut.-
Col. Grenadier Guards.

Mr. Mackinnon is Chief of the clan Mackinnon, iix
the Western Islands of Scotland.

Liineage. — On the forfeiture of the last Lord of the Isles,
and in the disturbances which continued during the following
century, the name of Sir Lauchlan MacUinnon occurs very
frequently, and he appears to have been a man of considera-

In 1651, Lachlan Mackinnon, of Stratherd, Isle of Skye,
Chief of Mackinnon, was made Knight Banneret by Charles 11.
on the field of Worcester. He left a son, Daniel Mor Mac-
kinnon, Chief of the clan, who left, with other issue, Danieu
Mackinnon (youngest son), who quitted his home on account
of a quarrel with his father in the hunting-field, and emigrated
to Antigua, where he purchased some plots of land, and took
a very conspscuous part in politics, particularly in the affair of
Governor Parke. He m. the sister of Col. Thomas, and <i.
March, 1720, in his 62nd year, having had, with a dau., Eliza-
beth, who m. — Carlisle, Esq., and two younger sons, George
and Samuel, an eldest son and heir,

William Mackinnon, Esq. of Antigua, v ho obtained a grant
and patent of the great salt lake of Antigua, and served witli
distinction in the legislature of the island. He was heir-at-law
to Lord Lavington, the then Governor of the island. He m.:K
dau. of Lieut.-Gov. Yeamans, of Antigua, and d. at Bath, 17(i7,
aged 70, when he was s. by his son,

William Mackinnon, Esq. of Antigua, and Binfield, Berks,
who m. 1768, Louisa, 2nd dau. and co-heir (with her sisters,
Caroline, m. Major Dewar, and Elizabeth, ire. Count Dupont)of
James Vernon, Esq., son of Henry Vernon, Esq.ot Hilton, co.
Stafford, and by her (who d. 1816) had issue,

I. William, who to. Miss Frye, and d. in early life, leavinff
two sons and two daus.,

1 William Alexander, late Chief of the clan.

2 Daniel, Col. of the Coldstream Guards, of which corps he
has written a history. He m. a dau. of John Dent, Esq.,
and d. s. }}. 22 June, 1836.

1 Harriet, m. Rev. Nassau Molesworth, D.D., Rector of
Rochdale, and has issue.

2 Louisa, m. 1812, R. Garden, Esq. ; and d. s. p.

II. Daniel, of Binfield, Berks, Barrister-at-Law, m. ISOG,
Rachel Yeamans, youngest dau. and eventually heir of Capt.
Eliot, 47th Regt, (son of Samuel Eliot,* Esq. of Sanger, co.
Kirkcudbright, and also of Antigua), and i/. 3D Jan. 1830,
having had issue,

1 William Henry, d. s. p. 1824.

2 Edmund, B.A., late of the 2nd Life Guards, m. 8 May-
1849, Selina Arabella, youngest dau. of Joseph Moore
Boultbee, Esq. of Springfield, eo. Warwick, by Lady Eliza-
belh Margaret Townshend, his wife, 3rd dau. of Geor;;i',
2nd Marquess Townshend, and has surviving issue, Ranald
Edmund Eliot, 6. 8 Sept. 1852; Hubert Edmund ; Hose
Vernon; Selina Lucinda ; and Margaret.

3 Daniel Henry. B.A., Major, late Ibth Lancers, formerly
of Binfield, Berks, b. 18 .'^ept. 1813; m. 12 Oct. 1847,
Caroline, youngest dau. or tlie Hun. Baron Dimsdale, of
Camfield Park, Herts, and has issue, Donald Hilaro

* Samuel Eliot, Esq., left, besides his son, Capt. Eliot, three
daus., of whom Elizabeth, in. 1781, Thomas, 2ind Lord Le
Despcncer, and Alicia, m. William, 15th Karl of ErroU.





Ouselcy Dimsdale, b. 8 Nov. 1848; Alan Murray, B.A.
Oxon. , b. 19 April, 1860, assistant private sec. to the late
Postmaster-Gen (Sir James Fergusson) ; Kinetta Sydney ;
and Annie Lucinda, m. Henry St. John Digby, eldest son
of Ki«ht Hon. H. C. Raikes.

1 Louisa Rose, m. 29 Nov, 1852, John Baker Graves, Esq.,
Ceylon Ciul Service, deceased.

III. George (Rev.), d.s.p. 1841.

IV. Henry, of the Coldstream Guards, Major-General in the
army, a most gallant and distinguished officer, who fell at
Ciudad Rodrif^o, 19 Feb. 1812, and to whom a tablet has
been erected by the country in St. PauVs Cathedral. Gen.
Mackinnon m. Catherine, youngest dau. of Sir John Call,
1st Bart., and left by her (who m. 2ndly, 17 March, 1814,
Andrew Redmond Prior, Esq., F.R.S., and d. his widow
29 March, 1861), two sons,

1 George, Lieut.-Col. in the army, late Grenadier Guard'.

2 Donald Henry Aylmer, late Capt. in the 68th Light
Infantry, m. 1862, Barbara, 3rd dau. of Christopher
Netherwood, Esq. of Cliffe Hall, co. York.

I. Louisa, m. Henry Barnes, Esq. of The Fort, co. Hereford,
and left issue.

II. Frances, m. John Keenan, Esq., and left a dac, Louisa.

III. Harriet, ju. George Watts, Esq., and left issue.

IV. Elizabeth, d. unm. in France.

Mr. Mackinnon d. 1809 (was bur. at Binficld), and was s. by
his grandson,

William Alexander Mackinnon, Esq.

Online LibraryBernard BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland (Volume 2) → online text (page 55 of 392)