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, and being
elected Mayor of Galway, d. during his year of office, 20 April,
1621. He was s. by his eldest son, Jasper Martin, who d.
1629. By inquisition made in 1635, it was found that Jasper
Martin d. 12 April, 1629, seised of the lands of Ross and several
otherdcnominationsinthe West of Galway, all which descended,
to his son and heir,

Robert Martin, Esq. of Eoss, High Sheriff 1644. Having
adhered to the cause of Charles I., upon the conquest of
Galway, 1654, he was dispossessed of his house in the town
of Galway, and his property in the suburbs by Sir Charles
Coote, commanding the Parliamentary troops, who occupied
it, and this house and the other property of Mr. Martin were
granted to Edward Eyre, who was Judge-Advocate of the
Force under Sir Charles Coote, and was also intruded into the
Eecordership of the town by the expulsion of the gentleman
who held that office. Mr. Martin made an effort to be restored
to his house and property upon the restoration of Charles II.,
but without success, although he held the King's warrant
under his own signature to that effect. (For an account of this
proceeding of Mr. Martin, see the Journals of the Irish house
of Commons, vol. i. 439.) Mr. Martin had issue Jasper, his
successor; James, of Maghery, co. Galway, to. (articles dat.
22 June, 1667) Mary, eldest dau. of Marcus D'Arcy, Esq. of
Cloghrane, co. Galway, and d. s. p. ; and Richard, ancestor of
Martin 0/ Ballinahinch. He d. 1700, and was «. by his eldest
son, Jasper Martin, Esq. of Ross, who d. 1710, and was s. by
his son,

Nicholas Martin, Esq., who to. 1st, Jane, dau. of Anthony
French, of Clough, co. Galway, and 2ndly, Margery, dau. of
Eobert Browne, Esq. of Breaghfy, co. Mayo ; he d. 1731, and
was s. by his eldest son of his 1st marriage,

Jasper Martin, who d. unm. 1749, and was s. by his half-
brother, eldest son of the 2nd marriage of his father,

jAitES Maetin, Esq. of Ross, who m. 1726, Barbara, dau. of

4 E





Farragh M'Donnell, of Ballycallagh, co. Mayo, and by her
(who d. 1772) had a son aud successor, Jasper, and a 2nd son,
Nicholas. Mr. Martin d. 1775, and was s. by his eldest son,

Jasper Martin, Esq. of Boss, who d. uiim. 17SS, and was s.
by his brother,

Nicholas JIaktin, Esq. of Ross, who to. Elizabeth, dau. of
Robert O'Hara, Esq. of Lencboy, co. Galway, and grand-niece
of O'Hara, last Lord Tyrawley of that hne, and by her had
issue, I. James, d. unni.; u. Robebt, his heir; iii. Richard.
Nicholas Murtin d. 1811, and was s. by his son,

RoDERT Martin, Esq. of Ross, who m. Marian, dau. of John
Blackney, Esq. of Ballyellen, co. Carlow, and of tlie city of
Wa^erford, and by her (who d. 1855) he lef: at his decease,
10 June, 1868, one son and two daus.,

James, his heir.

Elizabeth, on. Arthur Ussher, Esq. of Ballysaggartmore, co.

Marian, m. Arthur Bushe, 4th son of the Right Hon. Charles
Kendal Bu^he, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.
The son and heir,

James Martin, Esq. of Ross, D.L. and J.P., High Sheriff
1S26, M.A.Trin. Coll. Dubhn, b. 1804, m. 1st, 1824, Anne, dau.
of Thomas Higinbotham, Esq. of Dublin, aud by her had five

I. Mary, m. Thomas Barklie, Esq. of Inverhouse, Lame.

II. Emily, to. 1st, James McCalmont, Esq. of Abbeylands,
Belfast, and 2ndly, Augustine Barton, Esq.

III. Elizabeth, m. Williini Kennedy, Esq. of Annefield.

IV. Maud, m. H. Caldwell, Esq.

V. Josephine, d. uiim.

He m. 2ndly, 28 March, 1844, Anna Selina, dau. of Charles
Fox, Esq. of New Park, co. Longford, and granddau. of Lord
Chief Justice Bushe and of Mr. Justice Fox, of the Court of
<;ommon Pleas in Ireland, and had issue,

I. Robert Jasper, now of Ross.

II. James Richard, J. P., b. 24 Dec. 1854; m. 10 June, 1885,
Amy Geraidinc, eldest dau. of Major-Gen. Charles Herbert,
late Bengal Staff Corps.

an. Charles Hex, b. 14 Aug. 1859.

VI. Katharine Annesley, m. 10 Oct. 1882, Edward Hamilton
Curi^-, Esq.

VII. Geraldine Charlotte Louisa. viii. Selina Rosanna.

IX. Edith Sydney, to. 22 Nov. 1882, Cuthiiert Pilkiogton
Dawson, Esq. of Groton House, co. Suffolk, Lieut. 2nd
Dragoon Guards.

X. Gertrude IsabeL xi. Violet Florence.

Ai-vis — Az., a Calvary cross arg., between the sun in splen-
-dour on the dexter limb or, and the moon in crescent on the
.sinister of the second. Ci-est — An estoile wavy of six points or.
Motto — Sic iturad astra.

Seat — Ross, near Moycullen, co. Galway.


Maetin, Est. John Chaeles, M.A., Trin. Coll.
Dublin, Rector of tilleshaudra, co. Cavan,, b. 2S
Dec. 1831.

Lineage. — John Martin, Esq. of AVichc, co. Worcester,
living towards the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16tli
centuries, m. Margaret, dau. and co-heir of Humphry Rudinge,
Esq. of Wichc, and had two sons, Gilbert and John. The elder

Gilbert Martin, Esq. of Creckers, co. Bedford, in. Catherine
Boteler, dau. of George Boteler, Esq. of Sharnbrooke, co. Bed
ford, by Mary Throukmorton his wife, and had,

George Martin, E.^q. of Wiche, seated there 1627, m. Alice,
5th dau. of Dr. James Caulfeild, and sister of William, 2nd
Lord Charlemont, and had,

John Martin, Esq. of Lurgan, co. Armagh, M.P. for Charle-
mont in the Irish Parliament in 1039 and for several years
subsequently. By Katherme his wife (who d. in 1007), he had
two sons and one dau.,

I. FrrLKE, of whom presently.

II. John, who left a dau. Jane.

I. A dau., m. 1056, Roger Lyndon, Esq. of Carrickfergus, and
had issue.
Mr. Martin iZ. 1656. His son and heir,

Ffclke Martin, Esq. of Biownlow Derry, co. Armagh,
Major in the army, a distinguished officer in the Civil Wars
of the period, ra. 1650, Eleanor, dau. and co-heir of Sir
William Brownlow, Knt. (his mother was dau. of George
Villiers, Duke of Buckingham), by Eleanor his wife, sister
of Sir Cahir O'Dogherty, and dau. of Sir Jolin O'Dogherty,
ty Rose O'Neill his wife, dau. of the famous Shane O'Neill,
Prince of Tyrone, by his wife Mary O'Donnell, atd had

I. Robert of Lurgan, 6. 1653; m. Alice Warren, and had
issue at his decease in 1717,

1 Krancis, d. unm.

1 Standish, of Dublin, rf. unm. 1755.

1 Ali e, m. Joseph Clinch, of Dublin, and had issue.

2 Johanna, m. 1st, George Baniwall, co. Westnieath, and
had issue. She m. 2ndly, Joseph Bony, and had issue.

II. Miles, of whom presently.

I. Katherine, to. William Smith, Esq., 3rd son of James
Smuh, Esq. of Lisnagwny.

II. Eleano.-, m. William Lowther, Esq.

III. Anne. iv. Dowglas Martin.

Major Martin d. 1679. His 2nd son.

Miles Martin, Esq. b. ICGO, was officer in the army of
William III., and fought at the Boyne and Limerick. He
settled first in co. Kerry, where he in. in 1706, Elizabeth,
dau. and co-heir of Richard M'Laughlin Esq., by Catherine
Blennerhassett his wife, Mr. Martin by this marriage ac-
quired considerable estates in the cos. of Cork and Kerry.
He sold the Cork estates, and purchased land in the city of
Cork, where he went to reside. He left issue, one son and
three daus.,

I. Henrt, of whom presently.

I. Eleanor, to. WUliain llilliard, Esq. of Tralee.

II. Catherine. in. Agnes.
Mr. Martin d. 1735. His only son,

Henry Martin, Esq. an eminent merchant in the city of
Cork, b. 1710, sold his Kerry estates, and purchased property
in the city of Cork. He vi. 1743, Elizabeth, dau. of JohnDe La
Cour, Esq. of Cork, and had issue,

I. Ricliard, of Clifford, co. Cork, 6. 29 Feb. 1744; in. 1773,
Catherine, only dau. and heir of Randal Roberts, of Bridge-
town, and d. 18i3, having had an only dau. and heir.

Mart, to. 7 Jan. 1795, John Southcote Mansergh, Esq. cf
Grenane, Tipperary.
II. Henry, of Bordeaux, 6. 1745; m. Miss Dickson, of Bally-
shannon, CO. Donegal, and d. 15 Nov. Ib37, liaving had issue,

1 Robert, d. unm.

2 Henry, of Bordeaux, to. in France, but had no issue.
1 Elizabeth, m. Isaac, Count D'Egmont, and had issue.

III. John, of whom presently.

IV. Charles, twin brother of John, 6. 1755; in. Esther, dau.
and co-heir (with her sister, Susannah Millerd, wite of
Rev Francis Orpen) of Hugh Millerd, Esq. of Monard, co.
Cork. He d. s. p. 1821, having devised his estates in the
CO. and city of Cork to his nephew, Archdeacon Martin.

I Mary, d. 1844, having m. Rev. Maurice O'Connor, d. s. p.

II. Elizabeth, m. Daniel Dickson, Esq., Captain Wextord
Militia, d. s. p.

Mr. Martin d. 1773. His 3rd son,

John Martin, Esq. of Blackrock, co. Cork, b. in 1755: in.
31 Dec. 1791, Mary, dau. of Aylmer Allen, Esq. of WoodvittW,
High Sheriff of Cork 1780, and had issue,
I Henry 'Rev.), Rector of Lame, co. Antrim, b. 1794; to.
1830 Jane, dau. and heir (with her sister, Anne,wife of James
Martin, Esq. of Ross, co. Galway) of Thomas Higinbotham,
Esq. of Monntjoy Square, Dublin.
II. John Charles, Ven. Archdeacon of Kilmore.
Ill Aylmer Rich ird, b. 1798, High Sheriff of Cork 1831. He
was also Chamberlain of the city to the time of his death.
He TO 23 Oct. 1824, Henrietta, dau. of Robert O'Doiioghue,
Esq. of Cork, and d. 2 April, 1841, leaving issue,

1 John, of Upper Mount Street, Dublin, in. 17 April, 1854,
Eliza, dau. of John Robinson, Esq., Treasurer of co.
Longford, and has issue, Ajimer Richard, d. 1S65, John,
d 1891, Thomas, d 1866, Aylmer, d. 1867, Elizabeth (to.
Rev. S. C. Armstrong, and has issue), Henrietta (to. her
cousin, Surg.-Capt. Richard Crofts, and has issue), and
Ruth (to. Surg.-Capt. James Rose, and has issue).

2 Robert James, of Dublin, m. Sarah, dau. ol J. Ronayne,
ot Cork, and d. 9 Jan. 1865, leaving a son, Aylmer
Caulfeild, in holy orders.

3 Thomas, M.A., m. 1st, Jane dau. of Capt. Bredin, and
2ndly, Anna Maria, dau. ol Richard bunbury, and had
issue, Aylmer, <X. 1809; Charles; Thomas: and three daiw.

4 Charles, B.A., J.P., m. l88l, Mynee, dau. of Rev. J. B.
Webb. ^ „

1 Elizabeth, in. 10 May, 1849, her cousin, Geo. Crofts, Esq.

IV. Charles Uudinge (Rev.), b. 1803; m. 1826, Susan, dau of

Robert Bomford, Esq. of Rahinstown, co. Meath, and with

her sisters, co-hens of their brother, Gtorge Robert Bomford,

Esq. He d. 1847, and left issue, four sons,

1 John Charles.

2 Kobe It, formerly Capt. in the 74th Highlanders.

3 Charles Nassau, Major-Gen. in the Rojal Engineers,
severely wounded at Sebastopol, received the Legion of
Iliinour, TO. Anna, dau. of J. Horrucks, Esq., and has
issue, Charles Francis, Capt. Higliland L.I. ; Charles
RiKiinge; Frances; and Eileen.

4 George Henry (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Agher, to. Ins
cousui, Edith Agatha, dau. of Ven. John Charles Martin,
and has, with four sons, who d. s. p., four daus., Suaan






Maria, m. Bev. C. Meade, and d. 1891 ; Agatha Edith, to.
Cape. H. Stanwell, 21si; Eegt. and has issue ; Louisa
Mar'a ; and b ranees Gertrude.
V. Kicliard, Barrister-at-Law, 6. 1809; to. 10 Jan. 1838,
Catherine, youngest dau. of Robert O'Donoghue, of Cork,
.«ind had issue, one son and three daus.,
1 John Charles.
1 Mary Elizabeth. 2 Henrietta.

3 Catherine, m. A. Luxmoore, Esq.

I. Elizabeth, m. David Beatty, Esq. of Borodale, co. Wexford,
Capt. in the army, who was present at Talavera. He d. in
1S.5S, having liad issue.

II. Mary, vi. Eobert Longfield, Esq., only surviving son of
John Longfield, of Cork, M.D., and had an only dau.
and hen-, Jlary Elizabeth Longfield, m. her first cousin,
David Beatty, Esq. of Borodale.

Mr. Martin d. Dec. I8I1. His 2nd son,

The Venerable John Chakles Mabtin, D.D., F.T.C.D.,
Archdeacon of Kilmore, and Kector of Killeshandra, co.
Cavan, 6. 1797 ; Hi. 23 June, 1829, Agatha, only dau. of Right
Rev. Richard Mant, D.D., Bishop of Down and Connor, and
Sy her (who d. 4 Sept. 1875) had issue,

I. John Chakles (Rev.), of Killeshandra.

II. Richard Luther, 7rt. 23 Sept. 18.56, Henrietta Maria, dau.
of Rev. John Taylor, LL.D., and d. Nov. 1872, leaving

1 John Charles, &. 1857, m. Margaretta, dau. of J. Bryan,

Esq., and has issue.
•2 Richard DXllier, b. 1859, m. Catherine Mary Clifford.
S Aylnjer Efulke, b. 1864, m. Violet, dau. of Humphrey

Minchin, Esq.

4 Walter de la Cour, b. 1869.

5 Francis Jeffrey Cockburn, b. 1871.

1 Theodosia Agatha, m. Rev. V. R. Burrows.

2 Maud Mant, m. J. Ferguson, Esq.

3 Anna Helen.

4 Henrietta, to. Rev. H. Stewart.

III. Henry Francis John (Rev.), Scholar T.C.D., Rector of
Killeshandra, m. 1865, Barbara, dau. of Robert Collins, Esq.
of Ardsallagh, co Meath, and has,

1 John Charles illins, 6. 1867.

2 Robert Collins, b. 1869.

3 Arthur Henry Mant, b. 1870.

4 Joseph Clarke Collins, b. 1872.
1 Mary Roberta, d. 186S.

sv. Frederick Walter Mant, d. s. p. 1863.

V. Charles William Wall, LL.D., Collector Indian Civil
Service, m. 19 Dec. 1*66, Gertrude Honoria, dau. of W. M.
Hickson, Esq., R.M., and has issue,

1 Charles Henry, b. 1870.

2 John Fitzgerald Uniacke, 6. 1872.

3 William trederirk, 6. 1874.

4 Neville Brownlow, b. 1880, d. 1883.
,5 Clive Victor, b. 1883.

1 Gertrude Louisa. 2 Adela Rose O'Neill.

3 Ethel. 4 Olivia Maria.

5 Beryl. 6 Maud. 7 Nesta.

VI. CaidftildAylmer, LL.D., Inspectorof Educationin India,
m. Oct. 1870, Isabella Emily, dau. of Frederick Beatty, Esq!
of Lakeview, co. Wicklow, and had issue,

1 Frederick Walter, b. 1874.
1 Mabel Beatty.
3 Emily.

VII. Brownlow Rudinge, M.D.
Johnstone, and had issue,

1 Brownlow Rupert, d. 1884.

2 Victor Reginald, b. 1889.
1 Agatha Mai-y.

3 Elizabeth Gertrude Mary.
5 Adela Freda.

2 Kathleen Olivia.
4 Florence.
I. Jan. 1875, Mary

2 Edith Evelyn, d. 1880.
4 Muriel Barbara.

I. Elizabeth Mary Adelaide, m. 1st, 1850, Rev. Christopher
Adamson, who d. s. p. 1856, and 2ndly, G. M. Hearne
M.D., and d. 1891, leaving issue.
, II. Edith Agatha, m. 20 Deo. 1869, her cousin. Rev. Georo-e
Henry Martm, M.A., Rector of Agher, co. Meath

ni. Mary Emily, d. 1847.

IV. Olivia Fiances, m. 20 July, 1865, E. H. ClifTord, Esq.,
Bengal Civil Service, who d. Oct. 1S76, leaving issue.

V. Adela Neville, m. 1 Nov. 1881, Edward Dobbs, Esq ,
Inspector of Forests in India, and has issue.

Archdeacon Martin d. 17 Jan. 1878.

-^'''";~'i'^'^^^er\y: 1st and 4th, Martin, per pale gu. and arc
^LlfrT'^^'^^'r'''' three mullets, as many talbots, counter!

Uons mm'nan^T'' '"'' ''™""^'=' "^'^^ °" ^ ^«°d bet'ween wo
lions ampantsa., a wyvern, wings displayed, of the first.
Hemience—neaory, Killeshandra. '^ '' '


Maetin John, Esq. of Bideford, N. Devon,
, Surgeon-Major Army Medical Staff, b. 26 June,
1 1847 J m. 13 March, 1876, Mary Lilia, dau. of

Major .Tames Masson, Bengal Staff Corps (by Anne
his wife, dau. of Col. George Blake, R.U.A ), and
granddau. of Capt. Thomas Masson, R.H.A., of
Wheatwood House, Northumberland, and has had


I. William Beare, 6. 21 Oct. 1882.

II. George James Masson, 6. 5 Aug. 18S5.

I. Anne Masson.

II. Maud Alexander, d. in childhood.

Lineage.— John Martin, of Bideford, a sea captain and
shipowner, the representative of a family long settled in
N. Devon, was one of the founders of the commerce of
Bideford under the auspices of Sir Richard Grenville, in the
reign of Queen Elizabeth. His name appears in several
documents regulating the port dues, <tc., dated 159.5-1600.
He in. Agnes, dau. of John Darracott of Bideford, and d. ia
1608. His grandson,

John Martin, b. 1570, to. 1592, Johan Mayne, and u. 1639,
leaving -hiter alios a son,

John Martin, b. 1600 ; m. 1630, Susan Reede, and d. 1677.
He had five daus. and a son,

John Martin, b. 1643 ; m. 1C06, Mary Luxton, and d. 1685.
His son,

William Martin, 6. 1670, to. 1697, Elizabeth May, and
left issue by her (who d. 1712) seven children, of whom the

John Martin, 6. 1698, d. 1755, leaving issue by Margaret
his wife, a dau. Dorothy (who to. Capt. William Cumming,
and had issue), and a son,

William Martin, Esq. of Blossomgrove, Bideford, 6. 1732;
TO. Christiana, dau. of Christopher Beare, Esq. of Bideford,
by whom (who d. 1835) he had issue,

I. John, of whom presently.

II. William, d. unm.

in. Thomas Henry, a Capt. in the armv, m. a dau. of Sir
William Chatterton, Bart, of Castle Jlahon, co. Cork, and
d. s. p.

IV. Christopher Beare, m. Alicia, 2nd dau. of William Casey,
Esq. of Ballyvisthane House, co. Cork, and d. s.p.

I. Dora Maria, d. unm.

II. Sarah, m. Thomas Edwards, Esq., and had issue.

III. Christiana, m. William Nealon, Esq., and had issue,
Mr. Martin acquired by purchase in 1793 considerable pro-
perty in the city of Cork. He d. on board one of his own ships,
and was buried at Grenada, West Indies, 1798. His eldest

John Martin, Esq. of Blossomgrove, Bideford, andHayficld,
Cork, b. 1774; m. 1 Jan. 1801, Jane, eldest dau. of William
Casey, Esq. of Ballyvisthane House, co. Cork (she d. 31 Oct.
1854, aged 72), and by her had issue,

I. William, of whom presently.

II. John Thomas, b. 2u Aug. I8ll ; d. unm. 1 June, 1832.
I- Jane. n. Alicia.

III. Christiana. iv. Marii. v. Sarah.
Mr. Martin d. 17 March, 1858, aged 84. His only surviving

William Martin, Esq. b. 5 Dec. 1808; m. 12 Maj-, 1846,
Anne, dau. of Thomas Parker, Esq. of Cork, and d. 5 March,
lSt;2, leaving issue,

I. John, present representative.

II. William, 6. 1849; d. 1887.

III. Tliomas Henry, b. 1855 : d. in childhood.

Jtesidfnces~Sea.hright, Northam, Bideford; and Lansdowne,
Darjeeling, Bengal.

(See Wykeham-Maetin.)


Wood-Martin, William Gteeqoey, Esq. of Cle-
veragh, co. Shgo, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1877,
Col. Commanding Duke of Connaugbt's Sligo
Artillery, formerly Lieut. 44th Regt., b. 16 July,
1847 ; m. Nov. 1873, Frances Dora, eldest dau. of
Roger Dodwell Robinson, Esq. of Wellmount, co.
Sligo, and has issue,

I. James Isidore.

III. Gregory GonviUe Cuff.

I. Frances Nora.

II. Henry Roger Bromhead.
IV. Francis AVinchester.
II. Annette Kathleen.
4 £ 2





Iiineage. — The first of this family who appears to have
settled in Ireland was Thomas Wood, Constable of the Crown
Castle of Ballyniote, and High Sheriff co. Sligo 1592. He was
sent to England with despatches by Sir R. Bingham, Lord
President of Connaught, to Lord Burleigh, Queen Elizabeth's
ilinister. George Wood was High Sheriff co. Sligo, 1619.
Thomas Wood, 6. circa 1602, a Cornet in Capt. Morgan's
troop in Col. Kiehard Coote's Eegt. of Horse, 1642-1652.
Thomas Wood obtained considerable grants of land at Castle
Laccan and Castle Connor, in the barony of Tireragh, also in
the parish of Kilmacteige, barony of Liney, co. Sligo. He m.
a, dau. of Ven. Robert Brown, Archdeacon of Killala and
Rector of Skyrne, co. Sligo, and d. 1692.

The elder branch of this family became extinct in the male
line at the death of Richard Wood, whose dau. and heir,
Elizabeth, m. 1st, 1776, William H. Cooper, Esq. of Cooper's
Hill, CO. Sligo, and 2ndly, Very Rev. William Digby, of Geas-
hill, Dean of Clonfert, whose descendant, Kenelm Digby, Esq.
of Shaftesbury House, now possesses a portion of the original

Another branch became extinct in the male lino on the
death of Charles Wood, Esq. of Leckfield, whose dau. and
heir, Sarah, m. Daniel Webb Webber, Esq., Q.C, of Jlerrion
Square, Dublin,

Members of the family served successively as High Sheriffs
of CO. Sligo in the years 1683, 1684, 1717, 1784, 1791, 1798,
1826, and 1877.

James Wood, Esq., a younger son of Cornet Thomas Wood,
d. 1732; he m. a dau. of Ven. Archdeacon Laynge, and had,
with other issue,

James Wood, Esq., 6. 1702 ; d. 1781 ; m. Catharine, dau. of
Comm. Walker, R.N., and had, with other issue, a son,

James Wood, Esq., 6. 1732; in. Mary, dau. of John Leech,
Esq. of Frankfort, and had, with five daus., two sons,

I. James, his heir.

II. John, m. 1802, Dorothea, dau. of Rev. Charles Grove,
Rector of Templeboy, Diocese of Tuam, and left at his

1 James Grove, of Castle Grove, co. Donegal, J. P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1855, b. 1803; m. 1843, Frances
Judith, dau. of Robert Montgomery, Esq. of Convoy
House, CO. Donegal, by Maria Frances Stewait his wife,
niece of Robert, 1st Marquess of Londonderry, and had
issue, John Montgomery Charles, J. P., 6. 1847; Robert
Thomas, b. 1850; Charles William, b. 1853; Dorothea
Alice ; and Frances Mary Ellen.

1 Mary, in. 10 July, 1827, Henry Alexander Godfrey,
Esq., son of Sir John Godfrey, 2nd Bart, of Kilcolenian
Abbey, co. Kerry, and d. 1882, leaving issue, two daus.,
Dora Frances and Mary Susan Ellen.

The elder son,

James Wood, Esq. of Woodville, b. 1762 ; m. 1796, Judith,
dau. and heir of William Coristine, Esq. of Sligo, and has

I. jAjrES, his heir. ii. William, d. uam. 1852.

III. Abraham, d. unm. 1832.

I. Margaret, d. unm. Ii. Mary, d. unm. 1873.

111. Judith Coristine, m. 1823, Sir Edmond De <Tonville
Bromhead, 3rd Hart, of Thurlby Hall, co. Lincoln, and
d. 12 June, 1873.
Mr. Wood d. 1814, and was s. by his eldest son,

James Wood, Esq. of Woodville, J. P., High Sheriff 1826,
b. 20 June, 1797; m. Ist, 28 Nov. 1833, Rhoda, youngest dau.
of Sir Edmond Nugent, of Airfield, co. Dublin, and had by her
a son,

James Edmond, &. 1834 ; d. 1859.
He m. 2ndly, 1842, Anne, dau. of Abraham Martin, Esq. of
Cleveragh, co. Sligo, and rf. 16 July, 1»73, having had by her a

William Gbegoet, now Wood-Martin, of Cleveragh.

gtartin of Cltbcrng^.

Abbahah Martin, Esq. of Cleveragh, J. P., b. 17 June, 1772 ;
d. 1853 ; m. 29 Nov. 1804, Alicia, youngest dau. of Gregory
Cuff, Esq. of Creagh, co. Mayo, and by her had issue,

John, D.L., M.P. for the borough of Sligo 1832-37, d. unm.
28 Feb. 1846.

Gregori CnfF, m. 1837, Anne Louisa, dau. of Thomas
Jones, Esq. of Ardnaglass, co. Sligo, and d. 1 Aug. 1844,
leaving, with one dau., three sons, of whom one only,
Abraham, survived childhood.

James, s. his father 1853, J. P. and D.L., Capt. 3rd Light
Dragoons, b. 21 Feb. 1816; to. 29 Nov. 1854, Isabella,
eldest dau. of Col. Thomas Kingscote, of Kingscote Park,
CO. Gloucester, by his 1st marriage with Lady Isabella
Somerset, dau. of Henry Charles, 6th Duke of Beaufort, and
d. s.p. 21 March, 1860.

Anne, now Mrs. Wood-Martin, to. James Wood, of Wooa

ville, CO. Sligo.
Elizabeth, to. Rev. Edward Day, formerly of Beaufort, co,


The grandson,

Abraham Martin, Esq. J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1862,
Capt. Ilth Regt.,6. 30 Jan. 1838 ; s. his uncle, March, 1860,
TO. 1871, Florence, dau. of Col. Pitt Kennedy. At his death
s. p. 19 April, 1874, Mrs. Wood-Martin s. by the bequest oj
her brother, and assumed incompliance with the terms of the
will, by royal licence, dated 27 Aug. 1874, for herself and her
issue, the additional surname and arms of Martin.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, sa., a chevron between three
crescents arg., for Martin; 2n(l and 3rd, arg., an oak tree
fructed growing out of a mound in base, all ppr., in the dexter
chief point a crescent gu., for Wood. Crests — 1st, Martin;
A lion rampant holding in the dexter paw a crescent or; 2nd,
Wood, a demi-savage ppr. wreathed about the temples and
loins vert, and charged on the breast with a crescent gu., in
his dexter hand an oak tree fructed, and in his sinister a club
resting on his shoulder, all also ppr. Mottoes — Hinc fortioi
et clarior; above, Fructu cognoscitur arbor.

Sffi^s— Cleveragh and Woodville, co. Sligo. Club — Army
and Navy.


Maetineait, John, Esq. of "Walsham-le-Wil-
lows, Suffolk, and of Eversley, Hants, J.P. for
Hants, b. 30 Nov. 1834 ; m. 31 March, 1864, Louisa^
Amabel, 6th dau. of Henry John Adeane, Esq. of
Babraham, co. Cambridge, by his wife Matilda.
Abigail, dau. of John Thomas, 1st Lord Stanley of
Alderley : and by her has issue,

Maurice Richard, 6. 20 Sept. 1870.

Violet Isabel, b. 4 Sept. 1865.

liineag'e. — Richard Martineau, Esq. of Walsham-le-
Willows (son of John Martineau, who d. 1834), to. 10 Oct.
1827, Lucy, dau. of Matthew Needham, of Lenton, Notts, and
by her (who d. Oct. 1887) had issue,

John, now of Walsham-le-WiUows.

Maiy Constance. Caroline Anne.

Mr. Martineau d. Aug. 1865.

Seats— Vark Corner, Heckfleld, Winchfield, Hants; and!
Walsham-le- Willows, Suffolk.


Maeton^, Col. George Blucher Heneage, of
Capernwray, co. Lancaster, M.P. for Ijaneaster
1885-6, J.P. for cos. Lancaster and Westmorland^
D.L. for CO. Lancaster, High Sheriff 1877, Hon.
Col. 3rd and 4th batts. E. Lancaster Eegt., b. 27
Dec. 1839 ; m. I May, 1866, Hon. Caroline Grer-
trude Flower, youngest dau. of Henry Jeffery, 5th
Viscount Ashbrook, and has issue,

I. George HenrtPowts, b. 11 April, 1869.

II. Uichard Oliver, 6.24 Aug. 18

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