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Gordon Maynard, Esq. of Ratoath Slanor, co. Meath, anil
has issue, Emily Frances, Florence Helen, and Constance
Anna, m. 5 Jan. 1887, Kev. Robert Mease, M.A. of St.
Marks, London.

3 Charies Preston, Col. E.I. Staff Corps, m. 23 Nov. 1855,
Rosa Ehzabeth, eldest dau. of !^ir Thomas Fetherston,
Bart., and had a son, Charles Stewart, h. 1856.

1 Mary, m. Rev. John Alexander, LL.D., Hector of Came.
Diocese of P'erns.

2 Elizabeth, m. Capt. James Beveridge Harris.

3 Letitia. 4 Lucy. 5 EUen.

VI. Charles. vii. Edmtmd.
I. Elizabeth.

Mr. Molony was s. by his son,

James Molony, Esq. of Kiltanon, High .Sheriff of Clare ISO'2,
b. 1752; m. 1780, Selina, dau. of Rev. John Mills, of Bar-
ford, CO. Warwick, and by her (who d. in 1825) had issue,

I. James, his heir.

II. Charles Arthur. 6. 1790, H.E.I.Co.'s C.S., Chief-Com-
missioner of the disti-icts of the Nerbudda, d. unm. in India,

III. Edmund, 6. 1794, H.E.I.Co.'s Secretary to the Govern-
ment of Bengal; m. 1815, Frances Rosina, dau. of Henry
Creighton, Esq. of GormaJty, East Indies, and d. in India,
1830, leaving issue,

1 Charles Arthur (Rev.), M.A., "Viear of St. Lawrence,
Ramsgate, b. 1826 ; to. 1872, Mary Emily Jane, dau. ©f
K. D. Parker, Esq., late H.E.I.Co.'sC.S., and has issue,
Edmund ; Henry James Creighton ; John Charles Arthur
Deane ; Percy William ; and two daus.





1 Frances, ra. 1845, A. E. Gayer, Esq., LL.D., Q.C. (who
d. 1S77), and has i^sue, Edmund liiehard ; Arthur ; Lucy
Harriette ; Edith Mary.
J. Selina, d. vnm. 1864. ii. Mary, d. unm. 1S2G.

III. Harriet, d. an infant.

IV. Anne, j.i. Uev. W. Butler, of Doon, co. Clare, and d. s.p.
I84G. V. Lucy, d. unm. 1835.

Mr. Molony d. 12 Oct. 1S23, and was s. by his son,

James Molony, Esq. of Kiltanon, J.l*. and D.L., High
Sheriff 1828, b. 18 Auff. 1785; in. 1st, 17 Feb. 1820, Harriet,
.3rd dau. of William Harding, Esq. of B.iraset, co. Warwicit,
and had by her (who d. 8 Oct. 1826),

I. James, 6. 1822 . d. 1834.

II. William Mills, his heir.
1. Harriet, d. an infant.

He m. 2ndly, 15 April, 1828, Lucy, 2nd dau. of Sir Trevor
AVheler, Bart, of Woodseat, and had by her (who d. 14 May,

III. Francis Whcler (Bev.), 6. 5 April, 1829; m. 19 Oct. 1853,
Harriet, dau. of Capt. G. Baker, K.N., and d. leaving issue,

James Arthur. &, 29 Aug. 1854; m. 1876, Annie, dau. of
J. W. Hague,. Esq. of Enon Valley, Pennsylvanii, and
has issue, Francis Wheler, b. 1887, and four daus.

IV. Edmund Weldon, H.E.I.C.S.. 6. 27 March, 1830; to.
1363, Frances Selina, dau. of A. Edward Gayer, Esq., LL.D.,
Q.C, and d. 30 Jan. 1888, leaving issue,

Edmund Alexander, Indian Civil Service, 6. 1866.
Frederick Arthur, b. 1875.

Eleanor .Mary. Mary, d. an infant.

Lucy Selina. Alice Helen. Lilian Edith.

V. Trevor Charles, Capt. R.A., b. 21 April, 1832; m. 26 Dec.
1862, Helen, 2nd dau. of W. H. Chicheley Plowden, Esq. of
Ewhurst, Hants, and d. s. p. 24 Jan. 1871.

VI. Frederick Bercsford, H.E.I. C.S., 6. 15 June, 1833 ; m. 13
net. 1858, Eleanor Jane, dau. of A. Edward Gayer, Esq.,
LL.D., Q.C, and d. at Madras, 13 Nov. 1868, leavint;

Francis Arthur, Capt. E.E , b. 1863; m, 1883, Katherine
Mary, dau. of J. W. Grigg, Esq. of Tamerton Foliot, co.
Devon, and has one son and one daii.

Herbert James (Rev.), 6. 1865.

Mary Selina. Eleanor Harriett, d. an infant.

Ele.anor Florence, to. 1892, Dr. Horatio Scott.

Agnes Freda.

VII. Charles Mills, late Commissary-General, and formerly
Capt. K.A., 6. 26 Jan. 1836; m. 1866, Eliza, dau. .of
Ai.drew Hamilton, Esq. of Streatham, and has issue,

James Rowland Hamilton, b. 1867.

Trevor Charles Wheler, Lieut. K.A., b. 1868.

Charles Vandeleur, Lieut. K. West Kent Kegt., 6. 1870.

Margaret Hamilton, rf. 1879.

VIII. Marcus, J.P., b. 1838; to. 1862, Christina Emma, dau.
of Francis Gore, Esq. of Tyredagh Castle, co. Claie, and

11. Mary, m. 3 Jan. 1856, Arthur Vandeleur, Esq., Major
li.A., of Kathlaline, co. Clare, who d. i860, and has issue,
Lucy, TO. 1881, A. B. Storey, Esq., iBaiTister, and ha.s
issue, James Arthur, Arthur Vandeleur, and Maiy

Emily Harriet, m. 1884, Lord George H. Loftus, and d.
Ic86, leavinc issue, Adam John St. George, and Anna
Mary Kathleen.
ni. Lucy Anne, d. an infant, 4 July, 1836.
IV. Harriet Selina, vi. 18.59, Ven. Thomas Fitzgerald French,
Rector of Castle Connell, and Archdeacon ot Killaloe, and
d. 1884, leaving issue, Fitzgerald Charles, b. 1861 ; Rivers-
dale Sampson, 6. 1862; Deane, h. 1864; Arthur James
Pascoe (Rev.), 6. 1865; Raymond William, 6. 1867 ; Frede-
rick Bercsford, d. an infant; Harry O'Donovan, b. 1872:
Lucy Selina: Agnes Melian.

3Ir. Molony d. at Leamington 7 July, 1874, and was s. by his
eldest surviving son,

William Mills Molont, Esq. of Kiltanon, co. Clare, J. P.
and D.L., late Major 22nd Regt., High Sheriff 1865, b. 24 April,
1825; m. 8 Nov. 186.5, Marianne Marsh, elder dau. and co-heir
of Robert Fannin, Esq. of Lee.son Street, Dublin, by his wife
Henrietta, dau. of Croasdaile Molony, Esq. of Granahan, and
by her (who d. 27 Jan. 1880) had issue,

I. James Edmund Harding, b. 23 July, 1873; d. 29 Dec.

II. William Beresfoed, now of Kiltanon.

I. Henrietta Mary. II. Iva Kathleen.

III. Selina Charlotte, d. 18 Jan. 1880, aged 9.

IV. Maud Alice, d. 5 Jan. 1880, aged 7.

M.njor W. M. Molony d. 7 Sept. 1891, and was s. by his only
surviving son.

^rmj — Az.,on the dexter side a quiver erect, holding three
arrows, on the sinister a how erect, all or. Crest— An arm in
armour cmbowed, holding a scimiiar, all ppr. Motto — In
Domino et non in arcu sperabo.

Stat — Kiltanon, near Tulla, co. Clare.


MoiONT, Patrick John', Esq. of Qragg, co. Clave,
J.P., B.A. Trinity College, Dublin, b. 1839; m. 15
Oct. 1870, Lydia Anne. dan. of Ilicliai'd Salway,
Esq. and has issue, an only dau.,

Alice Lydia.

liineage.— The Rev. Malachias 0'3Ioloxy, by Papal
Provision of 10 January, 1571, was appointed Bishop of Killa-
loe, and on 22 Aug. was translated to the Bishopric of Kilmac-
duagh. The Rev. John O'Molony was Roman Catholic Bishop
of Killaloe from 1630 to 1651, and as a Spiritual Peer sat at
(and signed the Manifesto of) the Supreme Council of Kilkenny
in 1646. In May, 1671, the Rev. John O'Molony was appointed
Roman Catholic Bishop of Killaloe, and in 1688, was translated
to the Bishopric of Limerick, and in 1696 was attainted by
King William III. under the style of the "Titular Bishop of
Killaloe." He was one of tbe principal benefactors of the
Irish College at Paris, and endowed Bourses in that College
and in the college of Louis le Grand. By the Deed of Founda-
tion, dated 8 Aug. 1701, the six Bursaries in the latter, founded
by him, were to be held by Irish, with a preference to his
relatives of the name of Molony. The Bishop, while resident
at the Benedictine Abbey at Issy, near Paris, made his will,
dated 22 Nov. 1701. He d. 3 Sept. 1702, and is. bur. at thc-
Irish College. He was the 2nd son of John O'JIolony, of
Kiltanon, whose eldest son, James, was father of James
Molony or O'Molony, from whom the following pedigree is

James Molont, Esq. of Kiltanon, acquired the lands of
Ballynehency (now Biillinahinch) by grant dated 15 Feb. 1708,
and purchased Cragg by deed dated 17 Jan. 1728. He biiilt the
family vault at Tulla, dated 2nd June, 1702, which is still the
burying-place of the Molonys of Cragg. From a Family Settle-
ment, dated 20 Jan. 1732, and from the proceedings in the
Chancery suit of Molony -c. Molony in Feb. 1760, it appears
that Mr. Molony was married three times. First to Mary, dau.
of Kennedy Brien, Esq. of Killeman, co. Limerick (widow of
Daniel Ryan, Esq., and of Richard Butler, Esq. of Knock-
topher), secondly, Mary, dau. of James Lambert, Esq. of Car-
nagh, thirdly, Christian, sister of Peter Martin, E.sq. and h.iil

I. John, of whom presently.

II. James (son of the second wife), tn. Elizabeth, widow of
Morgan Ryan, Esq., settlement dated 24 Nov. 1721 (see
MoLONT of Kiltanon).

III. Richard.

IV. Thomas, m. Mrs. Sibella Blake. v. Andrew.
VI. Stephen, ancestor of the MoLONrs of BalUnahinck.
I. Margaret. ii. Catherine.

III. Mary, m. Heniy Brady, Esq. of Kilcorney and Bemskea,.
and had issue,

1 Hugh, ancestor 6f the Bradys of Myshal!, co. Garlow, and
whose dau. to. Edward D'Alton Singleton, Esq. of Quin-
ville, CO. Claie.

2 William. 3 James.

1 Mary, m. John Brady. Esq. of Belletleld.

2 Olivia, m. Cornelius O'Callaghan, Esq. of Kilgorey, had,
with other issue, Christina, la. Richaid Creegh, Esq. of

3 Dilliana, m. her cousin, John Molony, Esq. of Cragg.

Mr. Molony d. at Ballinahinch, and his will was proved in
Dublin, 4th July, 1733, His eldest son by his first marriage,

John Molont, Esq., m. in 1713, Anstaco, dau. of AVilliain
MeNamara, Esq. of Rathanny, co. Liaicrick, and iL v.%j.\n
1724, leaving issue,

I. James, of Cragg, to. Anne O'Dwyer, d. s. p. October,
1758. 11. John.

III. Patrick, who .?. to Cragg, under the Deed of Settlement
dated 20 Jan. 1732, of whom presently.

IV. William.

V. Andrew, to. Arabella Massy, and had issue,

1 James Massy. 2 Htigh.

.3 MacNamara, he was presented in 1773 to one of the Bur-
saries, founded by Bishop O'Molony in the College of
Louis-le-Grand, Paris.

1 Elinor. 2 Anstacc.

The 3rd son,

Patrick Molont, Esq., .?. to Cragg on the death of his eldest
brother, and ni. (Settlement dated 28 Feb. 1746) Elizabeth, dau.
of Thomas Cusack, Esq. of Fortanemore, co; Clare, and nieci-
of John Cusack, Esq. of Kilkishen, and d. in 1793, leaving

I. John, his heir.

II. James, m. Marcella O'Conncll, of Kilgory, co. Clare, and
had issue, now extinct in male line.

1. Margaret, m. — O'Grady, Esq.





John Molont, Esq. of Cracg, to. his cousin, Dilliana, dau.
of Henry Brady, Esq. of Kilcorney (Marriage Settlement dated
4 July, 1771), and d. 4 May, 1805, leaving issue,

I. Patrick, of whom presently.

II. Henry, d. s. p. 1823.

in. James, was presented in 1789, to one of the Bursaries,
■ founded by Bishop O'Molony at tlie College of Louis-le-
Grand. He sei-ved in the French army during the Revolu-
tionary Wars, and some of the arms he carried are still pre-
served by his family. He d. unm. 1 Feb. 1843.

IV. William, d.s. p. 1822. v. Hugh, d. s.p. 1836.

I. Mary, m. James Barry, Esq. of Kockstown, co. limerick
(Settlement dated 10 Feb. 18r2>, and had issue,

1 Dilliana, m. Ralph Westropp Brereton, Esq. of Ballj-
adams, Queen's Co.

2 Mary, m. Henry Potter. Esq. of Ballynolan.

3 Alice, VI. her cousin, Chartres E. Molony, Esq.
The eldest son,

Pateick Molont, Esq., J.P. of Cragg, -la. (Settlement dated
1st Oct. 1808) Alice, eldest dau. of Chartres Brew, Esq. ol
Applevale, co. Clare, and had issue,
I. John Patrick, of whom presently.

u. Chartres Brew, m. 10 Nov. J 841, his cousin, Alice, dau. of
.lames Barrj', Esq., and d. 24 July, 1875, having by her
(who d. 30 Sept. 1871) issue,

1 Harry, m. 19 Dec. 1868, Charlotte Eliza, dau. of Charles
0. Coates, Esq., and d. 17 Jan. 1880, leaving issue,

Charles Aylmer. Harry Brereton.

Percival John.

2 James Barry, m. 21 Nov. 1872, Ellen, dan. of John
Butler Greene, Esq., and has issue,

John Chartres. James G. Massy.

Alice. Eileen Mahel.

3 Chartres Brew, d. s. p. 1879.

4 John, m. Ethel Constance, dau. of Hugh Lyons-Mont-
gomery, D.L. of Belhavel, co. Leitrim, and has issue,

Otho Hugh Charties. John Barre de AVinton.

5 Godfrey Massy, to. 11 Oct. 1882, Clara Penrose, dau. of
Sir John Coode, K.C.M.G. 6 Alfred.

1 Mary.
m. Henry, d. s. p.

IV. James, m. 11 May, 1818, Eebecca, dau. of Michael
Greene, Esq. of Ennis, and had issue,

1 Charles, d. n. p. 1861.

2 Henry, m. Geraldine, dau. of — Morony, Esq. of Odell-
ville, CO. Limerick.

3 John, 7/1. Charlotte, dau. of Andrew Patterson, Esq. of
Abt'Otsford Crescent, Edinburgh.

4 FitzJames, vi. Louisa Basil, dau. of Charles Townley,
E.-q. of the Turret, Ballingarry, co. Limerick.

5 Charles, d. «. p. 15 Jan. 1880.

1 Jane, d. unm.

2 Alice, m. Robert Spaight, Esq. of Affock (set Spaicht of
Derry CasUe).

3 Anne.

I. Rebecca, m. John Trousdell, Esc.

II. Dillianal ,

III. Alice r- ""'"•

Mr. Molony d. Oct. 1832, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Patrick Molont, Esq. of Cragg, J. P., m. (Settlement
dated 12 Feb. 1838) Anna, dau. of Denis Canny, Esq. J.P. of
Clonmoney, co. Clare, and d. 22 F"eb. 1851, leaving issue,

I. Patrick John, now of Cragg.

II. Denis William, d. s.p. 1874. ui. John.
IV. Henry Mcstyn.

I. EUen Mary. ii. Mary. m. Alice.

iScaf— Cragg, co. Clare.


MoEE-MoLYNETTX, WiLLiAM, Esq. of Losolej
Park, Surrey, J.P. and M.A., a senior clerk of the
House of Commons from 1881 to 1891, b. 7 April

Liineage. — James More-Moltneux, of Loseley Park, m.
1803, Anne, dau. of J. Merrott, of Farnham, and d. 1823,
leaving by her (who d. 1843), a son,

James More-Moltneux, Esq. of Loseley Park, F.S.A., J.P.
and D.L. for Surrey, and High Sheriff 1867, 6. 6 May, 1805;
m. 19 July, 1832, Caroline Isabella, eldest dau. of William
Francis Lowndes-Stone, Esq., D.C.L., D.L. of Brightwell
Park, CO. Oxford, and by her (who d. 5 Sept. 1888) had

I. Christopher, 6. 26 April, 1833 ; d. unm. 15 Nov. 1871.

II. William, his heir.

III. Robert Henry (Sir), K.C.B., Rear Admiral R.N., A.D.C.,
.. . ...Commodore of Red Sea J884 to 1886, Superintendent

Devonport Dockyard since 1891, 6. 7 Ang. 1833^ m. Oct.
1874, Annie Mary Caiow, dau. of Capt. M. C. Koretcr,
R.N., and has issue, a dau. Gwendolen.

I. Frances Caroline.

II. Henrietta Anne, m. 19 July, J 860, Ross Lewis Mangles,
Esq., V.C, Indian Civil Service, eldest son of Ross Donolly
Mangles, Esq., formerly M.P. for Guilford, and has had
issue, Ross Donolly, 6. .\ov. 1861, d. 1862; W.alter James,
Lieut. Royal Lancaster Regt., b. 13 Sept. 1862; Arthur
Edward Ross, b. 18 May, 1867, Dorsetshire Regt. ; William
Ross, 6. Jan. 1870, d. 1873 ; Roland Henry, b. 9 Feb. 1874;
Mary Haniett, and Ada Caroline, d. 1866.

Mr. More-Molyneux d. 9 April, 1874, and was ». by his eldest.
surviving son,

WiLLLiM MoRE-MoLTNEUx, Esq., now of Loseley Park.

Seat — Loseley Park, Guildford.

Me^iikdcc—St. Catherine's House, Gitildfard.


lIoNCK, John Bligh, Esq. of Coley Part, co.
Berks, B.A., J.P., High Sheriif 1843, h. 8 Aug.
1811 ; m. 22 June, 1841, Elizabeth Margaret, dau.
of the E«v. W. Wildman Bates, "Vicai' of St.
Mary's, Beading, and by her (who d. 1884) has.

I. AViLLiAM Berkeley, J.P., B.A. Oxford, Barristcr-at-Law,
b. 8 April, 1842; n. 1872, Althea Paulina Louisa, eldest
dau. of Gen. Charles I'anshawc, and has issue, George
Stanley Stephens, b. 1880, John Berkeley, 6. 1833,
Louisa Emilia and Margaret Althea.

n. John Stanley, 6. 28 Feb. 1845.

111. George Gustavus (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of St. Ilatliias,
Liverpool, b. 28 Aug. 1849 ; m. 16 May, 1376, Hester
Isabella, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Nugent.

I. Charlotte Emiha Margaret.

II. Mary Louisa, m. 26 Nov. 1872, Richard Edgcnmbe, Esq.
Sergeant-at-Arms, son of the Hon. Georgo Edgcumbe,
younger son of Richard, Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, and
has issue, Kenelm William Edward.

III. Frances Elizabeth, ni. 11 July, 1871, James John Loudon
Mc.Vdams, Esq., late Major 7th Dragoon Guards, oi
F'indon End, Essex.

Xiineage.— This is a branch of the ancient stock of
MoNCK of Potherulge, Devon, whence sprang the celebrated
George, Duke of Albemarle.

William Monxke, Esq. of the Middle Temple, bapt. 27 Oct.
1692 (3rd son of Henry Moncke, Esq., by Sarah his wife, dau.
and heir of Sir Thomas Stanley, Kut. of Grange Gorman, and
brother of Charles Moncke, great-grandfather of Henry, Vis-
count Monck, Earl op Rathdowne), to. Dorothy, sister of
John, 1st Earl of Darnley, and was s. by his son,

John Mosck, Esq. of Bath, who d. there 12 Nov. 1803. He
m. Emily Snee, and had, with other issue,

I. George (Rev.), of Corston, near Bath, in. 13 April, 1809,
the Hon. Sarah Hamilton, dau. of Gustavus, 5th Viscount
Boyne, and by her (who d. 29 March, 1849) had a son,
George Gustavus, of Silver Ihll, Sussex, J. P., B.A. Oxford,
b. 1815 ; TO. 1846, Harriett, dau. of Eight Hon. Sir William
Home, P.C., M.P., Attorney-General for England, and has
issue, Edward Francis Berkeley (Rev.), B.A., 6. It51.

II. John Bebkelet.

I. Emilia, m. Rev. Charles Vaughan, of Crickhowcll.
The younger son,

John Berkeley Monck, Esq., Barrister-at>Law, purchased
Coley and other estates in the neighbourhood of Reading, and
became M.P. for that borough. He m. 4 May, ISIO, Mary,
dau. of William Stephens, Esq. of Aldermaston, Bucks, and
dying 13 Dec. 1834, left issue,

John Bligh, now of Coley Park. '
William St.iUley, 6. 1822; deceased.
Emilia, deceased.

Mariette, m. Charles Hill, Esq., of Woollaston, co. North-
ampton, who d. 1861, leaving issue.

Arms — Gu., a chevron between three lion's heads erased arg.
Creat — A wyvern arg.
iSeai— Coley Park, Reading, Berks.


MoNCKTON, Francis, Esq. of Somerford Hall,
CO. Stafiord, J.P. and D.L., M.P. for W. Stafford-
shire 1871 to 1885, late Capt. and Hon. Major
Queen's Own Yeomanry Cavalry, 6. 7 March, 1841 j





m. 16 July, 18S9, Evolyn Mary, dau. of Algernon j

Charles' Heber-Perer, 'Esq. of Hoduet Hall, to. j

Salop, and has issue, j

I. Francis Algebxon-, b. C Mny, 1890. |

I. Evelyn Frances.

II. Constance Frances. (
Xiineagre. — The Hos. Edward Moncktox, of Somerford '

f3tii son of the 1st Viscount Gahvay), to. 14 March, 177G, j
J^ophia, dau. of George, Lord Pigot, and d. 1 July, 1832. (She I
.survived until 1 Jan. 1834.) They had issue,

I. Edward, of Somerford Hall, d. 17 March, 1848, aped 76.

II. George, of Somerford HaU, d. 29 Dec. 1858, aged 80.

III. John, d. l.i June, 1852.

jv. Henry, a General, 6. 11 Dec. 1780: m. 28 Dec. 1S39,
Anne, only dau. of John Groorae Smythe, Esq. of Hilton
.Salop, and d. 29 June, 1854, leaving issue,

1 Francis, now of Somerford Hall, successor to his uncle,

2 Arthur, h. 20 July, 1845.

1 Mary Anne. 2 Leonora.

S Alice, m. 30 April, 1379, the Very Kev. W. H. Williams,
Dean of St. Asaphs, 2nd son of Sir Hugh Williams, 3id
Bart, of Bodelwyddan.
-V. Philip, Judge in the East Indies, m. Miss Carter, and d.

1820, leaving issue (see Monckton of Fineskade Abbey).
•VI. Claud, d. in India.
vii. Hugh (Kev.), Rector of Seaton, rf. 1842.
viii. William, m. 29 March, 18J5, Helen, 4th dau. of Goddard
Richards, H.E.I.C.S., and d. 1874. having had issue by her
(.whorf. 18S3).

I. Sophia, deceased. ii. Leonora, d. 17 Sept. 1839.

iu. Anna Maria, d. 30 June, 1878.

IV. Emma Frances, decased.

Arms — Gu., on a chevron between three martlets or, as
many mullets of the tield. Cj-ed~\ martlet or. Moito—
i'aniara extendere factis.

.Sea(«— Stretton, Stafford, and Somerford, Brecwood,

III. William Parry, E.A. Caius Coll. Camb., Major Hamp-
shire Kegt., b. 7 April, 1846, m. Florence, dau. of — Saury-
Cookson, Esq.

IV. Hugh, B A. Caius Col), Camb., 5. June, 1947; m. Isabel
Jane Gillis, dau. of John Chapman, Esq. and has issue.

II. Harriet Leonora, m. Rev. H. E. Gedge.
in. Emily Jane, m. 12 Dec. 1877, Capt. George Harrison,
and has issue.

Ho d. 24 July, 1878.

Arms, tic. — Same as Monckton of Somerford Hall.
Seat — Fineshade Abbey, Stamturd, CO, Northampton,
Address— Lsimb liuiUlings, Temple.
Cii'.i— Junior Carlton.



Monckton, Edwaed Puilip, Esq. of Fineshade I
Abbey, co. Northampton, J.P. cos. Northampton, |
Ptutland, and Liberty of Peterboro', Hij^h Sheritf co. |
Eutland, 1883, E.A. Trin. Coll. Camb., Ban-ister- I
nt-Law, Eecorderof Northampton, Major and Hon. I
Lieut.-Col. 3rd Batt, Northampton Eegt., b. 18 I
July, 1810 ; w. 25 Sept. 1866, Christabel, 2nd dau. i
of Eev, C. D. Francis, M,A., Yicar of Tysoe, co. |
"Warwick, and has issue, j

I. George Edward, b. 20 Nov. 1803. i

II. Pliilip Tunnard, o. 26 July, 1870.

III. Noel, 6. 24 Dec. 1871. j

IV. Charles, b. 26 Feb. 1873.

V. Christopher Cecil, 4. 8 March, 1877.
\i. Oliver Paul, b. V March, 1879.

MI. Thomas Anthony, b. 22 Oct. 1835.

I. Christabel, b. 20 Nov. 1867.

II. Theodora, b. 4 .Sept. 1875.

III. Francis Leonora, 6. 16 March, 1882.

Xiineagre. — Philip Monckton, Esq. (;« Monckton of
S'-'Tdeyfyrd HaU), Judge at Gorruckpoore, in the East Indies, b.
^ March, 1787 ; ni. Miss Carter, and rf. 1820, leaving,
Edward Henet Cbadock. late of Fineshade Abbey.
George Pakenham, in. 1843, Emily Maiy, dau. of Sir Vansit-
tart Stonhouse, 14th Bart.
John Edmonstone, m. l.\. 1849, Julia, dau. of Col. Henry
Thornton, and by her^vho d. 1851) had a son, John Henry,
Major North Staffordshire Kegt., and 2ndly, Lucy Smith,
dau. of Lieut.-Col. John Smith, of F:ilingham, who d.
Charlette Sophia, m. the late Gen. George Whichcoie, and d.
Nov. 1880.
iliza Leonora,'™. 23 April, 1844, Eev. AVilliam George Leigh
Wasey, Vicar of Morvill, Salop, and both d. 1877.
The eldest son,

Edward Henry Cradock Monckton, Esq. of Fineshade
Abbey, H.E.I.C.S., Bengal, b. 12 Sept. 1812 ; m, 1st, Caroline
i;osa, youngest dau. of Charles Woudccck, Esq., and by her
<who d. Sept. 1838) had one dau.,

I. Sophia Rosa, m. Eev. Cornelius Thompson, and has issue.
He «i. 2ndly, 1S39, Maria Catherine, youngest dau. of H. W.
Tydd, Esq., and by her had,

I. Edward Philip, now of Fineshade Abbey.

II. Claud, C.E., 6. 26 July, 1844; m. Eena Hickcy, dan. of
E. A. Hickey, E.sq.


MoNCRiEFF,SiE Alexander, of Barnhill.K.C.B.,
F.E S., representative of the family of Culfargic,
both in the co. of Perth, J. P., Col. and late Comm.
of the 3rd Brigade Snottish Division E.A., and
inventor of the Moncrieff system of working ord-
nance, b. 17 April, 1829 ; m. 20 April, 1875, Har-
riet Mary, only dau. of James Wilson Eimiiigton
Wilson, Esq., of Broomhead Hall, co. York, by
whom he has,

I. Malcolm Matthew, 6. 8 Jan. 1876.

II. Gerard Alexander, b. 23 Aug. 1878.
HI. Alaric Rimington, ';. 21 March, 1880.

IV. Roger Murray, 6. 28 Nov. 1885. v. Duncan Campbell.
1. Maud Isabel. ii. May Gladys.

Lineage. — The Genealogy of the House of Moncrieff has
been recently compiled by George Seton, Esq., M.A., author
of Scottish Heraldry. The principal published accounts are
contained in Douglas's Baronage of Scolland and Playfair's
British Family Antiquity. While the pedigree given by
Douglas is incomplete, that of Playfair is, in some parts,
highly questionable, and the character of the compilation may
be inferred from the following statement: — " This article, and
a few others, are given on the authority of a manuscript account
of the family of Moncrieff, written upwards of a hundred
years ago, in the possession of Sir Henry Moncrieff-Welhvood.
It was written by one whose certain knowledge reached back
to about the middle of the seventeenth centuiy. In all
particulars it agrees with the documents on record, and supplies
chasms with regard to facts of less importance." According to
Douglas, the surname of Moncrieff, which is local and of great
antiquity in Perthshire, was assumed by the possessors of the
lands and barony of Moncrieff, in that county, as soon ;is
surnames began to be used in Scotland. He deduces the
descent from Matthaus de Moncrieff (c. 1240), while Playfair
carries the ancestry four generations higher to Ramerus de
Moncrieff, temp. Alexander 1. (1107-24). Seventh in descent
from Matthew was Sir John Moncrieff of that ilk (ob. c. 1530),
who m. Beatrix, dau. of Forman, of Luthrie, and had at least
two sons, viz. :


John, said to be ancestor of the present possessor of the
lands of Mon'jrielle, whose grandson, Thomas, was created
a Baronet in 16s5, and from whose younger brother, Harry,
the present Sir Robert Moncrieffe, of Moncrieffe, 8th Bart.,
is seventh in lineal descent.
The eldest son,

William Moncrieff, had by his wife, Margaret Murray, of
the family of Balvaird (now represented by the Earl of Mans-
lield), four sons,

John, > jjg lioth believed to have d. s. p.

James, J -^

Alexander, founder of the f.amily of Kintillo and Culfargie.
erroneously said by Douglas to have died wi'thout issue, of
whom afterwarUs.
The eldest son,

William, rf. in ii!.« father's lifetime, having m., dau.
of Laurence, Lord Oliphant, by whom he had, besides other

William Moncrieff, of that ilk, who s. his grandfather.

Archibald, minister of Abernethy, respecting

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