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. of Sir Daniel Cooper, Bart., K.C.M.G.,
and by her had issue,

I. Francis, 6. 20 Feb. 18S4.

II. Valentine, 6. 14 June, 1887.

III. George, 6. 23 May, 1890.

I. Violet Elizabeth. n. Edith Eillcen.

liineagre. — This is a branch of the ancient Milesian family
of Macnaraara, of co. Clare, which was resident at Ballyna-
craige Castle.

Bartholomew Macnamara, Esq. of Muraghin, Barony of
Burren, co. Clare, son of Donogh, 6. at Bally nacraige, 16S5;
'jii. Dorothy, dau. of William Brock, Mayor of Galway, and was
father of

AViLLiAM Macnamara, Esq. of Doolen, b. 1714 ; who, marry-
ing Catharine, dau. and heir of Francis Sarsfield, Esq. of
Doolen, eo. Clare (of the distinguished House of Sarsfield ol
Lucan, of which was the gallant Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan, temp.
James II,), became possessed of that estate, and had a son and

Francis Macnamara, Esq. of Duolen, b. 1750; m. Jane,
dau. of George Stamcr, Esq. of Carnelly, co. Clare, by Honor
his wife, dau. of Chriaophcr O'Brien, Erq. of Ennistymon,

I and Mary his 2nd wife, dau. of Sir Randall MacDonnell, Bart.
By Jane his wife, Mr. Macnamara had issue,
AViLLiAM Nugent, his heir.

Richard, late 20th Dragoons, m. Mrs. Peyton, widow of Col.
Peyton, and sister and co-heir of George Nugent Reynolds,
Esq. George. Francis. John.

Burton (Sir), Admiral R.N., of Tromeroe, co. Clare, J.P.,
b. 1794; m. 1832, Jane, dau. of Daniel Gabbctt, Esq. of
Strand, co. Limerick, and d. s. p. 1876.
llonoria, d. unm. Dora, ni. William Calcutt, Esq.

The son and heir,

William Nugent Macnamara, Esq. of Doolen, M.P. for
Clare, b. 1775; m. 1798, Susannah, dau. and eventually co-heir
of the Hon. Mathias Finucane, Justice of the Common Pleas
in Ireland (by Anne his wife, dau. of Edward O'Brien, Esq. of
Ennistymon, by Susannah his wife, only dau. and heir of
Henry O'Brien, Esq. of Blatherwyckc), and had issue,

Francis, his heir.

Jane, d. utun.

Susan, m. Robert Mansergh. Esq. and d. leaving issue.

Honor, m. Edmund Armstrong, Esq. of Willowbank, and
d. s. p.

Matilda, m. Gerald O'Connor, Esq., and d. leaving issue.

Louisa, m. Samuel Vignolles, Esq.
Major Macnamara ci. 1850. His son.

Francis Macnamara, Esq.of Doolen and Ennistymon House,
Capt. 8th Hussars, M.P. fer Ennis, Lieut.-Col. Clare Militia,
J. P. and D.L., jk. 11 March, 18(50, Helena Herbert, dau. of
William M. Dermott, Esq., and had issue,

I. Henry Valentine, now of Doolen.

II. William James, b. 8 Jan. 1863.
I. I'^ranees Susan.

He d. 27 June, 1873.

drras, Crest, ttc — Sce Macnamara of Ayle.
Seats — Doolen and Ennistymon House, co. Clare.


Macnamara, Arthur, Esq. of Caddington Hall,
Herts, and Billington Manor House, Beds, J.P.
and D.L., County Councillor, late Capt. Beds
Militia, b. 23 Sept. 1829 ; m. 28 Sept. 1854, Lady
Sophia Eliza Hare, 3rd dau. of William, 2nd Earl
of Listowel, X.P.

Liineage. — This family claims descent from the ancient
House of Macnamara of Clare.

Arthur Macnamara, of Llangoed Castle, Brecknockshire,
son of John Macnamara, of Llangoed Castle (by Mary his
wife, dau. and heir of Arthur Jones, Esq. of Llangoed Castle),
Col. Westminster Regt. of Middlesex Militia, and M.P., m.
Anne, dau. of Lee, Esq., and heir of John Pedley,
Esq. of Caddington Hall, and by her (who d. 3 May, 1870) had

Arthur, now of Caddington Hall.

John, twin with Arthur, b. 1829; m. 12 April, 1860, Sarah,

eldest dau. of Edward Nay lor Viokers, Esq. of Tapton Hall,

Sheffield, and has Arthur, who d., and two daughters.
Anne Mary, in. Baron Adelswiird, late Minister of Sweden

in Paris.
Elizaheth, m. Count Ernest de Rotalier, of Chateau de-

Rutalier, pres Keaufort, departement du Jura, France.

Smf.?— Caddincton Hall, Dunstable, and Billington Manor,
Leightuu Buzzard, Beds.


McXeile, Henry IIUGir, Esq. of Parkmount, co.
Antrim, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1860, ^i. 20
Nov. 1829 ; m. 23 June, 1859, Sophia Adelaide*,
dau. of James Munro Macnabb, Esq. of Highfield i|
Park, Hants, and has issue,

I. John, Lieut. Coldstream Guards, M.A. Camb., b. 20 Dec.
1862 ; m. 22 Jan. 1891, Oonah Edwyna, 2nd dau. of the
late Lieut.-Col. Conolly, V.C, of Coolure, co. Wcstmeatli,
and has issue,

John Henry, b. 2 Aug. 1892.
Ailleen Charlotte, b. 6 Oct. 1893.

II. James, b. 10 March, 1864; d. 20 June, 1873.

III. Henry Donald, b. 12 Dec. 1872.

I. Charlotte Lavinia.

II. Katharine E'lora, d- v.mti. 1887.

III. Norah Sophia. ^'





Lineage.— Alexander McNeile, m. Mary McNeale, left
by her (who d. 1852) at his decease, 1839, a son,

John McNeile, Esq. of Parkmount, 6. March, 1778; m,
June, 1823, Charlotte Lavinia, dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas
Dallas, G.C.B., and d. 18 May, 1855, leaying issue,

Henet H0GH, now of Parkmount.

Alexander John, 6. 2 Sept. 1842.

Mary Harriet, m. 9 May, 1856, Hugh McCalmont. Earl

Cairns, Lord Chancellor of England, who d. 2 April, 1885.
Seat — Pai-kmount, near Belfast.


MacNeilIi-Hamiltox, Henet Montgomery,
Esq. of Eaploch, and Broorahill, co. Lanark, Lieut.
3rd batfc. Scottish Eiiles, b. 25 Aug. 1S72 ; s. liis
father 1883.

Lineage. — The Macneills, or Clanneill, are one of the
most ancient clans in the West Highlands, and were at a very
early period divided into two great families, the Macneilis
of Gi'jha and the Macneills of Ba.rra.

The former of these families had their possessions in the
Southern part of co. Argyll, the latter in the island of Barra,
in CO. Inverness, and from the great distance which separated
them, as well as from other causes, the two families were
so disunited as almost to form distinct clans. It is stated,
however, that there is documentary evidence to show that the
Macneills of Gigha were the senior family, and were, di jure,
chiefs of the whole clan.

EoGER Hamilton Macneill, of Taynish, (son of Hector
Macneill, of Taynish, by Ann Montgomery his wife, and the
lineal descendant of Hector Macneill, 2nd son of Torquil
?.facncill, 1st of Gigha), m. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of
Cromwell Price, Esq. of HoUymount, co. Down, through whom
that estate came into the family, and the name of Hamilton
was added to that of Macneill. His son and heir,

EoGEE MoNTGOMEET Hamilton-Macneill, of Tayuish, m.
Catherine Chambers, and was s. by his son,
I Daniel Hamilton Macneill-Hamilton, of Eaploch and
Taynish, m. 24 Nor. 1809,; Jane Buhbury, dau. of Thomas
Banbury Isaac, Esq. of Hollywood House, and Lisowen, co.
Down, and by her (who d. 1873, aged 81) had issue, Thomas
'iMoNTGOMEEY, his Eucoessor, and William Henet, successor
!to his brother, late of Eaploch. He d. 1831, and was s. by his
,:-Idest son,

Thomas Montgomebt Macneill-Hamilton, Esq. of Eroom-
ifiill, b. 7 Nov. 1810; m. Feb. 1846, Jessie only child of James
jSruce, Esq. of Calcutta and Broomhill, d. 29 Aug. 1862, and
ivas s. by his brother,

I' William Henet MACNEfLL-HAMiLTON, Esq. of Eaploch co.
■.anark, J. P. and D.L., late Capt. 20th Foot, 6. 1827; ra. 1st.
.857, Marie, eldest dau. of Count Joseph Ladislas de Szeliski
•)f Warsaw, (which lady d. 1864). and 2ndly, 1871, Marianne
[mly child of Alexander Ewing, Esq., by whom (who m, 2ndly,
17 Jan. 1887, Major George W. F. Claremont, Worcestershire
iegt., eldest son of Gen. Stopf ord Claremont, C.B.) hehad issue
' Henet Montgomeet, now of Eaploch.

Claude Gavin, b. 20 Oct. 1873.

Percy Milnwood, 6. 1878.

Cecil Herbeit, 6. Dec. ISSl; d. March, 1882.

Japt. Hamilton d. 3 Nov. 1883, and was s. by his eldest son.

't Seats— Broorahill, Larkhall, co. Lanark; and Eaploch,
ilamilton, N.B.

Note. — The estate of Gigha was sold by the MacNeills of
aynish in 1780, and has now been acquired by the MacNeills
i Colonsay, a cadet of the family.

\ McNeill of colonsay.

'■ McKeili, Maj.-Gen. Sie John Caestaies, of
;'olonsay, J.P. and D.L. co. Argyll, K.G-.B.,
'I.C.M.a., V.C., Knight of the Medjidie, Maj.-Gen.
1 the army, Equerry to the Queen, b. 29 March,

Lineage. — The family of McNeills is descended from a
>mmon ancestor with the McNeills of Taynish, of Gilha, and


ToEQciLLB McNeill, of Taynish, Keeper of Castle Sween,

!(e 1449, had two sons Neill and Hectoe.

;Neill McNeill, who ». his father, d. a, p., and was 3. by his


i! ".

Hectoe McNeill, who d. about 1473, leaving a son,

Neill McNeill, who s. his father, and was s. by his son,

Neill McNeill, who had two sons, Neill, ancestor of the
McNeills of Taynish and of Gigha, aad John do, ancestor
of the McNeills of Gailachallie, of Couctronon, and of dear,
&c., afterwards of Colonsay. The 2nd son,

John Oio McNeill, had two sons,
Donald, ancestor of the McNeills of GallaehaUie.
Malcolm Beo, ancestor of the McNeills of Arickonan,
and McNeills of Ci-ear, &c., afterwards of Colonsay.
The 2nd son,

Malcolm Beg McNeill, had a son Neill Oio McNeill, who
had three sons, 1 Malcolm, of Arichonan ; 2 John, afterwards
of Arichonan ; 3 Do.nald, of Crear, .fee. The 3rd son,

Donald McNeill, of Crear, &c., m. Mary, dau. of Lachlan
McNeill, of Tirf eargus, and in 1700 acquired from Archibald,
Duke of Argyll, the islands of Colonsay and Oronsay, in
exchange for his lands of Crear, Drimdrishaig, and others.
He was s, by his son,

Malcolm McNeill, of Colonsay and Oronsay, m. Barbara,
dau. of Campbell, of Dunstaffnage, and had two sons,

I. Donald, of Colonsay and Oronsay, who acquired also the
estate of Ardlussa, in the island of Jura, m. Miss McNeill,
of Belfast, and had a son, Archibald, who s. him in the
estates of Colonsay Ardlussa, m. 1796, Lady Georgiana
Anne Forbes, dau. of George, 5th Earl of Granard, and scld
the estates of Colonsay and Ardlussa to his cousin, John
McNeill, Esq.

II. Alexander, of Oronsay, m. Mary, dau. of Alex. BIc-
Dougall, of McDougall, Chief of that clan, and had six sons,

1 John, of Oronsay, who acquired the estates of Colonsay
and Ardlussa from his cousin, Archibald (as above).

2 Malcolm, of the H.E.I.Co.'s naval service.

3 .James, M.D., and Inspector of Hospitals.

4 Donald, Lieut.-Col. in the army.

5 Alexander, d. young. 6. Archibald, Lieut. E.N.
The grandson,

John McNeill, Esq. of Colonsay, Oronsay, and Ardlu-ssa, b.
1767 ; 7)1. Hester, dau. of Duncan McNeill, Esq. of Dunmore,
by whom (who d. June, 1843) he had, with daus., six sons,

Alexander, of whom presently.

Dlncan, 6. 1793, acquired in 1848, by purchase from his
brother, Alexander, the ancestral estates of Colonsay and
Oronsay. He was M.P. co. Argyll, 1343 to 1851, wa.s
appointed Lord Justice General, May, 1852, and a Privy
Councillor 1853. He was in 1867, created Lord Colonsay,
and d. unm. 1867, when the title became extinct.

John (Sir), G.C.B.. P.O., D.C.L., b. 1795, formerly Envoy
and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Court of Persia, K.L.S.
of Persia of the First Class: m. 1st, 1814, Innes, 4th dau.
of George Kobinson, Esq. of Clormiston, Midlothian, who
d. 1816; 2ndly, 1823, Elizabeth, 4th dau. of John Wilson,
Esq., which lady d. 186S; and Srdly, 26 Aug. 1870, Lady
Emma Augusta Campbell, dau. of John, 7th Duke of
Argyll, and d. 1883.

Malcolm, Lieut.-Col. and Brigadier H.E.I.Co.'s cavalry,
Governor of Vellore, Military Commandant of Arcot, fell
leading the attack on Prome, 1852.

Archibald, b. 1803, Writer to the Signet, one of the Principal
Clerks of Session, formerly Director of Chancery.

Forbes, of the H.E.I.Co.'s naval service, afterwards Mer-
chant in London, d. 1843.

John McNeill d. Feb. 1846. His eldest son,

Alexander McNeill, Esq. of Colonsay, Oronsay, and
Ardlussa, acquired the estate of Gigha, and sold the islands of
Colonsay and Oronsay to his next brother Duncan, 6. 17 Jan.
1791 ; TO. 24 June, 1830, Anne Elizabeth, dau, and co-heir of
John Carstairs, Esq. of Stratford Green, Essex, and Warboys,
CO. Huntingdon, and had issue,

John Carstairs (Sir), now of Colonsay.

Alexander, late Bengal Engineers, b. 24 Feb. 1834 ; m. 1859,
Mary, dau. of Col. Leighton, and has issue.

Duncan, late Capt. Eoyal Scots Greys, Chief Constable of
the West Riding of Yorkshire, 6. 10 July, 1836 ; m. 6 June,
1861, Fanny Charlotte Emma, dau. o( Admiral Sir Charles
Talbot, K.C.B., of the noble House of Shrewsbury, and has

Malcolm, of North Manor Place, Edinburgh, late 78th
Highlanders, Inspector under the Poor Law Board of Scot-
land, b. 15 Nov. 1839 ; m. 1st, 1 Jan. 1863, Clara Elizabeth,
dau. of Eobert Buchanan, Esq. of Ardoch, by whom he
had issue,

1 Duncan, 6. 19th Aug. 1864.

2 Donald Buchanan, 0. Nov. 1869 ; d. Aug. 1072.

1 Hester Mary, b. Oct. 1865; d. Oct. 1870.

2 Helen Eva Forbes, 6. 1 Nov. 1867.

He m. 2ndly, 18 April, 1871, .Susan Carruthers, dau. of
Archibald M'Neill. Principal Clerk of Session of Edinburgh,
by « hom he had further issue,

3 Neill Archibald, 6. 19 Feb. 1878.
3 Ina Erskine, b. 4 Sept. 1S74.

4 p





Cecil Anne, d. unm.

Helen, m. 1861, Alexander E. C. Streatfeild, Esq., J.P., of
Charts Edge, Kent. Hester Mary, </. young.

Alexander McNeill, of Colonsay, d. June, 1850.

_4rnw— Quarterly : 1st and 4th az., a lion rampant arg. ; 2iid
arg., a sinister hand couped fessways in chief gu. in base
•navy az. a salmon naiant of the first ; 3rd or, a galley sa., her
oars in saltire gu.. on a chief of the second three mullets of the
first, the whole within a bordure gu. Crest— A mailed arm
and hand holding a dagger ppr. J/oi to— Vincere aut mori.

Seof— Colonsay, Greenock.

JUsidence— At St. James s Palace, S.W.


McNeill, Edmund, Esq. of Craigdunn and
Cushendun, co. Antrim, J.P., High Sheriff 1879,
h. 29 Nov. 1821 ; m. 11 June, 1851, Mary, eldest
dan. of Alexander Miller, Esq. of Baliycastle, co.
Antrim, late Treasurer of that co., by Jane his wife,
2nd dau. of Alexander McNeile, Esq. of Baliycastle,
J.P., and has surviving issue,

I. EoNALD John, 6. 30 April, 1861 ; m. 1884, Elizabeth

Maud, 4th dau. of William Bolitho, Esq. of Tolwithen,

Penzance, co. Cornwall.

I. Annie Charlotte Lavinia, m. 16 April, 1885, Eev. John T.
Penrose, Rector of Gawsworth, Cheshire.

II. Mary Violet, m. 21 July, 1887, Walter Hobhouse, 2nd
son of Eight Eev. the Bishop Hobhouse.

Xiineage. — Lachlan McNeill, of Terfergus and Losset,
CO. Argyll, 4th son of Torquil JIcNcill, Chief of the clan
Taynish, ni. 1st, Mary McNeill, of Colonsay, and had a large
family. Their 3rd son,

Neill McNeill, settled in co. Antrim, 1676, and m. Eose
Stuart, of Garry, same co., and had issue. Their eldest son,

Lachlan McNeill, jji. Jane McNaughten, of Benvarden,
CO. Antrim, and had several children. The eldest son,

Neill McNeill, of Cushendun, co. Antrim, m. Christian
Hamilton, of Londonderry, and their eldest son,

Edmdnd McNeill, of Cushendun, m. EUzabeth, dau. of
John Hamilton, of Londonderry, and d. 1790. Their eldest

EDunND Alexander McNeill, of Cushendun, J. P., 6. 1787 ;
m. 20 Oct. 1817, Eose, eldest dau. of Alexander McNeile, J. P.
of Baliycastle, by his wife Mary, only dau. of John McNealc,
J.P., of Culresheskin, and d. 29 May, 1879, having by her
(who d. 25 Oct. 18GS), had issue,

I. Edmund, now of Craigdunn and Cushendun.

n. Daniel Alexander, J. P., Capt. M.N. I., 6. 10 June, 1825:
m. 10 Feb. 1859, Anna Maria Sarah, eldest dau. of Sir Francis
Astley, 2nd Bart, of Everley, Wilts, and has issue, Ada

III. Hector Frederick, 6. July, 1827 ; d. April, 1831.

I. Mary.

II. Eliza, m. 1843, Adolphus Turner, Esq., 2nd son of Sir Hill-
grove Turner, and has one son, Hillgrove Adolphus.

III. Jane, d. unm. 1840.

IV. Eose Anne, m. 1851, Alexander McNeile, Esq., Capt.
Madras Infantry, eldest son of Very Eev. Hugh McNeile,
D.D., late Dean of Eipon.

y. Charlotte Lavinia, m. 1856, Admiral Sir Cooper Key,
K.C.B.,andrf. 30 Dec. 1874, leaving by him (v/hod. 3 March,
1883), 1 .'Vston McNeil Cooper, Capt. R.A., b. 21 Jan. 1861,
■m. 1883, Edith Frances, younge.^t dau. of William H. Mare,
Esq.; 2 Edmund McNeUl; 3 1iose; 4 Maude.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and ith, az., a lion rampant arg. ;
2nd per less wavy arg. and az., in chief a sinister hand
apaumee, couped at the wrist fessways, in base a salmon naiant
ppr. ; 3rd or, a lymphad, sails furled, flags furled gu., oars in
action ppr., on a chief of the second three mullets of the first,
the whole within a bordure gu. Crest— A dexter arm in armour
embowed, holding in the hand a sword all ppr,

&at— Craigdunn, Craigs, co. Antrim.


Macoxcht, John Aethur, Esq. of Rathmorc,
CO. Longford, b. 19 June, 1852, m. 16 Aug. 1887,
G-ertrude Annie, dau. of Robert Tottenham, Esq.
of Annamult, co. Kilkenny, and has issue,


Lineage. — About the close of the 17th century, one or
more of the Scotch family of Maconochie went to Ireland, and
established in that country the co. of Longford family of

Maconchy or Maconochie. In the rei.ijn of George II., Geokge
:Maconcht, M.D., of the city of Dublin, had his arms regis-
tered in Ulster's Office. The descent " from an ancient family
of the name in North Britain, " isrecoided, and the family's
traditional origin from the Campbells perpetuated in the
bearings. This Geokge Maconchy, M.D., who purchased the
Manors of Eden and Eathmore, co. Longford, was b. in 1700,
and m. 1737, Miss Caldwell. He d., however, «. p. 1779, (his
will, dated 12 April, 1777, was proved 1 May, 1780), and was «.
by his nephew,

Geokge Maconchy, Esq. of Eathmore, who served as High
Sheriff co. Longford. 1786. He m. 1782, Miss Hamilton, and
d. s. ii. 1806. His brother,

John Maconchy, Esq. of co. Derry, d. 1794 (will dated 9
Jan. 1794, proved 14 March), m. Helen Cleghorn, and had

John, heir to his uncle.

William (Eev.), h. 28 Feb. 1796,'to. Anna Letitia, dau. of
Stewart King, Esq., and d. 1879, leaving a son, John King,
M.D., 6. 1824, m. 1st, Harriet, dau. of Kev. Eobert Lovett;
2ndly, 1884, Henrietta, dau. of Eev. W. D. Preston, and
d. 1892, leaving issue.

Barbara, m. 1813, Ponsonby Moore, Esq. of Moorfield, co.
Kildare, son of the Hon. Ponsonby Moore, 2nd son of 6th
Earl of Drogheda, and d. 1866.
The eldest son,

John Maconchy, Esq. of Edenmore, co. Dublin, 6. 30 May,
1793; m. 4 March, 1816, Deborah, dau. of Stewart King, Esq.
of Donaghmeda, co. DuWin, Master in Chancery, and had

George, his heir.

John Stewart, B.A., J.P., h. II Dec. 1819 ; m. 13 March,
1847; Harriet Frances, dau. of Eev. Charles William
Doyne (who d. 1 June, 1892), and d. 16 Nov. 1888, leaving
issue, three sons and five dans.

Elizabeth, m. 6 April, 1838, the Eev. Frederick FitzJohn
Trench, who d. in lSo9, and has issue.

Helen, m. 1843, James Chaigneau ColviU, Esq. of Coolock
House, and has issue.
Barbara, m. 1850, Lieut.-Col. Thomas Harper ColvUI,
Governor of Coldbath F'ields Prison, and d. 1887, leaving
He d. 10 Dec. 1843, and was s. by his eldest son,

George Maconchy, Esq. of Eathmore, B.A., J. P. for cos.
Longford and Wexford, High Sheriff for the former co. 1846,
6. 2 July, 1818; m. 1st, 27 April, 1843, Louisa Elizabeth, dau.
of John Goddard Eichards, Esq. of Ardamine, co. Wexford,
by Anne Catherine his wife, dau. of Col. Eight Hon. Eobert
Ward, 3rd son of Bernard, 1st Viscount Bangor, and by this
lady (who d. 13 Dec. 1864) had surviving issue,

I. John Arthor, now of Eathmore.

II. George Campbell, b. 23 Jan. 1859, m. 1887, Lily, dau. of
— Metherall, Esq., and has issue, a dau.

III. Ernest William Stewait King, Capt. 4 Sikhs, D.S.O., 6.
18 June, 1860.

I. Helen Mary, m. 29 April, 1869, Admiral Thomas Le Hnnte
Ward, Esq., C.B., E.N., and has issue.

II. Louisa Georgina.

in. Elizabeth Emily, m. 19 June, 1880, Eichard Mallock,
Esq., M.P., of Cockington Court, Torquay, and has issue.

IV. Lucy F^lorence, m. 15 June, 1876, Edward Arthur Lee,-
Esq. of Fowley, Liphook, Hants, and has issue.

V. Alice Deborah, vi. 1888, Eev. John Jervis Mallock.

VI. Sophia, m. Oct. 1891, Eobert F. S. ColviU, Esq., and has
issue, a son.

VII. Agnes Fanny.

Mr. Maconchy m. 2ndly, 2 July, 1867, Janet Hamilton, widow
of Major Middleton, 7th Dragoon Guards, and dau. of Colin
Campbell, Esq. of Colgrain, co. Dumbarton, and by her had
further issne,

IV. Frederick Campbell, Lieut. East Yorkshire Eegt., b. 22
Aug. 1868.

V. Hamilton Campbell, h. 16 March, and d. 29 Aug. 1870.

VI. Gerald Edward Campbell, 6. 21 June, 1875.

Mr. Maconchy, d. 30 Oct, 1889, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Gyronny of eight gu. and erm., on a fess or, three
thistles slipped ppr. Crest — A demi-swan, wings expanded, ppr.
Motto — Humani nihil aliennm.

/Seat— Eathmore, Aughacliffe, co. Longford.


Maconochie-Welwood, John Allan, Esq. of i
Meadowbank, Midlothian, and Garrock, CO. Fife, J.P- '
for COS. of Midlothian, Fife, and Roxburgh ; h. 23]
Feb. 1848 ; m. 28 April, ] 892, Winifred Louisa, 3rd





dau. of Edgar Drummond, Esq. of Cadland, Hants,
by the Hon. Louisa Theodosia Pennington, his wife,
dau. of John, 3rd Baron Muncaster.

Xiineagre. — Alexander Macosochie, of Meadowtank (son
of James Maconocliie, by Jean Henderson his wife, who
l)urcha«ed (in 1706) Meadowbank. in Midlothian), m. Isabella,
dau. of Kev. Walter Allen, of Colstoun, and was father of an
only son,

Allan Maconochie, Lord Meadowbank, the very eminent
and scientific Judge. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Eobort Wel-
wood, Esq. of Garvock, by Mary his wife, eldest dau. of Sir
George Preston, Bart, of Valleyfield, and had issue,

Alexander, his heir.

Robert, of Devonshire Place, London, formerly Master of the
Mint at Madras.

James .-Vllen, Advocate of the Scotch Bar, Sheriff of Orkney
and Zetland, </. xmm. 1845.

Thomas Tod, d. unm. 1847.
Lord Meadowbank d. 1816, and w\is s. by his son,

Alexander Maconochie AVelwood, Esq. of Meadowbank,
House, Midlothian, and Garvock, co. Fife, D.L., Senator of
the College of Justice, as Lord Meadowbank, 6. March, 1777 ;
m. 1805, Anne, eldest dau. of the Right Hon. the Lord Presi-
dent Kobert Blair, of Avontoun, and by her (who d. Sept.
1866), had issue,

Allan Alexander, his heir.

Eobert Blair Maconochie, of Gattonside, co. Roxburgh. J. P.
b. 1814 ; m. Is47, Charlotte Joanna, dau. of John Tod, Esq.
of Kirkhill, and d. 4 Oct. 1883, leaving issue, John Allan,
now of Meadowbank and GaiTock ; Eobert Blair, Capt. E.N.,
m. Nov. 1885, Beatrice, dau. of T. Ellis, Esq. of The Priory,
Kent; Charles Cornelius, m. 1882, Alice Mary, dau. of
Robert Robertson, Esq. of Auchleeks, co. Perth, and has
issue, Eubert, Henry, Veronica, and Emily Bridget, Helen
Anne, m. lSb5, Eev. Francis Conder, M.A., and has issue,
Joan Monica and Dorothea Agnes.

Henry Dundas, d. s. p. 1844.

William Maximilian George Maconochie Welwood, Lieut. -
Col. Edinburgh Artillery and Major Fife Artillery, formerly
Capt. Bengal Light Cavalry, m. Maria, dau. of Gen. Sir
Abraham Roberts, G.C.B., and by her (who d. 25 Dec. 1886),
had Issue, Alexander, and d. 18s2.

Isabella Cornelia Ha'ket, d. 28 Feb. 1888.

Elizabeth Browne, d. 1881.

Mary Anne, m. 1834, Steward Baillie Hare, Esq., J.P. and
D.L., of Calder Hall and Handaxwood, and d. Is53, leaving

Aime Boswell, d. 9 April, 1882.

Harriet, d. 1810.

This distinguished lawyer was for some time Sheriff of East
Lothian, and sat in several Parliaments. He filled the oflSce
of Solicitor-General for Scotland, and subsequently, before his
elevation to the Bench, became Lord Advocate. He s. to the
entailed estate of Garvock, and was by the terms of the entail
obliged to assume the name and arms of Welwood of Garvock.
He d. 1861, and was s. by his eldest son,

Allan Alexander Maconochie- Welwood, Esq. of Meadow-
bank House, Midlothian, and Pitliver House, co. Fife, J.P.
and D.L., late Regius Professor of Law in Glasgow
University, 6. 1806 ; m. 1st, 1836, Ellen, dau. of T. Wiggin,
Esq. of Boston, U.S. ; 2ndly, 18.59, Lady Margaret Penny Dal-
rymple, who d. 1888, youngest dau. of North, 9th Earl of
.Stair, and d. s. p. 29 May, 1885, when he was s. by his

John Allan ]Maconochie- Welwood, Esq., now of Meadow-
bank and Garvock.

Arms — .\z., three dexter hands couped fcssways in chief,
each holding a bunch of arrows ppr. and in base a royal crown
gold, all withinaborduregyronny of eight or and sa. quartering
Welwood of Garvock. Crests— 1st, A demi Higlilander holding
in the dexter hand a bunch of arrows all ppr. above an
imperial crown, for Maconochie ; 2nd, Welwood. Supporters
—Two Highlanders, each holding in the exterior hand a bow
and arrow, and having a quiver on his back, all pp

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