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end is Ellerington Reed, Esq., of Killcalm
Kill, co. Sutherland, son of the late Gabriel
Reed, Esq. A scion of the same ancient house
was George Reed, Esq.,* of Heathpool, co.
Northumberland, living in 1743. By his will,
which bears date in that year, he leaves a
sum of money for the poor of the parish of
Kirknewton,f and mentions his cousin Ilder-
ton, of llderton. His children were —

George, of whose descendants we treat.

Lancelot, of Hoppen, Northumberland,
who d. s.p. in 1784, when his estate
devolved on his sister.

William, blown up by a gunpowder ex-
plosion at the taking of Guadaloupe.

Mary, of Hoppen, d. unm. in 1790. She
devised Hoppen by will, dated 1789, to
her nephew.

The eldest son,

George Reed, Esq., of Hoppen, m. Eliza-
beth, dau. of Thomas Werge, Esq., of Horton
Castle, Northumberland, by Elizabeth, his
wife, dau. of Thomas Wilson, Esq., of Mil-
held (see Landed Gentry, vol. ii., page 1554),
and had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

II. Lancelot, Captain H.E.I.C.S., d.
unm. in 1836.

III. George, d. unm. in the West Indies.

IV. William, of Heathpool, North-
umberland, m., and has issue.

V. John, d. unm.
The eldest son,

Thomas Reed, Esq., of Hoppen, m. Anne,
dau. of Thomas Bell, Esq., of Belford, North-
umberland, son of Thomas Bell, Esq., by
Anne Davison, his wife, aunt of Major Davi-
son, of Brankstone, and by her (who (/. 31st
Dec, 1845) had issue,

I. George, his heir.

II. Lancelot, m., and has issue.

III. Leighton, First Lieutenant Royal
Marines, d. in Jamaica in 1807.

IV. Robert Bell.

I. Elizabeth, d. young.

* A sister of this George Reed of Heathpool, m. Rodham,
and had a dau., who m. John Erasmus Blackett, Esq.,
Alderman of Newcastle-on-Tyne, brother of Sir Edward
Blackett, Bart., and was mother of Sarah Blackett, wife
of the celebrated Lord Collingwood.

t In Kirknewton Churchyard there is a tomb with a
Latin inscription to Gabriel Reed of Heathpool, A..D. 1696;
also one to Gilbert Reed, Esq., of Heathpool, who died in
17(19, and a third to George Reed, Esq., of Heathpool,
who died 10th December, 1743, aged fifty seven.

II. Anne.

III. Bell Christian.

IV. Elizabeth Mary.
The eldest son, the present

George Reed, Esq., of Hoppen, co.
Northumberland, sold his hereditary estate
of Hoppen in 1819. He m. Mrs. Sarah
Scatcherd, of High Harrogate, dau. of Mr.
Gath of Halifax, but by her (who d. in
1845) has no issue.

Arms. Or. on a ehev. between three garbs gu., as
many ears of reed arg.
Crest. A demi-grirhn, or. holding an oak branch ppr.
Motto. In Deo omnia.

Luxford, of Higham, co. Sussex, repre-
sented by John Odiarne Luxford, Esq.,
of that place, formerly an officer in the
Royal Dragoons, and now a Justice of the
Peace for Sussex, elder son and heir of the
late John Luxford, Esq., of Higham.

The family of Luxford is of old standing
in the co. of Sussex. In an account given of
the nobility and gentry who contributed to
the defence of the country at the time of the
Spanish invasion in 1588 as regards the co.
Sussex, two Luxfords are mentioned, viz. : —
Luxford of Westmeston, and Luxford of
Hustperpoint, and from the former the Higham
family is descended. The estates are in the
parishes of Hailsham, Salehurst, Beckley,
Icklesham, Guldeford, and Playden, co.
Sussex, and in Stowe and Witersham, co.
Kent. The family hold the lay Rectory of
Hailsham, in which church is their burying-
place. They also hold the royalty of the
Island of Oxney, co. Kent.

John Luxford, Esq., of=Catherine Sarah, dau

Higham, Justice of the

of Jeremiah Curteis,


and Deputy

Esq., of Rye.

Lieutenant for co


and Kent,


1756, m. 1802.


_ Marion,

George = Pauline Lydir


dau. of


Matilda, Mary




dau. of

Esq., now


in Holy


of High-

Esq., of



am, Jus-



tice of the

Peace, m.

in 1843.







b. in 1851.

Arms. Or. a pile az. three boars' heads couped of the

Crest. A boar's head erased at the neck gu., holding
in the mouth a spear or., headed of the first. Another
Crest : A wolf rampt., supporting an arrow paleways,
point downwards, or., feathered arg.

Kennard : Robert William Kennard,
Esq., of London, Theobald's Park, Herts,
and of Falkirk, N.B., a Commissioner for the


] .lieutenancy of the City of London, Justice
of the Peace for Herts, and a Chevalier of
the Order of Leopold of Belgium (which
latter honour was conferred upon him by
King Leopold for services rendered to Bel-
gium in 1847), had a confirmation from the
Heralds' College about seven or eight years
ago, of the arms, &c. borne by his ancestors,
viz : —

Arms. Per chev. gu. and az. a chev. engrailed arg,,
between two keys in chief or., and a sword erect in base
ppr., pomelled and hilted gold.

Crest. A cubit arm erect in armour ppr., holding a
key and broken sword in saltire or.

Mr. Kennard, who served the office of
Sheriff of London and Middlesex in 1846-7,
to. in 1823 Mary- Anne, sister of Alderman
Challis, of London, M.P., and has issue seven
sons and three daughters.

John Kennard __ Mary Hewitt.

John Kennard, of Clapham, co. Sur- = Harriet Elizabeth, dau. of William

rey, and of the City of London, I Peirse, of Windsor, 6. 16 Sept.,

Banker, b. 30 Jan., 1775. d. 1 Dec., 1777, to. 3 June, 1797, d. 13 Sept.,

1838. 1811.

Henry Hewitt
Kennard, of the
City of London,
Banker, fourth
son, b 30 July,

The Rev. George
Kennard, of Gay-
ton, co. Northamp-
ton, M.A., Perpe-
tual Curate of
Specton, co. York,
third son, 6.3 Jan.,
1806, d. 11 Dec.,
1847 ; m. 26 Sept.,
1839, Mary Jeaii-
nette, only dau. of
Jno. Jackson, of
Lancaster, and left
issue, Mary Gene-
vieve, Constance
Hammond, and
Elizabeth Preston.

Harriet Elizabeth,
eldest dau., m. 25
May, 1841, John,
son ofAdam Corrie,
of Wellingboro',
co. Northampton.

Ellen, second

dau. m. 15

March, 1838,

George Simpson,

of Clapham, co.

Surrey, and of

Lincoln's Inn,


Harriet Anne.

Stephen Ponder
Kennard, of Clap-
ham, co. Surrey,
fifth son, b. 24 Jan.,
1810, m. 13 June,
1839, Emma Sarah,
dau. of William
Steinmetz, of Ho-
merton,co. Middle-
sex, and has
Henry Steinmetz
Kennard, b. 15
Feb. 1843, and
other issue.

John Peirse Kennard, of Wal- = ( 'ophia, eldest dau. of Sir Robert William Kennard, —Mary Anne, second but

thamstow. co. Essex, and of

the City of London, Banker,

eldest son and heir, b. 25 Oct.,


John Chapman, of Windsor, of Theobalds, co. Herts,

co. Berks, Knt., b. 15 March, and of London, Merchant,

1802, to. 8 Jan., 1828. 2nd son, sheriff of London

and Middlesex, 1846-7, b.

18 Jan., 1800.

eldest surviving dau. of
Thomas Challis, of Isling-
ton, co. Middlesex, b. 15
Nov., 1804. to. 22 May,

R obert Bruce
Kennard, Clk., b.

8 May 1824.
Thomas William

Kennard, second Arthur Challis
son, b. 29 Aug., Kennard,

1825. fourth son, 6.

17 June, 1831.

Howard John Henry Martyn

Kennard, Kennard,

third son, b 29 fifth son, 6.17

J J.

Nov., 1829.

Feb., 1833.
Mary Jane,
eldest dau.

Charlotte Ellen, third dau.
Anne, second Edward

dau. John Kennard,

Kennard, sixth seventh son, b.

son, b. 13 22 April, 1842.
April, 1836.

Colridge John Marion Julia. Sophia Hagar. Adam ^tein- Edmund Elizabeth Charles

Kennard, metz, second Hegan, third Louisa. Henry, fourth

eldest son, b. son, b 2 June, son, b. 14 Oct., son, b. 14 Oct.,

6 Oct., 1828. 1833. 1834. 1S40.

Meekins, originally seated in Cheshire,
derived from the great Norman family, De
Meschines, that acquired such vast tracts of
land after the Conquest, and played so con-
spicuous a part in the History of England,
as Earls Palatine of Chester. The name
has been variously spelt, as Meschines, Mes-
kins, Meykins, and Mekins.

John Meekins, Esq., was the first member
of this family who settled in the South of
Ireland in the tune of Charles II. ; his

John Meekins, Esq., to. Elizabeth, dau.
of Robert Meade, Esq., and was succeeded
by his grandson,

Capt. S. Meekins, who had, with a dau.
Elizabeth, an only son,

Richard Meekins, Esq., who to. Maria,
only child and heir (by Miss Ouseley, his
wife) of Thomas Mossom, Esq., of Grange
Macombe, co. Kilkenny, Barrister-at-Law,
son of Robert Mossom, D.D., Dean of Ossory
from 1701 to 1747, and Senior -Fellow of
Trinity College, Dublin, grandson of Robert



Mossom, Esq., LL D., Master in Chancery
in Ireland, and great grandson of Robert
Mossom, D.D., Bishop of Londonderry from
1666 to 1679, and Prebendary of Knaresboro'
in the Cathedral of York (see p. 64). He
d. in 1796 (his widow survived until 2 Feb.,
1829), and was succeeded by his only son,

Robert Meekins, Esq., of Glasthule
House, co. Dublin, Member of the Royal
Dublin Society, and author of "A plan for the
removal of pauperism in Ireland," b. 10th
October, 1796; m. 11th November, 1820,
Elizabeth, daughter, and finally heiress of
Capt. Christmas, of 14th Light Dragoons,
son of William Christmas, Esq., M.P., by
Elizabeth Ludlow, cousin to Peter, Earl of
Ludlow, and niece to James, Earl of Cour-
town ; and has issue.

1. Robert, B.A., b. 27th Nov., 1825.

2. Thomas-Christmas-Mossom, B.A., b.
9th March, 1828, of the Inner Temple,
Barrister -at -law.

3. Reuben- William, b. 5th June, 1832, of
Trinity College, Dublin.

4. Elizabeth, m. 17th Jan., 1844, Rev.
Thomas Greer, of Mount Macgregor,
co. Down, and has issue, three sons and
two daughters.

5. Maria.

6. Emma- Victoria.

7. Anna-Louisa.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st, or. three bars gu., for Meekins'
2nd, or. a fesse humettee gu., between two lions passant'
sable, for Mossom. 3rd, barry of six arg. and gu., six
martlets or., three, two and one, for Eland. 4th, or. a
lion rampant, with two heads az., for Mason.

Crests. 1st, on a wreath a demi-lion rampant gu. hold-
ing between the paws a mullet arg. 2nd, a griffin's
head couped or , between two wings erect gu.

Motto. Originaire de Meschines.

Emeris, originally from France, settled
after the Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day
at Southwood, co. Norfolk, and afterwards at
Louth, co. Lincoln.
The Rev. John Emeris, = Ann Hobman, great niece,

M.A., of Southwood and

Louth, Fellow of C.C.C.,

Rector of Tetford, &c. &c,

m. in 1768.

and co-heiress of David

Atkinson, Esq., of Fauthorp

Hall, near Louth.



= The Rev.
Alington, of


House. (See



TheRev. = Elizabeth,



B.D. of


m. in


onlv dau.
of the Rev.
J. Gran-


The' Rev. William Robert=Isabella Barbara, only

dau. of the Rev. R.

Gordon, M.A., and
grand-daughter of the
Very Rev. George Gor-
don, D.D., Dean of

M.A., Univ.

Oxford, of

of St.
James's, Glouces

Emeris, Esq., of

Louth, M.A.,

M ag. College,

Oxford, J P. for

county of Lincoln,

m. 1850.

Arms. Sa. three bars or., in chief as many cinquefoils
of the second. Quartering, gu. an eagle displayed with
two heads ppr., on a chief arg. three mullets of the first.
W. R. Emeris, Esq., Impales, in right of his wife, az. on
a chev. arg. between three boais' heads couped or., as
many crosses formee gu., for Gordon.

Crest. Out of a ducal coronet or. a boar's head and
neck sa., collared arg.

Motto. Emeritus.

Farmer: William Francis Gamul
Farmer, Esq., of Nonsuch Park, co. Surrey,
a Magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant and
High Sheriff of the County in 1849, eldest
son of the late William Meeke Farmer,
Esq., and grandson of Samuel Farmer, Esq.,
many years M.P., for Huntingdon, who
purchased the estate of Nonsuch Park,

bears for

Arms. Arg. a fesse sa., between three lions' heads
erased, gu.

Crest. Out of a ducal coronet gold, a cock's head
gu., crested and wattled or.

Motto. Hora e sempre.
Samuel Farmer, Esq., for = Elizabeth Meeke, dau. of

many years M.P. for Hun-
tingdon, claiming descent
from the Fermors of North-
amptonshire, purchased
Nonsuch Park, co. Surrey.

the late Joseph Easton
Meeke,of Rotherhithe, Esq.,
and sister of the late Wil-
liam Meeke, Esq., of Bed-
dington, co. Surrey.


William Meeke Farmer, = Frances, dau. of Michael

Esq., only son, M.P. for | Barstow, Esq , of a York-

Humingdon, d. s, p. in shire family.

Oct. 1836.


2. Arthur
settled in

Canada, m.

Louise, dau.

of the Hon.

Peter de


and has


3. George
Almonde, an


E.I.C.S., d.

in India,



4. Thomas


late Capt. in

the Army.

5. Archibald
settled in

Canada, m.


dau. of the

Hon. Peter


and has


6. Reginald
R. A., m.


dau. of Capt.

Farrell, late


I 1. Elizabeth
Marie, m to
Chas. Wils-
| here, Esq.,
of Hitchen.
2. Emilie

m. to


Von Klenze,





3. Everilda

Frances, m.

to Gusiave

Von Asche-

berg, late
Capt. Prus-

4. Mary

Eugenie, m.


Baron Von



bach, of the



1. William Francis Gamul=Matilda, dau. of Robert

Farmer, Esq., of Nonsuch
Park, co. Surrey, High
Sheriff in 1849, and a
Magistrate and Deputy-

Wilkinson, Esq., m. in 1837.

1 1 1

1. William

1 1 1

4. Charles

1 1
1. Matilda




Gamul, b.

5. James

2. Margaret

12th July,





2. Thomas

6. Henry

Allix,6. 14th


Nov., 1839.

3. Thomas,



3. Emilie


4. Catherine


King-Church, as granted 22nd Feb.,
1849, and borne by Henry John King-
Church, Esq.. of Give Lodge, Albury.


A fins. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or. on a fess engrailed
a*, between two greyhounds' heads, erased in chief sable,
collared arg., and a lion ramp, in base of the third,
gorged with a collar and chain reflexed over the back of
the fourth, two crosses patee of the last, a canton az.
for distinction, for Church ; 2nd and 3rd, erm., a lion
ramp., between two piles sa., each charged with a cross
patee or., and in base a like cross of the second for

Crest. In front of two crosses crosslet fitchee, in
saltire az., a greyhound's head erased as in the arms,
collared and charged on the neck for distinction, with a
bezant, for Chdkch ; two crosses patee or. thereon a
lion's jamb, erased sa., holding a cross bottony fitchee
or., for Kino.

Motto. Auxilium ab alto.

Leslie, of Balquhain, Fetternear and
Inch, all in co. Aberdeen, descended from
a noble Hungarian, who came to Scot-
land with Queen Margaret, in 1007.
His descendant Sir Andrew de Lesley, Knt.,
m. first about 1313, Mary Abernethy, one of
the three daughters and co-heiresses of Sir
Alexander, Lord Abernethy of Abernethy,
and from this marriage, the present Earl of
Rothes descends. Sir Andrew m. secondly,
Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Douglas, and by
her had a son, George Leslie, who had from
his father the Baronies of Syde, of Balqu-
hain and other lands in Aberdeenshire, about
1340, which grants were confirmed by royal
charter, and became founder of the Balqu-
hain family ; * of which the Leslies of Kin-
craigie, Wardes, Glaslough, Tarbet, Wart-
hill, Little Fola, Buchorn and Clisson in
France, are derivative branches (see Burke's
Landed Gentry, for full details).

John Edward, Count Leslie, 24th Ba-
ron of Balquhain, an officer in the Austrian
Army, son of Ernest, Count Leslie, 23rd
Baron of Balquhain, by Fanny his wife,
daughter of Emanuel, Baron Stilfried, Cham-
berlain to the Emperor of Austria, and
Knight of Malta, and grandson of John
Leslie, 22nd Baron of Blaquhain, d. unm.
in 1844, and was succeeded by his uncle
(the son of the 22nd baron) James Mi-
chael Leslie, Esq., 25th Baron of Bal-
quhain, a Magistrate and Deputy -Lieutenant
of co. Aberdeen, whose next brother and
successor is the present Colonel Charles
Leslie, 26th Baron of Balquhain, K.H.,
who served throughout the Peninsular War
under the Duke of Wellington, and was
severely wounded at Talavera. Colonel
Leslie m. 1st, in 1826, Mary, daughter
of Major-General Sir Charles Holloway,
by whom he has a son, Charles Stephen.
He m. secondly, in 1836, the Right Hon.
Lady Dorothy Eyre, daughter of Francis,
6th Earl of Newburgh.

Arms. Arg. on a fess az. three buckles or.
Crest. A demi-grifnn erased ppr.
Supporter. Two griffins' ppr.
Motto. Grip fast.

* Several of the Barons of Balquhain, were Counts of
the Roman Empire, and as such entitled to bear the
count's coronet above the shield.

Cooke, of Gorsefield and Pendlebury, in
the parish of Eccles, cu. Lancaster. The late
Thomas Cooke, Esq., of Gorsefield, and of
Pendlebury, a successful merchant and justice
of the peace, youngest son and eventual heir
of Thomas Cooke, Esq., of Pendlebury, de-
scended from a very respectable family of
yeomen, who resided at Pendlebury and
Barton-upon-Irwell, in that parish, for many
generations, d. in March, 1852, and was
succeeded by his eldest son, the present
Thomas Cooke, Esq., of Pendlebury.

Arms. As confirmed to the late Thomas Cooke, Esq., of
Gorsefield, and his descendant-, and to the other descend-
ants of his father Thomas Cooke of Pendlebury. Arg.
a fusil in bend, between two bendlets gu. on a chief az.,
as many garbs or.

Crest. A demi lion rampt., bendy of six or. and gu.,
holding in the dexter paw a bezant charged with an estoile

Motto. Haud sine pulvere meta.

Gough, as borne by Hugh Viscount
Gough, G.C.B., Lieutenant-General in the

Army, and Colonel of the 87th Fusileers ;
and duly registered in H.M. College of

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. on a mount vert, a
lion passant guardant or. supporting with its dexter paw
the union flag ppr., and over the same in chief, the words
China, India, in letters of gold. 2nd and 3rd, az. on a
fess arg. between three boars' heads, couped or, a lion
passant gu. (being his family arms) in the centre chief
point pendant from a riband arg. frimbriated az. a repre-
sentation of the Badge of the Spanish Order of Charles
III. ppr., and on a chief a representation of the east wall
of the fortress of Tarifa, with a breach between two
turrets and on the dexter turret the British flag, flying
also ppr.

Crests. In the centre on a wreath, a boar's head couped
at the neck or. On the dexter side on a mural crown : rg.
a lion passant guardant or holding in the dexter paw,
two flag staves in bend sinister ppr. the one bearing he
union flag of Great Britain and Ireland, surmounting the
other, the staff thereof broken with a triangular banner
flowing therefrom, being intended to represent a Chinese
flag having thereon the device of a dragon, in an escroll
above the word " China ;" on the sinister side on a wreath
a dexter arm embowed in the uniform of the 87th Regi-
ment, being gu. faced vert., the hand grasping the colour
of the said regiment displayed, and a representation of a
French eagle, reversed and depressed, the staff broken
ppr., in an escroll above the word Barrosa.

Supporters. On the dexter side, a lion reguardant or.
gorged with an eastern crown gu. with chain reflexed
over the back gold, the rim of the crown inscribed
"Punjab" in letters also gold. On the sinister side, a
dragon (intended to represent the device upon a Chinese
flag, granted to Viscount Gough in the crest of Honorable
Augmentation), or. gorged with a mural crown sable,
inscribed with the word " China," and chained gold.

M ottos. Over the family crest, "Faugh-a-Bollagh,"
over the first crest " China," and over the third " Barrosa,"
under the arms "Goojerat."

Hyslop, of Lochend, co. Kirkcudbright,
as born by William Hyslop, Esq., of
Lochend, the representative of an old
county family of that designation.

Arms. Arg. a stag ppr., lodged under a holly tree,
growing out of a mount vert., a chief of the last, charged
with three stars of the first.

Crest, A stag's head cahossed, attired, ppr.

Motto. Semper vigilans.




HAY of Hopes, co. East Lothian, derived
from the Hon. Edmund Hay, of Hopes,
b. 1690, younger brother of John, first
Marquis Tweeddale, so created, in 1694,
and son of John, Earl of Tweeddale,
created 1616, who was eldest son of James,
7th Lord Hay, of Yester. William Hay,

Esq., now of Hopes, a Magistrate and
Deputy- Lieutenant for co. Haddington,
to. in 1820, Frances Anna, dau. of
Robert Ogle, Esq., of Eglingham, co. Nor-
thumberland, and has with other children,
an eldest son and heir, John Charles, b. in
1821. (See Burke's Landed Gentry.)

James, 7th Lord Ilay, of Yester, d. 1609.



John Hay, Earl of Tweeddale, so
created, 1G16.

Sir William Hay, of Linplum.

Robert Hay, d. s.p.

John Hay, 1st
Marquess of 1' weed-
dale, so created 1694.

Alexander and
James, both d. s.p.

William Hay, of Drum-
melzier, b. 1649, ances-
tor of Col. William
Hay, of Dunse Castle.

Charles Hay, d. s.p.

Edmund Hay, Esq., of
Hopes, d. 169s.

Margaret, dau. of Sir James Holbourne, __ John Hay, Esq., of Hopes, m.
of Menstrie, co. Fife. 1698.

Other issue,

Charles Hay, Esq., of Hopes, ._^ Christian Ross.
m. in 1730.

John Hay, Esq., of Hopes, _ Margaret, dau. of — Reid,
6. 1732, m. 1761. Sold Hopes Esq., of Georgie.

to his son William.

Other issue.

James Hay, George,
W. S., b. d. s. p.

1764, m. 1788,
d. 1821.

Charles, b.



Cross! and


John, b.

William Hay,_ Frances
Esq., now of Anne, dau. of

Hopes, 6.1774,
m. in 1820.

Robert Ogle,
Esq., of Eg-

Capt., b.

George, b.


Col. E.I.C.S.
b. 1784, and
several daus.

John and William Charles, Charles Sol- John. John William Au- Two dau.

James, both Falconer, 3rd d. s. p. krig. Edward. Charles, b. gustus, b. 1825.

d.s.p. Bombay Robert, b. William. 1821.

Infantry. 1806.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, az. three cinquefoils arg. 2nd and 3rd, gu. three bars erm. Over all, on an escutcheon
arg., three escutcheons gu.
Crest. A goat's head, erased arg. armed, or.
Motto. Spare nought.

Surridge, originally of Dover, and after-
wards of Ireland :

Daniel Surridge (whose family came
to England with William the Conqueror),
went from Dover in Kent, where the family
estates were situate, to Ireland in 1690 under
the command and by order of King William
III., and having obtained from Colonel St.
George the estate of Grange, co. Galway,
settled there. He to. Emily, dau. of Jasper
Ouseley (descended from the Ouseleys of
Courteen Hall, co. Northampton), and sister
of William Ouseley, the grandfather of the
late Sir William Ouseley, Knt., and of the
Right Hon. Sir Gore Ouseley, Bart. ; by her
he had four sons :—

I. Thomas, to. Deborah Lindsay, and by

her (who d. in 1777) had an only dau.,
Emily, m. to John Fyim, Esq., of
Ballymagibbon Castle, co. Mayo.

II. Francis, to. Elizabeth Gilchrist (great

aunt of the late Charles Seymour, Esq.,
of Somerset, co. Galway), and by her
had numerous issue, of whom four sons
and two daus. survived him, viz. : —

1. Daniel.

2. Thomas.

3. Jasper, m. Mary, dau. of Forbes
O'Flaherty, Esq., and had issue,

Thomas Surridge, D.D., Chap,
of the Charities of the Lord



Chancellor," and late Head
Master of Felsted Grammar
School, who m., 1st, Matilda
Jane, dan. of the Rev. Wil-
liam Moffatt, late rector of
the parishes of Currim and
Drumcrin, Ireland, and by
her (who d. at Stoke Damerel
in 1828) had six children —
four of Avhom died in infancy
— Robert, the fifth, of the
royal navy, d. in 1845, aged
26 ; Frances Jane, the sixth,
m. the Rev. George Lowdon
Hanson, M.A. Dr. Surridge
m. 2ndly, in 1837, Caroline,
third dan. of John Foster,
Esq., of Brigadier Hill, co.

James Edward Surridge, in
Holy Orders, M.A., Rector
of Greystead, co. Northum-
berland, and Chaplain Royal
Navy, m. in 1838, Ellen, dau.
of Capt. Robinson, E.I.C.'s
Navy, and sister of Capt.
Robinson, R.N., and by her
has issue four daus.

Eliza Surridge, m. to John

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