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hbuy, served heir to his
father 23 Feb. 16a0, m. a dau. of Lord Breadalbane, but dying
t. p. was s. by his brother.

Lapgulan Moir Maclean, of Lochbuy, served heir to his
brother 12 April, 16G3. Her.i. a dau. ofMacLean, of Torloisk,
and had three sons, Murdoch Ois, m. a dau. of Sir Hugh
Campbell, of Calder; John, r,i. a dau. of Macdougal, of Lorn;
and Hector. Lauchlan d. in the end of the reign of King
Charles II., and his two elder sons having predeceased him
t.p. was s. by his youngest and only surviving son,

Hector Maclean, of Lochbuy, m. Margaret, dau. of Camp-
bell, of Lochnell, and (with four daus.) had four sons,

Murdoch, his heir, m. Anne, dau. of Sir Hugh Campbell, of
Calder, and had four daus. The eldest was m. to Donald
Campbell, of Airds, but d. without male issue, 1727. He
was s. by his brother.

John, who m. a dau. of Macdougal, of Lorn, and had a son,
Lauchlan, to. a dau. of .Macdougal, of Lorn, by whom he
had, with a dau., a son, Hector, who d. unm. soon after his

Allen, who m. and had several son.?, all of whom predeceased
him, exceit JoH.v, whos. to Lochbuy on the death, xtnm.,
of his kinsman. Hector. This John m. a dau. of Donald
Maclean, of Browlas, and sister of Sir Alan Maclean, of
Morvern, and by her had (with two daus., Isabella and
Catherine) a son, Archibald.


This Lauchlan Maclaine, m. Flora, dau. of Macquaiic, of
Ulva, and wi;h other issue, was father of

Murdoch Maclaine, to. 14 Feb. 1786, .Jane, dau. of John
Campbell, Esq. of Airds, andsisterofSir John Campbell, Bart.,
of Ardnamurchan, and had issue,

Murdoch, his heir.

John, 6. i7y2, killed in action inCevlon, 14 Jan. 1818.

Jane (deceased). Margaret (deceased).

Flora (deceased). Elizabeth (deceased).

Phoebe (deceased). Catherine. HenrietU<deceased).

Mary (deceased). Jane Jarvis (deceased).

The eldest son.

Murdoch Maclaine, Esq. of Lochbuy, b. 1 Aug. 1791, J.P.
and D.L., m. 7 April, 1813, Christian, eldest dau. of Donald
Maclean, Esq. of Diimnan, and d. 20 Aug. 1844, leaving
Murdoch, d. 7 Aug. 1850. Donald, his heir.

John Campbell (deceased). Allen (deceased).

Alexander, m. Marian Falmer Sands, and is deceased.
Lilias. Jane.

Elizabeth Henrietta (deceased), in. the late Dr. Mackenzie.
Marianne. Margaret Maxwell, d. 5 Keb. 18G1.

The 2nd son,

Donald Maclaine, Esq. of Lochbuy, J.P. and D.L., &. 20
Oct. 1816 ; m. 23 Oct. 1844, Emilie Guillaumine, 3rd dau. of
Charles Anthoine Vincent, Esq. and by her (who d. 8 Nov.
1882) had issue,
Murdoch Gillian, now of Lochhuie.

Anthony Vincent, b. 3 Nov. 1846 ; m. Miss Sarah Parry Mid-
more, of Eastbourne, and d. Jan. 1887.
Emilie Guillaumine, hi. 28 Jan. 1869, Frederick Campbell,
Esq., late Lieut. ll.,\., 4th son of Sir John Campbell, 7;h
Bai t. of Airds and Ardnamurchan.

Eosa Elizabeth, m. 1st, 17 July, 1874, William McBeanEan-
kin, Ksq. (who U. 20 Oct. 1879), of Dudhope, Dundee, 2nd
son of the late John Campbell, Esq. of Kilberrj-, co. Argyll,
and 2ndly, 5 July, 1S84, William Macquay, Esq., Banker, of

Christian Sarah, to. 27 July, 18S0, Col. Eobert Hare, K.H.A
Mr. Donald Maclaine d. 12 Oct. 1803.

Ar^ns — Quarterly: 1st arg., alien rampant gu. ; 2nd az., a
tower arg. ; 3rd or, a dexter arm couped in fess gu., the hand
holding a cross-crosslet titchee az. ; 4th or, a lymphad ppr.,
in base vert a saliron naiant ppr. Crest — A battle-axe in pale
in front of a laurel and a cypress branch in saltier all ppr.
Supporters — Two seals ppr. Molto — Vincere vel mori.

iea(— Lochbuie Castle, Lochbuie, Isle of Mull, co. Argyll.

CiMi— Junior Carlton.


Maclaine, William Osborne, Esq. of Kyneton,
Thornbury, co. Gloucester, J.P. and D.L., M.A.,
Barrister-at-Law, h. 6 March, 1818 ; m. 25 April,
1849, Anna, eldest dau. and only surviving child of •
John Thurburn, Esq. of Murtle, co. Aberdeen, and
by her (who d. 10 Oct. 1882) had issue,

I. Hector, Lieut. E.H.A., b. 24 Nov. 1851, killed at Can-
dahar, 1 Sept. 1880.

II. John Thurburn, of Murtle, co. Aberdeen, J.P., Lieut. \
Gloucestershire Yeomanry, b. 2 July, 1853; m. 30 April, ]
1881, Eachel Hay, dau. of Eev. Patrick Leslie Miller, and

d. s. p. 3 Jan. 1892.
I. Elizabeth Marie, to. 15 June, 1882, H. L. Ilardwicke, Esq. '
J. P., of Tytherington, co. Gloucester, and d. s.p. GApril, ,

1883. I:

Iiineage. — This is a branch of the Scottish family of j

Maclaine of Lochbuie. I

Gillean Maclaine, Esq. who resided at Scalasdale, in the ;

Island of Mull, (/. 23 Nov. 1788, aged 64. He to. 1771, Marie, j

eldest dau. of Lachlan Maequarie, of Macquarie, and of Ulva '

("chief of Ulva's Isle "), the last of along line of chiefs of that i

ancient clan, and by her (who d. 25 Jan. 184G, aged 98) had, i;

besides six daus., six sons, ;j

Allan, 6. 6 Aug. 1772; d. 21 Nov. 1843; m. Marjory, dau. of '•[
Angus Gregorson, Esq. of Ardtornish, by whom he had two j
sons, Gillean, a Merchant in Java, lost at sea, and Angus i

Archibald (Sir), 6. 13 Jan. 1777, Gen. in the army, K.C.B.. ;
late Col. 62nd Foot, a distinguished officer, best known for
his gallant oefence of Fort Matagorda, near Cadiz, 1810,
when a Capt. of the 94th ; to. 1823, Elizabeth, dau. of Capl.
Brydges, 4lh Dragoons, and d. 9 March, 1861.

Murdoch (twin with his brother Archibald), Capt. 20th Foot,
the only British officer killed at the battle of Maida, 1806.

John, b. 16 June, 1778, Miijor 73rd Foot, killed at Waterloo.

Hector, d. when six months old.

Hector, b. 20 June, 1785, of whom we treat.

The last-named.

Hector Maclaine, Esq., Col. in the army, served in North
and South America, the West Indies, and in the Peninsula,
with great distinction, in Lord Hill's division, having been
present at the battles of Vittoria, the I'yrenees, Nivclle, Ton-
louse, iSsc, in command of the Light Infantry inSir JohnByng's
brigade. He m. 1816, Martha, only child and heir of William
Osborne, Esq. of Kyneton, whose ancestors possessed lands
there from the time of Edward II., and had lived at Kyneton
since the reign of Elizabeth, when the present house was





built. By this lady, Col. Maclaine had on only child, the
present William OsBOKNE Maclaine, Esq. of Kyneton. Col.
Maclaine, who was a Magistrate for co. Gloucester, d. Jan.

Anns — Quarterly: 1st argf.,alion rampant gu. ; 2nd az, a
tower arg : 3rd or, a dexter hand couped in fess gu. holding a
cross-crosslet fitcheo az. ; 4th arg., a Ijmphad ppr., her sjils
furled, in base in the sea vert a salmon naiant ppr. Crest —
, A Lochaber axe erect between two tranches of laurel and
cypress all ppr. Motto — Vincere vel muri.
iieat — Kyneton, Thornbury, co. Gluucester.


McLaughlin, Maj.-Gex. Edwaed, of The
Lydiates, co. Hereford, J.P., Major General (re-
tired), late E.A., h. 1 Jan. 1838 ; m. 3 June, 1857,
Annie, only child of the late James Bromilow,
Esq. of Green End House, St. Helen's, co. Lan-
caster, and has issue,

I. Edward Crofton Leigh, (Kev.) Rector of Burford, Ten-
bury, Salop, b. 19 Xov. 1858.

II. George Hall, 6. 27 Dec. 1859.

III. Hubert James, 6. 2 Dec. 1860.

IV. Vivian Guy Ouseley, 6. 25 Sept. 1865.

liineage. —This is a family of ancient Celtic ancestry.
Patrick McLaughlin, of Dublin, son of William McLaughlin,
of Dublin, Merchant, whose will, dated 8 Feb. 1758, was
proved 17 March, 1758, in. 1st, in 1758, Sarah Geraghty, by
whom he had a son, Thomas, his heir, and 2ndly, 1771, Elinor,
dau. and co-heir of Nebuchadnezzar Flinter, Esq. of Monas-
terevan, by whom he had a dau. Elizabeth, wife of Eev.
Bartholomew Lloyd, D.D., Provost of Trin. Coll. Dublin. The

Thomas McLaughlin, Esq. of Dublin, and of Ballythomas,
Queen's Co., 6. 1761 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Theobald Butler,
Esq. of Wilford, co. Tipperary, lineally descended from Col.
Theobald Butler, 3rd son of James, 2nd Lord Dunboyne, and
d. in 1810, leaving with other issue, a son,

Eev. Hubert McLaughlin, of Boraston, Salop, Hector of
Burford and Prebendary of Hereford, b. 9 Aug. 1805 ; m. 24
Sept. 1835, Hon. Frederica Crofton, sister of Edward, 2nd Lord
Crofton, and dau. of Sir Edward Crofton, Bart., hy Lady
Charlotte Stewart his wife, dau. of John, 6th Earl of Galloway,
K.K., 11th in descent, through Brandon, Clifford, Stanley,
Murray and Cochrane, from King Henry VII. By her who d
28 May, 1881) he had issue,
Edward, of The Lydiates.

William George, m. 1877, Frances, dau. of James Gamett,

Frederick Hubert, of the Bed House, Petersfleld, formeily
Judge Bengal C.S., 6.1840, m. 1st, 1862, Harriet, dau. of Rev
J. Maurice, M.A. He m. 2ndly a dau. of George Syphus,

Charles, Coram. R.N., &. 9 June, 1842: m. 26 Oct. 1881
Louisa Jane, dau. of Col. John Finnis, 11th Bengal N.I. '
Randolph McLaughlin-Berens (Rev.), M.A., of Sidcup House,
Kent, rn. 1877, Ellinor Frances, only child and heiress of
Henry Hulse Berens, Esq., J.P., of Sidcup (who rf. 1883).
Mr. McLaughlin assumed, by royal licence, the name of
Berens. (Residence— li, Prince's Gardens, S.W.).
Alfred Harry (Kev.), B.A. Vicar of Bothamsall, Ollerton
Notts, m. 1879, Mary Letitia, only child of William tJrwick
Esq. of Lud ow Castle. '

Walter Steward, d. 7 Jan. 1870.
Louisa Elizabeth.
Sophia Charlotte.

Fanny Frederica, m. 13 Sept. 1870, Frederick Clark, Esq of
The Manor Hou.-ie, Hythc, Kent, and Great Cumberland
Place, London, D.L. co. Hereford, and has issue, Frederick
Stewart, b. 1872; Gerard McLaughlin, d. 1873: Mervyn
Hanbury Lowther, b. 1879; Kathleen Frederica; Augusta
Ida Crofton ; and Dorothy Agnes Graham.
Georgina Susan.

Mr. McLaughlin d. 15 Dec. 1882.
Seat— The Lydiates, Bnmfield, near Ludlow.
Town Hesidencf—i, Stanley Gardens, Kensington, W.
Ct«6— United Service.


Maclean, Geoege Alexander, Esq. of West-
field, CO Elgin, J.P., b. 9 Jan. I860; s. his brother
James Maclean, Esq. in 1888.

liineage.— This is a branch of the ancient Argyllshire
famUy of Maclaine of Lochbuie.

Sir Charles ilACLEAN, of Achat or Urquhart, co. Inverness
(2nd son of Hector Maclaine II. of Lochbuie, by Margaret his
wife, dau. of Macleod of Harris, see Maclai.xe of lochbuie),
obtained the lands of St. Ninians and Drumbuie, together with
the ancient privileges appertaining to the Castle of Urquhart,
anno 1463, from John, Lord of the Isles and Earl of Ross,
from whom they were held in vassalage, until the forfeiture
of that princely noble in 1493, when the Macleans of,
in common with others, became tenants of the crown. Sir
Charles of Achat, or 1st 3Iaclean of Urquhart, was a dii=tin-
guished warrior in his day, and engaged in many daring
exploits in the service of his sovereign James III., by wlioni
he was knighted. He m. a dau. of Commyne of Dalshangie,
by whom he had two sons, Ewen, his heir; David, ancestor of
the Macleans in Strathgluss. The elder son,

Ewen Maclean, of Urquhart, hved in the reign of James IV.,
from whom he received increased grants of land in Urquhart,
especially those of Buntail, with an obligement to furnish a
hundred men-at-arms when required for the King's service.
He v\-as a bold and chivalrous man, and aided in 1503 in the
insurrection headed by Donald Dubh, the reputed Lord of the
Isles, but in 1505, he made his submission to the king and
received pardon, and fought at the royal side at Flodden.
He m. a dau. of Maclean of Kingerloch, by whom he had
issue, two sons and one dau., Ian, his heir; Allan Dubh, killed
at the massacre of the Macleans at Lochend ; Janet, m. to
John Abroch Maclean of Colb. The elder son,

Ian or John Oig Maclean, of Urquhart, s. his father during
the minority of James V. He m. Marjory, a dau. of the Laird
of Grant, by whom he had four sons, viz. John, Charles,
Murdoch, all three killed at the massacre at Lochend;
Farqchae, his heir. This

Fabquhar Maclean, of Dochgarroch, (called " silly Farqu-
har "). After the bloody catastrophe at Lochend, being yet a
minor, his estates in Urquhart fell a prey to the grasping
policy of the age in which he lived. In 1555, his kinsman,
the Laird of Grant, obtained from him a deed of con-
veyance of his right and title to the lands of St. Ninians and
Drumbuie for three thousand marks, and therewith he pur-
chased Darroch-garroch, or Dochgarroch. He rn. a of
Rose of Kilravock, co. Nairn, by whom he had two sons and a

Alexander, his heir.

David, III. 3Iiss Eraser (of the LoyAT famili/), and had issue.

Janet, m. William Baillie, of Duncarn.
The elder son,

Alexander Maclean, of Dochgarroch, s. his father in 1605.
He was like his progenitors, a staunch friend and follower of
the House of Huntly, and was granted in 1615, by the Mar-
quis of Huntly, a/ey, contract simne, and charter of the lands
of Dochgarroch and Dochnalurg. He m. a dau. of Maclean
of Kingerloch, by whom he had two sons, John, his heir;
Alexander, who id. a dau. of Chisholm of Chisholm. The
elder son,

John Maclean, of Dochgarroch, was esteemed a valiant
and hardy vassal of the Gordon. In 1636, he obtained a new
charter of the lands of Dochgarroch and Dochnalurg, under
the great seal of Scotland in the reign of Cuarles I. He m.
Agnes, dau. of Frazer, of Stniie, by whom he had four sons
and a dau., of whom

Alexander, of Dochgarroch, carried on that family.

John, ancestor of Maclean cj Waljield.
The 2nd son,

John Maclean, who settled at Dalwhinnic, in Badenoch, n.
and had issue, a son,

John Maclean, of Pitmain in Badenoch, 6. 1725; to. 1st,
1750, Isobel, dau. of James Fordyce, Esq., and sister of John
Fordyce, Esq. of -\rdo, co. Kincardine, by whom he had two
sons and a dau.,

Hugh, settled in the West Indies, d. ania.

James, of whom afterwards.

Grace, vn. Kev. John .inderson, of Fochabers, d. s. v.

He m. 2ndly, Isobel, dau. of Donald Macpherson, of Kia-
lochlaggan, co Inverness, and by her had a dau. who m.
William Mitchell, Esq. of Gordonhall, co. Sutherland, and
had issue. He m. 3rdly, Margaret, dau. of John Macpherson,
of Invernahaven, co. Inverness, and by her had two sons and
one dau.,

John (Sir), K.C.B., K.C, K.T.S. ; got his commission as
ensign 1st Regt. Royal Scots, 30 April, 1794, and on the
following day was promoted to a lieutenancy in the Gordon
Highlanders, Capt. 1797 : wounded at Alkraar 1799; after-
wards served under Sir Ralph Abercronibie in Egypt. On
the return of the Army from that place he was promoted to
a Majority in the 27th Inniskillins, and was employed for





some roars on the staff in Ireland and at the Tlorsc Guards ;
was Lieut. -Col. 3rd Batt. 27lh Kegt. in the Peninsula, from
1308 until the conclusion of the war in 1814; Sir John was
four times severely wounded, and at Toulouse, he had his
hor.^e killed under him. Sir John m. 26 Jan. 1819, Sarah,
dau. of Benjamin Price, Esq. of Hi^'hgate, co. Middlesex,
and had issue.
Alexander, in the military service of the E.I. Co., and d. unm.
liobel, m. James Mitchell, Esq., s. p.
Mr. Maclean m. 4thly, a dau. of Lewis Macphcrson, of Dal-
radie in Badenoch, and by her Lad issue, two sons and four
Lewis, Lieut. 27th Foot, d. in the West Indies, v.nm.
Alexander, d. ■unm.
Christian, rf. unm.
Una, VI. G. McGagie, Esq. of U.S.
Marj!;aret, d. unm.

Elizabeth, m. Rev. John Gordon, of Speymouth, co. El;^in,
and d. at Hythe Hill, Elgin, in 1864, leaving issue.
Mr. Maclean d. in 1808. His 2nd son,

Eev. James Maclean, minister of Keith, co. Banff, and
afterwards of Urquhart, co. Elgin, in. 1st (contract dated
1789), Elizabeth, dau. of George Tod, Esq. of co. Elgin, and
by her (who d. 1816) had, with five daus., Helen, Isobel,
iilizabeth, Charlotte, and Isobel, (who all d. wnm.),
John, d. unm. at. 24.

Georpe, governor in-chief and president of council of the
British possessions of the Gold Co;ist of Africa, who, by his
wise and judicious policy, succeeded in securing to the com-
mercial interests of Greut Britain advantages never before
enjoyed from our mercantile connection in that quarter.
Governor Maclean iji. Letitia Elizabeth Landon (" L.E.L."),
the poetess, but d. s.p. 1847.
HcoH, of Weslfield, of whom afterwards.

The Rev. James Maclean m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. of William
Tod, Esq. of Fochabers, by his wife Miss Cigilvy, dau. of
the Liird of I'ittcnsicr, co. Elgin, and widow of Alexander
Gordon, Esq. of Jamaica, by whom he had one son,

James, a Capt. in the Gold Coast Corps under his brother
Governor iVlHClean, and d. 1877, having m. Barbara, dau. of
Harry Monro, Esq. of Seatield, co. Rjss, by whom he had

1 Hugh, 6. 18.55.

2 James, of Westfield, of whom hereafter.
;> Geokge Alesandee, now of WesifieiU.
4 Harry, d. young.

1 Elizabeth.

2 Georgina, d. young.
■J Agnes, d. young.

The Ccd son,

Hugh JIaclean, Esq. of Westfield, co. Elgin, J.P. and P.L.,
formerly of the medical service E.l.C, b. 1804; ni. 1840,
laabella, dau. of Alexander Gordon, Esq. of Jamaica, by
whom he had an only son,

John Alexander Maclean, Esq. of Westfield, 6. 1843 ; m.
1869, Isabella, dau. of Col. Macpherson, formerly of the 99th
Eegt., and d. s. ji., and was s. by his cousin,

James Maclean, Esq. of Westfield, C.C.S., d. unm. 1888,
«nd was s. by hia brother, George Alexander, now of West-
, Anr-^ — .\5 Maclean of Lochbuie.

.Sea^i— Westfield House, Spynie, N.B.; and Hythe Hill,

Maclean, Alexaxdek John Hew, Esq. of
Ardgour, co. Argyll, b. 1 Deo. 1880.

Liiueag'e. — The Macleans of Ardgotir, descended from
the famous Gillean-ni-Tuoidh, are a family of great antiquity
in North Britain. Their immediate ancestor,

Allan Maclean, the 10th Maclean of Ardgour, m. Anne,
dau. of Sir Ewan Cameron, of Locliiel, and was father of

JoHK Maclean, of Ardgour, m. the dau. of Allan MacLachlin,
Esq. of Corry, and had a son and heir,

Ht;GH MiCLEAN, of Ardgour, m. 17G3, Elizabeth, dau. of
Alexander lloustoun, Esq. of Jordan Hill, and by her (who m.
2ndly, John Campbell, Esq., brother of Sir Islay Campbell,
l.«t Bart, of Succoth) had a son and dau.,

Alexander, his heir.

Anna, m. Donald Maclean, Esq. of Kingerloch.
3Ir. Maclean d. 17C8, and was s. by his son,

Alexander Maclean. Esq. of Ardgour, Col. of the Argyll-
shire Militia, D.L., 13th Maclean of Ardgour in direct succes-
sion, b. IG April, 1764; iii. 10 July, 1793, Lady Margaret Hope,
dau. of John, 2nd E.nrl of Hopetoun (by the Lady Elizabeth
Mc'vilie his wife -ju. of Alexander, 7th Earl of Lcven, and

oth Earl of Melville), and by her (who was b. 24 June, 1772,
and (/. 16 Sept. 1831) had issue,

I. Hugh, d. in infancy.

It. John Hugh, of the Scotch Bar, d. utim. 1826.

III. Archibald, Capt. R.N., d. unm. 1832.

IV. Alexandeu, his heir.

V. Henry Dundas, of Lazonby Hall, Cumberland, Col. in the
army, J.P, and D.L., High Sheriff 1848; to. Ia41, Eleanor,
dau. of the Rev. J. Daere Carlyle, Chancellor of Carlisle,
and claimant of the title of Lord Carlyle, of Torthorwaid,
in Scotland, and d. 1863.

VI. James Charles, Bengal Military Service, m. Jane, dau. of
Major Hall, H.E.I.Co.'s service ; d. 1829, leaving two daus.,
Elizabeth Mary and Margaret Jane.

VII. Charles Hope, Barrister-at-Law, m. 1836, Caroline
Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of C. Beekford Long, Esq., and d.
1839, leaving two daus., Elizabeth Hope and Caroline

VIII. Thomas, of the Madras Military Service, d. 1840.

IX. William, Comm. R.N., J.l*., m. 1838, Elizabeth Mary,
dau. of Thomas Malet Charter, Esq., and assumed the sur-
name of GussTON before hi; patronymic in compliance with
the will of his wife's maternal grand-uncle, Sir Thomas
Gunston, Knt. of Upcott House, Somerset, lied. 1851, and
his wife 185.'). They left issue, William Gunston Gunston-
Maclean of Upcott House, late Capt. 1st Somerset Militia, b.
1839 (m. 2 May, 1861, Grace, dau. of William Marshall, Esq.,
and has, with other issue, a son and heir, William Hope, b.
1863); Allan, Lieut.-Col. 1st Royal Dragoons ; and Frances

X. George, late Col. R. A.,to. 1842, Amelia Jane, dau. of Gen.
Sir Colin Campbell, G.C.B., Governor of Ceylon.

XI. Robert, rf. unm. 183f).

XII. Peter, Col. R.A., m. 1841, Elizabeth, dau. of Lieut.-Gen.
Sir Henry Somerset, K.C.B. and K.H., Commander-in Chief
Bumbay, and great-grand-dau. of Henry, oth Duke of
Beaufort, and has,

1 Allan Henry, Major R.A. 2 Henry Eardlcy, R.A.

3 John Hugh. 4 Cliarles Hope .\dj-ian.

1 Margaret Ann. 2 Louisa Charlotte.

3 Elizabeth Frances.

I. Elizabeth Margaret.

II. Charlotte Margaret, d. mim. 1824.

Col. Maclean d. 8 Sept. 1855, and was s. by his fourth son,

Alexandeh Maclean, Esq. of Ardgour, J.P. and D.L , 6. II
Feb. 1799 ; to. 14 Feb. 1833, Helen Jane Hamilton, eldest dau.
of Jlajor-Gen. Sir John Dalryniple, 5th Bart, of North Berwick,
by Charlotte his wife, dau. of Sir Patrick Warrcnder, Bart.,
and by her (who d. 1882) had issue,

I. Alexander Thomas, of Ardgour.

II. John Dalryniple, J.P. of Lazonby Hall, Cumberland, b.
15 May, 1836; m. 1883, Hope, widow of Herbert Knowles,

Mr. Maclean d. 1872, and was s. > y his elder son,

Alexander Thomas Maclean, Esq. of Ardgour, J.P. co.
Inverness, and J.P. and D.L. co. Argyll, 15th Maclean of
Ardgour, educated at Harrow, entered E.l.C. S. Bengal 1857;
retired 1884, was a Judge of the High Court of Judicature,
Fort William, Bengal, b. 1 April, 1835; w. 1875, Selina
Philippa, dau. of the late William Stephens Dicken, Esq.,
and had issue,

I. Alexander John Hew, now of Ardgour.

I. Catharine Helen Dalryniple.

II. Margaret. in. Flora.

Mr. Maclean rf. 1890.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st, arg., a lion rampant gu. ; 2nd, az., a
caslle triple-towered arg. with flags displayed gu. ; 3rd, or, a
dexter hand couped fessways gu. holding acro!5slet fitch6e az. ;
4th, or, a galley, her sails furled sa. flag gu. on a sea vert a
salmon naiant arg. Ciest — A battle-axe erect in pale, crossed
by a branch of laurel and cypress in sallire, all ppr. Motto —
Altera merces.

Seat — Ardgour House, Ardgour, co. .Argyll.


Maclean, ARcniBALD John, Esq. of Pennycross
and Carsaig, co. Argyll, J.P. and D.L., b. 6 March,
1843; s. his father 1876; m. Ist, 1868, Isabelle
Alexandrina, dau. of M. Henri Tlieodore Simon,
and widow of Charles Griswold, Esq., by whom
(who d. 1886) he has had issue,

Julian Archibald, 6. 1873; d. 1890.

Charles Alexander Hnon, 6. 1874.

Norman Henry, 6. 1877. Allan Fitzroy, 6. 1880.

Isabel Juliet. Elsie Una. Muriel.

He m. 2ndly, 1890, Clara Isabel Monteith, dau. of
W. H. Eudkin, Esq. of Woodaide, Teignmouth.





■ Lineage. — This tranch of the House of Morvern derives
from John Dcbh, 1st Maclean of Morvern, 2nd son of the 1st
Hector Moir, Lord of Duart, ty Mary, dau. of Macdonald of
Islay. John Dubh was thrice married. By his 2nd wife,
Catharine, dau.of John Campbell, he had Allan, of Ardornish,
the warlike and constant follower of Sir Lachlan Mor. He
m. Una, dau. of the Chieftain of the clan Ian, or Macdonald,
of Ardnamurchan, and by her was father of Lachlan, of
Calgary, who was twice married ; by his 2nd wife, Anne, dau.
of John, of ToUermald, son of the 7th Maclean of Coll, he had
a son, Allan, of Gruline, who ra. Una, dau. of the Chief of
the Macquarics and of Anne Macdonald, sister of the cele-
brated Sir Alexander Macdonald, the gallant companion of
Montrose ; by her he had Charles, of Kilunaig and fenny-
cross, rii. Marianne, sister of Donald, of Tarbet, afterwards
5th Maclean of Torloisk, by whom he was father of

Alexander Maclean, of Pennycross, J. P. and D.L., m.
1760, Una, dau. of MacGillivray, of Pennyghael, by whom
(who d. 1807) he had one son, Archibald, and a dau. Catha-
rine, TO. Major Donald Maclean, of the Royal Scots Regt. ; d.
1786. The son,

Archibald Maclean, of Pennysross, J. P. and D.L., Major
Srd Regt. of Argyllshire Fencibles, b. ITGl. Ho to. Alicia,
dau. of Hector Maclean, Esq. of Torens, co. Argyll, and by
her (who was b. 1760, and d. 1840) left issue,

Alexander, his heir.

Allan Thomas, Lieut. -Gen. in the army, served in the 13th
Light Dragoons throughout the Peninsular war, and at
Waterloo, 6. May. 1793; m. Sept. 1843, Agnes, dau. of Wil-
liam Furlong, of Welshot, co. Lanark.

Charles James, Lieut, in the army, was at Waterloo, and sub-
sequently served in India, where he died.

John, Lieut, in the 2nd Wcs t India Kegt., commanded by
his maternal uncle. Col. Maclean, and fell a victim to the
climate of the West Indies.

Hector, a merchant in London, d. 183-t.

Lauchlan, Lieut, in the Ceylon Rifle Corps, d. 1829.

Archibald Don

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