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i, I'ipperary, m. 10 Feb.
1859, Alicia Fanny, dau. of MalcL.lm Liiing, Esq. of Spanish
Town, Jamaica, formerly of Passdale, Orkneys, nephew of
Malcolm Laing, the historian of Scotland, tnd d. 7 Dec.
1885, liaving had issue,
, 1 Eichard Edward. 2 Malcolm Laing.

3 John George, d. 1874. 4 Alexander Copland Dixie.

1 Maria Helena, d. 1874. 2 Alice Emily.

3 Laura Gwendoline, d 1874, 4 Frances Cecil,

5 Violet Augusta Caroline.

IV. Edward Beauchamp, Capt. 39th Eegt., killed 12 July,
1855, in the trenches before Sebastopol, and bur. on Cath-

V. Warren Cecil (EeO, of Hodgestown, co. Kildare, Eector
of Thomastown, co. Kildare, d. 26 May, 1872.

VI. Frederick Webster (Eev.), of Slirule, Queen's Co., Eector
of Symondsbury, Bridport, Dorset, 7)j. 15 Out. 1857, Emily
Caroline {d. Jan. 1873), dau. of Malcohn Laing, Esq., as
above, and has issue,

1 Edward Beauchamp. 2 Eichard Cecil.

3 Frederick Laing Baker.

1 Laura Beatrice. 2 Frances Emily, d. 19 Dec. 1869

6 Louisa Isabella. 4 Maria Gertrude, d. 31 Dec. 1809.
o Emily Caroline, 6 Alicia Barbara.

I. Hannah, d. unm. 7 March, 1842. ii. Anne Jane,
in, Fanny ,Y jj^j^^^^ j^j^^^j^

V. Lowsa Augusta, m. 28 June. ISGO. Eev. BloJcolm Strick-

land Laing, late Chaplain to H,M. European Forces in India,
Vicar of Hinton St. Mary's, Dorset,
Mr, Maunsell d. 25 Nov. 1886, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Maunsell, Esq. of Oakly Park, co. Kildare and Car-
rickoreely, CO. Limerick, J.P., High Sheriff 1868 (the tirst year
H.E.H. the Prince of Wales was at Punclicstown), 0. Nov.
1810, and d. unm. 29 March, 1832, when he was s. by his

Geokge Woods Maunsell, Esq, of Oakly Park, co. Kildare,
and of Ashford, co. Limerick, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff co.
Kildare (the second year H.E.H. was at Punchestown) 1885,
M.A., Barrister-at-Law, b. 1815; m. 4 Aug. 1842, Maria, eldest
surviving dau, and co-heir of Blark Synnot, Esq. of Monasteroris
House, King's co., and Grove House, Clapham, Surrey, and had

I, Eichakd Mark Stnnot, now of Oaldy Park,

II. George John Synnot, 6. 1846; d, 1863

I. Anna 3Iary Synnot, m. 25 Sept, 1873, Alan Cameron Bruce
Pryce, Esq. of Duffryn St. Nicholas, co. Glamorgan, and has
issue (see Pbtce of buffryn).

II. Maria Augusta Synnot.

Mr. Maunsell d. 25 April, 1887, and was s. by his son.

Arma — Arg,, a chevron between three maunches sa, Cred —
A hawk rising ppr. Motto — Honorantes me honorabo,

Seats— Oakly Park, Celbridge, co, Kildare ; and Blackwater,
CO. Clare.

Club-i — Army and Navy, S.W,, Kildare Street, Dublin, and
County Limerick Club.

Maxwell,Wellwood HEHEiES,Esq.of Munches,
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, J.P, and D.L,, M,P.
for Xirkcudbright 1868-74 ; forty years Convener of
the Commissioners of Supply of the Stewartry of
Kirkcudbright, h. 15 Oct. 1817 ; m.2l March, 1844,
Jane Home, eldest dau. of Sir William Jardine,
7th Bart, of Applegarth, co. Dumfries, and has

I. John, b. 1S46; d. 1856.

II. William Jakdine, Major 5th Batt. Eoyal Scots Fusiliers,
M.P, for Dumfrieshire, b. 4 March, 1852; rn. 29 March,
1877, Dorothea Fitzgerald, 2nd dau. of Charles Lionel
Maitland Kirwan, Esq. of Gelston, co. Kirkcudbright, and
has issue, William Jardine, b. 1882.

ui. Wellwood, of Kirkennan, co. Kirkcudbright, b. 28 Dec.
1857 ; inherited Kirkennan 1869, under the will of William
Wright Piatt, Esq., m. 3 Oct. 1889, Anne, dau. of Sir
George Gustavus Walker, K.C.B., and has issue,

IV, Alexander, 6. 26 June, 1860.

v. Hugh, b. 12 May, 1802.

I, Jessie .Jane, m. 20 Aug. 1808, Charles Hood Kinnear, Esq.
of Drum, and has issue.

II, Catherine, d. 1856, ni. Clementina.

IV, Agnes, m. 29 Aug, 1878, L. Maitland Kirwan, Esq., and
has issue.

V. Margaret. vi. Catherine Helen.

Xiineagre. — This is a branch of the noble family of Niths-
dale. John Herbies Maxwell, Esq., b. 1783, son of Wellwood
Maxwell, Esq. of Barncleugh, by Catharine his wife, dau, of
.Tohn Maxwell, of Terraughty (seeM.AXV/Ei.Lof Terravghty), la.
1813, Clementina, dau. of WilUam Maxwell, Esq,, and by her
(who d. 1858) had issue,

Wellwood Herries, now of Munches,
John, 6, 1814 ; d. in infancy.

Jessie, m. 1839, William Maxwell, Esq. of Curruchan, and
d. 1842,

Mr, John Herries Maxwell d. 1843,

Seats — Munches, near Dalbeattie, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright,
and Terraughty, near Dumfries.


Hall-Maxwell, Capt, Thomas Edwaed, of
Dargavel, co, Eenfrew, entered Roval Navy 3 Sept.
1862, b. 22 Aug, 1849; s. his brother 26 Nov. 1886.

Xiineag^e. — Mr. Maxwell, of Dargavel, represents the
Dargavel line of the knightly family of Maxwell of Newark,
a cadet of that of Poloc, go early as 1401. In the male line he
is the chief of the name and family of Hall in Scotland. He
has still in his possession a remarkable collection of charters
granted to his Hall ancestors,

4 S 2





The lands of Fulbar, co. Renfrew, were given hy the charter
of King Robert II., 1370, to Thomas de Aula, and continued
with his direct descendants for many centuries. The senior
line became extinct, ttmp. Queen Mart, in the person of
AViLLiAM Hall, of Fulbar, who d. s. p. circa 1650, when his
estate devolved on his cousin, Adam Hall, of Falquinhill, the
son of Adam Hall, and the grandson of another Adam Hall,
who fell at Floddcn 1513.

John Hall, Esq. (younger son of Robert Hall, of Fulbar,
by Margaret Maxwell), who s. to the osteite of Dargavel,
took the name and designation of Maxwell of Dargavel.
He m. Janet, dau. of WilUam Anderson, Merchant in Glasgow,
and left at his decease surviving issue, a dau. Margaret, m.
Lawrence Craigie, of Glasgow, Merchant, and a son and heir,

John Maxwell, Esq. of Dargavel, vi. Frances, dau. of John
Buchanan, Esq. of Ardoch, and had issue, i. John, of Dargavel,
who d. s. p. ; II. William. The 2nd son,

William Maxwell, Esq. of Dargavel, m. Mary, eldest dau.
of John Campbell, of Fossil, and had issue,

John Hall, his heir.

William Craig, Capt. in the army, deceased.

Alexander, Col. Border Eegt., Gen. in the armv, C.B.. b.

1816: m. 1862, Sarah, dau. of James McCall. Esq. ot Dal-

downie, co. Lanark, and widow of Col. CampbtU, CB., and

is deceased.

Francis, Merchant in Glasgow, m. and d. leaving issue.
Colin, Capt. in the army, deceased.
James, deceased.

Thomas, Indian Medical Service, m. and has issue.
Robert, Major in the army, deceased.
Patrick, JIajor-Gen. late Bengal Staff Corps, J. P. Hants, h.

1823, m. 1853, a dau. of John Bell, Esq. of Hobart, and has

Marian, m. 1849, Rev. Laurence Lockhart, D.D. of Milton

Lockhart, who d. 1876.
Frances, m. Thomas Donald, Commissary Clerk of co.

Margaret, relict of WilUam Eccles, Esq., late Capt. Coldstream

Guards. Helen, d. amn.

The eldest son,

John Hall Maxwell, Esq. of Dargavel, C.B., D.L.. and
J. P., Secretary of the Highland and Agricultural Society of
Scotland, m. 1843, Eliza Anne Margaret, dau. of Thomas
Williams, Esq., and grand-niece and heir of Admiral Sir
Thomas Williams, G.C.B., of Burwood House, Surrey, and
had issue,

William, late of Dargavel.
Thomas Edwakd, now of Dargavel.
Helen, m., and is deceased.

Mary, m. 12 Oct. 1871, Henry Forester Leighton, Esq. (sa
Burke's Peerage and Baronetage).
Anne, d. unni. Egidia, m. J. Russell Wilder, Esq.

He d. 25 Aug. 1866, and was .'. by his elder son,

William Hall-Maxwell, Esq. of Dargavel, co. Renfrew,
J. P. and D L., Capt. Renfrew Militia, educated at Rugby,
Tiiatriculated at Merton Coll. Oxford, b. 1847; s. 1866; m. 18
Oct. 1872, Mary MacNeil, only child of William Jolly, Esq. of
Stevenson, co. Lanark, and d. s. p. 2G Xov. 188S, and was s,
ty his brother.

^avfatll of ,3arg'abrl.

The Maxwells of Dargavel are scions of Maxwell of Xewark,
being lineally descended from John Maxwell, eldest son of
Patrick Maxwell, ofNewark, by Marian Crawfurd, his 2nd wife,
a dau. of the House of Carse. This John was father of James
JlaxweU, of Dargavel, whose son, F'atrick Maxwell, of Dar-
gavel, was slain, 1593, in the conflict between the Maxwells
and Johnstones. His son and heir,

John Maxwell, of Dargavel, m. Margaret, dau. of James
Wallace, of Johnstoun, and was father of

John Maxwell, of Dargavel, m. Jean, dau. of William
Cunninghamc, of Craigends, and had a son and successor,

John Maxwell, Esq. of Dargavel, m. Margaret, dau. of John
Campbell, of Succoth, and had issue,

John, of Dargavel, who entailed the estate, and d. f. "p.
William, of FreeJand, and afterwards of Dargavel, who d.

Margaret, nx. Robert Hall, of F^ilbar, and was mother of

JoBN Hall, who took the name and estate of Maxwell of


Arms — Quarterly: 1st and 4th arg., a saltire sa., with a
stag's head in base, for Maxwell; '2nd and 3rd arg., a fesse
chequy sa. and of the first, between three falcons' heads,
couped of the second, for Hall. Crest — A stag's head. Motto—
I am ready.

/Seat— Dargavel, Eishopton. near Paisley.


Maxwell-Witham, Dorothy Mart, of Kirt-
connell House, co. Kirkcudbright, dau. and heiress-
of James Maxwell, Esq. of Kirkconnell, m. 8 Nov.
1843, her cousin, Egbert Shawe James Maxwell-
WiTHAM, Esq. of Kirkconnell House, co. Kirkcud-
bright, J. P. audD.L., -nho -was b. 4 Sept. 181!?, and
d. 21 May, 1893, leaving issue,

I. James Robert Witham, b. 1 May, and d. 5 May, 1845.

II. James Kirkconnell, J. P. and D.L., Major King's Owij
Scottish Borderers Militia, b. 4 Oct. 1848.

III. Thomas, twin with his brother James, d. 23 Sept. 1875.

IV. William Herbert, b. 6 Feb. 1851 ; d. 14 Aug. 1882.

V. Robert Bernard, b. 8 Aug. 1856.

VI. Aymer Richard Henry, b. 6 July, 1861 ; d. 13 Aug. 1879.
I Frances Mary. ii. Dorothy Maud.

III. Janet Mary Dorothy, 6. 28 Dec. 1852 ; d. 15 May, 1853.

Lineag-e. — The Maxwells of Kirkconnell (a branch of
the noble House of Maxwell of Caerlaverock') represent th&
Kirkconnells of Kirkconnell, one of the oldest families in.
Galloway, stated to have been of Saxon origin. About the^
year 1421, Janet Kirkconnell, heiress of that ancient family,,
)/!. Homer, or Aymer, Maxwell, next brother of Herbert, Lord-
Maxwell, and hence derived another heiress of Kirkconnell, m.
Thomas Maxwell, 2nd son of Robert, Lord Maxwell, from;
whom descended the present family of Maxwell of Kirk-
connell, whose direct representative,

James Maxwell, of Kirkconnell (eldest son of .John Max-
well, of Kirkconnell, by Agnes Laurie his wife, of Maxwelton,
and grandson of Herbert Maxwell, of Kirkconnell, Equerry-in-
Ordinary in the Household of James VI.), was one of the'
Receivers-General of the Customs 1086. He m, 1672, Elizabeth,
ouly dau, of Alexander Durham, of Berwick, and d. circa 1699,.
leaving four sons and two daus. The eldest son,

James Maxwell, of Kirkconnell, served heir 21 Dec, 1699,.
d. s. p. circa. 1705, and was s. by his brother,

William Maxwell, of Kirkconnell, m. 29 April, 1706,
Janet (eventually heir of Carnsalloch), dau. of George Max-
well, of Carnsalloch, and widow of Col. John Douglas, of
Stenhouse, and d. 13 April, 1746, leaving, with several daus.
(of whom Elizabeth, to. William Maxwell, of Munches, andy
Marion, m. John Menzies, of Pitfoddels), four sons, of whom
the eldest,

James Maxwell, of Kirkconnell, was distinguished by his
learning and genius. He was educated at Douay College, and,
after finishing there his course of philosophy, returned to
Scotland in 1728. In 1745, he joined the rising, and served in
Charles Edward's army as an officer of such consideration
that he was acquainted with the most important affairs that
were transacted "in the Council, though not a member of it,"
and was besides, "an eye-witness of the greatest part of what;
happened in the field." After Culloden, he escaped to France,
and while resident of St. Germain's wrote A Narrative of
Charles, Prince of Wales^s, Sxpedition to Scotland in the year
1745, which has been printed by the Maitland Club. He
returned to Scotland in 1760, sold the estate of Carnsalloch tc
Mr. Andrew Johnston, and purchased the lands of Mable. He
m. 1758, Mary, youngest dau. of Thomas Riddell, Esq. of
Swinburne Castle, Northumberland ; and d. 23 July, 1762,
aged 54, leaving three sons, i. James, his heir ; ii. William, of
Dumfries, a very eminent Physician, who d. 13 Oct. 1834;
III. Thomas, who d. 1 June, 1792. The eldest son,

James Maxwell, E.sq. of Kirkconnell, to, 1st, Clementina
Elizabeth Frances, dau. of Simon Scroope, Esq. of Danby, co.
York, which lady d. s. p., and 2ndly, Dorothy, dau. of William
Witham, E.sq., grandson of William Witham, Esq, of Cliffe,
Hall, CO, York (see that name), by whom he left at his decease,
6 Feb, 1827, an only dau, and heir, Dorothy Mary Maxwell,
heir of Kirkconnell, r,i. as above, 8 Nov, 1843, to her cousin, the
late Robert Shawe James Maxwell- Witham, Esq, of Ifirk-
connell House.

^rms— Quarterly : 1st and 4th, arg.. an eagle displayed sa.,
beaked and membercd gu., and on its breast an escutcheon of
the first charged with a saltire of the second, for Maxwell;
2nd and 3rd, az., two crosiers in saltire adorse, and in chief a
mitre or, for Kirkconnell of that ilk. Crest~A demi-eagle
ppr. Motto — Spuro meliora.

Seat— Kirkconnell House, New Abbey, co. Kirkcudbright.


Percevai-Maxwell, Egbert, Esq. of Finne-
brogue a nd Groonisport House, co, Down, and





Moore Hill, co. Waterford, B.A., J.P. and D.L.,

High Slieriff co. Down 1841, and co. Waterford
1864, late Major Eojal N. Down E.M., b. 24 June,
1813 ; m. 19 Sept. 1839, Helena Anne, only dau!
and heiresa of William Moore, Esq. of Moore Hill,
CO. Waterford, son of the Hon. William Moore, 2nd
brother of the 1st Earl Mountcashell, and by her
<(who d. 1888) has issue,

I. John William, High Slieriff co. Down 1873, b. 24 Oct.
1840; m. 1868, Selina Frances imosene, eldest dau. of
David Stewart Ker, Esq. r.f Montalto, co. Down, snd d,
21 Nov. 1875, leaving a son, Kobeki David, b. 1869, and
one dau., b. 1875.

«. WiUiam, of Moore Hill, Tallow, co. Waterford, J.P. and
D.L., High Sheriff 1878, late Capt. 3rd Hussars, 6. 2Xov.
1841; VI. lst,8Aug. 1871, Lady Louisa Arabella Hastings,
3rd dau. of Francis Theophilus Henry, 13th Earl of Hun-
tingdon, which lady d. 3 Feb. 1873; and 2ndly, 20 Oct.
1874, Isabella Mary, eldest dau. of Eichard Chearnley,
Esq. of Salterbridge, co. Waterford, by whom he has had
issue, WilUam Moore, b. 10 Oct. 1877 ; a son, 6. 2 Oct.
1887; Beatrice Mary, 6. 1875; Violet Isabel, b. 1876;
Helen Frances, b. 1880, d. 16 Oct. 1885.

in. Kobert, b. 19 March, 1849 ; d. 1873.

iv. Stephen Eichard Nassau, b. 4 Nov. 1850; ji!. 28 July,
1884, Mabel Henrietta, 3rd dau. of Joseph Eichardson,
Esq. of Glenmore, co. Antrim. v. Henry.

I. Mary Elizabeth, m. 27 June, 1865, Percy Scott Smyth,
Esq. of Headborough, co. Waterford, and has issue,

II. Madelina Dorothea, m. 27 Dec. 1873, Major Frank Gal-
loway, E.A., and has issue.

ni. Helena Anne, m. Sspt. 1892, Major-Gen. W. E. War- I
rand, R.E., D.L., of Westhorpe, Inverness. I

IV. Harriette Louisa, m. 22 June, 1871, the late C. Purdon
Coote, Esq. of Ballyclough Castle and Eearforest, co.
Cork, and has issue.

V. Isabella Marie. vi. Anna Caroline.
vn. Alicia Catherine.

This gentleman, whose patronymic is Percevai,
iissumed by royal licence, 1839,' the additional sur-
name and arms of Maxwell.

Lineag-e.— Eobeut Perceval, Esq., b. 30 Sept. 1756, the
9th son of Rev. Kene Perceval, D.D., Vicar of Powerscourt,
and grandson of Eev. William Perceval, Dean of Emly, who
•was 2nd son of George I^erceval, Esq., by Mary his wife,
•dau. and heir of William Crofton, Esq. of Temple House, co!
•Sligo {see Perceval oJ TemyU Hou?e), was Physician-General
to His Majesty's Forces in Ireland during Lord Talbot's Vice-
royalty, and Professor of Chemistry in Trin. Coll. Dublin.
He m. 9 May, 1785, Annie, eldest dau. of John Brereton, Esq.
•of Eathgilbert, and dying 3 March, 1839, left issue an only

Kev. William Perceval, of Kilmore Hill, co. Waterford,
and Annefield, co. Dublin, 6. 9 April, 1787 ; in. 9 Sept. 1809,
-Anne, eldest dau. of John Waring Maxwell, Esq. of Finne-
brogue, co. Down, descended from a younger son of the Very
Bev. Kobert Maxwell, Dean of Armagh, from whose eldest son,
Eobert, Bishop of Kilmore, springs the noble House of Farn-
HAM, and d. 20 April, 1880, having by her (who rf.5 May, 1861)
liad issue.

Egbert, now of Finnebrogue and Groomsport.
JohnMaxweU, General, C.B., Col. 97th Eegt., 6. 25 Sept
1814; m. 12 April, 1853, Catharine Isabel, eldest dau. of the
Hon. and Very Eev. Robert Maude, Dean of Clogher, and
Archdeacon of Dublin, brother of Comwallis, ard Viscount
Ilawarden, and has surviving issue,
Eichard Douglas, 6 1858.
Edward Maxwell, Capt. E.A., 6. 13 Aug. 1861.
Claud John, Capt. R.A., 6. 28 Sept. 1864.
Charles Cecil, Lieut. R.E., 6. 9 Sept. lbG6.
Philip, Lieut. R.A., b. 16 Jan. 1873.
-Agnes Maude, ni. 1880, Dr. Johnson.
Florence Martha. Isabel Henrietta.

Ttichard, 6. 24 Sept. 1819.

Spencer, t. 7 March, 1821; m. Elizabeth, dau. of William
.wu.ssenden, Esq. of Larchfield, co. Down, and d. 7 May, 1872.
A ill.aui, C.E., 6. 4 April, 1825 ; r.i. 17 July, 1852, Sarah, dau.
oi fe. Going, Esq. of Tipperarj-.
-Charles Frederick, M.D , 6. 4 Jan. 1827; d. 21 March, 1877.
Anne Sarah, d. 20 Oct. 1873.

-Maria Dorothea m. 1 Jan. 1836, Eev. John Corry Moutray,
Eector of Englekeerough, 2nd son of J. C. Moutray, Esq.
;'t lavour Royal, CO. Tyrone, and is deceased,
^lurolme, d. 15 Sept. 1871. Madelina.

^/■mi— Quarteily : 1st and 4th, arg., a saltire sa., on a chief

of the last three pallets of the first, for Maxwell ; 2nd and 3rd
arg., on a chief indented gu. three crosses pattee of the first'
Crest— A stag s head and neck erased ppr. Motto— 3e suis

6'eafs— Finnebrogue, Downpatiiok; and Groomsport House
Bangor, co. Down. '

tiM6.s— Carlton and Union.


Maxwell, Rey. Edwaed, of Ballvrolly, co.
Down, M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb., formerly Eector of
High Boding, Essex, b. 1 June, 1818 ; m. 13 Feb.
1845, Mary Hogg, dau. of Alexander JafPray
Nicholson, M.D., of Lisburn (by his wife, Clara
Hogg), and sister of Brigadier-Gen. J. Nicholson,
by whom (who d. 29 Dec. 1889) he has issue,
I. Theodore, M.D., of King's CoU. Camb., 6. 29 March,
1847; m. 9 Sept. 1873, Elizabeth Eyre, dau. of Dr. John
Eyre Ashby, of Enfield, and has a son, Arnold Aehby b

Lineag-e — This is a branch of the family of Maxwell,
Lord Farnham.

Eight Hon. IIenrt Maxwell, of Finnebrogue, co. Down,
grandson of Henry Maxwell, of Finnebrogue (xee Burke's
Peerage, Faenham, B.). m. 1st, Jane, dau. of Rev. Henry Max-
well, Eector of Derrynoose, co. Armagh, and sister of John,
1st Lord Farnham, but by her had no issue. He to. 2ndly,
Dorothea, dau. of Edward Bryce, Esq. of KUroot, co. Antrim,'
by whom he had issue,

I. Patrick, his successor, who d. urnn. 1749.

II. Eobert, successor to his brother, ancestor in the female
line of Perceval-Maxwell of Finnebiogu.e (see vrecedlna

III. Edward (Col.), of whom hereafter.
I. Margaret, m. James Adair, Esq.

The 3rd son.

Gen. Edward Maxwell, of BallyroIIy, co. Down, Gen. in
the Army, Col. 67th Regt., was father of

Edward Phineas Maxwell, Esq. of BallyroUy, Capt. in the
49thRegt., ?j!.(1781or2) Frances Tapson, who d. 21 July, 1328,
aged 69. He d. 21 Feb. 1818, aged 73. His son,

Edward Maxwell, Esq. of BallyroIIy, was a Judge in the
Bengal Presidency. He m. 1st, 1817, in India, Emilia, dau.
of Alexander Walker, M.D., Edinburgh, and 2ndly, 21 Jan.
1826, Eosina Hogg, and d. at Berhampore, East Indies, 19 Aug.
1826, leaving by his first wife a son and successor, the present
Rev. Edward Maxwell.

Arms—Avg., a saltire sa., and a chief palv of six of the first
and second. Crest— A. stag's head erased pp'r. Motto— ic suis

Residence— 26, Woolwich Common.


Weddeebuen - Maxwell, Andrew, Esq. of
Middlebie, CO. Dumfries, and Glenlair, co. Kirkcud-
bright, J.P., formerly in the Madras Civil Service,
b. 16 Dec. 1821 ; m. 14 Sept. 1847, Joanna, dau. of
the late James Keir, M.D., and has,

I. James Andrew Colvile, b. 5 Feb. 1849, Major (retired)
Bengal Staff Corps; m. 1891, Helen Mary, dau. of the
late Eev. Henry George Godfrey-Faussett-Osbome, of
Hartlip Place, Kent.

u. Harry George, i. 18 Nov. 1850, Barrister-at-Law, Adminis-
trator-General High Court, Madras; m. Dec. 1881, Jane
Trevelyan, dau. of David Fremantle Carmichael, Madras
C.S., Member of Council Madras.

III. Francis Edward Keir, 6. 11 March, 1857, Indian Civil
Service, d. 1 Feb. 1893.

IV. Charles ^Vlexander, b. 1858, d. 13 Nov. 1882.
I. Alice. II. Mary.

Mr. Wedderburn assumed the name of Maxwell
in 1870, on succeeding to the e^tate of his cousin,
James Clerk Maxwell, of Middlebie.

Lineag'e. — John, Ea'l of Morton and Lord Maxwell, who
d. in 1593, left a natural son,

John Maxwell, of Middlebie, who was murdered in 1639, for
which John Blake and his son Eobert were imprisoned at
Dumfries 1641. He m. Marion, dau. of Homer Maxwell, of
Speddoch, and by her (who m. '2ndly, before Sept. 1641, Andrew-
Stewart) had issue, a son,





Egbert Maxwell, of Middlobie, m. Mies Dacre, or a Nor-
thumberland family, and was dead in J679. His son, John
3IAXWELL, of Middlebic, executed an entail of the estate 1722.
He »u. Dorothea Bcllenden, and left an only child,

Agnes Maxwell, of Middlebie, who m. William Cleuk,
Advocate, who assumed the surname of Maxwell. He was
third son of Sir John Clerk, 2nd Bart, of Penicuik. Their
only child,

DoRoxnEA Clerk Maxwell, of Middlebic, was left an orphan
at the ac;e of seven in 1725, and m. in 1735, her cousin, Georgi;
Clerk (second son of Sir John Clerk, of Penicuik, Bart., a
Baron of Exchequer), he assumed the surname of Maxwell,
and afterwards s. as 4th Bart, of Penicuik, and died 1784,
having sold the greater part of the estate of Middlebic.

James Clerk, their 3rd son, Capt. in the H.E.I.C. naval
service, m. 17SG, Janet, dau. of George Irving, of Newton,
Lanarkshire, and d. in 1793, leaving issue,
George Clerk (Sir), Bart. John, of whom presently.

Isabella, m. 2S Oct. 1813, James Wedderburn, Solicitor-
General for Scotland 1816, grandson of Sir John Wedder-
burn, Bart, of Blackness, and dying 2 Nov. 18G5, left by
him (who d. 1822), issue, four sons and three daus., I James,
b. 1814, d. 1863; 2 George, b. 1817, rf. 1865; 3 John, 6. 1820,
d. 1878 ; 4 Andrew, present proprietor (see Burke's Ftcrage,
Weddebeurn, Bart.).

The 2nd son,

John Clerk Maxwell, of Middlebie, Advocate, bought Glen-
lair, in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, and built the mansion
bouse; m. 4 Oct. 1826, Frances, dau. of Robert Hodshon Cay,
of North Charlton, Northumberland, Judge of the Court of
Admiralty in Scotland (she d. 6 Dec. 1839, aged 48), and d. 3
April, 1856, having had issue,


Elizabeth, d. in infancy.
The son,

James Clerk Maxwell, of Middlebie and Glenlair, was
Professor of Experimental Physics in the University of Cam-
bridge, b. 13 June, 1831 ; m. 2 June, 1858, Katherine Mary
(who d. 12 Dec. 1886), dau. of Very Rev. Daniel Dewar, D.D.,
LL.D., Principal of Marischal College and University, Aber-
deen ; d. s. p. 5 Nov. 1879, and was s. by his cousin, Andrew
Wedderburn-Maswell, now of Middlebie.

Amis— 1st and 4th, arg.,asaltirc sa., in chief a mullet gu., a
bordure az., for Maxwell ; 2nd and 3rd, Wedderborn. Crests
— A stag lodged in front of a holly tree ppr., for Maxwell; an
eagle's head erased ppr., for Weddf.kburn. Jl/oftocs— Reviresco,
for Maxwell ; Non degener, for WEtiDtRunEN.

Seat— Glenlair, DalLeattie, N.B.


(-See Burke.)


Mathew, Walter, Esq. of Piatt Bridge and
Euxton Hall, co. Lancaster, b. 6 Dec. 1838 ; m. 23
Oct. 1861, Annie, dau. and co-heir (with Mary, wife
of Henry Rawcliffe, Esq. J. P., of Gillibrand Hall
CO. Lane.) of .John Sumner, Esq. of Haigh House,
CO. Lane, and by her has issue,

I. Perceval Sdmner, b. 27 April, 18G4.

I. Lily Gwendoline, m. July, 1891, George Murray, Esq.,

son of the late Lieut.-Col. Charles Murray, 42ud Regt.
(see Mdrrat of MurraythtcaiU).

II. Mabel Ethelind, m. July, 1891, Capt. Halford C.Vaughan
Harrison, R.A., son of Col. George Anthony Harrison,
Madras Staff Corps, by Julia Stracey his wife (dau. of the
Ven. Archdeacon Vaughan, D.D.), and grandson of
Major-Gen. Anthony Robinson Harrison, 11. A.

Liineagre.— T

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