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his family of Mathew resided from a very
early period until the latter part of the 17th century, at
Brockley, co. Suffolk. In the reign of Henry IV. lands at
" Brockelegrene," in the manor of Talmages, were granted to
Robert Mathew, Epq.

John Mathew, Esq. of "Rabins,'" in the manor of Brockley,
acquired "Wyfolds," in the manor of Talmages, 10 June,
1523, and d. before 1537, leaving by Joane his wife (who sur-
vived him for many years), two sous,

I. AccLSTiNE, who «. to Wyfolds.

II. William, of Brockley, -ki. and left one rlan.,
Mary, 6. May, 1662.

AuGDSTiNE Mathew, Esq. of Wyfolds, a juror 1 Elizabeth,
d. Jan. 1566, leaving by Margaret his wife (who lived until
the reign of James I.), four sons and three daus.,

I. John. ii. Augustine.

III. Richard. iv. James.

I. Dorothy, 6. May, 1560.

II. Elizabeth, h. Oct. 1563.
HI. Prudence, b. Feb. 1566.

John Mathew, Esq. of Wyfolds and Babins, of "Bulls,'" ia
the manor of Brockley, and of 'Whipsted and Reede, co.
Suffolk, was a juror 37 Elizabeth. He m. 11 April, 1577,.
Sarah Andrews, of Brockley (who d. May, 1632), and d. Dec.
1608, having had issue,

I. Adgdstine. II. Richard, b. Nov. 1583.

III. Robert, who .<!. to Bulls, 6. Oct. 1587. By Elizabeth his
wife he had issue,

1 Jeremy, who s. to Babin?, on the death of his uncle
Thomas, b. Nov. 1629. rf. about 1716.

2 Anthony, who s. to Bulls, h. Mar. 1632, and survived
until 1687.

IV. Thomas, of Babins, 6. Feb. 1599.

I. Sara, b. Aug. 1577.

II. Dorothy, 6. June, 1581, m. James Cooke, Esq.

III. Elizabeth, 6. Sept. 1585.

IV. Rose, b. Oct. 15U0.

V. Susan, b. May, 1593.

Augdstine Mayhew, Esq. of Wyfolds, b. Nov. 15S2, m. 3
May, 1021, Alice, dau. of John Wells, Esq. of Coggcshall, coi
Essex (to whom Queen Elizabeth granted the rectory there,
and who was a descendant of the noble family of Welles oS
Lincolnshire). Ha left Issue, by his said wife, three sons and
four daus.,

I. Robert, 6. March, 1621. ii. Acgdstine.

III. John, of Coggeshall, b. 27 Nov. 1624, who left issue by
Mary his wife,
1 Augustine, of Coggeshall, 6. 1658, d. Dec. 1699.

1 Mary, b. Oct. 1651, d. an infant.

2 Mary, 6. Oct. IG52.

3 Alice, 6. March, 1654, rf. unm. Oct. 1694.

4 Sarah, 6. Oct. lt;5G.

6 Susan, b. July, 1663, rf. June, 1G65.

I. Alice, h. 6 June, 1523.

II. Mary, b. 12 May, 1G2().

III. Martha, 6. 18 July, 1634.

IV. Elizabeth, b. July, 1636.

Augustine Mayhew, Esq. of Witham and Pattiswick, co.
Essex, Lord of the Manors of Great and Little Coggeshall,
Attorney of the King's Common Bench (second son of Augus-
tine Mayhew, Esq. of Wyfolds), 6. 6 April, 1622. He held
the Coggcshall manors from 10 April, 1655, to 9 May,
1693. He m. 1st, before 1649, Susanna Sewell, by whom he
had (with another child who rf. May, 1655) a son,

William, of whom hereafter.
Mr. Augustine Mayhew m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, tfnly child and
heir of Thomas Gulston, Esq. of Witham (whose pedigree was
entered at the 'Visitation of the county of Essex in 1664), by
Elizabeth his wife, dau. of John Gravenor, Esq. of Witham,
and rf. at Coggeshall, 28 Aug. 1693.

William Mathew, Esq. of Pattiswick, and afterwards of
Colchester, co. Essex, who s. his father, ni. 25 March, 1075,
by licence, Elizabeth, dau. of the Rev. Ralph Harrison, of
Colchester, and by her (who rf. 14 April, 17'2t>) had issue, five
sons and two daus.

I. John, rf. an infant, 21 Sept. 1681.

II. Thomas, of whom hereafter.

III. A\iIIiam Mayhew, Esq. of Colchester, rf. Nov. 1711,
leaving by Elizabeth his wife (who rf. 23 Jtarch, 1741-2) an
only dau. Elizabeth, who rf. unm., and five sons,

1 William, rf. young after 1716.

2 William, of whom hereafter.

^Tho^mas, }l-"S^"«-

5 Edward, rf. s. p.

IV. John, rf. s. p.

V. HuMPBRET, of whom hereafter.

I. Elizabeth, rf. without issue.

II. Bridget, m. about 1710 Richard Bacon, Esq., and d. about
1728, leaving issue.

Mr. William Mayhew rf. 19 Oct. 1715, and was s. by his second
but eldest surviving son,

Thomas Mathew, Esq. of Pattiswick and Great Coggeshall,
Attorney-at-Law at Colchester, 6. 1678, m. 20 Aug. 17()2,
Mary Sherman, of Tolleshunt d'Arey, co. Essex (who rf. 21
July, 1714, aged 34), and had issue by her,

I. Thomas, of Christ Church, Oxford, and aftcn\ard3 oJ
L<^yden in Holland, b. 11 July, 1712, rf. uwn. 17 Oct. L39.

J. Anna, b, 4 June, 1703, rf. unm. 1 Oct. 1763.





II. Mary, b. 4 and d. 8 June, 1704.

ni. Mary, 6. 15 Oct. 1705, livinc: unnt. 1736.

IV. Elizabeth, of whom hereafter.

V. Christiana, b. 27 Dec. 1707, living unm. 173S.

VI. Jemima, b. 5 Mar. 1708, d. 11 Aug. following.

VII. Jane, 6. 2 Jan. 1710, m. Kobert Baines, Esq. of Castle
Hedingiiam, co. Essex.

Mr. Thomas Mayhew d. 6 Oct. 1727, leaving a will which was
proved 8 July, 1728. His nephew and son-in-law,

William Maihew, Ealj. of Aldham, co. Essex, Attorney-at-
Law and Alderman of Colchester (the second son of William
Mayhew, Esq. of Colchester, before mentioned), who was i.
1706, had vi. 12 Nov. 1736, Elizabeth, the fourth dau. of the
last-named Thomas Mayhew, Esq. of Pattiswick and Great
Cosgeshall, and by her (who d. 9 Oct. 1779) had issue an only
sou and two daus.

I. AViLLiAM, of whom we treat.

I. Elizabeth, 6. 19 May, 1740, d. 17 Xov. following.

u. Elizabeth, 6. 2 Sept. 1741, m. « Apr. 1788, the Eev. E.
Shillito, and d. a widow at Colchester, 6 Sept. 1821.

Mr. William Mayhew d. 21 Aug. 1764, and was buried at St.
Leonard's, Colchester, being s. by his son,

William Mathew, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-
Law, High Steward and Recorder of Colchester, and also High
Steward and Recorder of Ipswich and Aldborough, co. Suffollt,
Senior Bencher of Gray's Inn, b. 5 Sept. 1737, m. Frances,
dau. of C. Perceval, Esq., and d. s. p. 24 Nov. 1787. We now
revert to the 5th son of Mr. William Mayhew (who d. in 1715),
viz : —

Humphrey Mathew, Esq. who was &. 21 Jan. 1685, and was
living in 1716. He m. and had issue, two daus., Elizabeth, m.
John Hills, Esq. of Pattiswick, and Mary, m. — Squirrell,
Esq. of Colchester, as well as an only son,

William Mathew, Esq. of Colchester, the father of

AViLLiAM Mayhew, Esq. of Colchester, and afterwards of
Great Coggeshall, b. 1760, m. 4 Nov. 1784, Hannah, dau. of
Benjamin Denton, Esq. of Great Coggeshall, and had issue,

I. William.

iL Thomas Eaton, b. 17 Sept. 1790, d. unm.

III. James, b. 13 Sept. 1792, d. unm.

IV. .lohn, of Coggeshall, 'Solicitor, b. 29 .Tan. 1805, m. 9 Mar.
1830, Eliza, dau. of Henry Skingley, Esq. of Great Cogge-
shall (who d. Aug. 1867) andd. Mar. J 857, leaving issue, 10

V. Joseph, of Stanley Ilall, Pebmarsh, Essex, 6. 12 Feb.
1808, m. 1st, 4 May, 1830, Miss Mary Jane Firmin (who d.
Nov. 1834) and 2ndly, Miss Mary Ann Pawsey (who d.s.p.
27 Mar. 1875) and d. 10 June, 1868, leaving by his first wife
an only child William, of HaJstead, Essex, who d. s. p. 9
June, 1873, aged 42.

I. Elizabeth, b. 16 Ang. 1794, m. 27 Mar. 1827, James Bridge,
Esq., d. s.p. 10 July, 1879.

II. Anne, 6. 15 Oct. 1797, m. 13 Jan. 1824, James Balls, Esq.,
and d. leaving issue.

III. Mary, b. 29 June, 1810, d. unm. 8 March, 1891.

Mr. Mayhew d. 3 May, 1842, and was bur. with his wife at
Great Coggeshall. Their eldest son,

William Mathew, Esq. of Coggeshall and of Fenchurch
Street, London, M.P. for Colchester 1831-2, 6. 3 Feb. 1788, m.
22 Dec. 1819, Miss Sophia Albra, and d. leaving issue three
sons, the eldest of whom, William, b. 26 July, 1821, now
resides in the Toodgay District, Western Australia.

In the reign of Queen Elizabeth a family of Mayhew was
settled at Hemingstone in Suffolk, being doubtless a branch of
the older family of Mayhew of Brockley, whose pedigree is
given above. At the Heralds' Visitation of Suffolk in 1664,
the pedigree and the old arms of Mayhew of Suffolk {with a
o-cscent for difference) vicro registered by Edmund Mathew,
Esq. of Hemingstone, who m. Rebecka, dau. of Richard Cock,
Esq. of Ipswich, and had issue, i. Edmund, ii. John, in.
James, iv. Nathaniel, v. Samuel, i. Anne, wife of James Eoff,
Esq. of Swayland, ii. Priscilla, wife of John Bull, Esq., and
HI. Lydia. Mr. Edmund Mayhew was son of Edmund Mayhew,
Esq. of Hemingstone (by Susanna his wife, dau. of John
Peirson, Esq. of Otley, Suffolk), who was 3rd son of Edmund
Mayhew, Esq. of Clopton, by his wife, the dau. of — Jaques,
Esq. of Winston, Suffolk.

On 6 Nov. 1563, the old Mayhew arm.'? (in this case
with a bordure engailed or, for dfference) v/ere confirmed to
the family of Mayhew, of Clippesby and Billockby, co. Nor-
folk, who claimed descent from Mayhew of Brockley, and
who entered their pedigree at the Visitations of Norfolk in
1563 and 1613.

TBoxAa Mathew, Esq. of M.ittishall, co. Norfolk, living
temp. Edwakd IV., m. Margery or Johan, dau. and heir of —
Morteyne, Esq. of Hoggesthorpe, co. Lincoln, and by her
(who d. April, 1022) had issue, two daus., Alice, wife of
Thomas Dowe or Dove, Esq., and Clara, wife of Thomas

Beryngton, Esq. of Ormesby St. Michael, and two sons,
Robert, and John who inherited lands at Hoggesthorpe.
Thomas Mayhew predeceased his wife, having bequeathed
money to Alby Church, and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Mayhew or Mayhewe, Esq. of Billockby, who m.
Margaret, dau. of — KyJball, of South Walsham, co. Norfolk,
and had issue,

Thomas, of Billockby (the eldest eon), m. Grace, dau. of
Walter Baspoole, !■ sq., and had issue, a son Robert and two
daus. Margaret and Mary— all of whom d. young.

Robert (the second son), of whom vre treat,

John (the third son).

Avys, m. John Stannow, Esq.

Margaret, m. William Turner or Turner, Esq,

Clara, m. Alexander Playter or Plator, Esq.

Joane, m. William Taylor, Esq.

Mr. Mayhew d. in the reign of Henky VIII., and his 2nd

Robert Mayhewe, Esq. of Clippesby, became heir to his
elder brother, Thomas, and subsequently registered the
family arms in 1563. He was twice m , viz., 1st, to Katherine,
dau. of Richard Spooner, Esq. of Seething, co. Norfolk, and
2iidly, to Anne, dau. of Thomas Pigeon, of East Beckham, co.
Norfolk. Mr. Mayhewe had issue by the former a son and heir,
Robert, living 1563, and by his second wife a second son,

Thomas Mayhewe, Esq. of Billockby, who was living in
1613, having TO. Frances, dau. of John Holdich, Esq. of Ean-
worth, CO. Norfolk, and had issue,

I. Thomas. ii. John.

I. Elizabeth. n. Anne.

III. Frances.
At Mr. Mayhewe's death he was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Mathew, Esq. of Billockby, who d. 1667, leaving
issue, a son.

Gilbert Mayhew, Esq., who sold Billockby in 1672, and
settled in Essex.

Another branch of the family of Mayhew of Brockley, who
used the old arms, settled at Church House, in the parish of
Aldam, co. Essex, in the time of Queen Elizabeth. From
the first settler descended

Robert Mayhew, Esq. of Aldham, 6. about 1665, m. and
nad issue,

I. Robert, of Aldham, who d. 1745, leaving issue by his wife
Bridget, two sons Robert and Barnabas, and a dau. Eliza-

II. John.

Mr. Robert Mayhew d. in the beginning of the year 1730.
His 2nd son,

John Mayhew, Esq. of Churchmans, Aldham, 6. 1695; m.
(by special licence) 31 Dec. 1720, Judith, dau. of Thomas
Pattrick, Esq. of Mark's Tey, co. Essex, and by her (who d.
Sept. I76G) had issue, with three daus., Judith, bapt. 10 Oct.
1728, m. (by special licence) 30 Aug. 1753, John Hawkins, Esq.
Jun. of Aldham, and Margaret and Mary, both living 1756.

I. John, bapt. 21 Feb. 1724; d. young.

II. Robert, of whom presently.

III. Patrick, bapt. 2 May, 1731 ; living unm. 1756.

IV. James, bapt. Aug. 1737 ; living unm. 1756.

Mr. John Mayhew was bur. 17 Oct. 175G, and was s. by his
2nd son,

Robert Mathew, Esq. of Aldham, bapt. 4 Dec. 1726; m.
Elizabeth, dau. of C. Richardson, Esq. of Thorrington, and by
her (who d. 27 Jan. 1804, aged 72), had issue, five sons and
two daus.

Robert, living 1802.

John, of whom presently.

James, of Aldham, 6. 21 July, \iei ; m. Martha— (who d.
14 July, 1839, aged 77) and d. 28 Oct. 1829.

William, living lb02.

Barnabas, b. 14 Nov. 176-5, m. and had issue a dau., Anne,
who was living unm. with her father in 1802.

Elizabeth, b. 22 Sept. 1762; m. — Lay, Esq., and was living

Mary, wife of Smyth Lungley, Esq., in 1802.
Mr. Robert Mayhew d. 9 July, 1773. His son,

John Mayhew, Esq. of Godbolt's, Little Tey, co. Essex,
6. 30 April, 1758; m. 25 Dec. 1781, Miss Elizabeth Radley
(who d. 17 May, 179!', aged 37), and had issue,

I. John, bapt. 11 Nov. 1782.

II. Robert, of whom presently.

III. William Negus, bapt. 12 Jan. 1790.

IV. James, of Godbolt's, and afterwards of Mark's Tey,
bapt. 12 Nov. 1794, d. 18 Aug. 1863, leaving by his wife
Mary (who d. i5 May, 1852, aged 58) five sons and two daus.

I. Elizabeth, bapt. 5 Mar. 1785.

II. Mary Parnel, bapt 28 May, 1786, d. an infant.
HI. Susannah, bapt. 28 Mar. 1788.

IV. Mary Parne), bapt. 26 June, 1792.





V. Ann, liapt. 5 June, 1796, m. 1st, Mr. Cantdell and 2ndl7
Mr. Wright.

Mr John Mayhew d. 24 Dec. 1825. His 2nd son,

KoBEuT Mayhew, K.sq. of Colchester, bapt. 11 Jan. 17S1; m.
6 June, 1811, Elizabeth, dau. of C. Oldham, Ksq. of Nasing,
CO. Essex (who d. 1846) and dying 26 Nov. 1S50, left issue by
her an only child,

John Mathew, Esq. of Colchester, afterwards of Piatt
Bridge, CO. Lancaster, Clerk of the Peace, and of 13, Ken-
sington Park Gardens, London, b. 13 Jan. 1813; m. 8 April,
1834, Elizabeth, only child of John Eapley, Ksq. of Waltham
Abbey, co. Essex, and dying 16 Sept. 1871, left issue,

I. Walter, now of Piatt Bridge.

II. Arthur, of Compton Wood. co. Sussex, J. P., 6. 14 April,
1843, m. 4 Dee. IS74, Alexa Edith Chrissie, dau. of James
AVright, Esq. of Ferntower House, co. Perth, and by her
(who (f. 16 Oct. 1877) had issue, 1 Edith Dorothy ; 2 Marjory
Isobel. He m. 2ndly, Paulina Hope, dau. of Charles lloi crts
son, Esq. i if Nairn, by Harriet his wife, dau. of S. Hope, Esq.,
J. P. and D.L., banker of Liverpool, and has issue one sou,
Keith Guy, 6. 23 Dec. 1883.

in. Horace, of the Elms, Hawarden, co. Flint, J. P. cos. Lan-
caster and Flint, 6. 26 June, lS4.i, m. June, 1870, Mary
Helena, dau. of Eev. Thomas Dixon, D.D., Fellow of
Jesus Coll. Cambridge, and by her had issue three sons,
Horace Dixon, b. 11 June, 1874, Lieut. 3rd batt. Koyal
"Welsh Fusiliers ; John Dixon, b. 2 Oct. 1884, and Geoffrey
Dixon, b. 24 Aug. 1886, and three daus., Edith Dixon, Jessie
Dixon, and Helena Dixon. He m. 2ndly, Mabel Eleanor,
youngest dau. of the late J. Joyce, Esq. of Whitchurch, co.
Salop, and has issue by her a son, Arthur Joyce, b. Dec.
18S9, and a dau. Judith.

I. Claudine, iii. 30 Sept. 1808, U. Craven Coulthard, Esq.,
and has issue.

II. Joanna, m. 12 Aug. 1874, Colonel Charles Donald Mac-
leod, of Bath, co. Somerset, and has issue.

iii. Theresa Henrietta, in. 1 Aug. 1S66, the late Herbert
Saxton WooUey, Esq., and has i .sue.

IV. Ja'et, 111. 21 Nov. 1871, Wi'liam Henry Hewlett, Esq.,
J. P. of Strickland House, co. Lancaster, and has issue.

V. Florence.

Mrs. John Mayhew d. 17 Aug. 18S8.

Arms — Az., a chev. vair, arg. and gu. between three ducal
coronets or.

Crest— An unicorn's head erased arg. maned and bearded gu.
charged on the neck with a chev. as ia the arms ; aU wUh duc
■and proper differtnces.

Motto — Sola in Deo salus.

Residence — Euxton Hall, Chorlcy, Lancashire.

Club— Junior Carlton.


Mayxard, Anthony Lax, Esq. of Skinningrove
Hall, CO. York, J.P. co. Durham, b. 22 JS'ov. 1814;
■m. 1st, 14 June, 1843, Elizabeth Jane, eldest dau.
of George Button Wilkinson, Esq. of Harperley
Park, CO. Durham, D.L. (see that finnili/),
Kecorder of Newcastle-on-Tjne, and by her (who
d. 28 Sept. 1872) has one son,

I. Anthony Chakles Hdtton, 6. 7 June, 1860; m. 1890,
Annie Evelyn, eldest dau. of Rev. H. A. Mytton, Master
of Sherburne Hospital, and has issue,

BicnABD KiEKLEviNGTON, 6. 26 March, 1392.
He m. 2ndlj, 2 Dec. 1873, Edith Harriet, eldest
dau. of Eev. Henry Richard Kidley, M.A., Vicar
of St. Cuthbert'e, Durliam, and Kranddau. of Sjt
31. White Eidley, 3rd Eart., and has issue,

II. Henry Easterby, b. 9 July, 1876.
in. Edmund Gilling, b. 15 Dec. 1880.

I. Margaret Elizabeth, b. 22 July, 1887.

Mr. Maynard is a J.P. for co. Durham, and late
Master of the IS'orth Durham Foxhounds.

Xiineage. — John Lax, of Eryholme, m. 5 May, 1741,
Sarah, dau. of John JefTerson, of Elton, co. Durham (by Mary
his wife, dau. of George Burton and Jane his wife, dau. and
heir of John Maynard, Esq. of Kirklevi'igton and Yarni, co.
York), and d. 10 Dec. 1783, having had issue,

I. Anthony, his heir.

II. John, of Eryholme and Stokesley, co. York, b. 13 Nov.
1744: m. 22 May, 1786, Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir of
Edmund Giliing, Esq. of Martin-le-Moor, near Eipon, and
^ying 29 July, 1826, left issue,

1 John Charles, successor to his uncle.

2 David Jefferson, Fellow of Catherine Hali College, b. IS
July, 1789; d. unm. 29 July, 1823.

3 Anthony Lax, h. 21 July, 1791.

4 Edmund Gilling, of Chesterfield, J.P. and D.L. for co.
Derby, b. 27 May, 1793; to. 22 May, 1826, Elizabeth^
eldest dau. of Kobert Waller, Esq. of Chesterfield, but by
her had no surviving issue. He m. 2ndly, 1858, Ann,
eldest dau. of John Jell, Esq. of Dover, and d. 1884,
leaving a son, Edmund Anthony Jefferson, of Chester-
field, B.A., J. P., 6. 1861 ; m. 1887, Margaret lilanelie,
elder dau. of K. S. Wilmot-Sitwell, Esq., and has issue,
Anthony Lax, b. 1889.

5 Thomas Burton, Capt. R.N., b. 18 May, 179.5: m. 1st,
14 Sept. 1830, Ileniittla Frank, eldest dau. of Colin Chis-
hohn, M.D., by whom (who d. 27 Feb. 1839) he had issue.
He TO. 2ndly, 30 March, 1841, Louisa Frances, eldest
dau. of Admiral Edward Wallis Hoare, R.N., and grand-
dau. of Sir Edward Hoare, 2nd Bart., M.P., and had
further issue.

III. Thomas, d. unm. in the East Indies, aged 20.

I. Mary, m. Jacob Lambert, gent, of Newcastle. Her dau.
TO. 1802, William Hugessen Hugessen, Esq. of Studmaish
Court, Kent.

II. Dorothy, d. v.nm., and was buried at Eryholme.

III. Sarah, m. liobert Charge, of Lowfield, co. ^ork.

IV. Jane, vi. William Taylerson, of Stokesley.

V. Elizabeth, m. George Wood.

VI. Esther, to. Bernard Lucas, Esq. of Husland, co. Derby.

Mrs. Lax, who assumed for herself and her issue, by sign-
manual, 24 Sept. 1784, the surname and arms of Maynard, d.
18 April, 1812, and was s. by her eldest son,

Anthony Lax Maynard, Esq. of Chesterfield, co. Derby,
and Harlsey Hall, co. York, D.L., m. Dorothy, youngest dau.
of Rev. Ralph Heathcote, Rector of Morton, co. Derby, and
Vicar of Sileby, co. Leicester, but d. s. p. 3 July, 1825, and
was s. by his nephew,

John Charles Maynard, Esq. of Harlsey Hall, 6. 11 Jan.
1788; m. 10 June, 1813, Catherine Jane, only dau. and heir
(by Grace Johnson his wife) of John Easterby, Esq. of Skin-
ningrove, CO. York, elder brother of Francis Easterby, who
took the name of Cresswell (.fee Cresswell of Cressiodl), and
by her (who d. 31 Dec. 1857) had issue,
Anthony Lax, now of Skinningrove Hall.
John Easterby, m. Marian, eldest dau. of James Wilson, Esq.
of Potto Hall, CO. York, and has one son, James.
Francis Cresswell.

Edmund Gilling, Lieut.-Col. late 88th Regt., 7)!. 8 Nov. 1860,
Gertrude, dau. of Charles Blayney Trevor Roper, Esq. of
Plas Teg Park, co. Flint.
Thomas ijunon, to. a dau. of J. Myers, Esq. of Darlington.
Charles Septimus, m. 1864, Elizabeth, eldest dau. and cuUi ir
of Edward Rounthwaite Kemp, Esq. ot East Laytun Hall,
CO. York, and d. 1866. She vi. 2ndly, 1885, John Proud,
Esq. of Bankside, Bishop's Auckland.

Elizabeth, in. Roger Fenton, Esq. of Mount Grace, Potter's
Bar, Middlesex.
Catherine Jane, m. Stephen Cholmeley, Esq. of The Knoll,
near Kingston, Surrey (who d. 12 Dec. 1873), nephew of Sir
Montague Cholmeley, 1st Bart.
Frances Dorothea.
Emma Ocjana, m. Rev. Miles Atkinson, M.A., Vicar of

Harewood, co. York.
Sarah Jefferson, m. i6 April, 1855, John Stapylton Sutton,
Esq. of Elton Hall, Stockton, co. Durham, J. P., and has
He d. 24 Feb. 1871, and was s. by his eldest son, Anthony Lax
Maynard, Esq. of Skinningrove Hall.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, arg.. en a chevron vert, be-
tween three sinister hands couped gu., five erm. spots or, for
Maynard; 2nd and 3rd, barry t six erminois and gu., on a
chief az. three Catherine wheels or, for Lax. Crtst-i — For
Maynard: A stag trippant or, gurgi-d with a collar invected
arg., fimbriated sa. ; for Lax : A mount vert, thereon a Cathe-
rine wheel, .as in the arms. M^lto — Manus justa nardus.

6ea<— Skinningrove Hall, Saltburnby-sea, co. York. Rtii-
rfence— Hurwurtli-on-Tees, uuriiam.


Wynell-Mayow, Eev. Mayow, M.A. of Bray,
Cornwall, and Braeside, Wilts, late Eector of
Southam, co. Warwick, and Eural Dean, b. 8 July,
1810 ; m. 14 July, 184(3, Caroline Kate, 2nd dau. of
Eev. Alfred Smith, of Old Park, Devizes, and has
had issue,

I. Philip Stafford, Lieut. R.N.; 6. 1 Oct. 1848; d. onboard
H.M.S. " Briton," off Bombay, 26 March, 1872.

II. Mayow, Major R.A., b. 13 Jan. 18.')0.

III. Arthur (Rev.), Vicar of St. Jolin, Suttoh-on-Plym, co.
Gloucester, 6. 23 Dec. 1852.

IV. Charles Ernest, Lieut. Duke of Wellington's (West
Riding Regt.), b. 3 March, 1857.





•y. Augustus Edward Stanley, 6. 9 April, 1859.

I. Eljzabfth Ursula, 6. 3 Aug. 1847 ; ?n. 14 Jan. 1868, Rev.
Francis Maundy Gregory, Vicar of St. Michael's,
Southampton, and has had Stafford Michael, b. 1870,
Edward, 6. 1874, Arthur, 6. 1877, Stephen, b. 1879, and
Agnes, d. 1880.

Xiineag-e.— Philip Matow, of Looe, Cornwall, m. Mar-
garet Smith, and had issue. His eldest son,

I'liiLip Matow, of Looe, m. a dau. of — Webb, of Tavistock,
and liad issue. His eldest son,

John Mayow, of Looe, m. Joan, dau. of John Rashlcigh, of
Fowey, and had issue,

Philip Matow, Lord of the Manor of Bray, of Morval, Corn-
wall, who was first cousin of Jeremy Mayow, of Borringdon,
the last of the Alayows of Borringdon (whose dau. and heir
Frances, m. John Parker, Esq. of North Moulton, from whom
tlie present Lord Morley traces his descent). This Philip
Mayow signed the Heralds' Visitation of Cornwall 1G20. He
>». Edith (or Judith), dau. of Hannibal Vivyan, Esq. of Tre-
lowarren, who is mentioned in the will of her father, Hannibal
Vivyan, dated 1C08, and had issue,

Philip Matow, of Bray, m. 1636, Frances, dau. of John
Stukeley, Esq. of Affton, Devon, by Frances, his wife, dau. and
co-heir of Sir John St. Leger and Katherine his wife, dau. of
(ieorge Nevill, Lord Abergavenny, a lineal descendant of King
Edward 1., and d. Oct. 1679, having had issue,

I. Philip, of whom presently,

II. Lewis, 6. Dec. 1644.

III. John, b. 1645, a Physician of great eminence.

I. Edith, m. June, 1663, Nicholas Leigh, Esq. of Quithiock.

II. Mary, d. 1708.

III. Frances, m. 1671, Rev. Philip Wynell, Vicar of Landrake,

The eldest son,

Philip Matow, Esq. of Polgover, b. Jan. 1G39; m. Ursula,
tlati. of Alexander Rolle, of Park Gate, Devon, and d. July,
1710, having had issue,

I. Philip, of whom presently.

II. Thomas, heir to his brother.

I. Susannah, m. 1710, her cousm, Philip 'Wynell, Esq.
^'•unger brother of John Wynell, who ?)i. her sister), and
had issue, a dau. Ursula, who m. Benjamin Young.

II. Ursula, in. 1710, her cousin, John Wynell, Esq. and had
issue, a son,

Philip, of whom presently.

lu. Frances, d. 1717.
The eldest son,

Philip Mayow, Esq., 6. 1870; m. Mary, dau. of Richard
Eurthogge, of Totnes; d. 1749, without surviving issue, and
was s. by his brother,

Thomas Matow, Esq., 6. Oct. 168'2,t)). Anne Croker; but
dying s. p. March, 1766, was s. by his nephew,

Philip Wynell, Esq., 6. 1716, who assumed the additional
durname and arras of Matow. He m. 1741, Betty, dau. and
co-heir of George Salt, Esq. of Betley, co. Stafford, and by her
(who d. 1774) had, with two daus., Ursula Anne and Mary,
three sons,

I. Philip, his heir.

II. John Salt, successor to his brother.

Jii. Mayow, of Sydenham, Kent, b. 1752; m. 1776, Mary,
.dau. of Thomas Paulin, "lisq., and d. 1807, leaving issue,
1 Francis, d. 8 Jan. 1874.

1 Mary, d. Dec. 1856.

2 Elizabeth, m. 1804, William Dacres Adams, Esq. of

3 Anne, J)!. 1805, Right Hon. Thomas Peregrine Courtenay,
2nd son of Reginald Courten.ay, Bishop of Exeter.

4 Caroline, m. Rev. II. T. Wharton.

[jllr. Wynell-Mayow d. 1781, and was s. by his eldest son,

( Rev. Philip Wynell-Matow, vi. Elizabeth Snowdon, but

] "by her (who d. 1811) he had no issue. He was «. i

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