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Payne, 6. Sharpe. inson, 6.7th 6. 28th April,
8th Dec, Nov., 1850. 1852.


Arms. Az. five swans, close, in cross, arg., between
four annulets, or.

Impating, for Pavne, Gu. a fesse between two lions
passant guardant, arg.

Crest. A swan's neck erased arg., beaked gu , in the
beak an annulet, or.
Motto. Carpe diem.




There are preserved at Penns many curi-
ous documents relative to one of Mr. Web-
ster's maternal ancestors, a Colonel Kelsey,
Governor of Dover Caslle, who was well
known in the civil wars as an active ad-
herent of the Parliamentary cause. Among
others is a most remarkable one, with the
Great Seal of Charles II attached, being a
pardon to the Colonel from that monarch,
not only for all the offences he had com-
mitted against royalty, but for all he might
ever be guilty of, except becoming a Roman
Catholic. Upon the parchment is a por-
trait of Charles II., exquisitely drawn with
a pen and ink. Another maternal ancestor
of Mr. Webster's was Alderman Bull,
bum in 1711, Lord Mayor of London, which
city he represented in two parliaments.
Mr. Bull was the magistrate who said on the
bench, when Lord Mayor, that every person
who set foot in England was free. This was in
consequence of a West India planter bring-
ing a runaway slave, formerly his property
(a negro), whom he met in the streets of
London, before him, and claiming him as
his own. Lord Mayor Bull instantly
liberated the black, declaring him to be no
longer a slave, but a freeman. The planter
brought an action against the negro to ob-
tain possession of him and his services.
Granville Sharp defended it for him, and was
successful. (See " Somerset the Black,'''' in
Haydn's Dictionary of Dates, p. 478.)

Brunwin, as borne by Milrourne
Peter Carter Brunwin, Esq., of Park
House, Bradwell, near Coggeshall, Essex,
Lord of the Manor, and Patron of the
Living of Bradwell, eldest son of the late
Rev. Martin John Brunwin, whose mother,
Ann Brunwin, eldest surviving child of
Milbourne Carter, Esq., of Braintree,
came into possession of the estate of Brad-
well, with its ancient Hall, so long the seat of
the old family of Maxey, at the decease
of her brother's widow, 23rd Feb., 1819.
Milbourne Carter, Esq., was younger son of
.John Carter, Esq., of Braintree, nephew of
Martin Carter, who was the last owner of that
name, of Great Saling Halle, Essex, and bro-
ther of Martin Carter, Esq., who succeeded,
under the will of his aunt, Elizabeth
(Carter), widow of Anthony Maxey, Esq.,
to the estate of Bradwell.

Arms. Gu. a cross pntonce or. on a chief az. three
femaux (i. e. buckles) of the first, quartering Caiitek.
Cre.t. A lion's head erased or., fiette sa.

and Norton Lindsay, co. Warwick, was au-
thorized, by Royal Licence bearing date Oth
July, 1852, to assume the additional surname
and arms of Fewtrell, in compliance with
the testamentary injunction of his paternal
uncle, John Fewtrell Wylde, Esq., late of
the Uplands.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg. on chief sa. three
martlets or. for ; 2nd and 3rd, per chev. sa.
and arg. three leopards' faces, count erchanged, on a
chief of the second three mullets of the first for

Crests. 1st,, an eagle displayed or. 2nd, also, a lion passant guardant gu., resting its dexter
fore-paw on an eseoeheon arg. 2nd, Fe\vtkell. A leo-
pard's head, erased arg. semee of mullets sa. collared

Motto. Verum atque decers. : the Rev. Charles
Edmund Wylde, of the Uplands and Manor
House, Chelmarsh, Salop, eldest son of the
late Rev. Robert Wylde. Vicar of (lavirdi n

Sparrow. — Lady Olivia Bernard

Sparrow, of Brampton Park, co. Hunting-
don, and Hadleigh Castle, co. Essex, is the
eldest daughter of Arthur, 2nd Viscount and
1st Earl of Gosford (the representative of
Sir Archibald Acheson, Secretary of State
for Scotland temp. Charles II., and head of
the ancient family of Gosford and Glen-
cairnes, in East Lothian), by Millicent, his
wife, daughter of General Edward Pole,
head of the ancient and distinguished family
of De la Pole, of Radborne, co. Derby.
Lady Olivia married, 14th March, 1797, the
late Brigadier-General Robert Bernard
Sparrow, only son of Robert Sparrow,
Esq., of Worlingham, co. Suffolk, by
his wife, Mary Bernard, daughter of Sir
John Bernard, and sister and heiress of Sir
Robert Bernard, Avhose baronetcy (created in
1G62) became extinct on his death, in Janu-
ary, 1789. Lady Olivia was left his widow,
29th August, 1805, with two children — a son
Robert Acheson Bernard St. John Sparrow,
who died in his 19th year, at Villa Franca,
near Nice, 3rd March, 1818; and a daughter,
Millicent, who m. in 1822 Viscount Mande-
ville, now Duke of Manchester, and died in
November, 1848, leaving three sons and
one daughter, viz. :

William-Drogo Viscount Mandeville, M.P.
for co. Huntingdon, and Lord of the
Bedchamber to H.RH. Prince Albert,
m., 22nd July, 1852, the Baroness
Louise D'Alten, daughter of the Comte
D'Alten. Viscount Mandeville is heir
apparent to the Bernard and St. John
estates, in the counties of Huntingdon
and Cambridge, and the estates in Essex,
devised by Brigadier- General Bernard
Sparrow, which his widow, Lady Olivia
Bernard Sparrow, unites in her own
possession, for life, under her husband's

Lord Robert Montagu, in., in 1850,
Helen Fanny, only child of John



Cromie, Esq., of co. Antrim, and has

issue a son and daughter.
Lord Frederick Montagu, late of the

12th Foot.
Lady Olivia Montagu, m., in July, 1850,

to Charles Lord Ossulston, M.F.,

eldest son of the Earl of Tankerville,

and has issue.
Brigadier-General Bernard Sparrow, by his
maternal descent was great-great-grandson

of the celebrated Sir Oliver St. John, Lord
Chief Justice of the Common Fleas, and
afterwards Ambassador to Holland in the
time of the. Commonwealth, the ancestor of
the Lords St. John and Bolingbroke.
Through his mother, General Sparrow ac-
quired the great estates of the Bernards and
St. Johns, in the counties of Huntingdon,
Northampton, Cambridge, Essex, and Ar-

Robert Sparrow, of Bedfield, lineally descended from Ro-
bert Sparowe of Offton, co. Suffolk, 7th in descent from
Thomas Sparowe, of Somersam, in the same county,
ad. 1419.


Alice, daughter of William _ Robert Sparrow, of Kettle- „ , Mary, daughter Elizabeth, m.

Clopton, Esq., 7)i. in 1676,
first wife.

burgh, buried at Brande-
ston 1701.

of Robert Grin-
ling, of Laxfield,

co. Suffolk,
buried 1718, se-
cond wife.

to William

Studd, of


Anne, wife
of John Ma-


Alice, died young.

Robert Sparrow, of Kettle-
burgh, ob. 1760.

Alathea, daughter
and heir of William
Eoster, of Maries-
ford, co. Suffolk.

Midlines, of _ Mary, hap-
Sweffling. tize'd 1682.

Robert Sparrow,
Esq., of Kettle-
burgh and Worl-

ingham, co.
Suffolk, born in
1701, died 15th
Sept., 170.5. Will
dated 30th May,
proved 29th Nov.,

Anne, dan. and
coheir of Robert
Bence, Esq., of
Henstead, m.
16th December,

1740, buried
16th Nov., 1776.

John Sparrow, in

Holy Orders,
Rector of Kettle-

Mary Scott.

Edmund Spar-
row, of Kettle-

Alathea, wife of
Samuel Kilderbec, of

Anne, wife of How-
ard, or Hayward.
Mary, wife of Ed-
mund Tyrell, of Gep-

Robert Sparrow, =

- Mary, daughter



row, =

= Harriet, dau.

Mary. Elizabeth.


Sarah, died

Esq., of Worling-

of Sir John Ber-




and heir of


ham Hall, eldest

nard, and sister




William Elrny,

son, born 22nd Oc-

and heir of Sir


and Arms

of Beccles,

tober, 1741, m. 8th

Robert Bernard,

of Bence


Esq , m. 16th

July, 1771, died

Bart., who died


, died


May, 1786.


in 1789.


Robert Bernard =

= Lady Olivia


Sparrow, -

_ Archibald, 2nd



Henry Bence


Anna Ma-


Sparrow,Esq., born

Acbeson, eldest

died in 1841.

Earl of Gos-

Bence, Esq., of

ria, m. tc

m. to

15th Feb., 1773,

dan, of Arthur,

ford, G.C.B.


the Rev.


Brigadier General

2nd Viscount

Hall, co. Suf-



in the Army, died

and 1st Earl of

folk, bap. 12th



on his passage from

Gosford, in. 14th

March, 1788,/h.

Barbadoes, 29th

March, 1797.

in 1815 Eliza-

August, 1805.

beth Susanna,
dau. and coh.
of the late Ni-
cholas Starkle,

Esq., of French wood,

and has issue.

Robert Acheson Bernard

St. John Sparrow, died,

aged 19, near Nice, 3rd

March, 1818.

Millicent, died in
November, 1848.

Viscount Mandeville,
now Duke of Man-

Archibald, 3rd and present
Earl of Gosford.

Arms. Sparrow. Arg. three roses gu., seeded or., barbed vert., a chief of the second; quartering Bernard
and St, John, and impaling Acheson.



Orred, of Tranmore and of Weston
and Runcorn, co. Chester. The late Miss
Ann Orred, of Weston and Runcorn,
who died 13th September, 1852, at the
advanced age of eighty -eight, was the
eldest and last surviving daughter of
John Orred, Esq., of Weston and Run-
corn, by Jane, his wife, daughter and co-
heiress of Matthew Alcock, Esq., of Run-
corn, and grand- daughter of George Orred,
Esq., of Tranmore, in the same county,
by his second marriage with Ann, daughter
and co-heiress of J. Fletcher, Esq. This
lady was the last representative of the
second branch of the Orred family, which
is of Saxon descent, and has been for four
centuries, and probably for a much longer
period, settled in Wirral, in the county of
Chester, deriving in a direct line from Henry
Orred, who appears in the family records as
settled in Wirral in the reign of Henry VII.

Upon the death of her father, whose only
son died at an early age, Miss Orred succeeded
to the estates of Weston and Runcorn,
which were entailed upon

George Orred, Esq., of Tranmore, son
of the late George Orred, Esq., of Tran-
more, in the county of Chester, and of Aig-
burth, in the county of Lancaster, by
Frances, daughter of William Woodville,
Esq., of Edgehill, in the county of Lan-
caster (descended from a younger branch of
the Woodvilles formerly of Grafton, in the
county of Northampton, one of whom,
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Wood-
ville, first Earl Rivers, and widow of
Sir John Grey de Groby, married Ed-
ward IV.)

This gentleman, upon the decease of the
above-mentioned lady, now represents the
united landed property of the family.

Orred, living temp. Henry VII. Will proved at Chester, 1556.

Henry Orred, eldest son,
b. temp. Henry VIII.

Radulph, of eo. Lancaster.

Branch extinct circa 1700.

Rowland, of co. Chester.


Branch extinct circa a.d. 1700.

A son, married in 1613,

Esther, 1st = Thomas Orred _Jane Ridgeway, Anna, d. Alicia, m. to Jane, m. to Henry Orred, de

wife, d.

de Hooton, co. 2nd wife, m. 1686. Molyneux, Hugo Lewis, of Sutton, bapt.

Chester, bapt. 1656, d. 1664. Elizabeth, of co. Lancas- Stanney. 1629, d. 1688.

1614, d. 1657, ter.

eldest son.

Daniel Peter
Orred de Orred.


John Or-
red, de

d. 1668.


Henry _ Alice = Anne


Frances, Bennett, Daniel.
m. 1702, d. 2ndwife.
1705, 1st




m. to



Daniel Orred, de Stourton, co. Chester,

born temp. Charles I , died 15th January,




Daniel Orred, de _Elizabeth, died 10th Elizabeth, m. 18th = John Ashbrooke, of Wil- Thomas Orred, died

Stourton, born 22nd
May, 1682.

May, 1703.

August, 1684.

laston Wirral, co.

5th July, 1677.

Daniel, 2nd Thomas, 3rd Hester. Hester C, dau. _ Elizabeth, dau. = Stanley Orred, of = Rachel, only

son, b. 20th son, b. 5th Rolandus, b. of — Breck, Esq.,
Oct., 1676, d. Dec, 1677, 1682, d. same co. Chester, 1st
s.p., 1709. d. s. p. 25th year. wife, m. 29th

March, 1682. Nov., 1695, d.

21st Sept., 1696.

of — Smyth,

Esq., of Wirrall,

co. Chester, 2nd

wife, m. 13th
June, 1699, d. 9th

March, 1709.

Stourton, eldest son,
b. 17th March, 1674,
Lord of the Manor of
Tranmore, 2nd Geo.
I., d. 24th February,

dau. of Tho-
mas Orred,
3rd wife, m.
2nd Feb.,



Thomas, born 1696, died 14th September, 1710?






of Pren-

of Pren-



ton, 6.

ton, b.



1710, d.

1712, d.


s.p. 16th





Margaret, daughter of John = George Orred, of Tranmore,
Bennett, Esq., of Willaston, I 6. 1704.

in Wirrall, co. Chester, m. in |
1728, d. 1730, 1st wife.

Anne, daughter and co- Alicia. Elizabeth. Ilester.
heiress of John Fletcher, Maria.

Esq., of Weston, co. Ches-
ter, to. 1734, 2nd wife.

Stanley Or- _ Anne, dau. John Orred, of = Jane, dau. and

red, of Tran-
more, b.
1729, m. in

of George
Okell, Esq.,

of Sutton,
co. Chester.

Weston and
Runcorn, b.
1735, d. 1810.

co-heir of Mat-
thew Alcoek,

Esq., of Run-
corn, d. 1825.


FletcherOrred,_ Elizabeth,

of Bebington,

b. 1739, to.


John, b. 1778, Anne, d. s.p. Elizabeth, d. Jane, d. s.p. Mary and
d. s. p. 1805. 13th Sept., *. p. 1833. 1811. Sarah, both

1852. d.s.p.


George Orred, _

_ Mary,



John Orred, .

- Jane,


Stanley Or-_

- Jane,

of Tranmore, b.

dau. of

d. s.p.

to. 1780, or

dau. of

red, of'Wood-

dau. of

temp. Geo. II.,



1781, M.D.


side, b. 1771,


m. 1782.

Esq., of


d. 1838.

to. 1810.

Stanley, d.
s. p.

Ellen. Jane, d. Two chil-
in in- dren, d.
fancy. infants.

John Geo., Anne, Jane, Jane,

Orred, 6.1819, d. s.p. d. s.p. d.s.p.

b 1823. d. s.p. 1849.


dau. and co-
heir of Robt.

Esq., co. of


of Tran-
more, b.

1741, d. s.p.

George Orred, of Tran- = Frances, daughter of William Anne, to. to George Elizabeth, m. to T.

more, b. 1767, to. 1803, d.


Woodville, Esq., of Edgehill, Whitley, Esq., of
co. Lancaster, descended from Norley, co. Chester,
the Wood villes of Grafton, co.
of Northampton, one of whom,
Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Richard
Woodville (Earl Rivers), m.
King Edward IV.

C. Clemens, Esq , of
Ashfield, co. Lan-

Helen, d.
s. p. 1849.

George Or-.^Matilda, dau. of Anne. Georgianam. Matilda. Sophia, = Sir Archi- M. C. Wil)ink, = John

red.of Tran-
more, b.

Thos. Thistle-
thwayte, Esq., of
Southwick Park,
Hants, formerly

M.P. for the

to Robert
Lowe, Esq.,

Law, M.P.
for Kidder-

m. in


Bart., of


co. Elgin,


dau. of the

Chevalier Wil-

link, Knt. of

the Order of

the Lion of the


Orred, b.
1810, to.
in 1843.


























6. 1846.


yers, 6.




ville, 6.

12th Feb.,


b. 17th


died an

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th : Gu. a fesse dancette arg., for Orred. 2nd, Sa., a cross engrailed arg. between
four plates, each charged with a pheon of the field, for Fletcher. 3rd, Arg., a cross engrailed sa., for Middleton.

Crest. A hare saltant ppi\, bearing in its mouth three ears of corn, or.

In early times the Orreds were settled in that part of the county of Chester which was the appanage of the ancient
Barons de Montalt, one of whose strongholds was Hawarden, anciently written Haurthene. Thus, in all probability,
originated the Orred Crest of the hare saltant, which was the cognizance of Radulphusde Haurthene, a.d. 1286, as
appears from his seal. The three ears of corn are, doubtless, in heraldic allusion to the Coat of Anns of their feudal
Lord, Randall, third Earl of Chester, whose ensigns were, " Az., three garbs, or."



Strachey, of Bownham, Rodborough,
co. Gloucester, as borne by Leonard
Marius Strachey, Esq., of Bownhara
son of Rear-Admiral Christopher Strachey,
Knight of the Russian Order of St. Vla-
dimir, by Margaret, his wife, only daugh-
ter of the Chevalier de Roche of Verdun
sur Meuse, Knight of St. Louis, &c. ;
which Rear-Admiral Christopher Strachey,
was younger brother of George Strachey
Esq., of Bownham, Chief Secretary to
the Government of Fort St. George, Ma-
dras, who d. 17 Jan. 1849, and son of the
Venerable John Strachey, LL.D., F.S.A.,
Archdeacon of Suffolk, Chaplain in Ordinary
to George III., and Prebendary of Llandaff,
by Anne, his wife, only daughter of George
Wombwell, Esq., head of the eldest branch of
the Wombwells of Yorkshire. Archdeacon
John Strachey Avas second son of Henry
Strachey, Esq., of Sutton Court, co. Somerset,
and younger brother of Sir Henry Strachey,
M.P., first Baronet, of Sutton Court. (See
Burke's Peerage and Baronetage.)

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg. a cross gu. in each
quarter an eagle displayed of the second, for Strachey ;
2nd and 3rd, gu. a hend between six unicorns' heads arg.,
for Wombwell.

Cret. An eagle displayed sa. charged on the breast
with a cross-crosslet, patee arg.

Motto. Lucem amat virtus.

The present Leonard M. Strachey, Esq., of
Bownham, bears, in right of his wife Eliza-
Margaret, only child of Barlow Trecothick,
Esq., late of Addington Park, co. Surrey, an
Escutcheon of Pretence for Trecothick,
viz. Or. a chev. between buckles sa.

Cradock as borne by, and duly registered,
in H. M. College of Arms to Christopher
Cradock Esq., of Hartforth, Gilling, co.

Arms. Arg. on a chev. az. three garbs or., a borduro
wavy of the second.

Crest. A boar's head couped sa. muzzled gu. debruised
by a bendlet sinister wavy or.

Twemlow of Hatherton Lodge, co. Ches-
ter, as borne by John Twemlow, Esq., of
that place, son and heir of the late William
Twemlow, Esq., of Hatherton and North-
wich, by Mary- Anne, his wife, only child of
Peter Pickering of Hartford, and grandson
of "William Twemlow, Esq., of Hatherton, by
Phebe, his wife, daughter of Daniel Tomlin-
son of Cholmeley and "Wrenbury Hall ;
which last-named William Twemlow was
eldest son of John Twemlow, Esq., of
Hatherton, whose father William Twemlow
of Arclyd, b. in 1G66, settled at Hatherton
in 1686.

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg. a chev. or. between
three squirrels sejant gu. ; 2nd and 3rd, az. two barsengr.
or. charged with three boars' heads, two and one, erect
couped sa.

Crest. On the stump of a tree erect, a parrot, ppr.

Motto. Teneo tcnuere majores. (For Engraving, see
Plate XIV.)

Thomson of Kenfield Hall, in the parish
of Petham, Kent, as borne by Richard
Edward Thomson, Esq., of Kenfield Hall ;
the Thomsons came originally from Sandwich,
and purchased Kenfield temp. Queen Eliza-

Arms. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. two bars arg. a chief
erm. (for distinction) a canton of the held, for Thomson;
2nd and 3rd, vert, on a bend engr. arg. with plain cottises
or. three hearts gu., for Toker.

Crest. 1st, Thomson : upon amount vert., a greyhound
sejant arg., gorged with a collar az., studded or. therefrom
reflexed over the back a leash gold and charged upon the
shoulder (for distinction) with a cross-crosslet gu. ; 2nd,
Toker: a heart gu. encircled by a ducal coronet arg.
between two palm branches ppr.

Motto. Providentia tutamen,

Watts, as borne by James Watts, Esq.,
of Abney Hall, Cheadle, near Stockport.

Arms. Erm. on a chief sable a garb between two
bees or.

Crest. A demi griffin sable with wings extended chequy
or. and sable, the dexter claw grasping a garb or.

Motto. Fide sed cui vide.

Chadavick, Robert, Esq., of High Bank,
PrestAvich, near Manchester.

Arms. Per pale az. and gu., an inescutcheon erm.
within an orle of fleurs-de-lis and martlets alternately.

Crest. In front of a lily arg., stalked and leaved vert,
a martlet ppr. m

Motto. Deo fidens proficio.

Davy, as borne by George Thomas
Daa 7 Y, Esq., of Sussex Square, London, and
duly registered in the Heralds' Office.

Arms. Arg. a chevron engrailed between two mullets
in chief gu., pierced of the field and in base, upon a
mount vert a lamb passant ppr.

Crest. On a mount vert a lamb passant, regardant
ppr., semee of estoiles sa., supporting a staff or., there-
from flowing a pennon arg., the ends gu. and charged
with a cross pattee of the last.

Motto. El honibre propone, Dios dispone.

Charlesaa'ORTH, as borne by John
Charlesworth Dodgson Charlesavorth,
Esq., of Stanley Hall and Chapelthorpe Hall,
both in the West Riding of Yorkshire, J. P.

Arms. Erm. a chev. az. fretty or. between in chief
two eagles displayed sa., and in base a mascle of the

Impaling the coat of Featherstonhaugh, in right of
his wife, Sarah, second dau. of AValker Featherstonhaugh,
Esq., of The Hermitage, co. Durham.

Crest. A demi-eagle sa., the wings elevated fretty or,,
in the beak a mascle of the last.

Motto. Justitia et A'irtus.

W 7 ight, as borne by Vice-Admiral John
Wight, a highly distinguished naA'al officer
(see O'Byrne's able and national Avork, The
Naval Biography), Avhose son assumed by
royal license the surname of Schank(see p. 17.)

Arms. Arg. a martlet between three quatrefoils, sa.
on a chief gu. as many quatrefoils or.

Crest. A dexter hand holding a dagger, point down-

Motto. Foititcr.



Lloyd op Clociifaen Llangurio,

co. montgomery.
Ynyr ap Cadfarch, Lord of Whit-
tington, Chirk, Oswestry, Maelor Gym-
raeg and Maelor Saesnaeg, ninth in lineal
descent from Cadell Deyrnllwg, King of
Powys, who was converted and baptized by
St. Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre, the Pope's
Legate to Britain, a.d. 447. Ynyr m. Rhien-
gar, dan. and sole heiress of Lluddoccaf ap
Caradog, Earl of Hereford, Lord of Erging
and Ewias, wlio was slain in battle by the
Saxons at Rhnddlan, a.d. 795, and by her
had besides a younger son, Ynyr Frych,
Abbot of Abbey D'Or, an elder son, and

Tudor Trevor, Earl of Hereford, Lord of
Whittington, Chirk, Oswestry, Maelor Gym-
raegand Maelor Saesnaeg Erging (now called
Urchintield), Ewias and the Tribe of March,
who died in 948, having had by his wife Ang-
harad, dan. of Howel Dha, King of Wales,
by Ellen his wife, dan. of Cador, Earl of
Cornwall, three sons and a dau., viz. : —
I. Goronwy, Earl of Hereford, Lord of Er-
ging and E\vias,who to. Tangwystyl, dan.
of Oyfnwal ap Eimydd ap Alan ap Alsar
ap Tudwall Gloff ap Roderig the Great,
and had a daughter,

Rhiengar, Countess of Hereford, Lady of
Erging and Ewias, who to. Kyhelyn
ap Ivor ap Severus ap Cadifor Wyn-
Avyn, Lord of Buallt, and was mother
by him of

Elystan Glodrydd, Prince of Fferlis,
Founder of the Fifth Royal Tribe.
IT. Lluddoccaf, Lord of Whittington, Os-
westry, Maelor Saesnaeg, and Chirk, who
to. Angharad, dau. of Iago ap Idwal ap
Meurig, Prince of North Wales, and
died, a.d. 1037. He was ancestor of
the Mostyns, the Trefors, the Dymocks
of Willington, the Eytons of Eyton in
Maelor, &c.
III. Dyngad, of whom we treat.
I. Rhiengar, to. to Cadell, a Prince of the

line of Roderig the Great.
The youngest son

Dyngad, Lord of Maelor Gymraeg, m.
Cecilia, dau. of Severus ap Cadifor Wynwyn,
Prince of Buallt, and was father of

Uiiiwallon, Lord of Maelor Gymracg,
who by Letitia, his wife, dau. of Cadwaladr
ap Perydwr Goch, had a son,

Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon, Lord of Maelor
Gymracg, who to. Agnes, dau. of Idnerth
Benfras, Lord of Maesbrook, descended from
Edwyn ap Goronwy, Prince of Tegeingl, and
died in 1074 (he was buried at Wrexham),
having had numerous issue, viz. ; —

I. Ninniaw, ancestor of the Jones's of
Llwynonn and Llanerch Rugog, Sontley
of Sontley, Eytons of Eyton Uchaf,

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