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whom Douglas
nuikes the following statement :— William Bloncrielf, who
married Jean Oliphant, "is said to have had another son,
Mr. Arcliibald Moncrieff, who was minister at Abernethy, in
Perthshire, and progenitor of Mr. William Moncrieff,
minister of Blackford, who, upon the death of Sir Hugh, of
Tubbermallo, claimed the baronetship, but as we can find
no documents to prove liis succession, we cannot here





deduce his (leseent." The Tiibbermallo, or Tippermalloch,
branch is deduced by Poujilas from Hugh, a younger son of
Sir John Moncricff, of that illc, and Beatrix Forman,
ah-eady referred to, and by Playfair from George, uncle of
the game Sir John, whose great-grandson, William, is said
to have conveyed his estate to a distant relalivo, in the
person of Sir John Moncrieff, 5f,h Bart, of the creation of
1G26, to be afterwards mentioned, and father of Sir Hugh,
6th Bart., referred to by Douglas. William, the eldest son,
s. his grandtather in the estate of Monci-icff, and by his
wife, Ann, dau. of Robert Moray, of Abercairiiy, was
father of Sir John Moncrieff, of that ilk, created a baronet
in 1626. This Sir John, who d. in 1650, had by his second
wife Lady Slary Murray, dau. of William, 2nd Earl of
TuUibardine, three sons, John, David, and James, succes-
sively 2nd, 3rd, and 4tli Barts., who all d. unm. On the
death of Sir James, 4th Bart., such of the family papers as
were in his hands were (according to Playfair) delivered, by
his direction, to his cousin. Sir John, 5th Bart., son of Sir
Hugh, younger brother of Sir John, 1st Bart., which Hugh,
according to Douglas, d. without issue. Sir John appears
to have been s. in the title by his son, Sir Hugh, 6lh Bart.,
who d. unm. about the year 1744 ; and some years after-
wards the baronetcy was assumed by William Moncrieff,
ministfr of Blackford, great-great-grandson (according to
Playfair) of Archibald Moncrieff. minister at Abernethy,
already referred to as a supposed younger son of William
Moncrieff, of that ilk, and Jean Oliphant. Third in descent
from the minister of Blackford, 7th Bart., was Rev. Sir
Henry Wellwood Monciieff, 10th Bart, of the creation of
2826, and elder brother of the Right Hon. James Moncrieff,
Lord Jubtice Clerk, who was created a Baronet in 1871, and
raised to the Peerage, under the title of Baron Moncrieff, in

J^itmilg of fuuiillo attb €aIfHrg«.

ALEXiNDER Moncrieff, youngest son of W'illiam Moncrieff,
of that ilk, by his wife, Margaret Murray, of Balvaird, was the
first of the family of Kintillo, and m. Christian, dau. of Crich-
ton of Strathurd. lUs descendants can be clearly traced by
means of family papers in the hands of his existing represen-
tative and other authentic documents. Alexander was s. by
his son,

Matthew Monxrieff, " porfioner of Kintillo," whoni. Grizel

Mauld, and who appears to have been alive in 1647. Besides

other issue, he had three sons,

William, who is described in one of the family writs, dated

1671, as "Nonnunquam do Kintillo," was probably the

eldest, and appears to have had a son, Alexander, who

d. unm.

John, a Major of Dragoons, who m. Anna Melville, and
acquired the estate of Culfargie, in the parish of Abernethy.
He d.s.p. between 1683 and 1686, when he was s. by his
nephew, Matthew, eldest son of his younger brother,

Alexander Moncrieff, M.A. (3rd son of Matthew Moncrieff
and Grizel Mauld), laureated at Edinburgh University in
1635, and appointed minister of Scoonie, Fifeshire, in 1643,
of whom an interesting notice will be found in Wodrow's
Hisloni of the Church O' Scotland. He was 6. 1613; m.
Anna, dau. of Murray, of Woodend, a cadet of the family
of Tullibardine, and d. in 1688. His merits are set, forth in
an elaborate Latin inscription in the Grey friars' Churcnyard,
Edinburgh. By his wife, Anna Murray, he had, besides
three daus., m. respectively to Sir Hugh Cuningham, of
Bonnington, Swiaton, of Strathore, and llcv. Andrew Ward-
robe (or Wardroper), three sons,

Matthew, who s. his uncle John in the estate of Culfargie.
■\Villiani, minister of Largs, m. Ann, sister of Lindsay of

Edzell, by whom he appears to have had two daus.
David, of Easter Eynd, Clerk to the Privy Council, who m.
Ann, dau. of John Uundas, of Duddingston, by whom he
had a dau. Magdalene, who s. to her father's estate, and m.
Dr. John Scott, of Coats, from whom the Scott-Monciieffs,
of Fossaway, are descended.
The eldest son of Alexander Moncrieff, M.A.,

Matthew Moncrieff, of Culfargie, had a command at the
battle of the Boyne under William of Orange, where he was
severely wounded. He afterwards left the military pro-
fession, and became a minister of the Church of Scotland.
He m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of John Thomas, merchant in
Edinburgh, s. p., and 2ndly, in 1692, Margarcr, dau. of John
Mitchell, of Balbardie (alive in 1739), by whom he had,
besides two daus. (Anna and Elizabeth), two sons, Alexander
and John.

Alexander, the elder, 6. in 1695, s. to Culfargie in 1708,
■was appointed minister of Abernethy in 1720, and di. 1st, in
1722, Mary, eldest dau. of Sir John Clerk, of Penicuik, Bart,
(by his 2nd wife, Christian Kilpatrick),* by whom he had a

* Sir John Clerk had two other daus. by the same marriage.
Christian and Margaret, who m.. respectively, David Scton,' of
the family of Cariston, co. Fife, and .lUcxunder Belsher, of
luverniay, co. Perth,

son, Matthew, who s. him, and two daus., of whom, Agnes
))i. Robert Cuningham, of Comrie. He m. 2ndly, Jean, eldest
dau. of WilliamLyon, of Ogle, minister of Airlie, by whom he
had fifteen children, of whom the majority d. in infancy. The
survivors were the fcllowing,

George, Physician in Perth, m. Janet Lyon, of Ogle, and
had a son, Alexander, and five daus.

William, minister at Alloa, m. Miss Wilson, by whom he
had, besides eight daus. and two sons, Alexander, minister
at Muckhart, m. — Ellis, by whom he had five sons and
three daus., and Hugh, Phj-sician in Alloa, who d. unm.

Jane, m. Rev. Dr. Piingle, of Perth.

Margaret, m. Rev. — M'Murray, Lockerbie.

Agnes, m. Cuningham of Balgownie.

Ann, Capt. Hutchison, of Burntisland.

Alexander Moncrieff, of Culfargie, was one of the four
founders of the Secession Church in the year 1733. An
interesting memoir of him, by the Rev. Dr. Young of Perth,
was published in 1849. He d. in 1761, and was s. by his eldest

Matthew Moncrieff, of Culfargie, b. 1725, also a minister
of the Secession Church, who m. about 1750, Ann, eldest
dau. of Dr. John Scott, of Coats, by his wife, Magdalene
Moncrieff, already referred to, and had, besides seven daus.,
three sons,
Alexander, his successor. John, b. 1754.

Robert, Lieut. R.N., b. 1763 ; d. 1798.
Matthew Moncrieff, of Culfargie, d. before 1780, and was s,
by his eldest son,

Alexander Moncrieff, of Culfargie, b. 1751, who sold his
estate to the Earl of Wemyss, retaining the superiority, and
purchased Barnhill, near Perth, from Sir Stewart Tkriepland.*
He HI. 1779, Janet, dau. of Alexander Veitch, heir of Hugh
Veitch, of Craigduckie and Broomhcad, by whom (who d. 4
Feb. 1817) he had (besides a dau. Robina Scott, m. Capt. J,
Eckford, of H.E.I.C. Kavy) four sons,
Matthew, his successor.
Alexander, b. 1784, d. s. p. 1819.
John William, b. 1788, Capt. H.E.LC.S., m. Miss Hill, by

whoin he had a dau. Robina Scott, m. Dr. Edie.
Robert Hope, Writer to the Signet, b. 1786, m. Isabella, dau..
of George Aitken, of Todhall, and had (besides five daus.,,
Mary, Janet, Robina, Isabella, and Margaret) two sons,
Alexander, Writer to the Sianet, vi. Euphemia Dick, dau.
of Gen. Cuningham, of Kewton, and has issue, five sons
and three daus.
George, Writer in Perth, m. 1st, Angela, dau. of Capt.
Birch; 2ndly, Maria Williamson, dau. of Major Rodgcrs;
Srdly, Isabella, dau. of Capt. Roy. He left issue, by his
1st and 2nd wives, four sons and two daus. One of
the sons, Robert Hope Moncrieff, is the author of Ouden-
dale, Tlie Exiles of France, and other popular works.
Alexander Moncrieff, of Barnhill, d. April, 1817, and was s.
by his eldest son,

Matthew Moncrieff, of Barnhill, b. 28 May, 1783, Capt.
in the Madras Cavalry, m. 1826, Isabella, dau. of Archi-
bald Campbell, Esq., and sister of Alexander Campbell,
of Cammo, by whon (whom d. 1880), he had four sons and two
Alexander, his successor.
Archibald, b. 1830; d. unm. 1860.
Matthew, b. 1832; d.unm.

Robert Hope, b. 1841 : murdered by Kafirs, on the frontier of
Basutoland and Natal, in 1866.
Elizabeth Helen.
Janet, m. in 1870, Rev. Ninian Wight, and d. 24 Jan. 1877.

Capt. Moncrieff d. 1843, and was s. by his eldest son,

Alexander, who is 8th in descent from Alexander Moncrieff,
of Kintillo, son of William Moncrieff, of that ilk, and Margaret
Murray, of Balvaird.

Arms — Arg., a lion rampant gu., armed and langued az.. a
chief erm. Crests — A demi-hon rampant, as in the arms.
Motto — Sure Esp^rence.

The Culfargie bearings matriculated in the Lyon Register,
1 May, 1790, during the lifetime of the grandfather of the
present representative of the family, are as toUsws :— Arg ,
a lion rampant gu., armed and langued az., and a chief erm.,
all within a bordure engrailed of the third, charged with six

* The small manor of Barnhill, which includes Moncrieff
Island, now held in feu from it by Sir Robert Moncrieffe, Bart.,
passed into the Thiiepland family as the dowry of the bride of
the Laird of Fingask, who was attainted after the Jacobite
rising of 1745; this lady is known in Scottish song as the
" Lass o'Gowrie." AVhen Barnhill was purchased by Alexander
Moncrieff, of Culfargie, it became the possession of the Mon-
critffs a second time, as it appears, from the records of Perth,
that it was held by another member of that family in the 16tU

4 X





8tars or. Crest— A lion's head erased gu., langiied az. Motto
— Ksperence.

Seat — Bandirran, co. Perth.

Xoirn Bouse— Ui, Yicarage Gate, Kensington, W.


y.coTT-MoxcEiEFF, Kev. William, M.A. (Caii-
Trtb), of Fossaway, co. Perth and Kinross, J. P. cos.
Edinburgh and' Perth, Vicar of Christehurch,
Uishopwearuiouth, and Hon. Canon of Durham
Cathedral, b. 25 April, 1825; m. 22 Aug, 1850,
Hannah, dau. of Robert Overton, Esq. of Leicester,
and had issue,

Eobert, h. 20 May, 1853; d. s. p. 1882.
-William, Capt. Middlesex Eegt., b. 15 June, 1858; m. 14
July, 1SS6, Alice Margaret, dau. of the late John
Cassels, Esq. formerly of Bombay, and has issue, Eobert,
6. 4 May, 1887 ; William, b. 27 April, 1888.
■ Charles Elliott, in Holy Orders, b. 11 April, 1863; m. 21
May, 1SS9, Maude, dau. of Rev. H. Blackett.
Susan Mary, to. 26 April, 1881, Eev. Herbert Lunn, Yicar
of Christ Church, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and has issue,
three sons and four daus.

Xiineag'e. — Eobekt Scott, of Coates, co. Fife, said to be
a descendant of the old family of Balwearie, left a son,

John Scott, of Coates, M.D. of Leyden, 1712, m. 1st,
Magdalene, dau. and heir by Anne his wife (dau. of John
Dundas, of Duddingstoun, co. Linlithgow), of David Moncrieff,
■of Ehynd, Perth, Clerk to the Scottish Privy Council of
William III., youngest son of Eev. Alexander Moncrieff, of
Scoonie, who was 2nd son of Matthew Moncrieff, of Culfargie,
Perthshire (see Monckieff of Barnhill), and had


Anne, m. her cousin, Jlatthew Moncrieff, of Culfargie.
Dr. Scott m. 2ndly, Jean, dau. of William Gourlay, of Kin-
craig, CO. Fife, by whom he had issue, and d. 17G5, aged 74.

EoBEBT ScoTT-MoN'CBiEFF, of Coates and Eynd, s. to
Ivewhalls, co. Edinburgh, on the death of his cousin, David
Dundas, of Duddingstoun, in 1802 ; to. 1st, Jean dau. of
William Hogg, Esq., by Jean, dau. of Charles Stuart, of
Dunearn, co. Fife, grandsoa of James, Earl of Moray, and

He TO. 2ndly, Anne, dau. of Eobert Wellwood, of Garvock, co.
life, by whom he had

Eobert, who assumed the surname of Wellwood, 1847, on
inheriting as heir of entail the estates of his mother's family.
Mr. Scott-WeUwood m. Miss Macdonald, and d. s. p. 19 Jan.
-Eobert Scott-Moncrieff d. 10 Nov. 1815, and was s. by his son,
AViLLiAM ScoTT-MoNCBiEFF, of Ncwhalls and Fossaway.
He TO. 1791, his cousin, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Hogg,
Esq., by Colina, dau. of Colin, eldest son of Sir James, Camp-
bell, Bart., of Aberuchill and Kilbryde, and d. 1846, leaving
issue by her (who d. 1834),


David, who dropped the surname of Moncrieff, m. 1839,

Mary Brine, and d. 1874, leaving issue.
William (Eev.), minister of Penicuik 1830, vi. 1st, 1830,

Hectorina Eobertson, who d. 1837, and 2ndly, 1841, Mary,

dau. of John Irving, brother of Lord Newton, and d. 1857,

leavine issue.
•John, Chartered Accountant, ))i. 1st, Christian, dau. of

Alexander Majoribanks, of that ilk and Balbardie, anrt2ndly,

1866, Isabella, dau. of Laurence Kobertson, Esq., and has

Ann, m. 1828, John Erskine, Esq. of Vanlaw, co. Peebles,

and d. s. p. Ib51.
Elizabeth, m. 1825, Eobert Mercer, Esq. of Scotsbank, co.

Selkirk, and d. s. p. 1871.
EoBEBT ScoTT-MoNCBiEFF, of Fossaway, Advocate, 6. 1
Dec. 1793, m. 1st, 6 Jan. 1820, Susanna, 2nd dau. of
Alexander Piingle, Esq. of Whytbank and Yair, co. Selkirk,
and by her (who was b, 1796, and d. 16 May, 1840) had
William, now of Fossaway.
Alexander Pringle, Major Bengal Army, m. 1850, Elizabeth,

dau. of Kev. George Coventry, of Sharwell, co. Kinross,

and d. 1865, leaving issue, two sons and three daus.
Eobert, formerly merchant in Calcutta, m. 1»57, Catharine,

dau. of Kenneth Mackinnon, M.D., and has issue, four

sons and five daus.
L'avid, AVriter to the Signet, m. 1st, 1850, Elizabeth, dau. of

Jaaits Wilson, Esq., banker, of \\'oodburn, Edinburgh,

and niece of Professor Wilson, and by her (who d. 1870) has
issue, two sons and three daus. He to. 2ndly, 1872, Mar-
garet Fisher, dau. of John Campbell, M D., of Toronto.

John Edward (Rev.), vi. 1855, Isabella, dau. of Capt. James
Morgan, H.E.I.C.S., and d. 18C0, leaving one son and two

Colin Campbell (Sir), K.C.M.G., Col. E.E., C.S.I.. Perma-
nent.-Under-Secretary of State for Scotland, m. 1st, 1861,
Lucy, dau. of Lewis Sturge, Esq. (who d. 1874), and 2ndly,
1881, Margaret, dau. of E. Sturge, Esq., and has issue,
one son and two daus. ; he m. 3rdly, Dora, dau. of J.
Albright, Esq.

Charles, d.s.p. 1859.

Mary Anne.

Eliza, m. 1847, Capt. Robert Christie, of Durie, Fife, and
d. s.p. 1848.

Sus:in, VI. 1850, A. Halliday Douglas, M.D., and d.s.j).

Joanna, m. 1861, the late Gen. Ballard, C.B., and has issue,
two sons and three daus.
Mr. Scott-Moncrieff to. 2ndly, 1851, Mary, dau. of Eobert
Hamilton, Writer to the Signet, and d. 18 June, 1869, leaving
by her,

Elizabeth Mary.

Arms — 1st and 4th, arg., a. pheon az., between three lions'
heads erased gu., langucd of the second, for Scott ; 2nd and
3id, arg., a lion rampant gu., a chief erm., within a bordure
engrailed az. Crest — Three stalks of wheat growing out of
the ground ppr. Motto — Inde spes.

Heat — Fossaway, Dollar, N.B. Residence — Christ Church
Vicarage, Sunderland.


MoNiNS, John Henry, Esq. of Eingwould, co.
Kent, J. P. CO. Kent and the Cinque Ports, Capt.
E.E. Kent. Yeo., b. 15 Aug. 1851, m. 15 Jan. 1885,
Edith Julia, dau. of the late J. P. Cobbold, Esq.
M.P. Ipswich, CO. Suffolk, and has issue,

John Eaton, b. 27 Sept. 1890.

Adela Mary Evelyn, 6. 15 March, 1893.

Lineage.— Sir Stmon de Montn, of the Castle of Mayon
in Normandy, was the founder of the family. He accompanied
William the Conqcebob on his expedition against England,
1066, and his descendants shortly afterwards settled in Kent,
in which county they have since remained. Sir Symon bore
for his arms, gu. three crescents, or., the Coat-Armour of the
Monins at this present time. The orthography of the name
has been, De Monyn, Monyngs, Meninges, Monyns, and
latterly, Monins. Sir Symon de Monyn left two sons, Theobald,
who d. without issue, and Stephen, both of Eschurst, in Sussex.
The younger.

Stephen Monyn, to. Amabilia, dau. and heiress of Sir Hugh
de Montford, Knt., and ,was ancestor of the great house of
Monyns, of Kent.

John Monyns, Lieut, of Dover Castle, tejnp. Henry YIII.
(2nd son of John Monyns, of Swanton, and younger brother
of Edward Monyns, Esq. of Waldershare, ancestor of the
extinct Baronets, Monyns, of Waldershare (see Burke's £'.c<inc<
Baronetage), m. Jane, dau. and co-heiress of Thomas Aide, of
Chequer, Kent, and has issue, two sons and four daus. John
Monyns d. in 1554, and possessed the advowson of the Church
of Charlton, near Dover, which has remained to his descen-
dants ever since. He devised his lands in the parish of St.
Margarets, at Cliffe, to his son and heir,

Thomas Monyns, of Dover, who was twice married, 1st,
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir John Peyton, Knt. (by whom he had
Edward, who d. without issue, and a dau., Peyton, who m.
John Toke, Esq. of Bere, Kent), and 2ndly, Alice, dau. of
William Cryspe, Esq., Lieut, of Dover Castle, by whom he had
Stephen, and several other sons, who d. without issue, and
three daus., Mary, m. Sir Cavilero Maycot, Knt.; Marion, m.
1st, Coldwell Eogers, and 2ndly, Sir Christopher Mann, Knt. ;
and Frances, m. Leonard Sprecklyn, Esq. of St. Dunstans, near
Canterbury. The eldest son,

Stephen Monyns, of Dover, m. Mary, dau. of Sir Charles
Hales, of Thannington, Knt., by wnom he had issue several
sons and daus.

William Monyns, of Dover (4th son and, at length, heir of
this Stephen Monyns of Dover), m. 10 Oct. 1664, Margaret,
dau. of Thomas Toke, of Bere, by whom he had issue, three
sons and two daus., viz., Thomas, of whom presently ; Stephen,
who d, young in 1656, and was bur. in Lyddon Chancel; and
William, who left a son, AVilliam. Of the daus., Maiy, m.
Stephen Knowler, of Canterbury, Gent. William Monyns d.
in 1686, and was s. by his son,





Thomas Montns, of Dover, who to. 1st, Mary, dau. of
Nicholas Eaton, and sister of Sir Peter Eaton, Knt., and 2n[ny,
Antonia Frances, of Bishopsbourne, Kent (widow). By his
marriage he had several sons and daus. Thomas Monyns d.
1720, and was bur. at Charlton 12 April. His eldest surviving

The Bev. Eichabd Monins, M.A., Prebendary of Bristol,
thirteen years Head Master of the King's School at Canter-
bury, and patron of the Churches of Charlton and liingwould,
Kent, m. Mary, dau. of the Rev. John Daulinge, Vicar of
Alkam, and sister of John Daulinge, Esq. of Canterbury, and
had issue, three sons and five daus., Thomas d. an infant,
' 1731 : Richard, in Holy Orders, M.A., took the name of Eaton
at the request of Peter Eaton, Esq. of Woodford, Essex, and
became Rector of Charlton and Eingwould after the death of
his father; he d. unm. 1770, and was bur. at Ringwould ; and
John, of whom hereafter. Of the daus. Grace and Maria d.
unru., the first in 17fi4, the second 1769, both bur. at Ring-
would ; Frances d. a minor in 1739, and bur. at Charlton ;
Catherine, 711. John Woodward, Esq., a Capt. in 70th Regt.
of Foot in 1758. The Rev. Richard Monins was bur. at Charl-

John Monins, Esq. of Canterbury, 3rd son and, on the death
of his brother, the Rev. Richard Monins Eaton, heir to the
Eev. Richard Monins, Prebendary of Bristol, was b. 15 July,
1741. He served, in early life, a few years in the Royal Navy,
and was present, when midshipman, at Sir Edward, afterwards
Lord, Hawke's engagement with the French Admiral Conflaus,
off Belleisle, in 1759. During the same year be quitted the
Navy, having received a commission in the 60th Regt., or as
they were then styled, the " Royal Americans," and afterwards
exchanged into the 43rd Regt., then also serving in America.

After residing some time on his estate at Woodford, in
Essex, he purchased, in 1777, a property at Canterbury, called
■" The Archbishop's Palace," and building himself a mansion,
fitill called the Palace, dwelt there till his death, 11 May, 1806,
and was bur. at Ringwould. He m. 15 Sept. 1788, Sarah
<who d. 28 Jan. 1845), dau. of Mr. John Trice, of Ashford, and
Sby her left, with other issue,

I. William, b. 20 Feb. 1792, served throughout the Penin-
sular War, with the 52nd Regt., and was present at the
battle of Waterloo. He m. 7 Oct. 1812, Elizabeth Anne,
dau. of the late John Jull, Esq. of Wingham, Kent, and lias

1 William Godfrey Clerk, h. 25 July, 1813, late Capt. in
the 23rd Regt., or Royal Welsh Fusiliers, m. 14 Dec.
1841, Dorothy Ann, eldest dau. of the late Eev. John
Raper Hunton, of Armathwaite Castle, co. Cumberland.

2 Elizabeth Anne Sarah, b. 4 Nov. 1823, to. 21 Jan. 1847,
William Gatty, Esq., and d. 29 Nov. 1893.

II. John, Rev., of whom hereafter.

III. Eaton, served in the 52nd L. I. at Waterloo, and was
afterwards Col. of tlie 69th, and 8th, King's Regt.

IV. Richard, d. unm., was at Waterloo.
The 2nd son.

Rev. John Monins, of Eingwould, Kent, m. 18 Oct. 1808,
Mary Lee, dau. of — Carter, Esq., M.D., of Kennington Hall,
Kent, aud by her (who d. 5 June, 1818) had issue,

Richard Eaton (Rev.), 6.30 Sept. 1813; vi. Emily, dau. of
the late Rev. John Chevallier, of A spall Hall, Suffolk, and
d. V. p. 1863, leaving issue by her, who d. 13 Nov. 18u3.
John Henbt, now of Ringwould.

Georgina Emily, /(. 16 April, 1848, vi. June, 1871, Capt.
Robert Thomas Hamond, E.A., of Pampisford Hall, co.

The Eev. John Monins d. 8 Oct. 1853, and was s. by his grand-
son, John IIenrt, now of Eingwould.

Arms — Gu., three crescents or. Crest — A crescent. Motto —
JMediocria maxima.

Seat — Ringwould House, Dover, Kent.
CluJ) — Junior Carlton.


Monro, David, Esq. of Allan, co. Eoss, J.P. and
D.L. cos. Ross and Cromarty, Capt. (h.p.) Madras
Staff Corps, Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabu-
lary for Scotland, b. 1839 ; m. 19 Nov. 1865, Louisa
Jane, dau. of Charles Pelly, Esq., late Member of
Council, Madras, son of Sir Henry Pelly, 1st Bart ,
and has issue,

I. Charles Llotd Doveton, Capt. 3rd batt. Seaforth High-
landers, b. 23 July, 1868.

II. Raymond Pelly Houston, b. 7 Nov. 1869.
ni. David Hugh Wratislaw, b. 21 Sept. 1870.

I. Leila Louisa, m. Charles Bridie, Esq., Superintendent
of Police, Madras Presidency.

II. Ida, m. 1893, Major J. A. Campbell, 1st Seaforth High-

in. Katherine Harriet.

Lineage.— This is a branch of the ancient North British
family of Jilvsno vf FouHs.

Hugh Monro, 9th Baron of Foulis in 1425, m. 1st, a dau.
of Keith, Earl Marischal, which lady d. in giving birth to her
1st son. He m. 2ndly, the Lady Margaret Sutherland, dau. of
Nicholas, Earl of Sutherland, and had by her one son,

John Monro, ancestor of the Monros, Lairds of Milntown,
CO. Eoss. The grandson of this John,

Andrew Monro, m. 1511, Euphamie Dunbar, only child of
Dunbar, Laird of Tarbat, and by her acquired large possessions.
He was s. in the estate of Milntown by his eldest son, George
Munro, and the lands of AUan and Allanmore he gave to his
2nd son,

William Monro, of Allan, 6. 1535, who m. Catherine, dau.
of Brigadier Shaw, and by her had one son, Andrew Monro
(b. 1560), who TO. Mary Eoss, and was s. by his son, David
Monro, b. 1600, whose only son and successor, David Monro,
b. 1640, Capt. in the Earl of Eothes' Horse, fell at the battle of
the Boyne, leaving by Mary his wife, dau. of Sir John Davis,
of Whitehall, Carrickfergus, and granddau. of Sir John Davis,
Attorney-General of Ireland, a son and successor, David
Monro, who to. Elizabeth Ross, dau. of the Laird of Balblair,
and had one son, David, his successor, and a dau. Margaret,
III. Charles Mackenzie, and had by him, who changed his name
to Monro on acquiring his wife's estates, a son, Charles, of
whom presently, as devisee of his uncle. The son, David
Monro, Esq., an Advocate in Edinburgh, left his estate ra
1765 to his nephew, son of his sister, as above,

Charles Monro, Esq., who m. 1st, 1772, Mary, dau. of
Hugh Macleod, Laird of Geanies, co. Ross, and 2ndly,
Catherine, eldest dau. of Hugh Houston, Esq. of Crich, co.
Sutherland. Mr. Charles Monro d. 1814, and was s. by his
eldest son,

David Monro, Esq. of Allan, co. Ross, -T.P. and D.L. for
COS. Ross and Cromarty, formerly in 76tl\ Regt., b. Nov. 1808;
ra. 1831, Elizabeth, only child of William Bennet, Esq., and
by her (who d. Aug. 1891) has issue,

I. Charles, Lieut. Bombay Army, b. 1834 ; d. at sea 1855.

II. William, late Ensign 76th Regt., 6. 1835; rf. Aug. 1890,

III. Robert Clifford Lloyd, b. 1837 ; los

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