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or of the Earls of Mountcasuell.

Tho.mas, of whom we treat.
The 2nd son,

Thomas Moore, Esq. of Chancellorstown, co. Tipperary, m.
Elleanor, dau. of Richard Covert, of the city of Cork, Alder-
man, by Christian his wife, dau. of Nicholas King. His will
is dated 21 April, 1702, and proved 2 March, 1703. By his
wife (who remarried with James Harrison, Esq. of Cloghford,
CO. Tipperary) he had issue,

I. Stephen, of whom hereafter.

II. (iuy, of Abbey, co. Tipperary, High Sheriff co. Tipperary,
1722, 6. 1691; m. 1717, Mary, elder dau. and co-heir of
Childley Coote, Esq., and had issue,

1 Guy Moore Coote, father of Guy Moore Coote.

2 Thomas Childley Moore, m. 7 May, 1765, Honora, dau.
of — Bryan, Esq.

1 Mary. 2 Elizabeth, m. Lieut-Col. Daniel Webb.

III. Robert, of Ardmoyle and Mooremount, m. Elinor, 2nd
dau. and co-heir of Chidley Coote, Esq., and had a son,
Thomas Bob Moore.

IV. Thomas, of Moore Hall, co. Cork, and of Marlfleld, CO.
Tipperary, to. 1721, Mary, dau. of George King, Esq. of
Kiipeacon, co. Limerick, and had issue.





1 Stephen, Iligh Sheriff co. Tipperary, 1757, m. 12 Feb.
1751, Aheia, younger dau. of Sir Kobert Maude, Bart.

2 Hithard, b. 1725.

1 Anne, m. Sir James May, Bart. 2 3Iary.

3 Elizabeth, m. Sir Arthur Newcomen, Bart.
V. Covert.

I. Elleanor. ii. Christian.

III. Lydia, m. John Lapp, Esq. of Waterford.

IV. JIargaret.

The eldest son,

Col. Stephen Mooke, of Barne, co. Tipperary, b. 1GS9, m.
Kov. 1712, Judith, dau. of Ilicliard Dowdeswell, Esq. of Poole
Court, CO. Worcester. His will bears date 12 Feb. 1747, and
was proved 23 Nov. 1750. He left issue,

I. Richard, of Barne, High Sheriff co. Tipperary ] 744. He
m. 24 Feb. 1741, Henrietta, youngest dau. of the Right Hon.
Sir Thomas Tajlor, Bart., and by her (who d. May, 1783;,
left issue at his decease, Aug. 1771,

1 Thomas, of Barne (whose will is dated 17 Nov. 1780, and
was proved 25 May, 1781), in. Charlotte, dau. of Conway
Spen^-er, Esq. of Tremary, co, Down, who, after Mr.
Moore's decease, m. 24 Oct. 1788, George Augustus, 2nd
Marquess of Donegal, and d. s. p.

1 Stephen, High Sheriff co. Tipperary 17SG, tZ. v.nm,. He
was for many years M.P. for Clonniel. and after the
Union, held the office of Controller-General of Ireland.

3 Richard (Very Rev.), M.A., Dean of Kmly, h. 6 June,
1776; will dated 9 Oct. 1816, proved 8 June, 1818; d.

1 Henrietta, m. Thomas Pepper, Esq. of Ballygarth Castle,
CO. Meath.

2 Salisbury, to. her cousin, Stephen Moore, Esq. of Ches-
terfield, and Marlficld, co. Tipperary.

3 Elizabeth, m. Joseph Boultbee, Esq. of Springfield, co.

4 Anne, m. Lawrence Langley, Esq. of Brittas, co. Tip-

5 Charity, m. 8 March, 1790, Richard Long, Esq. of Long-
field, CO. Tipperary.

6 JIary, d. unm.

II. Stephen, of whom we treat.
The younger son,

Stephen Moore, Esq. of Chancellorstown, Capt. inthearmy,
m. Margaret Kellet, of co. Tipperary, and had issue,

Stephen, of whom presently.

Richard, who m. three times, and left at his decease, 1826, a
son, Richard, and a dau. Mary Anne.

Margaret. Mary.

The elder son,

Stephen Moore, Esq. of Grenane, co. Waterford, and
Chesterfield and Marlficld, co. Tipperary, High Sheriff co.
Tipperary 1784, m. his cousin Salisbury, dau. of Richard
Moore, Esq. of Barne, and had issue,

I. Stephen, of whom presently.

II. Richard (sec Moobe of Killashee'i.

III. Thomas, Capt. 18tli Foot, cZ. -anm. 13 .Tune, 1851.

IV. Edward, d. unm. v. William, d. 1872.

I. Harrier, d. unm. Dec. 1851.

II. Elizabeth, d. unm. 1876.
The eldest son,

Stephen Moore, Esq. cf Barne, Lieut.-Col. 5th Dragoons,
High Slieriff 1832, 6. 1782; m. June, 1805, Eleanor, dau. of
Henry Westry, Esq. of Dublin, and by her (who d. 1859) had

Stephen Charles, his heir.
Richard, b. 1811; d. unm. 1850.

Henrj-, b. 1816 ; m. 26 Nov. 1857, Emily, onlv dau. of the
Right Hon. Justice George, of Cahore, co. Wexford, and d.
17 March, 1877, leaving Stephen George. 6. 12 Feb. 1862 ;
Henry, b. 18G6 ; and Eleanor Constance.
Mr. Moore d. 20 Nov. 1800, and was s. by his eldest son,

Stephen Charles Mooke, Esq. of Barne, J. P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 18G7, b. 12 March, 1808; m. 25 May, 1833, Anna,
dau. of Col. Kingsmill Pennefather, of New Park, co. Tip-
perary, and by her (who d. 31 Dec. 1887) had issue,

I. Stephen, his heir.

II. Richard Albert, b. 19 May, 1848, m. and living in Queens-

III. Charles Henry Algernon, b. 8 Aug. 1851, m. Mary, dau.
of Gen. Foster.

I. Anna Maria, r,i. Dec. 1866, Col. Charles Thornhill, R.A.,
and has a son, Charles.

II. Katherine Grace, m. 25 Aug. 1870, Sir Francis John Jlil-
man, 4th Bart, of Levaton, and has issue.

III. Elmina Constance, m. .■> Jan. 1875, Heniy Burroughs,
Esq. of Boston, Mass., and has issue.

Mr. Moore d. 10 April, 1873.

^-/■»i5— Quarterly of four: l.^t and 4th, sa., a swan close arg.,
membered or, within a bordure engrailed of the second,
MooPvS ; 2 quarterly : 1st and 4i.h, arg., a cross-moline sa., 2nd

and 3rd, gu., a fesse chequy arg. and az., Colville and Lind-
say : 3 gu., a chief or, over all a bend ermine, Pe.nnefather.
Crest— X goshawk seizing a coney, both ppr. J/oUo — \'is
unita fortior.
Seat — Barne, near Clonmel.


MooEE, WiLLiAji MiDDLETON, Esq. of Grimes-
hill, Westmorland, J.P. and D.L., High SherifP
1879, formerly Capt. 6tli Eoyal Lancashire Militia,
late Lieut, loth Foot, b. 16 Maj, 1834 ; m. 2 Sept.
1863, Margaret Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the
ReT. John M. AVright, Sector of Tathaui, co. Lan-
caster, and has issue,

I. Ella Elizabeth, to. Frederick Carlcton Cowper, Esq. O'f
Carleton Hall, Penrith.

Lineagre.— William Moobe, Esq. of Grimeshill, J.P. and
D.L., Col. Westmorland Militia, 6. 1 Oct. 1754, son of John
Moore, Esq. of Grimeshill, J. P., Col. Westmorland Militia, by
Anne, his wife, dau. of William Dickenson, Esq. of Archolme,
and grandson of Giles Moore, Esq. D.L. (the son of John
Moore, of Grimeshill, who d. 1701), by Mary his wife, dau. of
James Cragg, Esq. of Dent, and Mary his wife, 2nd dau. and
co-heir of John Jiiddleton, Esq., the last male descendant of
the Middletons of Middleton Ifall. He m. 10 June, 1779,
Mary, dau. of William Palmer, Esq. of Whitehaven, and by
her (who d. 3 June, 1811) left with other issue, all d. s. p., a
son and heir,

John, Lieut.-Col. Westmorland Militia, b. 10 Feb. 1781 ; in.
9 Nov. 1807, Eliza, 2nd da i. of Richard Gathorne, Esq. of
Kirkby Lonsdale, and d. v. p. 14 June, 1820, having had

William, successor to his grandfather.
Mary, m. 5 Sept. 18S3, Rev. William Lister Isaac, of Pirton
and Croome, co. Worcesier, and lias issue.

Col. Moore d. 22 Jan. 1832, aged 77, and was s. by his grand-

William MooRE, Esq. of Grimeshill, J,P. and D.L., Higli
Sheriff, b. 19 May, 1809; m. 9 May, 1833, Elizabeth, 2nd dau.
of Thomas Fawcett, Esq. of Gate House, Dent, co. York, and
by her (who d. 1856) had issue,

William Middleton, now of Grimeshill.
John Hebblethwaite, b, 5 July, 1835, Lieut. H.E.I.C.S.,
Madras, drowned in India, Nov. 1858.
Thomas George Carus, late Capt. 42nd Royal Highlanders, b.
5 Aug. 1838; i)i. Mary Hasluck, dau. of Robert Campbell,
Esq. of Allan Park, co. Stirling, and has, with a dau., a.

William Fawcett Campbell, b. 3 Nov. 1876.
Eliza Mary Charlotte, )u. Nov. J802, Sir Don.-ild Campbell,
Bart, of Dunstaffnage, co. Argyll, and d. 4 May, 1877.
He TO. 2ndly, 24 April, 1861, Mary, eldest dau. of the Rev.
John M. Wright, Rector of Tathani. He d. 14 Aug. 1802.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, or, on a chevron pean be-
tween three Moors' heads in profile, couped at the neck ppr.,
wreathed about the temples arg. and sa. a plieon of the field,
for Moobe; 2nd and 3rd, gu., a fesse between three mullets ia
chief, and as many crosses-crosslet in base arg., for Cragg.
Crest — A swan, wings elevated arg., charged on the breast
with a pheon sa., in front of bulrushes ppr. il/otto— Animum

Seai— Grimeshill, near Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland.


MooEE, Charles Thomas Jonx, Esq., C.R,
F.S.A. of Frampton Hall, co. Lincoln, J.P. and D.L.,
High Sheriff 1856, and from 1868 to 1889, Hon.
Col. and Lieut.-Col. Commandant 4th Eatt. Lincoln-
shire Regt., Chairman of Holland Quarter Sessions,
b. 17 May, 1S27 ; m. 18 July, 1819, Frances Mary
Yassall, dau. of Henry Richard Roe, Esq. of Gnaton
Hall, Devon, by Anna Maria his wife, dau. of Col.
Christopher Farvvell, of Totnes, and has issue,

I. Thomas Conet Tvssailt), B.A., J. P., Barrister-at-Law,
of Lincoln's Inn, b. Dec. 1854; to. 1885, Eliza Moresby,
eldest dau. of Robert A. White, Esq. of Harrowby, co.
Lincoln, and granddau. of Sir F'airfax Moresby, G.C.B.,
and has issue, Cordelia Mary, b. 1889.

II. Charles Edward Tunnard, B.A., J. P., b. 16 April, 1856.
I. Anna Elizabeth Tunnard.





II. Edith Isabell Tunnard, <?. May, 1S52.

III. Constance Fanny Tunnard.

IV. Margaret de Crcsacre Tunnard.

Xiineag'e. — Eey. Edward Mooke, LL.E., Vicar of Over,
CO. Chester, son of John Jloorc, was, it is stated, of a Lanca-
shire branch of the Barnborough family, and in descent, by a
junior branch, from t)ie Lord Chanceller More, whose arms he
bore. He was l>. 160G, and d. llort, leaving issue, seven sons,
I. Edward, of whom presently ; ii. George, 0. 1740 ; in. Thomas,
b. 1745, settled as a Merchant in Liverpool, m. Miss Dawson,
and left a large family, who toolv the name of Dawsom-Moobe ;
IV. Paul, 6. 1750: v. Peter, of Hadleigh Manor, co. Middlesex,
twenty-five years M. P. for Coventry, b. 1753, d. 1828, leaving a
son. Macartney, who left two sons, Eiclimond, Capt. R.N.,and
Peter Halhed, Vicar of Chadkirk, co. Chester; vi. Bernard,
twin with Peter, d. young; vii. Robert, b. 1755, whose only
son perished in the ''Kent" East Indiaman; and a dau.,
Esther, 6. 1743, ;/i. 17G5, Arthur Windus, Esq., and had issue.
The eldest son,

Edward Moore, Esq., a Barrister of the Inner Temple, of
Stockwell House, Surrey, Lord of the JIanor of Leigh Priors,
AVestbury, Wilts, an active politician holding several govern-
ment offices, and the personal friend of Charles James Fox,
and joint guardian with him of his nephew. Lord Holland, b.
1735; m. 1st, 1767, Jane, dau. of lioger Kigge, Esq., and had

Stephen Roger, of the Inner Temple, d. 1840, whose only
dau. and sole heir, Millicent Anne, iti. Thcopliilus Fairfax
Johnson, Esq. of Holland House, Spalding.

Henry, Major 4th Dragoon Guards, d. 1810, aged 30, rnvn.

Mr. Jloore, m. 2ndly, 1781, Sarah Gray (who d. 1807) dau. of
Joseph Saunders, Esq. of Ealing, and d. 1792, aged 59, leaving

Edward. 18th Hussars, Major of a Cavalry Brigade, h. 1733 ;
i(, at Lisbon, 1808, aged 25 uiim.

ViLLiAM (Rev.), D.D., J. P., Prebendary of Lincoln, Rector
of Spalding, and Vicar of Moulton, Chairman of Justices
of the Parts of Holland, co. Lincoln, b. 1785; m. 1807,
Anne Elizabeth, only dau. of Rev. Maurice Johnson, D.D.,
of Ayscoughfee Hall, co. Lincoln, and d. 11 March, JS6G,
and by her (who d. 20 Dec. 1864) had issue,
■WiUiam, M.A., Perpetual Curate of Whaplode Drove, co.

Lincoln, d.unm. 1837.
Maurice Peter, F.S.A., of Sleaford, Clerk of the Peace for
Kesteven, co. Lincoln, m. 1834, Anne Gardiner Peacock,
and by her (who d. 18.39) had issue surviving, Anne
L.ouisa Russell, ra. Ist, Edward W. Delancy Lowe, C.B.,
Col. in the army, and 2ndly, Capt. ErroU, E.X. He
d.s.'p. 1866.

Edward (Rev.), of Stockwell, M.A., F.S.A., Canon of
Lincoln, Vicar of Spalding, J. P., and for fifteen years
Chairman of Quarter Sessions, co. Lincoln, b. 24 May,
18U; TO. 11 Oct, 1857, Elizabeth Sarah, dau. of Moses
Stephenson, Esq. of Swineshead, and d. 1889, s. p.
Caroline, ra. Rev. John Howard Marsden, M.A., J. P.,
Fellow of St. John's College, Camb., Rector of Great Oak-
ley, Essex, and Canon of Manchester, and has issue, three
Anne Elizabeth, m. her cousin, George Augustus Moore,
Esq. of Moulton, .J. P. and D.L., eldistson of Col. George
Moore, and had issue, three sons and one dau.
Peter, J. P. and D.L. co Lincoln, b. 1786 ; d. 1845, at Rome,

Charles (Rev.), of whom presently.

Oeorge, Col. and Biigadier, commanding the 35th Regt.
Light Infantry in India, 1844, b. 1789; m. three times, and
d. 1848, leaving issue, i. George Augustus, of Moulton,
J. P. and D.L., ni. his cousin, Anne Elizabeth, dau. of
Rev. William Moore, D.D. ; ii. Frederick; in. Charles
William Beutson ; iv. Edward ; v. Henry Cecil ; i. Emma ;
II. Ameha Woodward; in. Fanny Meek; iv. Elizabeth,
d. 1848.
Augustus, in the army, 6, 1790; d. a minor, at Muttra,

East India, 1810.
Sarah Gray, b. 1782: m. her cousin, Gray Rigge, Esq. of
of Woodbroughton House, co. Lancaster; d. 1851, leaving

Caroline Gray, 6. 1791, m. Edward John Carter, Esq. of
Theakston Hall, co. York, and had issue.

The 6th son.

Rev. Charles Moore, b. 1787, of Broughton Hall, co. Lan-
caster, J. P., Rector of "vVyberton, co. Lincoln, in. 1824, Eliza-
beth Anna, dau. and eventual heiress of Thomas Tunnard,
Esq. of Frampton Hall, co. Lincoln, of a family of great
antiquity in that co. , which derived its descent from Normandy,
where the name and arms may still be traced.* By her (who
d. 29 Nov. 1837, aged 42) he had issue.

• The Norman arms of this family appear never to have been
registered in England, although borne by various branches of
it up to the granting of the modern arms, and are stillretained

Charles Thomas John, now of Frampton Hall.
ElizHbcch Emma, m. 1871, her consin, Charles William
Beatson Moore, Esq. of Overdale, co. Wanvick, 2nd son of
Brigadier-Gen. George Moore.

Frances Caroline, in. 1866, Rev. Joseph Holmes, M.A., Vicar
of Swineshead, and Canon of Lincoln, and has issue, two sons
and six daus. Amelia.

Rev. Charles Moore in. 2ndly, 1844, Lucy, dau. of F. Deakin,
Esq., and d. 19 April, 1881, aged 94, leaving by her a son,
Stephen, of Stratford-on-Avon, b. 1845; in. 1874, Amy, dau. of
Capt. Lay, and has issue, two sons and six daus.

^)-))i.?— Quarterly : 1st arg., a chevron engrailed sa., between
lliree moorcocks ppr., combs, wattles, and legs gu.; 2nd arg.,
onachevron, between three unicorns' heads erased sa., as
many bezants (More) ; 3rd, or, three lions rampant gu. (Cees-
acre) ; 4th. per chevron sa. and arg., three elephants' heads
erased counterchngcd (Saunders) ; 5th, erm., on a chevron sa.,
between two dragons' heads erased ppr. in chief, and a bugle-
horn of the second, stringed gu., in base, a griffin's head couped
between two bugle-horns stringed or (Tonnard, modern) ; 6th,
az., a chevron between three demi-griffins or (Tcnnabd); 7th,
sa., on a fesse cotised or, between three coneys courant arg.,
as many escallops of the field (Conet) ; 8th, vert, three escut-
cheons arg., each having a bordure engrailed or (BnnEELL).
Crest — A filoor's head affrontee ppr., wreathed round the tem-
ples, a jewel pendent in the ears arg. Motto — Disce mori

Heat — Frampton Hall, near Boston, co. Lincoln.


MooEE, William, Esq. of Moore Lodge, co.
Antrim, J.P., M.D., High SherifP co. Antrim 1890,
was President of the King and Queen's Colh of
Physicians, Ireland, 1883-1884, late " King's " Pro-
fessor of Medicine, Trin. Coll, Dublin, appointed
Physician-in-Ordinary to the Queen in Ireland 1885,
b. 13 Not, 1826 ; m. 3 Sept. 1863, Sydney Blanche,
dau. of Capt. Abraham Fuller, of Woodfield, King's
CO., by Frances Anna his wife, dau. of Edmund
Bigoe Armstrong, Esq. of Castle Armstrong, King's
CO., and has issue,

I. William, 6. 22 Nov. 1864, B.A., T.C.D., called to the
Irish Bar, Nov. 1887, m. 15 Sept. 1888, Helen Gertrude,
4th dau. of Joseph Wilson, Esq., D.L., of Clonmore, co.
Dublin, and has issue,

William Samson, b. 17 April, 1891.

Nina Mary Adelaide, b. 20 March, 1890.

It. John, b. 31 Jan. 1866.

in. Alexander, Lieut. Indian StafT Corps, b. 5 Jan. 1868 ; m.

11 Aug. 1893, Katharine Mary Maud, only dau. of Surg.-

Maj. Marratt.
IV. George Abraham, B.A., T.C.D., 6. 24 March, 1869,

Surgeon Lieut. A.M. StafJ.
v. Sydney William, b. 15 June, 1872.
VI. Roger Clotworthy, 6. 12 Feb. 1875.

liineage,— James Moore migrated from Cumberland in
the reign of James I., and settled at Ballinacreemore, parish
of Ballymoney, co. Antrim. His great-grandson, William
MooBE, settled in 1702 at Killead, in same co., of which he was
High Sheriff in 1718. He in. Miss Clotworthy, and had a son,
John, of Moore's Grove, who was High Sheriff in 1733, and
was grandfather of Capt. Roger Moore, of Killead, who was
High Sheriff in 1750, and who, in conjunction with Capt.
Thomas Thompson, in 1760, marched a contingent of 173
volunteers from Killead and the district round Antrim to
oppose the landing of the French at Carrickfergus.

.losEPH Moore, of Rosnashane, co. Antrim, great-grandson
of James, the first settler, and brother of the above William,
rn. 1706, Susan Breddy (Brady), of Grange, in same co. and
had issue,

I. William, his successor.

n. James, of Desertderrin, ancestor of Moore of Moore Fort.

in. John, b. 1712, ancestor of Moore of Lischeihan.

IV. Joseph, b. 1716, of Ahoghill, line extinct.

V. Samson, of Moore Lodge, High Sheriff 1767 ; d. 1775.

VI. George.
The eldest son,

William MooBE, Esq. of Rosnashane, 6. 4 Aug. 1708; to.
Elizabeth Courtenay, of Glenburn, and, with three daus., had
two sons,

I. Joseph, his heir.

II. William, of KUIagan, co. Antrim, High Sheriff 1778 ;

by one branch of the Tonnards of Lincolnshire, viz. : Az., a
chevron between three demi-griffins or. Crest— A swan ppr.





VI. the dau. of Rev. J. Warren, Rector of Kilrea, co. Lon-
donderry, and had two sons,

1 Samson, of Moore Lodge, subsequently of Ballinacree,
Capt. in the Antrim Rcgt., High Sheriff 1889, m. Sarah,
dau. of Wiliam WaiTen, and d. s. p.

2 William, officer in the 3rd Dragoons, afterwards Capt.
in the Anirim Regt., High Sheriff 1808. He succeeded
his brother Samson in the Moore Lodge estates on the
accession of the latter to the Ballinacree estates. He m.
Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Rothe, Esq. of Mount
Rothe, CO. Kilkenny, and was s. by his son, George, on
whose death, unm., Moore Lodge was inherited by his
cousin, the present William Moore, M.D., of Moore

The elder son,

Joseph Moore, Esq. of Rosnashane, to. Susan, dau. of
Joseph Courtenay, Esq. of Glenburn, and had issue, twodaus.,
Elizabeth, d. unm. ; and Alice (Mrs. Clarke, of Turnarobcrt),
<md three sons,

I. William, d. young.

II. Thomas, Midshipman R.t\., drowned.

III. Samsox, his successor.

The 3rd, but only surviving son,

Samson Moore, Esq. of Rosnashane, ra. 17S7, Jane Eamadge,
of Mullens, and d. 1832, leaving issue,

I. Thomas, an officer in the Antiim Regt., d. unm.

II. Alexander, his successor.

III. William, Lieut. 71st Regt. and 54th Regt., d. in Burmese
War 1827.

IV. Joseph, d. young.

I. Elizabeth, to. 1^42, E. Young, Esq. of Hillmont, co.
Antrim, and d. 1875.

II. Jane, d. unm. in. Martha, (L ■i'/rtiii.

IV. Alice, m. 1831, James W. Armsti-ong, Esq. of Culmore
House, CO. Antrim, J. P., aud d. 1892, leaving issue.
The 2nd son,

Ale.^andek Moore, of Rosnashane, M.D., m. 1821, Marj-,
<lau. of Rev. B. Mitchell, and great-grand dau. of James Moore,
Esq. of Desertderrin, and d. 1840, leaving issue,

I. William, now of Moore Lodge.

II. Samson, d. unm.

III. Alexander, Col. in the army, U.S.A., to. Mary, only dau.
of Gen. T>. Taylor, U.S.A., and has issue, a son,

Daniel Tyler.

IV. George, d. leaving a son,
George, deceased.

V. Thomas, to. Marj-, eldest dau. of William Moore, Esq. of
Moore Fort, co. Antrim, and by her (who is deceased) had

1 Samson.

1 Mary Violet. 2 Alice Warren. 3 Sara Emily.

VI. Courtenay (Rev,), M.A., Rector of Mitchelstown, co.
Cork, and Canon of Cloyne, m. Jessie Mona, dau. of Ben-
jamin Duff, Esq., son of Garden Duff, of Hatton Castle, by
his wife, Louisa, eldest dau, of the 6th Baron Duffus, and
has issue.

1 Courtenay Edward.

1 Harriet Emma.
I. Mary, d. unm. 1S93.
III. Elizabeth, deceased.

2 Alexander Duff.
2 Jessie Louisa.
II. Jane.

Anns— Az., on a chief engrailed or, an annulet between two
mullets gu. Crest— Out of a mural coronet ppr., charged with
an annulet gu., a Moor's head in profile, al.'o ppr., thetemples
encircled with a wreath arg. and az. 3IotCo—t'orlis cadere
cedere non potest.

Seoi— Moore Lodge, Ballymoney, co. Antrim. Residence —
€7, Fiizwilliam Square, N. Dublin.


Moore, William, Esq. of Moore Fort, co. An-
trim, late R.N., b. 3 June, 1852 ; m. 20 Dec. 1887,
Adeline C. H. P., 2nd dau. of Col. H. S. B. Bruce,
of BalljscuUion House, Castledawson.

liineage.— This is a branch of Moore of Moore Lodge,
<lescending from

James Moore, Esq. of Desertderrin, co. Antrim, 2nd son of
Joseph Moore, Esq. of Rosnashane, b. 1710; m. Miss Lindsay,
and had a son,

James Moore, Esq. of Moore Fort, who was father of

James Moore, Esq. of Moore Fort, m. 15 Nov. 1813, IMary,
dau. of the Bev. Lindsay Hall, Rector of Donegore, andby her
(who d. 31 Aug. 18.38) had issue,

William, of Moore Fort.

Lindsay, d. young. James, d. young.

Mar}-, m. the Rev. Michael Fox Dudgeon, Vicar of CratGeld.

Alicia, d. unm. 25 April, 1886.
Sarah, d. unm. 12 Sept. 1848.

Mr. Moore d. 18 Sept. 1847, and was s. by his son,

William Moore, Esq. of Moore Fort, LL.D., Barrister-at-
Law, J. P., High Sheriff 1847, h. 28 Oct. 1818 ; m. 2 April, 184G,
Blary Shuldham, eldest dau. of John Hill, Esq., J. P., of
Bellaghy Castle, Castledawson, co. Derry, and by her (who d.
24 Nov. 1872) had issue,

I. James, h. 22 Dee. 1848 ; d. 3 April, 1853.

II. William, now of Moore Fort.

III. John, b. 9 May, 1854, m. 30 Dec. 1884, Amy Nicliolls,
and has issue, one son, William Geoffrey, b. 12 Nov. 1885,
and a dau. He is living in New Zealand.

tv. George Kenriek, Capt. Army Pay Department, b. 11 Sept.
1857 ; TO. twice, and has one son and two daus.

I. Maiy, TO. 2 xVpril, 1872, Thomas 3Ioore, Esq., son of Alex-
ander Moore, M.D., of Rosnashane, and d. 9 Nov. 1882,
leaving issue, one son and three daus.

II. Sarah, m. 27 June, 1888, James Kilroe, Esq., and has
three daus.

HI. Elizabeth, h. 29 Feb. 1856.
Mr. Moore d. 30 March, 1889.
Arms, Crest, and Motto — Same as Moore of Moore Lodge.
Seat — Moore F"ort, Ballymoney, co. Antrim.


Caeeick-Mooee, John, Esq. of Corswall, co.
AVigton, and Monkton, Wilts, J.P, and D.L., Bar-
rister-at-Law, F.R.S., F.E.(3-.S., h. 12 Feb. 1805 ;
m. 12 April, 1835, Caroline, dau. of John Bradley,
Esq. of Colborne Hill, co. Stafford, by whom (who
d. 27 Dec. 1876) he had issue,

I. John Graham, Lieut. Eoyal Horse Guards, h. 25 Sept.
1845; m. 8 Feb. 1872, Florence Mary, eldest dau. of
William S. Wills Sandford, Esq. of Compton Castle,
Somerset, and d. 1890.

I. Mary.

Lineage.— John Moore, M.D., of Dovehill, h. 1730 (the
son of the Eev. Charles Moore, Minister of Stirling, by Marion
his wife, dau. of John Anderson, Esq. of Dovehill, the de-
scendant of an old and respected family, and grandson of
Capt. Charles Moore, who served in the wars of William III.),
was the author of Zduco, Edward, and Mordaunt. He m.
Jane, youngest dau. of the Eev. James Simpson, Professor of
Divinity in the University of Glasgow, and had issue,

John (Sir), K.B., Lieut.-Gen., b. at Glasgow, 13 Nov. 1761,
killed at Corunna, Commanding-in-Chief, 16 Jan. 1809.

James, his succes.sor.

Graham (Sir), G.C.B.. Admiral E.N., to. 1812, Dora, dau. of
Thomas Eden, Esq., d. 1843, leaving a son, John, Capt.
R.N., 6. 1821; d. 20 Jan. 1866.

Charles, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister- at-Law, Auditor of Public
Accounts* d. unm.

Francis, formerly Under-Secretary of War, to. Frances, dau.
of Sir William Twysden, Bart., and relict of Archibald,
11th Earl of Eglington, and lefc at his decease, 1854, two
sons, William (Sir), K.C.B., Major-Gen. in the army, and
John, d. unm.

Jane, d. unm. Dec. 1842.

The 2nd son,

James Carrick Moore, Esq. of Corswall, J.P. and D.L., b.
21 Dec. 1762; m. 31 Dec. 1798, Harriet, only dau. of John
Henderson, Esq., aud had issue,

John, now of Corswall.

Graham Francis Michell-Esmeade, of Monkton, Chippen-
ham, Wilts, J.P., High Sheriff 1851, b. 18 Sept. 1870, Bar-
rister-at-Law, who assumed the names of Michell-Esmeade
in compliance with the will of his cousin, Anne Michell, of
Monkton, and rf. 8 Oct. 1883.

Harriett Jane, d. 6 March, 1884.

Louisa, d. unm. 1853. Julia.

This gentlema

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