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now represented by the Rev. DAVID
VEEL.) Arg. on a bend sa., three bullocks
or calves or. Crest, a garb or., encircled
by a ducal coronet gu. Motto, Face aut

STENT (Fittleworth, Sussex,) Sa. a
fesse enn., between three colts passant
arg. Crest, a colt's head, bearing a banner.

LUCAS-SHADWELL (Ripe and Ringmer,
Sussex: the Shadwells derived their name
from, and were living at, Shadwell, in the
parish of Buxted, as early as the reign of
Edward ILL : Thomas Shadwell, Esq., of
Midlam, in Ringmer, served as high Sheriff
of Sussex in 1728 : he was father of William
Shadwell, Esq., who m, Mary, daughter
of John Lucas, Esq., of Longford in
Barcomb, and was ancestor of Thomas,
who died s. p. in 1804, a daughter, Mary,
and William Shadwell, Esq., of Hastings,
(the last in the male line), who took the
additional surname of Lucas by Royal
license in 1811 : the Lucas's descend from
a younger branch of the ennobled House
of Lucas, so distinguished for its loyalty
temp. Charles I. Under the will of the
late Win. Lucas Shadwell, Esq., of Hast-
ings, his nephew William Drew Stent,
Esq., eldest son of William Stent, Esq.,
of Fittleworth, assumed in 1844, the sur-
name and arms of Lucas-Shadwell.)
Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale, or. and
az. on a chev. engr. between three annu-
lets, as many escallops, all counterchanged.
2nd and 3rd, enn. a fesse, dovetailed, be-
tween six annulets, gu. Crest, 1st, an
escallop, within an annulet; 2nd, on a
mount vert, a wivern arg., wings elevated
or., charged on the body with six annu-
lets, or.

SMYTHIES (Colchester, Essex, settled
there full 200 years, and connected with
the families of Affleck, Gwynne, Norfolk,
Gardiner, Travers, Gordon, Tompson,
Hawkins, &c. The great-grandfather and
the great-great-grandfather of the present
FRANCIS SMYTHIES, Esq., of the Casina,
held the living of St. Michael Mile-end,
Colchester, for 100 years, half a century
each.) Arg. a chev. az. between three
oak leaves vert, on each an acorn or.
Crest, A demi arm az. and hand ppr.,
holding a branch of oak leaves with acorns
or. This crest was granted and the arms
confirmed by William Dethick, Garter,
and William Camden, Clarencieux, the
9th March, 45. Eliz. A.D. 1602, as appears
by the original patent still in the possession
of Francis Sinythies, Esq.

GARDINER (Coombe Lodge, Reading,
Esq., of Coombe Lodge, High Sheriff of
Oxfordshire in 1849.) Quarterly 1st and



4th, Or. on a chev. gu. between three
griffins' heads erased az. two lions coun-
terpassant arg. for GARDINER ; 2d and
3d, Gu. on a cross or. five mullets sa.
for BODDAM. IMPALING, in right of his
wife, Isabella Mallet, 2d dau. of Sir
Laurence Vaughan Palk, Bt., of Haldon,
Devon, the arms of Palk, viz. : Sa, an
eagle displayed arg. beaked and legged
or. within a bordure engr. of the 2d.
Crest, A griffin's head erased. Motto,
Deo non fortune.

CARTHEW (originally seated at Canna-
lidgy, co. Cornwall, then at Benacre Hall,
co. Suffolk ; and lastly at Woodbridge
Abbey, in the latter county ; represented
by Ifovden Carthew, Esq., Lieut.-Col.,
H.E.I.C.S., now of Woodbridge Abbey.)
Or. a chevron sable between three mnrrs
proper. Crest, a murr proper, clucally
gorged or. QUARTERINGS, Trewolla,
Trenance, Colby,* Green, Hobart,
Arthur, Morden, Cropley, and Harbord.

WYXTEB (as borne by the REV. PHILIP
WYXTER, D.D., President of St. John's
College, Oxford.) Sa. a fesse erm. on a
canton of the 2d, a lion rampant of the
first. Crest, A cubit arm erect, habited
or, holding in the hand ppr. three ostrich
feathers, the middle one sa. the others,
gold. These arms appear on an ancient
seal, of about the year 1680, still in the
possession of Dr. Wynter:

KATE (Dalton Hall, in the parish of
Kirkheaton, co. York, as borne by JOHN
KAYE, Esq., of that place.) Or. three
boars' heads, erased in bend between two
hendlets sa., the whole between three tre-
foils slipped vert. Crest, An eagle with
wings expanded or. charged on the breast
and upon each wing with a fret sa. and
resting the dexter claw upon a boar's head
as in the arms. Motto, Health and Hap-

BOWER (High Grove, in Etchells, near
Cheadle, co. Chester, represented by JERE-
MIAH BOWER, Esq., at that place, Major
in H.M. Regiment of 2nd West York
Militia). Or. on a chev. between three
lions' heads, erased, gu. a crescent arg.
between two crosslets of the field. Crest,
A griffin's head erased, or. Motto, Rege
et patria.

TOOKE, or TORE (Herts, derived from
a younger son of Toke of Beere, in Kent,

* By this match the Carlhews are decended
through the Hobarts, Blenerhassetts, and Tyn-
dales, from the ancient Kings of Bohemia, and
Emperors of Germany, of the Luxembourgh
family, and also from the English Plantagenets.
in Norfolk, Gentleman, son of a Cadet of the
Woodbridge family, bears the same arms and
quarterings, substituting for the three last, those
of DENNY, of Suffolk.

the parent stock whence springs the emi-
nent family of Toke, of Godinton. From
the Hertfordshire line descended the late
Rev. William Tooke, F.R.S., author of
the " History of Russia," &c., whose sons,
THOMAS and WILLIAM, of London, are also
the well-known authors of several learned
works). Per and arg.three griffins'
heads erased, counterchanged. Crest, A
griffin's head erased, per chev. sa. and arg.
holding in his beak a tuck ppr. hilt and
pomel, or. Motto, Militia mea multiplex.

WAYLEX (Devizes, Wilts. The name,
originally the Saxon " Wanelunt," has
been indifferently spelt Wayland, Wale-
weyn, Wellen, Wayllen, and Waylen, till
the last mode was adopted by all the
branches settled in Wiltshire. The family
is of some antiquity in Devizes, and the
adjoining parishes of Potterne and
Bishop's Cannings, where, so far back as
1586, William Wayland, the ancestor of
the present WILLIAM WAYLEN, M.D., of
Devizes, possessed extensive freehold
lands. A junior branch is represented by
ROBERT WAYLEN, Esq., of Devizes, one of
whose brothers, JAMES WAYLEX, Esq., of
Etchilhampton, possesses, by purchase,
the paternal estate of " Woodley Edge,"
at Potterne, held since 1 688 ; and another,
the Rev. EDWARD WAYLEN, is Episcopal
Incumbent of Largs, in Ayrshire). Az.
a lion rampt. arg. debruised with a bend,
gu. granted to John Wayland, temp.
Queen ELIZABETH, on his being knighted.
Crest, Two hands conjoined in fesse,
couped at the wrists, ppr. Motto. Aut
manum aut frigidum ferrum.

SAVILL-ONLEY (Stisted Hall, co. Essex,
as borne by the present ONLEY SAVILL-
ONLEY, Esq., of that place). Quarterly,
1st and 4th, per pale or. and gules,
three piles meeting in the centre base
point, counterchanged ; on a canton argent
a mullet sable, pierced of the third for
ONLEY. 2nd, argent on a bend sable,
cottised gules, three owls of the field for
SAVILL. 3rd, Erminois on a chief in-
dented gu. three crescents arg. for HAR-
VEY. Crests, 1st, for Onley, On a crown
vallery, or. flames issuing therefrom, pro-
per, an eagle's head erased, in the beak a
sprig of olive also proper; 2nd, for Savill,
A mount vert, thereon an owl, as in the
arms, charged on the body, with three
mullets in bend gules ; 3rd, for Harvey,
A dexter cubit arm erect, proper,
charged with a pile issuing from the
wrist, gules, a crescent reversed argent.
Mt tto, Alter! si tibi.

HARDY-COZENS HARDY, Esq., of Lether-
ingsett Hall, Norfolk, only son of Jere-
miah Cozens, Esq., by Mary Ann, his
second wife, daughter of William Hardy,



Esq., of Letheringsett, since his adoption
by sign manual, of the additional name
and arms of Hardy, in pursuance of the
will of his maternal uncle, William Hardy,
Esq.) Quarterly, first and fourth, HARDY,
per chev. arg. and or. in chief two bomb-
shells, fired, and in base an eagle's head
erased proper ; second and third, COZENS,
per pale az. and gu. on a pile, or, a lion
ramp. Crests, HARDY, A dexter
arm embowed proper, charged with a
pellet between two cheveronels or, and
grasping an eagle's head erased fessways,
also proper. COZENS, A lion rampt.
or guttee de sang, and fretty. Motto,
Fear one.

GUY (London, as borne by Thomas
Guy,Esq.,M.P.forTamworth, the founder
of Guy's Hospital, who died in 1724; his
paternal family is extinct, but that of his
mother, Margaret Voughton, is represen-
ted by JOSEPH KNIGHT, Esq., of Aylestone
Hall, and Glen Parva, co. Leicester, who
is the nearest of consanguinity to Mr. Guy)
Az. on a chev. arg. between three leopards'
heads, crowned, or. as many fleur de Ms
gu. Motto, Dare quam accipere.

KNIGHT (Glen Parva, co. Leicester,
originally of Bath, and subsequently of
Tamworth, derived from Thomas Knight,
Esq., of Bath, living in 1591, and now
represented by JOSEPH KNIGHT, Esq., of
Aylestone Hall, and Glen Parva) Paly
arg. and gu. within abordure, engr. sa. and
on a canton of the first, a spur or. Crest,
between two wings, gu. a spur or. Motto
Nunquam non paratus.

GREGORY (Asfordby and Glen Parva,
co. Leicester, as recorded in the Heralds'
Visitation A.D. 1619: Mary, daughter and
heiress of John Gregory, Esq., of Ayles-
tone Hall, TO. in 1830, Joseph Knight Esq.,
now of that place.) Quarterly, of six ; 1st,
or. two bars, and in chief a lion passant
az. : 2nd, arg. asaltire engr. sa. ; 3rd, az. a
lion rampant arg. crowned or. debruised
with a bend gu. ; 4th, erm. a fesse paly of
six arg. and sa. ; 5th, sa. two lions passant
in pale arg. crowned or. ; 6th, vaire arg.
and gu. a fess. of the second, fretted or.
Crest, a demi-boar, sa. collared or.

TURNER FARLEY (Worcestershire ; the
Rev Charles Turner, Rector of Eastham,
co. Worcester, 3rd surviving son of Jacob
Turner, Esq., of Park Hall, near Kidder-
minster, was granted the Royal license,
dated 22nd April, 1848, to take the name
Farley after Turner, and wear the arms
of Farley quarterly with his own, in com-
pliance with the will of his maternal
grandfather, Thomas Farley, Esq., of
Henwick, co. Worcester.) 1st and 4th,
Farley, paly of six, sable, gutte d'eau, and
or. ; 2nd and 3rd, Turner, sable, within a

cross voided a cross patte fitche'e between
four mill-rinds sable Crests, 1st, FAR-
LEY, a boar's head couped paly of six as
in the arms ; 2nd, TURNER, a lion guar-
dant sable charged on the body with three
crosses pattee fitche'e argent, resting the
dexter fore-paw upon a shield of the last
charged with a mill-rind also sable.
Mcttr, Avito viret honore.

TOWNSEND (Honington Hall, co. War-
wick, as registered in the College of Arms,
and now borne by the Rev. HENRY
TOWTSTSEND, of Honington Hall, son of
the late Gore Townsend, Esq., by the
Lady Elizabeth, his wife, 2nd dau. of
Other Lewis, 4th Earl of Plymouth.)
Azure on a cheveron engrailed ermine be-
tween three escallops or. a cross-crosslet
between two annulets of the field. Crest,
A stag, gorged with a wreath of oak pro-
per, resting the sinister fore-leg on two
annulets interlaced or Motto, Vita
posse priore frui.

DE HAVILLAND (Havilland Hall, Guern-
sey,originally fromCotantin, in Normandy ;
known in the Isle of Guernsey since
1176. In a charter under the great seal
of England, still extant, granted by Ed-
ward IV., in the first year of his reign,
the king confirms the ancient constitution
of the island, and adds many new privi-
leges, in consequence of the gallantry
displayed, and the heavy losses sustained
by "Le Sieur Thomas de Havilland,"
and others, gentlemen of Guernsey, in
recovering Mont Orgueil Castle, in Jersey,
from the French. The present representa-
tive of the Guernsey de Havillands is
Havilland Hall, eldest son of the late Sir
Peter de Havilland). Arg. three towers
triple turretted sa. Motto, Dominus for-
tissima turris.

HAVILAND (Cambridge, a junior
branch of the Guernsey family, now repre-
sented by John Haviland, M.D., of L*it-
ton Hall, co. Cambridge, Regius Professor
of Physic in the University of Cambridge).
Arg. three towers, triple turreted sa.
quartering GLOVEF. Crest, A cubit arm,
in armour or. grasping a battle-axe ppr.
Motto, Dominus fortissima turris.

FRASER (Durris, co. Kincardine, and
Findrack, co. Aberdeen, derived from Sir
Alexander Fraser, Knt., Lord High
Chamberlain of Scotland, temp. ROBERT
BRUCE, and now represented by FRANCIS
GARDEN FRASER, Esq., of Findrack, re-
presentative, also, of the Bairds of Auch
medden, chiefs of that name). Az. three
cinquefoils arg. Crest, A stag's head,
erased, or. Motto, I am ready.

ORME, (Peterborough, an ancient Nor-
thamptonshire family, members of which



have at various times sat in parliament
for Peterborough. The first ancestor on
record, was Sir HUMPHREY ORME,
knighted in 1604, a cavalier, so obnoxi-
ous to Cromwell's soldiers, that they de-
stroyed a goodly monument of his family,
in the cathedral of Peterborough, and
burnt an effigy of the knight himself in
the Market-place. By Frances, his wife,
dau. of Charles Whynyates, of Chalstone,
co. Derby, Sir Humphrey was father of
HUMPHREY ORME, Esq., of Peterborough,
who was selected as one of the Eoyalists
deemed qualified to be made knights of
the Royal Oak. His eldest son, HUMPH-
REY ORME, Esq., M.P. for Peterborough,
;/i. a dau. of Sir Henry Bedingfeld, Bart,
of Oxborough, and was succeeded by his
son, Humphrey Orme, Esq., father, by
Hester, his wife, dau. of Sir Lionel Wai-
den, Knt. of Doddington, Isle of Ely, of
WALDEN ORME, Esq., of Peterborough,
whose wife was Sarah, dau. of Adland
Squire Stukeley, Esq., of Holbeach, co.
Lincoln, and whose son and heir was
WALDEN ORME, Esq.. of Peterborough,
who m. a dau. of Robert Tomlin, Esq., of
Edith Weston, co. Rutland, and d. in
1809, leaving a son and successor, the
present HUMPHREY ORME, Esq., formerly
an officer in the llth Lt. Dragoons.)
Arg. a chev. between three escal-
lopps gu. Crest, a dolphin embowed arg.
fins, tail, and tusk, or.

DARBY (Colebrookdale, co. Salop, resi-
dent, for many generations, and possessed
of landed property at that place.) Per
chev. embattled az. and erminois, three
eagles displayed, each charged on the
breast with an escallop all counterchanged.
Crest, In front of two cross crosslets fitch^e
in saltire sa. a demi-eagle displayed, couped
erm. wings az. charged on the breast with
an escallop, of the last. Motto, Ut cunque
placuerit Deo.

HOPPER (Witton Castle, co. Durham,
originally of Bishop Middleham Hall, in
the same county, now represented by the
son of the late John Thomas Hendry
Hopper, Esq. of Witton Castle, who in-
herited that estate from his uncle, John
Cuthbert, Esq., serjeant-at-law.) Gyronny
of eight, sa. and erm, over all a tower arg.
masoned of the first. These arms appear
on a seal of great age, in the possession of
the Rev. J. R. Hopper.

CHETIIAM-SRODE (Southill, co. Somer-
set ; a family of remote antiquity, founded
in England by one of the soldiers of the
Conquest, and now represented by Rcar-
K.C.B., and K.C.H., of Southill, who is
head, also, of the Lancashire family of

Chetham of Mellor Hall.) Quarterly,
1st and 4th, erm., on a canton sa, a cre-
scent arg., for STRODE ; 2nd and 3rd, arg.
a griffin segreant gu. within a bordure
bezante for CHETHAM. Crests, 1st,
STRODE: a demi-lion, couped or.; 2nd,
CHETHAM: a demi-griffin, holding a cross,
potent arg. Motto, ilalo mori quam

ALLFREY, Per fesse sa. and erm., a
pale counterchanged, three ostrichs*
necks, erased ar., gorged with ducal
coronets, and lined or. Crest, an
ostrich's neck, couped or., ducally
gorged or., between two ostrich feathers,

NOWELL (Netherside, co. York. MAR-
GARET NOWELL, of Netherside and Lin-
ton, co. York, widow of the Rev. Josias
Robinson, M.A., Rector of Alresford,,
Essex, and only daughter and heir of
the late William Atkinson, Esq., of Lin-
ton, by Rebecca, his wife, sister and co-
heir of the late Alexander Nowell, Esq.
of Underly, in Westmoreland, representa-
tive of the very ancient family of NO-
WELL, of Read, co. Lancaster, assumed,
by Royal License, 1st Nov. 1843, the sur-
name and arms of NOWELL.) vert.,
a chev. between three bucks at gaze or.
On an escutcheon of pretence, quarterly,
1st and 4th, arg. three covered cups sa. ;
2nd and 3rd, erm., on a fesse sa. three
pheons arg.; 2nd, arg., three covered cups
sa ; 3rd, arg., an inescutcheon barry often
arg. and gu. within an orle of mullets, or.

EARDLEY EARDLEY, Bart.) Quarterly,
1st and 4th, EARDLEY, argent on a
cheveron azure three garbs or., a canton
gules charged with a fret of the first ; 2nd
and 3rd, SMITH, vert three acorns slipped
or. Crest, EARDLEY, a stag current gules
attired or. ; Crest, SMITH, A falcon,
^ings endorsed ppr. belted or. in the
beak an acorn, slipped and leaved, also
ppr. Motto, Spes, dccus, et robur.

HINDE (Caton and Lancaster, as borne
by the REV. THOMAS HINDE, M.A., of
Jesus College, Cambridge.) Arg. a chev.
between three escallop shells az. on a
chief of the last a lion passant of the first;
quartering, HOLME, ASKEAV, CUR WEN,
Crest, A demi pegasus, arg. manc'il and
hoofed or. holding a sword of the first,
hilt and pommel of the second. Motto,
Nisi dominus frustra.

Herts. Sir Alexander Carron, the first
Knight Banneret in Scotland, acquired the
name of Scrimgeour, about the year 1107,
for his celebrity in arms. Some say



the name signifies Skirmisher, or Fighter,
but we find, according to an old jour-
nalist, that Sir William Wallace and
the Scottish parliament, voted thanks
to Scrimgeour, for bearing the royal stan-
dard faithfully ; and in old dictionaries
" Scrime," or " Scrim," signifies " stan-
dard," or "banner," and"gerere,"to bear
or carry, and we still have " gerent," from
the Latin word "gerens," bearing or
carrying, which indicates that the name
" Scrimigerus," or " Scrimgeour," was sig-
nificant of the office acquired ; and such
office of Royal Standard bearer was made
hereditary to Sir Alexander Carron, and
his heirs male, by King Alexander the
First, in whose reign and that of his
royal father, Malcolm the Third, both
Carron and his son, also called Alexander,
had performed many important and gal-
lant public services, from the year 1057
to 1107). Gu a lion ramp, or, armed
and langued az. holding in his dexter
paw a crooked sword or scimitar arg.,
Mr. R. S. Scrimgeour IMPALES (in
right of his wife, Margaret, eldest
daughter of the late James Wilson,
Esq., F.R.S., Professor of Anatomy to
the Royal College of Surgeons, and many
years Lecturer at the Hunterian School,
Windmill Street,) arg. a chev. between
three estoiles gu., being the ensigns of the
Wilsons of Plewlands. Crest, a lion's
paw erased and erect, holding a scimitar
as in the arms. Supporters, Two grey-
hounds ppr. collared gu. Motto, Dissipate .

WARREN (Killiney Castle, co. Dublin.
ROBERT WARREN, Esq., of Killiney
Castle, eldest son of Robert Warren, Esq.,
of Dublin, who died 1814, by Barbara,
dau. of Joseph Swan, Esq., of Tombrian,
co. Wicklow, impales, in right of his wife
Alicia, youngest dau. of the late Athan-
asius Cusack, Esq., of Laragh, co. Kil-
dare, by his second wife Mrs. Forster, the
arms of Cusack, of Gerardstown and
Clonard). Chequy, or. and az. impaling
CUSACK, quartering Golding, St. LAW-
RENCE, of Howth, and BEAUFORT, Duke
of Somerset. Crest, On a cap of dignity
a wivern vert, winged of the arms. Motto,
Be just and fear not.

FOLET (Tetworth and Wistow, co.
Huntingdon, a branch of the noble family
of Foley, now represented by HENRY
FOLEY, Esq., of Tetworth, son and heir
of the late Major-Gen. Richard Henry
Foley). Arg. a fesse engr. between three
cinquefoils sa. all within a bordure of the
last. Crest, A lion rampt. arg. holding
between the fore-paws an escutcheon,
charged with the arms. Motto, Ut
v ST. AUBYN (Clowance, co. Cornwall, as

borne by the Rev. HENDER MOLESWORTH
ST. AUBYN, of Clowance, eldest surviving
son of the Rev. John Molesworth, 2nd
son of Sir John Molesworth, Bart., of Pen-
carrow, by 'Catherine, his wife, dau. of
Sir John St. Aubyn, Bart.) Quarterly,
1st and 4th, St. AUBYN, Erm. on a cross
gn. five bezants, 2nd and 3rd, MOLES-
WORTH, gu. an escutcheon vair between
eight cross-crosslets in orle, or. Crest, On a
rock, a Cornish chough ppr. The Rev.
H. Molesworth St. Aubyn obtained a
Royal license, dated 14th March, 1804,
authorizing him, as the representative of
Sir John St. Aubyn, Bart., to take the
additional name and arms of St. Aubyn.

COURTAULD, Esq., of Folly House, Bock-
ing, Essex). Per pale arg. and or. a
cheveron bet. three trefoils in chief and a
fleur de lis in base vert. Crest, In front
of a fleur de lis arg three nrallets gules.
Motto, Tiens a la verite.

CHANCE (as borne by WM. CHANCE,
Esq., of Birmingham, co. Warwick, J.P).
Gu. a saltire vair. bet. tv. r o fleurs de lis in
pale, and as many towers in fesse arg.
Crest, A demi lion rampant gules seme
of annulets or. bet. the paws a sword erect
entwined by a wreath of oak ppr.

DERING (Lockleys, Herts, a branch of
the ancient Saxon family of Dering, of
Surrenden Dering, co. Kent). Quarterly
1st and 4th, or a fesse, az. in chief three
torteaux ; 2nd and 3rd, or. a saltire sa.
Crest, On a ducal coronet or. a horse
passant, sa. maned or. Motto, Terrere
nolo timere nescio. The present ROBERT
DERING, Esq., Esq., of Lockleys, J.P.,
for Herts, impales, in right of his wife,
Letitia, 2nd daughter of Sir George Shee,
Bart., of Dunmore, co. Galway, the arms
of SHEE, viz., per bend az and or. in
chief a fleur de lis, and another in base,

GIRDLESTONE (as borne by the late
SAMUEL GIRDLESTONE, Esq., and by the
present Rev. C. GIRDLESTONE, Rector of
Kingswinford, Dudley, sons of the late
Samuel R. Girdlestone, Esq). Per pale
gules and azure a gryphon segreant
arg. on a fesse dancettee or. three
crosses patee of the first. Crest, A gry-
phon's head erased azure, in the beak two
arrows in saltire, the pheoons downwards,
gold, gorged with a collar dancette or.
thereon three crosses pattee gules. Motto,
Veiliez et ne craignez pas.

GARDNER (Leighton Hall, co. Salop:
ROBERT PANTING, of Leighton, co Salop,
Esq., eldest son and heir of Thomas
Panting, and grandson of the Rev.
Stephen Panting, M.A , by Josina, his
wife, 3rd dau. and coh. of the Rev. Law-


reuce Gardner, M.A., Prebend of Lech-
field, assumed by Royal license, 27th
August, 1844, the surname and arms of
Gardner instead of those of Panting).
PIT fosse arg. and sa. a pale counter-
changed three gryphons' heads erased of
the second.

SMITH MARRIOTT (Horsemonden, co.
SMITH MARRIOTT, a Magistrate for Kent,
and Rector of Horsemonden, is second
son of Sir John Wyldbore Smith, Bart, of
Sydling St. Nicholas, co. Dorset, by
Elizabeth Anne, his wife, dau. and coheir
of the Rev. James Marriott, D.C.L., of
Horsemonden, and assumed by Royal
license, in 1811, the additional surname
and arms of MARRIOTT.) Quarterly, 1st
and 4th, sa., a fesse erminois, cottised or
between three martlets of the last, charged
with an ermine spot. 2nd and 3rd, barry
of six or, and sa. Crest, 1st, a talbot
passant sa. collared and chained or. 2nd,
a greyhound sejant gu. collared and
line reflexed over the back or, charged on
the shoulder with .a mascle arg. Motto,
Semper fidelis.

DALE (Tunstall, co. Durham, repre-
sented by EDWARD DALE,Esq., of Tunstall,
eldest son and heir of the late Edward Dale,
Esq., of the same place, by Frances, his
wife, dau. and heir of Francis Forster,
Esq., of Elford, co. Northumberland. He
descends paternally from the Dales of
Dalton, and maternally from the Middle-
tons of Silksworth, through whom he de-
rives a descent from William the Con-
queror). Gu., on a mount vert, a swan
arg , wings expanded, membered and
ducally gorged or. Crest, a heron arg.
beaked, legged, and ducally gorged or.

TRIPP (Huntspill and Sempford Brett,
co. Somerset. This family obtained the
name of Tripp temp. HENRY V. Its
coat of arms is painted and emblazoned
on an ancient escutcheon belonging to
the present Dr. Tripp ; underneath his
shield is the following inscription, " This
atchievment was given unto my Lord
Howard's fifth son at the siege of Bul-

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