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Baseball, Calumet, New York Yacht and Richmond
County Clubs and 7th Regiment, N. G. N. Y.

SHOPE, HENRY B. Architect, 28 East 21st street,
New York City; residence 19 West 32d street. Born in
Baltimore, Md., Oct. 1, 1852. Educated at St. Paul's
School, Concord, N. H., Massachusetts Institute of
Technology and Columbia University. (Single.)
Draughtsman with R. H. Hunt. Member Calumet
Club and Architectural League.

SHORT, EDWARD LYMAN Lawyer, 59 Cedar
street, New York City; residence 20 West 37th street.
Born in Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 30, 1854. (Son of
Charles and Ann [Lyman] Short.) Educated at Phil-
lips Andover Academy, at Columbia College School of
Arts and at Columbia College Law School ('78.) (Mar-
ried.) Member of the firm of Davies, Stone & Auer-
bach. General solicitor of the Mutual Life Insurance
Co. of New York. Member Metropolitan, University,
Riding- and Church Clubs, Westbrook Golf and West-
Chester Golf Clubs, Sons of the Revolution, Society of
Colonial Wars, Law Institute and Association of the
Bar of the City of New York.

Broadway, New York City; residence 92 St. Paul's
avenue, Richmond, S. I. Born in Florence, Mass., Aug.
15, 1860. Educated at University of Toronto, and New
York University Law School (M.A., '81). (Married.)
Member City and National Arts Clubs, Society of Med-
ical Jurisprudence, St. George's Society, Staten Island
Chamber of Commerce, Law Society of Upper Canada
and Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

and Surgeon, 8 East 66th street, New York City. Born
in New York City, Jan. 14, 1837. Educated at the Col-
lege of the City of New York, at Yale (A.M.) and at
the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia
University (M.D.). (Married.) Served as assistant
surgeon in Union Army during Civil War. Attended
General Grant in his last illness. Editor of the New
York "Medical Record"; consulting surgeon to St.
Francis, General Memorial, Red Cross and Columbus
Hospitals. Member of medical societies.

SHRADY, JACOB Lawyer, 90 Nassau street. New
York City; residence 25 West 120th street. Educated
at New York University. Member of the firm of J. &
W. Shrady. Member Republican Club, St. Nicholas
Society, New York University Alumni and Century As-
sociations, Society of Medical Jurisprudence, Sons of
the Revolution and Royal Arcanum.

SHRADY, JOHN Physician, 140 West 126th street,
New York City. Educated at Columbia. Member New
York Genealogical and Biographical Society, Columbia
University Alumni Association. Sons of the Revolution
and Military Order of the Loyal Legion.

SHRADY, WILLIAM Lawyer, 90 Nassau street.
New York City; residence 25 West 120th street. Mem-
ber of the firm of J. & W. Shrady. Member Republi-
can Club, Society of Medical Jurisprudence, St. Nicho-
las Society, Century Association, Royal Arcanum and
Sons of the Revolution.

SHROPSHIRE, RALPH F. Mortgage Broker, 44
Wall street, New York City; residence 51 West 37th
street. Born in Ringgold, Ga., Jan. 15, 1861. Educated
at the University of Tennessee. (Single.)

22d street. New York City, and Keene Valley, N. H.
Born in Rindge, N. H., June 14, 1838. Educated at
Dartmouth College (B.S., '57). (Married.) Entered
Union Army as lieutenant of the 9Sth New York Vol-
unteers, and was the first officer to be wounded and
taken prisoner in Civil War (July 19, 1861). Member
Salmagundi Club, American Water Color Society. Na-
tional Academy of Design, Dartmouth College Alumni
Association, G. A. R. and Sons of the Revolution.

SIBLEY, HIRAM W. Banker, 21 Exchange street,
Rochester. Born in Rochester, March 2, 1845. Edu-
cated in Rochester schools, and at the University of
Heidelberg, Germany; degrees of Ph.D. and LL.B.
(Married a daughter of Fletcher Harper.) President
Bank of Monroe; trustee Rochester Trust and Safe
Deposit So., Security Trust Co. and Rochester Savings
Bank; trustee Cornell University and numerous
church and charitable institutions. Member Genesee
Valley Club, American Geographical Society and
Union League, Calumet and New York Yacht Clubs
of New York City.

SICARD, MONTGOMERY Rear Admiral, United
States Navy; residence Westernville. Born in New
York City, Sept. 30, 1836. Educated at United States
Naval Academy. Appointed to navy, Oct. 1, 1851; mas-
ter, 1S58; lieutenant, 1861; lieutenant-commander, 1862;
commander, 1870; captain, 1881; commodore, 1894; rear
admiral, 1897; placed on retired list, Sept. 30, 1898.
Served as executive officer of the "Oneida" during the
early part of the Civil War, and commanded the "Sen-
eca" at the capture of Fort Fisher in January, 1865.
Was chief of the United States Bureau of Ordnance
from 1881 to 1890, and introduced high power steel ord-
nance into the navy. President of the Naval War
Board during Spanish-American War.

SICHEL. EUGENE A. Broker. 10 Wall street,
New York City; residence 439 Fifth avenue. Born in
Paris, France. Educated in Paris. (Single.) Member
New York Stock Exchange and of the Fencers' Club.

SICKELS, DAVID B. Vice-President and Treas-
urer, 100 Broadway, New York City; residence 49 West
119th street. Born in New York City, Feb. &. 1837.
Educated at Kennett University. (Married.) Vice-
president and treasurer American Surety Co.; treas-
urer Universal Trust Co.; trustee Union Dime Sav-
ings Institution, and director Twenty-third Ward
Bank; receiver Harlem River Bank. Member City,
Harlem, Republican, Lotos, Quaint and Winnisook
Clubs, Authors' and New York Historical Societies,
Palitext Society and Junior Constitutional Club of
London, England, and Hong Lee Guild of China.

United States Army (retired): residence 23 Fifth ave-
nue, New York City. Born in New York City, Oct. 20,
1825. Educated at New York University. Studied law,
was admitted to the Bar in 1846 and engaged in prac-
tice in New York City. Member of the New York State
Legislature, 1847; corporation attorney of the City of
New York, 1853; secretary of the United States Lega-
tion at London, England. 1854-5; State senator, 1856-7;
Congressman, 1857-61. Served throughout Civil War
and advanced through regular grades to major-gene-
ral; saw much severe service and lost a leg at Gettys-
burg; continued in active service until 1869, when he
was placed on the retired list with full rank of major-
general. United States Minister to Spain, 1869-73 Con-
gressman, 1892-4: president of the New York State
Board of Civil Service Commissioners for several
years. Now president and director Universal Trust
Co.; director Automatic Telephone Construction Co.
and Smith Vassar Telephone Co. Member Lawyers'
Club and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

SICKLES, I VI N Professor, 17 Lexington avenue,
and 414 East 26th street, New York City. Degrees of
M.S. and M.D. Assistant professor of chemistry and
physics at the College of the City of New York, and
at Cornell University Medical College.

SIDENBERG. GEORGE M. Importer, 49 Mercer
street, and Laundry, 136 Mulberry street, New York



City; residence New Brighton, S. I. Educated at Yale.
Member of the firm of G. Sidenberg & Co. Member
Players', Harmonie, Tale, Richmond County Country,
Merchants' Central, Bull Dog and Staten Island Polo
Clubs and Polo Association.

SIGKL, FRANZ Editor and Publisher, 183 William
street. New York City; residence 563 Mott avenue.
Born in the Province of Baden, Germany, Nov. 18,
1824. Educated at Carlsruhe Military School. Served
in the army of Baden until 1847, when he resigned for
political reasons; was a leader in the Revolution of
1848-9, becoming Secretary of War, and was adjutant-
general in command of the defeated army upon its re-
treat into Switzerland. Became a resident of the Uni-
ted States in 1852. Published a military magazine in
New York City, 1852-8; teacher and director of the
public schools of St. Louis, Mo., 1858-61; organized and
equipped a regiment and a battery at the beginning of
the Civil War. Was commissioned brigadier-general
in May, 1861, and major-general in March, 1862; com-
manded the troops at Harper's Ferry in 1862, the re-
serve army of Pennsylvania in 1863, and the Depart-
ment and Army of West Virginia in 1864; resigned
commission in May, 1865. Edited a Baltimore, Md.,
newspaper, 1865-7; unsuccessful candidate on the Re-
publican ticket for secretary of state of New York,
1869; collector of internal revenue, 1871; register of the
City of New York, 1871-4. Now at the head of an
advertising bureau and publisher and editor of the
"New York Monthly." Has attained prominence as a

Park row, New York City, and Surrogate of West-
Chester County, White Plains; residence 459 Palisade
avenue, Yonkers. Born in New York City, March 25,
1858. (Son of James Baily Silkman.) Educated at
Hooper Academy. Studied law in his father's office 1 ,
and was admitted to the Bar in 1S79. Practicing in
New York City as a member of the firm of Fettretch.
Silkman & Seybell. Served as police commissioner of
the City of Yonkers for six years. Surrogate of West-
chester County since 1894, and has been renominated
(1900) for another term. Director Sicilian Asphalt
Paving Co. Member Hardware, New York Athletic,
Union League and Riding Clubs of New York City,
Palisade Boat and City Clubs of Yonkers, and West-
Chester County Bar Association.

SILL, CHARLES Surgeon Dentist, 255 West 14th
street, New York City. Born in Burlington County,
N. J., May 11, 1827. Member American Museum of
Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art and
National Dental Association of the United States.

SILL, HENRY A. Professor of History, 232 West
45th street, New York City. Born in New York City.
Educated at Columbia University and University of
HaJle, Germany. (Single.) Member Columbia Alum-
ni Association.

SILL, THOMAS H. Clergyman, 550 Seventh ave-
nue, New York City; residence 232 West 45th street.
Born in Middletown, Conn., Nov. 7, 1838. Educated at
Russell's Military School, New Haven, Conn., Trinity
School, New York City, and Columbia. (Married.)
Formerly rector of Grace Church, Canton, N. Y. Now
vicar of St. Chrysostom's Chapel, Trinity Parish, since
1865, and chaplain of St. Mary's Hospital for Children.
Member Columbia Alumni and New York Church-
man's Associations, Actors' Church Alliance and
Charity Organization Society.

Nassau street, New York City; residence 56 Clinton
street, Brooklyn. Born in Newport, R. I., Sept. 14, 1805.
(Son of Gold S. Silliman and grandson of Gen. Gold
S. Silliman, who was a brigadier-general in the Ameri-
can Army during the Revolution.) Educated at Yale
C24). Studied law in New York City, and was admit-
ted to the Bar in 1829. Received degree of LL.D. from
Columbia in 1873 and from Yale in 1874. (Single.) Has
served as a member of the State Legislature from
Kings County, as United States Attorney for the
Eastern District of New York (by appointment of
President Lincoln), as a member of the Constitutional
Convention of 1872 and as a delegate to various state
and national conventions. Trustee Greenwood Cem-
etery. Member Lawyers', Brooklyn (ex-president) and

Yale Clubs, New England Society of Brooklyn (ex-
president), New York Law Institute, Yale Alumni As-
sociation of Long Island (ex-president), Long Island
Historical Society (director), Sons of the Revolution,
Association of the Bar of the City of New York and
many other clubs and societies.

SILO. JAMES P. Auctioneer, 43 Liberty street
and 366 Fifth avenue, New York City; residence 123
West 74th street. Born in Belfast, Ireland, 1848. Edu-
cated at Belfast Model Schools. (Married.) Auction-
eer for the sheriff of New York County, 1898-99, and
also appointed for 1900 and 1901. Member Catholic,
Knickerbocker, Democratic and Pontiac Clubs.

SILSBY, WILLIAM S. Manufacturer, Seneca
Falls. Educated at Yale. Secretary American Fire
Engine Co. Member Seneca Falls Club, Yale Club of
New York City, Genesee Valley Club of Rochester, and
Kanadesaga Club of Geneva.

SILVER, HENRY MANN Surgeon, 5 East 43d
street. New York City. Born in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
March 2, 1851. Educated at Phillips Andover Academy
('68), Dartmouth College ('72) and at Bellevue Hospital
Medical College ('75). (Single.) Formerly surgeon to
Gouverneur Hospital, consulting surgeon to New York
Infirmary for Women and Children, and professor of
surgery Woman's Medical College and New York In-
firmary, 1888-99. Now professor of clinical surgery,
University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College.
Member Democratic. Alpha Delta Phi and University
Clubs. County Medical and New England Societies,
Society of the Alumni of Bellevue Hospital and New
York State, New York County Medical and Dartmouth
Alumni Associations.

SILVER, LEWIS MANN Physician, 103 West 72d
street, New York City. Born in Brooklyn, N. Y., July
24, 1860. Educated at Phillips Academy and Yale.
(Married Roberta Shoemaker.) Performed post-grad-
uate work in Vienna and Frankfort. Resident assist-
ant in Frauenklinik, Munich, Germany. Member Re-
publican Club, West End Medical and New England
Societies, Yale Alumni Association, Society of the
Alumni of Bellevue Hospital, Presbyterian Union and
Academy of Medicine.

SIMIS, ADOLPH, JR. Commissioner, 126 Livings-
ton street, and Lawyer, 26 Court street, Brooklyn.
Born in Hamburg, Germany. Came to the United
States when very young, and was educated in public
schools. Served in the United States Navy during
Civil War. Resided for a time in Kansas, and while
there was a candidate on the Democratic ticket for
State senator. Returned to New York City in 1874 and
entered Columbia College Law School, from which he
was graduated in 1876. Counsel to the Commissioners
of Charities and Correction of Kings County, 1882-6;
Commissioner of Charities and Correction, 1892-7; now
Commissioner of Charities for the Boroughs of Brook-
lyn and Queens of the City of New York for the term
1898-1901. Member Crescent Athletic Club and U. S.
Grant Post G. A. R.

SIMMONDS, ALBERT P. General Insurance
Agent. 46 Cedar street, New York City; residence 353
West 117th street. Born in Baltimore, Md. Educated
at Yale. (Married.) Formerly business manager of
the New York "Surveyor." Secretary Flood Deco-
rating Co.; director Fowler Trust Association. Mem-
ber Underwriters', Knickerbocker and Xi Graduate
Chapter Clubs, Yale Alumni Association, Phi Gamma
Delta Fraternity and Masonic bodies.

Surgeon. 355 Genesee street, Utica. Born in New
Haven, N. Y., May 5. 1847. Educated at Falley Semi-
nary, Fulton, N. Y. ('66), Amherst College ('71) and
New York College of Physicians and Surgeons ('75).
(Married.) Member of the staff of St. Luke's Hos-
pital. Utica. Formerly surgeon in charge of Faxton
Hospital and president Oneida County Medical Society.
Member Psi Upsilon. Yahnundasis Golf and Fort
Schuyler Clubs, Oneida County Medical Society, Med-
ical Society of the State of New York, Utica Medical
Library Association. Amherst College Alumni Asso-
ciation of Central New York, and American Academy,
of Medicine.



SIMMONS, CHARLES E. Physician, 762 Madison
avenue, New York City. Educated at Williams Col-
lege ('61). Member University and Democratic Clubs,
Oxford Club of Brooklyn, St. Nicholas and New Eng-
land Societies, Williams College Alumni Association
and Liederkranz.

SIMMONS, CHARLES H. Manufacturer, 110 Cen-
tre street, New York City; residence 105 East ixth
street. Born in New York City, March 30, 1862. Edu-
cated in New York City. (Married.) Treasurer and
director John Simmons Co., John Simmons Mf'g Co. o
Newark N J and Powhatan Brass and Iron Works.
Member' Reform and Arkwright Clubs, Knickerbocker
Field and Crescent Athletic Clubs of Brooklyn. Sha-
ron Golf and Richmond Hill Golf Clubs, Manufactur-
ers' Association of New York, National Manufactur-
ers' Association and Chamber of Commerce.

SIMMONS EDWARD A. Manager, 32 Park place,
New York City; residence 697 Chauncey street, Brook-
lyn Born in Brooklyn, March 20, 1873. Educated m
Brooklyn. (Married.) Secretary "The Railroad Ga-
zette"; general manager American Railway Advisory
Co United States representative Directory Publishing
Co" (Ltd.) of London, England. Assistant secretary
Adirondack League Club. 1895-8. Member New York
Railroad and New England Railroad Clubs.

tate, 1 East 58th street, New York City, residence 1 62
Madison avenue. Born in Rochester, N. Y., 1868 Edu-
cated at Columbia C88). (Single.) Member St. An-
thony, New York Athletic and St. Andrew s Golf

sau street, New York City; residence 28 West 5-d
street. Born in Troy, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1841 (Son of
Joseph Ferris and Mary Sophia [Gleason] Simmons )
Educated at Troy Academy, Williams College (6.)
and at Albany Law School (LL.B., '63) Received de-
gree of LL.D. from the University of Vermont in 1885.
(Married Julia, daughter of George Greer of New
York City, 1866.) Practiced law in Troy until 1S67, m
which year he removed to New York City. Engaged
in business as a member of the banking firm of Grant
& Co. from 1867 to 1872, when he withdrew on account
of ill health. After spending a year in the South,
returned to New York City and re-entered Wall street.
Commissioner of education, 1881-6; president of the
New York Stock Exchange, IS84-6; president of the
Board of Education, 1SS6-91. President and director
Fourth National Bank (since 1888) and Panama R. R.
Co governor and treasurer New York Hospital; di-
rector Ann Arbor R. R. Co., Bank of New Amsterdam.
Denver and Rio Grande R. R. Co., National Surety Co.,
New York Clearing House Building- Co. and United
States Casualty Co.; trustee Bank for Savings, Royal
Insurance Co. of England, Metropolitan Trust Co. and
Williams College. Member Metropolitan. Riding, Tux-
edo, New York Athletic, Manhattan, University and
Lawyers' Clubs. St. Nicholas and New England Soci-
eties, Ardsley Casino of Ardsley-on-Hudson, Williams
Colle'ge Alumni Association and of Masonic bodies.

SIMMONS, JOSEPH FERRIS Publisher, 207 East
12th street New York City; residence 28 West 52d
street Treasurer and director Trow Directory Print-
ing and Bookbinding Co. Member New York Athletic
and Metropolitan Clubs and New England and St.
Nicholas Societies.

SIMMONS, PARKER P. Superintendent, 146
Grand street, New York City; residence Brooklyn.
Born in Kingston, Mass., 1852. Educated at Bowdoin
College ('75). (Married.) Engaged for a time in edu-
cational work, and was for several years associated
with several school-book publishing houses. Became
a resident of New York City, purchased a seat in the
Produce Exchange and embarked in the flour commis-
sion business. Member of the Board of Education of
the City of Brooklyn, 1SS6-91. Was appointed superin-
tendent of the school supply department of the City of
Brooklyn in 1S91. and upon the consolidation of the
several cities, in 1898, retained same position in the
new board of the greater City of New York.

SIMMS. CHARLES E.. JR. Lawyer, 167 Alexander
avenue, New York City. Born in New York City, 1861.
Educated at Public School No. 58, at the College of the

City of New York and at the University Law School
(LL B., '83). Served as an assistant under District At-
torney Nicoll 1891-3; police justice, 1893-5; city mag-
istrate 1895-9] Member Democratic, Morris Cycle, In-
dian Harbor Yacht and Country Cycle Clubs and Tam-
many Society.

SIMMS, JACOB HENRY Lawyer, 104 West 28th
street, New York City. Born in Harford County, Md.,
March 15 1840. (Son of Jacob and Henrietta Simms.)
Educated in New York City and at Boston University
Law School. Practicing in New York City since 1884.
Has taken an active part in Republican political af-
fairs and has been a delegate to many State con-

SIMONDS, JEFFERSON A. Treasurer. 1955 Park
avenue, New York City; residence 339 East 119th street.
Born in Franklin, N. H., Feb. 15. 1856. Educated in
public schools of Franklin, Wolfeboro (N. H.) Chris-
tian Institute, New Hampshire Conference Seminary
and Female College. Tilton. N. H. (Married.) Mem-
ber Republican Club of the Thirty-fourth Assembly
District Harlem Rowing Club, Knights and Ladies
of the Golden Star, United Friends, Royal Society of
Good Fellows, Order of Chosen Friends and I. O. O. F.

SIMONSON WILLIAM H. Lumber Merchant,
foot of East 100th street, New York City; residence 46
West 85th street. Member of the firm of T. H. Simon-
son & Son. Member North River Yacht and Repub-
lican Clubs, American Geographical Society and Met-
ropolitan Museum of Art.

SIMPSON, COLIN C. General Superintendent, 4
Irving place, New York City; residence 147 Franklin
street Astoria L I. Born in England. Educated in
London. Vienna and Graz. (Married.) Connected with
the Consolidated Gas Co. Member Democratic and
Engineers' Clubs and 7th Regiment, N. G. N. Y.

sau street, New York City; residence 9 West 31st
street. Member Union League, Republican and Delta
Kappa Epsilon Clubs, Society of Medical Jurispru-
dence and Association of the Bar of the City of New

SIMPSON, ERNEST L. Merchant, 11 Broadway,
New York City; residence 59 West 88th street. Born
in London, England. 1854. (Married.) Vice-president
and director Charleston Transport Line and Mobile
Trans-Atlantic and Terminal Co.; director Texas
Transport and Terminal Co., and Norfolk and North
American Steam Shipping Co. (Ltd.) of New York and
London. Member New York Athletic, Long Island
Country and New York Clubs and St. George's So-

SIMPSON, JOHN B. Retired Manufacturer, 195
Hawlpy street, Binghamton. Born in Chaplin, Conn.,
Aug. 21, 184S. Educated in public schools of Bingham-
ton. (Married.) Director Citizens' National Bank of
Chattanooga, Tenn., Union National Bank of Grand
Fnrks. N. Dak.. Baylers Pulp and Paper Co., Sturde-
vant-Larrabee Carriage Co.. Muscogu Cotton Oil Co.
of Muscogu. I. T., Enfola Cotton Oil Co. of Enfola,
I. T.. Fort Smith Cotton Oil Co. of Fort Smith, I. T.,
and Decatur Cotton Oil Co. of Decatur, Ala.; trus-
tee Binghamton Trust Co. Ex-police commissioner of
Binghamton. Member Binghamton Club. New Eng-
land Society (vice-president) and a thirty-second de-
gree Mason.

avenue. New 'York City; residence 988 Fifth avenue.
President Estey Piano Co.; vice-president Empire City
Savings Bank and Traders' Insurance Co. Member
Union League, New York Yacht, Harlem, Church. Ad-
inmdack League. National Arts, Lake George Yacht
and Lawyers' Clubs, National Sculpture. Municipal
Art and New York Zoological Societies, Aldine Asso-
ciation, American Museum of Natural History. Met-
ropolitan Museum of Art and New York Botanical

SIMPSON. JOHN W. Lawyer, 10 Wall street,
New York City: residence 926 Fifth avenue. Born in
Vermont, Oct. 13. 1850. Educated at Amherst College
('71) and at Columbia Law School. (Married.) Mem-
ber of the firm of Reed. Simpson, Thacher & Barnum.
Member University, Lawyers', Players', and Grolier



Clubs, Amherst Alumni and Century Associations,
American Museum of Natural History and Associa-
tion of the Bar of the City of New York.

SIMPSON, MARCUS Instructor, Cornell Univer-
sity, Ithaca; residence 57 Cascadilla place. Degrees of
A.M. and Ph.D. Instructor in German, Cornell Uni-

SIMPSON, PERCY W. Lawyer, 317 Broadway,
jNew I'ork City; residence 3084 Fifth avenue. Born in
New York City, 1S74. Educated at Cornell University
and New York Law School. (Single.) Member Theta
Delta Chi Graduate and Cornell University Clubs.

SIMPSON, WILLIAM K. Physician, 952 Lexing-
ton avenue, New York City. Born in Hudson, N. Y.,
April 10, 1855. Educated at Cheshire (Conn.) Acad-
emy, Cornell University ('76) and New York College
of Physicians and Surgeons (M.D., '80). (Married.)
Attending surgeon New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
(Throat Department); consulting laryngologist Seton
Hospital, Spuyten Duyvil and St. John's Hospital,
Yonkers; chief of clinic and instructor in laryngology,
New York College of Physicians and Surgeons. Mem-
ber Cornell University and Hospital Graduates' Clubs,
New York County Medical and Lenox Medical and
Surgical Societies, American Laryngological Associa-

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