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ree trefoils arg. Crest-
Two eagles' wings conjoined or. Motto — Carpe diem.
Scaf— Tweed, near Lymington, Ilamp-shire.






MoFFATT, IJauold Chaklks, Esq. of Goodrich
Court, CO. Hereford, M.A. Trin. Coll. Oxford, J.P.
and D.L., High Sheriff 1.S92-3, b. 1859 ; m. 20 Sept.
1882, Mary iilancbe Philippa, 2nd dau. of T. W.
Oakley, Esq. of Lydart, co. Monmouth, and has
had issue,

Cecil Harold, b. 11 June, 1883.
George, b. 14 July, and d. 11 Nov. 1884.

Liineag'e. — Gkorge Moffatt, Esq. of Goodrich Court,
J.P. and D.L., M.l'. for Dartmouth, Ashburton, and South-
ampton, b. 11 May, 180G; m. 185t;, Lucy, dau. of James Mor-
lison, Esq., M. P. of Basildon Park, Berks, and by her (who iZ. 1
July, 1876) had issue,

Harold Charles, now of Goodrich Court.

Alice Lucy, m. aO Dec. 1880, Alphonso Elkin Cumbcrbatch,

Esq. of 80, Portland Place, London.
Ethel Gwendoline, m. 26 Oct. 18»'.i, Charles Edward Howard

Vincent, Etq.,, and M P. forShctlicld, 4ih son of Very

Kev. Sir Freuerick Vin^ ent, 9th Bait., and lias a dau. Vera

Howard, 6. 14 Autr. 1883.
Hilda Kva, m. 18 March, 1884, Hon. George Hugh Gouch,

Col. 14tii Hussars, 2nd son of Viscount Gough, and has


Mr. Moffatt d. 20 Feb. 1878, and was s. by his eldest son, the
present Harold Charles Moffatt, Esq. of Goodrich Couit.
iSefti— Goodrich Court, Ross, co. Hereford.


Eees-Mogg, William, Esq. of Cholwell,
Somerset, b. 29 April, 1815 ; m. 13 .July, 1847, Aun,
dau. and eventually heir of William Coxeter
James, Esq. of Timsbury, Somerset, J.P. and D.L.
for that CO., and by her, who d. 23 Jan. 1892, has

I. William Wooldridge, 6. 21 Nov. 1848; m. 27 Nov. 1884,
Emily Walcott, 3rd dau. of Hev. Henry Stiles Savory,
Rector of Caineley, Somerset, and has issue, Edmund
Fletcher, b. 11 Nov. 1889; and Catharine Mary.

II. Henry James (Rev.), 6. 31 March, 1851 ; wi. 22 Nov. 1877,
Charlotte Elizabeth Sarah, eldest dau. of the late Henry
Newton, Esq. of Mount Leinster, co. Carlow, and widow
of Thomas John Mitchell, Esq., Capt. King's Dragoon
Guard.s and has issue, Robert James, 6. 4 Sept. 1878 ;
Graham Beauchamp Coxeter, b. 10 Sept. 1881.

HI. Leyson, 6. 29 Jan. 1855 ; m. 30 April, 1889, JIary Swcte
Admonition, 2nd dau. of Walter Coplestoiie Radcliffe,
Esq. of Warleigh, Devon, and has issue, Louis Leyson, 6.
15 Feb. 1890.

V. Charles Baker Coxeter, 6. 27 Nov. 1857 ; d. 5 Aug. 1S8S.

I. Anna Maria Elizabeth. u. Caiheiine.

III. Mary Ann.

liineage.— John Mogg, gent, of Cliewton Mendip,
Somerset m. there 20 June, 1585, Sophia Wood, and had

John Mogg, m. at Chewton Mendip, 17 Dec. 1635, Joane
Hyppisley, and had, with other issue,

Richard Moog, 6. March, 1647; d. May. 1083, leaving a

John Mogg, Esq., H'gh Sheriff for Somerset 1703. He d.
1728, leaving by his wife, Dorothy, who d. July, 1732, an only

Richard Mogg, Esq. of Chewton Mendip, b. 1690; vi.
Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Mr. Turner, of Chewton Mendip; .she
d. 1740. He purchased, in 1726, Chulwtll, which in Collinson's
Histoiij vf Somerset is stited to be the Cilele of Domesday
Book, and d. 4 Oct. 1729, leaving issue, four sons and one dau.
The eldest son,

Jou.N Mogg, Esq. of Cholwell, b. 16 Feb. 1722; m. Joyce
Harris, and left, with other issue, a dau.,

Map.y Mogg, 6. 24 May, 1744; m. May, 1772, William
Wooldridge, Esq., only son of William Wooldridge, son of
Stephi-n Wooldridge. of the family of Wooldridge, of Dud-
inastoD, Salop; d. 29 Sept. 1829, leaving issue, one child.

Mart Mogg Wooldridge, 6. 22 Sept. 1774 ; m. 12 Aug.
1805, Rev. John Rees (6. 11 June, 1772, d. 20 Oct. 1835), son
of JolinRees, Esq. of Wick, co. Glamorgan (() 1737, d. 17
Aug. 1806) 3rd son of Thomas Kees, by his wife, Mary (Deere).
The before-mentioned John Roes, of Wick, m. 10 March, 1766,
Catherine (6. 1743, U. 18 F"eb. 1821), dau. of Lewis Leyson, of

Bi-yn-y-fro, by his wife, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Tlionuu
Cooke, Rector of Newcastle, co. Glamorgan, and Vicar of
Tythegston. The Rev. John Rees was Prebendary of Tythei-
ington, in the Collegiate Church of Heytesbury, and Chaplain
to H.U.H. the Duke of Cumberland, and in accordance witli
the will of his wife's grandfather, John Mogg, he as.sumed by
royal licence, 1805, the additional name and arms of Mogg.
She d. 20 March, 1846, leaving issue,

I. John, b. 30 May, 1806; m. 27 April, 1841, his cousin, Sarih
Hodges Mogg, of High Littleton, Somerset, and d. 8 Sept.
1880, leaving i.ssue, four daus.

II. William, of Cholwell.
I. Mary Catherine.

Arms — Quarterly: Island 4th, arg., on a f pean , betiveeir
three ermine spots, each surmounted by a crescent gu., a coc'k
or, for WoGG ; 2cid and 3rd, gu., a chevron engrailed erniinois
between three swans arg., wings elevated or, for Reus. Crests —
MoGO : Between two spcar-heads erect sa. a cock ppr. ; Rees :
A swan arg., wings elevated or, holding in the beak a water-
lily slipped ppr. Motto — C\m-p\i Diis sunt.

.§«<'.£— Cholwell House, Temple Cloud, Bristol.


Moilliet. James Keib, Esq. of Cheyney Courf,
CO. Hereford, b. 27 July, 1836 ; m. 20 Aug. 1874,
Sophia Harriet, eldest dau. of Rev. John Finley,
Vicar of Aveley, Essex, and Chaplain to the Earl
of Gaiusborough, and has issue,

I. Bernard Rambold Keir, b. 14 Nov. 1870.

II. Hubert Mainwaiing Keir, b. 11 Oct. 1877.
ni. Alexander Keir, b. 16 Feb. 1880.

IV. John Lewis, 6. 20 March, 1882.

V. Theodore Albert, b. 11 May, I8fe3.

VI. Gerard Laurence Keir, b. 31 July, l.':92.

I. Constance Made-line Keir, 6. 10 March, 18S5.

Liineag'e. — The family originally came from Milan. The
name was Moliex, and the arms, crest, and seal are still to be
seen in the Old Boole of Arms in the town library at Milan.
In the year 1536, after the death of F'rancis Sforza, tJie
Emperor Charles V. declared the Milanese an imperial fief,
and granted the investiture of it to his son, Philip 11., Kins; lA
Spain. Many of the old Milanese nobility were forced to fly,
and their estates being contiseated .and title-deeds burnt, few
truces remain of the many families which were swept away at
that time, except in the aforesaid book in the library of Milau.
The Moliex family took refuge in Arrachc, Savoy, till 1583,
when Micheli Moliex applied to the government at Geneva for
a grant enabling him to claim the citizenship and protection
of that town, which was accorded to him by the Syndic. The
documents still remain in the family, who resided at Genevii
under that name till 17J1, when they changed it to Moilliet, as
" Daniel " was registered as " Daniel Moilliet, son of Abraha-m
Moliex and Marie Dassier, his wife." The said

Daniel Moilliet, who was b. 1721, la. 1765, Marie Baum-
gartner, and had issue, a son,

John Lewis Moilliet, Esq. of Abberley Hall, co. Worcester,
b. 1770, settled in England 1786; m. 1801, Amelia, only dau.
and heiress of Capt. Keir, 61st Regt.. of the family of Jolui
de Keir and Kir William Keir Grant, of Keir and Whitmore,
CO. Berwick, and by her (who was b. 1780, and d. 1857) had

I. James, of Abberley Hall, and afterwards of CheyncvCourJ.

II. 'Iheodore, of Ellerslie, Hawkhurst, Kent, m. 1st, Louisii,
dau. of Rev. Henry Farr Yeatman, by whom he has issue,
and 2ndly, Louisa, dau. of Rev. J. Townsend, and has

1 Francis Albert, 6. 28 Jan. 1818; m. 23 April, 1879,
Dora Louisa, dau. of Henry Maynard, of Oakfield, Hawk-
hurst, Kent, and has issue, Louisa Gabiielle, b. 8 July,

2 Charles Townsend, b. 8 July, 1850.

I. Amelia, m. 1st, Samuel Knight, Esq., and has issue, and
2ndly, Rev. Lyttleton Powys, and has issue.

II. Susanne, ?u. Rev. Charles Smith, and has issue.
Mr. Moilliet d. 1845, and was his son,

James Moilliet, Esq. of Abberley Hall, co. Worcester,
J. P., High Sheriff 1861, afterwards of Cheyney Court, c-o.
Hereford, b. 31 March, 1806; tu. 1st, 29 March, 1832, Lucy,
Harriot, dau. of Samuel Tertius Gallon, Esq of 1 )uddest'>i»
House, CO. Warwick, and by her (wlio d. 1848y had issue,

I James Keir, now of Cheyney Court.

li. John Lewis (Hev ), Rector of Abberley, b. 27 July, 1830.

III. Tertius lialton, b. 5 Sept. 1843 ; w. 1870, Grace, dau. of
liev. W. Shuckborough.





I. Lucy Amelia, m. 1854, Eev. G. Hesketh Biggs. She d.
1867, having had issue.

II. Frances Anne Adele, m. 1854. R. Cameron Gallon, Esq.
of Shelsley Grange, co. Worcester, and has issue. He d.

III. Emma Sopbia, m. 1865, W. T. Bent, Esq., and has

He m. 2ndly, 15 Dec. 18S3, Jeanne S., dau. of Andre Sayoux,
Ministre des cultcs non-Catholiques, of Paris, and had Issue,

IV. Alfred, 6, 1858.

IV. Rosalie. v. Ellen. vi. Laura.

Mr. Moilliet d. 30 June, 1878.

Arms— Gu., a swan arg. swimming in water in tiase ppr., in
chief three cstoiles or. Crest — A swan arg. Motto — Gaudet
in luce Veritas.

■Scats— Cheyney Court, Bromyard ; and Abliotsleigh, Mal-


MoiE, Alastair Eeskine Graham, Esq. of
Leckie, co. Stirling, b. 18 July, 1863.

liineagre. — Robert Grauam, Esq. of Callender and Boqu-
happle, CO. Perth, son of James Graham, Esq., by his w ife,
Catherine Govane, of Park, assumed the name of Mom on
succeeding to the estate of Leckie. He m. 1769, Ann, dau.
of Charles Stewart, Esq. of Ardsheal, co. Argyll, and was s. by
his eldest son and heir,

Charles jVlexander Graham Moir, Esq. of Leckie, ?».
29 Jan. 1822, Henrietta, 2nd dau. of Robert Hay, Esq. of
l>rumraelzier, and Dunse Castle, and had issue,

Robert, his heir.
Janet Erskine Graham.
Anne Stewart Graham, d. 1846.
Isabella Matilda Gi'aham.

Mr. Moir d. 18 Aug. 1845, and his widow d. 6 Aug. 1S54. The
eldest son,

Robert Graham Moir, Esq. of Leckie, J. P. and D.L., h.
11 Sept. 1825: m. 1855, Anne Elizabeth, 4th dau. of William
Hay, Esq. of Dunse Castle, and had issue,

Charles William Graham, 6. 26 July, 1858; d. 9 March,
.\lastair Erskine Graham, now of Leckie.
Henrietta Florence Mary, Evelyn .\nnie.

Marion Clementina.
Mabel Christian Hay, d. 24 De;. 1882.
He d. 3 March, 1864.

Arms — Arg., three negros' heads couped ppr. Ci-cst—A
falcon ppr., armed and belled or, perched on a heron lying on
its back ppr., beaked and membered gu. Molto—He oublic.

Utat — Leckie, near Stirling, co. Stirling.


Moir-Btres, George, Esq. of Tonley, co. Aber-
deen, b. 1839 ; m. 11 Aug. 1866, Sophia Matilda,
eldest dau. of Andrew Hume Biilteel, Esq. of H.M.
Customs, Liverpool (of a younger branch of the
"Bulteels of Flete," co. Devon), by Catherine, dau.
of the Key. Marcus Chartrcs, f rebendary of Ferns,
CO. Wexford ; and has issue,

I. Patrick, Lieut. 2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys), 6. 10 Oct.

II. George Bulteel, b. 29 Sept. 1870.

III. Edward Byres, 6. 30 June, 1873.

IV. Douglas, b. 31 Jan. 1875.

V. James Sandilands. 6. 28 July, 1881.
I. Sophia. H. Mabel.

Mr. Moir-Byres wlio s. his father 15 Jan. 1891, is a
Magistrate for Westmorland,

Lineage.— The surname is believed to have been assumed

from the lands of Byres, in the parish and co. of Haddington.

The family long possessed the estate of Coates (and their old

mansion hou.«e there is still standing), on which so much of

I the wcs:; end of Edinburgh is now built. A branch also owned

, the estate of Slrathaven, co. Lanark.

I THO.MAS DE IJvREs is mentioned in the Chartulary of St.
j Giles, as owning lands in Edinburgh in 1392. His presumed
i descendant,

I John Byres, of Coates, 6. 1669, who acquired by purchase,
1 about IGIO, the estate of Coates, was one of the most eminent
, merchants of his day, sometime Treasurer of Edinburgh, Dean
■ of Guild 1619-24, and two yeare Old Provost of the capital of

Scotland. He d. 1029, having m. 1st, Dame Margaret Barclay
(of the ancient Aberdeenshire house of Barclay rf Tuwi' )
and by her (who d. 12 Jan. 1G16) had three daus., viz.,

I. Margaret, to. Alexander Heriot, merchant, burgess of
Edinburgh, and had issue.

II. Rachel, ra. Rev. Thoma-s Sydserff, one of the ministers of
St. Gile's, Edinburgh, and had, witli other issue. Sir
Thomas Sydserff, b. 1624, who was knighted by, and (ought
under Montrose.

III. Agnes, m. 2 Sept. 1619, ThomTS Charteris, merchant,
burgess of Edinburgh, and had issue (see Piekson, i.i
Burke's Coionial Gentry).

John Byres, of Coates, to. 2ndly, 1617-18, Agnes, dan. of
Robert Smyth, burgess of Edinburgh, by his wife, Agnes
Purves, and sister of Sir John Smyth, of Groithill and King's
Cramond, sometime M.P. and Provost of Edinburgh, and by
her had further issue,

I. John, his heir.

II. Robert, of F;dinburgh, Advocate, bapt. 6 May, 1021,
M.A. 1637 ; appointed 1647, tutor and guardian to his two
nephews, George and John, sons of his elder brother. H«
m. Klizabeth, dau. of David Aikenhead, Provost of Edin-
burgh, and had a dau., Marie, b. 1643.

III. Thomas, bapt. 8 May, 1623, M.A. 1641 ; m. Isabel, dau.
of Capt. John Conyn^iham, of Saughtonhall, Midlothian,
andrf. 1647.

IV. Alexander, bapt. 19 April, 1625; of St. Leonard's,
merchant burgess of Edinburgh, in. (contract dated 17
Nov. 1648) Jean (who d. 1674), dau. of Rev. James ieiruui-
mond, and d. 1660, leaving issue.

V. William, bapt. 13 April, 1627.

VI. James, of whom hereafter, ancestor of the present
family of Tonley.

The eldest son.

Sir John Bvres, of Coates, bapt. IS Feb. 1619 ; M.A. 1035,
added the lands of Warriestone to his pat: imonial inheritance,
was a devoted loyalist, and engaged in the civil wars of that
period. He was knighted for his services 1640-3, and iiv
1045, was witii the Lords Seton and Drumniond and others,
imprisoned at .St. Andrews for his zeal in the c:iuse. Sir
John TO. Isabel, dau. of Sir John Auchmuty, of Gosford, E.
Lothian, Keeper of the Wardrobe to Charles I. (and by thi.i
marriage became nearly related to the noble families of
Lauderdale and Gray), and was dead in 1648. He had

„ , ('Both alive and minors in 1648, whea

George c?. young) ^,^^5^. ^_^^,^_ " Maister Robert Byres,
JOHN, nisneir ^ advocate," is appointed their tutor.
Thomas, bapt. 23 April, 1047.
The 2nd son,

John Byres, of Coates, bapt. 3 Sept. 1639 ; in 1676, liai?
an interest in the lands of Ruthven, co. Inverness, of whom
the family memoir says, '' a man of parts, but much
addicted to gallantry and pleasure, and having an expen-
sive turn spent his estate, &c." He -in. 1st, Jean Foulii,
a dau. of Foulis of Ravelston, Midlothian, and had a son,

George, bapt. 30 Oct. 1059, who is believed to have d.
John Byres, ra. 2ndly, (contract dated at Cupar, Fife, 26 May,
1666), Lilias, eldest dau. of Sir John Grant, of Grant and
Frenchie (progenitor of the Earls of Seafield), by Mai y, dau.
of Walter, Lord Ogilvie of Deskford, and by her had at least,
one dau.,

Mary, who lived with her aunt, the Marchioness of Huntly,
and rf. unrn. She had an annuity, dated 9 Oct. 1702, oM
of the lands of Coates, in which year Coates was sold t»
Lord Roseberry.
The family was carried on by

James Byres, of Aberdeen, merchant, younger brother of
Sir John of Coates, b. about 1C39; m. at Aberdeen, 16 July,
1667, Janet, dau. of Middleton of Stenhouse (6. circa 1637; d.
29 Nov. 1695) and had issue,

I. James, his heir.

II. Robert, of Holland, aftenvards of Dublin, Merchant, m.
Sept. 1704, Jean, dau. of Patrick Sandil.nnds, Esq. of Cotton,
CO. Aberdeen, by Margaret, dnu. of William Ord, Esq. of
Cairnbee, co. F'ife, whose wife was a Grahame of Fintry.
Nov. 4, 1704, Mr. and Mrs. Byres went to Dublin — "there-
Robert Byres carried on a very considerable trade, and his
credit and reputation were very .great, both at home and
abroad." — Family Memoir. He made his will 6 May, 1712,
and was accidentally drowned in the Bay of Dublin, circa.
1715. His widow. Sirs. Jean Sandilands (who was dead
before 1730) returned to Scotland, and she and her late?
husband's trustees bought the barony of Tonley in Aber-
deenshire about 1716, which has since continued to be the
chief seat of the family. Issue, two sons and three daus.,

1 James, 6. 27 Oct. 1712; </. 19 May, 1713; buried under
the chancel of St. Mai-y's, Dublin.





2 PATracK, b. 1713, heir to bis uncle.

1 jiarsarct, ft. liOii; i/. 170(3.

2 Janett, 6. 170G; </, 1700. 3 Jean, b. 1711.

*ii. George, EOttled at Venice, where he d. unm:
i. Jean, bapt. 13 Oct. ICOS; vi. 23 April, lfi85, William
Soupcr, of Gilconiston and Aberdeen, merchant. From
them the K-uquliarsons of Whitdiouse, and the Souper-
Dempstors of Dunnichen, co. Forf;u-, descend.
II. ls;tl>el, bapt. 12 May, 1G70; m. Robert Gordon, Esq. of
Halihcad and Esslomont, co. Aberdeen, and had issue.

Mr. Byres d. at liotterdam. His eldest son,

Jam£3 IjYECS, of Edinburgh, Merchant, was the chief pro-
juoter of the Scots Expedition to Daricn. He lost his life by
that expedition, being killed by a French privateer in his
passage home from Lisbon. He m. Julian, dau. of Baillie
iiellie, of Aberdeen, and had an only son, who d. an infant.
His nephew,

Tateick Byres, of Tonley (son of Robert Byres, of Dublin,
juid Janet Middleton), became representative of Byres, of
<'oato, and matriculated his arms 7 Feb. 1705, b. at Dublin,
<!. ISilay, 1713; m. 11 June, 1733, Janet (who d. in Sept. 1787,
nged 77;, dau. of James Moir, Esq., M.l'., of Stoneywood, co.
Aberdeen, and si.ster of Col. James Moir of Stoneywood, one
of the most zealous of ihe StuartO adherents. Patrick Byres
vas a Major in the rogiment raised by his brother-in-law. Col.
James Moir, and bad to fly after the battle of Culloden. He
escaped to France, and entered the Regiment of Royal Scotch,
commanded by Cameron of Lochiel, but after several years a
pardoa v.'as procured for Iiim. By hi.s wife Janet Moir, he had

I. James, his heir.

II. Robert, of Memil, in Prussia, and London, Merchant, b.
1710; m. (contract dated l'.i Nov, 1770) Margaret, dau. of
James Burnett (of the family of Leys; see Burnet r, of
G(ul3irth, and Bobseti-Sxdart;, of Aberdeen, Merchant,
and had issue,

1 James, accidentally shot, unm.

2 Patrick, heir to his uncle.

1 Isabella, 7ii. Lieut. -Col. James Stewart, 42nd High-
landers, son of Charles Stewart, Esq. ot SliambeUic.

2 Janet, d. unm.

«ii. William, b. 1742, E.K., one of lI.M.'s surveyors : d. unm.

av. John, b. 1745, Capt. Hon. E.I. Co.; m. (contract dated
i Oct. 1744) Isabel, dau. of James Donaldson, Esq. of
Auchmull, CO. Aberdeen, M.D., by Katherine, sister of
James Gordon, M.D., of Hilton, afterwards of PiDlurg(WiO>»
.set) and d. 17 Sept. 1788, leaving issue,
i Katherine, m. 1800, her cousin, John Moir, Esq. of St.
Catherine's, and had issue,

Patrick Moib, ot whom hereafter.
2 Janet, in. 1802, James Moir, Esq., elder brother of John
rioir, of St. Catherine's, and had issue,
4. Jane, 6. 1735; m. John Durno, Esq. of Cattie, J. P.,
brother of Sir James Durno, Knt. of Artrochie, co. Aberdeen,
K.B.M. Consul at Memil, and d. s. p.

It. Isabella, b. 1737 ; m. Robert Sandilands, Esq., and d. s. p.
ill. Martha, in. 177G, Bev. Dr. George Moir, of Peterhead,
and had issue.
The eldest son,

James Byres, of Tonley, b. 7 May, 1734, for some time an
<ifBcer in Lord Ogilvie's Regt , a distingui.shed antiquary, who
lived for nearly 40 years at Rome, and d. unm. 3 Sept. 1817,
and ivas s. by his nephew,

Patrick Byres, of Tonley, b. about 1778, Major-Gen. E.I.
Co's Service; r,i. 1st, Jessie, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Denny, and by
her had, James, Lieut, in the 1st Royals, drowned at Athlone,
■I'.nm. Gen Byres m. 2ndly, ia April, 1834, his cousin Margaret,
eldest dau. of Lieut.-Col. Joseph Burnett, of Gadgirth, co.
Ayr, and d. s. p. 1 Feb. 1854, when he was s. by his kinsman,
Patrick Moir Byres, Esq. of Tonley (eldest son of Katherine
Byres and John Moir), who assumed the additional surname
,-ind arms of Byres of Tonley, J.P. co. Aberdeen, d. unm. 1863,
vhea he was s. by his brother,

James Gregory Moir Bybes, Esq. of Tonley and of Fairley,
J. P., b. 1804; m. 1858, Mary. dau. of Henry Prideaux
llensleigb, Esq., of co. Devon, and widow of Rev. T. G. T.
Anderson, of Fawsyde, co. Kincardine, and d. Nov. 1881,
leaving an only child, Patricia Byre."., heiress of Fairley and
.St. Catherines, m. 1879, Captain Harry Vesey Brooke, 02nd
Highlanders, 2nd son of Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke, 2nd IJart.
of Colebrooke, co. Fermanagh, and has issue. Mr. Moir-Byres
(L Nov. 1881, and was s. by his brother,

Geoece Moir Byres, Esq, of Tonley, J. P., 6. 1807 ; m.
1854, Aleeyne, dau. of Thomas Iloughtoa Fields, Esq. and
had issue,
I. Alleyne Katherine Elizal>eth, m. 3 Dec. 1881, Napier
MacIx:od Wylie, Esq., and has issue.

it. Stuart, m. John Byrcs-Lealce, Esq., J.P. of Rockside, Oak-
harapton, Devon, and has issue,
in. Jean, m. Dr. Oswald.

Mr. Moir-Byres d 8 Dec. 1889, and was s. by his cousin,

Patrick Moir-Byees, Esq. of Tonley, b.. 1814; in. 1838.
Maria, eldest dau. of John White, Esq. of Quebec, and had

I. George, now of Tonley.

II. James, b. 1 July, 1842, of Albany, U.S., m. 1870, Alice
Catherine, dau. of Edward Andrews, Esq., M.D., of Titch-
ticld, Hants, and has issue.

in. Douglas, M.D., 6. 1844; m. 187G, Mary Florence, dau. of
Edward Wood, Esq., merchant of Manchester, and has issue.

IV. John, of Brereton Hall, b. 1848; m. IJ-SO, Esther Anne
ilallabar, dau. of William Lowndes- Yates, Esq. of Cingleton,
Cheshire, and has issue.

V. Patrick, 6. 1850, of Manchester, merchant; in. 1879, Aiine,
dau. of Charles S. Ross, Esq.

VI. Byres, b. 1853, M.B. (IG, Upper Wimpole Street, London),
111. 8 June, 1887, Jessie Evelyn, dau. of Lieut.-Col. J. C.
Bonomy, and has issue,

VII. Richard, b. 1855, of Manchester, merrhant.

I. Jessie, m. 1S70, John Hill, Esq. of Manchester, and has

II. Caroline, n. 1872, James Hutchinson, Esq. of Liverpool,
and has issue.

III. Maria, in. Sept. 1884, her cousin, Thomas Blatherwick,
E.jq., and has issue.

(f iimiln ai ^oir.

The Moirs, or Mores, are believed to have settled in Aber-
deenshire so early as the reign of David II. Besides the
Moirs of Stoneywood, and the family now before us, there
were many landed families of the name in the county, spring-
ing mostly from Burgesses of Aberdeen, who derived original-
ly, in all probability, from a common ancestor, but were in
many cases more closely related by intermarriage.

The Moirs of Stoneywood, who held that property from about
the end of the 16th century, held also for a time, the lands of
Kermuck or Ellon (adjoining parish to Foveran), and the
Moirs of Hilton ((now called Turncrhall), were also in that
parish (Ellon). Besidesthese, there were the Moirs of Lonmay,
who were of the Stoneywood branch (afterwards of New
Grange, In Forfarahire), Scotstoun, Spittal, Denmore, Inver-
nettie (also Stoneywoods), Ferryhill, Abergeldie, on Deeside
(afterwards ot Otterburn, in the South of Scotland), &c. The
more immediate ancestors of the family of Tonley were long
settled in the parish of Foveran, Aberdeenshire.

Andrew Moie, or More, designed Laird ot Overhill, parish
ot Foveran, and residing at Oldmill there, was a wealthy
Burgess ot Aberdeen, b. 1621. He m. (as second wife) Agnes
Montgomery (6. 1655 ; d. March, 1730), sister of Lady
Rannieston, and had issue,

r. Andrew, his heir.

n. Gilbert, 6. 1675, Muster Master Depute for Scotland, so
designed when admitted a Burgess ot Aberdeen, 1716.

III. Gsorge, b. 1679 (Rev.), minister 1st of Towie and latterly
ot Kintore ; 771. (contract dated 14 Dec. 17laj Jean, dau. ot
Sir William Forbes, tth Bart, of MonymuSk, by his wife, the
Lady Jean Keith, dau. of the Earl of Kintore, and had
issue :1 William (Rev.), of Fyvie, m. 177^!, Helen Constable,
and had issue, George and Catherine; Jane, m. 1800, John
Dingwall, of Rannieston and Ardo, Provost of A bei-deen;
2 George, d. young ; 1 Agnes, 6. l"23-9; m. Alex. Rose,
eldest son ot the Laird of Lethinty, co. Aberdeen, and d.
1809; and 2 Jean, b. 1730; m. 1761, James Jopp, Esq. of

IV. Samuel, 6. 1683. v. James, 6. 16S9.

I. Margaret, b. 1677. n. Marjory, 6. 1681.

III. Isabel, 6. 1686.

Mr. Moir d. 14 Dec. 1694. His eldest son,

Andrew Moir, of Cultcrcullen, and Old Mill, parish of
Foveran, b. 1673; d. May, 1733; to. 1699—1700, Elizabetl-
(h 1675, d. 20 Sept. 1761), dau. of Robert Simpson, Esq. of
'Ihornton, co. Aberdeen (who registered his arms about 1672),
eldestbrotherof AlexanderSimpson, Esq. of Concraig, in same
CO., and had issue,

I. Andrew, his heir. 11. Robert, b. 1712.

III. George, 6. 1714, Student in Philosophy.

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