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r Ralph Maddison,

HoMPHREV Maddison, of Coningsby, co. Lincoln, m. twice.
By his 1st Avife, Cornelia, dau. and co-heir of John Duport,
D.D., Master of Jesus Coll. Camb., niece of Henry Duport, of
Shepeshead, co. Leicester, and great-granddau. of James Duport
and Emma his wife, dau. and co-heir of William Montagu,
of Sutton Montagu, Somerset, he had issue, one son, Ralph,
of whom presently. By his 2nd wife, Helen, sister of Henry
Wagstaffe, of Ilasland, co. Derby, he had issue, Nathaniel, of
Alvingham, co. Lincoln, from whom, who in. Eleanor, dau. of
John Nelthorpe, of Little Grimsby, lineally descend Richard
Combe, late Maddison, of Earushill, Somerset, and Rev.
George Maddison, Vicar of Grantham and Prebendary of Lin-
coln. The eldest son,

Ralph Maddison, High Sheriff co. Lincoln 1679, m.Theodosia,
dau. and co-heir of Nicholas Newcomen, of Theddlethorpe, co.
Lincoln, and had issue. The only surviving son,

John Maddison, Esq., High Sheriff co. Lincoln 1719, to.
9 July, 1723, Katherine, dau. of George Whichcote, Esq. of
Harpswell, co. Lincoln, by wliom (who remarried, as 2nd wife,
Sir Thomas Skipworth, 1st Bart, of Metheringham, andrf. s.p.
in 1797), he had issue,

George, his heir.

Katherine, m. John Lawrence, of Putney, Surrey.

Theodosia, m. 23 June, 1752, John, 2nd Lord Monson, of
Burton, co. Lincoln, and d. his widow 1821.

Anne, m. 1 Aug. 1747, Sir William Anderson, Bart.
The son and heir.

George Maddison, Esq., Col. of the 4th Eegt. of Foot, served
in the American war. He m. 1756, Mary, dau. of Capt. Lance-
lot Baugh. of Portsmouth, sister and heiress of Lieut.-Gen.
Lancelot Baugh, of Wimpole Street, London, and by her (who
d. 1791) had issue,

I. John Thomas, his heir.

II. George, Lieut.-Col. 65th Regt., m. 1795, Mary, dau. of
Rev. Henry Alington, of Aston, Herts, by whom (who d.
1S50) he had issue, an only child, George Wii;30ti Maddi-
son, late of I'artney. Lieut.-Col. Maddison d. 5 Aug. 1816,
and was buried in Hertingfordbury Church, Herts.

III. Charles, b. 5 Sept. 1770, sometime Capt. in the Bengal
Cavalry ; m. 1791, Mary, dau. of Rev. Dr. John Harrington,
D.D., of Salisbury, and d. 1842, leaving issue, an only child,

Rev. John George Maddison, m. 1815, Thomas Anne^
dau. of Alexander Macrae, of Jamaica, by whom (who
((. 1864) he left .at his decease, 1856,

1 Charles JouN,Viear of Stottesdon, Salop, i. 1817 ; m. i
1844, Julia, dau. of Kev. Benjamin Craeknell, of Bath, :
and has issue, Julia Sophia; Mary Thomasine; Agnes i
Rowley; Minna Isabel; and Theodosia Ellen. \

2 Alexander Macrae, of Agivey, co. Derry, late Lieut, i
37tli Madras Infantry, m. 1856, Eliza, dau. of Capt. i
Stephen Shairp, R.N., and had issue, Roland John
George; Alexander, ci!. 1868; Ida Agnes; MaudMaiy; -
and Hilda Frances. He d. 1868.

3 George, of Toronto, Canada, m. 1848, Mary Catharine,
dau. of Rev. — Winstanley, and has issue, Alfred
George ; Charles ; Ernest ; and Richard.

1 Thomasine, to. 1844, Charles Sidney Hawkins, Esq. of
Over Norton House, co. Oxford.

2 Sophia, m. 1847, John Ettrick, 4th son of William
Ettrick, Esq. of High Barnet, co. Durham.

3 Mary Catherine Lovick.

4 Theodosia, to. Col. Conolly Dysart.

5 Agnes llalford, m. John Smythe, son of John Smythe,
Esq. of Ardmore, co. Derry; he d. 1867.

6 Wilhelmina.

I. Charlotte, m. John Sexty, of Market Eaaen; d. s.p.

II. Theodosia, d. unm. 1845, aged 85. i

III. Katherine, r,i. 21 May, 1796, Latham Blacker, Major j
65th Regt., and had issue. i

Col. Maddison d. 1807, and was s. by his son, J

John Thomas Maddison, Esq., Col. of the 4th Regt. of Foot

•after his father. He to. Matilda, sister of Daniel Macneill, off

Gallichoilly, co. Argyll, N.B., and had issue, j

George BAncn. deceased. 1

Henry, Lieut, in the army; d. unm. j

Ann Theodosia, m. Aubone Altham Surtces, Esq. of Kew-j
castle. j

Mathilda Catherine.
Jane, to. John Dent, Esq. of Thirsk, co. York.

Col. John Maddison d. 1837, and was s. under a special entai:

by his nephew.





Geoboe Wilson MADDisorf, Esq. of Partney, J.P., 6. 29 April,
1797 ; m. 1 March, 1825, Frances Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of Sir
Alan Bellingham, Bart., of Castle Bellingham, co. Louth, and
d. 10 June, 1888, leaving surviTing issue,

1. Henbt, now of Partney.

n. Sydney, b. 27 Feb. 1832 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel
Mann, Esq., and has issue, Edward; Emily Lucy; and

in. Arthur Koland (Rev.), M.A., Minor Canon of Lincoln
Cathedral, b. 26 July, 1843.

I. Enuly. II. Frances Theodosia.

vlrins— Qtiarterly : 1st and 4th, arg., two hattle-axes in
saltire sa., for Maddison; 2nd and 3rd, arg., a chevron sa.,
charged with a mullet or, between three martlets of the
second, for Merlet. Crest — Out of a crown flory or, a cubit
arm in armour ppr., grasping a battle-axe sa. Motto — Vse

Seat — Partney Hall, Spilsby, co. Lincoln.


Maden, John Henet, Esq. of Eockcliffe House,
CO. Lancaster, J. P., President of the Bacup Liberal
Association, M.P. for the Ros.^endale Division of
Lancashire, h. 1862, m. 1891, Alice, 2nd dau. of
the late Joshua Meller, Esq. of Lytham, and has

Henut, 6. 1892.
Mr. John Henry Maden is the son of the late Henry
Maden, Esq. of Eockcliffe House, Lancashire, a
Justice of the Peace, and a manufacturer at Bacup,
who was born 1828, and d. 1890, and grandson of
John Maden, of Eockcliife House.

Seat — Eockcliffe House, Bacup, Lancashire.


Mag AN, Augusta Elizabeth, of Clonearl, King's
CO., and Killyan, co. Meath, only sister of the late
William Henry Magan, Esq. of Clonearl, M.P. co.
Westmeath,Capt. 4tli Light Dragoons ; s. to Clonearl
and Killyan upon the death of her mother, 11 Sept.

Liineag'e. — Mohoan Magan, Esq. of Cloney, co. West-
meath, brother of Eichard Magan, Esq. of Emoe, had issue,
Thomas, his heir; Morgan, successor to his brother;
■Susannah, m. 1st, Sir Arthur Shaen, Bart, of Kilmore, co.
Eoscommon, and 2ndly, Eobert Dillon, Esq. of Clonbrock.
The elder son,

Thomas Magan, Esq. of TogherstoH, a Commissioner in the
j-ears 1695, 1697, and 1698, for raising a supply in Westmeath
for King William 111., m. Sarah Morgan, and d. s.p. 1710;
when he was s. by his brother,

Morgan Magan, Esq. of Togherston, whose will, dated 8
Jan. 1737, was proved 3 Aug. 1733. By Elizabeth his wife he
had issue, Thomas ; Hubert ; William ; Edward ; Morgan ;
Akthcb; Eliza, vi. James Daly, Esq. of Castle Daly; Sar:ih,
III. John Meares, Esq. of Meares Court; Ann, vi. John Fether-
stonhaugh, Esq. of Dardistown ; Frances, to. George Mont-
gomery, Esq. of Killee. The four eldest sons d. s.p. ; the 5th,
ARTHna Magan, Esq. of Clonearl, High Sheriff of West-
meath 1759, b. 1721 ; m. 20 July, 1754, Ann, dau. of Hugh
Henry, Esq. of Straffan, co. Kildare, and had issue, Edward,
''. s. p. 1779; Hugh Henry, b. 1760; Aethcr, who carried on
the line ; Anne, d. u7im.; Harriet, d. unm. The youngest son,
Arthur Magan, Esq. of Clonearl and Togherston, 6.
2G July, 1756; to. Hannah Georgina, dau. and co-heir (with
her sister, Eliza Anne, wife of Charles, Lord Castlecoote)of Rev.
Henry Tilson, D.D., of Eagle Hill, co. Kildare, and had issue,
Edward, d. young. William Henet, his heir.

Arthur, Capt. R.N., of Portland Lodge, Brixton, 6. 1794; to.
Catherine Smith, of London, and had issue, an only child,
Georgina Elizabeth, to. 3 Feb. 1840, John Henry Brummell,
son of William C. Brummell, Esq. He d. 8 Feb. 1858.
Thomas Tilson, Capt, in the army. 6. 1798: d. 27 Aug. 1870.
He TO. 1st, Sophia Willoughby, dau. of William Humphreys,
Esq., and Bister of William Humphreys, Esq. of Ballyhaise,
by whom (who d. 29 March, 1846) he had issue,

1 Arthur, Capt. 6. 4 Sept. 1833, d.s. p.

2 Tilson Shaw, Lieut.-Col. Madras Staff Corps, h. Aug.
1841 ; TO. 18 Feb. 1871, Mrs. Davey. and d. 26 Oct. 1887,
leaving issue.

1 l>etitia, d. unm. 2 Dec. 1833.

2 Georgina Tilson, d. unm. 5 Dec. 1833.

3 Adelaide Charlotte, d. unm. 19 Dec. 1869.

He TO. 2nd]y, 10 Jan. 1850, Louisa O'Grady, and had further

3 Thomas O'Gradv Tilson, b. 1 Jan. 1853.

4 Francis William', b. 31 Jan. 1861.

4 Emily Louisa. 5 Clara Cecilia.

6 Georgina Matilda.

George Percy, of Doning, co. Carlow, to. Ellen, dau. of
Valentine O'Connor, Esq. of Dublin, and d. 1857, leaving

1 Arthur, Capt. b. 1825; d. unm. 3 April, 1874.

2 Percy, of Kilcleagh Park, co. Westmeath, J.P., b. 20
Aug. 182?; TO. 20 Sept. 1865, Annie Katherine, dau. of
Rev. Edward Richards {see Richaeds of Ardemine), and
has issue,

Percy Tilson, 6. 13 Nov. 1867.
Arthur Tilson Shaen, 6. 21 May, ISSO.
Emily Georgina. Muriel RozeL

Itachel Evelyn. Violet Augusta.

? Thomas Tilson, b. 1830; d. unm.

4 H.-I117, b. 1831 ; d. young.

5 Henry Augustus, 6. 1832.

6 Etlward William, 6. 1835; d.s.p.

7 Hugh Tilson, b. 1840; d. unm. 7 Jan. 1874.

8 Albert Edward, 6. 1843; d. unm.

9 Valentine John, 6. 1845; d. unm. July, 1872.

1 Georgina, d.

2 alary Monica. 3 Ellen.

4 Charlotte Elizabeth, d. unm. 5 Henrietta, d. unm.
6 Flora Emily. 7 Harriet Honoria.

Henry (Rev.), d. s. p.

Charlotte, d. unm. Eliza, d. imm. Harriett, d, unm.

Louisa, m. Agustus, Baron von Eetzenstein, Col. Hano-
verian Life Guards.

Emily, m. George Medlicott, Esq., and had an only dau.
Louisa, who jn. 21 Dec. 1858, Hon. J. P. Vereker, and has
two sons and two daus. {see Bdrke's Peerage, GoRT, V.).

Henrietta, m. E. Hawksworth, Esq., Queen"s co.

Mr. Magan d. 1808, and was s. by his eldest son,

William Henry Magan, Esq. of Clonearl, High Sheriff of
Westmeath 1820, b. 1790; to. 1817, Elizabeth Georgina, relict
of Col. Thomas Lowther Allen, and 2nd dan. and co-heir of
Dudley Loftus, Esq. of Killyan, head of the ancient and dis-
tinguished House of Loftus, and had issue,

I. William Henet, of Clonearl, b. 31 Jan. 1819; to. 4 Aug.
1S4J, Lady Georgiana Charlotte Keppel, dau. of William
Charles, 4th Earl of Albemarle, and d.s.p. 1860. She d.
March, 1854.

II. Dudley, d. unm.

I. Augusta Elizabeth, now of Clonearl and EKlyan.

Seats — Clonearl, King's co. ; Eagle Hill, co. Kildare ; Wood-
lawn, Foray, co. Wicklow; and Killyan Manor, co. Meath.


Magenis, Henry Cole, Esq. of Finvoy Lodge,
CO. Antrim, J.P. and D.L., High SherifP 1887, late
Major-Gen. R.H.A., b. 10 Sept. 1838 ; s. his brother
4 Aug. 1880.

Lineage. — The family of Magenis were from very
ancient times the territorial Lords of Iveagh, co. Down,
claiming descent from the renowned warrior, Connall Cear-
nagh. In 1623, Sib Aethce Magennis, Lord of Iveagh,
was raised to the Peerage of Ireland as Viscount Magenis,
of Iveagh. A descendant of the ancient family of which his
lordship was the chief,

Eichard Magenis, Esq. of Dublin, m. Alicia, dau. of William
Cnddell, Esq. of Downpatrick, and had issue,

I. Eichard, his heir. n. Henry, d. 10 Sept. 1759.

1. Mary, ?«. Isaac Espinasse, Esq. n. Jane.

III. .Alicia, TO. Arthur French, Esq. of French Park.
Mr. Magenis, whose will, dated 16 Jan. 1754, was proved 7
March, 1757, was s. by his eldest son,

EicHAED Magenis, Esq. of Waringstown, m. 1st, 5 Dee. 1760,
Miss Wray, who d. same year, and 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. and
heir of Col. Berkeley, brother of the celebrated George Berke-
ley, D.D., Bishop of Cloyne, and by her who d. 5 April, 1831)
had issue,

I. Eichaed, his heir.

II. William (Very Eev.), Dean of Kilmore.

I. Ellen, TO. Col. Leslie, of Tandragree.

II. Louisa, 7)1. William Eichardson, Esq. of Rich Hill, M.P.
for Armagh.

III. Kmily, m. Very Eev. John French, Dean of Elphia.

IV. Alice. V. Harriette.

Mr. Magenis d. 1807, and was s. by his eldest son,

liiruARD Magenis, Esq., b. 1763 ; m. 1st, 1788, Lady
Elizabeth Anne Cole, dau. of William Willoughby, 1st Earl





of Enniskillcn, by whom (who d. 26 May, 1807), he had

KicHAKD William, his heir.
WiUUm John Cole, deceased.

Henry Arthur, Lieut. -Col. 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers, b.
July, 179r); jn. 11 June, 1828, Joseph Unislc Elise, dau. of
M. J. Daniain de Kerostan, Brittany, Franco, and rf. 14
Xov. 1852, leaving by her (who d. 25 Dec. 1887) issue,
1 RiCHABD Henry, his heir ; 2 Frederick Arthur, Lieut.
28ih Rogt.,6. 1836 ; d. 25 Nov. 1867 ; 3 Henry Cole, now of
Finvoy; 4 Edward Cole, b. 1841; vi. Nov. 1885. Cicely,
d.HU. of Joseph Hornby Birley. Esq. of Brookside, Newton-
le-Willows, and has issue. Richard Henry Cole, b. 1888;
Marjorie Elise, 6. Jan. 1886; Shielach ; 1 Elizabeth Anne
Florence, m. 1863, Col. Edwanl Mcurant, late 83rd Regt.
John Balfour, m. Frances Jlarparetta, widow of Georsc
Ede, Esq, of Merry Oak, Southampton, and dau. of the late
Judge Moore, of Lamberton Park. Queen's co., and d. 18G2,
leaving two daus., Florence, and Geraldine, m. Col. Irby.
Arthur Charles (Sir), G.C.B., H.M. Minister at Lisbon, d. 4
Feb. 1867.
Anne Louise, m. David Albemarle Bertie Dewar, Esq.
Elizabfth Anne, m. James Wilniot Williams, Esq. of Hering-

ston, Dor.set, and d. 18S2.
Florence Sarah, rf. unm.

Florence Catherine, m. John Ashley Warre, Esq., and d.
Mr. Magenis m. 2nd!y, Elizabeth Callander, widow of Col.
Dashwood, and dau. of James Callauder, of Craigforth, co.
Stirling, and Ard Kihlos, co. Argyll, and had further issue,

Frederick Richard, 6. 1816 ; d. vnm. 1866.
He d. 6 March, 1831, and was s. by his eldest son,

Richard Wiluam Magenis, Esq. of Waringstown, co.
Down, late Major 7th Fusiliers, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1830; 6. 19 Nov. 1789; m. 28 Aug. 1821, Ann Maria, eldest
dau. and co-heir of William Shepherd, Esq. of Bradbourne,
Kent. He d. Dec. 1863, and was s. by his nephew,

Richard Henry Magenis, Esq., J.P. cos. Cambridge and
Antrim, High Sheriff 1868, Major 90th Light Infantry and
Lieut.-Col. Commandant Antrim Militia Artillery, h. 13 Aug.
1831 ; m. 14 June, 1860, Lady Louisa Anne Lowry-Corry, dau.
of Armar, 3rd Earl Belmore. He d. s. p. 4 Aug. 1880, and
was s. by his brother.

Arms — Quarterly; 1st and 4th vert, a lion rampant or,
on a ciiiet arg. a hand erect couped gu., for Magenis ; 2nd
and 3rd gu., a chevron between three crosses pattee arg., for
Berkeley. Crest — A boar passant ppr. Motto — Sola salus
Eervire Deo.

Seat — Finvoy Lodge, BaJIymoney, co. Antrim.


Magixl, William Napiee, Esq. of Lyttleton
and Griffinstown House, co. Westmeath, J. P.,
Colonel Commanding Dublin Artillei'y Militia, b.
22 March, 1834 ; m. 10 July, 1867, Isabel, dau. of
James Stirling, Esq. of Ballawley Park, co. Dublin,
and by her (who d. 19 Dec. 1891) has issue,

I. Lennox Napier, 6. 28 Aug. 1868.

u. William Henry Napier, 6. 28 Jan. 1871.

lu. George Napier, b. May, 1885.

I. Eva Isabel Napier. ii. Alice Ismea Napier.

liiueag'e. — This family came over from Scotland in the
beginning of the last century, and at first settled near Dublin,
where they had much property.

George Magill, Esq., Capt. 5th Dragoons and Westmeath
MUitia, m. 1790, Hester (who d. 1846), 5th dau. of Col. John
James Nugent, of Clonlost, co. Westmeath, and Elizabeth his
wife, sister to William Le Poer Trench, 1st Earl of Clancarty,
and d. 1808, leaving a son,

Whxiam Magill, Esq. of Littleton, co. Westmeath, J. P.,
6. 28 Nov. 1797 ; m. 23 April, 1833, Ilarriette Caroline, youngest
dau. of Thomas Stannus, Esq. of Carlingford, co. Louth, and
Portarlington, by Caroline his wife, 2nd dau. ef Hans Hamil-
ton, Esq., M.P., of Shecphill (now Abbotslown), co. Dublin,
and by her (who d. 24 Nov. 1879) had issue,

I. William Napier, now of Lyttleton.

I. Emily Caroline, m. 5 Feb. 1861, Theophilus Clements,
Esq., D.L., of Rathkcnny, co. Cavan, and d. ISCy, leaving
issue, one son and two daus.

II. Caroline Harriett€,m. 2 Dec. 1858, Col. Robert Caulfeild,
7th Madras Cavalry, of Colambcr Manor, co. WestmeaiU,
and has issue, five sons and three daus.

Mr. MagiU d. 22 May, 1876.

Seat— Lyttleton, near Ballymahon, and Griffinstown House,
CO. Wettmeath.

Mahkr, Matthias Aidan, Esq. of Ballinkeele,
CO. Wexford, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1878,
b. 5 May, 1846.

Liineag'e. — The family of Maher, anciently O'ileagher,
or O'Maugher (a.s, written on the tombstones of Templetouhy),
belonging originally to Ossory, in Queen's Co., and the head of
the House in the last century was Daniel Meagher, of the
Great Woods, Ossory. This family has long been one of
respectability in co. Tipperary, and possesses at the present
day extensive landed property there.

John Maher, of Tulla MacJames, near Tcmplemore, co.
Tipperary, m. Catherine, dau. of William Lanigan, Esq. of co.
Kilkenny, by Mary his 2nd wife, dau. of Charles Gore, Esq.
of Gorehiggen, 6th son of Sir Paul Gore, Bart., and had three
sons and one dau.

I. Nicholas, of Turtulla, m. Miss Smyth, of Callan, and had

1 John, late of Tullamaine Castle, co. Tipperary. m.
Catherine, dau. W. Prendcrgast, Esq. of Gieenmount,
but d. s. p. 1850.

2 Valentine, of Turtulla, co. Tipperary, J.P. and M.P. for
that CO., 6. 17May, 1780; d.uttvi. 1844, having bequeathed
a considerable portion of his property to his cousin,
Nicholas Maher, Esq.

1 Marianne, m. Edmund Smyth, Esq., and had two sons,
Edmund and Lorenzo.

2 Eliza, ni. Col. Fallon.

II. Matthias, of whose line we treat.

III. Gilbert, of Loughmore, m. Miss Burke, of Summer Hill,
and had issue,

John, who m. Mary, eldest dau. of John Byrne, Esq. of

Boolibeg, and d. in 1822, leaving two daus., Mary Anne,

m. William Strang Loughnan, Esq , and Margaret, i«..

Robert M'Garry, Esq. oi Cappagh House, near Dublin.

I. Margaret, m. Thomas Maher, Esq. of the city of Cashel,

and had a son,

Nicholas "Valentine Maher, Esq. of Turtulla, J. P., M.P.
for CO. Tipperary 1844-52, m. 1845 Margaret Jane, dau. of
Walter Otway Herbert, E?q. of Pill House, co. Tipperary,
and d. s.p. 1871. His widow d. 1882.

Matthias Maher, Esq. of BallymuUen, Queen's Co. (2nd
son of John Maher, Esq. of Tulla MacJames), m. 2 Feb. 1799,
Anne, dau. of Maurice O'Donnell, of Carrick-on-Suir, and by
her (who d. Dec. 1813) left at his decease, 12 Jan. 1824, i. John,
his heir; ii. Matthias, J.P. ; i. Mary Anne, m. Peter Pentheny
O'Kelly, Esq.; ii. Margaret, d. unn. 1838. The eldest son,

John Maher, Esq. of Ballinkeele, J.P. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1853, and M.P. co. Wexford, 6. 24 July, 1801; w.
24 Oct. 1843, Louisa Catherine, dau. of George Bourke O'Kelly,
Esq. of Acton House, Middlesex, by Mary his wife, dau. of
Peter Pentheny, Esq., co. Kildare, and had issue,

I . Matthias Aidan, now of Ballinkeele.

II. George Maurice, late Capt. 7th Dragoon Guards, b. Oct.

III. John Pentheny, b. April, 1849; d. unm. 3 June, 1879.

IV. William Stanislaus, b. April, 1851.

V. Augustine, b. May, 18.'i2 ; d. 4 Dec. 1863.

I. Mary Anne, b. 22 March, 1845 ; d. unm. II April, 1863. '

II. Louisa Ellen, m. 19 Nov. 18S5, Francis 'Ihunder, Esq.
3Ir. Maher d. 28 May, I860, and was s. by hw eldest son, the
present Matthias Aidan Maher, Esq.

Arms — Az., two lions rampant combatant or, supporting a
sword in pale ppr., in base two crescents of the second. Cre/t
— On a mount vert, a hawk rising, belled and hooded ppr., on
each wing a crescent or. Motto — In periculis audax.

Seat — Ballinkeele, near Enniscorthy, co. Wexford.


Mahox, Thomas George Stacpoole, Esq. of
Corbally, co. Clare, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff
1880, B.A. Oxford, Barrister-at-Lavv, b. 11 July,
1848; m. 8 June, 1886, Hon. Geraldine Mary
O'Brien, only dau. of Edward, 14th Lord Inchiquin,
by his 1st wife, Hon. Emily A'Court, dau. of Lord
Heytesbiiry, and has issue,

I. Ketan Elidore Stacpoole, b. 22 Nov. 1S?0.

I. Hester Charlotte.

II. Geraldine Frances Jane.

Liineagre. — EdiMond Mahon, of Ennis, a descendant of
Mauon O'Brien, of Clonoon, co. Clare, lent, 8 Jan. 1690, £300
to James II., for which he received a grant of quit rents in eo.
Clare. His grandson.





James JIahon, Esq. of Ennis and Cortally, co. Clare, had
no issue by his 1st wife, Katherine, who d. 1747. He vi. '2ndly,
Maria, only dau. of Charles Minchin, Esq. of Honeyniount, co.
Tipperary, and by tier had issue,

Charles, his heir.

Clarinda, m. 1779, Eichard Janns, Esq., and Ilad issue.

Mr. Mahon d. 1783. His son,

Chari.ES Mahon, Esq. of Corbally, was called to the Irish
Bar 1779, and was appointed Assistant Barrister of co. Clare
1796. He TO. 1785, Rebecca, eldest dau. of Thomas Crowe, Esq.,
by whom (who d. 1836) he had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Charles, of Cahircalla, Trea.surer co, Clare, 5. 1789; m.
Eliza Timmins: d.s.p.lali. His widow d. 1886.

in. Kobert, of Ashhne, b. 1793; m. Elizabeth F. Morgan,
whorf. 1874: he d.s.p. 1858.
IV. James, b. 1802 ; m. twice, and had issue.
I. Maria, b. 1794; m. 1817, Garrett Parkinson, Eiq.,and had
Mr. Mahon d. 1822, and was «. by his eldest son,

Thomas Mahon, Esq.of Corball)', J. P., High Sheriff co. Clare,
b. 1788; m. 1812, Alicia, dau. of William Minchin, Esq. of
Greenhills, co. Tipperary, and by her (who d. 1851) he had
I. Charles, his heir. n. William, d. young.

HI. John, C.E., b. 1823; m. Louisa, dau. of John Gabbelt,
Esq. of Shepperton, co. Clare, and d. 1877, leaving issue,
1 Thomas; 2 John; 3 Charles; and 1 Louisa.
IV. Thomas, 6. 1832, Col. K.A.; rn. 1856, Katharine Eliza-
beth, dau. of James Edward Ferguson Murray, Esq., E.N.
(see Bdkke's PfcraiTf), and d. 1879, having by her, who d. 20
March, 1893, had issue,

1 Charles Edward, Capt. B.S.C., fe. 29 June, 1856; m. 5
Feb. 1883, Sophia, <lau. of Admiral Sir Leopold Kuper,
G.C.B., and d. 21 April, 1886, leaving issue.

2 Reginald Henry, Capt. R.A., b. 1859; m. 1888, Alice
Geraldine, dau. of Lieut. -Gen. S. H. E. Chamier, C.B.,
E.A., and has issue.

3 Ernest Leonard, 6. 18G4,to. 1893, Miss Watson.
1 Alicia Georgina. 2 Kathleen Eloie.

3 Dorothy Rebecca.

4 Mabel Agnes, m. Capt. Watson, of Burnhead, Roxburgh-
shire, N.B.

5 Maud SybU.

I. Eebecca, d. unm. 1850.
Mr. Mahon d. 1847, and was s. by his eldest son,

Charles Mahon, Esq. of Corbally, J. P., Lieut. Clare Militia,
b. 1818 ; m. 1644, Jane, 2nd dau. of Very Rev. William Henry
Stacpoole, D.D., Dean of Kilfenora, and d. 1850, leaving issue
by her (who d. 3 Jan. 1879),

Thomas George Stacpoole, now of Corbally.
Frances Georgina, d. unvi. lB71.

Arms — Az., a lion rampant or. Crest — A dexter arm in
armour embowed ppr., gaini.sbed or, holding in the hand a
dagger also ppr., pommel and hilt or. Motto — Manus haec
iniuiica tyrannis.

i'cat— Corbally, Quin, co. Clare.

(See Pakenhaji-Mabox.)

Mahont, Harald Segerson, Esq. of Dromore
Castle, CO. Kerry, B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin, b. 13 Feb.
1867 ; s. his father 1892.

Lineag-e.— The O'Mahonys were in early times powerful
chieftains in Muiwter, and had extensive estates along the sea-
coast of Cork and Kerry. From old family documents, it
appears that the ancestors of the present Richard John
Mahont, l:sq. of Dromore Castle, held for a long period the
cffiee of Seneschal of Kerry, evendown to the time of the Com-
monwealth. On the 25th March, 1639, MacDermot O'Mahony
was confirmed as High Sheriff of Kerry by letters patent from
Charles I. Not long after, the O'Mahonys, true to their
allegiance, suffered fine and confiscation, and finally sought in
i foreign climes the distinction denied them at home.
^ Col. Dermot O'Mahont, of Rosbrin, a faithful adherent of
King James 11., fought and fell at Aughrim. His brother,
' Daniel Makont, received the honour of knighthood from that
monarch at St. Germain's for his gallant conduct at Cremona,
and afterwards for his good services in France, Spain, and
(Italy, obtained the title of Count from Lodis XIV. This was
|the celebrated Gen. Count Mahont, of the Spanish service, so

distinguished at Almanza and in Sicily as CommaLder-in-Chief
of the Spanish troops. By Cecilia Weld his wife, he left two
sons; the younger, Demetrius (Count Mahony), Ambassador
to Vienna, d. s. p. 1776; the elder, James Joseph, (Count
O'Mahony), Lieut.-Gen. in the Neapolitan service, Knighlof
St. Januarius, m. Anne. dau. of Charlotte Maria, Countess of
Newburgh, and dying 1757, left an only dau. and heir, the
Countess Cecilia O'Mahont, who m. Prince Benedict GuiS-
TiNiANi, and had issue, Vincent, Prince Guistiniani, whose onl.r
dau. and heir, Cecilia, Princess Guistiniani, was mother of the
present Earl Newburgh; Lorenzo, d. unm.; and James,
Cardinal Bishop of Albans, d. 1843.

At the present time, the chief lines of the great House of
Mahony still resident in co. Kerry are Mahont of D

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