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into a prophecy of Merlin of a much earlier
date concerning a deliverer of his country,
whom he predicted should yet appear, and
being thus symbolised, continued, says The-
ophilus Jones in his History of Brecon, to
be a sign for public houses in that county
as late as the setting in of the present cen-

Bedford, of Pendrea, Cornwall. John
Sargent Bedford, Esq., of Pendrea, in
the parish of Gulval, in the county of Corn-
wall, is the eldest son of the late John Bed-
ford, Esq., a Post-Captain in the Royal
Navy, by Sarah, his wife, dau. of Robert
Sargent, Esq., M.D., of Devonport, for-
merly Plymouth Dock. He was born 19th
May, 1803, and married, 14th August, 1828,
Catharine Johns, only dau. of William Bo-
litho, Esq., of Ponsandane, by Philippa, his
wife, dau. of Richard Foster, Esq., of Castel,
near Lostwithiel, in the county of Cornwall.

John Bedford, who died in 1815, en-
tered the naval service about the year 1787,
was Second Lieutenant of the Phoebe, under
the command of Sir Robert Barlow, at the
capture of L 'Africaiiie, into which ship he
was sent as Prize Master, and conducted
her safe to Gibraltar. At the Battle of Tra-
falgar he was First Lieutenant of the Ton-
nant, and from the circumstance of his Cap-
tain (the late Sir Charles Tyler) being
wounded, and carried below, early in the
action, the command of the Tonnant devolved
on Lieutenant Bedford. He Avas shortly
after promoted to the rank of Commander,
and appointed to the command of three or
four corvettes, in one of which he was
severely wounded, and lost one of his legs.
He received his Post Rank in 1814. Cap-
tain Bedford had issue,

John Sargent, now of Pendrea.

Del-bceuf Baker, born 12th October, 1805.

Sarah, born 14th January, 1813, died 13th
March, 1832.

Robert Tench, a Commander in the Royal
Navy, born 14th December, 1814.

Arms. Arg., three lions' gambs, couped, 'within a
bordure engrailed sable.

Crest, An eagle rising from an anchor, arg.
Motto. Verite sans peur.

Dixon, of Littleton, co. Chester, as borne
by Thomas Dixon, Esq., of that place, a
Magistrate for the County and City of
Chester, son of the late Thomas Dixon,
Esq., Captain in the Royal Navy.

Arms. Per chev. or. and gu., on a ehev. fimbriated
per chev. between three lions' heads erased and counter-
changed five fleurs-de-lis, reversed alternately.

Crest. A lion's head erased, per fess arg. and gu.,
charged on the neck with three fleurs-de-lis of the last,
and pierced through the mouth by an arrow, point
coming out at the back, ppr., feathered arg.

Motto. Macte virtute esto.

Wilcoxon, as borne by Arthur Wil-
coxon, Esq., of St. German's Place, Black-
heath, and duly registered in the Heralds'

Arms. Quarterly, or. and az., four fleurs-de-lis
count erchanged; a chief bendy arg. and sa.

Crest. A lion's gamb erect, bendy arg. and sa., hold-
ing in the paw a fleur-de-lis or., encircled by a wreath
of oak, ppr.

Motto. Semper fidelis.

Mousley, of Haunton Hall, Tamworth,
co. Stafford, seated there for several cen-
turies, and now represented by Charles
Edward Mousley, Esq., of Haunton Hall,
son of the late John Mousley, Esq., of the
same place.

Arms. Sa. a chev. between three mill-picks arg.

Crest. Out of a mural crown, chequy arg. and sa., a
demi-lion rampant, holding in the dexter paw a mill-
pick of the first.

Motto. Par sit fortuna labori.

Holford, as borne by James Holford,
Esq., of Holford House, Regent's Park, and
by John Holford, Esq., of Rushall, Man
Chester, sons of the late James Holford,
Esq., by Sarah, his wife, dau. of the Rev.
Humphrey Owen, Chaplain of the Collegiate
Church of Manchester, and grandsons of
Thomas Holford, of Manchester.

Arms. Quarterly, ermine and erminois, upon a mount
in base vert., a greyhound passant sable, collared or.

Crest. On a wreath of the colours a mount vert.,
therefrom, in front of a greyhound's head sable, gorged
with a collar gemel, and holding in the mouth a fleur-
de-lis, or., the sun rising in splendour, ppr.

Motto. Toujours fidele.

Crosley, as borne by Charles Decimus
Crosley, Esq., of North Terrace, Camber-
well, Surrey.

Arms. Sa., a cross between four martlets, or.
Crest. A dragon's head sa., gorged with a collar or.,
charged with a einquefoil, gu.
Motto. Per crucem confido.

Heald, as borne by George Trafford
Heald, Esq., of Berry Mead Priory, Mid-

Arms. Arg. two bars engrailed, and in chief as
many escocheons, gu., each charged with a mullet of
the field.

Crest. An eagle, wings elevated, arg., each charged
with two bars engrailed gu., gorged with a plain collar,
and pendant therefrom an escocheon, also gu., charged
with a mullet, arg.

Motto. Nemo sibi nascitur.

Griffin, as borne by Alfred Griffin,
Esq., of Oxford Square, London, whose an-
cestors possessed property both in War-
wickshire and Northamptonshire, and were
descended from a common progenitor with
the ennobled family of that name.

Arms. Sa. a griffin segrcant arg., beaked and fore-
legged, or.
Crest. A talbot's head erased sa.
Motto. Vincam.





Richardson, as borne by Henry Francis
Richardson, Esq., F.L.S. and F.S.A., of
Nantlle Hall, Carnarvonshire, son of the late
Daniel Higley Richardson, Esq., of Rose
Hall, and Essex Lodge, co. Surrey, de-
scended from a family which for generations
has been distinguished in naval prowess and
professional legal eminence ; it flourished in
the former, temp. Queen Elizabeth. Mr.
Richardson impales the Arms of Dickinson,
in right of his wife, Harriet, youngest sur-
viving daughter of the late Thomas Dickin-
son, Esq., of Upper Holloway, Middlesex,
formerly a merchant of eminence in the
City of London, who bequeathed a princely
fortune amongst his relative, and numerous
charitable institutions of the metropolis.

Daniel Higley Richardson, = Thomas Dickinson,
Esq., of Rose Esq., of Upper Hollo-
Hall and Essex Lodge, -wav, Middlesex, an emi-
Siirrey, deceased, and nent and benevolent
Mary, his wife, merchant of London,


2. Mary Sarah, m. I.Henry FRANCis = IIamet, youngest

William Guest Richardson, Esq , surviving' dau. of

Carpenter, F.L.S. and F.S. A., T. Dickinson,

F.R.C S., and of Nantlle Hall, b. Esq., m. in 1834.

has issue four 22nd August, liJIO.


Arms. Sa. on a chief arg. three lions' heads erased
ermines, langued, gu,

Impaling. Or. a bend engr. between two lions ram-
pant, gu., for Dickinson.

Crest. On a mural crown or., a lion's head erased
ermines, langued, gu., crowned with an Earl's coronet
of the first.

Motto. Trust in God.

Walmesley, as granted to Sir Joshua
Walmesley, Knt., of Wavertree Hall, co.
Lancaster, and of Westbourne Terrace,
London, a merchant of Liverpool, and Mayor
of that borough in 1839, who was knighted,
11th July, 1840, on presenting an address
after the Queen's marriage. He is son of
John Walmesley, Esq , and Elizabeth Perry,
his wife, and married, in 1815, Miss Adeline
Mulleneux, by whom he has issue.

Arms. Gu. on a chief dancette emu, a bee volant,
ppr., between two hurts.

Crest. A lion passant erm., on the head a crown
vallery or., and his dexter forcpaw resting on a knight's
helmet, ppr.

Motto. Lahore.

Merewetiier. Henry Alworth

Merewether, Esq., of Castlefield, Calne,
co. Wilts, and York Terrace, Regent's
Park, London. Sergeant-at-Law, impales
with his paternal coat, the arms of Hadow
of Frereton, or Friarton.

Arms. Or. three martlets sa., on a chief az., the sun
in splendour, ppr., quartering Alworth; viz., Or. a
saltire engr. between twelve billets sa., and Impaling,
Arg. a saltire engrailed sa., within a bordure az., for

Crest. A dexter arm embowed in armour, garnished
or., holding in the hand ppr. a sword of the last, hilt
and pomel or., entwined round the blade with a snake,
also ppr.

Motto. Vi et consilio.

Woodmass, as borne by Charles Wood-
mass, Esq., of Avonhurst, co. Warwick.

Arms. Az. an oak tree, ppr., between two cross
crosslets fitchee arg.

Crest. An oak tree eradicated, ppr.
Motto. Pro Deo et patria.

Armitage. Joseph Taylor Armi-
tage, Esq., of Birkby, near Huddersfield, co.
York, is second son of Joseph Armitage,
Esq., of Milnsbridge, in the same county, a
magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant for the
West Riding, by Anne, his wife, daughter of
Joseph Taylor, Esq., of Blackley Hall, co.
Lancaster, and grandson of George Armi-
tage, Esq., of Highroyd House.

Arms. Gu. a lion's head erased between three cross
crosslets, arg.

Crest. A dexter arm embowed in armour, the hand
grasping by the blade a broken sword, point downwards.

Mo to. Semper paratus.

Coleridge. The Hon. Sir John Taylor
CoLERiDGE,Knt., of Heath's Court,co. Devon,
one of the Judges of the Court of Queen's
Bench, second son of the late James Cole-
ridge, Esq., of Heath's Court, by his wife,
Frances Duke Taylor, and grandson of John
Coleridge, Esq., by Sarah, his wife, impales
with his own arms the coat of Buchanan,
in right of his wife, Mary, second daughter
of the Rev. Gilbert Buchanan, LL.D.,
Rector of Woodmansterne, co. Surrey, by
whom he has two surviving sons, John
Duke, Barrister-at-Law, M.A., and Henry
James, M.A., Fellow of Oriel College, and
two surviving daughters, Mary Frances
Keble, and Alathea- Buchanan, wife of the
Rev. John Fielder Machanness, M.A., Vicar
of Tardebigge. The illustrious poet, Samuel
Taylor Coleridge, was a cousin of Mr.
Justice Coleridge, and his only daughter,
Sarah, ra. the Judge's brother, Henry Nelson
Coleridge, M.A.

Arms. Arg. on a mount in base vert, an otter statant,
ppr., a chief gu., charged with a dove close, ppr., be-
tween two crosses patee fitchee, or.

Crest. A mount vert., thereon, amidst bullrushes,
ppr., an otter as in the arms, in front of a cross Calvary,

Motto. Time Deum, cole regem.

Whatman, Vinter's, Kent, a Saxon family,
which in early times flourished amongst the
independent yeomen of Kent, in Romney
Marsh and Hawkhurst, where they had con-
siderable possessions, and left much of their
lands to Monasteries ; the present represen-
tative is James Whatman, Esq., of Vinter's
M.A., Christ Church, Oxford, F.R.S., and
F.S. A., a Magistrate and Deputy-Lieutenant
of Kent, M.P. for Maidstone, eldest son of
the late James Whatman, Esq., of Vinter's,
by Eliza-Susannah, his wife, eldest daughter
of Samuel Richard Gaussen, Esq., of Brook-
man's Park, Herts, M.P. for Warwick.

Arms. Per pale or. and sa., a pheon counterchanged.
Cnst. A demi lion rampt. ppr. holding in his paws a



James Whatman, Esq., married on 23rd
April, 1850, Louisa Isabella, eldest daughter
of Charles Ross, Esq., and Lady Mary Ross,
(4th daughter and co-heiress of Charles 2nd
and last Marquess Cornwallis) and now, con-
sequently, impales the arms of Ross and
Cornwallis quarterly.

German, of Preston, co. Lancaster.

Arms. Arg. a cross vaire gu. and or. ; in the 1st and
4th quarters, an eagle displayed sable.

Crest. A demi-lan b ppr. supporting a flag staff or.
therefrom flowing a pennon arg., the ends gu., and
charged with a rose also gu.

Smith, of Ryhope, co. Durham, and Car-
rowbrough, Northumberland, as borne by
the Rev. John William Smith, of Over-
dinsdale Hall, who was authorized by Royal
Licence to change his patronymic Grey for
the name of Smith.

Arms. Arg. on a bend gu. between two unicorns'
heads erased, az., armed, maned and crined or. three
cross crosslets of the last.

Crest. On a mount vert., a stork, wings elevated arg.
charged on the breast and on either wing with a cross
crosslet gu., in the beak a snake, ppr.

Motto. Tenax et Fidelis.

Peacock-Yate, as borne by William
Michael Peacock, of Hackney, co. Mid-
dlesex, and of Arlington, co. Gloucester,
who assumed, pursuant to the will of Dame
Dorothy Mill of Arlington Court, co. Glou-
cester, widow of Sir Richard Mill, of Mottis-
front, Hants, Bart., the surname of Yate in
addition to and after Peacock, and the arms
of Yate quarterly with those of Peacock.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Yate, az. a fesse, in
chief two mullets or. the fesse charged for distinction
with a cross crosslet of the first ; 2nd and 3rd, Peacock, per
cheveron or. and vert a cheveron between three pea-
cocks' heads erased counterchanged.

Crests. Yate, an elephant's head erased arg. tusks
and ear or. charged for distinction with a cross crosslet
az. : Peacock, on a millrind fesseways sable a peacock's
head erased or.

Motto. Quo virtus vocat.

Tanqueray-Willaume : by Royal War-
rant, 10th March, 1848, Thomas Butt
Tanqueray, Esq., of New Broad Street,
City of London, pursuant to the will of Rev.
Charles Dymoke Willaume of Chilton Con-
dover, co. Southampton, took the surname
of Willaume in addition to and after Tan-
queray and the arms of Willaume quarterly
with Tanqueray.

Arms. Quarterly 1st and 4th, Willaume, erm. a fesse
embattled gu. guttee d'or, between three roses of the
6econd ; 2nd and :5rd, Tanga'eray, per pale or. and erm.
on a fess. embattled vert, between three roses, gu. barbed
and seeded ppr. four ermine spots arg.

Crest. Upon a mount vert., in front of two tilting
spears, in saltire, a pine apple ppr.

Perry- Watlington, of Moor Hall, co.
Essex: John Watlington Perry, Esq.,
of Moor Hall, J.P, only son of Thomas
Perry of same place. Esq., by Maria Jane,

his wife, daughter of George Watlington of
the Inner Temple and of Caldecot House,
in parish of Ahlenham, co. Herts, Esq.,
pursuant to the will of his maternal grand-
father, took the surname of Watlington, in
addition to, and after Perry, and the arms
of Watlington quarterly "with Perry, by
Royal Licence, dated 10th April, 1849.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Watlington, Barry of
six, arg. and sa. gutte d'eau, on a chief, of the second, a
saltire double parted and fretty of the first ; 2nd and
3rd, Perry, gyronny of eight or. and gu. on a bend arg.
two lions passant ppr.

Crest. Watlington, a demi lion ppr., seme of spears'
heads sa., holding in the dexter paw also ppr. and rest-
ing the sinister paw on an escocheon sa., charged with
a saltire double parted and fretty arg. Perry, a lion's
head erased or seme of saltires and ducally crowned gu.
in the mouth a pear slipped ppr.

Gibson, as borne by Francis Gibson,
Esq., of Saffron Walden, co. Essex, and of
Balder Grange, co. York, N-R.

Arms. 1st and 4th, Gibson, Paly of six arg. and az"
on a chief ermine a fret gu. between two torteaux ; 2nd
and 3rd, Wyatt, gu. on a fesse or. between three boars'
heads couped arg. as many lions rampant sa. Impaling
for Pease, per pale, vert and purpure three lambs
passant ppr. a fesse indented erm.

Crest. On a mount vert, a stork rrg., beaked mem-
bered and gorgtd with a collar, gu., pendant there-
from an escocheon az., charged with a barnacle or.

Motto. Recte et fideliter.

Tupper of Guernsey,

Arms. Az. on a fess engrailed between three boars
passant or. as many escallops gu., a canton erm. thereon
pendant from a chain a medal bearing the profiles of
William and Mary, gold, the said medal and chain being
intended to represent that struck to commemorate the
battle fought off La Hogue, May, 1092, and presented by
their said Majesties to John Tupper, Esq., for his services
on that occasion.

Crest. A mound vert, thereon a greyhound passant,
erm. charged on the shoulder with a slip of oak fructed
ppr. the dexter fore-paw resting on an inescocheon az
charged with a medal pendant from a chain, as in the

Motto. L'espoir est ma force.

Tupper, also of Guernsey.

The same Arms, Crest, and Motto, with the addition
of the word " Canada " on an escrol above the crest ; this
branch of the Tappers of Guernsey being the descen-
dants of Elizabeth Brock, wife of John Tuppkr, Esq.,
and eldest sister of Major-General Sir Isaac Brock,
KB., slain in Upper Canada, 13th October, 1812, to
whom the Prince Regent granted certain armorial ensigns
with the Motto Canada ; and after his fall His Royal
Highness was further pleased to grant and ordain in the
London Gazette (Whitehall, January 16th, 1813) that the
said ensigns, &c, should be borne by the descendants of
the late father of Sir Isaac Brock, of whom there is no
surviving male descendant of his name.

Brock, of Guernsey, as granted to Major
General Sir Isaac Brock, K.B., and the
descendants of his father.

Arms. Gu. an eagle displayed or. on a chief embattled
arg. a lion passant guardantof the field.

Crest. Out of a mural crown arg. a demi-Canadian
Indian, the dexter hand supporting a tomahawk erect

Motto. Canada.

Maingay or Maingy, Guernsey.


Erm three eagles' legs, erascd'sa.
A wolf's head erased, erminois.



Smythies, of Colchester, Essex, settled
there full 200 years, and connected with
the families of Affleck, Gwynne, Gar-
diner, Travers, Gordon, Tompson, Hawkins,
&e. The great-grandfather and the great
great-grandfather of the present Francis
Smythies, Esq., of the Casina, held the
living of St. Michael Mile-end, Colchester,
for 100 years, half a century each.

Arms. Arg. a chev. az. between three oak leaves vert,
on each an acorn or.

Crest. A demi arm az. and hand ppr., holding a
branch of oak leaves with acorns or. This crest was
granted and the arms confirmed by William Dethiek,
Garter, and William Camden, Clarenceux, the 9th
March, 45 Elizabeth a.i>. KiO-2, as appears by the origi-
nal patent still in the possession of Francis Smythies,

Ewbank, of Everton, co. Lancashire and
Kirton Drove, co. Lincoln:

Andrew Ewbank, Esq., descended from
the ancient family of that name in Durham
and the North of Yorkshire, left issue a son,
George Ewbank, Esq., of York, who d.
1787, leaving two sons, George and Andrew.
George the eldest son, d. 1795, leaving
no male issue. His daughter Eliza-
beth, m. Richard Lodge, Esq., whose
only daughter, Elizabeth, m. John
Dalton, Esq., of Sleningford Hall and
the Grange, co. York, and d. 1824,
leaving a numerous family. (See Dal-
ton, in Burke's Landed Gentry).
Andrew Ewbank, M.A., Rector of
Londesborough and Burghwallis, co. York,
the second son m. Jane Withers, eldest dau.
of the Rev. William Withers, D.D., Rector
of Tankersley, co. York, and Vicar of
Higham-Ferrers, co. Northampton ; (de-
scended from the ancient Lancashire family
of that name), and d. 1822, leaving issue.
George, M.A., Fellow and Tutor of

Trinity College, Cambridge, d. unm.
William, of whom presently.
Henry, who m. Lydia Ball, daughter of
Jonathan Lucas Esq. of the Grove, co.
Surrey, and has issue, Henry, in holy
orders, George William Withers, and
several other children.
Dorothy Cordelia, who m. the Rev. Edward
William Stillingfleet, 15. D. of Hotham,
Vicar of South Cave, co. York, and d.
without issue.
Frances, who m. the Rev. George Briggs,
of York, and d. leaving an only son,
George, Captain in the First Dragoon
Guards, who m. Letitia, daughter of
Smith Eggington, Esq., and has issue.
William Ewbank. M.A., Rector of North
Witham, co. Lincoln (the second son of
Andrew), m. Theodosia, eldest dau. of Ben-
jamin Cooper, Esq., of New Sleaford, co. Lin-
coln, sister to Sir John Hutton Cooper, Bart.
(see Burke's Extinct Baronetage), and a de-
scendant, through her grandmother, Harriet

Lawrence, of the ancient family of that name
of Ashton Hall, co. Lancaster ; and, through
her great grandmother, Elizabeth Cartwright,
from the sister of Thomas Cranmer, Archbi-
shop of Canterbury. The Rev. Wm. Ewbank,
d. 1840, leaving issue by Theodosia, his wife,
William, of whom presently.
George, M.A. in holy orders, of Guildford,
co. Surrey, who m. Elizabeth Bryan,
daughter of Jonathan Lucas, Esq., of
the Grove, and has issue, George Henry
Withers, Christopher Cooper, William
Andrew, Thomas Cranmer, and other
Cooper, of Brompton, co. Middlesex, who
m. Louis Caroline Maria Lloyd, second
daughter of the Hon. Sir George Cooper
Kt. (see below), and has issue, George
Cooper Lawence, Alfred Lloyd Van-
dyke, Withers Stillingfleet, and other
Henry, of Charleston, South Car., U.S.
who m. Annie, daughter of Jonathan
Lucas, Esq., of the Grove, and has issue,
Harry Hutton and other children.
Harriet and Jane Theodosia, num.
Agnes, who m. the Rev. Henry Lister,

M.A. and d. s. p.
The eldest son,

William Withers Ewbank, M.A., In-
cumbent of St. George's Church, Everton, co.
Lancaster and of Kirton Drove, co. Lincoln,
m. 1834, Justina Elinor, eldest daughter of
the Hon. Sir George Cooper, Kt., one of the
Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court of Ju-
dicature at Madras, by his wife Mary Justina
Martha, daughter of John Lloyd, Esq., of
Foes-y-Bleddiad and Mabws, co. Cardigan
and Dale Castle, co. Pembroke (see Lloyd-
Philifps in Landed Gentry), descended, on
her mother's side, from Justina, only daugh-
ter of Sir Anthony Vandyke, Kt., by his,
wife, Maria, daughter of John, third Earl of
Gowrie and sixth Lord Ruthven. (See Step-
ney of Prendergast, Extinct Baronetage).

Arms. Quarterly, 1st. and 4th, sable, three chcvronels
interlaced in base or., on a chief of the last three pellets,
for Ewbank ; 2nd. Arg. a chevron gu. between three
crescents sable, for Withers ; 3rd Or. a bend az.
between two lions' heads erased gu. for Cooper.

Crest. Ewbank, Out of a ducal coronet gu. a dragon's
head or. Withers, a demi hare couped pr. holding in
its mouth three ears of bigg. CoorKR, On a mount vert
an unicorn sejant arg. armed and crined or. support-
ing a broken tilting spear of the last.

Motto. Vincit Veritas.

Mountain, of the Heath, co. Herts,
derived from the ancient house of Montaigne,
of which was the celebrated Michel do Mon-
taigne, and which became established in
England at the revocation of the edict of
Nantes. The present Rev. Jacob Henry
Brooke Mountain, D.D., of the Death,
Prebendary of Lincoln, and Rector of Blun-
ham, Bedfordshire, is eldest son of the late
Right Rev. Jacob Mountain, D.D., Bishop of



Quebec, and brother of the Right "Rev.
Jehosaphat Mountain, D.D., now Bishop of
Montreal, and great-grandson of Jacob de
Montaigne, who established himself in Eng-

Arms. Quarterly —

I. and IV. Quarterly 1st and 4th, Erm. on a chev. az.

between three lions rampt. guardant sa. each sup-
porting between the fore paws an escallop erect gu.
a mitre or. on each side, a cross crosslet fitchee arg.,
for Mountain ; 2nd and 3rd, a lion's paw erased
within an orle of trefoils slipped or., for Montaigne.

II. Gu. a pair of wings conjoined arg. debruised by a
bend az., for Kkntish.

III. Arg. on a cross sa. five lions rampt. or., for Wale.
The quarterings Dr. Mountain inherits from his mother,

Elizabeth Mildred Wale Kentish, co-heiress of Bardfleld
Hall, Essex, the descendant of one of the oldest families
in England, possessed of the same estate above six hun-
dred years.

An' Escocheon of Pretence for Brooke, viz. : Gu. on
a chev, arg. a lion rampt. guardant sa, crowned or.
armed and langued of tlie first; Dr. Mountain having m.
Frances Mingay, dau. and co-heir of the Rev. William
Brooke, of Swanthorpe Hall, Norfolk.

Crest. A demi-lion rampt. guardant per fesse wavy
arg. and sa. supporting between the paws an escallop gu. ;
on the breast a cross crosslet fitchee, of the second.

Motto. In cruce salus.

Pilkington, originally of Rivington, co.
Lancaster, and now of Carrick, Queen's
County, represented by George Pilking-
ton, Esq., of Carrick, who is seised in fee
of Halliwell Hill, situated between Riving-
ton and Rumworth, in the parish of Deane,
co. Lancaster, two ancient townships, part of
the former possessions of the family. (See
Testa de Neville, Henry III. and Edward I.J

Arms. Arg. a cross patonce voided gu.

Crest. A mower of party colours gu. and arg.

Motto. Now thus ! now thus !

Fuller styles the Pilkingtons "a right ancient family,"
and relates that they were gentlemen of repute in the
shire of Lancaster, before the Conquest, at which period
the chief of the house being sought after by the Norman
soldiery, was fain to disguise himself as a thrasher in a
barn ; from this circumstance, partly alluding to the
head of the flail falling sometimes on the one, and some-
times on the other side, and occasionally on himself, he
took for motto, "Now thus! Now thus!" and his de-
scendants have since carried as their crest, " A mower."

The Earls of Orkney.

The history of this princely race is to be
found in the Orkneyinga Saga ; while that of

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