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of Kent in 1803, and formerly a Magistrate
for that county, who d. 2 Nov., 1833.

Francis Cooke, of Kenbury, near Exeter, Devon,

where the family had been long previously settled

(Registrar of Exeter cir. the middle of the

seventeenth century).

John, a merchant,
d. 1669.

Francis Cooke.

m. — Webber.

John Cooke, a = Philippa Thomas
merchant, eldest (a dau. of the

son, b. 1650,

Thomas family,
Cholwich, of Old-

The Rev. ■■
John Cooke,
Rector of
Hants, and
of Winches-
ter, b. in
1671; accom-
panied Bis-
hop Tre-
(whose sec-
retary he
was) to
Winchester ;
d. in 1744,

and was

buried in the



; Elizabeth,
dau. and heir
of the Ven.

Dr. Sayer,

of Surrey.



b. 1677,

second son,

m. Elizabeth


Mary, m. —



A dau., m. — Short, Esq.

John, m. Elizabeth stone.

Samuel, m. Jane Lowd-


George, m. Catherine


Philippa, m. Theophilus







Cooke, of


Kent, m.


dau. and heir

of — Baker,


John Cooke,
D.D., Presi-
dent of
Christ i Col-
lege, Oxford;
d. s. p. 1823.


daus. :

Dorothy, m.

Rev. Owen



m. Justi-

tian Nutt.

Ann, m.

Rev. —


Mary, m.

John Dixon.

Christo- ,
Cooke, late
of Eastend

Hants, and
of 41,
Sheriff of
Kent in
1803, and
a Magis-
trate for
that co. ;
d. 2 Nov.,

.1st. Miss
who d.

. 2nd, in

1810, to


widow of



R.A. (who

d. 12 Sept,

1806), and

dau. of



Esq., of


ton, Kent,


from John

(who d. in
1620),. of
father of


of Ci rove-


2. John,
at Tra-
falgar in

mand of
21 Oct.,
1805, m.
a dau. of



and has



1. Mar-
garet, in.
Rev. Wm.
2. Mary,
m. Rev. J.


3. Frances,

m.— Stow,




Cooke, b 20

Sept., 1813,

ni. in 1841,

Mary Eliza,

eldest dau. of




2. John 3. Christo- 1. Charlotte,

George pher Cooke, m. T. L.

Cooke, b. 15 6. 26th June, Phillips, de-

Nov., 1819. 1821, ceased (see

Phillips of
dale). 2.
m. Rev. Ed-
ward Payne,
Vicar of
Oxon. 3.
Louisa, m .
Rev. G. B.
Vicar of

Arms. Gu. three crescents or. a chief of the last,
quartering Sayer, viz. : gu. a chev. between three sea-
pies ai-g. a chief erm. ; and Baker, viz. : arg. a castle
between three keys sa.

Crest. A dexter arm erect ppr , encircled with a wreath
of laurel vert, the hand holding an estoile arg.

Motto. Sortem meam protegit Deus.

Houlton, of Farley Castle, co. Somerset,
a family of antiquity in the Isle of Wight,
which settled in Wiltshire in the reign of
James 1. Joseph Houlton, of Trowbridge,
co. Wilts, High Sheriff of the county in
1696, son of Joseph Houlton, Esq., of Trow-
bridge, purchased the estate of Farleigh
Hungerford, co. Somerset, from the Hunger-
ford family in 1708. The present representa-
tive is John Torriano Houlton, Esq.,
of Farley Castle, eldest son and heir of the
late John Houlton, Esq., Colonel 1st Regi-
ment Somerset Militia, Deputy-Lieutenant
and High Sheriff of Wilts in 1808, by Mary
Anne, his wife, only dau. and heir of Thomas
Ellis, Esq., of Rolleston, co. Devon. (See
Burke's Landed Gentry).

Arms. Arg. on a fesse wavy, between three talhots'
lieads erased az , as many bezants

Crest. A talbot's head erased az , gorged with a collar
wavy or., charged with three torteaux.

Mttto, Semper fidclis.



Schank, of Barton House, parish of Daw-
lish, co. Devon. The Schanks are an an-
cient family in Mid Lothian, a branch of
which settled in Fifeshire, and got lands
there, temp. Robert Bruce, 1319.

John Mackellar Skeenb Grieve
Schank, Esq., of Barton House, eldest sur-
viving son of the present Vice-Admiral John
Wight, of Minabab Cottage, in Dawlish, co.
Devon, by Margaret, his wife, only daughter
of Admiral John Schank, F.R.S., of Barton
House, son of Alexander Schank, Esq., of
Castlerig, co. Fife, assumed, by royal license,
dated 10th June, 1843, the surname and
Arms of Schank only, instead of Wight, hi
compliance with the will of his maternal
grandfather, Admiral Schank.

Miss Grieve,
of the well-
known and
shire family
of that

a falcon's leg erased, jessed and belled, in base arg. a
hawk's lure of the field.

Crest. An eagle rising, ppr.

Motto. Spero.

Alexander _

= Mary, dau.

George _

Schank, Esq.

of the Rev.

Wight, Esq.,"

of Castlerig,


Purser and

co. Fife, de-

minister at




R.N., 1793.

a very an-

co. Aberdeen,

cient family

of the an-

in Mid Lo-

cient and

thian, a


branch of

family of

which set-


tled in King-

horn, CO.

Fife, and got

lands there,

in the reign

of Robert

Bruce, anno


. Mrs. Fitz

Margaret, =


sister of Sir

Esq., of

Gerald, wi-



dow of Gen.

Grant, Mas-

House, in

Fitz Gerald,

ter of the

Dawlish, co.

1st wife.

Rolls, 2nd



F.R.S ,

died 1843.

Admiral of

the Blue,
died in 1823.

Margaret Schank, only _ John Wight, Esq., of Min-
daughter of Admiral John T abab Cottage, Dawlish, &c,
Schank, of Barton House. Vice-Admiral of the Red,
She died at Teignmouth, born about 1776, at Eye-
Devon, in 1812. mouth, co. Berwick, en-
tered the Navy, April, 1789,
and received a war medal
for his gallant services.


served as
on board
the L iffey,
50, in the
War, died
in 1843.

Mather .


Esq., of

lish, So-


Algernon, John Mac
drowned kellar
in Skeene

the River Grieve,
Teigu, who as-

aged 12. sumed,
by royal
license, 10th June, 1843,
the surname and Arms of
Schank only, in compliance
with the will of his maternal
grandfather, and is the pre-
sent John Mackellar
Skeene Grieve Schank,
Esq., of Barton House.

: Eliza
ret, died

George Byles. Mather Byles. Eliza Frances Byles.

Alexander Byles.

Arms. Gu. on a fess between a cinquefoil in chief, and

Stansfeld, of Burley Wood, represented
by Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld, Esq., who
has sold the estate of Burley Wood, and now
resides at Savile House, in the island of
Jersey. He is the eldest of ten sons (see
Burke's Landed Gentry) of the late David
Stansfeld, of Leeds, Esq., by Sarah, only
child and heir of Thomas Wolrich, of Armley
House, near that place, Esq., and is married to
Anne, eldest dau. of the late Rawdon Briggs,
of Halifax, Esq., maternally descended from
the ancient family of Rawdon, of Rawdon in
Yorkshire, of which the Marquis of Hastings
is the representative. Mrs. Stansfeld's bro-
ther, Rawdon Briggs, Esq., formerly repre-
sented the borough of Halifax in Parliament.
Mr. Stansfeld was in 1809 Lieut.-Colonel
of the Leeds Local Militia ; his eldest son,
Thomas Wolrich, is an officer in the 51st
Regiment of Madras Native Infantry, in the
Hon. E.I.C.S.

_ The family of Stansfeld of Stansfeld, de-
rives in a direct male line through the families
of Townley and Entwisle, of Lancashire ; of
Tonstal, de Midgley, Copley, Thornhill, Bur-
ton, Lascelles, Fleming (of kin to the Con-
queror), and Savile, of Yorkshire ; and Duck-
enfield of Cheshire, from Wyon Maryon, a
Breton, and a companion in arms of William
the Conqueror, Lord of Stansfeld, now Stans-
field, in the West Riding of the county of
York, who received a grant of that extensive

The family of Wolrich traces in an unin-
terrupted male line through the ancient Earls
of Chester and Southampton, and King Ethel-
red, elder brother of King Alfred (to the
descendants of the latter of whom their
father, King Ethelwolph, limited the suc-
cession to the English crown), from Egbert,
first King of all England. The particular
branch of the Wolrich family, of which Mr.
Stansfeld is the representative, derives also,
through Sir Richard Wingfield, of Kimbolton
Castle, KG. (whose dau. m. Thomas Wolrich,
of Alconbury, hi the county of Huntingdon,
Esq.), from the Fitz Alans, Earls of Arundel ;
and the Bohuns,Earls of Hereford; from Rhodri
Mawr, King of all Wales ; the Plantagenets,
Kings of England ; William the Conqueror,
Charlemagne, and Alfred the Great.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, sa. three goats trippant
ar., for Stansfeld ; 2nd and 3rd, az. a chev. between
three swans, wings elevated, ar., for Wolrich.

Crests. 1st, A demi-lion rampt. ar., for Stansfeld ;
2nd, on a wreath of laurel, vert., a dexter cubit arm in
armour ppr., garnished or. and gu., cinctured with a brace-
let, sa., holding a Danish battle axe ppr., shafted gu.
garnished or., for Wolrich.

Motto. Virtus post funera vivit.




Rowley, of Maperath, co. Meath, a branch
of an English family, which settled hi the north
of Ireland in the reign of James I. Henry
Rowley, the son of the settler in Ireland,
purchased the estate of Warrenstown, co.
Meath, in 1630, and was father of Henry
Rowley, settled at Maperath, near Kells. He
m. the dau. of Dr. Moorecroft, Archdeacon
of Meath, and by her had no male issue. The
estate of Warrenstown was sold ; his other
estates descended to his eldest daughter—
(his second dau. m. Ker of co. Monaghan,
and was mother of the late Col. Ker, of
Moimtain Lodge). The eldest dau. m. Geo.
Fisher, Esq., of Galtrim (he had been pre-
viously m. to Miss Rose Toler, of the Beech-
wood family), and was mother of Henry
Fisher, who succeeded to the Rowley estates
and assumed the surname and arms of Row-
ley. He m. Sarah, only dau. and heiress of
James Johnston, Esq., of Cordoolough, co.
Monaghan, and by her (who d. in 1839), left
at his decease, in 1807, an only son and heir,
the present Thomas Taylor Rowley, Esq.,
of Maperath, who m. 1st Eliza, dau. and co-
heir of Daniel Toler, Esq., of Beechwood, co.
Tipperary, M.P. for that county, and elder
brother of the first Earl of Norbury, and has
by her, with other issue, an elder son,
Henry, who m. Mary, dau. of the Rev. H.
Lucas St. George, of Dromore, co. Tyrone.
Mr. Rowley in. 2ndly, Georgina, dau. of Stan-
dish Grady, Esq., of Elton, co. Limerick,
and by her has a son, Standish Grady, b. in

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or., on a bend cot-
tised gu., three crescents of the first, for Rowley ; 2nd
and 3rd. Arg. a saltire sable, on a chief gu., three
cushions, or., for Johnston.

Crest. A wolfs head erased, sable, .collared and lan-
gued, gu.

Motto. La vertue surmonte tout obstacle.

Beach, of Oakley Hall, co. Hants, and
Keevil House, co. Wilts, as borne by Wm.
Beach, Esq., of those places, J.P. andD.L.
for Hants, second son by Henrietta Maria,
his wife, only dau. and 'heiress of William
Beach, Esq.,' of Fittleton, and afterwards of
Netheravon, co. Wilts, of the late Michael
Hicks, Esq., of Beverstone Castle and Wil-
liamstrip Park, co. Gloucester (2nd son of
Sir Howe Hicks, 6th Bart. ofWhitcombe— see
Burke's Peerage and Baronetage), who as-
sumed, on his marriage, the additional sur •
name and arms of Beach, by royal licence,
23rd June, 1790. The family offBeach was
settled in Wiltshire at an early period, and
derived directly from Thomas Beach, of War-
minster, in that county, who d. in 1576. The
present Mr. Beach, who is uncle to Sir Mi-
chael Hicks Hicks-Beach, Bart., of Bever-
stone, dropped by sign manual in 1838 the
surname of Hicks retaining that of Beach
only. He m. 1st Feb., 1826, Jane Henrietta,
dau. of John Browne, Esq., of Salperton, co.

Gloucester, and by her (who d. in 1831) has a
son, William WiltherBramston, b. 25th Dec.
1826, and two daughters, Mary Jane and
Henrietta Maria. — See Burke's Landed

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, vaire arg. and gu., a
canton az., charged with a pile or., for Beach ; 2nd, gu.,
a fesse wavy between three fleurs-de-lis or., for Hicks;
3rd, arg. a chev. gu., between three crescents sa., for

Crest. A demi-lion rampt. couped, ducally gorged or.,
holding in the paws an escutcheon az., charged with a
pile or.

Motto. Tout en bon heure.

Owen, of Garthynghared, co. Merioneth,
a very ancient family, derived from Meurig,
King of Dyfed, and now represented by
Edward Owen, Esq., of Garthynghared,
eldest son and heir of the late Edward Owen,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff of Me-
rionethshire in 1819, who died in 1850. One
of the ancestors of the family, Lewis OAven,
Esq., a Baron of the Welsh Exchequer, and
Vice- Chamberlain of Wales, was murdered,
by a lawless banditti, near Dinas Mowddwy,
on Christmas Eve, 1554.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th : Az. a chev. between
three cocks, arg. armed, crested, and jelloped or. ; 2nd.
Gu. three snakes, nowed az. ; 3rd. Erm. a saltire gu.,
charged with a crescent.

Crest. A cock's head erased arg., holding in its
mouth a snake, az.

Latham, of Bradwall Hall, co. Chester,
descended from Lathom of Lathom, co. Lan-

Arms. Erminois, on a chief indented azure, three be-
zants, over all a bend gules.

Crest . On a rock ppr. an eagle, with wings elevated
erminois, preying on a child ppr., swaddled az.,
banded arg.

Haldane, of Gleneagles, co. Perth, a family
of great antiquity hi North Britain, origin-
ally of Halden, near Kelso. In 1296, Aylmer
de Haldane, of Gleneagles, hi Strathearn, was
one of the Barons who swore fealty to Ed-
ward I. of England ; and Nisbet, in his " Re-
marks on the Ragman Roll," asserts that
" the Haldaneswere even then Barons of con-
siderable consequence," and " had vouchers
for instructing their antiquity beyond most
families in Perthshire." In the fifteenth cen-
tury, Sir John Haldane, of Gleneagles, Lord
Justice-General of Scotland beyond the Forth,
m. (A. D. 1460) Agnes Menteith, of Ruskie,
one of the two coheiresses of her maternal
great-grandfather, Duncan, last of the an-
cient Saxon Earls of Lennox. From this
marriage lineally descends the present Alex-
ander Haldane, Esq., of the Inner Temple,
barrister-at-law, a magistrate for the county
of Essex.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg., a saltire engrailed
sa., for Haldane, of Gleneagles ; 2nd, arg. a saltire be-
tween four roses gu., for Lennox ; 3rd, or. a bend chequy ,
arg. and sa., for Menteith, or Stuart.

Crest. An eagle's head erased, ppr.

Motto. Suffer.



Sir John Haldane, Knt., of Gleneagles, co. Perth, representative of the ancient family of

Haldane, in the 17th century.

Mungo Haldane, of Gleneagles, Memher of the Scottish
Parliament, had a charter of his lands from King Charles
II. He is mentioned by Nisbet as having, at the funeral of
the Duke of Rothes, borne the banner of his relative, the
Earl of Tullibardine. He died in 1 685 .

Drummond, Lord Maderty,
1st wife.

Patrick Haldane, of Lanrick, m. Miss Dundas, of
Newliston, and left three sons. John Haldane of
Lanrick, the eldest, died in 1765, aged 85, having
had two sons, who died v. p., and six daughters,
five of whom were married. James Oswald, Esq.,
of Auchencruive, represents the eldest daughter.

Mary, 3rd daughter of David _ John Haldane, of Glen- _ Helen, only daughter of

eagles, member for Perth- Sir Charles Erskine, of
shire in the last Scottish Alva, 2nd wife.

Parliament, and in the
first British House of

Daughters :
Margaret m. Sir Patrick
Murray, Bart., of Ochter-
tyre ; and Janet m,, in
1682, Patrick Smythe, Esq.,

of Methven.

Mungo Haldane,

of Gleneagles,

successively M. P.

for the counties

of Perth and
Stirling, died un-
married in 1757,
aged 73.

Patrick Hal-
dane, of Glen-
eagles, Professor
of History at St.
Andrews, after-
wards M.P. for
the St. Andrews'
Boroughs, and


Col. James Hal-
dane, of the
Royal Horse
Guards, died at
sea, on the Car-
thagena expedi-
tion of Dec.,

Margaret Pye,
of a well-con-
Durham family.

Capt. Robert
Haldane, of


M.P., died

s.p. 1st Jan.,


Margaret, m.
— Cockburn,
of the Ormis-
town family.


Haldane, of Glen-
eagles, died in 1799

Helen, m.


Duncan, of


George Haldane,
M.P., died, Go-
vernor of Ja-
maica in 1759.

Captain James
Haldane, of
Airthrey, co.
Stirling, died
30th June,

Katherine, eld-
est daughter,
diedin 1774.

Margaret, m.

William Tait,


Alexander Dun-
can, Lieut. -Col.
in the Army, of
Lundie, died s.p.

Robert Haldane,

of Airthrey, born

28th Feb., 1764,

afterwards of


{died 12th Dec,


Katherine Coch-
rane, 2nd dau.

of the late
George Oswald,
Esq., of Scots-
town, died 19th
June, 1843.

nelen Hal-
dane, only
born in 1765,
died young,

James Alexander

Haldane, 2nd and

youngest son, born

14th July, 1768,

died 8th Feb., 1851.

1st wife.
Mary, daughter and
heir of Major Alex-
ander Joass, of Cul-
leonard, Banffshire,
(great-grandson and
heir of line of Geo.,
2nd Lord Banff), by
Elizabeth, his wife,
sister of General Sir
Ralph Abercromby,
K.B. She died 27th
February, 1819.

Adam Duncan,
the famous Ad-
miral, created
Earl of Cam-
perdown. His
son, R. D. Dun-
can Haldane,
Earl of Camper-
down, is the
present proprie-
tor of Gleneagles.

, 2nd wife.

Margaret, dau. of

Dr. Daniel Ruther-
ford, maternal

uncle of sir Walter

Scott, m. 23rd

April, 1822.


only child,
died 29th


James Gor-
don, Esq.


ed Alexander -


i. Haldane,


of the Mid-

child of the

dle Temple,

late Joseph




Esq., of

present male



House, Sur-

tive of the


ancient fa-

mily of Hal-

dane, of


Robert, m.
Jane, dau. of
the late John
of Kemback,
co. Fife

Four surviv-
ing daus., of
whom Mary
m. Col. Jas.
C.B., and
Catherine m.
George Eck-
ford, Esq.

Daniel Ruther-
ford Haldane.
James Hal-
dane, and three
daus., of whom
the eldest ism.
to Richard
Burdon San-
derson, Esq.,
of West

Major John Gordon, and Robert

Haldane Gordon, died unmar.

The Rev. James Gordon, and

three daughters*

James Robert Alexander,
born 14th August, 1842.

1 wo sons and three

Five daughters.



Gorham : The Gorhams came into Eng-
land immediately after the Conquest ; for
" W. Filius GORH a M," occurs in 1086, in
Doomsday Survey (II. 441.), at Cippenhall,
near Fresingtield, Suffolk.

Their foreign settlement was at, or in the
vicinity of, the town of Gorram* (now
Goron), in Maine, 15 miles N.W. of May-
enne ; a fortified place attached to the fief
of Normandy by Duke "William, shortly
before his invasion of England.

Geoffrey de Gorram occurs as early 'as
922, as witness to a grant to the Monks of
Notre Dame de Mars-sur-la-Futaye, at
Villarenton (or Villa-Arunton), afterwards
called L'Abbeyette (La Bayette, by error,
in Cassini's map of France) ; a small Priory,
of which a trace still remains, between Goron
and Savigny : but Menage (Histoire de
Sable) considers the charter as doubtful.

Another Geoffrey de Gorram (pro-
bably the father of Geoffrey, Abbot of St.
Alban's, of whom more hereafter) occurs in
a grant of undoubted authenticity, at the end
of Century XI., or early in Century XII., as
being father of

Ruello or Rollo or Ralph de Gorram,
who, before 1 1 12, gave theperpetual advowson
of Brece, four miles from Gorram,to theFriory

* The history of the CMtellenie of Gorram, on the
frontiers of Maine and Normandy, being little known,
and being closely connected with English history, may be
briefly noticed here, from materials supplied by the Nor-
man Roll and other records. It was held by the great
family of Mayenne, from the Counts of Maine, as their
Suzerain. In 1054, after the victory of Mortimer, Wil-
liam, Duke of Normandy seized this and the neighbouring
possessions of Geoffrey Martel, the invader of Maine,
and annexed them to the fief of Normandy. In 1082
Gorram Castle belonged to Robert, Count of Mortain.
Henry I. possessed himself of this Chatellenie, on the Col-
mont, and of the neighbouring Castle of Ambrieres, on the
Mayenne, by granting in exchange Black Torrington and
Nimet, in Devonshire, to Geoffrey III., Duke of Mayenne.
In 1135 it belonged to Geoffrey Plantaijenet, who restored
it to Juhel II., Duke of Mayenne, on condition that he
would assist him in obtaining possession of the dower
of his wife, Matilda. In 1162 Geoffrey IV., Duke of
Mayenne, restored it to King Henry II. Gorram Castle
was remarkable in 1172 as being the place where Henry
II. first met the Pope's Legates, after the murder of
Becket. The king, having previously remained forty
days in penitencu and sorrow at Argentan, proceeded
to Gorram on the Tuesday before Rogation Days, where
he "exchangedi he kiss of peace with the Legates; and
the next day went on to Savigny Abbey, where they were
joined by the Archbishop of Rouen, and many bishops
and noblemen." (Epist. Sci. Thomae, 94, in MSS. Cott.
Claudius B. II., f. 350; a beautiful and nearly cotempo-
rary MS.). Wi ::amdeBennengerswasWarden"of Gorram
Castle in 11SC, Hugh de Cardonville in 1195—1197. In
1196 the warden had £80 salary ; and £42 3s. was paid
as wages to one of the king's wolf-hunters at 'Gorram,
and £6 8s. for carriage of the king's venison from Gorram
to Argentan. In 1198 Hamelin de Torto Carupo was
"Warden. In 1199 Arthur, Duke of Brittany, regranted
it to Juhel III,, Duke of Mayenne. In 1202 King John
issued a writ for seizing Gorham Castle (it was always
spelt thus in English records). The barony of Gorram
passed, in 1297, from Verger to Goue. In 1451 John
de Bailleul did homage for it. In 1500 John de Gripel,
in right of his wife, Madelaine de Bailleul, was the owner.
The writer of this note visited the site of Gorram Castle
October 1st, 1842; only a few yards of its massive walls
remain on the N. bank of the Colmont, W. of the bridge,
but many terraces, which mark its site, are visible in the
neighbouring gardens.

of Fountain- Gehard, near Mayenne, a Cel!
to Marmontier Abbey, at Tours. He mar-
ried Hersendis, daughter of "Walter, Lord of
Mayenne. He was a benefactor to Savigny
Abbey, and was living in 1120. He was
probably the father of Robert, Abbot of St.
Alban's. His eldest son,

William de Gorram, shortly before, or
in 1128, built a new castle on his demesne
at La Tanniere (10 miles W. of Gorram), in
the parish of St. Berthevin. He gave both
his parish Church, and the Chapel of his
Castle, to the Monastery of Mount St. Michael,
near Avranches, with a plot of ground for
the settlement of some monks, one of whom
was to perform divine offices at La Tanniere.
He married Matilda, by whom he inhe-
rited Livare, La Doree, and (probably) La
Tanniere. He and his wife granted lands
in Livare to the Abbot and Monks of Sa-
vigny. He died about 1155; and was suc-
ceeded by his son,

Giles de Gorram, Lord of La Tanniere,
who occurs 1162. His seal (attached to a
grant made about 1175 to Savigny Abbey,)
represents a crusader in a coat of mail, kneel-
ing, surrounded by the legend, sigillvm egi-
dii de gorram. His shield has no charge,
but only a conical umbo. He married Osanne ?
and died about 1180. His eldest son,

William de Gorram, Lord of La Tan-
niere, was taken prisoner, with 17 knights,
in the tower of Dol, in Britanny, by Henry
II., on Sunday, August 26, 1173. He was
a benefactor to the Abbeys of Savigny and
of Mount St. Michael in Normandy. He
gave hostages of fidelity to King John in
1199. His seal represents an equestrian
knight, the shield being wiikovt charge, but
exhibiting a radiated umbo ; sigillvm

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