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n 1800 by

J his brother,

1 John Salt Wtnell-Matow, Esq. of Bray House and Salt-

i ash, Cornwall, b. June, 1745 ; m. Pi May, 1769. Mary, 2nd dau.

; and co-heir of Robert Doughty, Esq. of Hanworth, Norfolk,

! and by her (who d. 1820) had issue,

! I. Philip, his heir, of whom presently.

: II. Robert (Rev.), 6. Oct. 1777 ; m. Oct. 1805, Elizabeth, dau.
of William Harding, of Liverpool, Merchant, by whom (who

I m. 2ndly, Rev. John Morrall, and d. 13 Dec. 1862) he left at
his aeuease, Jan. 1817,
1 John, Lieut.-Col. H.E.I.C.S., m. twice, and had issue by

both marriages ; d. 1876. 2 Robert.

1 Catherine Anne, m. 1st, at Meerut, in India, 16 April,
1844, Edward Saliisbury Lloyd, Esq., Lieut. H.E.I.C.S.,
:-rd son of Richard Hughes Lloyd Esq. of Plymog,
Cweivlas, and Bashall. She m. 2ndly, Rev. Edward

lit. John William, b. 1738 ; d. May, 1802.

I. Betty, d. 24 May, 1792.

II. Mary, m. 19 Sept. 1799, Rov. John Richards.

III. Catharine Anne, ?n. Rev. John Lukin.

Mr. Wynell-Mayow d. 1802, and was s. by his eldest son,

Philip Wtnell-Matow, Esq. of Bray, Cornwall, and of
Hanworth Hall, Norfolk, 6. 17 March, 1771, who s. his maternal
uncle, Robert Lee Doughty, Esq. in the Hanworth estate.
(Mr. Robert Lee Doughty was twelfth in descent from Simon
Doughty, who, in the reign of Edward III, conveyed his
lands at Hanworth and Melton to his son Thomas. Robert
Leo Doughty was the last of theDoughtys of Hanworth.) Mr.
Wynell-Mayow m. 22 July, 1806, Elizabeth, dau. of Gen.
Charles Deare, H.E.I.C.S. (she d. 10 Aug. 1844), and had

I. John, 6. 30 June, 1807 ; d. 6. Jan. 1812.

II. GEORfiE, his heir. in. Matow, now of Bray.

IV. Philip (Kev.), of Shortwood, Wells, Somerset, M..\.,
Vicar of Easton, b. 16 May, 1813: m. 10 July, 1839, Mary,
dau. of Rev. Benjamin George Heath, Rector of Creeting,
Suffolk, and by her (who tZ. 22 Sept. 1882), left issue at his
death, 9 July, 1892.

1 Philip Herbert, Comm. E.N., b. 20 Oct. 1841.

2 Charles, b. 21 May, 1843, d. 5 Sept. 1862.

3 George, b. 6 March, 1»45 ; d. 21 Dec. 1865.

4 Frank Sydney, b. 9 March, 184G; d. 20 April, 1882.

5 John, b. 17 Dec. 1847.

6 Frederick, 6. 17 March, 18.52 ; d. 26 May, 1876.

7 Herbert (Uev.), Rector of Plumstead, co. Norfolk, 6. 13
June, 1856.

1 Mary. 2 Marsraret Ursula.

3 Fanny Louisa, 4 Edith.

5 Emily.

I. Betty AVynell, b. 14 Sept. 1811.

II. Ursula, 6. 8 Dec. 1815.

Mr. Wynell-Mayow d. 28 Dec. 1844, and was s. by his eldest

George Wtnell-Matow, Esq., C.B., of Bray, b. 31 Aug.
1808 ; Major-Gen. in the army, Knight of the Legion of Honour,
and 3rd class Medjidie : m. 14 Aug. 1842, Jane Elizabeth, dau.
of Samuel Kyle, D.D., Bishop of Cork, which lady d. s. j>. 1S49.
Gen. Wynell-Mayow d. 1 Jan. 1873, and was s. by his brother,

Rev. Matow WtnellMayow, now of Bray,

J^am'ilir of c^liriull.

The family of Wynell, or more properly Wyvell, came
originally from Devon, and entered their pedigree at the
Heralds' Visitation of Cornwall, 1620, as follows: —

Thomas Wyvell, of Crediton, Devon, m. the dau. and co-
heir of Clarke, of Somerset, and had issue,

Oliver Wyvell, of Maristowe, Devon, m. Alice, dau. of
Gifford, of Halisburie, Devon, and had issue,

Thomas Wyvell, of Wyvell's Combe, Cornwall, who signed
the Heralds' Visitation, 1620, m. Thomazine, dau. of John
Whitford, of Scoror, Cornwall, and had issue, Frances, m.
Giffard Willcs, Esq. of Landrake, Cornwall. He m. 2ndly, 15
Dec. 1627, Joanna Willes, of St. Sephen's, by whom he prob-
ably was grandfather of

Philip Wynell, m. 1671, Frances Matow.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, gu., a chevron vaire between
three ducal coronets or, for Mayow ; 2nd and 3rd, arg., three
mullets in fesse between two bars sa. within a bordure engrailed
sa., for Wynell. Quarterings : Doughty, Chaubre. Clarke,
and Salt. Crests — 1st, Matow : A pelican (or eagle) or, stand-
ing on a snake nowed ppr. ; 2nd, Wynell : A Cornish chough

Sent — Bray Manor Houi^e, St. German's, Cornwall. Resi-
dence — Braeside, Devizes, Wilts.


Meape, William Richard, Esq. of Balljmartlo,
CO. Cork, M.A., J.P. and D.L., Barrister-at-La»v, b.


Iiineagre. — This family is said to be of ancient Irish ex-
traction (see Bcrke's Pi'ero.ije, Clanwilliam, E.).

Robert Meade, Esq. (2nd son of Lieut.-Col. William Meade,
by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Sir Robert Travers, and
brother of Sir John Meade, ancestor of the Earl of Clan-
william), assisted in raising a regiment of foot for the service
of King William III., his commission bearing date 1694. He
?)i. Frances, dau. and co-heir of Sir Peter Courthorpe, of Courts-
town and of Little Island, co. Cork, appointed Governor of
Munster by Charles II. 1669 (by Margaret his wife, dau. of
Thomas Daunt, Esq. of Owlpen and Gortigrenane), and had
issue (with a dau. Joanna, who m. J. Nesbitt, M.D., and d.
leaving issue), one son,





The Vert Uev. William Meade, of Ballymartle, Dean of

Cork, Koctor of Ballymartle, Dunderrow, and llingroane, 6.

16S6, Jii. Feb. 1719, Helena, dau. of Bryan Townsend, Esq. of

Castle Townsend co. Cork (by Mary his wife, dau. of Edward

Synge, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, and sister of Edward

Synge, Archbishop of Tuami, and d. (will dated 29 Nov. 1762,

was proved 31 May, 1764) leaving issue,

I. Jons, Rector of Ballymartle, 1752. He purchased from

his cousin, John, 1st Earl of Clanwilliam, 1787, the family

estates of Ballymartle and Ballintober, &c.; m. 1st, 1748,

Katherine, dau. of llev. John Moore, of Innishannon, and

•Jndly, 1768, Susanna, otlJev. Horace Townsend, Rector

of Donoughmore. He d. f. p. 1800.

Jl. Robert, Rector of Dunderrow, 0. 1722, m. 17.53, Charlotte,
dau. of James Xesbitt, Esq., Surgeon, and d. Feb. 17U9,
leaving issue, 1 Joanna, d. %uiiii. ; 2 Helena, m. Rev.
Horace Townsend, of Oerry, and left issue one dau. Joanna,
III. Thomas Poole, Esq. of Mayfield.

III. Richard, Barrister-at-Law, d.^mm. 1769.

IV. 'Williani (Rev.). Rector of hingcurran, b. 1728, m. 1769,
Martha, dau. of Col. Richard Bourne, of BurreUj and c^
1769, leaving issue,

1 Richard, of whom hereafter.

2 AViiliam, M.D., to. Catherine, dau. of Hewitt Poole, Esq.
of Maylield, and d. s. p.

3 John i^ec Meade oJ Ballintober).

4 Robert (Rev.), Rector of Ballymoney, co. Cork, 6. 1768, m.
Eliza, dau. of Robert Travers, Esq., and rf. 1852, leaving
issue, 1 AMUiam Robert (Re\-.), Vicar of Kinsale, m. Mar-
garet, dau. of Richard Lewis, Esq., and d. s. p. 1852; 2
Robert, (/. unm. ; 1 Barbara Helena, m. Eev. William De
Couroy Meade, Rector of Dunmanway, and d. 1814, leav-
ing i^sue ; 2 Martha Bourne, d. vMiii. 1859 ; and 3 Eliza-
beth, d. unm.

I. Martha, d. xmm. 1832. ii. Helena, d. -unin. 1843.

His grandson.

Rev. Richakd Meade, Rector of Ballymartle, ,'. his uncle,
.John, in the Ballymartle estates, <£:c.; m. Dorothea, dau. of
Adam Newman, Esq. of Dromore, and by her (who d. ISlu)
had issue,

William Richard, now of Ballymartle.
John, Fellow of Trin. Coll. Dublin, d. unm. 29 .June, 1835.
Richard Newman, Capt. H.E.I.C.S., fell at the battle of
Meanee, in Scinde, 1843.
Robert Henry (Rev.), B..^ , Incumbent of Eincurran, co.
Cork, 6. 25 Sept. 1809, rf. unm. 1890.
Horace Townsend Newman, M.D., of Churchill Housf,
Queenstown, d. unm. 1861.
Adam Newman, m. June, 1859, Louisa Sophia, dau. of Daniel
Connor, Esq. of Manche, and ((. 1878, leaving issue,
1 Robert. 2 Richard John.

3 Adam Daniel Connor.

1 Elizabeth Mary. 2 Dorothea Martha.

3 Louisa.
Mary Townsend, d. 1880.
Susanna Helen, d. unm. 1858.

Eev. Eichard Meade d. 1814.

Arms — Az., a chevron erm. between three trefoils slipped
arg. Crest — An eagle displayed, with two heads sa., armed or.
Motto — Toujours prest.

ikat — Ballymartle, Kinsale, co. Cork.


Meade, John, Esq. of Ballintober, co. Cork,
.T.P., h. 18 March, 1819 ; m. 10 Sept. 1851, Eliza,
dau. of Eichard Meade, Esq. of Dublin, and has
liad issue,

I. Richard Percy, 6. 22 April, 1857; d. unm. 1863.
ji. John Joslas, 6. 26 Sept. 1858.

III. William George, 6. 11 April, 1862; m. Eliza, dan. of
Frederick Bullock, Esq.

IV. Pierce, 6. 1863; d. 1864.

V. Robert Jocelyn, 6. 21 Jan. 1871.

VI. George Waller, 6. 17 Jan. 1872.

I. Catherine Eliza, 6. 1855; d. um.i. 1875.

n. Eliza Lucia. iii. Sarah Helena. iv. Alice Hardy.

rimeage. — See Meade of Bally.nartU.

John Meade, Esq. of Ballintober, 3rd son of Rev. William
Meade, Rector of Eingcurran, s. his uncle, John, in that
estate, which had been purchased by the latter from his
cousin, the Earl of Clanwilliam. He iii. Alice, dau. of the
Ven. Chambre Corker, of Ballymaloe and Glanmire, co.
Cork, Archdeacon of Ardagh, and grand-dau. of Dr. Browne,
ArchbLshop of Tuam and d. 1616, having had issua,

John (Rev.), his heir.

William, Rtctor of Inchinabacty, m. Anne, dau. of Robert
Warren, Esq., and has issue.

Eichard, of Kildare Street, Dublin, m. Catherine, dau. of
AVilliam Stephens, Esq., and </. April, 1860, leavine, with
other issue, an eldest son, Josiah Dunne, d. unm. 1868.

Edward Southwell, d. unm.

Eliza, d. unm. Martha Helena, d. unm.

Rev. John Meade, of Ballintober, co. Cork, J.P., 6. 1792 ;
Iii. 1816, Sarah, only child of George Wood, Esq. of Eivcr-
view, and by her (who d. Feb. 1873) had issue,

John, now of Ballintober.

Eichard William, Surgeon-Major in the Army, served in the
88th Regt. in the Crimea and Indian Mutiny.

Edward Southwell, d. unm. 1862.

Eliza Anne, m. 1st, Waller Bates, Esq., late 65th Eegt. ; and
2ndly, Hardwicke Evans, Esq. and d. Jan. 1892.

Alice Corker.

He d. Jan. 1864.

Arms — See Meade of Ballymarlle.

Heat — Ballintober, Ballinhiasnig, co. Cork.

Detenish-Meares, William Lewis, Esq. of
Meares Court, co. Westmeath, J. P. and D.L., Hish
Sheriff 1885, Major-Gen. in the army, formerly
Licut.-Col. 20th Eegt., b. 1832 ; vi. 1870, Katherine
Charlotte, dau. of Grcorge EoUiott, Esq. of Vicars
Cross, CO. Chester.

liineag'e. — John Meares, Esq. of 'Whitbourne, near
Corsley, co. Wilts, b. about l'o60 ; had, by Eleanor his wife
(with an elder son, whose representative, Robert Meares,
Esq., of Hackney, Middlesex, was living at Visit. Wilts, 1614),
a younger son,

Lewis Meares, Esq. of Rowlandstown, co. Westmeath, 6. at
Corsley, 1625, an officer in the army, sent to quell the
Rebellion in Ireland 1641, who obtained a grant of the lands
of Rowlandstown, now called Meares Court, co. Westmeath,
and of Cornamuckla, co. Longford, by patent dated 3 Dec.
1667. He rebuilt and endowed the church of Almoritia, or
Ballymorin, adjoining Meares Court. He m. 1st, 1648, Mary,
dau. of Samuel Palmer and widow of Capt. Smyth, and by her
had issue,

I. Lewis, his heir.

II. Richard, b. 12 March, 1651; m. Katherine, dau. of William
Jones, Esq. of Rathcondra.

III. John, b. 24 Dec. 16.57 ; )ii. Katherine, dau. of Giles Van-
deleur, Esq. of Rahaline, co. Clare.

I. Ann, m. Francis Conduit, Esq.

II. Elizabeth, m. Robert Conduit, Esq.

Mr. Meares TO. 2ndly, Elizabeth Large, but by her had no issue.
His will was dated 1699, and he was s. by his eldest son,

Lewis Meares, Esq. of Meares Court, 6. in Dublin, 26 May,
1651 ; m. 27 Jan. 1678, Thomasine, dau. of Capt. John Jones
(2nd son of Henry, Bishop of Meath) and niece of Sir Tlieo-
philus Jones, Privy Councillor temp. Charles II., and had

I. John, his heir. ii. Lewis, 6. Oct. 1684.

III. Robert (Rev.), 6. 18 Sept. 1688, Rector of Almoritia, co.
Westmeath, vi. Anne Wakely, of Ballyburly, and made his
will 10 May, 1738. He had issue,

1 William, of Togherstown, h. 8 Feb. 1732; m. 1768,
Katherine Martha, dau. of Eev. Fletcher I'iers, and rf.
Oct. 1801, leaving a son,

George Galbraith, of Millgrove, co. Roscommon, h. 27
Nov. 1783; Hi. April, 1805, Lady Mary Elizabeth King,
dau. of Robert, 2nd Earl of Kingston, and had, with
other issue, three sons,

1 Robert King, d. s. p.

2 William Piers, b. 3 Nov. 1818, Col. H.E.I.C.S., m.
Mary Ada Montrilli, and d. 20 Dec. 1869, leaving,
with three daus. (Mary Ada Douglas, Eleanor, and
Mary William Anna), a son, George Gerald Meares,
heir male of the family.

3 George Eichard .lames, of Pinduri, India, b. 26
May, 1814; m. Caroline Alicia Nicholson, and d. 8
Aug. 1867, leaving issue, Ge(irgs Eobert King, b. 26
Oct. 1841; Charles William, b. 10 April, 1846; m.
Eliza Martha Mary Hampton, and has, Charles Robert,
b. 16 Oct. 1»67, Ellen Caroline Mary, and Carohne
Charlotte; William Edward, 6. 14 Dec. 1848; m. 1^
Dec. 1874, Rose Eeed ; Gerald FitzGerald John, b. 7
Oct. 18.50 ; Henry .lames Palmer, 6. 23 July, 1853 ;
Percy Nicholson, ;;.28Jan. 1856; Cecil Furlong Eddis,
b. I Feb. 1858; Caroline Furlong, d. unm. ; Eleanor
Mary, m. H. F. Payne, Esq. ; Charlotte Ellen Louisa,
TO. 13 June, 18(>6, George Annesley Glascott, Esq. (»«<
Glascott of Aldirtown, KiUowen, &c.); Isabella;
Mary Ann.

2 Charles (Eev.), h. 26 Feb. 1734 •, m. Ist, Katherino





Hamilton, widow of Her. Francis Goldsbury, of Larkin,
CO. Meath, by whom he had no issue, aiid 2ndly, Eliza-
beth, dau. of Andrew Nixon, Esq. of Cavan, by whom he

Robert, d. s. p. at Bristol, 179.'i.

Lucinda, m. Eev. Thomas Conolly Coane, of Clifton, co.

IV. Peyton, b. 14 Jan. 1694; d. s. p. 1723.

V. Edward, b. 4 Jan. 1702, had one dau. Margaret, m.
William Granger, Esq.

Mr. Meares, whose will is dated 28 Feb. 1713, was s. by his
tldest son,

John Meaees, Esq. of Meares Court, 6. 7 Aug. 1C82 ; m. 1st,
17 Dec. 1705, Katherine, dau. of John Wakely, Esq. of Bally-
burly, King's CO., and had issue,
I. John, his heir. n. Charles, of DaTystcwn, d. s. p.

ni. Peyton, who had a son, Blacliet, Capt. in the army,
d. s. p. 1796, and a dau. Katherine, ni. Henry Brooke, Esq.
of Kantavan House, co. Cavan.
vr. George, m. Miss Jones, and had a dau. Jane.
V. Edward. vi. Lewis.

1. Elizabeth, b. 2 Oct. 1706, Mrs. Crofton.
Mr. Meares m. 2ndly, 14 May, 1720, Margaret, sister of Edward
Eyre, Esq. of Eyre Court, co. Galway, and widow of Hon.
Charles Annesley, but by her had no issue. He d. 1742, and
was s. by his eldest son,

John Meares, Esq. of Meares Court, High Sheriff 1748,
6.28 May, 1709; m. 1st, Nov. 1729, Sarah, dau. of Morgan
Magan, Esq. of Clonearl and Toglierstown, and by her (who
d. 1762) had
J. Thomas, b. July, 1 723 ; d. 1724. ii. John, his heir.
I. Henrietta, 6. 6 Aug. 1719 ; d. unm.

n. Katharine, 6. 17 Oct. 1720; m. John Devenish, Esq. of
Portlick, CO. Westmeath, and had eight sons and live daus.
Of these, the 3rd son

WiLLTAM Dkvenish, got the Mearas Court estate under
his uncle's will,

III. Susanna, m. Eev. William Fleming.

IV. Mary Hose, m. Anthony Lennon, Esq.

V. Elizabeth, d. unm. 1806.
Tl. Jane, d. unm.

vir. Thomasine, -m. Eev. F. H. Goldsbury, of Boyle, and d.

Mr. Meares m. 2nd!y, his cousin, Elizabeth, dau. of Eev.
Eobert Meares, Eector of Almoritia, but had no further issue.
He was s. by his only surviving son,

John Meabes, Esq. of Meares Court, High Sheriff 1783, 6.
4 June, 1742 ; m. 30 May, 1771, Mary, dau. of John Vandeleur.
Esq. of Kilrush, co. Clare, and d. s. p. 1790, having by his will
devised his estate of Meares Court to his nephew,

William Devenish, Esq., J. P., of Meares Court, who adopted
the surname of Meakes. He was 6. 22 July, 1759 ; m. 21
Sept. 1791, Deborah, dau. of Joseph Coghlan, Esq. of Kilum-
ney, co. Cork, and by her (who d. 1834) had issue,

John, his heir.

Matthew (Rev.), to. 1821, Augusta, dau. of Charles Devenish,
Esq., and had issue.

Catherine, to. 1813, Eev. Frederick A. Potter, Eector of

Mary Anne, 7/j. Eobert Sandys, Esq. of Crevagh, co. Long-

Mr. Devenish-Meares d. 1842, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Devenish-Meares, Esq. of Meares Court, J. P. and
D.L. CO. Westmeath, High Sheriff 1862, 6. 12 Oct. 1795; vi.
•Tuly, 1831, Maria, dau. of Charles Kelly, Esq. of Charleville,
CO. Westmeath, and had issue,
I. WrLLiAM Lewis, his heir.

iL John Henry Gouldsbury, Surgeon in the army, b.
1835; m. 21 June, 1860, Thomasine, dau. of Capt. W.
Smith, 68th Ecgt., and d. Jan. 1H77.
m. Joseph Leycester, M.A. Trin. Coll., Dublin, 6. 1838 : m.
1864, Frances Georgina, dau. of Basil George Brooke, Esq.,
J.P., of Dungannon, and has issue,

1 John Frederick, B.A., b. 18 Feb. 1866.

2 Basil, b. 29 June, 1868.

3 Leycester Francis, 6. 15 March, 1873.

4 Aithur William, 6. 18 Dec. 1874.

1 Grace Maria. 2 Ethel Isabella.

3 Morence. 4 Frances Stuart Irene.

8 Sophie Constance.
T. Charlotte, m. 24 July, 1867, John North-Bomford, Esq. of

J-errans and Gallow, co. Meath, who rf. Oct. 1881.
n. Florence, m. Dec. 1876, H. GofT Carey, Esq., and d. July,
lot 7.

Mr. Devenish-Meares d. 1876, and was e. by his eldest son,

Major-Gen. Devenish-Meakes, now of Meares Court.

Arms— Arg., a ship with three masts, sails furled sa. Crest
—A kingfisher ppr. J/o((o— Omnia Providentiw committo.

&ea«— Meares Court, Ballinacargy, co. Westmeath.

Ci»i6s— Junior United Service, and Kildare St.


Medlicott, James Edward, Esq. of Dunmurrv,
CO. Kildare, J.P., 6. 19 Dec. 1827 ; m. 12 Oct. 1859,
Margaret, dau. of Joshua Henry Davidson, Es(].,
M.D. Edinburgh, H.M. Physician in Ordinary, ami.
has issue,

I. Henr-t Edward, 6. 12 Jan. 1863.

II. Edward James, 6. 16 March, 1876; d. 21 Sept. 1S37.

III. Elchard Frederick Cavendish, b. 9 July, 1877.

IV. Charles Francis Lewis, b. 25 July, 1880.
v. George Herbert, b. 6 June, 1885.

I. Annie Stuart, d. young, 1867.

II. Elizabeth, m. 21 June, 1883, Thomas Browning Eecvca,
Esq. of Athgarvan, J.P. co. Kildare.

HI. Mary Graydon. iv. Helen Mackenzie,

v. Annie Catherine Stuart. vi. Harriet.

VII. Margaret Cecil.

Liineag-e.^ — Thomas JIedlicott, Esq. of Abingdon, J.P.
and D.L. (of a family long settled in co. 8alop, who derived
their surname from Modelicote, in that co.), hapt. 9 March,
1027, 51. P. for Abingdon, 1668, was presented with a Parlia-
mentary medal at the Coronation of William 111. and Marv
II., 11 April, 1689. He had issue,

I. James, from whom d escends in the female line Medlicott
Bart, of Yen House (see Burke's Peerage and Baronetnge).

II. Charles, of Cottingham, co. Northampton, who had by
Barbara his wife,

Thomas, of Cottingham, m. Anne, dau. of Eichard Buckley,
and had an only son, who d. s. p., and two daus., his co-
heirs, Anne Barbara, m. George Hill, Esq. of Kothwell,
CO. Northampton, tirst Serjeant at-Law, and Elizabeth, tiu
Eev. John Hill, LL.D., Eector of Thorpe and Kilmarsh,
CO. Northampton, and Prebendary of Windsor, and d. H>
Sept. 1798.

III. Edmund, living 1722.

IV. George, of whom we treat.

V. Thomas, of Bintield, co. Berks, ancestor of Medltcott of
Rockets Castle, eo. Water/ord {see that family).

Mr. Medlicott d. 13 Dec. 1713, in his 89th year. His 4th son,
George Medlicott, Esq. of Tully, co. Kildare, b. 1649,
purchased from John Berkeley, Lord Fitzharding, 1712, the>
estate of Youngstowa and Dunmurry, co. Kildare. He m.
Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Bagot, Esq. of Harristown, and had
by her (who d. 29 Dec. 1725), with seven daus., as many sons,

I. James, of Youngstown, m. Elizabeth, dau. of EdwarcJ

Bagot, Esq. of Harristown; d. 171s.
i(. Edward, of Moortown, co. Kildare; d. 10 May, 1762,

leaving by Dorcas, his wife, five sons, whose line is extinct.

III. Ossory (Eev.), b. at Bandon, )C83 ; m. 1st, Hannah, dau.
of Major-Gen. John Pepper, and had an only son, Joha
Pepper, d. s. p., and 2ndly, 23 Sept. 1729, Margaret dau.
and heir of John Bradeston, Esq., and widow of — Paken-
ham, Esq. of Pakenham Hall.

IV. John, of Ballysax, m. Feb. 1727, Mrs. Hester Withers,
widow, of Tully, co. Kildare, and d. s. p.

V. Samuel, of Dunmurry, of whom hereafter.

VI. George, who had a son, George, 6. 1705.

VII. Thomas, will proved 1738.

Mr. Medlicott d. 26 June, 1717, aged 68. His 5th son,

Samuel Medlicott, Esq. of Dunmuny, had, by Mary his
wife (who d. 1739), with five daus., four sons,

I. James, of Ardscull and Youngstown, LL.D. ; d. unm. 2^
Dec. 1771, having (by an indenture dated 10 Dec. 1770)
assigned all his estates to Charles Dowling, of Redhills, co.
Kildare, who thereupon adopted the name of Medlicott. He
was b. 1705; m. Sarah, dau. of Joshua Paul Meredith, Esq.,
and d. intestate 12 Feb. 1811, aged 106 years, leaving three
daus. (one of whom, Sarah, m. 16 Nov. 1801, John Grogan,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and d. 20 Oct. 1819, leaving a son.
Sir Edward Grogan, Bart.) and one son, James Medlicott, of
Youngstown, wlio d. unm. 1812, and bequeathed llie Medli-
cott estates back to the family.

II. Edward, wno continued the line as hereafter.

III. George.

IV. Samuel, m. Oct. 1765, Angelice Irwin.

Mr. Medlicott d. 1737. His 2nd son,

Edward Medlicott, Esq. of Dunmurry, had two sons anc!
two daus.,

I. James, his successor.

II. Joseph, of Dublin, m. 5 March, 1785, Katherine, dau. oi^
Alexander Wood, Esq. ; d. March, 1816, leaving issue,

1 George, of Eutland Square, Clerk of the Peace co.

Kildare, m. Emily, dau. of Arthur Magan, Esq. of Clonearl,

and had an only dau.,

Louisa, TO. 21 Dee. 1858, Hon. John PrenJergasfVereker,

son of John Prendergast, 3rd Viscount Gort, and has






2 Edward, settled at Lisbon, in. there, and d. leaving
Joseph, William, Edward, and Frances.
."! James, d. unm.

4 Samuel (Rev.), Rector of Ivoushrea, cii. Galway; iii.
Charlotte, dan. of Henry Benedict Dolphin, Esq., co.
Gahvay, and d. 1S5S, leaving issue by her (who d. 1 May,
18S4, aged 79),

Joseph George. Henry Benedict.

Samuel (Kev.), M.A., Rector of Bowness, co. Cumber-
Anne, m. Rev. George Augustus Frederick Armstrong.

5 Joseph (Rev.), Vicar of Potterne, co. Wilts, to. 6 Dec.
1838, Dionysia Meliora, dau. of Richard Godolphin Long,
Esq. of Rood Aston, co. Wilts, and had issue,

llenrj- Edmonstone, of Sandfield, co. Wilts, J.P.' and
County Councillor, M.A. Dxford : b. 1840; m. April,
1874, Kate D'Ojley, dau. of Alexander Robinson Gale,
Esq. of Stanton Lodge, near Bury St. Edmunds, co.
Suffolk, and has issue, Walter Sandfield, b. 1879, and

AValter Edward (Rev.). M.A., Vicar of Swanmore, co.
Hants, m. June, ISOS, Edith Louisa, dau. of Rev. Robert
Sumner and granddau. of Charles Sumner, D.D., Bishop
of Winchester, and has Robert Sumner, another son,
and two dans.

I. Elizabeth, m. Feb. 1768, John Bell, Esq.

II. Grace, m. Feb. 1772, Robert Bell, Esq.

3Jr. Medlicott was s. at Dunmurry by his eldest son,

James Medlicott, Esq. of Dunmurry, 6. 1737 ;5ji. 1st, Jane,
dau. of Alexander Wood, Esq., and had an only son,

I. Alexander, an ofBcer in the Kildare Militia, who went to
India, m. and d. there v. p., without surviving issue,

Mr. Medlicott m. 2ndly, Feb. 1784, Mary, dau. of Thomas
■Graydon, Esq., and had further issue,

II. Edward, his successor. m. James, R.X., d. unm.

IV. George, H.E.I.C, d. unm.

■y. Thomas, 711. Martha Williams, d. s. p.

VI. Graydon, settled in North America; m. Hester, dau. of

Rev. John Grant, and has, with five daus., one son, John


I. Mary Anne, d. unm.

II. Elizabeth, vi. Rev. William Cox.

HI. Katherine, d. unm. iv. Letitia, d. unm.

V. Jane, d. unm. vi. Frances, d. unm.

Mr. Medlicott, who g. to the remainder of the family estates
in 1812, d. 1827, aged 90, aud was s. by his eldest surviving

Edward James Medlicott, Esq. of Dunmurry, J. P., vi.
Feb. 1827, Anne, dau. of Solomon Speer, Esq., of Granitefield.
■CO. Dublin (by Anne his wife, da-u. of Richard Donovan, Esq.
■ol Ballymore, co. Wexford), by whom (who d. 22 Aug. 1866),
lie had issue,

I. Ja.mes Edward, his successor.

II. Edward Richard, tfub-Inspector Royal Irish Constabulary,
d. vnm. 2.0 Nov. 1872.

III. Richard Solomon, m. 9 March, 1832, Louisa Mary, dau.
of A. T. H. Banks, M.D.

I. Annie, b. 31 Oct. 1829; m. 1857, Walter Bagot, Esq., and
d. s. p. 6 Aug. 1S78.

Mr. Medlicott d. 11 Jan. 1868, and was s. by his eldest son,

James Edward Medlicott, Esq. of Dunmurry, the present
representative of the family.

^rm.5— Quarterly : per fesse indented gu. and az., three lions
rampant arg. CVe<e— Out 01 a mural crown gu. a demi-eaale
displayed or. 3/fji<o— Dat cura quietem.

Seat — Dunmurry, Kiklarc.


Medlycott, John Thomas, Esq. of Eockets
■Castle, CO. Waterford, B.A., J.P. and D.L., b.
13 Aujr. 1823 ; m. Ist, 2 May, 1867, Florence Caro-
line, dau. of Sir William Coles Medlycott, 2nd
Uart. of T

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