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t at sea 1854.

IV. David, of Allan.

V. Francis James Eraser, Capt. 11th Regt. Madras Army, b.
1843; /H. 1870, Gertrude, only child of A. Mackay, Esq.,
Bengal Civil Service; she d. May, 1877. He d. at Calcutta,
15 Sept. 1878.

VI. Hugh Robs, 6. 1845 ; d. Sept. 1874, while in active dis-
charge of his official duties as Inspector of Police, Shotpore
district, Punjaub.

VII. George Alexander Ross, Ensign 4th King's Own Regt.,
b. 1852; d. 1874, at Fort Monckton, a young ofiBcer of great

I. Elizabeth Leila, d. Aug. 1889.

II. Catherine, m. 1864, John Jervis Gregory, Capt. B.N.

Arms — Or, an eagle's head erased gu. Crest — An eagle
perching ppr. Motto — Dread God.
Seat — Allan House, Fearn, co. Eoss. N.B.


Monro, Hector, Esq. of Edmondsham. Dorset,
J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1870, late Capt. 57th
Foot, b. 4 Oct. 1827; m. 4 July, 1854, Adah
Sebastienne, dau. of Sebastian Smith, Esq., and has

I. Hector Edmond, late Lieut. 52nd Light Infantry, J.P.
for Dorset, b. 30 Aug. 1855; m. 1883,Geraldine, dau. of E.
Fort, Esq. of Eeed Hall, CO. Lancaster, M. P. for Clitheroe,
and has issue. Hector Richard, 6. 18 May, 1885; Nellie
Adah; Erica, b. 1887, d. 1889; Mary Philadelphia, &.
June, 1888.

II. Tregonwell, b. 25 Aug. 1867.
I. Adah Mary.

Lineagre. — Hector William Monho, Esq., Lieut.-Gen.
in the British Army, and sometime Governor of Trinidad, de-
scended from the ancient family of Monro of Foulis Castle,
Eosshire, through John, 2nd son of Hugh, 9th Baron, m. 1796,
Pliiladelphia Bower, by whom he acquired the estate of
Edmondsham, and had issue,






Hectob William Eowek, liis heir.
Edimina Augustus, Capt. H.E.I.C.S., d. 2 Oct. 1852.
Beckwilh, d. unia.

Pliiladelphia Jane Caroline, m. IMatthew Slunro, Esq. of
Fiithani, co. Southampton ; d. lSti8.
Georgina. Emily Gordon.

Flora Bower, m. William Kutter Bayley, Esq. of Colford,
The eldest son,

Hector William Bower Mosko, Esq. of Ewell Castle,
Surrey, and of Edmondsh.ain, Dorset, 6. 9 Dec. 1796 ; m. 6 July,
ISCi, Henrietta I.ewina, only dau. of Lewis Dimoke Grosvenor
Tregonwell, Esq. of Anderson and Cranborne Lodge, Dorset,
l>y Henrietta, his 2nd wife, dau. of William Portman, Esq. of
Eryanston, grandfather of the 1st Lord Portman, and hy her
(who d. lSG-4) had issue,
Hector, now of Edmondsham.

Eleanor, m. 10 April, 1»44, liev. George Barons Norlhcote,
eldest son of George Barons Northcote, Esq. of Somerset
Court, Somerset, and of Buckerell, Devon, and d. March,
18-18, leaving issue, George Barons, b. 16 Jan. 1845; m.
1883. Charlotte, dau. of Gen. Custance, C.B., of Brook
Heath, co. Wilts ; and Eleanor Geraldine.
Isabella, m. 23 July, 1852, John Hervey Elton Elwes, Esq.
of Stoke College, Suffolk (she d. 8 Nov. 1868), leaving issue,
1 Robert Hervey Monro. J. P., b. 29 May, 1863; m. 1875,
Louisa Emily Julia, eldest dau. of Capt. Frederick Herbert,
E.N. ; 2 Gervase Paget; 1 Isabel Maiy, vi. W. S. Sullivan,

Marv, m. 19 Sept. 1860, Gen. William Inglis, C.B., of
Hildersham Hall, co. Cambridge, and has issue, William
Eaymond, m. and has issue ; and Mabel llaymond.
Mr. Monro d. 20 March, 1842.

Arms— Or, an eagle's head erased gu., holding in its beak a
laurel sprig ppr. CVest—An eagle displayed ppr. Motto— '^on

Seat — Edmondsham, Cranborne, Dorset.


Eiy>'iNG-MoyEO, David, Esq. of Aucliinbowie,
CO. Stirling, and Softlaw, co. Roxburgh, M.A.,
Provost of Oiiel Coll. Oxon, b. 16 Nov. 1836.

J^amilg of ginniitg.

Lineagre. — Tradition relates that, in the year 1308,
William Bv.nsie took the castle of Linlithgow from the Eng-
lish, by concealing himself and seven sons in a waggon of hay,
which was stopped in the threshold, when the porter and those
with him were instantly slain, and a large party of friends,
lying in ambush, were admitted, and the garrison put to the
sword. The castle was delivered (goes on the tradition) by its
captor to King Robert Bruce, who rewarded him with a gilt
of lands, and assigned to the family, to perpetuate the memory
of this hardy adventure, an augmentation of a loaded waggon
to their armorial bearings.

Charles Binning, Esq., Solicitor-General for Scotland 1722
(4th son of Sir William Binning, of Walliefourd, a great mer-
chant and Provost of P^dinburgh), m. Margaret, dau. of Mont-
gomery, of Broomlands, co. Ayr, and had a son,

William Binning, Esq., m. Elizabeth, dau. of Archibald
Stewart, Esq. of Torrance, and by her had a son, Charles, d.
v.iuii. 1754, and three daus., Elizabeth, Catharine, and Isabella.
The 2nd dau.,

Catharine Binning, m. David Inglis, Esq., and had by hira
two daus., Margaiet, d. urt.m.,and

Catharine Inglis, m. Alexander Monro, Esq. of Craig-
lockhart and Cockburn, 3rd son of Alexander Monro, Esq. of
Auchinbowie, by Isabella his wife, eldest dau. of Sir Donald
M'Donald, of The Isles, and by him had two sons, Alexander,

David Monro, Esq. of Softlaw, who, by deed of entail,
assumed the surname and arms of Binning. He m. 1st, 1803,
his cousin, Soplda, only child and heir of George Home, Esq.
of Argaty (lineally descended from George Home, of Argaty,
Bon of Sir Patrick Home, of Polwarth), by Jane his wife,
eldest dau. and co-heir of John Monro, Esq. of Auchinbowie,
eldest son of Alexander Monro, Esq. of Auchinbowie, and his
■wife, Isabella M'Donald, of The Isles. By her (who d. 1800; he

I. George Home Monro Binning-Home, of Argaty and Soft-
law. J. P., 6. 28 M.ay, 1804; ra. 20 Feb. 1839, Catherine
Burnett, of Gadsirth, co. Ayr, and d. 10 Jan. 1884, without
surviving issue. His children were,
1 David George, b. 13 Feb. 1843; d. June, 1859.
'i George Joseph, 6. 22 May, 1845; d. young.

1 Sophia Margaret, d. March, ISGO.

2 Catherine Jane Agues, d. Feb. 1865.

II. Alexander-Binning Monro, of Auchinbowie.

Mr. Binning m. 2ndly, 1813, Isabella Blair, and by her had s

III. Robert Blair Monro, b. 1814, H.E.I. C.S. ; to. Katherine,
dau. of Lewis Ferrier, of Bellesyde, and d. 1891.

Mr. Binning d. 1842. His2udson,

Alexander Binning-BIonro, Esq. of Auchinbowie, co.
Stirling, and Softlaw, co. Roxburgh, J. P., 6. 22 May, 1805 ;
m. 4 Aug. 1835, Harriet, dau. of Alexander Monro, M.D. oJ
Craiglockhart, and had issue,

I. David, now of Auchinbow ie.

II. Alexander, b. 12 April, 1838 ; 7)i. 8 March, 1862, and has
issue, four sons and two daus.

III. George Home, 6. 28 Nov. 1840; m. 27 Jan. 1873, Isabella
Selina, youngest dau. of William Baldwin, Esq. of Stede

Hill, Harrietsham, Kent, and d. in New Zealand 25 June,
1685, leaving issue, three sons and two daus.

IV. Charles Carmichael, b. 1 Dec. 1851.

I. Maria Agnes, m. Col. T. P. Waterman, Bengal Staff Corps.

II. Jaue Sophia, d. unm. 1887.
Mr. A. Biuning-Monro d. 1891.

^ifamilg of '§oraz of ^rgnlij.

George Home, of Argaty and Bundles, living 5 Feb. 1504-5,
and 25 July, 1502, son, by Helen Shaw, his wife, of Sir Patrick
Home, of Polwarth, who had Argaty and Lundy granted him
by charter dated 1464 ; m. Margaret, 2nd dau. of Robert, Srd
LordErskine, of Mar, who fellatFlodden, and had three sons.
The eldest son and heir,

Alexander Home, of Argaty, s. his father some time after
July, 1562, and rf. about 1574, leaving, by Mariot his wife, dau.
of Sir John Campbell, of Glenurchy, a son and heir,

Patrick, of Argaty, d. Jan. 1629, leaving, vvith other
issue, an eldest son and heir,

Henry Home, of Argaty, served heir to his father in Argaty,
and to his great-uncle, Patrick, in Correquhormbie, 13 March,
1629. He m. Mary Mushett, and d. some time before Oct,
1659, having had seven sons. Mr. Home lost the half of his
estates from his adherence to the cause of Charles I. His
4th son,

Henrt Home, bapt. 27 July, 1633, s. to Argaty on the death
of his brother, John, and was served heir to his father in those
lands 26 Oct. 1682. He ?«. before 1080, Janet Moir, and. d.
July, 1689, having had issue, besides two daus.,

I. George, of Argaty, bapt. 12 March, 1086-87, served heir
to his lather 5 Aug. 1700 ; resigned Argaty, and obtained a
new charter 1 April, 1709. He d. s. p. Sept. 1751.

I. Mary, of Argaty, vi. George Stewart, of Ballachallen, and
by hira (who d. before Sept. 1751; had, with other issue,

1 David Home Stewart, d. s. p.

2 George Home Stewart, m. Anne Digges, of Chilham
Castle, Kent, and was father of

George Home, of Argaty, who s. his uncle David. He m.
Jane, dau. of John Monro, of Auchinbowie (by hi.«
wife, Sophia Inglis, of Auchendenny), son of Alexander
Monro, of Auchinbowie, by Isabella his wife, sister of
Sir Donald M'Donald, Bart, of The Isles, d. unm. 1720.
By this lady Mr. George Home had a dau.,
Sophia Home, of Argaty, vi. her cousin, David Monro
Binning, Esq, of Softlaw.

Sen/s— Auchinbowie, Stirling ; and Softlaw, Roxburgh.
Club — Athenaeum.


Monro, Capt. Charles James Hale, of Ingsdon,
Devon, J.P., formerly Capt. 36th Eegt., b. 1828 ;
■m. 1855, Marion, dau. of Greorge Wilhington, Esq.
of Parkfield, co. Lancaster, and Las issue,
I. Seymour Charles Hale, 6. 1856, Brevet-Major 1st Sea-
forth Highlanders ; m. 18s0, Lady Ida Constance
Vaughan, eldest dau. of Ernest, 5th Earl of Lisburue, and
has issue, with a dau. b. 1889, a son,
Charles Henry Hale, I. 1887.

I. Helen Louisa Hale, m. Robert Maclachlan, Esq., son of
George Maclachlan, Esq. of Maclachlan and Castle


II. Colina Marion Ilalc.

Mr. Monro is tlie eldest son of Charles Hale JMonro,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Ingsdon, by his 1st wife,
Mary Jane, dau. of Patrick Macdougall, Esq. of





Macdoiigall, and DunoUie Cnstle, co. Argyll. lie
s. his father as Lord of the Manor of Ingsdon iu

Seat — Ingsdon, Newton Abbot.
Cli'M—Avmy and Navy.


MoxTAGTT, Andrew, Esq. of Ingmanthorpe
Hall, CO. York, and Pupplewick, co. Notts, D.L.,
High Sheriff co. York, 1853, b. 1815 ; s. his father
1847. This gentleman was authorized by royal
licence, 27 Feb. 1826, to take the name and arms
of Montagu only, in lieu of those of Fountatne
Wilson, by directions contained in the will of
the Eight Hon. Frederick Montagu of Papple-

Iiineage. —John Fountatne, Scrjeant-at-Law (grandson
of Arthur Fountaine, of Salle, Norfolk,), m. Theodosia, dau. of
Sir Edward Harrington, Bart, of Ridlington, and d. 4 June,
1671, aged 70. His eldest son and heir,

John Fodntayne, Esq., m. F.lizalieth, dau. and heir of JIajur
John Monckton, of Melton, grandson of Marmaduke Monckton,
Esq. of Caville, and had two daus., Elizabeth, m. Sir Richard
Osbaldeston, Knt. of Hunmanby, and Theodosia, m. Robert
Monckton, Esq., and was mother of John Monckton, 1st
Viscount Gai.wat. Mr. Fountayne d. Sept. 1680, and be-
queathed his estates to his brother,

Thomas FonNTAYNTS, Esq. of Melton, b. 10.39, m. Anne,
eldest dau. of Edward Chester, Esq. of Cockenhatch, co. Hert-
ford, and dying 1709, left (with two daus., Anne, m. Simon
Patrick, Esq., and Judith, m. Thomas Sherlock, Master of the
Temple) an only surviving soU;

John Fountayne, Esq. of Melton, h. 1684 ; m. Elizabeth dau.
of Francis Carew, Esq. of Beddington, and by her (who d.
£> Jan. 1768) left at his decease, 1736 (with two daus., Elizabeth,
m. Charles Eyre, M.D., and Anne, ra. Edward "Weston, Esq.),
four sons, of whom the eldest,

Thomas Foc.ntayne, Esq. of Melton, h. 1713; m. Ann. dau.
of Sir Nicholas Carew, Bart., of Beddington, but dying s. p.
1739, was s. by his brother,

John Fountayne, CD., Dean of York, 6. 1715; in. 1st,
Anne, dau. of William Bromley, Speaker of the House of
Commons and Secretai-y of State Ump. Queen Anne, but had
by her no issue. He m. 2ndly Frances Maria, dau. of Thomas
Whichcote, Esq, of Harpswell, by wliom (who d. 22 Aug.
3.750) he had one dau.,

I. Frances Maria, m. 27 Feb. 1773, William Tatton, Esq. of
Witliensliaw. who assumed the surname of Egekton, and
dving 1777, left a son, William Tutton, M.P., who d. s. p.

Dr. Fountayne »i. 3rdly, Anne, only dau. of Charles
Montagu, Esq, of I'applewick, and by that lady (who d. 12
Sept. 1786) had issue,

I. Thomas Charles, d. v. p. 1 Jan. 1780, unm.

I. Anne, deceased.

II. Elizaekth, ni. 1781, Richard Wilson, Esq, of Rudding
Hall, CO. York, eldest son (by Ann his wife, dau. of Edmund
Gibson, D.D., Bishop of London) of Christopher Wilson,
D.D., Bishop of Bristol, who was 3rd son of Richard Wilson,
liecordcr of Leeds, and dying 10 Jan. 1786, at the early age
of 24, left two sons,

1 Richard Fountayne Wilson, heir to his grandfather,

2 Thomas Charles Wilson, ((. 1801, aged 16.

III. Catherine Judith, d. unm. at Bath, 3 March, 1824.

The DeaiT of York d. 14 Feb. 1 802, and was s. by his only
Eurviving grandson,

Richard Fountayne Wilson, Esq. of Melton Park, M.P.
for CO. York, and High Sheriff 1807, 6. June, 1783; m. Sopliia,
8rd dau. of George Osbaldeston, Esq. M.P., of Hutton Bushell,
and, dying 1847, left issue,

Andrew, now of Ingraanthorpe and Papplewick.
James, of Melton Park, Doncaster, and of Ely, Isle of Ely, J. P.
West Riding Yorkshire, High Sheriff cos. Cambridge and
Hunts 1874, 6. 1819 ; m.2a Aug. 1874, Laura Adeline, younger
dau. of Ernest Thellusson, Esq. of Mount Auldyn, Isle of
Man, and d. Jan. 1891, leaving issue, with Ave daus.,

1 Frederick James Osbaldeston, of Melton Park, b. 1878.

2 James Fountayne, 6. 1888.

Sophia, m. Gen. Sir William Gabriel Davy, C.B., K.C.H., of
Ti-acy Park, co. Gloucester, and d. his widow, 5 Dec. 1866.

Anne Elizabeth, m. 1841, Henley G. Greaves, Esq. of Elmsall

Mary, m. Col. James England.

Theodosia, r,i. 1844, Lieut.-Gen. SirRichard England, G.C.B.,
K.H., of St. Margaret's, co. Hants, and d. l,'-80.

Catherine Judith, vi. 7 June, 1853, Sir Richaid Price Puleston,
Bart, of Emral, co. Flint.

Arms — Arg., three fusils conjoined in fesse gu., within a
bo'dure sa. Crest — A griffin's head couped or, beak and wings
addonsed sa.

Seats — Ingmanthorpe Hall, near Wetherby, co. York ; Papple-
wick Hall, Notts.


MONTEITH, Joseph, Esq. of Carstairs, co. Lanark,
J.P. and D.L., 5.29 March, 1852 ; m. 1874, Florence
Catherine Mary, dau. of John Arthur Edward
Herbert, Esq. of Llanarth Court, co. Monmouth,
and has, with other issue, a son and heir,

Henry, 6. 1876.

Liineag'e. — xVbout the middle of the 17th century, JAsrES
Monteith (the of the present
Joseph Monteith, Esq.) lived on his small estate in the district
of Aberfoyle, co. Perth. Towards its close, he drew upon him-
self the determined hostility of Rob Roy by a steady refusal to
pay to that predatory hero Black Mail, or the annual tribute
wliich he levied upon all within his reach, and which none but
men much more powerful than the small Aberfoyle laird ever
succeeded in resisting. Three several times, in revenge for
this resistance to what he almost considered his established
right, Rob severely pillaged and plundered Mr. Monteith's
property. Determined not to yield, and yet unable to face a
continuation of such loss, Mr. Monteith withdrew to Glasgow,
just then rising into the focus of energy and enterprise. The
emigrant from the Highland hills, his one son, and three daus.,
are still, after the lapse of more than 150 years, commemo-
rated in Glasgow by a rhymic description, in which a few
pietensions, perhaps inconsistent with their pecuniary diffi-
culties, may be alluded to, and in which the latter figure as —
" Jenny wi' the ruffles,
Maggie wi* the buckles.
And Nannie wi' the cork-heeled shoon."
James Monteith d. without realizing his design, and only
gradually, though quickly, were matured under his successors
those vast concerns with which, throughout ScotlancJ, the
name of the family is associated. His grandson, James Mon-
teith, was early in such a position as to enable him to master
the first opening of the cotton trade, and he is in fact justly
considered the founder of some branches of the cotton trade in
Scotland. He was father of

Henry Monteith, Esq., M.P. for Lanark, who purchased
the estate of Carstairs from the Fullerton family. He hi. 1st,
Christina Cameron, of the clan Cameron, of Lochiel, and
2iidly, Miss Fullerton. By the former he was father of

Robert Joseph Ignatius Monteith, Esq. of Carstairs,
BI.A., J.P. andD.L., 6.1812; m. 1845, Wilhelmina, dau. of
Jo.scph Mellish, Esq. of Blythe, co. Northampton (of a family
of old possessions), and had issue,

Henry, &.28 Feb. 1851, deceased.

Josei'H, now of Carstairs.

Mary Frances, m.i Oct. 1870, Francis Kerr, Esq.. 3rd son of
Lord Henry Kerr, and by liini (who (i. 30 May, 1884) has
one son and six daus.

Christina, deceased.

Caroline, deceased.
Mr. Monteith d. 31 March, 1834, and was s. by his son, Joseph
Monteith, Esq., now of Carstairs.

Seat — Carstairs House, co. Lanark,


MoLYNEiTX-MoNTGOMERiE, Cecil Thomas, Esq.
of Garboldisham Hall, co. Norfolk, J.P. and D.L.
and County Alderman, formerly in the Grenadier
Guards, b. 1846 ; m. 29 Sept. 1868, Eleanor Frances,
6th dau, of Hon. Arthur Lascelies, of Norley,
Cheshire, and has issue,

I. George Frederic, Lieut. Grenadier Guards, 6. 18 Sept.

I. Mary. n. Olive.

III. Esther. iv. Geraldine.

V. Katy.

liineagre. — Tliis family descends from that of Eglinton.





George 'Moxtgomekie, of Broomlands, 6. 1614 (the 2ncl son
of Hugh Montgomery, of Aucliinhoocl), m. 1st, Anne Barclay,
dan. of tlie Laird of Perceton, and by her had Hugh and
William, and one dau. Jean. He m. 2ndly, Margaret Wallace
(of ShewaltonV and had i^sne, six sons and ane dau. George
Montgomerie d. 7 May, 1700, aged 86. His 5th son by his 2nd
marriage was

John Montgomerie, of Wrae and Auchinhood, Deputy-
Secretary for Scotland He in. circa 1685, Penelope, dau. of
Sir Eobcrt Barclay, of Perceton, and d. 1721. He was s. by
Ills only son,

GEor.r.E MoNTGOMEBiE, of 'Wrae, who removed to England,
where he m. Abigail, dau. of Lilious Turner, Esq. of London,
by whom he had five sons,

John Elias, b. 14 June, 1711; (?. young.

Geokge, of whom presently. Eliis, 6. 10 Nov. 1713.

Ed-.vard, of TliiindLisley Hall, b. 18 June, 1716 ; d. 1747.

Edward. 6.16 June, 1720.

Elizabeth, 6. 19 Feb. 1714.

The 2nd son,

George Moxtgomeeie, Esq. otThundersIey Hall, Essex, and
Chippenham Hall, co. Cambridge, 6. 30 Aug. 1712, High
Sheritf for co. Cambridge 1759, and M.P. for Ipswich ; m. 1739,
Catherine, dau. of Jacob Sawbiidge, Esq., M.P. for Wilts,
and d. 29 March, 1766. He was s. by his only dau. and heir,

Katt Montgomerie, 6. 1740 ; m. 1760, Crisp Molyneux, Esq.
of Garboklisham Hall, Norfolk, BI.P. for Lynn, grand.son of
Col. Joseph Ciisp of St. Kitts, W.I., one of the first magis-
trates commissioned in that island, 1696, and had issue,

George, of whom presently.

Charlotte, m.— Colston, Esq.

Elizabeth, 7/i. 29 June, 1783, Sir William Burnaby, 2nd Bart.

Katherine, m. — Sandys, Esq.

The eldest son,

George Moltneux, Esq. of Garboldisham Hall, 6. 1761 ; s. his
father. He assuined (pursuant to the will of his grandfather)
the surname of Montgomerie by royal licence, dated 6 Sept.
1780. He -III. Elizabeth, dau. of Michael White, Esq., Governor
of the Leeward Islands, and by her (who d. 1836) left at his
decease, 1803,

Ceisp, of Garboldisham Hall, 6.1780, Capt. in the Guards ;
in.Mary, dau. of — Parsons, Esq., and rf.a.p. 1850.
William, 6.1785; d.l798.

Thomas Molyneux, 6.1788; vi. 1844, the Hon. Georglana
Foley, dau. of Thomas, 3rd Lord Foley, and by her (who d.
Nov. 1864), left at his decease, March, 1855, a son, Cecil
Thomas, now of Garboldisham.

George, 6. 1793; Rector of Garboldisham ; d.unm. 1849.
Frederick, »ii. 1830, Sophia, dau. of Humphrey Butler, Esq.,
grandson of Brinsley, l.^t Viscount I.anosborough, and by
her (who d. June 1866) had issue, one surviving son,
Frederick Butler, iJarristcr-at-Law, 6. 1832 ; m. 22 Oct.
1878, Isabella, eldest dau. of Hon. Colin Lind.say, and has
issue, 1 Robert Cecil Lindsay ; 2 Arthur Frederic : 3 Chark s
Alfred ; 4 Eustace William ; 5 Hugh George ; and 1
Dorothea Frances.
Charlotte Molyneux, m. 1309, Francis Carleton, Esq. of

Clare, co. Tipperary.
Lucretia, m. 1809, Sir Alexander Don, Bart., and d.s.p. 1815.
Fanny, m. 1819, Richard Sumner, Esq., son of K. Sumner,
of Puttenham Priory, Guildford, by the sister of Adminil
Ix)rd Gambler, and d. 1850, leaving issue. Lydia.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th counter-quartered, 1st and 4th,
az., a branch of palm tree between three fleurs-de-lis or; 2nd
and 3rd, gu,, three gem riniis, or, gemmed az ; 2nd and 3rd,
JIoLTNECx and Turner quarterly. Crest — A palm branch ppr.
Motio — Procediinus in pace.

Scai— Garboldisham Hall and Garboldisham Manor, East
Hesidence — Gissing Hall, Diss, Norfolk.
C/it6— Travellers'.


MoxTGOMEET, HuGH, Esq. of Grey Abbey, co.
Down, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1845, b. 2G
June, 1821 ; m. 20 Oct. 1846, the Lady Charlotte
EUzabeth Herbert, 2nd dau. of Edward, 2nd Earl
of Powis, K.Gr., and has issue,

I William Edward, J. P., Col. Scots Guards, 6. 18 July,
1847; )/i. 21 June, 1891, Alberta Victoria, dau. of Gen.
the Eight Hon. Sir Henry Ponsonby, G.C.B.

n. Robert Arthur, Lieut.-Col. R.A., D.A.A.G., 6. 7 Sept.
1848 ; m. 11 Dec. 1880, Maria Maud, 2nd dau. of Richard
Gosling, Esq. of Ecclesfield, Ashford, co. Middlesex.

ni. Percy Hugh Seymour, 6. 8 March, 1856.

IV. Francis Henry, b. 1 Sept. 1857.

V. George Fitzmaurice, 6. 27 Jan. 1861.

I. Lucy Florentia.

II. Edith Cecilia, nx. 5 Sept. 1878, Col. Henry Charles Dug^
dale. Rifle Brigade.

III. Charlotte Henrietta Emily, to. 2 June, 1874, Robert J.
Harrison, Esq. of Caerhowcl, co. Montgomery, J.P., Lieut.-
Col. Royal Monmouth Rifles.

IV. Evelyn Mary.

Iiineage.— This is the Braidstane line of the noble House
of Eglinton.

Robert Montgomery, 2nd son of Alexander, Master of
Montgomery, and brother of Alexander, 2nd Lord Montgo-
meiy, ancestor of the Earls of Eglinton, obtained for his patri-
mony, from his grandfather, Alexander, 1st Lord, the lands of
Braidstane, and thus became its laird. He was s. by his son,

Robert Montgomery, 2nd Laird of Braidstane, who left a
son and heir,

Robert Montgomery, 3rd Laird of Braidstane, whose son
and successor,

Adam Montgomery, 4th Laird of Braidstane, m. the eldest
dau. of Colquhoun, of Luss, and d. about 1550, leaving two
sons, 1 Adam, whose eldest son, Sir Hugh Montgomery, 6th
Laird of Braidstane, was raised to the Peerage of Ireland, 1622,
as Viscount Montgomery, and Earl of Mount Alexander of
the Great Ardes, co. Down, a title now extinct ; 2 Robert.
The younger son,

Robert Montgomery, Esq., was father of

John Montgomery, Esq., who settled in Ireland in the early
part of the reign of King James I. He rn. an heir of the-
family of Stewart, in Scotland, and was father of

Hugh Montgomery, Esq. of Maghera, co. Derry, M.P. for
Newtownards. He left two sons, Hugh, his heir, and John.
The eldest son,

Hugh Montgomery, Esq. of Maghera, m. a dau. of Sir
Robert McClelland, by whom he had several daus., and aa
only son, his successor,

William Montgomery, Esq. of Maghera, to. Mary, eldest
dau. and co-heir of Capt. James Macgill, of Kirkistown, co.
Down, and had, with one dau. Lucy, d. unm. 1701, an only
son, his successor,

William Montgomery, Esq., m. 1st, 1719, Catherine, dau.
of Edward Hall, Esq. of Strangford, and by her (who d. 1723>
had Edward, who d. 1726, and William, his heir. He to.
2ndly, 1725, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Hill, Esq. of Bucks.
By this lady (who d. 1789) he had (with three dans., Mary, to.
1749, Robert Maxwell, Esq. of Finnebrogue, co. Down, d. s. p.
1755; Anne, TO. James Dobbin, Esq. of Donaghadee, t?. 1812;
and Catherine, m. 1754, George Matthews, Esq. of Spiingvale,
CO. Down), four sons, I. Hugh, rf. «?im. 1765; ii. James, d. umii.
1796; III. Robert, d. unm. 1758; iv. Samuel, Lieut.-Col. 12th
Regt., 111. Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. George Drury, and d. s. ^).
Mr Blontgomery d. 1755, and was s. by his eldest son,

William Montgomery, Esq. of Grey Abbey, M.P. for Hills-
borough, m. 1749, Susanna, dau. and sole heir of,John Jelly^
Esq. of Rathmullen, co. Down, and had issue,

William, Major 40th Regt., killed in America, 8 Sept. 1881.
Hugh, heir to his father. Edward, R.N., d.unrii^

F"rancis, Capt. 67th Regt., d.unm.lSOS.
Dorcas, d. unm. 1824.

Mr. Montgomery d. Nov. 1799, and was s. by his eldest sur-
viving son.

Rev. Hugh Montgomery, of Grey Abbey,

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