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Henkt VI.,
and was presented as a freeholder of the manor of Lydiard
Milisent at a court held 5 April, 1443. He d. before 1458,
and was s. by his son,

John MASitELyNGE, Gent, of Purton, m, the dau of Cely,
and was admitted to lands, the inheritance of his father-in-law,
31 Henry VI. in 1460. He was s. by his elder son,

Thomas JIaskelynge, Esq. of Purton, who was of full age
before 1458, in which year his father, by deed dated 8 April,
36 Henky, VI., granted to him the lands in Lydiard, formerly
Shackstaff's. He d. s. p. and was s. by his nephew,

WiLLiAji Maskelyke, Esq. of Purton (son of John Maske-
!yne, who s. his brother Thomas). He was grantee by fine 12
Henry VIll., in 1520, from William Louther and Joan his
wife, of the manor of Lydiard Milisent. He m. Anne or Agnes
''who m. 2ndly, James Chatterton;, dau. of Richard Stevens,
younger son of Thomas Stevens, Lord of the Manors of Bur-
derop and Chiseldon, and had, with other issue,

I. Thomas, his heir, b. before 1520, d. before 1545, m. Anne
Saunders, and had a son, William, b. 1540, wlio was father
of Robert, d. unm. 1610, and Elizabeth, m. Thomas Gates,
of Southampton.

II. George, of whom we treat.

The 2nd son,

George JIaskelyne, Esq. of Purton Down, who was a
grantee of lands 20 and 24 Queen Elizabeth. He m. Jane,
dau. of Christopher Webb and sister of William Webb, alias
Richmond, Lord of the Manor of Lydiard, by whom (whose
will is dated 24 Feb. 1600, and who d. 21 March, 1601) he had
issue. He was buried at Purton 3 May, 1584, and was s. by
his only son,

Edmond Maskelyke, Esq. of Purton Down, b. 22 April,
1564, Barrister-at-La\v, Lord of the Manors of Cricklade and
Chelworth, Feodary for the Duchy of Lancaster, 1608, M.P.
for Cricklade 1 Charles I. (1625); i/i. (settlement dated 5 Sept.
1 James I.) Katherine, dau. of and eventually, on the death
s. p. of her brother Giles Thomas F. Richard Davis, co-heir of
Richard Davys, Esq. of Little Mytton, co. Worcester, by
Dorothy his wife, dau. of Henry Dynley of Charlton, co. Wor-
cester, and of Mary his wife, dau. of Sir Edward Nevill* {see
BnBKE's Peerage, Abergavenny), and d. 19 leb. 1629, whea
he was by his son,

Nevill Maskelyne, Esq. of Purton, M.P, for Criclilade, b.
1611 ; had a licence from the Crown 15 Ciukles II. to hold
fairs in his manor of Cricklade, Bairister-at-Law of the Inner
Temple ; m. 1st, 1629, Jaue, dau. of William Norden, Esq.
of Eoude (who d. 1632). He s. to the ancient estates at Pur-
ton and Lydiard on the death, unm. in 1640, of his cousin,
Robert Maskeleyne. He >». 2ndly Sibyl, dau. of Thomas
Jacob, of Tockenham Court, and by her had three daus., and
d. 30 Aug. 1079, and was s. by his only son,

William Maskelyne, Esq. of Purton, b. 11 July, 1661 ; m.

* Sir Edward Nevill was son of the 2nd Lord Abergavenny,
brother of the 3rd Lord, uncle of the 4th Lord, and lather of the
5th Lord, and grandson of Edward Nevill the 1st Baron, by
Elizabeth his wife, only dau. of Kiehard Beauchamp, Earl of
Worcester, by Isabel his wife, only thild of Tliuuias Lc
Despenccr, Earl of Gloucester, by Constance his niie, dau. of
Edmund Plantagenet, Luke of York, son ol King Edwabd liL.





Jane, dau. of Richard Best, and aunt of Sarah the wife of
Sir James Huublon, Knt., and widow of Bence Parker, Esq.,
and d. V. ]i. 1676, leaving an only son,

Kevill Maskeltne, Esq. of Furton, b. 166-^; heir to his
grandfather. Lord of the Borough of Cricklade, Capt. of a
troop of horse (militia) under Col. Penruddock I6S3, Major of
the Wilts Militia 1691 ; »!. (settlements dated 4 April, 1692)
Anne, dau. of Kev. M'illiam Bath, Vicar of Purton, and sister
and co-heir of William Bath, Esq. of Stoke (who inherited
the estate through his great-grandmother, Jane, only dau.
of John Cox, Esq. of Stoke, and wife of William Bath, Esq.
by whom he had issue,

I. Nevill, his heir.

II. William, of Fort Marlborough, on the north coast of the
island of Sumatra, in 1728, and of Leytield Lodge, near
Marlborough, in 173.i, 6. 169d ; d. zuim. llsb.

III. Edmund, of the Secretary of State's Ofifice, 6. 169S; m.
Elizabeth, dau. and heir of John Booth, Esq. of Wocd-
ford (by Eliz:ibeth his wife, dau. and co-lieir of Edward
Pri'jer), and granddau. of George Booth, Esq., who was
son of Sir John Booth, Knt., a younger son of Sir George
Booth, 1st Bart of Dunham Massey, and d. 1751, leaving

1 William, bapt. 13 Oct. 1725, Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb.,
inherited the estate of Stoke on the death of his grand-
uncle, William B:»th, and d. unm. 1772.

2 Edmcnd, heir to his uncle and to his brother.

S Kevill (Kev.), D.D. of Purton, for forty-six years Astro-
nomer Paiyal, Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb., Bector of
Korth Kuncton, diocese of Norwich; b. 16 Oct. 1732; m.
Sophia, dau. and (on the death s. p. of her sister, Letitia,
wife ot Sir George Booth, Bart.) sole heir of John Pate
I'ose, Esq. of Cotterstock Hall, co. Northampton, and
d. 9 Feb. IBll, leaving an only child, his sole dau. and

Maegaket, heir also to her uncle, m. 22 Nov. 1819,

Anthony Mervin Peeve Story, Esq., afterwards Sioby-

Maskeltne, of Basset Down House.

1 Margaret, b. 1735; m. 15 March, 1752-3, Robert, Lord

Clive, Governor of Bengal, and c^. 28 Feb. 1817, leaving,

with other issue,

Edward, 2nd Baron Clive, created Earl of Powis, m.
Harriot, only sister and heir of George Edward Henry
Arthur, last Earl of Powis, and d. 16 May, IsSi), leaving,
with other issue,
Edward, 2nd Earl of Powis, K.G., who d. 11 Jan. 1848,
father of
Edward James, 3rd Earl of Powis, K.G. (see
Burke's I'eeruye).
lion. Robert Henry, who m. Lady Harriet Windsor,
dau. of the 5tb Earl of Plymouth, andrf. 20 Jan. 1854,
leaving, w iih other issue,

Hon. Robert Windsor-Clive, father of Robert
George, 14tli Lord Windsor {(see Bubke's Peerage).
rv. James Houblon Maskelyne, b. 1701 : d. unm. 1776.
-V. Wynn JIaskelyne, 6. 1704; d. s. p. 1738.

I. Elizabeth, m. Joseph Walsh, Esq., Governor of Fort St.
George, East Indie?, and had a dau. Elizabeth Walsh, who
7/1. Joseph Foulks, and had a dau. Margaret Foulks, who
TO. Sir John Benn Walsh, 1st Bart, of Ormathwaite, and d.
29 Sept. 1836, leaving a son,

John, 1st Lord Ormathwaite, so created 16 April, 1868 (see
Bdbke's Peeraje).

II. Alice, m. Thomas Kelsall, and had an only dau. Jane
Kelsall, who m. Ist, Capt. Latham, R.N., and 2ndly, 28
May. 1770, Sir H'-nry Strachey, Ist Bart, of Suttoncourt,
M.P., by whom (who d. 3 Jan. 1810) she had, with other
issue, 1 SiE Henbt Stbachet, 2nd Bart, of Suttoncourt,
who t/. unm. 11 April, 1858; 2 Edward, m. Oct. 18C8, Julia,
dau. of Col. Kilpatrick, and d, 3 Jan. 1832, leaving, with
other issue.

Sib Edmund .Stbachet, 3rd Bart of Suttoncourt {see
Eubke's Peerage and Baronetage).

Mr. Maskelyne d. 1711, and was s. by his eldest son,

Xevill Maskelyne, Esq. of Purton, h. May, 1C92, who
sold the borough, hundred, and manor of Cricklade, and d.
unm. 1774, when he was s. by his eldest surviving nephew,

Edmund Maskeltn^e, Esq. of Basset Down House, and of
Purton, Capt. H.E.I.Co.'s service, bapt. 9 Aug. 1728, was twice
married, and d. s. p. 1775, when he left his estates to his
wife for life, with remainder over to his niece, Mrs. Stoby-
Maskeltne. This lady,

Maegabet Maskelyne, only child of Rev. Nevill Maske-
lyne, D.D., F.R.S., of Purton, Wilts, Astronomer Royal,
Tellow of Trin. Coll. Camb., and Rector of North Runcton,
in the diocese of Norwich, m. 22 Nov. 1819, Anthony Mervin
Eeeve Story, Ksq., F.R.S. {b. 8 May, 1791), and d. 15 Feb. Ib08,
Jiaving had issue,

I. Meevin Heebeet Nevil, now of Basset Down.

II. Edmund Mer\ia Booth, of Lydiard Manor, co. Wilts,

and Belfont, co. Brecon (Residence— Unit House, Box, Wilts),
B.A. O.xford, Barrister-at-Law, b. 22 April, 1829; in. 25
Oct. 1860, Martha Banger, eldest dau. of Thomas Russell,
Esq. of Beaminster, Dorset, and has issue, Anthony St.
John, of II. M. Public Record Office ; and Agnes Mary.

1. Charlotte Sophia, of Glanwysk, Senny Bridge, co. Brecon,
d. 1892.

IX. Margaret Mervinia, m. 25 April, 1848, Rev. Thomas
Masterman, M.A. Oxford, son of John Masterraan, Esq.,
late M.P. lor London, and by him (who d. 22 Sept. 1856)
has issue.

III. Anna Maria Antonia, m. 9 April, 1864, Sir Wai-ingtou
Smyth, M.A. Cambridge. F.R.S., F.R.G.S., F.G.S., Knt. of
the Italian Order of SS. Maurizis and Lazzaro and the
Portuguese Order of Jesus Christ, Chief Inspector of
Mines for the Crown and Duchy of Cornwall, elder son of
Admiral W. H. Smyth, F.R.S. , and brother of Gen. Sir H.
A. Suiyth, K.C.M.G., Gov. of Malta, and d. 1890, leaving

IV. Agnes Lucy Meta.

Mr. Story assumed in 1845 the surname of Maskelyne in
addition to and after that of Story, in pursuance of arrange-
ments on his marriage with the heir of that family. He was
the only child of Rev. William Story, M.A. Wadham Coll.
Oxford, Rector of Hinton Maitell, Dorset, and Vicar of West
Purly, in the same co., who was b. 15 July, 1734; jh. Ist,
Susanna, widow of Rev. Maurice Green, M.A., Rector of
Ensham, co. Dorset, who d. s. p. 1785; and 2ndly, 8 Jan.
1788, Biddy (who d. May, 1827, leaving an only child,
Anthony), dau. of Robert Prower, M.D. of Cranbourne,
Dorset, by Frances his wife, dau. of John Mervin, Esq. of
Sturminster, same co., and d. 1 Oct. 1797 ; and grandson of
Robert Story, Esq. of Know, in the parish of Kirkandrews-on-
Esk, Cumberland, and of Oxford, who was bapt. 1 May, 1681;
7?!. 28 Nov. I7I3, Margaret Johnstone, and d. I75I ; and
great grandson of Robert Story, Esq. of Know, who was son
of Robert Story, of Know, and grandson of Herbert Story, Esq.
of Know, buried at Kirkandrews, Oct. 1627, by Sybil" his
wife, buried at same place, Dec. 1635. Mr. Story-Maskelyne
d. 15 May, 1879.

Arms of Maskelyne : Sa., a fess engrailed or, between three
escallops arg. Crest — A demi-lion rampant sa. holding
between the paws an escallop purpure between four bugle
horns stringed sa. placed saltire ways. Crest — Two arms
embowed vested purpure, cuffed arg., the hands gra.sping by
the attires a stag's head cabossed ppr., attired or, and trans-
fixed by an arrow paleways point downwards arg. Motto — Bis
vivitur virtute.

Seats — Basset Down House, Swindon, and Salthrop Lodge,
Wroughton, both in Wilts.


Mason, William IIknrt, Esq. of Morton Hall,
CO. Notts, J.P., B.A. Trin. Coll. Camb., Barrister-at-
Law, b. 24 May, 1846 ; m. 13 Oct. 18S5, Sjbil
Mitford, dau. of William Henry Johnston, Esij. of
Annandale, Clifton. She d. 17 Noy. 18S5.

Liueagre. — The family of Mason was formerly seated at
Egmanton, Notts, where William Mason was living, temp.
Elizabeth. They afterwards removed to Eaton, in the same
county, where Paul Mason was living 1659. He m. Elizabeth,
dau. of Stephen Coe, of Ordsall, Notts, and had two sons, Paul,
of Eaton, whorf. s.p., and

Rev Geobge Mason, Rector of Ordsall, who m. Elizabeth,
dau. of the Rev. George Pigot, Rector of Ordsall, and d. 1740,
leaving three sons, Paul, d. unm., George, and John. The
eldest and youngest both d.s. p. The 2nd,

George Mason, Esq. of Eaton, J.P. and D.L. for Notts, »».
Elizabeth, only child of William Colton, and had two sons,
George, of Eaton, J.P. and D.L., who d. unm. 1809, and

William Mason, Esq. of Welham, Notts, J.P., whom. Jane,
dau. of John Cleaver, Esq. of Carburton, Notts ; and d. l804,
leaving by her (who d. 1824), two sons, William, of Loudon,
High Sheriff of Notts, 1824, who d. unm. 1856, and

Rev. Geobqe Mason, of Cuckney, Notts, J. P., Rector of
Whitwell, CO. Derby, b. 12 Jan. 1787 ; m. 1816, Harriet, dau.
of James Coldham, Esq. of Anmer Hall, Norfolk, and by her
(who d. 26 March, 1869) had,

Geobge William, of Morton Hall.

* This Sibyl was dau. and heir of Walter Forster, Esq., Lay
Impropriator of the Tithes of Kirk Andrew, by Sibyl his wile,
and the same Sibyl with Sibyl her mother were defendants in a
suit brought in the Court ot the Chancellor of the Duchy of
Lancaster by the next heirs of her father, 27 Elizabeth, in which
suit the legitimacy of the dau. and the marriage of her mother
were established.





Henry, of Wakefield, b. 13 May, 1821 ; m. let, Florence, dau.
of Kev. VV. Bury, and by her (who (/. 20 Oct. 1858) has
issue, Henry William, 6. 1855, and George, b. 1858; 2ndly,
Sarah, dau. of — Nesfield, Esq., and by her (who d. 20 Oct.
1869) has a son, Frederic, b. 1869, and a dau. Lucy. He
m. 3rdly, Charlotte, dau. of Rev. — Moore.
James, 6. 1824, late Capt. 94th Kegt., m. Maria Elizabeth,
dau. of Henry W. Coldham, Esq. of Anmer Hall, D.L.
Harriet Elizabeth, d. unm. 1871.

Mary Jane, m. R. E. Kidd, Esq. of Lowood, Melrose, co.
Eoxburgh, late Lieut. 9ih Lancers, and d. 1885, having by
him who d. 18 Feb. 1866, had issue.
Eev. George Mason d. 1851, and was ». by his son,

Geoegb William Mason, Esq. of Morton Hall, co. Notts,
M.A., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1872, b. 6 Sept. 1819 ; m. 7
May, 1844, Marianne Atherton, dau. of Capt. Joseph George
Milford, H.E.I.C.S., of Laugharne, co. Carmarthen, 3rd son
of Bertram Mitford, Esq. of Mitford, Northumberland, and d.
li Jan. 1891, leaving issue,
I. William Henet, now of Morton Hall.
It. George Edward (Kev.), M.A., Hon. Canon of Southwell,
and Kector of Whit well, co. Derby, b. 20 Oct. 1847.
III. Arthur James (Rev.), D.D., Hon. Canon of Canterbury,
and Rector of AUhallows-Barking, London, late Fellow ol
Trinity Coll. Camb., b. 4 May, 1851.
iY. Charles Evelyn, Lieut. 3rd Foot (Buffs), 6. 27 Jan. 1855 ;
d. in Zululand, 7 April, 1879.

I. Marianne Harriet. ii. Frances Agnes.

III. Theortosia Helen Margaret.

Arms — Or, a lion rampant double-headed az. Crest — A mer-
maid, holding comb and minor ppr. and crined vert.
Seat — Morton Hall, Retford.


Mason, Robert Haeyey, Esq. of Necton Hall,
Norfolk, J.P. and D.L., High SherifP 1885, educated
at Eton, and Trin. Coll. Camb., member of the Inner
Temple, and Barrister-at-Law, b. 23 Jan. 1843 ; m.
5 NoY. 1873, Jane Charlotte, eldest dau. of Rev.
Arthur Upcher, of Wreningham, Norfolk, by his
wife Isabella, dau. of Rev. Canon Wodehouse, and
Jjas issue,

I. Alwtni:, b. 12 April, 1875.

II. Arthur Humfrey, 6. 10 Dec. 1883.

III. Christopher Blake, 6. 24 Oct. lSo7.

I. Lilian Jane, b. 1 May, 1876.

II. Dorothy, 6. 14 Aug. 1877.

HI. Lettice Isabella, 6. 21 June, 1373.

IV. Hylda, 6.26 Feb. 1881.

V. Audrey, b. 14 Sept. 1885.

Mr. Mason is eldest son of Robert Blake Humfrey,
Esq. of Wroxham, and grandson of Thomas Blake,
Esq., by Theodora Colombine, whose first cousin,
Elizabeth Brewer Colombine, m. William Mason,
Esq. of Necton. He assumed the surname and
ai-ms of Mason, under the will of Lieut.-Col. Mason
Blomefield, 1879.

liineagre — This family is of very ancient standing in
Norfolk, and derives from Paul Milleb Mason, citizen of
London, who built and fixed his residence at Necton Hall
temp. Henry VII. His direct descendant,

Thomas Mason, Esq. of Swaffham (youngest son of John
Mason, of Necton, who s. to that property on the death of his
nephew, Richard Mason, Esq., High Sheriff of Norfolk 1698),
m. Mary, dau. of Thomas Bodham, Esq. of Swaffham, Norfolk,
•and had (with two daus., Mary, m. John Marcon, Esq. of
Swaffham, and Susan, 7)i. Francis Colombine, Esq. of Norwich)
a son,

William Mason, Esq. of Necton Hall, -who m. Elizabeth,
dau. of the Rev. Francis Blomefield, the historian of Norfolk,
jand d. 25 Jan. 1807, leaving a son,

William Mason, Esq. of Necton Hall, b. 1758 : m. Elizabeth,
Brewer, only dau. and heir of Rev. Paul Colombine, D.D.,
Rector of Plumstead Parva, and had issue,

William, of Necton Hall, J P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1849.
1 Lieut.-Col. East Norfolk Militia, d. unm. 2 Dec. 1865.
, John, who d. in the H.E.I.Co.'s service.

Henry, Midshipman R.N., perished at sea.

George, J.P. and D.L., Lieut.-Col. in the army, who took by

.•^ign-manual the surname and arms of Blomefield, under

. the will of Francis Blomefield, Esq., s. to Necton at his

brother \\ lUiam's death, and d. 1871, when he was s. by his

Elizabeth, laie of Necton, d. 17 Dec. 1878, aged 88.
Henrietta Katherine, m. Charles Vernon, 2nd son of George

Holme Sumner, Esq. of Hatchlands, Surrey, and d. Nov


^rms— Quarterly : 1st and 4th arg., on a fesse cottised sa.,
two annulets of the first, in chief as many lions' heads couped
of the second, for Mason; 2nd and 3rd, counter-quartered 1st
and 4th, gu., a lion rampant, and above the head a ducal coro-
net or, a canton of the last for oistinction, for Humfrey ; 2nd
and 3rd arg., a chevron, between three garbs sa., a border of
the last charged with eight fleurs-de-lis of the first, for Blake.
Crests — 1st (HnjiFREY), on a ducal coronet an eagle, wings
elevated, holding in the dexter claw a sceptre, all or, and
charged on the breast for distincton with a cross-crosslet gu. ;
2nd (Mason), A lion's head couped az., holding in the mouth
an antler in bend or, between two wings arg., each charged,
with an annulet, also az. ; 3rd (Blake;, on a morion a martlet,
all ppr.

<Seu(— Necton Hall, Swaffham, Norfolk.


Masset, Feancis Elcocke, Esq. of Pool Hall, co.
Cliester, and Carrickfergus, co. Antrim, J. P., High
Sheriff Carrickfergus 1875, b. 6 Dec. 1822 ; m. 28
Feb. 1867, Caroline Louisa, youngest dau. of Wil-
liam Henry Hornby, Esq., late M.P. for Blackburn,
and has issue,

I. William Francis Elcocke, b. 16 April, 1873.
I Maud Henrietta Margaret Elcocke.

II. Mabel Caroline Elcocke.

III. Evelyn Mary Elcocke.

Lineag-e. — Roger Massey, Esq., 2nd son of Roger Massie,
Esq . of Coddington, and nephew of the celebrated Gen. Massey,
in. Mary Edwards, of Chester, and had two sons. The 2nd
son Roger, was father of

Bev. William Massey, Rector of Ditchingham, in Norfolk,
m. Elizabeth, 2nd dau. and eventually heir of Francis Elcocke,
Esq. of White Pool, co. Chester, and had issue,

Roger (Ven.), Archdeacon of Barnstaple and Eector of
Cheriton Bishop, Devon, and of Lawhitton, Cornwall, m.
Miss Anne Arnold, and had issue, one son, John, and four

William, who inherited his mother's estates.

Elizabeth. Sarah.

Mrs. Massey, the heir of Pool, d. 1825, and was s. by her son,
William Massey, Esq. of Pool Hall, whom. 22 April, 1817,
Mary, only dau. and heir of John Goodman, Esq. of Tyne-
wydd, CO. Carnarvon, and by her (who d, 3 Jan. 1855) had

Francis Elcocke, now of Pool Hall.
AViiliam Glynne, d. in India, unm.

Margaret Henrietta Maria, m. William Massey, eldest son ot
Richard Massey, of Moston Hall, Chester.

Mr. Massey, to whom the Pool estate was left by his aunt. Miss
Elcocke, d. 1838.

^7-ms— 1st and 4th, quarterly gu. and or; in 1st and 4th
quarters, three fleurs-de-lis arg. ; for difference, a canton arg.,
for Massey; 2nd and 3rd gu., a saltire vaire between four
cocks statant arg., for Elcocke. Crest — A demi-pegasus, with
wings displayed, quarterly or and gu.

Stats — Pool Hall, near Nantwich, co. Chester.


Massie, Admiral Thomas Leche, of Codding-
ton, CO. Chester, Admiral R.N". (retired), b. 21 Oct.
1802 ; m. 8 Feb. 1844, Charlotte Hester, only dau.
of Edward V. Townshend, Esq. of Wincham, and
has issue,

I. Edward Richard, late Lieut. 78th Highlanders, b. ?1
Sept. 1845; m. 28 July, 1866, Olga Marie, Baroness von
Wessenberg-Ampringen (grand-dau. of Baron Henry von
Wessenberg-Ampringen, formerly Austrian Ambassador
at St. James's), and had issue,

1 Roger Henry, 6. 2 July, 1869, Lieut. Royal Artillery.

2 Edward Philip, 6. 5 Dec. 1870 ; d. 31 Aug. 1871.

3 John Hamon, Lieut. Royal Artillery, b. 10 June, 1872.

II. Richard Crosbie, E.N., b. 26 Oct. 1847, d. March, 1870.
I. Maud Cleopatra.

Lineage. — The early descent of the Massies of Codding-
ton has long been a matter of dispute, some of the pedigrees
deriving them from a younger son of Sir John Massie, of





Tatton, supposed to have been slain at Shrewsbury, whose
eldest son d. 8 Henry V., and others from Hamon, son of
Sir John Massie, of ruddington, who also fell at the battle of

Hugh Ma?sie settled at Coddington 1389, in consequence of
his marriage willi Agnes, dau. and heir of Sir Nicholas Bold, of
Coddington, great-grandson of John, 3rd son of Sir John
Bold, of Bold, CO. Lancaster. By her he had several sons, of
whom the third,

AViLLiAM Massif, Esq., purchased 18th Henry VI., from
Sir Philip Botelcr, the manors of Coddington, Bechin, Eggerley,
&c. He ra. Alice, dau. and heir of Adam Woton, of Eggerley
and Chester, and by her who m. 2ndly, Hugh Ball, of Cod-
dington, had two sons, viz., Morgan, of Eggerley, ancestor
of the Massies of Eg/jcrUy , and John. The second son,

John Massie, Esq. of Coddington, m. Margaret, dau. and
heir of Holme, of Coddington, and had a son and successor,

KoBEKT Massie, Esq. of Coddington, wlio d. before 1507,
leaving a dau. Anne, wife of William Massey, of Grafton, and a

William Massie, Esq. of Coddington, who m. Alice, dau.
of Edward de Crew, and had issue, Hobert, his heir, and
John, ancestor of the Massies of Broxton. The elder

Kobert Massie, Esq. of Coddington, temp. Henry VIII.,
ni. Dorothy, dau. of Sir Hugh Calveley, Knt. of Lea, and had
(with two (laiis.) several sons, the eldest of whom,

Roger Massie, Esq. of Coddington, m. Elizabeth, dau. of
Eandle Brereton, Esq. of Eccleston and Wettenhall, and
dying 20 April, 1532, left with two daus., Jane and Elizabeth,
wife of William Barnston, Esq. of Churton, a son and suc-

John Massie, Esq. of Coddington, who had by his 4th wife,
Mary, dau. and heir of Edward Hughes, Esq. of Holt, two
sons and four daus. The elder son,

John Massie, Esq. of Coddington, who ra. Anne, eldest dau.
of Richard Grosvenor, Esq. of Eaton, High Sheriff of co. Chester
1602, by Christiana, his wife, dau. of Sir Richard Brooke, Bart,
of Norton, and had eleven sons and seven daus. The 5th son,
Edward, was one of the most distinguished military leaders
during the civil wars of the reign of Charles I. The 9th son,
Hugh, m, in London, and left issue Hugh, Mabel, and Elizabeth,
all minors in 1670. This Hugh is said to be ancestor of the
Irish Massys. Gen. Massie, of whom a fine portrait is still
preseved at Pool Hall, the seat of his collateral descendant,
d. s. p. in Ireland, and was interred at Abbey leix. The eldest
surviving son and heir,

Roger Massie, Esq. of Coddington, aged 59 in 1663, m. 1649,
Mary, dau. of Roger Middleton, Esq.of Cadwgan, co. Denbigh,
and had issue, i. John, his heir; ii. Roger, ancestor of the
Massets of Pool Hall (s!e that fivnily) ; in. Edward of Ros-
thorne, who d. 1730, leaving, inter alios, a son, Richard
Middleton Massey, M.D., F.R.S., and Sec. S.A., who by his
•2nd wife Sarah, dau. of John Marshall, Gent, of Wisbech,
had five sons and one dau. Roger Massie was s. by his eldest

JoDN Massie, Esq. of Coddington, 6. 1651, father, by Eliza-
beth liis 3rd wife, dau. of John Puleston, Esq. of Pickhill, of

Richard Massie, Esq. of Coddington, whoiit. 17 April. 1735,
Charlotte, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Lloyd, of Plas Power,
CO. DenLigli, and was s. at his decease, March, 1770, by his
eldest son,

John Massie, Esq. of Coddington, b. 1736, at whose decease,
s. p. 1773, the estates devolved on his brother,

Thomas Massie, Esq. of Coddington, b. 1738, who m. Eliza-
beth, dau. of Nathaniel Marriot, Esq. of Cheshunt, Herts, and
dying 1802, left an only child.

Rev. Richard Massie, of Coddington, Rector of Eccleston,
b. 12 Jan. 1771, who m. 6 Oct. 1796. Hester Lee, eldest dau. of
Edward V. Townshend, Esq. of Wincham Hall, co. Chester,
and had issue,

I. Richard, of Coddington.

II. Thomas Leche, .s. his brother.

( III. Edward (Rev.), M.A., 6. Dec. 18C5; m. Sophia, 2nd dau.
of the Rev. Charles Thornycroft, of Thornyeroft Hall, co.
Chester; she d. s. p. He d. 21 Jan. 1H93, s. p.

IV. WilHam Henry, M.A., Rector of St. Mary's Chester,
formerly Lieut in Indian Army, 6. Nov. 1800; d. 6 Jan.

V. Townshend, 6. 1808; d. a. p. 1836.

VI. John Bevi.-s, Capt. R.N., 6. Sept. 1809; d. s. p. 1851.
vii. Watkm, Bombay AniUery, U. Nov. 1812 ; d. s. p. 8 July,


VIII. Charles, 6. 1813.

IX. George. (/. an infant.

X. Robert George, b. 1815, m. Annette, d.-iu. of T. Browne,
Esq. of liartlands, Australia, and d. lbS3, leaving issue,

Hugh Hamon: Godfrey Egerton; Richard de Winton-
Eobtrt; Hester Lee ; Mabel, m. 1889, Major Phillimore!
R.A. ; Lucy.

XI. Hugh Hamon, 6. March, 1817; d. 3 Oct. 1893.

XII. Henry, d.. an infant 1820.

I. Eliza Ann

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