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III. Lancelot Edward, 6. 25 July, 1878.

IV. Lionel, 6. 7 Aug. 1879.

I. Augusta Adelaide Cecily. ii. Lucy Madeline.

III. Florence Augusta. iv. Alice Caroline.

V. Adelaide Esther. vi. Georgina Mary.
liineag'e. — The family of Marton claims Norman descent,

and is of great antiquity.

Oliver Marton, Esq., 6. 1668, who held the manor and
estate of Capernwray, and was D.L. of the county. Recorder and
Patron of the vicarage of Lancaster and Steward of Lonsdale,
was 2nd son of William Marton, who is described as son of
William, grandson of Lancelot, and great-grandson of Christo-
pher Marton, Lord of Martin. He m. 1st, Grace Serie, who i
d. s. p., and 2ndly, Jane, dau. of Roger Wilson, of Casterton, >
Westmorland, and has issue,

Edward Marton, Esq. of Capernwray, M.P. for Lancaster," <
D.L., and Steward of Lonsdale, d. s. p.

George, d. s. p. WilUam, d. s. p.

Oliver (Rev.), of whom presently.

Mary, wife of Rigby Molyncux, Esq., High Sheriff of Lan-
caster 1749. Agnes. Jane.
The 4th son, j

Rev. Oliver Marton, LL.B., Patron and Vicar of Lancaster, i
s. as heir to the estates on the death of his brother Edward'.





H« m. Prisdlla Anne, dau. and heir of Admiral Edwards, and
had issue, two sons,
Oliveb, his heir.

George Richard, Lieut.-Col. InniskillinR Dragoons, D.L. and
High Sheriff of Lancaster 1832, m. Anne, dau. of Col. Pock-
lington, and sister of Sir Eobert Pocklington, Knt. of
Chelsworth House, Suffolk, and dying 1834, left issue, an
only son, the late George Maeton, Esq. of Capernwray.
Hr. Marton d. 1794, and was «. by his son,

Olivee Mauton, Esq. of Capernwray, who was «. by his

Geoege Maeton, Esq. of Capernwray Hall and Berwick Hall,
CO. Lancaster, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1858, a gentleman
ofH.M. Privy Chamber, M.P. for Lancaster ; m.Noy. 1833,
Lucy Sarah, dau. of Eight Hon. Sir Robert Dallas, Lord Chief
Justice of the Common Pleas, and sister of the Countess
Blucher, and had issue,
Geobge Uluchee Heneage, now of Capernwray.
Georgina Justina Anne, deceased.
Augusta Madeline Henrietta, m. 25 June, 1861, William

Spencer, 7th and present Viscount Ashbrook.
Adelaide Lucy Katharine, m. 1st, 30 April, 1867, Lieut.-Col.
Moubray, R.A., 3rd son of Lieut.-Col. Sir Eobert Moubray,
K.H., of Cockairny, co. Fife ; 2ndly, Lieut.-Col. Campbell
Walker, who d. s, p.

He d. 24 Nov. 1867.

A'nns— Or, three bars gu,, in the dester chief point an
escutcheon erm. Crest — A stag's head couped ppr. attired sa.
Motio — Dieu et ma patrie.

Seat — Capernwray, Lancashire.

CLubs — Carlton and Arthur's.


Maettn, Edwaed Joseph, Esq. of Tillyra, co.
Galway, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1886, b. 31
Jan. 1859 ; s. his father 5 April, 1860.

Xiineage. — This family was established in Ireland by one
of the officers in Strongbow's army, Geoffrt Marttn,
living in Galway about 1450. He was s. by John Fitz
Geoffet, who was s. by Peter Fitz Geoffry, who was s.
by EicHARD (who m. Miss DArcy of Kiltulla, co. Galway>,
who was s. by Andrew, who was s. by Olivee Maetyn, M.P.
for Galway in the reign of James II., who was specially
exempted (by 8 Anne, Ch. 3, Sec. 39) from the penalties
inflicted on Catholics, and was s. in direct descent by,

Peter Martyn, Esq. of Tillyra, who m. Miss Browne, of
Castle McGarrett, co. Mayo, and had issue, Oliver of Tillyra,
ta. 1748, Frances, dau. of John Donnellan, Esq. of Bally
Donnellan Castle, and d. s. p., and

John Marttn, Esq. of Tillyra, m. Mary Ann Lynch, of
Tubber, co. Galway, and had a son,

Edward Martyn, Esq. of Tillyra, m. 1798, Mary, eldest dau.
of Andrew Browne, Esq. of Mount Hazel, co. Galway, and had

John, late of Tillyra Castle.

Andrew, of Spiddell, co. Galway, m. 1863, Mary, eldest dau.
of Oliver Dolphin, Esq. of Turoe, co. Galway, and d. Is78,
leaving an only dau. Mary.
Peter, Capt. in the 88th Eegt., d. umn.
Jane, to. John E. Corballis, Esq., Q.C.
Mary Anne, in. James Balfe, Esq. J. P., of Eunnamoat, co.
Roscommon, and d. leaving issue.
Mr. Martyn d. 1836, and was s. by his fon,

John Martyn, Esq. of Tillyra Castle, co. Galway, J. P.,
6. Aug. 1801 ; m. 17 Feb. 1857, Annie Josephine, dau. of James
Smith, Esq., J. P., of Masonbrook, co. Galway, and d. 5 April,
1860, leaving issue, two sons,
Edward Joseph, now of Tillyra.

Jolin, Lieut. 3id Dragoon Guards, 6. 19 March, I860: d.
5 March, 1833.

Arms— Az., a Calvary cross arg. between the sun in splen-
dour on the dexter limb or, and the moon in crescent on the
.sinister of the second. Crest— Aa estoile of six points or.
JIulto— Sic itur ad astra.

.svfits— Tillyra Castle, Ardrahan, co. Galway, and Mount
Jji rnard, Ballymacquard, co. Galw;iy.

C'/uts— Eefurui, b.W. ; and Kildare Street, Dublin.


( Maewood, Geoege Feedeeic, Esq. of Eusby
Mall, CO. York, J.P. for the North Biding, Lord
and Chief Bailiff of Langburgh Wapentake, h. 8
if P"l' 1858, B.A. Exeter Coll. Oxford ; s. his father

Lineage — Edward Maewood de Nunthorpe, who d.
1557, was father of

Marmaddke Marwood, son and heir, who had a son,

James Marwood, of Nunthorpe, to. a dau. of James Cleasby,
of Cleasby, co. York, and was s. by his eon,

Henry Marwood, of Great Ayton and Little Busby, to.
Anne, dau. of John Constable of Dromonby, co. York ; d.
1639, and was s. by his son,

SiE George Marwood, Bart, of Little Busby, co. Yoik, High
Sheriff CO. Y'ork 1651, created a Baronet by Charles II. ; ho
m. Frances, dau. of Sir Walter Bethell, Knt. of Alnc, co. Y'ork,
and had issue, with others, a son, Henry (Sir), who s. him,
and a dau. Anne, who m. William Metcalfe, Esq. of North-
allerton, CO. York, ancestor of the present George Feedeeic
Marwood, Esq. of Little Busby. He d. 1679, aged 78, and
was s. by his son,

Sir Henry Maewood, Bart, of Little Busby, High Sheriff co.
Y'ork 1675, m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Conyers, Lord D'Arcy
and Conyers, of Hornby Castle, and had issue by her, an only
dau. Margaret, who d. in childhood. He m. 2ndly, Dorothy,
dau. of Alan Bellingham, Esq. of Levens, co. Westmorland,
by whom he had issue, a son, George, and two daus., and
Srdly, Martha, dau. of Sir Thomas Wentworth, Knt. of North
Elmsal, CO. York, widow of Thomas Wombwell, Esq. of
Wombwell. Sir Henry d. 1725, aged 97, having outlived his
only son, George, who d. without male issue, and the baronetcy
therefore descended to Sir Henry's nephew. Sib William
Maewood, 3rd Bart., who d. s. p. 1739, and was s. by his
brother, Sie Samuel Marwood, 4th Bart., who d. in the year
following, also without issue, and the baronetcy then became

George Marwood, Esq., only son of Sir Henry, 2nd Bart.,
and who d. in the lifetime of his father, m. Constance, dau. and
co-heir of Sir Thomas Spencer, Bart, of Y'arnton, co. Oxford,
and by her left, as sole issue, a dau.,

Jane Marwood, heir to her grandfather. Sir Henry Mar-
wood, 2nd Bart. She m. Cholmley Turner, Esq., of Kirk
Leatham, co. York (High Sheriff in 1725, M.P. for NorthaUer-
ton 1715, and for the North Hiding 1741), and had issue, one
son, Marwood William Turner, who d. umn., aged 22, and a
dau. Jane, who m. Philip William Cassimir Van Straubenzee,
a Capt. in the Dutch Guards. By will dated 25 Feb. 1762,
Jane Turner (born Marwood), widow, devised her estates of
Little Busby to her kinsman, William Metcalfe, great-
grandson of her great-aunt, Anne Marwood, dau. of Sir
George Marwood, 1st Bart., who m. William Metcalfe, Esq. of
Northallerton, in 1657. The said

William Metcalfe, of Northallerton, was afterwards of
Little Busby, which estate he took under the will of his
cousin, Jane Marwood Turner, and in compliance therewith
assumed the surname and arms of Marwood, by Act of
Parliament, 5 George III. He d. s. p. 1809, and was i.byhis

Eev. George (Metcalfe) Marwood, M.A. (Trin. Coll.
Camb.), Canon Eesidentiary of Chichester Cathedral, some-
time Chaplain to Lord Pelham, and Eector of Amport,
Hants, aftenvards of Little Busby Hall, b. at Skeffington Hall,
28 Nov. 1846 ; Lord and ChiCi Bailiff of the Wapentake of
Langburgh, m. 1st, Margaret, dau. of Francis Pierson, Esq.
of Mowthorpe Grange, Beverley, co. Y'ork, sister to the Major
Pierson who fell in the defence of Jersey, leading on the
English troops and island militia against the French soldiers
in 1781, in his twenty-fourth year, and whose death forms the
subject of one of Copley's best paintings, now in the National
Gallery. He had issue, Geoege, his heir; Thomas, M.A.,
Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, and Eector of English Bick-
nor, CO. Gloucester, d, unm. ; Frederic, Barrister-at-Law, d.
unm. aged 27; Margaret, vi. Eev. Charles Hutchinson, of Firle,
CO. Sussex, Canon of Chicliester and 'Vicar of Amport; others
d. young. By his 2nd wife, Lucy, dau. of James Hume, Esq.,
and widow of Capt. Charles Dodgson (son of the Bishop of
Elphin), he had one, Margaret Anne, who m. William
Wilcox, Esq. Collector of H.M.'s Customs at Sunderland. He
d. 1827, and was s. by his eldest son,

Eev. George (Metcalfe) Marwood, of Busby, M.A.
(Christ Church, Oxford), 6. 1781 ; m. Mary, dau. of Capr.
John Quantock, of Norton House, co. Somerset ; d. 1842, and
was .5. by his son,

Geoege (Metcalfe) Marwood, Esq. of Little Busby HaK,
CO. York, J.P. and D.L. lor the North Riding, Lord and Chief
Bailiff of Langburgh Wapentake, 6. 31 Dec. 1808; to. IS',4,
Frances, dau. of Eev. Frederic Peel, Prebendary of Lincoln,
and Rector of Willingham, first cousin to Sir Robert Peel, 2nd
Bart., and had issue,

i George Frederic, now of Little Busby.





"William Francis, 6. 1S63, B.A. Camh.

Henry, Capt. Prince of Wales's North Staffordshire Eegt., &.

4 July, 1864. Arthur I'ierson, b. ISCti.

Charles Metcalfe, 6. 1874 ; d. 6 Dec. 1878.
Frances Mary.
Emily Caroline, m. 1876, Edward Ileneage Wynne Finch,

Esq. of Stokesley Manor, oo. York, J. P., and has issue.
Lucy Susanna, m. 18b2, Charles Napier Kennedy, Esq. only

surviving son of the late Lieut. -Col. Kennedy, aiid has issue.
EUinor Edith, m. 4 June, 1691, Charles Moore Kennedy,

Esq., B.L. Alice, d. 11 Jan. 1»67.

Clara Charlotte. Lilian. lioic.

Mr. Marwood d. 1SS2.

Arms — Gu., a che\Ton erm. hetween three goats' hc.Trts
erased arg. Crtst— On a mound vert a ram couchant hooted
and horned or.

Stal — Busby Hall, Carlton in Cleveland, co. York.

^umilj) of ^cltalfc.

The Metcaues of Northallerton, from whom the present
Hahwoods of Busby Hall are descended, form a branch of the
ancient family of Metcalfe of Nappa Hall, Wensleydale, co.

William Metcalfe, of Northallerton, above mentioned,
\rho m. Anne, dau. of Sir George Marwood, of Little Busby,
1st Bart., was son and heir of George Metcalfe, of Northaller-
ton, a Barrister of Gray's Inn, and J. P. for the North Eiding,
•who d. 1642, by his wife, Elizabeth Talbot, descended from
the ancient and knightly family of Talbot of Bashall and
ThornUon, co. York, and was 6th in direct descent from
Thomas Metcalfe, Esq. of Nappa, co. York, Chancellor of the
Duchy and County Palatine of Lancaster, by grant of King
BicHABD 111., Privy Councillor, and Steward Receiver of
Eichmond lands under Edward IV. and Eichard 111.
This Thomas ni. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of William de
Hertlington, of Hertlington Craven, and was son of James
Metcalfe, Esq. of Nappa, who was Captain of the Wensleydale
men at the battle of Agincourt, 1415, 3 Henry V. William
Metcalfe, before-named, entered his pedigree and arms (arg.,
three calves passant sa., differenced by a canton gu. as a
mark of cadency) in the Visitation of co. York, made circa
1665 by William Dugdale, Esq., Norroy King of Arms. He
had issue, with other children (seven sons, Anthony, Henry,
Eichard, George, Gilbert, Walter, and Marwood, and two
daus., all of whom d. young), 1 Thomas, his heir; 2 Margaret,
tn. Daniel Lascelles, Esq. of Stank and Northallerton, J. P.,
High Sheriff of co. York 1710, M.P. for Northallerton 1702
(the grandson by this marriage was Edwin Lascelles, of
Harewood Castle, 1st Lord Harcwood) ; 3 Henrietta Catherina,
m. 1st, John Batt, Esq. of Okewell Hall, co. York, and 2ndly,
John Smyth, Esq. of Heath Hall and Miryshaw, co. York.
At the Porch House, Northallerton, long the abode of the
Metcalfes, and still in the possession of the family. King
Charles 1. wa.s once entertained in 1639, when on his march
to Scotland against the Covenanters, and he again rested there
in 1647, when a prisoner in the hands of the Commissioners
of the Parliament, who had been sent down to Ne\vcastle-on-
Tyne to receive the King from the Scots. Tradition says that
he tried to escape from a window on the south side of tlie
house. The porch bears the date and initials, " W. M., 1674,
A. M.,'' for William Metcalfe and Anne, his wife, dau. of Sir
George Marwood, of Little Busby, Bart., and on an oak beam
in the house is carved "R. M., 1584, M.M.," for Eichard
Metcalfe and his wife, Margaret, dau. of Roger Wilson, of
Danby Wiske, gent., at which date the house appears to have
heen built.

Thomas Metcalfe, Esq. of The Porch House, Northaller-
ton, and Sand Hutton, near Y'ork, son and heir of William
Metcalfe above-mentioned, d. 1716; m. 1st, Lady (Faith)
Milbanke (widow of Sir Mark Milbanke, Bart., and dau. of
Thomas Acclome, Esq. of Bonwick, co. York), who d. without
issue 1689, aged 33 ; 2ndly, 18 April, 1699, Ann, dau. of John
Greene, Esq. of Liversedge Hall, in the pariah of Birstall, co.
York, eldest son and heir of John Greene, Esq. Lord of the
moiety of the Manor of Liversedge, Lieut, to Capt. Batt. of
Okewell Hall, in the Eegt. of Foot of George, Viscount
Halifax, by whom (bapt at Birstall, 14 Aug. 1670, and ra. 1st,
to her cousin, William Greene, Esq. of Lower Hall, Liver-
sedge, who d. 1697) he left issue, William, his heir; Thomas,
«. his brother; George rf. an infant; John, of Scarborough,
d. about 1760, having m. and left an only son John, (who d.
unm. in Jamaica in the lifetime of his mother; Anne, m.
■Waring Ashby, Esq. of Quenby Hall, near Tilton, co. Leicester,
High Sheriff of that co. in 1733 ; Henrietta Maria Anna, d. ; Fiances d. an infant. The eldest son,

William Metcalfe, Esq. of Northallerton and Sand

Hutton, m. Katherine, dan. of — Darlcy, Esq. of Bishop's
Wilton, CO. Y'ork ; d. s. p. 1748, and was s. by his brother,

Eev. Thomas Metcalfe, M.A. (Trin. Coll. Camb.) of
Northallerton, 6. at Sand Hutton 1706 ; Vicar of Tilton, co.
Leicester, 1733-1769; and in the will of his kinsman, Thomas
Metcalfe, of Nappa Hall, in Wensleydale, dated 19 Oct. 1754,
is thus named, '"To my godson and son of the Eev. Mr. Met-
calfe, of Tilton in Leicestershire, I give my seal with my coat-
of-arms and crest set in gold, and also two pairs of stone
buttons set in gold, as a mark of my very sincere and hearty
wishes for his success and prosperity in this world." He was
also Eector of Narborough, near Leicester, 1737-1764, and
Vicar of St. Margaret's, Leicester, and afterwards Eector of
Kirkby Overblow, co. York, 1762-1774. He m. Anne, dau. of
William Smelt, Esq. of Kirkby Fleetham and Leases, by
Bcdale (M.P. for Northallerton 1740-45, Receiver-General of
Eevenues in the island of Barbadoes), by his wife Dorothy,
dau. of Cornelius Cayley, Counsellor-at-Law, son of Sir
WiUiam Cayley, Bart, of Brompton, co. York, by Dorothy,
eldest dau. of Sir William St. Quintin, Bart, of Harpham, co.
York. Her brother, Capt, Leonard Smelt, of the Corps of
Artillery, for five years, 1771-6, Sub-Governor to the Prince
of Wales and the Prince Bishop of Osnabrug, under their
nominal Governor the Earl of Holderness, a prominent figure
in the court of George 111., and whose name appears in every
diary and volume of Letters of that period, d. at Langton
Hall, nearBedale, 9 Sept. 1800. By the particular appointment
of George III., who wished to have Capt. Leonard Smelt near
his person as a friend in whom he could confide, he had beei»
made Deputy Ranger of Eichmond Park, and he was pre-
paring for his Journey thither when he d. after three days*
illness. His last words were "Give my love to the King."
Dorothy Smelt (a niece of Anne) m. her cousin Sir Thomas
Franklan-d, of Thirkleby Park, co. York, her great-grand-
father, Leonard Smelt, of Kirkby Fleetham, having m.
Grace, dau. of Sir William Frankland, Bart, by his wife
Arabella, dau. of the Hon. Henry Belasyse, son and heir of
Thomas, Viscount Fauconberg. Eev. Thomas Metcalfe d,
in 1774, aged 68, and was bur. at Stokesley, where there
is a monument to his memory in the church. He had
seven sons (three of whom only had issue) and three daus.,

I. William, of Northallerton and Little Busby Hall, co.
Y'ork, which estate he took under the will of his cousin,
Jane Marwood Turner, in 1705, and in compliance there-
with assumed the surname and arms of Marwood, and in
1774, he s. to the Metcalfe family estates in and about
Northallerton, in the Vide of Mowbray, Lord and Chief
Bailiff of the Wapentake of Langburgh, by inheritance of
a grant from King John to Peter de Brus, J. P. for the
North Eiding; b. at SkefBngton Hall, near Tilton, in 1743 j
m. Mary, dau. of Christopher Gouhon, Esq. of Walcot, co.
Lincoln, and Beverley, co. York (who d. 1»07, and is bur.
at the east end of the Minster at York, where there is a
monument to her memory) and d. without issue, 3 Feb.

II. Thomas, b. at Skeffington Hall, 9 March, 1744; d. 1757,
and is bur. at Narborough, near Leicester.

III. George (Eev.), Canon of Chichester, afterwards of
Little Busby Hall, who s. his brother William, and took the
name of Marwood, as before shown.

IV. John, 6. at Skeffington Hall, 5 Feb. 1748 ; d. unm. aged

V. Cornelius, b. at Leicester, 6 Oct. 1749; m. Sarah, dau. of
Samuel Bayley, Esq. of Manchester, of the family of
Bayley of hoj^e Hall, co. Lancaster (of which fan-ily also
was Sir Edward Clive Bayley, K.C.S.I., C I.E., whom m.
Emily Anne Theophila, dau. of Sir Thomas Theophilus
Metcalfe, 4th Bart., and niece of Sir Charles Theophilus
Metcalte, 3rd Bart. P.C., G.C.B., and 1st Lord Metcalfe), and
and had issue, with three daus. (Anne, to. Jam. sCurrie;
Dorothy, m. George William Babington, Surgeon 3rd Guards,
aftei-wards in H.E.I.C.S., and had issue, Cornelius Jletcalfe
Stuart Babington, Physician of Hertford St., Mayfair, d.
unm. 1862; and Esther, d. unm. 1857), a son, Thomas
Metcalfe, of Lincoln's Inn, Portland Place, and Regency
Square, Brighton, m. Christiana Brisbane Cranstoun, only
child and heiress of Henry Kerr Cranstoun, eldest son of
George, 4th son of William, 5th Lord Cranstoun, of Creeling,
CO. Roxburgh, by his wife Jean, dau. of William Kerr, 2nd
Marquess of Loihian, and had issue, 1 Thomas, who had'
issue, Henry, Capt. 25th Bengal N.I., d. s. p. \»&i;
William Marwood, 6. 1839, Capt. Royal Elthorn L.I.:
Agnes, d. young; 2 Henry Cianstouii, Civil and Session*
Judge, at Tipperah, Bengal, who had issue, Henry Howe,
late Bengal Civil Service, now of Bariackpore, who has
issue; 3 Charles, Capt. E.N., had a son Charles, who d.
■unm. in S. America; 4 Howe, d. unm. ; 6 Frederick, Clerk
to the Lord Chancellor, d. s. p. ; 6 Edmund d. unm. ;
7 Douglas, d. unm. in India; 8 Ernest, Maj. 48th Madras
N.I., Assistant Resident Councillor, P. of Wales Island,
Straits of Malacca, and d. I8a6, leaving, Basil, b. 1864, U.'





young, Hope Cransfonn, 6. 22 Feb. 1866, Mary Katherine,
and Agnes, d. young; 1 Christiana, vi. George Tugwell,
of Bath, banker; 2 Julia Henrietta, m. Francis Ommanney,
son of Sir I'rancis Ommanney, of East Sheen, co. Surrey,
M.P. for Barnstaple, d. 1893, leaving issue ; 3 Emily, la.
Francis Orme, and three other daus. d. young. Thomas
Metcalfe by his 2ud marriage had two children, who d. in

Ti. Leonard, d. young.

VII Francis (Kev), M.A. (Trin. Coll. Camb.), Eector of
Kirkbride, Cumberland (of which living he held perpetual
advowsonj, and Vicar of Eudston, co. York, bapt. 30 April,
1752; m. 12 Nov. 1785, Harriet, 2nd dau. of John Clough, of
York, and Newbold Hall, Proctor, by his wife Kebecca, dau.
of Jacob Costobadie, of York, a Proctor in the Ecclesias-
tical Court, son of Jean de Costobadie, of a noble family
in Auvergne, sometime a Capt. in the Body Guard of Louis
XIV. (the liaison du lioi), who on the Kevocation of the Edict
of Nantes, fled to England with his wife and infant son,
and settled in York, IBsB. The lie v. Jacob Costobadie,
brother tf Kebecca, was for fifty-two years Hector of
Wenslry, in Wensleydale, co. York. The Kev. Francis
Metcalfe, d. 1822, aged 70, leaving issue,

1 Francis, M.A. (Trin. Coll. Camb.), Rector of Kirkbride,
Cumberland, and V^icar of Eeighton, near Hunmanby,
CO. York, rii. Margaret, dau. of Charles Kickaby, Esq. of
Bridlington Quay, co. York, and d. s. p. 1834.

2 William, b. 17 March, 1792, Midshipman H.M.S.
" .ffiolus," and was killed by a fall from the rigging, aged
16, and was bur. at Plymouth.

3 Henrj', b. 10 Feb. 1794; Ensign in the 32nd Regt., at
the battle of Waterloo where he was badly wounded. He
d. in Guernsey 1828, leaving two sons, who d. unm., and
two daus.

4 John, Capt. in the Military Service of the H.E.I.C.S. at
Fort St. George, in 1824-5 when Lieut. 4th Madras K.I.,
he held the staff appointment of Fort Adjutant at Bellary,
an important frontier fortress, and about 1831, he was in
command of the Fort of liyacottah, b. 9 March, 1795; d.
at Madras 18 June, 1833. By his first marriage he had
two sons, the eldest of whomrf. untn. 1856, in the Crimea,
the 2nd d. an infant in Indja; and by his second
marriage he had John Henry Metcalfe, of Crayke Castle,
CO. York, 6. 23 Aug. 1830.

5 Thomas, d. 1879, aged 82, without male issue.

6 Leonard, Lieut. K.N., d. unm. in Egypt.

7 George, d.. at sea, unm.

8 Charles Octavus, d. in infancy.

9 F'rederick, d.. in infancy.

1 Harriot, d. unm.

2 Ann Kebecca, cL unm. 1S52.

3 Maria, d. unm.

I. Henrietta Anne Katherine, (?. ?/)n?i. aged 36 ; a pedigree
of the family written by her in 1775 is now in the College
of Arms in the collections of John Charles Brooke, Somer-
set Herald, who d. 1794.

II. Dorothy, d. unm, aged 88, at Old England, Bowness, 1842.

III. Elizabeth, d. 1772, aged 15.

iScai— The Porch House, North AUerton.


Masefield, Egbert Taylor, Esq. of Ellerton
Hall, CO. Salop, J.P., Col. 2nd Vol. batt. Shropshire
King's L.I., late Capt. 31st Eegt., h. 1839 ; m. 1864,
Emily, dau. of T. Kylandsj Esq. of Banshee House,
IS'ewport, Shropshire.

Lineage — Robert Masefield, Esq., m. 1S06, Charlotte
Taylor, and d. 1825, leaving by her (who d. 1852) a son,
1 llOEF.ET Masefield, Esq. of Ellerton Hall, who m. 1837,
; Catherine, dau. of John Miller, Esq. and by her (who d. 1S54)
j had issue,

I. Robert Taylor, now of Ellerton Hall.
', II. Valentine Vickers, m. in. Thomas Taylor, ra.

; IV. Richard M. N., ^,i. v. William Taylor, m.

VI. Henry Valentine.
! I. Margaret Catherine, m. u. Charlotte Elizabeth, m.

I HI. Emily Catherine, m.
' Mr. Masefield d. 1880.

SeaJ— Ellerton Hall, Newport.


Story-Maskeltne, Mervix Herbert Netil,

Esq. of Basset Down House, and Salthrop Lodge,

■ ^^ilts, M.A. Oxford, E.R.S., J.P. for cos. Wilts,

Uloucester, and Brecon, D.L. co. Brecon, M.P. for

Cricklade 1880-85, and for North Division of Wilts
1885-92, Barrister-at-La'n% Hon. Eellow of Wadham
Coll. Professor of Mineralogy at Oxford, b. 3 Sept.
1823 ; m. 29 June, 1858, Thereza Mary, eldest dau.
of the late John Dillwyn Llewelyn, Esq. F.R.S., of
Penllergare, co. Glamorgan (by his wife, Emma
Thomasina, dau. of Thomas Mansel Talbot, of
Margam), and sister of Sir John Dillwyn Llewelyn
of Penllergare, Bart., and has issue three daus.,

1. Margaret Emma, 6. 1859.

n. Mary Lucy, 6. 1861, m. 29 July, 1885, Hugh Oakeley
Arnold-F'orster, M.P. for West Belfast, 2nd son of the late
William Delafield Arnold, Esq., Director of Public Inst,
in the Punjaub, and adopted son of the late Eight Hon.
W. E. Forster, and grandson of Thomas Arnold, D.D.,
of Rugby, and had issue, William Edward, b. 8 May,
1SS6 ; Mervyn Nevill, b. 21 March, 1888 ; John Antliony,
6. 20 Sept. 1889; and Hugh Christopher, 6. 1890.

III. Thereza Charlotte, b. 1863, m. 1892, Arthur Rucker,
Esq., F.K.S.

Lineag'e.— Robert Maskeltnge, Gent, of Purton, Wilts,
son of William of Purton, m. Julian, dau. and heir of Kogei
Shackstaff, Gent, of Lydiard Miliscnt, was a grantee of lands
from his father-in-law by deed dated 1 Sept. 14

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