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n Sims,

2 William Erskine, b. 1847; ci. 1877.

m. Arthur Andrew Ch.arles, b. 29 March, 1815 ; d. s. p.

IV. David Erskine, h. 7 April, 1816; ,u. 1848, Jlargarct, oth
dau. of Alexander Low, Esq., and d. 1882.

V. Frederick, b. 21 June, 1818; m. 1840, Kachcl, 4th dau. of
Alexander Forbes, Esq., and d. 1883.

VI. James Andrew, 6. 6 May ; d. 27 Aug. 1820.

VII. Alexander Kiuloch, Judge High Court of Bomhay, rf.
7 July. 1»21 ; j/i. Margaret, dau. of Henry David Forbes,
Esq. of Balgownie, and d. at Poonah, 31 Aug. 186.5, leaving,
with other issue,

1 John Fraser. 2 Henry David Ersldne.

3 Alexander Abemcthie.

JSIr. Mitchell, who d. in France 9 July, 1822, was s. by his son,
Du^•CAN FoREEs-MiTcnELL, Esq. of Thainstonc, b. 30 Oct.
1812; 77!. 18 Feb. 1824, Maria, elder dau. of Robert Anthony
Bromley, Esq., Lieut.-Col. H.E.I.C.S., andtZ. 13 Aug. 1878,
having had issue,

1. John, late of Thainstone, d. nt supra.

I. Louisa, d. 26 Jan. 1841.

II. Maria, m. 20 July, 1878, J. A. Stuart, Esq.

III. Elizabeth Erskine, m. 20 Sept. 1870, J.N. Gower, Lieut.-
Col. late 78th Eegt.

Ai~ms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th az., three bears' heads couped
nrg. muzzled gu., in the centre chief point a cross patt^c
}itch6e or, for Forbes of Craigievar ; 2nd and 3rd sa., a fcsso
wavy between three mascles or, for Mitchell of Thainstont.
Crests — A cock ppr., for Forbes ; A phoenix ri.'jing from flames,
all ppr., for Mitchell. Mottoers—Ovei crests, Watch ; under
the arms. Doe not wauken sleipin dougs.

|EIittIj£ll of EIntinstont.

The name is,accordingtoDcugla5, of considerable antiquity.

Thomas Mitchell, Bailie of Aberdeen (d. about 16.50), ?)i.
Margery Moir, one of the old Aberdeen family of that name
(.?te MoiR and Byres); shed. 7 Sept. 1664, and is interred in
St. Nicholas Churchyard, Aberdeen; ihcy had at least five
sons and two daus. baptized (Aberdeen Registry),

Alexander, 6. 28 Oct. 1656.

Thomas, 6. 16 Jan. 1C59, first of the Mitchells of Thainstone,
Provost of Aberdeen from 1698 to 1700, and again from
1702 to 1704. In 1703, he purcha.sed the lands of Easter
Beltie and Ansley from Sir Robert Forbes, of I_,earnie, and
in 1717, th'ise of Thainstone from the family of Forbes, of
Tolquhon. He m. 1st, 1692, Janet, dau. of Patrick Leslie,
Provost of Aberdeen, and at his decease, 1719, left a son,
Thomas, of Thainstone, who »!. 1709, Barbara, 3rd dau of
Sir John Forbes, 3rd Bart, of Monymusk, and d. 14 March,
1721, leaving an only dau., Barbara.
John, 6. 15 July, 1662.
Andrew, of Tillygreig, 6. 20 Sept. 1663 ; m. Elizabeth

William, 6. 13 Sept. 1664.
Margery, 6. 12 July, 1655.

Janet, 6. 24 Dec. 1657: m. April, 1683, Sir John Johnston,
4th Bart, of that ilk and Caskieben, and d. 1725, leaving
The 4th son,

Andrew Mitchell, of Tilligrcig, 6. 20 Sept. 1063, a Mer-
chant and Bailie of Aberdeen, m. Elizabeth Hunter, and left
three sons, i. William; ii. Alexander ; iii. John. The eldest

Rev. William Mitchell, became one of the Ministers of
theHigh Church, Edinburgh, and one of the King's Chaplains
for Scotland, and was three times elected Moderator of the
General Assembly, 1714, 1717, and 1722. He m. 1st, 170.5,
Margaret, 3rd dau. .otSir Hugh Cuninghara, of Craigends, and
by hcrhadan only son, Andrew. Hem. 2ndly, 1723, Barbara,
dau. of Sir John Forbes, and widow of Thoma.s Mitchell, of
Thainstone. The son and heir,
I Sia Andrew Mitchell, K.B., 6. 1708, m. 1721, Barbara,
only dau. and heir of Thomas Mitchell, of Thainstone, and by
her had a dau. Barbara, who d. in childhood, whereupon he
■was served heir to his dau. 1741. He entered the Middle
Temple 1733, and wa.s called to the Bar 1738. In 1742, he was
appointed Under-Secretary of State for Scotland; was M.P.
for CO. Aberdeen 1747, and for the Elgin Burghs 1754. He
received his appointment as envoy to Berlin 1756, and was
afterwards raised to the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary
and Mini.ster Plenipotentiary at the Court of Fbedekick

William the Great of Prussia, and received for his .sei-vice8
in attending on that monarch (luring the Seven Years' W^ar,
the Order of the Bath. Sir Andrew d.s.p. at Berlin 1771,,
and left his estates to Sm Arthur Forbes, Bait.
Seat — Thainstone, Kintore, N.B.

Mitchell, Peank Johnstone, Esq. of lAan-
f recMa Grange, co. Monmouth,F.S.A., F.G.S., J.P.,
High Sheriff 1868, b. 14 Sept. 1824; 7ii. 19 Jan,
1860, Elizabeth Harcourt, eldest dau. of Jolm
Etherington Welch-Rolls, Esq. of The Heudxe, co.
Monmouth, and has issue,

I. Gladys Elizabeth.

II. Hilda Mary, m. 25 Aug. 1891, Rev. Charles William
Tyler, B.A., Oxford, eldest son of George Griffin, Esq. of
Newton Court.

liineag'e. — Francis Henry Mitchell, Esq. of Upper
Wimpole Street, London, 7th son of David Mitcheli, Esq. of
Carshalton, m. 1822, Francis Elizabeth Johnstone, 2n(l dau. of
James Johnstone, Esq., and by her (who d. 1S60) had at his
decease, 2 Aug. 1891,

I. Frank Johnstone, now of Llanfrechfa.

II. William Kowland, m. Ellen Edith, dau. of Sir Samuel
Morton Peto, Bart., and has i.'suc, Roland Peto John-

III. Charles James, d. in infancy.

IV. Henry, d. in infancy.

V. Herbert Leonard, Lieut.-Col. R.A., rii. Mary Arabella
Susan, eldest dau. of Charles W. Reynolds, Esi^. of Eton
Place London, and has issue.

2 Charles Johnstone.
4 Harry Eeckford (dec).
2 Violet Evelyn.
4 Olive Iris Zatrie.

1 Francis Herbert.
3 Percy Reynolds.
1 Lynette Rose Mary.
3 Pearl Audrey Lenore.
TT. Clayton, Capt. R.N. m. ]\lary Charlotte, 0th dau. of
Capt. Edward Daniell, of Gloucester Square, London, and
has issue,

1 Clayton Edward Johnstone.

2 Leonard Lindsay, deceased.

1 Frances Helena. 2 Mary Georgina«

3 Eva Katherine. 4 Sybil Margaret.

VII. Arthur Charles, of the Ridge, Wilts, J.P., late Capt. 4th
Batt., Gloucestershire Regt., m. 1st, 19 Nov. 1872, Laura
Harriet, 5th dau. of Sir Michael Hieks-Beach, Sth Bart.,
and by her (who d. 6 March, 1874) has issue, Ethel Laura;
2ndly, 11 Jan. 18.S8, Constance Lucy, dau. of John Henry
Elwes, Esq. of Colcsbourne Park, co. Gloucester, and by
her has issue, 1 Francis Arthur, 6. 183S; 2 David John-
stone ; 3 John Henry.

I. Frances Mary, d. 1863. ii. L-iura, d. 1884.

III, Helena, to. 1st George Willes, Esq. of Hungerford Park,
and2ndly, thellev. Edmund Willes, Canon of Peterborough,^
Rural Dean and Rector of Moults Sherborne.

IV. Mary Beckford. v. Eliza Jaue.
VI. Adelaide.

Arms— Sa., a chevron between three escallops or. Crest— A.
garb or.

Seat — Llanfrechfa Grange, Caerlcou, Newport, co. Mon-


Mitchell, James, Esq. of Holbrook Hall, co.
Suffolk, J.P. for that co., and J.P. and D.L. for
Herts, b. 1809; educated at Westmiustev and Oh.
Ch. Oxon, B.A. 1830 ; called to the Bar at Lincoln'.'*
Inn, 1834 ; m. 1863, Caroline Atigusta, dau. and co-
heiress of Capt. Job Hanmer, E.N., of Holbrook^
CO. Suffolk, and has issue,

Beatrice Cecilia, to. 1893, James Majcndie, Esq. of Castle
Hardingham, Essex.

Mr. Mitchell is the only son of James Mitchell (d.
1809), by Eliza his wife (m. 1808, d. 1872), dau. of
E. Kalet, Esq. of Maverley, Jamaica ; and grand-
son of David Mitchell, Esq. (by his wife, Anne
Smith), of Scotch descent.

Sea(— Holbrook Hall, Sudbury, Suffolk.

Town Residence — 33, Ennismore Gardens, ,S.W.


Mitchell, Eichard Blunt, Esq. of Polmood,
CO. Peebles, J.P., b. 13 Sept. 1840 ; s. his uncle.





1881, Mr. Mitchell is also a J.P. for Colonies of
Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.

Lineage. — This family is, it is saiti, descended from the
MiTCHEtLS of Mitchell, Stirlingshire.

John Mitchell, Esq. of Grangemouth, co. Stirling, ra.
Janet, dau. of James Wilson, Esq., and had with other

I, Thomas Livingstone, of whom presently.

II. Houston, of Polmood and Glenbuck, co. Peebles, J. P.,
6. 1800, d. unm. 1881, and was s. by his nephew.

The eldest son,

CoL. Sir Thomas Livingston Mitchell, Knt. D.C.I>.,
Surveyor General of New South Wales. The eminent geo-
grapher, TO. 1818, Mary Thompson, dau. of General Blunt,
Colonel of the 66th Kegt., and by her who d. 21 Dec. 1883,
had issue,

I. Livingston, m Catharine Macalistar, and d. s. p.

II. Roderick (deceased). iii. Campbell (deceased).

IV. Murray (deceased).

V. Thomas Octavius (deceased).

VI. Richard Blunt, of Polmood.

I. Georgiana Janet.

II. Emily, m. 16 April, 1857, George Edward, Baron Andley,
and d. 1 April, 1860, leaving issue,

Mary, &. 13 Aug. 1858. Emily, 6. 29 Nov. 18.59.

Lord Audley m. 2ndly, 15 Feb. 1868, Margaret Anne, widow
of James Willing Smith, Esq., and d. without further issue,
18 April, 1872, when his ancient barony fell into abeyance
between his two above-mentioned daus. His widow d. 22
Aug. 1888.

in. Camilla Victoria, m. John Mann, Esq., and d. leaving
issue, two sons and one dau.

IV. Alicia, to. — Dauncey, Esq., and has issue, four sons
and four dans.

V. Blanche Nicholson, d. unm.

Sir Thomas d. 5 Oct. 1855.

SeaJ— Polmood, Broughton, N.B.
Residence— ib, Albany Street, Edinburgh.


Mitch'ell, James Dennistoun, Esq. of Car-
wood, CO. Lanark, J.P. and D.L., B.A. Oxon, 1879,
B.Sc, LL.B. 1885, B.C.L., Capt. Lanarkshire Yeo-
manry Cavalry, b. 1853 ; m. 1883,Marion Woddrop,
only child of Thomas Macknight C'rawfurd, Esq. of
Cartsbum, co. Eenfrew, and Lauriston Castle, Mid-
lothian, by Jane Cunningham, his wife, only dau. of
John Allan Woddrop, Esq. of Dahnarnock.

Lineage.— Rev. John Mitchell, D.D., S.T.P., m. Ann,
dau. of William Gillespie, Esq. of Bishopton, co. Eenfrew, and
d. 1844, leaving a son,

William Gillespie Mitchell, Esq. J.P. and D.L., of Car-
wood, CO. Lanark, to. 1846, Jessie, youngest dau. of James
Dennistoun, Esq. of Dennistoun, and by her (wtio d. 1854; hud

James Dennistottn, now of Garwood.

Annie, m. 1887, James Fergusson, Esq., late of the 73rd

Mr. William Gillespie Mitchell d. 1882, and was *. by tiis only
&aJ— Garwood, Biggar, N.B.


OsBAxbESTON-MiTFOED, JoHN Philip, Esq. of
Mitford Castle, co. Northumberland, and Hun-
manby, co. York, J.P. for Northumberland, High
Sheriff 1878, Lord of the Manors of Mitford and
Hunmanby, and Patron oi five Livings, Lieut. -Col.
(retired), late 18th Eegt. formerly Major Northum-
berland Militia, b. 16 Feb. 1809 ; m. 30 May, 1844,
his cousin, Fanny, only dau. of Charles Mitford'
Esq. of Pitshill, co. Sussex. Col. Osbaldcston Mit-
ford s. his cousin 18 June, 1870, and assumed the
additional surname of Osbaldeston.

Lineage.— At the time of the Conquest, the barony of
Mitford was held by Sir John de Mitford, whose ancestor was
m possession of Mitford Castle, in the time of Edward the
Confessor. A certain "Robert Mitford, Esq. carrycd an old
writeingto produce at Durham upon some occasion, by wch.

one of ye ancestors of Mitfords, of Mitford, in ye time of K.
Edwd. tb Confessor, did assure his wife's ioynturo out of
Lands in Mitford, wch. writeing Sir Joseph Craddock saw and
attests it under his hand, but is since embezled and lost." —
(Durham Bonkc). Sir John's only dau. Sibella, was given in
marriage by the Conqueror to Sir Richard Bertram, a son of
the Lord Dignam, in Normandy, and from this union sprang
the old Baronial house of Bertram of Mitford, the head of
which, Sir Roger Bertram, was summoned to pailiainent by
Henry 111. in 1264. From this union are also desjccnded the
Dukes of Portland, who are now in possession of Botha! Castle,
CO. Northumberland, derived from their maternal ancestress,
Sybil Mitford. — Evidences Newminster Abbey Jteyistcr £oo!ce).
Sir John de Mitford was s. by his brother,

Matthew de Mitford, from whom, lOtb in succession,
descended another

Sir John de Mitford, of Mitford, Knight of the Shire for
Northumbeiland, who had, by deed of feoffment, a grant to
himself and his heirs male, from David de Strabolgi, 2nd
Earl of Athol, dated at Newton Hall, 20 May, 1369, of all his
lands and tenements in the ville of Molesdon, to be holden of
the grantor and his descendants by the annual payment of
sixpence. He was commissioned with John Widdrington and
Gerald Heron to tender the oath of allegiance to the King of
Scotland — (Ridpath's Border History). Keeper of the Seal to.
Edward, Duke of York, for the Liberty of Tyndale, 1386
(Harleian MSS.). Frequently represented Northumberland in
Parliament, in reigns of Edward III., Richard II., and
Henry IV. High Sheriff 5th and 6th Henry IV. He d. 10th
Henry IV., leaving issue,

I. William, his heir.

II. Alexander, living in 1367, from whom came the Mitfoeds
of Ponteland.

I. Margaret, to. Sir John Delaval.

II. Alice, m. John, son of Matthew Whitfield, of Whitfield.
The elder son,

William de Mitford, Knight of the Shire Henry V., High
Sheriff 5th and 6th Henry V., M.P. 2nd and 'Jth Henry V.,
m. Margery, dau. of Sir Robert Lisle, of Felton ; d. 2nd Henry
VI., and was s. by his son,

John de Mitford, b. 3rd Henry IV. He granted tenements
in Newcastle to tlic Church of St. Nicholas, and in 3rd Henry VI.
granted certain lands in Echewicketo the Abbot and Convent
of Newminster, to pray for his soul and the souls of his ances-
tors — (Ligier Book of 3rd Abbey, fol. 106). He was High
Sheriff 3rd Henry VI., and to. Constance, dau. of Sir Robert
Ogle, and was .>(. at his decease, 16th Henry VI., by his son,

Thomas Mitford, of Mitford, father of

Bertrand Mitfokd, of Mitford, who m. Margaret, dau. of
Lisle, of Felton, and had, with two daus. (Margaret, to. to
George Parkinson, and Joan, m. to — Aytoun), a son,

Gawen Mitford, of Mitford, whose name occurs i.i a list of
gentlemen of the Middle Marches, anno 1550. He 'm. a sister
of Sir Thomas Foster, of Etherstone, and was*, at his decease,
about 1550, by his son,

Cdthbert Mitford, of Mitford, who, with Anthony Mitford,
of Ponteland, was Commissioner, 6th Edward VI., for inclosure
of the Middle Marches, ra. twice. By his first wife, Ann, daa^
of Wallis, of Akeild, he had,

Robert, his heir.

Jane, i,i. Thomas Hudspeth, of Morpeth.

Margaret, m. Thomas Pye, of Newminster.

Isabell, m. Cuthbert Ogle, of Choppington.

He d. 5th Queen Mary, and was s. by his .son,

Robert Mitford, of Mitford. The Harleian MSS. call this
.gentleman "nothus natus," and make "Annie Wallis, of
Akeild." mother of himself and his three sisters, but " this
statement," says Hodgson, in his History of Northamber-
land, "was returned to the Heralds' College by Anthony
Mitford, of Ponteland, and signed only by himself. His objects
were to represent Robert, son of Cuthbert, as illegitiaiate, and
to obtain his estate, in both of which he failed." .Sir Isaac
Heard took much pains to investigate the matter, and dis-
covered that the return was altered in the next visitation, and
that Robert Mitford's legitimacy was not only established by
satisfactory proof, but that his arms were certified without a
difference. Robert Mitford to. Jane, dau. of John ^iitford, of
Seighall or Seghill, and had issue,

I. Cuthbert, his heir, m. Mary, dau. and heir of Christopher
Wharton, of Oflerton, co. Durham. These two (i. both in
one day, about 1608, in tlie lifetime of their father, Robert,
leaving a son,

Robert, who «. his grandfather.

II. John.

III. William (Rev.), Fellow of Clare Hall, Camb., 'Rector of

4 TT 2





Kirkliy Ovoican-, co. York, m. Jane, duu. of Dr. Banks, of
Settring:ton, and had four sons and four daus.

I. Barbara, to. George Fenwiok, of LonsrsU.Hwes.

II. Elinor, m. D.iniel Collingwood, of Braaxton.
in. Margaret, ih. Nicholas Heron.

IV Isabel, m. Kichard Osmotherly.

The above Robert lived all the rcijrns of Qnccn Elizabeth and
King James, and d. at Gillinfrivood 1st Cuarles I., he being
then about SS. He was presented ut the archdeacon's visita-
Tijns " for sufferinge divers p'sonstoeate, drinke, and play att
eardes in time of eveninge praier" — (Raine's Test, 147). He
w a.s s. by his grandson,

KtiBKUT MiTroKD, of Mitford, 6. 160S, who acquired by grant
from Charles II. the castle and royalties, which had passed
through many hands since the time of Henry III., when it was
finally forfeited by Koger Bertram, of Mitford, who was one
of the Northern barons taken in arms against the king at
Xortliampton. He m. Philadelphia, dau. of Humphrey Whar-
ton, Esq. of Gillingwood, co. York, and had issue,

I. HnsiPHBET, his heir.

n. Cuthbert, Fellow of Caius Coll. Camb., Rector of Ingram,
«liere he d. 1G6'2.

III. John, a merchant of London, m. Sarah, dau. and ca-heir
of Henry Powell, of London, 1671, from whom descended
fUe MiTFOBDs of Exbury and the late Earl of Eedesdale {see
Febeman-Mitford of BatsJ'onl).

IV. Edward, a physicim, d. 1 Jan. 1673.

V. William, l;ector of Elsdon, d. 1715, leaving four sons and
five daus.

VI. Michael, d. s. p.

, 1. Barbara, vi. George Keveley, of Throphill, co. Korthum-
berland. Her grand-dau. m. Langdale Smithson, whose son,
Hugh, m. Elizabeth, only dau. of the Duke of Somerset,
and was created Duke of Northumberland.
-II. Mary, to. George Tunstall, M.D.

III. Ann, m. Patrick Crow, of Rosedean.

IV. Elinor, »«. Thomas Bewicke, of Close House, co. North-

V. Elizabeth, m. Coiilson, of Jcsmond.

Mr. Mitford was .■?. at his decease, in 1674, by his eldest son,

HuMrHKEY SIiTfOED, of Mitford Castle, 6. 1632, who m.
Valentine's Day, 1662, Frances, eldest dau. of Sir George
Vane, of Kogerly, co. Durham, and dying Nov. 1674, left
(with two younger sons, George and John, and eight daus.) a

lioBEiBT MiTFOKD, of Mitford Castle, High Sheriff 8th
William III., b. 31 Oct. 1662 ; vi. 19 Dec. 16S4, Ann, eldest
dau. (co-heir with her sister) of John Ashton, of Burn, co.
York, 2nd son of Sir Ralph Ashton, Bart, of Middleton, and
had issue,

I. Robert, his iieir.

n. John, 6. 'J July, 16S7 ; m. dau. of Sir Gci'vge Mertins,
Hanker in London, and had a son, Robert ifroiu whom
drscends liobert Henry Mitford, of Hampstead;, and a dau.
'• Philadelphia, and d. 1743.

in. Edward, b. 4 Dec. 16t:r» ; d. at Fort St. George, E.I.

IV. Humiihrey, b. 7 Feb. 1690 ; d. very young.

V. William, b. 10 Feb. 169S, from whom spiang the Mitfords
of PUshiU.

■ 1. Elizabeth, h. 7 June, 1636 ; m. — Pomfret, Esq., in Lon-
Mr. Mitford d. 9 May, 1707, and was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Mitford, of Mitford Castle, b. 8 Aug. 1G86, High
Siieriff 9th George I. ; iit. Mary, a dau. of Sir Richard Osbal-
dcston, of Hunmanby, co. York, and had issue four sons and
three daus., of whom,

I. Robert, his licir.

I. Philadelphia, ni. Rev. Dr. AVickins, Rector of Petwoith,
Sussex, who having been bequeathed a moiety of the
(Jsbaldeston estates took the name of Usbai.beston, and was
.<. by Ids only son, George Osbaldeston, of Hutton Bushel,
CO. York.
Mr. Mitford d. 20 July, 1755, and was «. by his eldest son,

Robert Mitford, of Mitford Castle, a major in the army,
//. 24 July, 1717 ; m. Anna, dau. of John Lewis, Esq. o.
.Jamaica, and had issue twenty-three children, eighteen of
,vhom d. i-i infancy.

I. Bertram, his heir.

II. John, b. Aug. 1749; - -i. Dorothy Young, of Northumber-
land, and d. 1832, having had issue,

1 liobert, of the Audit Office, h. 9 May, 1780; m. 24 Aug.
l8Li5, Letilia, dau. of Rev. Edward Led«ieh, LL.D., of
Duiilin, the antiquarian and author, and relict of William
Lawrenson of Rosebrook, Queen's Co., and d. 25 Dec.
1818, leaving by her (who d. 17 Abg. lsi4) three sons and
two dau.s.,

John Philip, now of Mitford Castle and Hunmanby.
Robert Bertram, b. 1 June, 1810; in. 20 July, 1844,
Anne, oau. of Sir Francis Ford, Bait., and d. s. p.
I Dec. IbaO ; she d. 2'J June, 18i0.

Edward Ledwieh, late Ceylon C.S., b. 31 Oct. 1811 ; m.
11 April, 1844, Janet, dau. of Ven. B. Bailey, Arch-
deacon of Ceylon, and had five sons and four daus.,

1 Cuthbert Phi.ip, b. 22 Jan. 1845; d. s. p. 31 March,

2 Robert, late 73rd Regt., 6. 25 Nov. 1846 ; m.. 24 Nov.
1875, Annie, 2nd dau. of Major-Gen. Charles Stuart
Lane {see Lane of Kinff's Bromle;/}, and has 1 Bertram
Lane, b. 3 Nov. 1876; 2 Robert Eustace, 6. 10 June,
1878; 3 Humphrey Austen, 6. 2 Feb. 1892; 1 Sybil
Marguerite Elizabeth, 6. 2 Sept. 1879; 2 Beatrice de
Lona, 6. 17 Nov. 1884, d. 26 April, 1887; 3 Gladys
Marion ; 4 Violet Edith.

3 Edward (Rev.), M.A., Vicarof Hunmanby, co. York,
b. 4 Oct. 1853; vi. 14 Aug 1878, Annie Maiie Louisa,
eldest dau. of Rev. E. H. Price, M.A., Vicar of Kim-
bolton, and has (with other issue) a son, John Philip,
b. 1880.

4 Bertram, 6. 13 June, 1855; in. and has issue.

5 William Ledwieh (Rev.), Rector of Ickburgh, Nor-
folk, b. 2 April, 1858 ; m. and has issue.

1 Frances Letitia, ro. Birnie Browne, Esq., I.C.S.

2 Edith Hamilton, m. W. Righy, Esq., I.O.S., and d.
10 Oct. 1891, leaving issue, two daus.

3 Mary Margaret, m. and has issue.

4 Sybil Emma, m. and has issue.

Frances C. E., m. Rev. Rowland Batemaa, Rector of

Hilton, Dorset, and d. 30 June, la31.
Marianne, jii. '26 April, 1855, Col. Charles H. Teush-

Hecker, Coinin. C:tvalry Depot, and late 15th Hussars ;

d. June, 1809. He d. 1873.

2 John, R.N., commanded the "Buckingham" revenue
cruiser. Poet and author of "Johnny Newcome," <fec.,
b. 1783; d. 24 Dec. 1821.

3 Bertram, of Horsley, to. and had four sons.

1 Anna, m. Miles Bowker, settled at Cape of Good Hope,
and had issue.

2 Mary, to. James Renshaw, and had one son and two

3 Sybil, d. May, 1815.

III. William Henrj-, b. 1752.

I. Anna, b. 1745; in. Richard Hesketh Shuttleworth.

II. Mary, 6. 1751; m. William Bullock, of Spital HiU, Mit-

Mr. Mitford d. 15 Jan. 1781, and was s. by his eldest son,

Bertram Mitford, of Mitford Castle, 6. 14 June, 1748 ; m.
Tabitha, dau. of Francis Johnson, of Newcastle, and had issue,

I. Bertram, his heir.

II. Robert, Adiniial R.N., who s. his brother.

III. George Joseph, Capt. H.E.I.C.S., b. 1 May, 1791 ; in. Ann
Jlay, and d. 2 Sept. 1875, leaving two sons and two daus.

I. Marianne, h. 4 Sept. 1776 ; m. 1796, J. Atherton, Esq.,
Col. in the army.

II. Tabitha Lewis, in. 1811, John Piideaux Selby, of Tnizell
House, CO. Northumberland ; d. 1859, leaving issue.

lit. Frances, m. George Hutton, of Carlton-on-Trent.

IV. Jane Honoria Alicia, m. 1807, Philip Meadows Taylor, of
Liverpool, and had issue, Col. Meadows Taylor, C.S.I., the
author, and Rev. Robert Mitford Taylor, M.A., Rural Dean
and Vicar of Hunmanby.

Mr. Mitford d. May, 1800; .and was s. by his eldest son,

Bertram Osbaldeston-Mitford, of Mitford Castle, co.
Northumberland, and Hunmanby, co. York, High Sheriff 1835,
who took the name of Osbaldeston before his own on succeed-
ing, in 1835, to Hunmanby and the Osbaldeston estates in
Yorkshire, b. 17 Dec. 1777; in. 9 March, 1829, his cousin,
Frances,dau. of Capt. H. Mitford, of Exbury {see Mitfords of
Bo.tsford). He d. s. p. 27 Feb. 1842, and was s. by his brother,
Robert Mitford, of Mitford Castle and Hunmanby, Admiral
R.N., 6. 26 Jan. 1781 ; m. 7 Dec. 1830, Margaret, dau. of
James Dunsmure, of Edinburgh, and had an only child,

Margaret Sdsan, in. 4 June, 1856, William, Baron Amherst

of Hackney.

Admiral Slitford d. 13 June, 1870, when the estates passed by
the will of his brother, Bertram Osbaldeston-Mitford, to his

Jona Philip Osbaldeston-Mitford, of Mitford Castle and

^niis— Arg., a fesse sa., bet's een three moles displayed ppr.,
for Mitford; a mascle sa., between three pellets, for Osbaldes-
ton. 6')-e3/s— A dexter and sinister hand coupcd ppr., support-
ing a sword in pale arg., pommelled or, pierced through a
boar's head sa., tusked of the first, coupcd gu., for Mitford;
a man in armour on horseback, all ppr., in the dexter hand a
sword arg., hilt or, and holding an escutcheon bearing a
mascle sa., between three pellets, for Osbaldeston. MoUo —
God caryth for us.

S£a(s— Mitford Castle, Morpeth, co. Northumberland, and
Hunmanby Hall, co. York.

Civ-i— Ajmy and Navy.






Feeeman-Mitfohd, Algeejton Bertram, Esq.
C.B. of Batsford Park, co. 'xloucester, and Birdhoiio
Craig, CO. Northumberland, J. P. and D.L., co. Glou-
cester and a County Councillor for that co., M.P.
for Slratford-on-ATon Division of Warwick since
1892, h. 24 Feb. 1837; m. 31 Dec. 1874, Lady
Clementine Gertrude Helen, 2nd dau. of David,
7th Earl of Airlie, K.T., and has issue,

I. CLEJtENT Bertram Ogilvy, h. 14 Dec. 1876.

II. Pavid Bertram Ogi

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