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, and has issue.

Mr. Roger Dutton Miles d. 4 Dec. 1880, and was s. by his
eldest son.

Anns — Az., on a chevron engrailed, between three knights'
helmets or, as many mill-rinds sa. Crest — An eagle rising
erminois, collared, chained, and charged on the breast with u
mill-rind sa.

&«£ — Keyham Hall, Leicester.


MiLLEE, Ormsby Bowen, Esq. of Milford, co.
Mayo, and Blindwell, eo. Galway, B.A., J.P. and
D.L. for CO. Mayo, High Sheriff 1893, and J.P. co.
Galway, b. 18 May, 1832 ; m. 1st, 26 Nov. 1884.
Elizabeth Mira, dau. of Gen. William Irwine, of
St. Catherine's Park, co. Kildare, which lady d. s.p.
14 Jan. 1886. He m. 2ndly, 25 April, 1890,
Monica Mary, dau. of Oliver Dolphin, JEsq. of
Turoe, co. Galway, and widow of Thomas Staun-
ton Kirwan, Esq., D.L., of Blindwell, co. Galway.

liineagre. — Robert Miller, Esq. of Ballycushion, co.
Mayo, 6. 1618 (stated to have been a younger son of the family
of Miller, of Chichester, Sussex), having joined the Parlia-
mentary forces, went to Ireland under Cromwell's command,
when he settled at Ballycusbion. There is a tradition that
Cromwell, on his return to England, sent Mr. Miller an
original picture of himself in oil, which is now at Milford,
Mr. Miller and his son Robert contributed to the success of
William III.'s army at Aughrim, carrying on negotiations
with Sir John Bingham, who, at the crisis of the battle,
deserted James II., and passed over with his regiment of
horse to the enemy. Robert Miller, senior, served as Higb
SherifTof Mayo, 1681, 1693, and 1695. He m. Rebecca Gonns,





of Farmbill, co. Mayo, and d. 1698, leaving by licr (who d.

Egbert, of Milford.

Lettlce, m. James Stirling;, Esq.

The son,

Egbert Miller, Esq. of Milford, High Sheriff 1703 ; to.
1697, Sarah, dau. of John Bingham, Esq. of Ncwbrook, eo.
Mayo, and had issue,

Robert, of Milford.

James, of Ballynew, m. Anne, dau. and co-heir of Thomas
Croasdaile, Esq. of Cloghstoken, co. Gahvay.

Gilbert, of Dowlas, Queen's co. John.

Dorothy, m. 1st, — Palmer, Esq. of Pa]mersto\vn, co. Mayo,
and 2ndly, 1723, Thomas Cox, Esq.

A dau., m. Major-Gen. Owen Wynne, of Hazelwood, co. Sligo,
who d. s.p. 28 Feb. 1737.

Sarah, m. Thomas Lindsey, Esq.
He d. 1718, and was s. by his eldest .son,

Robert Miller, Esq. of Milford, who i^i. 1710, Jane, 3rd
dau. and co-heir of Thomas Croasdaile, Esq. of Cloghstolien,
CO. Galway, and had issue,

Robert, of Milford. Croasdaile, heir to his brother.

Mercy, d. unm.

The elder son,

Robert Miller, Esq. of Milford, High Sheriff of co. Mayo
1735, dying unm. 1747, was s. by his brother,

Croasdaile Miller, Esq., High Sheriff 1750 and 1756, who
TO. 28 Feb. 175G, Anne, 5th dau. of Sir John Bingham, Bart.,
and sister of Charles, 1st Earl of Lucan, and d. 1783, having
by her (who d. 1782) had issue,

I. Robert, d. unm. ii. George, of Milford.
III. Croasdaile Charles, subsequently of Milford.

]. Elizabeth, m. 1800, Christopher Bowen, Esq., and d. 1815,
having by him (who d. 1828) had issue,

1 Christopher (Rev.), m. 1831, Catherine, dau. of Sir
Richard Steele, Bart., and has issue,

1 Right Hon. Sir Charles Synge-Christopher Bowen ,
B.C., D.C.L., F.R.S., of Colwood, Sussex, //. 1835, Lord
Justice of Appeal ; m. 1862, Frances, dau. of Meadows
Eendal, Esq., and has issue.

2 Edward Ernest, of The Grove, Harrow, b. 1836.

3 Francis Robert Steel, <«. his cousin, Frances Elizabeth,
dau. of Sir Maxwell Steel Graves, Bart., and d. s. p.


2 Croasdaile, of whom presently.

3 Charles, m. Georgina, dau. of Joseph Lambert, Esq. of
Brookhili, co. Mayo, and d. 1871, leaving issue,

1 Charles Christopher, m. Georgina, dau. of Rev. David
Marlvham, Canon of Windsor, and has issue.

2 Croasdaile (Rev.), m. Annette Laura, dau. of — Wyles,
Esq. of Denny Abbey, and has issue,

1 Laititia Ann Hannah. 2 Lily, d. young.

4 Robert, m. Jane, dau. of — Courtenay, Esq. of Dromselk,
CO. Down, and d. Ib81, leaving issue,

1 Christopher, d. unm. 2 Edward.

3 Eoljert. 4

5 William. 6 Edward.

1 Anne. 2 Elizabeth.

II. Marcia, m. Rev. A. Wilson, of Milbrouk.
The 2nd son,

George Miller, Esq. of Milford, Lieut -Col. 7th Dragoon
Guards, dying Kmn. 1808, was s. by his next brother,

Croasdaile Charles Miller, Esq. of Milford, Brig.-Oen., 6.
1772 ; m. Anne Jones, hutd. s.p. in Portugal 1811, and was «.
by his nephew,

Croasdaile Bowen, Esq., who assumed by roj-al licence,
dated 1 Feb. 1812, the additional surname and arms of Miller.
He was 6. 1802, and m. 22 Oct. 1828, Catherine Anne, 2nd dau.
of Thomas Ormsby, Esq. of Kuockmore, co. Mayo, and had

Croasdaile Charles, of Milford.

Ormsbt, now of Milford.

Anne, m. 1851, John Yeadon Ormsby, Esq. of Ballinamorc,
CO. Mayo, and has issue, Anthony; Charles Croa.sdaile ;
John Yeadon; George; Thomas; Anne; Kate; Isabel;
Elizabeth ; and Edith.

Elizabeth, m.Mark Perrin, Esq. of Knockdromin, co. Dublin,
son of the Right Hon. Mr. Justice Perrin.


Croasdailla, m.Rev. John William Burke, of Brampton. Hunt-
ingdon («tf Burke's of Ballydugan).

Mr. Bowen Miller d. 19 April, 1837, and was ». by his elder

Croasdaile Charles Bowen-Miller, Esq. of Milford,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff, 1870, 6. 1829 ; d. unm. 14 March,
1880, and was s. by his brother, Ormsbt Bowen-Miller. Esq..
now of Milford.

.<4r?/«— Quarterly : 1st and 4th erm., three wolves' headsi
erased az., for Miller ; 2nd and 3rd gu., a stag trippant arg.,
pierced in the back with an arrow and attired or, for Bowen,

Crests— Ist, A wolfs head erased, as in the arms, for Miller;
2nd, A falcon close ppr., belled or, for Bgwen. JI/o«o-Nil
conscire sibi.

««((«— Milford, HoUymount, co. Mayo ; and Blindwell,
Tuam, CO. Gahvay.


MiLLEE, Eev. William Sandersox, M.A. of
Radway Grange, J.P., Rector of Whatuote, War-
■nicksliire, b. 5 Jan. 1822 ; m. 1st, 15 June, 1848,
Henrietta Mary, only dau. and heir of Rev.
Thomas Lea, Rector of Tadmarton, Oxon, and
Vicar of Bishop's Itchinpton, co. Warwick (which
lady d. 1875), and 2ndly, 1878, Rosamund, dau. of
James Sutton, Esq. of Sliardlow Hall, co. Derby,
and wido'w of William Hodson Lloyd, Esq.

Lineage. — The estate of Radway was purchased by thfr
Miller family, 1712.

Sanderson Miller, Esq., m. Mary, dau. of John Welch-
man, and niece of Archdeacon John Welchman, left a son,
his successor,

Sanderson Miller, Esq. of Eadway, m. Susanna, only dau.
of Edward Trotman, Esq. of Shelswell, co. Oxford, by Mary-
his wife, dau. of Sir Thomas Filmcr, by Susanna his wife,
eldest sister and co-heir of Laurence, 5th Viscount Saye and
Sele, and had issue,

FiENNEs Sanderson, his heir.

Charles Sanderson, m. Charlotte, 3rd dau. of Capt. Joseph
Meade, E.N., and d. 21 April, 1837, leaving issue.

Susanna Maria, m. Walter Eading, Esq.

Mary, to. Rev. Thomas Chambers.

Hester, m. her cousin, Fiennes Trotman, Esq. of Shelswclf
and Siston.

Anna, m. Francis Litchfield, Esq.
The elder son and heir,

Fiennes Sanderson Miller, Esq. of Radway, m. June, 1782,
Henrietta, 2nd dau. of Joseph Meade, Esq., Capt. R.N., and
by her (who d. 1826) had issue,

Fiennes Sanderson, his heir.

Edward (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Radway and Ratley, co.
Warwick, 6. 7 Oct. 1784; m. J824, Charlotte, 2nd dau. oC
Eev. Charles S. Miller, Vicar of Harlow, Essex, and by her
(who d. 1835) had issue, Edward (Rev.), Rector of Buck-
nell, Oxford, 6. 1825, 7)i. 1856, Emily Ann Walton; Ilenry-
(Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Ashbury, Berks, 6. Ia28; George
(Rev.), of Toy Lodge, Radway.
Mr. Miller d. 1818, and was s. by his son,

Fiennes Sanderson Miller, Esq., C.B., of Eadway, J.P.
and D.L., a Lieut.-Col. in the army, 6. 16 May, 1783; m. 2S
May, 1819, Georgiana Sibella, 5th dau. of the Rev. l'hi?ip-
Story, of Lockington Hall, co. Leicester, and by her (who d.
1857) had issue,

Fiennes Sanderson, C.npt. 68th Bengal N. I., b. 7 Aug. 1820;
TO. 26 Sept. 1849, Mary Ann Theresa, dau. of Don Mariano-
Ramos Castilla, and d. s. p. Feb. 1859, in the East Indies.

William Sanderson, of Radway.

Philip Francis, Capt. E.A., b. 19 Sept. 1826; d. 9 Oct. 1855,
in Ceylon.

Frederick, Lieut.-Col. E.A., C.B.. V.C., Chevalier of the
Legion of Honour, b. 10 Nov. 1831, deceased.

Georgiana Sibella, m. 1860, Rev. George Miller, of Toy
Lodge, Radway, M.A., Rural Dean and Vicar of Radway,
and lias issue, Charles Saunderson.

Harriet Martha, m. 25 June, 1844, Rev. Hewett Carey, eldest,
son of Gen. Peter Carey, of Guernsey, and has issue, one son
and six dans.

Jane Anne, m. 2 May, 185.5, Frederick Litchfield Ward, Esq.,.
and has issue, a son and a dau.
Col. Miller was severely wounded at the battle of Waterloo,
while commanding the Inniskilling Dragoons. He d. Sept.
]8j2, and was s. by his son.

Arms — Az., four mascles, two in pale and as many in fesse.
Cr(-ft — A demi-lion rampant az., a mascie between his paws or.
<b'ta£— liadway Grange, Kineton, co. Warwick.


Miller, Thomas Butt, Esq. of Brentry, co..
Gloucester, J. P., Capt. R. Gloucestershire Yeo-
manry, h. 2 Dec. 1859 ; educated at Eton and
Trin.' Coll., Cambridge, B.A., 1881 ; eldest son of





tbe late George Miller, Esq., J.P.,o£ Brentry (wlio
d. ISSl), bv Mary, dau. of tlie late T. Luce, Esq.
iStaf— Brentry, Wcstbury-on-TrTm.


MiLLiGAN, LiETJT.-CoL. Chaeles, of Caldwell
Hall, CO. Derby. J.P., Lieut.-Col. (Retired) late
39th Eegt. b. 'l July, 1832, m. 11 Dec. 1860,
Gertrude, dau. of Sir Charles Sbakerley, Bart, of
iSomerford Park, co. Chester, and has issue,

I. George Dckbab, Capt. Coldstream Guards, h. 13 Jan.

II. Frank ■William, h. 19 March, 1S70.

I. Eva Gertrude. ii. Ada Catharine.

III. Blanche Justina. iv. Hilda. Caroline.

Lieut.-Col. Milligau Tras adjutant of his regiment
in the Crimea and served also as A.D.C. to Major-
Oen. Lord William Paulet, commanding the Light
Division. He received the medal and clasp, the
5th class of the Medjidie and the Turkish medal.

Lineagre. — Rev. Peter Milligan, Minister of Colvend,
ordained 1513, ra. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Leg, of Dalbety,
in the Stewartry of Galloway, and d. 1564, aged 70, having had

1. Herbert, of whom presently.

ir. Charles, had lands in Annandale, was taken prisoner by

the English and beheaded at CarUsle 1609, aged about 60.

He left issue,

1 Charles, m. and had issue.

2 John, Lieut. E.N. from whom descended John Milligan.
of New York, U.S.A.

The eldest son,

Herbert Milligan, Esq. m. Janet, only child and heir of
David Clarke, Esq. of Barclay, and d. March, 1626, aged 103,
and was buried at Colvend. He had two sons, X'eter and
David. The eldest son,

Peter Milligan, Esq. m. Janet, dau. of William Davidson,
Esq. of Buitle, and d. 1673, aged 66, leaving with two daus.,
3Iary and Elizabeth, a son and heir,

Peter Milligan, Esq. of Dalbeatie, in the Stewartry of Gal-
loway, TO. Agnes, dau. of David Murray, Esq. of Barnhourie,
and d. June, 1718, aged 71, and was buried at Colvend, leav-
ing issue,

I. Charles, of Shieldhill, m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Kirk-
patrick, Esq. of Kirkmittin, and d. 1768, having had issue,

Peter, of the Isle of Wight, m. and had issue.
Peggy, m. Andrew Clarke, of Barnhourie.

II. David, of whom presently.

III. James, of Fairgirth, m. Margaret, dau. of John Smith,
of Legsbridge.

iv. Peter, of Kirkbean, m. Sarah, dau. of Charles Blair,
and had issue, Charles; AVilliam; Mai ion; Sarah; Mary;
Elizabeth ; Peggie ; and Jennet.

V. John, of Kirkbean, m. Mar)', dau. of Hugh Patersou, of
Kirkbean, and d. 1764, leaving issue,

1 William, 6. 29 Dec. 1741.

2 James, b. 30 Jan. 1739, m. 29 Nor. 1764, Ann, dau. of
William Lindsay, of Corsock, and had issue,

1 Mary, 6. 29 Dec. 1744.

1 Esther, m. John Kittrijk, of Kirkcudbright.

2 Elizabeth, m. George Kirkpatrick, of Gelston in the
Stewartry of Galloway.

Tlie 2nd son,

David Milligan, Esq. of Dalbeatie, w. Mary, dau. of John
Learmont, of Green Hawthorn, and had issue, with others who
<l. in infancy,

J. Peter, an officer in the Navy, d. unm.

II. David, of whom presently.

I. Esther, m. Thomas Porter, of Kirkcudbright, and d. 1771,
leaving issue, David and Jennet.

n. Elizabeth, m. James Callander, of Liverpool, and had
issue, Robert and Mary.
The 2nd son,

David Milligan, Esq. of the city of London, Merchant, m.
10 Sept. 1759, Marian, dau. of Robert Clarke, of Castle Cravie,
and d. s. p., leaving his property to his cousin,

Robert Milligan, Esq. of Eoslyn House, Hampstead, co.
Middlesex, Deputy Chairman of the West India Dock Com-
pany, and founder of those docks, where there is a statue to
liis memory, h. at Dumfries 19 Aug. 1746, the son of Jame.s
MilUgan, of Dumfries, m. at Kingston, Surrey, 13 Oct. 1781,

Jean, dau. of William Dunbar, of Forres, co. Elgin, and by
her (who </. 14 Jan. 1820) had issue,

I. Robert, of Eastridge, Ryde, of the 11th Light Dragoons
and 2nd Life Guards, fought at Waterloo, b. 28 Aug. 1787,
VI. 1816, Elizabeth Margaret, dau. of Mathew Baillie, Esq.,
M.D., and d. 21 Dec. 1875, leaving by her who d. 25 June,
1S76, an only child, Sophia, of Rosslyn Lodge, Weybridge,
b. 4 July, 1817, d. unm. 17 Sept. 1893.

II. David, of Jamaica, merchant, b. 27 April, 1789, d. in
that island, 16 Feb. 1818, s. p.

III. Harry, b. 1790, m. 1816, Georgiana Matilda, dau. of Sir
Walter Stirling, Bart. His widow m. Sir Thomas Barrett-
Lennard, Bart.

IV. Duncan, b. 1793.

v. William, of whom hereafter.

I. Jean, m. 1811, Thomas Hugham, Esq., M.P., of Airds, N.B.

II. Justina. in. Maiy.

Mr. Robert Milligan d. 21 May, 1809. His youngest son.

Major William Milligan, of Cotswold House, co. Glou-
cester, of the 2ni Life Guards, b. 12 Sept. 1799; jh. 25 April,
1S31, Caroline, dau. of Sir Charles Des Voeux, Bart., and by
her (who d. 24 Aug. 1884)

I. Charles, of Caldwell Hall.

II. William Henry, 6. 26 Nov. 1833.

III. Harry Robert, Lieut.-Col. 60th Rifles, &. 25 Jan. 1835,
d. u'im. 3 July, 1890.

I. Emily Caroline, b. 5 May, 1840.

II. Justina Charlotte, b. 23 April, 1844.
lu. Alice Katherine, b. 29 May, 1846.

IV. Mary Louisa, b. 24 Feb. 1856.

Major William Milligan d. 18 June, 1868, and was s. by his
eldest son.

Arms—Or, in chief a dexter hand, in base a heart between
two spears, the staves rompu erect proper, quartering per fesse,
wavy az. and vert, three swans arg., for Clarke. Crest — A
merchant ship under sail, colours flying ppr.

Heat — CaldH-ell Hall, Burton-on-Trent.


Mills, Joseph Trueman, Esq. of Clermont,
Watton, Norfolk, and of Husbands Bosworth,
Rugby, J.P. for cos. Norfolk, Herts, and Leicester,
D.L CO. Leicester, High Sherifl" 1880, I. 15 Jan.
1836 ; m. 13 Oct. 1858, Eliza Anna, dau. of James
Layton, Esq. of Baldock, Herts, J. P., and has

I. HenrtTrueman, b. 23 Oct. 1860 ; m. 2 June, 1883, Amelia,
Dora Madeline, dau. of Gen. Tuite Dalton.

II. John Layton, 6. 9 Sept. 1863; m. 26 April, 1893, Maude
Helen, dau. of Henry F. Pilkington, Esq. of Park Lane
Hall, Doncaster.

III. Charles Remington, 6. 15 Dec. 1866.

I. Louisa Matilda, 6. 11 Sept. 1859.

II. Margaret Ada, b. 25 March, 1862.
in. Mary Florence, 5. 8 Oct. 1364.

Mr. Mills s. his father 22 Nov. 1879.

Lin.eag'e. — John Remington Mills, Esq. of Kingswood
Lodge, Tunbridge Wells, and Tolmers, Hert^^, J. P., formerly
M.P. for Wycombe, son of Samuel Mills, Esq. of Russell
Square, London (who d. 4 March, 1847), by Mary Wilson his
wife, s. to Tolmers, 11 Nov. 1862, at the decease of his elder
brother, Thomas Mills, Esq. of Tolmers, J. P. and D.L., of the
Inner Temple Barrister-at-Law , and M.A. of the University
of Cambridge, M.P. for Totnes. He was 6. 15 Jan. 1797 ; m.
2 Aug. 1831, Louisa Matilda, dau. of Joseph Truemaft, Esq. of
Walthamslow, Essex, and by her (who 28 Feb. 1886) had issue,

I. John Remington, of Tolmers, m. Feb. 1863, Mary Ann,
only dau. of Charles Gilmour, Esq., and d. 4 May, 1865,
leaving two daus., Blarion Jane, 6. 26 Dec. 1863, and Flor-
ence Sophia, b. 19 Feb. 1865, who s. to Tolmers as co-heirs.

II. Joseph Trueman, of Clermont.

I. Matilda, m. 1 May, 1855, Thomas AVard Swinburne, Esq.
of Corndean Hall, near Winchcombe, co. Gloucester.

Mr. Mills d. 22 Nov. 1879.

Seais— Clermont, near Watton ; Highfield, Husbands Bo»-
worth, near Rugby ; Hillborough Hall, Brandon.

Mills, John, Esq. of Bisterne, Hants, J.P. and
D.L., b. 3 June, 183tj ; m. 30 June, 18(38, Louisa
Frances, eldest dau. of Thomas Entwisle, Esq. of
Wolhayes, Hants, and has issue a dau., Mary





Lineage. — John Mills, who held one of the offices in
the Court of Chancery, 7)i. 30 June, 1709, Sarah Uest, and had
John, of whom presently.
AVilliam, 6. 4 Sept. 1714 ; m. Selina, dau. of Sir John Salter,

Knt. of Wardens Hall, Essex, d. s. p. Dec. 1782.
Mary, d. unm. JJay, 1730.

Sarah, m. Rev. Henry Bund Vernon, Eector of Fladbury,
CO. Worcester, d. s. p. 1758.

Mr. Mills d. June, 1717 (his widow m. 2ndly, Robert Cornwall,
Esq. and by him, had an only child, Catherine, m. Hugh
llolbech, Esq.). The eldest surviving son,

Rev. John Mills, Rector of Barford and of Oxhill, co.
Warwick, b. 10 May, 1712 ; m. 17 Nov. 1749, Sarah, dau. of
Kev. William Wheler, Vicar of Leamington Hastings, co.
Warwick, and granddau. of Admiral Sir Francis Wheler,
Knt., younger son of Sir Charles Wheler, 2nd Bart., and by
this lady (who d. 25 Oct. 1807) had issue,

William, of whom presently.

Charles,M.P.,6. 13July, 1753 ; m. Jane, 4th dau. of Wriothes-
ley Digby, Esq., and d. s. p. 29 Jan. 1826.
John, h. IS March, 1758; drowned at Barford, 1772.
Francis (Rev.), b. 29 June, 1759 ; m. 26 Oct. 1811, Catherine,
4th dau. of Sir John Mordaunt, Bart; and fZ.23 April, 1851,
leaving issue by her (who d. 7 May, 1852) two sons,
Henry (Rev.), M.A., J. P., of Manor House, Pillcrton, Patron
of Pillerton, 6. 1 April, 1815; m. 9 Dec. 1841, Mary, .'Ird
dau. of Rev. Henry Hippisley, of Lambome Place, IJerks,
and has issue,
Francis, 6. 18 Jan. 1844; m. 27 Dec. 1877. Selina Mary,
dau. of Rev. Henry Knightly, Vicar of Conbroke, and
has issue, 1 Henry Valentine, b. 1882 : 1 Mabel Frances :
2 Phoebe.
Catharina, m. 20 April, 1882, Rev. Alfred Freeman,
M.A., Vicar of Burgh-on-Bain, co. Lincoln.
Arthur, of Efford Down, Bude Haven, Cornwall, M.A.,
J.P. and D.L., M.P. for Taunton 1852-53 and 1857-65,
for Exeter 1873-80, b. 20 Feb. 1816; m. 3 Aug. 1848,
Agnes Lucy, dau. of Sir Thomas Dyke-Acland, Bart., and
has issue.

Barton Reginald Vaughan (Rev.),M.A., Ch. Ch. Oxford,
b. 29 Oct. 1857 ; m. 1886, Lady Catherine Mary Valentia
Hobart-Hampden, sister of Sydney, 7th Earl of Buck-
inghamshire, and by her (who d. 1889) has issue,

Arthur Frederic Hobart, 6. 1887.
Dudley Acland, Capt. R.E., 6. 24 Aug. 1860.
Harriet, m. 24 Dec. 1783, Major-Gen. George Scott, ef Wol-

ston, CO. Warwick, and d. s. p. 1830.
Selina, m. 1780, James Molony, Esq. of Kiltanon.
Lucy, d. young, 1771.
Frances, m. 13 Dec. 1793, Rev. Thomas Cattell, R>-ctor of

Berkeswell, co. Warwick, and d. 3 March, 1795.
Charlotte, d. young, 1771.

Mr. Mills d. 21 March, 1791. The eldest son,

William Mills, Esq. of Bisterne, b. 10 Nov. 1750; :n.
7 April, 1786, Elizabeth, 3rd dau. of the Hon. Wriothesley
Digby, and by her (who d. 27 Dec. 1828) had issue,
John, his heir.

William, Major, 5. 1791 ; m. 1814, Charlotte, dau. of Jame=;
Hare, Esq., M.P. for Knaresborough, and had an only sur-
viving son,
Charles James Conway, Gen. in the army, J.P. co. Bed-
ford, 6. 29 May, 1816; m. 22 June, 1861, Gertrude,
dau. of Samuel Whitbread, Esq. of Southill, co. Bedford.
and has issue, William, Lieut, h.-p. late Grenadier Guards,
b. 25 July, 1862 ; Sydney, Lieut. Rifle Brigade, 6. 5 July,
1867 ; Gertrude, m. 25 Sept. 1886, Viscount Stopford,
eldest son of 5th Earl of Courtown ; and Edith.

Chahles (Sir), of Hillingdon Court, Middlesex, 6. 1792;
created a Bart. 1868 : father of Charles Henry, Lobd Hil-
lingdon (see Burke's Fterage and Baronetage).

Francis, b. 1793; d. s.v. July, 1854.

Henry Digby, d. an infant 30 April, 1880.

Ednnmd Wheler, b. 1801 ; m. Frances Eliza, dan. of William
Wingfield (afterwards Bates), Esq., and by her, who d. 1835,
left at his decease, 186.'i, an only child, Charlotte, m. 1858,
late Lieut. -Col. E. H. Cooper, Grenadier Guards, of Markrec
Castle, CO. Shgo, and has issue.

Elizabeth, m. 2 June, 1813, William Wingfleld (afterwards
Baker), Esq. of Orsett Hall, Essex; and d. 21 March, 1858.

Charlotte, 771. 1810, Henry Combe Compton, Esq. of Manor
House, Minestead, Hants, M.P., and d. 23 March, 1855. He
d. 27 Nov. 1866.

Selina, m. 24 March, 1824, Charles Holte Bracebridge, Esq.
of The Hall, Atherstone, co. Warwick, who d. 1872.

Mr. Mills d. 20 March, 1820, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Mills, Esq. of Bisterne, Hants, J.P., D.L., and
Verdererof New Forest, b. 11 Aug. 1789; m. 28 July, 1835,
Sarah Charlotte, eldest dau. of Nathaniel Micklethwait, Esq.

of Taverham HaU, Norfolk, and by her (who d. 11 Feb. 1368)
had issue,
I. John, his heir, now of Bisterne.

XI. Cecil (Rev.), M.A., Rector of Barford, co. Warwick, b. 17
Nov. 1839 ; m. 12 Aug. 1874, Annie Henrietta Frances,
eldest dau. of Capt. Nicholls, and has issue, a son, Fiaucis
Cecil, b. 31 July, 1875.
III. Francis Nathaniel, d. an infant, 23 April, 1848.

Mr. Blills was formerly in the Coldstream Guards, and served
in the Peninsular and Holland. He was present at the battles
of Fuentes d'Onor and Salamanca, and the sieges of Ciudad
Eodrigo and Burgos, for which he had the war medal and
three clasps. He was M.P. for Rochester from 1831 to 1334.
He d. 28 Feb. 1871, and was s. by his eldest son.

Arms — Gyronny of six arg. and az.. a millrind sa. C/v.s-; — A
demi-lion regardant or, gorged with a collar gemol az.,
holding between the paws a millrind sa. Motto — l\il conscire

-Seat— Bisterne, Ringwood, Hants.


Mills, Thomas Richaed, Esq. of Saxhani Hell,
Suffolk, b. 18 Oct. 1851.

Lineage.— Giles Mills, Esq. of London, b. 1678; m.
Mary, dau. of Elliston Barrington, Esq. of Chelmsford, Essex,
(son and heir of Thomas Barrington, Esq., and giandson of
Robert Barrington, Esq. of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, who
was 3rd son of Sir Francis Barrington, 1st Bart, of Barrington
Hall (so created 1614), and dying 24 Jan. 1746, left a son,

William Mills, Esq. of Clapham, Surrey, in. Elizabeth,
dau. of .James Hatch, Esq. of Clabery Hall, Essex, and dyiui;
1790, left, with other issue, a son,

Thomas Mills, Esq. of Saxham Hall, Suffolk, J.P. and D.L.
High Sheriff 1805, b. 11 Feb. 1749; m. Susannah, dau. and
co-heir of Christopher Harris, Esq. of Bcllevue, Devon, son of
John Harris, Esq. of Radford House, in the same co. and had

WiLLLAM, his heir.

Christopher John, 6. 5 Oct. 1782; m. 1st, Harriet, youngest;
dau. of John Butts, Esq. of Kensington, by whom ha had
one dau. Harriet. He m. 2ndly, Jemima, 2nd dau. of James
Hatch, Esq. of Clabery HaU, Essex, and by her had one
son, James, 6. 10 April, 1811. He m. 3rdly, Charlotte Mary,
2nd dau. of John Harcourt Powell, Esq. of Burlington
Street, London, and d. 4 Oct. 1855.
Thomas (Rev.), Eector of Stutton, Ipswich, and of Great
Saxham, Suffolk, Proctor m Convocation for the Arch-
deaconry of Sutlolk, Hon. Canon of Norwich, Chaplain in
Ordinary to her Majesty, and J.P. for Suffolk, b. 17 Nov.
1792; m. 1st, 12 April, I8I5, Anne, dau. of Nathaniel Bar-
nardiston, Esq. of The Ryes, Sudbury, Suffolk, and by her
(who d. 7 May, 1327) had a son,

Babbington Stopford Thomas (Eev.), M.A. Oxford, Eec-
tor of Lawshall, Suffolk, b. 30 Sept. 1821; m. 10 Jan.
1850, Georgiana Penelope, dau. of Henry C. Sturt, Esq. of
Crichel, Dorset, by Lady Charlotte his wife, and has had
issue, Bertha, d. 1866 ; Edith, d.. an infant ; and Mary
Isabel, 6. 1 Oct. 1862.
The Rev. Thomas Mills m. 2ndly, 13 Dec. 1336, Hon. Eliza-
beth Frances, dau. of George, 5th Viscount Barrington, and
d. 29 Sept. 1879.
Susanna, to. Ib05, John William Hicks, Esq. of Jamaica
- and of Bath, and d. 11 Sept. 1853.
Elizabeth, d. unm. 1825.

Blarianne, to. Edward llarman, Esq. of Clay Hill, Enfield,
and d. 1855, having had issue.

Julia, in. 27 Aug. 1833, Eev. Arthur Carrighan, Rector of
Barrow, Suffolk, and d. 1862.

The eldest son,

William Mills, Esq. of Saxham Hall, Suffolk, J.P.. and
D.L., J. 18 Jan. 1780; m. 5 June, 1817, Clara Jane, 2nd dau.
of Eev. Eichard Huntley, *f Boxwell Court, co. Gl

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